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Mastering data visualization in D3.js

Design and build beautiful data visualizations with d3.js. An intensive introduction to the D3 library (V6).

Created by Adam Janes - Data Visualization Engineer


Students: 17861, Price: $89.99

Students: 17861, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Mastering data visualization in D3.js!

This course will take you from a beginner level in D3 to the point where you can build virtually any visualization that you can imagine. The course will teach you to program in the latest version of D3 - version 6.x.

Course Outline

In the first phase of the course, I will be building up your knowledge of D3 and introducing you to some of the most foundational topics in data visualization. You will:

  • Understand what SVGs are and how to they work with D3.

  • Discover how D3 associates shapes with pieces of data.

  • Write scales, axes, and labels to make some basic visualizations.

  • Use the D3 update pattern to shift the position of SVGs as our data changes.

  • Handle user interactions by adding events to the page.

  • Add legends, tooltips, and sliders to your visualizations.

The course will also focus on data visualization design, helping you to make better decisions about how to structure your code, and teaching you to justify the decisions that you make to others. You will learn how to select the right visual channels for the data that you're working with to create completely unique visualizations.

In the second phase of the course, I will be taking you on a crash course through 12 new visualizations. You will gain a wide breadth of knowledge in D3, as I will be walking you through pre-written code from members of the D3 community. I'll introduce you to D3 layouts, and I will be showing you how to build each of these visualizations in D3:

  • Line Charts

  • Area Charts

  • Stacked Area Charts

  • Pie Charts

  • Donut Charts

  • Wordclouds

  • Choropleth Maps

  • Node-Link Diagrams

  • Tree Diagrams

  • Treemaps

  • Circle Packs

  • Sunburst Plots

This part of the course will also teach you the skill of finding new visualizations by yourself, adapting open source code to fit with your own data.

In the final phase of the course, I will be showing you the proper file structure to use for managing multiple visualizations on the page at once. You will be able to create visualizations that can communicate with one another, allowing you to link user interactions between multiple different graphs. You'll also learn how to use brushes in D3 to select areas on the chart with the drag of a mouse.

Class Projects

The course will include 4 class projects for you to complete, which will give you the opportunity to practice your D3 skills with real data:

  1. A simple bar chart to display the revenue growth of a small coffee chain.

  2. An updating bubble chart, cloning a famous visualization from Gapminder.

  3. An interactive line chart, showing historical cryptocurrency prices over time.

  4. A data dashboard for a large conglomerate company.

Each of the projects will gradually become more complex as the course progresses.

Should I Take This Course?

D3 is an incredibly powerful library to use, with a strong community of developers which is growing every day. Students should take this class if they want to get a rigorous introduction to D3, which covers a wide range of different topics.

This course is not an introductory course to web development. Students are expected to have had experience coding in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery before enrolling in this course.

Build Data Visualizations with D3.js & Firebase

Learn how to use D3 (v5) & Firebase (Firestore) to create dynamic SVG data visualizations. Bar charts, pie charts...

Created by The Net Ninja (Shaun Pelling) - Online Coding Tutor & Net Ninja


Students: 15414, Price: $94.99

Students: 15414, Price:  Paid

Learn how to create great-looking data visualizations with D3.js

D3.js is a powerful JavaScript library used to create data visualizations easily. In this course I'll teach you how to harness the power of D3 to create a variety of different data-driven visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs,  bubble packs and tree diagrams.

We'll learn about D3 select, changing SVG attributes & styles, scales, axes, transitions, hierarchial data and much more...

Use Firebase Firestore to update your D3.js diagrams in real-time

I'll also teach you how to use Firestore (from Google Firebase) - a real-time NoSQL database in which we can store our data. We'll use this to power our D3.js visualizations in real-time (without updating the browser) and to make them interactive, fun & dynamic.

We'll also be creating 3 projects to put our D3 & Firebase skills to the test - first of all a money planner called Ninja Wonga, then a fitness tracker called The Dojo and finally a company employee tree diagram called Ninja Corp.

