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Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2021 Edition]

A Complete Guide to the Flutter SDK & Flutter Framework for building native iOS and Android apps

Created by Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller - Online Education


Students: 148963, Price: $109.99

Students: 148963, Price:  Paid

Join the most comprehensive & bestselling Flutter course and learn how to build amazing iOS and Android apps!

You don't need to learn Android/ Java and iOS/ Swift to build real native mobile apps!

Flutter - a framework developed by Google - allows you to learn one language (Dart) and build beautiful native mobile apps in no time. Flutter is a SDK providing the tooling to compile Dart code into native code and it also gives you a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled UI elements (so called widgets) which you can use to compose your user interfaces.

Flutter is extremely trending and gets used for major Google apps like their Adwords app - it's now marked as "ready for production", hence now is the time to jump in and learn it!

This course will teach Flutter & Dart from scratch, NO prior knowledge of either of the two is required! And you certainly don't need any Android or iOS development experience since the whole idea behind Flutter is to only learn one language.

You'll learn Flutter not only in theory but we'll build a complete, realistic app throughout this course. This app will feature both all the core basics as well as advanced features like using Google Maps, the device camera, adding animations and more!

With Flutter, you'll be able to write code only once and ship your apps both to the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Use Google's Material Design to build beautiful, yet fully customizable, apps in no time with almost zero effort. You can use the rich widget suite Flutter provides to add common UI elements like buttons, switches, forms, toolbars, lists and more - or you simply build your own widgets - Flutter makes that a breeze, too.

Here's what's included in the course:

  • Detailed setup instructions for both macOS and Windows

  • A thorough introduction to Flutter, Dart and the concept behind widgets

  • An overview of the built-in widgets and how you may add your own ones

  • Debugging tipps & tricks

  • Page navigation with tabs, side drawers and stack-based navigation

  • State management solutions

  • Handling and validating user input

  • Connecting your Flutter app to backend servers by sending Http requests

  • User authentication

  • Adding Google Maps

  • Using native device features like the camera

  • Adding beautiful animations & page transitions

  • Image Upload

  • Push Notifications - manual approach and automated

  • How to publish your app to the app stores

  • And more!

This course is for you if ...

  • You're interested in building real native mobile apps for the two most popular mobile platforms - iOS and Android

  • You want to explore the full set of features Flutter offers

  • Don't want to spend hours learning two completely different languages

Course prerequisites:

  • Basic programming language knowledge will help a lot but is not a hard requirement

  • You DON'T need to know Flutter or Dart

  • You DON'T need to know iOS (Swift/ObjectiveC) or Android (Java)

The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Officially created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

Created by Dr. Angela Yu - Developer and Lead Instructor


Students: 118340, Price: $139.99

Students: 118340, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Complete Flutter App Development Bootcamp with Dart - created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

Now includes a brand new module on Flutter State Management!

Covering all the fundamental concepts for Flutter development, this is the most comprehensive Flutter course available online.

We built this course over months, perfecting the curriculum together with the Flutter team to teach you Flutter from scratch and make you into  a skilled Flutter developer with a strong portfolio of beautiful Flutter apps.

Our complete Flutter development bootcamp teaches you how to code using Dart and build beautiful, fast, native-quality iOS and Android apps. Even if you have ZERO programming experience.

I'll take you step-by-step through engaging and fun video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Flutter developer.

The course includes 28+ hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real world apps. e.g. Whatsapp, QuizUp and Yahoo Weather.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Dart and be ready to build your own Flutter apps and become a fully fledged Flutter developer.

You'll also have a portfolio of over 15 apps that you can show off to any potential employer.

Sign up today, and look forwards to:

  • Over 28 hours of HD 1080p video content, everything you'll ever need to succeed as a Flutter developer.

  • Building over 15 fully-fledged apps including ones that use Firebase Cloud Firestore, StreamBuilder, ListView, networking, external APIs and much much more.

  • All the knowledge you need to start building any app you want

  • $8000+ Flutter development bootcamp course materials and curriculum

From Beginner to Flutter Developer with Just One Course

We know that you're here because you value your time. If you wanted to watch someone program for hours and hours without explaining what they're doing, you'd be on YouTube. 

By getting this course, you can be rest assured that the course is carefully thought out and edited. There are beautiful animations that explain all the difficult concepts and we're always on hand to answer student questions.

So by the end of the course, you'll completely understand:

  • Fundamental Flutter concepts e.g. Stateful vs. Stateless Widgets, Widget tree, state management, animations, themes and much more.

  • Fundamental Dart concepts e.g. lists, maps, enums, loops, futures, streams, mixins, classes, and much more.

  • Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP): The type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, classes and protocols.

  • Control Structures: Using If/­Else clauses, Switch statements and logic to control the flow of execution.

  • Data Structures: How to work with collections, such as Lists and Maps.

  • Software Design: How to organise and format code for readability and how to implement the Model ­View­ Controller (MVC) design pattern.

  • Networking: How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication.

  • Data Storage: How to use Firebase Cloud Firestore to act as a backend for your Flutter apps.

  • Authentication: How to use log in and register users for your Flutter apps.

  • State Management: How to use setState, prop drilling, lifting state up, callbacks and the Provider package to manage app state.

Don’t waste your time

Don't waste another minute of your precious life on poor quality videos on YouTube. Or instructors who you can't understand. Or teachers who have no real world in-person teaching experience. Your time is precious. Take this course and find out why everybody is raving about it and why over 35,000 students rated my courses 5 stars!

Don't waste your money

Inside this course, you're getting exactly the same course materials and curriculum as our 12 week in-person programming bootcamp. Instead of spending $8000+ dollars and taking time off work, save loads of money by getting this course and do it at your own pace!

