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Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw 25 Cartoons Step-by-Step

Cartoon Drawing Lessons: An Inspiring Art Experience for Young Artists. Follow Me as I Teach Beginners How to Draw!

Created by Em Winn - Teacher, Art Instructor, Artist


Students: 80311, Price: Free

Do you know a young artist who is interested in learning how to draw cartoons?

Are you looking for an experienced art teacher to guide them throughout the creative process?

Are you seeking a healthy activity that will encourage creativity and boost self-confidence?   

The Drawing Cartoons for Beginners course may be just what you are looking for! Designed with young artists in mind, this drawing course is suitable for ALL AGES. The teaching process used is a step-by-step method that will inspire and delight students into drawing action! The process involves organizing shapes and lines together until a recognizable outcome (in this course, usually a cute cartoon animal) is achieved. Young artists may then apply the knowledge they gain through each lesson to create unique masterpieces of their own. The Drawing Cartoons for Beginners course is designed to give new artists the tools they need to begin their artistic journey into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking.

Please Note: This course is intended to be purchased by a parent or guardian for use by a beginner artist or novice art student. Adult supervision is recommended. Per Udemy’s Policy: Those under 18 may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.

I would love to hear from you.

Please let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. I am here to help :)

About the Instructor:

My name is Miss Em and teaching art to children is what I love to do! I pride myself on creating dynamic, meaningful, and engaging art lessons that are taught in a relaxing and joyful way. I have over 20 years teaching experience in the elementary classroom and in the art studio, and I feel that I have a good grasp on how to create an environment that makes kids feel happy, motivated, confident, and successful.

I look forward to seeing you in this Drawing Cartoons for Beginners course.

Let the creative fun begin!

Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects

You too can make cartoons!

Created by Vadim Daschinsky - General-Animation Studio - Animation for everyone


Students: 30317, Price: Free

   I want to clarify some details right away: This course was created for the training unit of the General-Animation studio. Every new candidate who wants to become a member of our studio, we send to this course so that he can quickly and efficiently become familiar with our methods of work.

   Many members of our community live in developing countries and have access only to the simplest computers. Taking into account the needs of such students, during training we use the Adobe After Effects of 7.0 version, which does not require high-performance hardware, but at the same time allows to master the basic principles of working with the program.

   The main advantage of our animation technique is that we always try to work as efficiently as possible, to get the maximum result at the lowest possible cost. So if you want to quickly and without special material costs learn the basic methods of creating animation in the Adobe After Effects - then welcome to our course! We will be happy to share our knowledge with you, and you may even want to become a member of our team in order to enjoy some nice bonuses and create cartoons of a charitable and educational nature with us.

    Yes - animation is too high an art to spend it on trifles, so we do not make stupid cartoons to collect views on Youtube. We are engaged in serious things that can really change this world - make it a better place to live. As I understand, these things are first of all the online education and promotion of scientific achievements, advanced information technology, clean energy sources and, in general, new progressive technologies and the brotherhood of all the peoples of the Earth. And our projects are dedicated to this mission.   

   Our main goal is to enable the people of developing countries to join modern computer technologies in order to help them escape from the shackles of poverty and illiteracy. Therefore, in our lessons, we do not use the most modern software requiring a high-performance computer, so that students from developing countries, often having only outdated computers, can also work with us. To such students, we even pay small incentive bonuses to stimulate their interest in computer technology.

   So welcome to our unique experimental course in which information is presented in an entertaining and easy understandable form, as lessons with animated characters who tell you about how make cartoons in Adobe After Effects. If you are looking for a simple and effective technology to create cartoons - this course is exactly for you.

 Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects is something more then just a training course - it's a whole philosophy and lifestyle. It consists in the fact that the main purpose of man in this world is to be a creator and artist. And animation as one of the most popular and affordable kinds of art should help you to fully discover your creative abilities. 

   After Effect allows make animation quickly and efficiently, releasing our creative energy for new achievements in the broadest areas of human activity. Therefore, study After Effects with us, offer your ideas and projects, and we will make cartoons together!

  If you do not already have Adobe After Effects, you can find the studens version of the program in the downloads of our website General-Animation com

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Learn how to create software and hardware projects using Raspberry Pi and Python.