...Why all the ninjas?

I'm also known as the Net Ninja on YouTube, with over 200,000 subscribers and nearly 1000 free development tutorials. Feel free to check out my teaching style there before you a buy my course :).

D3.js Data Visualization Fundamentals – Hands On

Design and build beautiful data visualizations with d3.js. A practical hands on approach to learning the D3 library.

Created by New Horizon - An industry leading training provider for 2 decades!


Students: 12839, Price: $89.99

Students: 12839, Price:  Paid

Welcome to D3.js Data Visualization Fundamentals!

This course will take you from a beginner level in D3 to the point where you can create any data visualization only limited by your imagination.

Learn how to create awesome data visualizations with D3.js

D3.js is a popular and powerful JavaScript library used to create data visualizations. In this course I'll teach you how to use the D3 library to create a multitude of different data-driven visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, etc.

We'll learn about D3 select, SVG attributes, shapes, filters, styles, scales, axes and much more...

Learn and Understand D3.js for Data Visualization

Dive deep under the hood of D3.js. Learn core concepts and build stunning data visualizations using D3 version 7

Created by Luis Ramirez Jr - Frontend Software Engineer Instructor


Students: 7880, Price: $84.99

Students: 7880, Price:  Paid

*** This course has been updated to use the latest version of D3 - Version 7.x ****

Hello! Welcome to the D3.js development course. This is the most comprehensive and effective course on D3 around. This is the only course you'll ever need to learn D3. 

The goal of this course is to not just teach you D3 (v7.x), but help you understand D3. D3 is a JavaScript library that allows you to build data visualizations easily. The library is absolutely massive and you can create any kind of data visualization you can imagine.  With such a massive library, it can be difficult to grasp a lot of the concepts.

By the end of this course, you'll be more than comfortable using D3 and build awesome visualizations. Here is just some of the things you can expect to learn.

  • Learn about D3 selections which are used to select and manipulate elements on your document. 

  • Get a basic overview of SVG. This is something courses skip over. By having a solid foundation of SVG, then you can make more optimal decisions for your visualizations.

  • Learn about scales which help you by converting your data into values that can be used to properly display your data. We'll learn about the linear, quantize, quantile, threshold, log, color, and a whole lot of other scales in this course.

  • Builds various graphs such as bar graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, histograms, line charts, and so much more!

  • Add interactivity and animation to your graphs to make them more interesting and appealing to the user.

  • Builds responsive graphs. Your visualizations will work on any device with a few simple tricks.

  • This course focuses on the latest version of D3. (version 7.x)

This is just some of the topics that will be covered. If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn everything you need to know to be successful D3 developer, take this course.

How to Use D3 to Interpret Dreams

A quick dive into the step by step dream interpretation system taught by best-selling author J.M. DeBord

Created by J.M. DeBord - Best Selling author and internationally renown dream expert


Students: 3598, Price: Free

Students: 3598, Price:  Free

Dream interpretation can seem mysterious. Only highly trained therapists or gifted intuitives can do it.

Not so. Anyone can interpret their dreams, they just need to know how.

That's where I come in. I'm J.M. DeBord, best-selling author of The Dream Interpretation Dictionary and RadOwl's Crash Course in Dream Interpretation. My teachings reach millions of people worldwide through my books, media appearances, and internet presence. You might know me as RadOwl the reddit dream expert, where I lead the most popular online places devoted to sharing and understanding dreams.

My intro course teaches my D3, 3-step dream interpretation process with focus on decoding symbolism and story analysis. It's effective for providing students a systematic approach to interpreting dreams, and it's easy to understand and use. Dreams are stories, like parables, and understanding them requires thought, self-reflection, and honesty. Dreams are also experiences we give ourselves, and the roots of those experiences are found in the nature of consciousness itself.

Students gain essential tools for interpreting their dreams and understanding the experience of them. The videos are brief and cover a lot of ground in a relatively short time.