Don't just take my word for it, see what my past students had to say about my courses:

"Angela is literally my favorite teacher. Ever. In the entire universe. She is hilarious and teaches in a lighthearted and fun way that is also very clear to understand. I instantly purchased this course as soon as I saw it was released because I know Angela delivers the highest quality educational content possible. 100% recommend this course (as well as every other course she's created). Thank you Angela for helping me as I make a career pivot into becoming a hybrid UX designer/mobile developer!" - Jacob Pernell

"Angela is my favorite Udemy professor for coding courses. Her methods for building onto the material so that you're never progressing too fast or too slow make for a really engaging learning experience. She's thorough in her explanations, and uses fun projects to discuss the material. I had started a couple other Flutter courses before finding this one, and I've progressed more in 24hrs than I did in a week with the other courses. Would love an advanced Flutter course from Angela to tackle once I'm done with this one!" - Jerome Llouche

"You will not find a better teacher than Angela. She does a wonderful job of encouraging you to learn swift the right way. I want to encourage everyone thinking about taking this class to get it, as it is the BEST programming class I've seen on anywhere and I've tried more than a few of them. If you are looking for an excellent swift programming course, stop there here because you have found it. You will learn Swift from the very beginning of programming all the way through making your own apps that you can upload to the App store." - Ian Hopjins

"SO GOOD!!! Retention rate is incredible because Angela does a great job in explaining and teaching every aspect of what we are doing. Most of the other instructors on Udemy put code on the screen and pretend nothing happened. This course is amazing! 5/5" - Muhammad Ibrahim

"Angela is a spectacular teacher!" - Marco Zanirato

"This course was terrific. Only after taking a few more courses from others that I realized how good this course was. This course taught me more than I was expecting, it provided great instructions and a lot of hands-on tasks to drill-in the concept." - Marc

"Best use of your money! I was a complete beginner but Angela made me a pro in weeks." - Burak Tunçbilek

"IT IS #1!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Amazing. The best iOS course i have ever taken. Angela explains everything the way it needs to be explained, so everything is easily understood. The concept of this course is built to make you learn, not just watch and repeat. Angela is highly educated and it is very much noticeable during the entire course. Again, it is fantastic. Thank you. Please create more courses!!!!!" - Eduard Khachian

Are you trying to choose between all the different Flutter courses on Udemy? Take a look at what students on my course had to say about this:

I have revamped my expectation for what a 5 star course should be for Udemy. Angela, you're awesome! I already rated the course as 5 stars early on (at about 20% completion), but after completing roughly 70% of the course, I can say this is my favourite Udemy course as of today. Brilliant course Angela! - Alberto L

"I took a lot of courses on Udemy and elsewhere and non of them were as clear and perfectly paced as this one! Angelas approach is really awesome, deep and clear." - Žan Fras

"I have taken several iOS courses, so far this course had the best explanation on swift and xcode documentation. The lecturer is kinda humorous sometimes which make this course even more enjoyable." - Bryan Pukanda

"I have taken lots of courses on udemy and elsewhere for self learning and i can tell you with all the honesty this is one course which i did not want it to end. It is like one of those movies that you wish keeps going. Whatever concepts are covered were covered very beautifully and made learning quite simple. I got so many answers to Why? in this course like how closures work and why they work that way... why delegates work that way. Thank you so much for this course." - Arun Lakhera

"I compare this to another top iOS class on Udemy, but I think that this one beats it. The reason? Angela doesn't show you a plethora of material and then say that we will discuss this later, or say "just do this. You will see why later." She goes into the reason for doing something before doing it."  - Clyde Addison

REMEMBER… I'm so confident that you'll love this course that we're offering a FULL money back guarantee for 30 days! So it's a complete no-brainer, sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.

So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the world's best Flutter development course.

C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language

C Programming will increase career options. Become a better dev in other languages by learning C. Pointers explained

Created by Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy - Professional Programmers and Teachers - 1.24M students


Students: 89308, Price: $129.99

Students: 89308, Price:  Paid

Have you never programmed a computer before, and think or have been told that C is a good programming language to get started with.  It is!

Maybe you have some experience with other programming languages, but want to learn C.  It's a great language to add to your resume!

Or perhaps you are stuck in a low paying programming job, and want to move up to a better, more senior position.  Learning C can help you!

The fact is, learning how to program in C is not only an excellent programming language to get started with, but it will also make you a better programming in other computer languages!

Why learn C ?

C is often considered to be the mother of all languages because so many other languages have been based on it.

Though C is simple it is one of the most powerful languages ever created.  Considering it was created over 40 years ago, it is still used heavily and is usually in the top 5 or 10 most popular and most widely programming languages in the world.

Learning C can actually make you a better programming in other languages like C++, Java, or C# by equipping you with a mental model of what the computer is actually doing when you run your programs.

By learning how things really work "under the hood", and understand memory space, CPU architecture and so on, you can create more efficient programs, and obtain a huge advantage over other programmers in the process.

If you want to become a better developer, learning C is a great way to start!

Why enrolling in this course is the best decision you can make.

By the end of this course, you will understand the fundamentals of the C Programming Language, and make yourself more marketable for entry level programming positions.

You will understand variables and the different data types, be able to utilize functions and arrays, understand the  concept of pointers, learn about control flow (decision statements and iteration).

You will be in a position to apply for real-time programming positions, and truly understand the core language that most modern languages are based on!

If you have previously used the C programming language, then this course will deepen your understanding of it. If you have never used it, no problem, you will see that it can help you become a more efficient C developer.

The course will be constantly refined in the future based on student feedback!

This course does not skip on the details.  You will learn how to write high quality code and become an excellent problem solver.  This course does not just present how to code in the C programming language, but, also includes all the details on "why" you are doing the things you are doing.  At the end of this course, you will fully understand the concepts of the C Programming language.

Your instructor, Jason Fedin has been teaching students for over 12 years via online classes at over 10 different online Universities. He has created many different class curriculums, ranging from mobile programming to bash scripting to Object-Oriented Design and of course the C programming language.

Additionally, he has been developing software for over 16 years in the real world at various companies, specializing in Object-Oriented Development and Mobile Applications.

This means you are learning from someone who has all the professional training, skills, and experience you need to teach you how to become proficient in the C programming language.

If you are ready to get that first paid programming job, or to move up to a more senior programming position, then this course is for you!

Your new job or consulting opportunity awaits!  

Why not get started today?

Click the Signup button to sign up for the course!

Flutter – Beginners Course

Learn Flutter mobile programming

Created by Bryan Cairns - Computer Guru


Students: 81936, Price: $24.99

Students: 81936, Price:  Paid

Learn how to create fast and stunning mobile applications using Flutter, a new mobile framework by google. In this course you will quickly learn how to build an application in Flutter with no previous experience. It is HIGHLY recommended you understand the Dart programming language, see my Dart programming tutorials.