Created by Venkatesh Varadachari - Founder, MAKERDEMY


Students: 16936, Price: Free

#1 Raspberry Pi course on Udemy, in terms of students (over 3,000)

#1 Raspberry Pi course on Udemy, in terms of reviews (over 80)

#1 Raspberry Pi course on udemy, in terms of 5 star reviews (over 40)

Bonus content added regularly. Latest update on 7-Nov-15. We will keep adding new content, so that our students have something to look forward to

All our students (Makerdemy brand) get VIP pricing ($8) for all our new courses. We have 10 courses under our brand and will be releasing a new course every 2 months.


This is an introductory course about the credit card sized computer Raspberry Pi. This course is ideal for those who are interested in exploring the possibilities of Raspberry Pi as a computer. The course does not assume any prior knowledge on computers or programming. However, a knowledge of Linux operating system and Python programming language would greatly help you in getting up to speed.

If you do not know Linux or Python, no need to worry. The course has sections that cover the basics of Linux and Python to get you started.

Small as it is, The Raspberry Pi packs quite a punch. The course will teach you to hook up the Pi with a key board and monitor so that you can use it as a low cost computer. You will also learn how to interact with the hardware of the Pi, something that you normally do not do with your home computer or laptop.

You will learn from 2 complete projects. The first one teaches you how to write a software program to make the most of your Raspberry Pi, using the Python language.

The second project involves learning how to control the Raspberry Pi hardware using a computer program written in Python. You will hook the Pi up with a Christmas tree light and will use your program to create various lighting patterns. Sounds exciting?

Jump in straight ahead!

The course provides complete code for both the above mentioned projects.

The entire course can be completed over a period of 2 hours, including the hardware assembly for the Christmas tree light project.

By the end of this course, you will learn how to boot and wire up a Raspberry Pi. You will also have learnt how to write your own python code to make the Raspberry Pi do some really cool things.

How To Breakdance – From Beginner To Pro In Just 7 Days

The ultimate step by step "breaking" course to dominate the dancefloor at the next party, show or competition.

Created by Bboy Harribo - Breaking Instructor


Students: 16407, Price: Free

The Fast & Fun Way To Learn How to Breakdance

  • Learn The Secret Formula For Quickly Picking Up New Moves
  • Guaranteed to Make You Incredibly Fit & Feel More Confident
  • Amaze Your Friends & Family
  • Become The Life Of Every Party

Learn New Moves In Record Time!

B-boy Harribos proven system for learning how to Breakdance is a fun, fast and easy process which takes complete beginners and transforms them into becoming jaw droppingly talented "breakers" in record times. Our unique way of breaking down the breakdance movement is the reason why so many of our students progress so quickly and feel more confident.

Amaze Your Friends At The Next Party

There is no better feeling than being at a party, the music's going, everyone's dressed up in their freshest clothes & dancing, then a circle opens up. A few people go in and try to win the crowd, then you decide to go in....

The Crowd Goes Crazy!!!

They start cheering you on as you wow the whole room with your new moves.

After your performance everyone wants to know your name and how they can learn what you just did. It will feel as if you became an overnight celebrity with the amount of attention you'll receive.

You can't put a price on that feeling, trust me.

Learn Piano Basics in 7 Days For Complete Beginners

Learn to play the piano in just 7 days with our 7-day piano programme

Created by Michelle Huang - Piano Instructor at Liberty Park Music


Students: 12876, Price: Free

7-Day Piano Programme is a great way to transition yourself from wanting to play the piano to actually playing one. All you need to do is to follow our daily bite sized lessons for the next 7 days. We will be providing detailed video lessons with numerous practical examples for you to apply your new found knowledge. By the end of the programme you’ll learn the basics of music notation, playing skills, and your first song, Beethoven’s iconic Ode to Joy! In addition, we will also teach you 3 easy songs - Simple Gift, Greensleeves and  Country Dance

Urban Innovation 1: Sustainability and Technology Solutions

An introduction to innovators and initiatives in urban sustainability and connected technology: smart cities & transport

Created by Meeting of the Minds - Global knowledge sharing platform on urban innovation


Students: 9419, Price: Free

This course is an introduction to various innovators and initiatives at the bleeding edge of urban sustainability and connected technology. It focuses on real world examples within two key themes - smart cities and transportation - as a way to look at the challenges and practical responses related to urban sustainability.

