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Creative thinking master Vol.1

10 techniques to boost your creativity, generate ideas and increase your income

Created by Valerie Sivokha - Personal Development Coach


Students: 2644, Price: Free

  Creative thinking is an essential feature of 21 century.This is must-have skill for innovators, product managers, marketing specialists, etc. The list can be endless. The more we develop, the more creative, extraordinary approach to problem solving we need.

  Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts. Through creative thinking development, you create the best project in your life YOU. Being creative thinker, you develop a creative attitude to life. As a result, each field of your life will make you happier every day. That’s why I included the learning strategy for learning fast a new skill and lots of exercises for creativity development.

  Boost your creative master through this specific course for beginners, which is full of techniques not only for creative personalities but for analytical ones.

What will you able to do after the completion of this course?

  • Generate original ideas for your work and everyday life

  • Find creative solutions to problems

  • Transform your negative thoughts into positive ones

  • Work out strategies for learning a new skill

  • Start to look at yourself as creative personality

  • Feel yourself more fully and happier person

Creativity – Unleash your creative version

The secret FORMULA to become UBER-CREATIVE

Created by Dr. Sayem Hossain - Data, Research, Strategy and Evaluation Expert


Students: 555, Price: Free

Do you doubt that "I am not creative". Well, guess what? creativity is not an inherent talent or adopted by born, rather it is a skill that anyone can master at any age. All it takes to learn what creativity actually is, qualities to become a creative person and flexing your creative muscles. Welcome to one of the best courses of creative thinking. Based on rigorous research, scientific evidence and applied to many leaders - this course can offer you amazing insight on how to unleash your creative version. Diving deep into the neurological science, scholarly opinions and real world examples this course has lot to offer. There are practical case studies, brain training exercises and lots of other insights that will guide you to learn and become more creative. The course is curated by HotCubator which is a think tank in Data, Research and Entrepreneurship. HotCubator has been training corporate leaders, involved in rigorous academic research and supported number of creative ventures in Australia and abroad. The people behind HotCubator are award-winning academics, scientists and veteran leaders whose work have appeared in global publications. Join this course and unlock the hidden talent inside you!!! And remember, the first step to creative pursuit is NOW, rather than waiting for the perfect moment which never exists!!!

Finding the Art in Engineering – STEM to STEAM

Expanding Your Creative Thinking in Engineering Graphics - Makerspace

Created by John Devitry - Mechanical Engineering and 3D Design


Students: 354, Price: Free

This course presents new ideas about how to expand your creative thinking, opening up a world of patterns, shapes and artistic designs using 3D CAD Modeling and Conceptual Design Blending (CDB).

Key take-ways: Understand how art is central to bringing beauty, elegance and life to the sciences, technology, engineering and math - Develop a sense of spatial thinking and self-expression - Learn how random combinations drive radical innovation - Learn how to make a design your own.

The ideas in this class are geared to enhance your learning in different settings and spark more creative thought that in turn will help you generate new designs. Conceptual Design Blending: As you go through these examples you will recognize that the general concepts of “design blending” are all around you.

This teaching technique was developed under a belief that when students have the “freeform ability” to create or solve open-ended problems in a solid modeling course, it removes inhibitions and boosts creativity. Part of the motivation behind the technique is to incorporate more of the arts into engineering,

“CDB is itself a mix of Conceptual Blending and Shape Blending into something new. Once the foundational techniques of the 3D CAD software have been taught, the CDB pedagogy deviates sharply from traditional instruction. Rather than assigning designs to replicate, the instructor presents students with two or more seed designs, and instructs them to design something entirely new based on those concepts, but with functionality and/or aesthetic appeal beyond either seed design. Since students are initially unsure of themselves, and do not know where to start with such open-ended requirements, the instructor introduces CDB by walking through examples of blending and presenting multiple think-aloud illustrations of the design process. Throughout the instruction, students are reminded that they each have unique and useful ideas to contribute, and are encouraged to borrow ideas from other places, provided the ideas are used within a design rather than strictly copied.”