Flutter – Intermediate

Learn Flutter mobile programming

Created by Bryan Cairns - Computer Guru


Students: 81153, Price: $24.99

Students: 81153, Price:  Paid

This is not a beginners course, and you should have a solid grasp of both the Dart language and a beginners understanding of Flutter. This course picks up where my Flutter for beginners course left off. In this course you will learn some of the more complex flutter widgets, along with using charts, navigation and routing, and state management from building your own to using Redux. I highly recommend you take my existing Dart and Flutter courses before attempting this one.

Dart – Beginners Course

No experience required

Created by Bryan Cairns - Computer Guru


Students: 79646, Price: $24.99

Students: 79646, Price:  Paid

Learn how to create basic Dart programs. This course is aimed at the absolute beginner with no programming experience. Dart is an expressive and powerful language that has a very friendly learning curve. This makes it a great starting language. Dart helps you craft beautiful, high-quality experiences across all screens, with a client-optimized language, rich and powerful frameworks, flexible tooling

Dart – Intermediate Course

Continuing on the beginners course

Created by Bryan Cairns - Computer Guru


Students: 72222, Price: $24.99

Students: 72222, Price:  Paid

Continue to your journey into the Dart language. This course picks up where the beginner course left off. In this course you will learn classes, scope, packages, and how to work with the file system. We will also explore generic programming. All of the code presented in this class is freely available on GitHub.

Complete C Programming Course – C Language for Students

C Programming 2021: Master the Fundamentals of C Programming Language for Beginner Students in College/University

Created by Vlad Budnitski - System and Communication Engineer


Students: 46786, Price: $99.99

Students: 46786, Price:  Paid

The Course Is Optimized For Beginner College Students (+Over 100 Exercises with Full Solution)

I've been working as an Academic Personnel at the Academy (vastly teaching "C" Programming for Beginners, Intermediate "C Language", and even "C Programming" advanced topics) for a few years now... And I've come to a decision that it's a good time I'll also share my knowledge here on this platform.

Why not help so many students to learn c programming in an easy and fun way? I mean learning C Programming can feel like a nightmare.. but "C" can be actually kind of fun - if we do it right!

And that's what I aim to achieve - Teaching you "C Programming" in plain English.

So I hope you're ready for our C Programming Language Journey! :)

Last Update 2021

Based on recent surveys in the c course, it has been decided to OPTIMIZE this course for Beginner Students in College/University who study C Programming with relevant exercises in C.

This course remains mainly for Total Beginners and hobbyists who want to learn some new C skills in an EASY and ATTRACTIVE manner.


The content is structured in such a way that you don't need to have any prior knowledge and it also contains PLENTY OF C PROGRAMMING EXERCISES WITH FULL SOLUTIONS (OVER 100 C Exercises)!

EXACTLY what you may be looking for!

So if you're a "c" student in college/university - I think you're ABSOLUTELY going to LOVE this course.

If you're still unsure - then no worries. I'm so confident about my course and what it will teach you so that you get Udemy's 30-day money-back guarantee.

Doubts - Out. Enroll "C" - In.

What is C Programming Language?

C Language is the “mother” of all programming languages.

C first appeared almost 50 years ago and has been used for the development of:

  • Operating Systems - C as its core.

  • Core parts of famous databases (such as Oracle and MySQL) - Yes, even MySQL was developed using C.

  • Cyber-Systems - I personally was programming C to develop a cyber system.

  • Smart Homes & Smart Cities

  • Systems including Sensors and Micro Controllers (especially in Embedded Systems) - Common usage to programming an MCU using C Programming  Language.

Also, if you're familiar with Python Programming Language - then you better know that a lot of Python efficient libraries are actually implemented in C.

“C Language is definitely here to STAY!”


Also, it’s considered that by learning C Programming you’re definitely going to make your programming fundamentals VERY STRONG.

And finally to answer a question that a lot of you may have - there is a HIGH DEMAND for C Developers in the market - at both large companies as well as startups - and the salaries are usually PRETTY HIGH! :)

So C Programming - usually pays off.

[C Programming - Course Information]

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming using C Language - including different concepts such as:

  1. Programming Concepts (General + C Language)

  2. Input & Output (what it is and how it can be used in C)

  3. How variables work

  4. Conditions & Control Flow (controlling the execution flow of a C Program)

  5. Different types of Loops (including For, While, and Do-While in C)

  6. Functions

  7. Arrays in C

  8. Pointers

  9. Using Strings in C Programming

  10. Recursions (Concepts + C Usage)

  11. Constants

  12. Unions

  13. And maybe some additional sections in C Programming Language

Each and every one of the major topics are being taught with plenty of exercises (of course, in C Programming Language) with full video solutions.

[Sections Structure]

At every section, you will be given with:

  1. Introduction to the General Concept without the C language.

  2. Implementing Concept in C Programming Language.

  3. Hands-On Exercises Challenges + FULL VIDEO SOLUTION - using C Programming.

  4. Cool Milestones such as:

    • Developing a Calculator in C.

    • Developing your own Weather Station in C.

    • C Password Guess Program.

    • And many more "c" Cool Milestones that will make you feel how the Theoretical and Practical knowledge are getting together!

  5. Additional Sections - OPTIONAL.

By the end of the course - you should be able to analyze and solve various c programming problems on your own.

So if you're a Total Beginner, a student or you're just curious about the topic – this course is ABSOLUTELY FOR YOU!

*Also, if you're a Programmer who wants to make a Career Change to C Programming (from Python Programming, JavaScript and Web Development, C#, or any other).

Dart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Everything you need to know for building mobile apps with Flutter and Dart, including RxDart and Animations!

Created by Stephen Grider - Engineering Architect


Students: 22618, Price: $99.99

Students: 22618, Price:  Paid

If you're tired of spinning your wheels learning Swift or Android, this is the course for you.

Animations? You will learn it.  Architectural Patterns? Included.  Navigation? Of course!