Course material is based on case studies, seminars, and conference sessions from the Meeting of the Minds international network and annual summit. Lectures are presented by topic experts and presentation slides and other helpful resources are included where applicable.

Optional multiple choice quiz questions follow the lectures for those students wishing to test their new knowledge or obtain a course completion certificate. No commitment is required to do the entire course. Students can proceed at their own pace and may view as many - or as few - of the lectures as they choose.

This course was developed with support from Cubic Transportation Systems, a leading integrator of payment and information solutions and related services for intelligent travel applications. Cubic delivers integrated systems for transportation and traffic management, delivering tools for travelers to choose the smartest and easiest way to travel and pay for their journeys, and enabling transportation authorities and agencies to manage demand across the entire transportation network – all in real-time.

"Urban Innovation: Sustainability and Technology Solutions" (part 1 and 2) was created by Christina Olsen for Meeting of the Minds.

Disco Samba – Most Simple Social Party Dance

Start dance with girl in every Disco Party!

Created by Dimitri Kuchin - DanceBook - Dance Lessons Online


Students: 6858, Price: Free

Anyone can dance disco samba! This is one of the hottest and
surprisingly easy to learn dances of the world. It works on every party -
disco, wedding and carnival ball. As an energetic mix of Brazilian
temperament of freedom disco guarantees fun.

Disco samba dance in pairs, until out of breath. You do not need much
to be learned. A bit of a sense of rhythm, a good attitude and a
fundamental step. And then ... flirt, craze, infatuation, positive
energy! Disco samba increases confidence on the dance floor - if you can
dance it, never standing on the wall.

Viennese Waltz Basic Dance Course

3 basic steps

Created by Dimitri Kuchin - DanceBook - Dance Lessons Online


Students: 4982, Price: Free

No wonder that the Viennese waltz, once hailed as parquet king. Once upon a time it was an inseparable part of great balls in the salons of almost all of Europe. Today it is perfect for wedding couples and all those who want to dance in a dignified and classy way. Every dance lover, especially modern ladies and gentlemen, should know the steps of the Viennese waltz.

That's all it takes to under the supervision of professional instructors learn
the basics of one of the most classic dances in history.

Free Bachata Mini Course – Introduction To Bachata Dancing

Learn how to dance Bachata in our FREE Bachata Mini Course! Learn the Basic Steps, Turns, and Cool Combinations!

Created by Demetrio Rosario - Bachata Instructor, DJ and Performer


Students: 4858, Price: Free

Inside the course, you will get step by step instructions on how to start learning how to dance Bachata. You will get a sneak peak of our Instructors Demetrio Rosario & Nicole Thompson lessons & Bachata Dance Academy's teaching style if you wish to continue on your path of becoming an amazing Bachata dancer. :)

MOOL – Krump with Kid Lightning

Krump World University

Created by Professor Arun Nadarasa MPharm MRPharmS - The World's #1 Krump Business Coach | Author | Investor


Students: 4502, Price: Free

Massive Open Online Lab (MOOL) to learn Krump basics through videos, quizzes and exams. Upon successful completion, you will feel confident to teach Krump classes in your area. 

You will progress from beginner to advanced within 6 weeks if you follow the steps from each video. 

At the end of the course, you will have the option to take the Skype practical exam. It is different to the Udemy certificate and is issued by Krump World University.

There is an assessment criteria to help you prepare for the MOOL practical exam which is 20 minutes long.

If you pass, you may start to use the title MMKT after your name which stands for Mini Master in Krump Teaching

The certificate hash will be uploaded into the Bitcoin Blockchain network as an immutable record of your competency via OriginStamp. 

Free Salsa & Bachata Dance Videos

Taster of content across all our courses

Created by Incognito Dance - Incognito Dance Instructor


Students: 1531, Price: Free

A variety of videos show course content from the Dance library.

Ladies Salsa Styling Beginner to Advanced

Ladies Bachata Styling Beginners to Advanced

Salsa Partnerwork Beginners to Advanced

Bachata Partnerwork Beginners to  Advanced

Body Isolation and Body Rolls  & Stretching For Dancers - All levels

and many demo Salsa & Bachata samples from our clubs

  • Learn our awarding winning Incognito Online methodology

  • Learn at your own pace and convenience. We make sure you get the maximum out of every minute you invest.

