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Financial Derivatives Basics

The Course is structured to help students understand structure of Derivatives instruments

Created by CFINACC Trusted Mentor in the Field of Finance & Accounting - Happy Learning


Students: 7116, Price: Free

What you will learn?

  • Types of Derivative Instruments and markets

  • Definitions and terminologies


  • None


If you are a beginner and don’t know much about Financial Derivatives. Then you have come to the right place as I have covered all the concepts from scratch.

Why you should take this course? What value it will add?

Let me first discuss some problems and issues that students encounter when they study Financial derivatives.

  • First, Financial derivatives is one of the complexed courses in Finance, as the students need to have a strong knowledge about fundamentals of Finance to understand the pricing and valuation of financial derivatives instruments.

  • Second, one concept leads to another, so students find it difficult to understand linkages between various interlinked concepts.

  • Third, many of the concepts covered in Financial derivatives are difficult to relate to real life examples as compared to the other subjects in Finance such as Corporate Finance or Financial Reporting and Analysis.

I have tried to address the above mentioned issues

  • By adding complementary lectures to explain fundamentals of finance which are relevant to the topics covered in the Financial derivatives

  • I have divided the concepts into various parts and explained each part separately and also how all components are related to one another

  • I have included examples and focused on relating a concept to a situation. This will help students to visualize, which in turn help them to retain the concepts

  • Used plain language

This course is divided into three sections

  • Introduction

  • Forward & Futures

  • CDS, Options and SWAPs

I will advise you to watch the videos in the manner that they are listed as videos in the later sections contain examples explained in the earlier videos.

Who this course is for

  • This course is for CFA Level 1 Candidates

  • This course is for students who are interested in studying Financial derivatives at University level programs

Investment Banking Pitchbooks (Hedging and Derivative Sales)

Step-by-step walkthrough of the optimal template for selling investment banking and financial services products

Created by Perry Fisher - Corporate Trainer | Consultant | The Tauro Group


Students: 1912, Price: Free

Selling and presentation skills are invaluable tool for any business person or front-office employee. In this course I will share some of the insights I gained during my years working at one of the largest investment banks in South Africa.

A pitch book is a sales presentation sent to a client with the objective of beginning the sales process. Investment banks and companies involved in the financial services sector provide a whole host of services to businesses and governments. In order to do so they need to communicate their expertise, capabilities and product offerings clearly and concisely. Pitch books allow them to do so by bridging the gap between their capabilities, and how those capabilities would be useful in providing solutions to their client’s problems. In this course I will discuss the ways to craft deal-winning sales presentations or pitch books.

Pitch books are usually prepared in the form of slides. They are usually accompanied by an in-person presentation, where a representative from a financial services company would present the slides to the prospective client, and provide the client the opportunity to ask questions to elaborate or clarify the content of the presentation. The sales presentations are usually done by client-facing or sales-focused employees. We typically refer to these types of employees as being front-office employees.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Put together your own sales presentation, using a tried and trusted format used by top global investment banks and advisory firms.

  • Structure your sales presentation to go along with a verbal presentation that is relevant to your client, builds rapport, and opens up the selling discussion leaving you with the only step necessary afterwards: CLOSING THE DEAL!

Introduction to derivatives and options

Basic and fundamental concepts

Created by Bruno Nappini - Chief trader presso e


Students: 809, Price: Free

In this course we introduce derivatives and options, an interesting subject that scares the layman, partly because of an apparent complexity of management, partly because of the images that are reported to us by the media. Derivatives are accused of being the evil of modern finance, instruments of death and speculation aimed at ruining the real economy and jobs. In reality, derivatives are like kitchen knives: it all depends on the use made of them! We provide you with the basic knowledge and tools to understand how to operate with options. They are fantastic tools with enormous flexibility. Whether you are an aspiring trader or a long-term investor, you will notice the huge benefits that mastering these concepts can bring to your trading. They are non-linear tools that allow us to reduce the risk of our money put on the market and at the same time increase the probability of profit.