Flutter is a newcomer to the mobile development scene.  Strongly supported by Google, it is already viewed as an ideal platform for replacing native Swift and Android development.  Thanks to its amazing standard library of widgets, fast compile times, and amazing documentation, developers are falling in love with Flutter!  

This course supports MacOS and Windows - develop Android and iOS apps easily!

Flutter apps are created using the language Dart.  No problem if you're not already familiar with Dart; this course includes a lightning fast introduction to Dart at the beginning, along with hours of bonus lectures at the end of the course solely focused on Dart and its advanced features.  If you come from a background working with Java, Ruby, or Javascript, you'll feel right at home with Dart - the syntax is nearly identical, only a few core concepts need to be learned.  Dart is a strongly typed language - but don't be discouraged if you're not a fan of strong types!  I spend special time in this course to make it extra clear why developing with a strongly typed language is a breeze!

One of the greatest challenges around developing Flutter applications right now is understanding how to design and architect apps.  Flutter is still in rapid development, and the community at large is still trying to find out the best techniques.  With this in mind, special attention is paid in the course to making sure you understand the primary design patterns advocated by Google's Flutter team, including both the 'Stateful Widget' pattern and the 'BLOC' pattern.  The 'BLOC' pattern makes heavy use of Reactive Programming techniques, which you'll learn about in this course as well.  These techniques can be easily applied to other languages and frameworks as well - talk about a bonus!

Of course, no mobile app is complete without some nice looking animations.  You'll learn how to build animations using Flutter's standard library of tools, which can be easily used to make interactions that your users will love.  You should plan to complete the course with knowledge of how to reference Flutter's standard library of widgets to assemble complex animations.

Sign up today and you will:

  • Understand the Dart language and its primary features
  • Store information for long periods of time on the user's device with offline storage
  • Learn how to optimize network requests for improved performance on mobile networks
  • Delight your users with complex animations
  • Expose the functionality of your apps with multi-screen navigation
  • Steer through the incredible amount of Flutter documentation
  • Master Reactive Programming with streams by using RxDart
  • Implement advanced design patterns advocated by Google's official Flutter team
  • Handle user input with form validation
  • Learn to build open source Dart packages and distribute them to other developers

I've built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning Flutter. A course that explains the concepts and how they're implemented in the best order for you to learn and deeply understand them.

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Flutter App Development Course

Build Flutter iOS and Android Apps with a Single Codebase: Learn Google's Flutter Mobile Development Framework & Dart

Created by Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher - Software Engineer - Android, Java, Flutter, Dart and Teacher


Students: 20345, Price: $109.99

Students: 20345, Price:  Paid


Flutter Development is here to stay!

Welcome to The Complete Flutter App Development Course (The World's First Complete Dart and Flutter Course).

Flutter is the new Cross-platform Mobile Development Framework created by Google, allowing developers to build Android and iOS Apps with one single codebase!

Flutter is the BEST way to create cross-platform apps that otherwise would require two distinct mobile development teams to create.

Why is Flutter a BIG Deal?

Flutter is a big deal because any developer (or anyone who wants to learn mobile development) can now build native Android and iOS apps with one codebase ONLY! This means, instead of having to learn Objective-C or Swift to build iOS apps, and Java, or Kotlin to build Android apps, you can now use Flutter Mobile Development Framework to build apps that run natively on both iOS and Android devices using the General-purpose Dart Programming Language.

By learning Flutter App Development, you'll be able to build iOS and Android apps with a single codebase!  This course is the ultimate Flutter tutorial created for those who want to build cross-platform iOS and Android mobile apps using the Dart Programming language.

This course is fully hands-on, in which you'll get the chance to practice and learn:

  • Dart Programming Language - Fundamentals and intermediate topics

  • How to understand Flutter Mobile Development by building apps incrementally.

  • How to design, build, debug Flutter Android and iOS Apps

  • How to get Flutter apps to communicate with a realtime database - Firestore

  • How to build robust apps with Flutter.

You’ll see how easy it’s to get started building Android and iOS apps using Google’s Flutter App Development Framework!

The course is structured in such a way to improve your knowledge retention - by having a lot of hands-on projects.  In each section of the course, you will be practicing and building something meaningful and useful, which will further your understanding of Flutter iOS and Android Development.

For instance, you'll start by learning the very basics of the Dart Programming language (which is the programming language used in Flutter) - you'll learn control flow and functions, how to do arithmetic in Dart, and so forth. 

Next, you'll learn Object-Oriented Programming in Dart - understanding how to construct classes and Objects and how it all works when building robust programs.  Furthermore, you'll learn intermediate and advanced Dart topics such as Abstract classes, Interfaces, and Data Structures. 

Once you've learned the Dart Programming language, you'll then start with Flutter Mobile Development.  You'll start by building small, simple iOS and Android apps using Flutter, such as the Business Card app.  Then, we move into the realm of Stateful Widgets in Flutter - how to manage state in an App.

Along the way, we continue to build several fun apps to solidify the main, fundamental Flutter concepts.  You'll also have several challenges you need to further dive deeper into understanding Flutter concepts.

Continuing with the course, you'll also have the opportunity to learn how to parse JSON from a remote API into your Flutter app and cleanly display the parsed data to the user using Material Design concepts.  Additionally, you'll learn how to connect your app to Firebase/Firestore and use a real-time database.

You'll finish the journey by learning how to package up your Flutter iOS or Android app to publish on either the Appstore or Google Play store.

The course will take you from zero to hero - from knowing nothing (or a little) about Flutter iOS and Android Mobile development to building complex, stunning mobile applications!

Why Should You Take This Course?

My name is Paulo Dichone; I've created the most best-selling online programming courses (with over 100,000 happy and satisfied students).

I'm a Software Engineer, a teacher, and the author of highly rated Development courses on Udemy. I've taught over 100,000 students online and received over 15,000 reviews. Students love my teaching methodology, which is heavy on hands-on, project-based approaches.

I know how hard it can be to learn programming and Android development - there's a lot of information out there, but the problem is that none is complete, nor is it updated.  I understand how frustrating it's to try to learn something on your own and spend months without seeing progress! 

Here's what my current and past students have to say about this course and my other courses:

"It's a good course for Intermediate Learners...