  • We know people have very busy lives and hectic schedules, so these courses are designed to suit everybody. We are fully aware that people learn a different pace. So these courses are perfect for everyone.

  • Each course has a series of concise videos to help you learn in the fastest possible way. We have used all our experience to pack together with the most essential techniques, purpose-built to help you learn superfast.

  • Each course program is made to help you learn progressively and develop in a smart and inefficient way.

  • Using our unique core technique systems and methodology you will benefit from every single minute of these courses.

  • Each course is equivalent to learning 3 to 6 months of regular classes in clubs or private lessons.

?‍♂️ Specifically designed to make you learn quick

‼️ Over 60 hours of on-demand classes

? Professionally filmed and edited

? Sign up now and save big

? From Beginners To Advance levels

? Using our unique core technique system and methodology, you will benefit from every single minute of these courses.

? Excellent value for money - each course is the equivalent of 3-6 months of normal lessons

Dance Freely

Improvise in a Playful and Authentic Way!

Created by Yefferson Mejia Rodriguez - Dancer/Mover


Students: 1191, Price: Free

This class is about playfulness, soulfulness and the feelings in dancing. We'll use improvisation (freestyle) as the main tool to express our essence, as it allows us to eliminate the factor of judgment and ratings.

But the most important subject, the essence of this class, is playfulness. Whenever we are playing, like when we were little kids, we don't care about outcomes or esthetics. All that matter is being present and having fun as we express ourselves.

In this class We'll learn how to control movement, how to recognize tonalities (sounds) and how to express what we feel with music in the physical world. So that when we actually dance, we just play and sing as we truly feel the music in our bodies.

This class is for any human being that lives and breathes, as it focuses on the developing expression, essence and feelings in music. It' doesn't matter if you've never danced in front of anyone, or if you've been ripping the dance floor for the past 10 years, you still be able to add value while playing.

Introduction to East Indian Classical Dance

The Basics of Movement

Created by Alana Abdool - Bioinformatician and Classical East Indian Dancer


Students: 1178, Price: Free

This introductory dance course will cover the foundations of classical East Indian dance. An examination of the styles of dance in the East Indian genre will assist students in identifying the basics of posture, form and movement. It will introduce the Bharatnatyam style in practice but will focus on 'nritta' or the 'pure' dimension of the style alone.

Learn Bhangra Dance – Beginner Steps

Master Bhangra steps with Lavesh Pritmani!

Created by Lavesh Pritmani - Founder and Lead Instructor at Learn Bhangra


Students: 991, Price: Free

This exciting Learn Bhangra course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Bhangra steps and movement to students of all experiences and ability. The course covers the execution of Bhangra steps, information on the culture and history of Bhangra, as well as fitness information regarding muscles engaged for each step.

Dancing into Confidence

This won't just teach you how to dance...this will teach you how to light up the room!

Created by Jackson James Kubian - Dance Instructor


Students: 969, Price: Free

Discover the principles that build you up as a dancer and teach you how to light up the room! It doesn't matter if you have never danced before or danced your whole life. In this course, you will explore 15 unique processes that have shifted the way people dance developing their confidence, creativity and dancing skills to grow beyond what they thought was possible.

Learn Your First Dance For Your Wedding

Dance Choreography to "Speechless" by Dan & ShayYour wedding dance is a once in a lifetime experience! Let's make it an

Created by Desiree May - Choreographer and Dance Instructor


Students: 660, Price: Free

Your wedding dance is a once in a lifetime experience! Let's make it an unforgettable one.

What's included:

  • Step by step tutorial

  • Edited mp3 version of song (cut 2.5 to 3 minutes length)

  • Dance checklist for day of preparation

This program is designed for intermediate to advance level students. This Program includes custom features that will allow you to see everything, review faster, and practice more efficiently.

  • Front and Back Views

  • View Sections

  • Practice at different speeds

Our Learning Tools will prepare you mentally as well as physically for your wedding dance. These learning tools will teach you how to perform your dance to look natural and romantic. Included are lessons on:

  • How to Dance Confidently

  • Tips to Minimize Distractions

  • Preparing for your First Dance

  • Being Dressed to Impress

  • What To Do In Case You Blank

Full Bellydance choreography of the song Ensay!

Egyptian Technique and Mahraganat! Intermediate level!

Created by Maria Isabel Angel - Reconocida docente en Danza Arabe de Colombia!