How To Make A Pie Chart With D3.js

A kickstart guide to creating pie charts with D3.js in 2 easy steps.

Created by Nicholas Gati - Full stack web developer & music composer


Students: 3441, Price: Free

Students: 3441, Price:  Free

This 2-step course (plus an included bonus lesson and homework assignment) is a kickstart guide to creating pie charts using D3.js. In this course you will learn how to create pie charts by learning how the small pieces work as we put them all together. In the first tutorial, we go over what you need in order to create a basic pie chart. We set up a pie chart in the shape of the peace sign and learn about the various features that D3 offers when working with pie charts. In the second tutorial, we take what we have learned and add text labels to the arcs as well as transitions during mouseover events. In the bonus lesson, we style our chart to make it look unique but to also get a deeper look into how certain methods change the overall look of your visualization. The tutorials in this course are taken from a larger, more comprehensive course called "D3.js: From Beginner To Understanding".

Master D3.js with Concepts & 25+ Projects | ~43 Hours | 2021

Beginner to Advanced | Learn D3.js (Version 6.3.+ ) in Depth and Create Interactive Data Visualizations

Created by Chethan Kambi - Researcher and Consultant


Students: 369, Price: $89.99

Students: 369, Price:  Paid

This is a course that aims to build a step-by-step approach towards mastering the d3 library.

  1. d3.js is a data visualisation library for the web browser.

  2. The course starts with the basics of SVG, the building block of charts and graphs (d3.js library makes use of SVG elements to represent the data in a graphical format in the web browser).

  3. Then you will enter the world of d3.js to understand the first principles of using the library.

  4. You will go through 12 important modules of the library one after the other in a systematic manner.

  5. Each module is made up of several methods, and the methods are explained in detail with the help of code and the output seen via the browser console.

  6. After the completion of each module you will be doing a project, and in some cases more than a project per module.

  7. The projects give a sense of building real world applications and strengthen the concepts learnt.

  8. The projects also helps you use different types of data and create nice UI/UX.

  9. This is a comprehensive course for you to progress in the domain of data visualisation.

  10. This course will gear you to build large scale and complex applications either in your personal or professional areas.

Keep Your Vitamin D3 Level At or Above 30 ng/mL

Recommendation #29 of 31 for Optimizing Health and Extending Lifespan

Created by Nicholas Cohen, MD - Primary Care Physician


Students: 241, Price: Free

Students: 241, Price:  Free

Did you know that keeping your Vitamin D3 level at or above 30 ng/mL reduces risk of premature death by up to 50%?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin responsible for intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate.  Vitamin D has other roles in the body that are less well understand. Scientific evidences has proven that Vitamin D results in:

  1. reducing systemic inflammation in the body

  2. boosting the body's immune response to infection and to precancerous genetic mutations

  3. increasing leukocyte telomere length which can extend lifespan

  4. reducing risk of heart disease and stroke

  5. decreasing the risk of several kinds of cancer

  6. lowering the risk of respiratory diseases

Vitamin D3 is the active form of Vitamin D. We need sunlight to convert the vitamin D we eat into this active form.  Despite the serious health risk of a low Vitamin D3 level, most adults don't get enough sunlight to maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D3. A Vitamin D3 level of 30 ng/mL is necessary to achieve the health promoting effects.  The majority of U.S. adults - 69.5% - are vitamin D deficient.

Is there a way to maintain Vitamin D3 levels in the optimal range?

There most certainly is! in this course, Dr. Cohen, a primary care doctor in San Francisco, shares with you effective strategies for maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D3.

The course begins with an introduction to Biometrics.  Dr. Cohen explains how our food and living environment has made it increasingly difficult to eat healthfully and be physically active. He proposes a shift back to preparing our own food, from fresh ingredients we buy, and a shift toward a more active lifestyle. Next, he'll share with you the medical research that shows the benefits of keeping your Vitamin D3 level above 30 ng/mL. Finally, you'll hear the answers to frequently asked questions, followed by a summary of the information presented.