Nice job, Paulo...

I've learned a lot from you" - Collins ★★★★★ (5 stars rating)

Best tutor ever !!! Very kind, polite, great explanation, loved your course content !!! Covered a wide range of topics !!!! Above expectations, super amazing... Thanks a lot for helping me start my mobile development career and making this field super easy for me !!!!!!! ?????????? - Mehul  ★★★★★ (5 stars rating)

"I liked the course and the professor. I'm taking another course with him because he's excellent in my opinion, starts from beginner to advanced, very organized classes. A lot of examples in the course, and he was updating the course often too. Money well spent." - Kevin ★★★★ (4.5 stars rating)

"Great course. Very easy in understanding and friendly learning. Good Job, Sir. Thanks for this." - Muhammad - ★★★★ (5 stars rating)

"Well, in my opinion, this is a great course since I knew nothing about java and by now I'm able to write my own apps pretty easily." - Michael - ★★★★ (5 stars rating)

"Great course! I learned lots from the numerous examples. I now have the confidence to build my own apps and to explore different areas of Android programming. - ★★★★ (4.5 stars rating)

Great Course!!!! Thanks, Paulo!!!!!" - Ian - ★★★★ (5 stars rating)

"I am delighted with this course. I have only attended the Android part because I had a basic knowledge of Java. I really like how Paulo teaches. He goes step by step, and you can understand everything. My first language is not English, but he speaks very. Clearly, I can understand every word. Also, he is a happy guy, and you can hear that through the courses that he really loves what he is doing." - Antal - ★★★★ (5 stars rating)

"Very well thought-out course. Flows smoothly with great delivery. I have been developing Android Apps for several years, and I still found this course informative, relevant, and helpful. I would recommend everyone take this course if you are new to Android or returning for a refresher course." - Douglas - ★★★★ (5 stars rating)


This Course Also Comes With:

  •   Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

  •   A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

  •   Links to interesting articles and lots of good code to base your next template onto

  •   Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

  •   A 30 Day, "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Take this complete Flutter course now, completely risk-free!

Dart Masterclass Programming Course: iOS/Android Bible

Dart is a very powerful language. The future of iOS & Android is Dart. Powers the ultimate mobile framework Flutter.

Created by Frahaan Hussain - CEO and Lead Developer at Sonar Systems


Students: 18164, Price: $89.99

Students: 18164, Price:  Paid

Learn about everything there is to know about Dart Applications and How To Program Them. A step by step process is used to show explain every facet of these topics.

NOTE: This course includes information on iOS and Android!

Gain a good understanding of the following concepts with this course:

  1. What Dart is?

  2. Dart Certifications

  3. How to program in the Dart language

  4. Features of the Dart programming language

  5. Coding semantics

  6. Mobile programming

  7. Design practises of applications

  8. Application programming

  9. Network programming

Dart is one of the most popular programming languages for Android in the world that is requested by all companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft for mobile development. This course will ensure you are not left out as more and more companies request this awesome language. This course will teach you everything about programming Dart applications.

You will receive all the knowledge to use and leverage the powerful technology behind these amazing and wonderful platforms.

Over 310,000 students have enrolled on my courses and all of them are extremely satisfied. You will also be satisfied with this course. If you do not like the course, remember that within 30 days you can request a full refundI guarantee you satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding the topics covered in this course, please feel free to ask. I'm always happy to help those who want to learn.

To summarise this is what you get:

• Lifetime access to HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

• All videos are downloadable. Learn wherever you want, even without an internet connection!

• Downloadable starter code and final code for each section.

• Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck.

• Multiple coding challenges to practice your new skills (solutions included).

Sounds great? Then start this adventure today by clicking the “Take this course" button, and join me in the only Dart course that you will need!

The Rust Programming Language

Learn a modern, powerful yet safe systems programming language!

Created by Dmitri Nesteruk - Software/Hardware Engineering • Quant Finance • Algotrading


Students: 14439, Price: $99.99

Students: 14439, Price:  Paid

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Rust, a modern programming language that has the both the power of native code as well as the safety of some managed languages. In this course you will learn the following:

  • How to download and install Rust; how to compile programs and (optionally) work with an IDE.
  • Learn about fundamental data types and how to use them to declare variables.
  • Undersand arrays, vectors and strings, the concept of slices.
  • Learn to create functions, methods, closures, higher-order functions.
  • Understand how to create various data structures such as structs and enums; also traits.
  • Master Rust's explicit take on the concept of lifetime with ownership, borrowing, lifetime specifiers, lifetime elision.
  • Learn how to safely share data around your (possibly multithreaded) application with Rc, Arc and Mutex.
  • Use Rust's package managent using Cargo.
  • Learn about other useful topics: documentation, conditional compilation, testing.

This course, like all my other courses, will be supplemented with additional lectures based on participants' requests.

Learn Dart Programming for Flutter

Build strong foundation in Dart programming language

Created by Smartherd Developers - Global IT Training Experts


Students: 11764, Price: $89.99

Students: 11764, Price:  Paid

Learn Dart Programming from scratch by Google. Prepare yourself for Flutter apps for Android and iOS and developing Web apps using Dart programming language. 

Dart is an object-oriented language which can optionally trans compile into JavaScript. It supports a varied range of programming aids like interfaces, classes, collections, generics, and optional typing. 

Dart can be extensively used to create single-page web apps, Android and iOS apps. Single-page applications enable navigation between different screens of the website without loading a different webpage in the browser.

In this course you'll learn:

  • Dart Setup and required software Installation

  • Exploring the first Dart application

  • Built-in Data Types and variable declarations

  • Conditional Statements

  • Loops or Iterators

  • Functions and Methods

  • Exception Handling

  • Object Oriented concepts

  • Inheritance, Abstract Class, Interface and Polymorphism

  • Functional Programming: Lambdas and Higher-Order Functions

  • Dart Collection: List, Set and Map

  • Callable classes

  • Summary

Flutter & Firebase: Build a Complete App for iOS & Android

Learn Dart, Flutter & Firebase by Google, and build a real-world, production ready app

Created by Andrea Bizzotto - Flutter GDE, Developer and Instructor


Students: 10624, Price: $124.99

Students: 10624, Price:  Paid

Want to learn how to build native mobile apps with Flutter?