Students: 581, Price: Free

Learn and train this super fun choreography with me!

I will teach you step by step! You will train your technique, you will learn steps of the contemporary Egyptian style and we will challenge ourselves with a short sequence of mahraganat! This choreo was created taking into account the lyrics of the song! You will have fun and learn a lot! Let's train together!

Learn Bhangra Dance – Advanced Steps

Master Bhangra steps with Lavesh Pritmani!

Created by Lavesh Pritmani - Founder and Lead Instructor at Learn Bhangra


Students: 455, Price: Free

This exciting Learn Bhangra course is designed to teach advanced Bhangra steps and movement to students of all experiences and abilities. The course covers the execution of Bhangra steps and technique, information on the culture and history of Bhangra, as well as fitness information regarding muscles engaged for each step.

Learn Bhangra Dance – Intermediate Steps

Master Bhangra steps with Lavesh Pritmani!

Created by Lavesh Pritmani - Founder and Lead Instructor at Learn Bhangra


Students: 429, Price: Free

This exciting Learn Bhangra course is designed to teach intermediate Bhangra steps and movement to students of all experiences and abilities. The course covers the execution and technique of Bhangra steps, information on the culture and history of Bhangra, as well as fitness information regarding muscles engaged for each step.

Fun Bollywood Dance workout

Biginner's level Fun Bollywood Dance workout

Created by Anagha Datar - Software Test team lead


Students: 255, Price: Free

If you love dancing on the tunes of powerful, exciting Bollywood music then you are at the right place. If you like to have some light workout and like dance and music, then this is the fun Bollywood dance workout course for you.

This course has 3 sessions with 3 different themes.

1. Bangda Theme: This is a volk dance form from north of India specially from Punjab region. It has very powerful music and so lot of jumping and powerful steps.

2. Garaba Theme: This is another volk dance form in India danced specially during a specific festival .

3. Basic Bollywood dance moves

Before starting each session, I recommend you do some warm-up exercises.

You can repeat each session as many times as you like to get more workout.

In each session first you will see me showing you the basic beginner's level steps as per the session theme. Then we will use those steps plus some more steps and dance and do our workout with music. There are 2 different music pieces, and we will use the same moves in both dances. After this you can repeat this for at least 1 more time on your own and then we will do some cool down.

This is a free course. And I am sure you all will enjoy it. This is a very basic and easy beginner’s level course.

Full Body Isolation & Body Roll Techniques for Dancers

In this course we will break down fundamental and essential techniques for full body isolations and body rolls

Created by Incognito Dance - Incognito Dance Instructor


Students: 187, Price: Free

Incognito Body Isolation and Body Rolls Course - All levels.

Body Isolation is a terminology used for the technique in which dancers move one part of their body, and keep the rest of the body completely still. In most forms of dance, isolation is crucial because it hones the core of the body, creating seamless dance movement.

In this course we will break down fundamental and essential techniques for full body isolations and body rolls. As well as giving loads of practice videos.

We cover isolation techniques for every part of the body: Feet, ankles, knees, hips, chest, shoulders, arms, neck, head.

Detailed breakdown and tips to achieve perfect body rolls

Hip Hop in Africa

Social Change, Gender, and Language through Hip Hop in Africa

Created by Msia Kibona Clark - African Studies Professor


Students: 149, Price: Free

This is the Hip Hop in Africa online course created by the Center for African Studies at Howard University as a resource for educators.

The course is designed to introduce students to contemporary African culture, using the lens of hip hop. Hip hop is a major cultural force throughout urban Africa, and the music is a great tool for understanding the social issues and cultural environments impacting African youth today. Through hip hop culture, African artists provide rich and diverse narratives of contemporary Africa. This course is designed to accommodate various levels of familiarity with Africa and provides access to content at various levels of difficulty.

This online course, Hip Hop in Africa, is a self-paced online course in which participants will be able to access all of the course materials at once upon signing up for the course. While participants are advised to complete module one first, they will be able to access and complete the modules according to their specific interests and needs. Each module contains links to important readings, websites, and audio/visual material that will be helpful for educators, as well as material that will provide information for the students on the respective topic. These readings, assigned videos, and lectures can be read and watched at your own pace.

Each module will also offer suggested lesson plans for educators to incorporate the topics in their classroom.

Each module takes up to 1 week to complete.