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Learn about becoming a registered counsellor in Australia

Tips from a counselling educator

Created by Nathan Beel - Senior lecturer, counsellor, clinical supervisor


Students: 3987, Price: Free

Do you live in Australia and want to become a counsellor?

Navigating the journey to become a registered counsellor in Australia can be confusing.  Training in counselling is expensive and navigating the demands of the profession as a student or graduate can be tricky. People can gain years of counsellor practice to find out that they have not kept the correct paperwork and may find it difficult to join a counselling association.  This course has been written after hearing students describe their confusion about how to proceed towards registration. 

I have prepared this course to provide information to make your decisions easier and more informed. I am not going to tell you what course to enroll in or recommend one professional association over another. I believe in providing sufficient information so you can make informed decisions along the way. 

I have been a registered counsellor for almost two decades so am familiar with the requirements for the journey towards registration.  

Note that this course has been written for an Australian context only, and is not provided on behalf of any training institution or counselling association.  

In this course you will learn: 

  • The benefits of counsellor registration
  • The employment options for trained counsellors
  • The differences and requirements of counsellor training programs
  • Record keeping requirements for counselling experience and clinical supervision
  • About the importance of personal and professional development

Do You Need Counseling?

In this course we'll be talking about counseling and some alternative ways you can get self-help for your mind.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 2679, Price: Free

Welcome to my 17th udemy course!

In this course will be going over the topic of counseling. Do you need it? Do I need it?

Being it is such a broad topic it can easily get confusing what counseling is. In this course will be going over not just counseling but also alternative ways you can find mental relief.

I've had a total of 5 years experience with counselors and have had lots of family who are psychiatrists.

So whether you need medication or a therapy Pet I'll going over all of that. This course is helpful for people battling panic attacks depression, suicide, self harm, addiction ,postpartum, press, and other struggles that lots of people deal with.

- Disclaimer - I am NOT a professional or telling you what to do in any way. We are just having a conversation and I'm sharing my personal thoughts and opinions.

I hope you enjoy this course feel free to leave any questions you have and I'll get back to you within 3 days.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Introduction to Christian Addiction Counseling

Learn to transform lives through Addiction Counseling in a Christian Worldview

Created by Andrew Sears - University President focused on Disruptive Innovation


Students: 222, Price: Free

This course combines an Introduction to Christian Counseling with an Introduction to Addiction Counseling. The course reviews five approaches to counseling and Christianity including: Levels-of-Explanation, Integration, Christian Psychology, Transformational Counseling and Biblical Counseling. Students work to apply each of these models to a sample case.

The course also presents an overview of key elements of addiction counseling including: Assessment and Treatment, Co-Occurring Disorders, Behavioral Addictions, Relapse Prevention, Self-Help Groups, Addiction Counseling Techniques, Culturally Awareness and Development of the Counselor. The course also helps students to develop a plan to apply for certification in their state if they desire.

Students will reflect on their own values and those of any organization they may work for to assess which model of Christian counseling may be the best fit in various contexts and with various clients.

Andrew Sears is the President of City Vision University where we are bringing radically affordable education to those serving the poor, the addicted and the underserved. City Vision University has the most affordable online Christian Addiction Counseling program in the US. Andrew previously co-founded MIT's Internet Telephony Consortium with one of the fathers of the internet (David Clark) focused on disruption in the telecommunications industry. Before spending the past 20 years living with and serving the poor with disruptive educational technologies, Andrew worked as a consultant to Sprint, venture capitalist and internet startups.

Counseling Childhood Sexual Abuse

Learn the impact of childhood sexual abuse and biblical counseling truths to help those suffering from it to overcome.

Created by Faith Counseling Institute - Equipping the Church to Disciple the Nations


Students: 103, Price: Free

Counseling Childhood Sexual Abuse covers the impact childhood sexual abuse has on the victim and the biblical truths a counselor can use to help them both overcome the past and face the future. Each lecture has available downloadable notes for the student to follow along as they view the videos.