Then you are in the right place. 

Flutter is a mobile framework by Google for building beautiful and fast native apps. Flutter is very productive and offers a rich set of widgets that makes building apps a breeze. Once you experience hot-reload and everything else Flutter has to offer, you will never want to go back.

In this course you will build a complete, real-world application for iOS and Android, by using Dart, Flutter and Firebase.

This course starts from the basics, and includes a full introduction to Dart and Flutter. This means that NO prior experience with Dart and mobile app development is needed.

As you make progress, the course will introduce more advanced topics, with special emphasis on writing production-ready code, so that you can learn how to build robust applications that scale.

And by learning Firebase as well, you will understand how to make modern reactive apps, and see why Flutter and Firebase are a great combination.

Important concepts are explained with clear diagrams. You will always learn what you will be building and why, and then how to do it.

This will give you a strong foundation, and the techniques you learn here will be valuable in your own Flutter apps.

So by the end of this course you will be a competent Flutter developer.

Course Structure

This is a complete course. With 21 hours of content, it will teach you everything you need to know about Flutter.

- Each lesson builds on top of the previous one (source code included).

- Each section covers a different topic.

You can follow the course from beginning to end, or choose the topics you’re most interested in.

Fast-track your learning

This course offers a lot of practical advice, along with tips and techniques that I have battle-tested over years of experience.

It goes far beyond "making things work", and gives you a very solid understanding of many different techniques and their trade-offs.

And it will show you how to think about problems and their solutions, with the mindset of a top professional software engineer.

So taking this course will save you a lot of time and money, and will prepare you for building real-world apps.

And if you get stuck, you can ask questions and they will be quickly answered.

Included in this course

  • Introduction to Dart

  • Setup instructions for macOS and Windows

  • Introduction to Flutter and widgets

  • Building layouts with Material & Cupertino widgets + build your own custom widgets

  • Navigation

  • Firebase Authentication (anonymous, email & password, Google, Facebook)

  • State Management: how to use setState, lifting state up via callbacks, global access, scoped access with Provider, BLoCs, ValueNotifier & ChangeNotifier

  • Streams, building reactive apps & advanced stream operations with RxDart

  • Forms, input handling and validation

  • Managing and updating packages

  • Databases and Cloud Firestore

  • Working with Forms and Cloud Firestore

  • Working with ListViews and multiple UI states

  • Date & time pickers

  • Unit & Widget tests with mockito (basics to advanced)

System requirements

  • Windows, macOS or Linux for Android app development

  • macOS for iOS app development

Master Flutter | Learn Dart & Flutter for Mobile Apps

Learn Dart & Flutter for creating Mobile Apps - Beginners Tutorial

Created by Programming Knowledge - ProgrammingKnowledge


Students: 6471, Price: $79.99

Students: 6471, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this course on Flutter Tutorials for beginners. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. Flutter is SDK that makes creating high-performing, modern and good looking apps. Flutter is easy and Works for both Android and iOS. Flutter is An open-source toolkit, developed by Google. Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter.

In this course we will start with the basics of DART (PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE). Dart is an open-source, scalable programming language, with robust libraries and runtimes, for building web, server, and mobile apps. It is used to build web, server, desktop, and mobile applications. Dart is an object-oriented language which can optionally trans compile into JavaScript.

Then we will see the basics of creating flutter apps.  First we will start with Learning the Basics of Dart programming language like Types and casting in Dart, Null-aware Operators, Loops, Collections, Dart Sets, Class and Objects in Dart, enums, Dart Exception Handling, Future, async and await

We will discuss Built a Task Manager App Using Flutter Framework. Create A Cross-Platform Mobile App In easy Steps Using Flutter. We will be building fully functional flutter app.

Also we will see how to build and deploy your Flutter App.

So what are you waiting for, Let's get started.

The Complete Dart Language Guide for Beginners and Beyond

Learn Dart Programming in depth. Includes: basic to advanced topics, exercises, and projects. Fully updated to Dart 2.12

Created by Andrea Bizzotto - Flutter GDE, Developer and Instructor


Students: 2334, Price: $99.99

Students: 2334, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this full and complete course on the Dart language.

Dart is the language behind Flutter: Google's UI toolkit for building beautiful and fast native apps for iOS, Android, web and beyond.

With Dart you can build Flutter apps across all these different platforms with a single codebase.

According to GitHub, Dart was the fastest growing programming language in 2019, making it a very valuable language to learn.

Course overview

Covering all the fundamental concepts for Dart development, this is the most comprehensive and updated Dart course available online.

As a Google Developer Expert for Dart and Flutter, I'll teach you everything you need to know about Dart, even if you've never written a single line of code before.

This is a beginners course, but it goes well beyond the basics and teach you many advanced topics with clear diagrams and explanations.

Why is this important?

To make Flutter apps, you’ll use the Dart language every single day. If you want to go beyond simple apps, you must know and understand it well.

This course will prepare you for this, by covering the more advanced Dart features that are needed to build complex Flutter apps.

This Dart course also includes many exercises and practical projects. These will help you consolidate your knowledge as you make progress.

Included in this course

The course follows a carefully designed structure, and guides you through all these topics:

  1. Introduction

  2. Dart Basics

  3. Dart Type System

  4. Control Flow

  5. Project: Build a Command Line App

  6. Collections

  7. Project: Data Processing in Dart

  8. Null Safety

  9. Functions: Basics

  10. Functions: Advanced

  11. Classes: Basics

  12. Classes: Advanced

  13. Project: Simple eCommerce

  14. Mixins and Extensions

  15. Error Handling & Exceptions

  16. Asynchronous programming

  17. Project: Weather App

I will teach you the language features using Dartpad - a free online editor for writing Dart code.

Beyond that, you will also learn how to write command line applications in Dart, using Visual Studio Code.

As part of this, you will complete some real-world projects, and be prepared for the next steps in your programming journey.

Course Structure

I designed this course to be a step-by-step guide, as well as a reference that you can use to explore specific topics in depth.

If you're new to Dart and programming in general, this is a great place to start and you can follow the course from beginning to end.

