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Crisis Management

Crisis Management - the Economic response to a pandemic

Created by Chris Bankes Sivewright - Best selling Instructor, author, actor...volunteer


Students: 15658, Price: $89.99

Students: 15658, Price:  Paid

This course - filmed in June 2020 and onwards - deals with two main themes:

a, the Economics response to the COVID-19 pandemic

b. How this response will be paid for

We look at responses from:

  • USA

  • India

  • UK

  • Brazil

  • Japan

  • The EU

  • China

  • South Korea

  • Australia

  • Canada

...and other countries.

There are two very significant features of this course:

1. It will be constantly updated through new lectures, workbooks, Educational Announcements and discussions

2. On my other main Economics course there are 1000+ discussions in the Q/A section. That is how this course will be up to date - input from students that enrol.

The pace is slow - suitable for beginners - but the topics are very very serious.

  • Death from the virus

  • Responses

  • Deaths from the responses

  • Impact on governments, businesses - and citizens worldwide

Fundamentals of Business Crisis Management

Be in control when the going gets tough.

Created by LearnSmart LLC - Smarter Training. Never Open a Textbook.


Students: 1195, Price: $19.99

Students: 1195, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Fundamentals of Business Crisis Managementfrom LearnSmart.

LearnSmart is Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Registered Education Provider (REP 3577). This course qualifies for the above credit hours toward the PMP® or CAMP® training contact hours or toward maintaining your current certification. Thus meeting the Professional Development Unit (PDU) requirement necessary to continue their PMP® Certification or for experienced project managers wanting to brush up on their education.

If you're interested in becoming an accomplished project manager, this training will give you valuable real-life project management techniques. Learn the skills you need to be an effective project manager - this course qualifies for 2.50 PDU credit hours toward your PMP® certification from PMI®.

Course Overview:

You'll learn the steps to take before, during and after a crisis, which will help determine your company's outlook once the storm has passed. In addition, you'll learn the tools for anticipating business crises, and processes for developing crisis management capabilities -- particularly, how to develop a crisis management plan.


Learn from others! Here are some reviews from the participants enrolled in this course (Click on reviews to see full list of reviews)

  • Smart method to learn - This course is helpful and using smart way to motivate thinking and understanding. The instructor has a professional delivery method, and the he materials are interesting and creative specially the flashcards and the exercises -- Ibrahim Alsayed
  • This course is of high quality - This course will let you become a PMP and CAMP master and it will explain you every concept. The instructor is highly engaging and highly motivating. Can't be better. Thank you -- Saber Tlili
  • Excellent class! -- I already have my PMP, but wish I had this class as a study tool prior to taking the test. I am confident that a person who studies the materials presented in this course should have no problem with the exam. I took the class for the PDUs to keep my certification up. On completion of the class I followed the instructions, and had no problem registering the credits with PMI -- Robert Vroom

PMI, PMP, and CAMP are a registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Crisis Management: Learn Crisis Communication Skills

Learn Important Crisis Communication Skills

Created by Laurie B. - Business Coach


Students: 740, Price: $19.99

Students: 740, Price:  Paid

Every organization occasionally has a crisis, problems or disasters to manage.  In this course learn more about how to handle press and public relations on such occasions.

Crisis communication is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. Communicating during a crisis is one of the most important elements of a workplace crisis. ... Precise, timely and relevant information is critical during any crisis and emergency. It is suggested that crisis communication should be an integral part of an effective communications plan.

In this course, you'll learn the process of preparing your organization to communicate with employees, customers, suppliers, media, and the public at large. We'll cover identifying audiences, assembling a crisis response team, crafting an initial statement, and evaluating your response once the crisis has passed.

Crisis Management, Crisis Planning & Communications

Crisis Planning, Situational Management, Mitigation Strategy and Crisis Comms

Created by David Swinfen - Public Relations Editor, Strategist and Author


Students: 454, Price: $24.99

Students: 454, Price:  Paid

A crisis is any unforeseen event which puts the reputation or operational viability of an organisation or individual at risk. . In any normal SME (Small Medium Enterprise), there should be very few occasions in the company’s entire history where a crisis needs to be mitigated – if the ship is tightly run, anyway.

When a crisis does happen, it is often the result of an independent media organisation publishing something on-line that is either incorrect (to the detriment of you or your company), or an unusual news event has occurred and the media publish something on it (again, typically, on-line first) before you know what’s really going on yourself.