Or if you already have some experience and you want to fill some gaps in your knowledge, you can jump right into the sections that are most relevant.

The course also comes with a complete GitHub page. This includes:

  • a complete list of all the course lessons, so that you can more easily find the content you need

  • all the course exercises, along with their solutions

  • all the course projects

By buying this course you'll have access to 10 hours of content as well as many exercises, and any bonus materials that I will include in the future.

Premium Support Included

You can ask questions if you get stuck. I'll do my best to answer all questions within 24 hours - but please keep them relevant to the course material.

Enroll Today

This is a great package, and by the end of this course:

  • you'll be comfortable with all aspects of the Dart Language.

  • you'll have a strong foundation that you can use as you continue your programming journey and learn about Flutter and beyond.

I'm very excited to share this course with you, so enroll now to get started.

Dart Language Practice Tests

Time to raise awareness about Dart Language in 100 questions

Created by Levent Kantaroğlu - Flutter Developer & Instructor


Students: 1258, Price: $19.99

Students: 1258, Price:  Paid

This practice test includes 100 questions from the basics of the Dart language to its depths. First of all, I would like to state that the main purpose in the preparation of this practice test is to raise awareness about code structures and solutions offered by the Dart language rather than providing level detection.

The Dart language, which was developed and used by Google in the early 2010s, has become more preferred by developers with Flutter, which has become popular in developing cross-platform applications.

However, there is a general observation that the developers are starting to use the Flutter SDK without much reinforcing the Dart issues, and as a result of this, instead of nice activities such as dealing with widgets while developing the application, they are busy completing their needs by returning to Dart language topics. Therefore, my advice is not to start coding interfaces for mobile applications without understanding the Dart issues thoroughly.

To list some of the topics included in this practice test:

  • Data Types and Variables

  • Operators

  • Control Flow Statements

  • Collection Structures

  • Built-in Methods

  • Functions

  • Class and Object Topics

  • Asynchronous Operations

  • Exceptions

  • Libraries ans Packages

  • Callables

  • Metadata

  • Dart Commands

The 100-question test will be waiting for you as the course content. You will see a maximum duration of 3 minutes for each question.  Don't let this time scare you. Because in this tests, there are no questions such as what dart codes compiled by lines, which are not intended to measure knowledge level or raise awareness. That task is compiler's job, not yours :)

In order to get the most out of the test, if you do not consider yourself an advanced Dart developer, do not try to complete the tests in one session. When you realize that you cannot pay attention to questions, be sure to take a break.

Finally, it is necessary to remind that the software world is constantly developing and parallel to this, software languages have to update themselves. In this context, considering the future of Dart language, I tried not to include questions on topics that may be invalid in the short term. Therefore, all questions are valid for Dart version 2.10.4.

Good luck everyone!

Build a Rental App with Flutter: iOS & Android Masterclass

Start an empire with your first startup app. Learn the Dart programming language and back-end development with Firebase!

Created by Mammoth Interactive - Top-Rated Instructor, 800,000+ Students


Students: 1028, Price: $89.99

Students: 1028, Price:  Paid

Are you looking to enhance your career by learning a coding language? Do you want to build an app but don't know where to start? Or you are seeking a side hustle that will finally give you the freedom and flexibility you've been searching for? If so, this course is for you!

Learn Google Flutter from Scratch to a Fully Functional App

This masterclass will take you step by step through building a complete app. If you’ve ever tried to build an app in Xcode for iOS and then re-built it in Android Studio for Android, you’ll see how revolutionary Google Flutter is. With Flutter you can seamlessly create apps for Android, iOS and web all at the same time. It's growing in popularity every day and will soon be the #1 framework for app development.


Save money you’d use on coding bootcamps

This project is equivalent to what you’d get at an expensive $20,000 coding bootcamp. Instead you can watch this course from your home and get the same training and product as a bootcamp.

Are you ready to become an expert in a technology supported by Google? Look no further.

The biggest struggles we hear from people like you who can’t get past the first step:

  • You don’t know the best technology to build your app

  • You can’t find a complete curriculum to learn in your free time

  • You get overwhelmed with the process of building a huge project

The team at Mammoth Interactive is here to take these problems from your hands once and for all.

Team Mammoth is passionate about teaching the world to code. We live and breathe e-learning!

We’re dedicated to creating efficient courses that teach the real-world skills of the future. We make sure anyone can take our courses regardless of experience. Whether you want to start a new hobby or change careers, we have a fun and straightforward course for you at an affordable price.

Our passion for programming shows throughout the entire course, and it's our hope that you find programming joyful and valuable.You’ll be building an app for everyone you know, whether they use Android or iOS.

We believe (have proof through our outstanding students) that anyone can learn to code. If you know how to build apps, you’ll be ahead of the game in the long run as technology continues to be more important in every industry. You can have a stable and sound career or unleash your hidden talents with a side hustle.

You don’t need to spend years learning. With us you can learn in one course to develop your first app. You never know, your app could explode and change your life.

This course will open many doors for you, especially if you are looking to becoming a full-fledged app developer.

Team Mammoth

The Complete Dart Language Guide for Google Flutter | Dart

Learn Dart ( programming language ) in depth. Includes: basic to advanced topics and projects. Prepared Dart Flutter App

Created by Oak Academy - Web & Mobile Development, IOS, Android, Ethical Hacking, IT


Students: 512, Price: $89.99

Students: 512, Price:  Paid

Hello there,

Welcome to The Complete Dart Language Guide for Google Flutter, I prepared the course assuming you have no prior programming background and Learn Dart ( programming language ) in depth. Includes basic to advanced topics and projects. Prepared Dart Flutter App.

Flutter is a Google SDK for building native interfaces for iOS and Android using the Dart programming language. Flutter can integrate with existing iOS and Android code bases. It's free and open-source.

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter dart was originally launched with support for iOS and Android. Flutter 2 was launched as a stable release in March 2021, with support for Windows, macOS, Linux, and web. Flutter runs with dart, a programming language developed by Google. Dart is a strongly-typed, object-oriented language with a familiar C-style syntax. Developers can compile Dart programs into fast native code that runs smoothly on all supported platforms. On the web, dart flutter is compiled to JavaScript code that can run on the browser. Flutter web is composed of three architectural layers: the Flutter framework, which is written in Dart and provides all the widgets that developers use to build their apps; the flutter firebase Engine, written in C++, which provides low-level rendering support.