Whilst the first stage in preparing a mitigation strategy is to gauge the potential damage the story may cause, it is best to always consider the worst case scenario and be prepared. For businesses, it is CRUCIAL that every member of your team has pre-prepared messaging to avoid conflicting replies being given to any media organisations that try to pursue the story.

We do this by preparing a holding statement. The introduction to this course presents an overview of crisis conditions and teaches students how to craft and implement an accurate, clear and unambiguous holding statement.

The main core of this course is a special 3-chapter Crisis Management Simulation: Nostromo The Hong Kong Storm, Oil Spill and Effect on Our Company's Operations.

Part A (Green Condition) - In the first part of a three-chapter live crisis management simulation, students will get to grips with a role-play sim where they are serving as the Communications Manager for Nostromo, a fuel oil company that is dealing with an impending typhoon which threatens its business operations in Hong Kong.

Part B (Amber Status) - Events move quickly in our crisis simlulation, as students try to respond to escalating events on the ground, dealing with media enquries whilst responding to the needs of internal employees and customers too.

(Part C (Red Alert) - Events take a turn for the worse as our company's oil tanker experiences damage and local media are chasing us for a crisis response statement. Students learn how to handle a range of challenging situations, including It system difficulties whilst we try and attempt to orchestrate our crisis management strategy.

Crisis Leadership Skills -Smart Thinking for Times of Crisis

Crisis Management- Learn to Lead Yourself, Team, & Organisation Through Times of Crisis & Crisis Proof For the Future

Created by Ross Hardy - Ex Crisis Negotiator / Developing Your Effect and Influence


Students: 245, Price: $89.99

Students: 245, Price:  Paid

Do you want to be the leader that you know you can be? Do you want to lead yourself well in times of crisis? Do you want to lead and develop your team even during challenging times? Do you want to crisis prepare and crisis-proof your project or organisation to thrive through a crisis? Do you want to lead so to combat fear in uncertain times? Do you want to create a culture and an organisation that flourishes even under pressure?

I founded and led a team of Crisis Negotiators in one of the most challenging environments in the world, a cliff top at one of the worlds most notorious suicide spots. This course will equip you with the lessons I learnt working in that high pressure crisis environment whilst developing an organisation which had a world class reputation in its field, so that you can be better prepared for the challenge of leading through a crisis in your organisation, and be better crisis proof and prepared for whatever the future brings.

Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis—Influential Leadership has been called a MUST DO  for any serious leadership team interested in crisis management.

Good crisis management requires effective self, team, and organisational leadership:

Self-leadership In Times of Crisis

Do you know that negative emotions can disrupt your ability to think smartly?

Smart thinking is essential for leaders, and for the teams they lead. In the self-leadership section, I will teach you to re-engage your smart thinking when under pressure. Essential for good leadership.

Team Leadership in Times of Crisis

This course also equips you to re-engage smart thinking in your team.

Imagine this, every time your team are under pressure, it impairs their smart thinking. Whether you are leading a small team, or an entire organisation, this course is for you. If you are leading two or more people, these skills will improve your leadership influence. Utilising Crisis Negotiation Techniques I will equip you with tools to re-engage smart thinking in your team, demonstrate empathy to support them effectively in challenging times, and help them to operate at their best when you need them to.

Organisational Leadership to Crisis Proof and Crisis Prepare

Following on from learning to reengage smart thinking in yourself and your team, this course will then equip you to use those tools to create a stronger and more resilient team, project, or organisation.

I will share with you a Crisis proofing model that I have used to help organisations navigate crises successfully. Using the tools for self and team leadership, your whole team will be better equipped to utilise the crisis proofing and crisis preparing model to successfully navigate the path ahead.

My name is Ross Hardy and I have spent over 20 years in leadership roles. I founded and led an internationally known and respected cliff-edge crisis negotiation team, which has rescued 1000s of people to date.

This course contains many of the skills I learnt and applied to lead myself, a team, and an organisation in such a high-pressure environment, to become the most successful team of its type in the UK.

I now apply my passion as a leadership consultant and coach, to help leaders better influence their world.

What People Are Saying About Smart Thinking For Times of Crisis - Influential Leadership:

Excellent and very practical tips for crisis management. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The execution of this course was great, easy to follow and extremely informative. Clearly comes from a great deal of experience, which is invaluable. The way the tutor comes across is easy on the ear and easily leads you through the content, guiding you where necessary to help absorb the information as much as possible. This course is great and I highly recommend. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Up to date information about stress and anxiety that can be used for the individual as well as for any group dynamic. The tutor told good stories and gave examples that made sense to me. The lectures were long enough to understand the points being made but not overly detailed. I enjoyed it and recommend this course! (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The trustees and I found this course very valuable, informative and productive for our charity. It helped us to plan strategically and put plans and precautions in place for the future. We benefitted greatly and would highly recommend this course. (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

This Udemy course has developed from the contents of a live workshop I have run, quoted as being:

“a MUST DO workshop for any serious leadership team,”

“a very insightful workshop with practical application for our business,”

“Fantastic training that gives really unique and practical insight into how to lead well in times of crisis and equips you to try and prevent them from happening in the first place!”


“solution focussed, very process orientated, and empowering for me as a business leader in these very uncertain times.”

In the course you will learn:

  • How negative emotions disrupt the executive part of our brain responsible for planning, problem-solving, self-control, developing long-term goals, and the control of damaging short-sighted behaviour.

  • How to manage your self-awareness, self-regulation, and internal motivation under pressure.

  • How to lead yourself, by de-escalating negative emotions and reengaging your smart thinking.

  • How to use Crisis Negotiation Techniques to deescalate negative emotions and reengage smart thinking in your team.

  • How to develop your social skills, empathy, connection, and influence through empathic listening.

  • How to identify the three components of hope in a conversation.

  • How to help someone think differently without telling them what to think, using problem-solving using collaborative analysis.

  • How to utilise these personal and team leadership skills to develop a stronger and more resilient organisation.

  • The greatest threat to crisis proofing and crisis preparing an organisation.

  • How to reduce the potential for crises in your organisation by stress testing.

  • How to use crisis response plans to be more prepared if a crisis does happen.

  • To apply all these skills to develop the five abilities of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

I present the course directly to camera, along with helpful slides and takeaways. Activation exercises are used to help you learn each of the taught skills, and I finish each of the three main sections with coaching questions to help you apply the skills to yourself, team, and organisation.

Crisis Management and Communication Training for HR Manager

Enhance your Crisis Management Skills with this Crisis Communications course and improve your Crisis Communication Skill

Created by Alpha Academy - Certified Online Course Provider


Students: 140, Price: $19.99

Students: 140, Price:  Paid

As an HR professional, you must be prepared for an impending crisis and take precautions to avoid problems. To do so, you will need the Crisis Communication Essential Training for HR Manager course, which will provide you with insight and a thorough understanding of the subject.

This Crisis Communication Essential Training for HR Manager will help you be prepared for a crisis and teach you how to communicate effectively with your team. This course will give you a thorough grasp of the crisis communication team's responsibilities and best practices for efficiently managing communications. You'll learn about different types of crises and how to respond to them, giving you the ability to spot possible threats and create an effective crisis communications strategy.

After completing the Crisis Communication Essential Training for HR Manager Course, you will have in-depth knowledge of the following topics

  • Crisis management and the role of the HR manager

  • Creating effective communications and communication plans

  • Key strategies to improve communication skills

  • E-mail messaging skills for effective communication

  • Communication during and after a crisis

  • Crisis resilient workforce model

Why Get HR Crisis Communication Management Training?

Communication is foundational to crisis management. It provides clarity and direction for employees, customers and partners in an otherwise uncertain and confusing time. Clear, consistent communication is vital to maintain business continuity and recovery successfully. Communication Essential Skills for HR Training can

  • Provide you with the necessary skills of HR Crisis Communication and apply them in the real world.

  • Help to stimulate your skill of crisis management and prepare you to succeed in your venture.

  • Ensure you achieve and utilise valuable special skills and knowledge regarding crisis communication, enabling you to progress and growth.

Enrol in this course immediately to ensure that you are prepared for any crisis that may arise!

Why choose Alpha Academy

Our tremendous experience in creating courses for beginners, 20K+ enrolled students in Udemy, and dedicated support for your questions and problems makes Alpha Academy a worthy companion to trust with your endeavours. You will also gain the recognized certification to help you journey to that dream job or business. Become confident in Crisis Communication skills for HR training and use them to develop your profile in the marketplace.

✔ Certificate:

Upon completing the course, you will be able to download the certificate in JPEG and PDF format from Udemy.

So let's do this! Enrol today and start Studying Crisis Communication Essential Training for HR Manager!

Certified Practical Business Continuity & Crisis Management

How to Implement a Practical Business Continuity & Crisis Management Program in Business!