Learn more about Google Flutter

Flutter is a Google SDK for building native interfaces for iOS and Android using the Dart programming language. Flutter can integrate with existing iOS and Android code bases. It's free and open-source.

Frequently asked questions about Flutter on Udemy

Why did Google create Flutter?

Flutter, first known as “Sky”, was announced in 2015 with Android support only. It was created to provide a better mobile experience for users and developers, taking the best parts of the web development experience, and bringing them to mobile. Its main goals were high-performance and portability across multiple platforms. While other cross-platform solutions such as React Native and Xamarin were already popular, they could not deliver the same fidelity and performance as apps built with the native iOS and Android SDKs. Flutter changed that by making it possible to create beautiful, performant apps across multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Is Flutter in demand?
Flutter has been a production-ready, stable product on iOS and Android since its official launch in December 2018. Big companies such as eBay, BMW, Alibaba, and Toyota are using Flutter as the core framework for their mobile app development strategy. Over a hundred thousand Flutter apps have already been published on the App Store and Play Store. After overtaking React Native in Google Search trends, Flutter is now the fastest growing software project on GitHub. By choosing Flutter, companies can deliver mobile apps in record time as they no longer have to build separate apps to support iOS and Android. This makes Flutter an ideal choice for startups, agencies, and small businesses, and as a result, the job market for Flutter developers is also expanding rapidly.

What applications use Flutter?
There are social networking apps for creating and sharing content, dating, and connecting people through events and real-life activities that use Flutter. Alibaba made a shopping app called Xianyu, which has more than 50MM downloads and more than 10MM active users every day. Nubank is the largest independent digital bank outside Asia, and its mobile apps are built with Flutter. Another shopping app is HuYu, which rewards users with gift cards and vouchers for sharing shopping receipts. You can also find music apps for recording and learning to read music. The Hamilton Musical and the famous Abby Road Studios created apps with Flutter. There are apps for sports, finance, fitness, education, animal adoption, mapped gas stations to compare prices, and a travel app. A Google Ads app helps mobile app customers track their ads.

Google Flutter provides higher quality for multi-platform development.
Flutter apps use a single codebase, allowing faster time-to-market.
Flutter allows you to build beautiful apps easily.
Flutter widgets make it easy to build beautiful UIs.
The Dart programming language is very productive.
Flutter delivers an excellent developer experience with hot reload.
Flutter is open source.
Flutter comes with a mature ecosystem.
Flutter’s unique advantages make it a very strong UI framework on mobile, web, and desktop.

This course will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build dart flutter programming thus, we will have prepared a strong foundation for Flutter applications.

This course is for beginners. Before taking this course, You don't need to know any language. In our course, the basics of dart programming is dealt with in detail and students are provided to test what they have learned with code quizzes prepared for each subject.

During our course, you will be informed about the basics of Dart in detail and how to solve problems.

This course was crafted to benefit absolutely any level of developer. We will start flutter and dart from scratch and learn how to create a development environment for Flutter in mobile development.

During the course, I made sure to explain all the topics that may seem complicated to you as simple and detailed as possible. I have used some diagrams to help you understand better.

The powerful features and capabilities of fluter allow you to create complex, customizable, modern, responsive, and user-friendly web applications in mobile app marketing.

After taking this course you’ll be able to fully take advantage of all features for Dart in Mobile Development.

In this course, Develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Dart in Firebase

Our course based on learning by making practice.

Why would you want to take this course? 

Our answer is simple: The quality of teaching.

OAK Academy based in London is an online education company. OAK Academy gives education in the field of IT, Software, Design, development in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and a lot of different language on Udemy platform where it has over 1000 hours of video education lessons. OAK Academy both increase its education series number by publishing new courses, and it makes students aware of all the innovations of already published courses by upgrading.

When you enroll, you will feel the OAK Academy`s seasoned developers expertise. Questions sent by students to our instructors are answered by our instructors within 48 hours at the latest

Video and Audio Production Quality

All our videos are created/produced as high-quality video and audio to provide you the best learning experience.

You will be,

  • Seeing clearly

  • Hearing clearly

  • Moving through the course without distractions

You'll also get:

  • Lifetime Access to The Course

  • Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Dive in now "The Complete Dart Language Guide for Google Flutter" course

We offer full support, answering any questions.

My students says that: Recommended for those who start Flutter from zero like me. I'm a backend programmer, and I know nothing about the mobile realm. Now I can build my own mobile app. I'm really excited!
Flutter & Dart

See you in the course!

Complete Dart programming

Master Dart programming language for flutter or web development

Created by Igneus Technologies - Best Comprehensive Courses


Students: 89, Price: $89.99

Students: 89, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the course in Dart programming language.

Let’s start with some important question that you might be looking for.

What is Dart programming language?

Dart a fairly new programming language, gained its popularity after flutter project. Dart programming language is multi-talented and can be used for mobile, web and server side.

Do I need special hardware for this course?

No, not at all. Learning Dart is very comfortable regardless if you are on MAC or WINDOWS. No heavy computation is done in this course.

Do I need to purchase any hardware?

Nope, throughout this course, we are using Dart and VSCode to run our files. VSCode is a free and very popular code editor. No offense Sublime fans.

Features of Dart Programming language.

Dart is a clear and concise programming language that helps to craft product fast and efficiently. It’s core libraries are powerful and well thought out. One of the key selling point of Dart is it’s high speed execution and performance. Dart mobile apps can run natively on iOS and Android. For web dart code get converted into Javascript.

Here are some kind words by our students:

I really loved the approach in which the instructor taught i,e to go with the documentation. He actually teaches you how to learn new things. I just loved the course.

— Surabhi Nirgudwar

This course is one of the best course have ever done. The tutor is also the best tutor have ever encounter. I love how he was able to carry everybody along, i understood everything in this course and i look forward in doing more course from you.

— Deborahvery

straight forward, covers everything (including minor details), easy to follow and understand

— Cara

Now, its time to make some amazing stuff with dart programming language.

Catch you inside the course!