Created by Peter Coughlan - Personal & Management Coach


Students: 83, Price: $19.99

Students: 83, Price:  Paid

This course gives you all the tools, templates, resources and knowledge you need to implement a practical business continuity and crisis management plan.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by Peter Coughlan & Associates Limited on completing all modules.

The course enables you to:

1. Spot the real risks to your business

2. Ensure you have measures in place to deal with those risks

3. Ensure you bounce back faster when disruption happens

4. Deal effectively with crisis situations, giving you the edge over those who are not prepared

5. Give your business the best chance of survival in the face of disruptive events

6. Upskill a Team Member to run a Business Continuity Planning program in your business and give the the tools to deliver that program!

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Key to Prevention & Survival

Learn about Personal Emergency Preparedness to prevent COVID-19 & Survival Planning for Coronavirus Crisis Management

Created by Dr. Rudra Narayan Ray - Consultant Physiotherapist & Ergonomist


Students: 23, Price: $89.99

Students: 23, Price:  Paid

We had been struck by this Global Pandemic called Novel Corona Virus disease since early 2020. Right now it has already claimed over 3 hundred thousand lives affecting more than 4 million people in over 210 countries worldwide as of May 2020. This disaster has brought entire humanity & its economy to its knees. Since no definitive treatment method has been established to fight COVID-19, our only survival lies on the knowledge of prevention & planning a track out of the economic crisis that ensues.

This course is exactly based on those Principles & Concepts of Prevention & Survival of COVID-19. Here students will be able to learn the exact Prevention Techniques as a part of 'Personal Emergency Preparedness' to avoid COVID-19 infection & specific Survival Planning & Strategies to overcome COVID-19 infection if they do get one as a part of 'Disaster management' & return to normal life early.

It will also aid you in understanding the Socio-Economic impact of this pandemic and equip you to be more prepared, empowered & future-ready for the upcoming growing industries as you step into the Post Corona world as a part of 'Crisis management'.

This course has three modules and further sub-divided into 9 chapters covering more than 80 topics about this COVID-19 pandemic. It has an updated factual content written lucidly with a lot of info-graphics for easier understanding of everyone.

Additionally you will also get a free E-book as a downloadable resource herewith as a token of thanks, that covers all the 80 topics in further details with over 50 reference links as downloadable resources for further reading and research work.

This will give you a multi-dimensional insight & a 360 degree view of the whole COVID-19 situation and I strongly believe that it will answer all your questions & you will have a great intuitive learning experience.

Pivotal Management

Creativity - Knowledge Management - Risk Management - Crisis Management - Change Management

Created by Hassan El Zein - Corporate Trainer


Students: 9, Price: $19.99

Students: 9, Price:  Paid

This vital management course covers basically all the major information one needs to know about management. What scientific studies as anthropology, philosophy, economy and psychology can give to management. We will explore topics as planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling. As well, we will discuss managerial skills as conceptual, human relations and technical in addition to emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence. Also, functional, divisional, matrix and virtual organizational structures are tackled. There are so many subjects to discuss! like blocks to problem solving pertaining to constancy and compression, managing cash flow, time management and all types of management mentioned elsewhere here. This course is the ultimate prelude and more to the world of management.

Complete Management Communication Course for Businesses

Persuasive communication, Crisis communication, Communication planning, Arguement building, Internal communication.

Created by Christine Ogolla - Experienced in Healthcare Management and Health Research.


Students: 6, Price: $19.99

Students: 6, Price:  Paid

Effective communication is a key component of many aspects of business life. Effective communication is important for managers in the organizations in performing the basic functions of management. It serves as the lubricant for efficient operations of any enterprise as it enables managerial decision making, planning and all the other managerial functions.

This course aims to equip learners with skills that will enable them to collaborate and interact better within their organizations, and with external partners. The course will look at the strategic and practical approaches to help you build effective interaction through various forms of communication to inform, persuade, influence, and impact your audience. Key aspects of the course will include understanding the role of communication in sharing knowledge, engaging colleagues upwards, downwards and peers in an effective manner as well as the various ways of support and motivating them. This course will be useful in engaging learners to be practical communicators as individuals as well as in groups and to have tools for communication in various situations both internally and externally.

Throughout the course, there will be a strong emphasis on issues relating to management communication in the global environment. The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures, quizzes, assignments, and self-study. Lectures will be used to introduce material on the formal aspects of the course.

Recommended reading material; Corporate Communication, 7th Ed, (2013), Argenti, P.A. McGraw-Hill Education, NY, ISBN: 978-0-07-3403175