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Free Weight Loss Course: Weight Loss Made Simple

Seamlessly integrating simple habits into your daily routine for lasting weight loss. Weight loss has never been easier.

Created by Jack Wilson - Personal Trainer and Transformation Specialist


Students: 79945, Price: Free

Students: 79945, Price:  Free

*Completely FREE Weight Loss Course

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things you do in your life, but it doesn't have to be. If you have been struggling to lose weight or are intimidated to start, this is the solution for you.

Why This Course is Different From Others

I have found that most popular and trendy weight loss programs fail because they are so complex and demanding. They ask you to...

  1. Completely change your diet and remove all of the foods that you love in order to lose weight.
  2. Adhere to strict, intense exercise programs that cause you to lose weight quickly, and uncomfortably.
  3. Overhaul your entire lifestyle, from work to leisure, making it really inconvenient for you to lose weight.

Why Losing Weight is So Difficult

I have found in teaching THOUSANDS of students on Udemy to lose weight, that the biggest challenges you face are that you...

  • Are busy with work, your business, your job, or school
  • Have other obligations that
  • Don't have time to cook or learn a new skill to lose weight
  • Don't have the time or resources to go to the gym to lose weight.
  • You would love to lose weight, BUT you love food! We all do.

Here's what I know for a fact:

Your time is the most valuable thing that you have, and there are so many other more important aspects to life than working out and cooking. Who has the time?

*What if I told you that there was a simpler way to lose weight?

*What if you could lose all of that stubborn weight you have been holding onto with the bare minimum of time commitment and effort?

*What if there was a way to lose weight that actually fit YOUR SCHEDULE and was seamless to follow?

What you Are Getting in this Course

This course is composed of only the simplest and most effective habits that you can seamlessly integrate into your life so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good this time.

This course includes

  • How you can lose weight by sleeping more and workout less
  • How drinking cold water will help you lose weight
  • How you can lower your stress and lose 10 pounds in a month
  • How you can cook less, eat more, and lose weight
  • Exactly how to naturally counteract your sweet tooth to lose weight successfully
  • How you can lose weight and never have to count calories again
  • One simple meal that will help you lose your first 20-40+ pounds
  • Workout 2-4 hours PER MONTH at home, lose weight, and get ripped

No risk and the Ultimate Reward

If you have been trying to lose weight for years or have been intimidated to start, this is your chance. This is the easiest and most effective way to lose weight with simple habits that will fit with your everyday life.


The Art of Baking with Yuppiechef

Learn with our online cooking classes and get easy baking recipes, bread making, pastry classes and cake decorating

Created by Yuppiechef Courses - Learn to Cook Online


Students: 58070, Price: Free

Students: 58070, Price:  Free

Baking has been called many things. Grandmother’s best kept secret, a science and even an art. At Yuppiechef, we believe that armed with the right knowledge, anyone can become a proficient baker in no time at all.

In this online course hosted by renowned author and food blogger Sarah Graham, we'll share with you the foundational knowledge and know-how you'll need to master key baking subjects such as cake, home-made bread and pastries.

Sarah started her food blog in May 2010, and later that year was the first South African food blogger to be awarded a book contract. Since then, Sarah has gone on to author her cookbooks, ‘Bitten’ and ‘Smitten,’ and her own TV shows.

Complete the course at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home and on the device of your choice. Once completed, you can revisit all the course material as many times as you like. Ready to show baking who's boss?

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

A practical course to take your cooking skills from dull to delicious

Created by Chef Nic DeMuth - Health Supportive Chef, Founder of The Up Beet Kitchen


Students: 19817, Price: $19.99

Students: 19817, Price:  Paid

Do you want to be more confident creating your own healthy meals? Do you want the kitchen to be a source of curious learning rather than a stressful deadline? Join this course to learn culinary skills from Chef Nic DeMuth that will take your cooking ability to the next level. 

There are a three key skills that most home-cooks don't use that will turbocharge your enjoyment, confidence and ability in the kitchen: Mise en Place, creating a flavor base using salt and oil as tools and building your meal in layers. Your teacher, Chef Nic, a New York-trained health supportive chef and founder of the Up Beet Kitchen, shares these skills and many more, along with liberal splashes of his favorite cooking tips that are guaranteed to elevate your kitchen prowess. 

Nic applies these skills though a delicious cashew curry recipe. At the end of the course the final test is for you to create the meal yourself and apply the skills you learned along the way. 

In just two hours you can complete this course having cooked a delicious dinner or lunch. 

BONUS MATERIAL: We have included an extra mini-series which will help you navigate which tools and equipment you absolutely need in your kitchen and which ones work best. 

Essential Cooking Skills

Cook like a pro, master the basic techniques used in the World's culinary industry! Key Techniques - Part 1

Created by Viorel Copolovici - Cooking Instructor


Students: 12641, Price: $44.99

Students: 12641, Price:  Paid

When one takes up cooking, the amount of information, recipes and suggestions can be overwhelming. It's easy to get lost in a sea of recipes, to spend time pondering WHAT to cook and miss one of the most important aspects when it comes to preparing a great meal - the HOW. The real success of a dish comes from correct preparation techniques just as much as it comes from high quality ingredients, flavour combinations or creative plating. 

In this course I gathered some of the most important 17 techniques that any cook, anywhere in the world, be they amateur or professional, absolutely needs to use in his kitchen. They have been developed and perfected over generations by professional chefs and, for many years, have been set as golden standards in international cuisine. 

I have done my utmost to make this an effective and pleasant experience for every student by combining clear practical demonstrations and useful information. This is just the first of a series of courses to follow, which I will develop taking into account all the feedback from my students and the topics they are interested in. 

Yogananda Meditation For Deep Daily Practice

Learn how to meditate deeply while getting the support you need to create a solid daily meditation practice at home.

Created by Turiya Moore - Meditation and Yoga Philosophy Instructor


Students: 12014, Price: Free

Students: 12014, Price:  Free

This course teaches Yogananda's meditation techniques for beginners.

Make Inner-peace and joy the cornerstone of your life.

A systematic approach, practical tools, and individualized support to help you develop your daily meditation until it becomes a life skill.

Take our meditation class challenge! Use our proven technique of meditation and practice once per day -even for ten minutes and you will soon find yourself craving this special time. Your level of joy and peace in daily activities will rise. Your “emotional fuses” will get longer and you will feel anxiety, anger or depression less often and with less intensity. As your practice of meditation continues to deepen the results of your efforts become more powerful. Calmness, and Joy that radiate from within are the attributes of those who meditate deeply.

You'll learn an ancient technique of meditation from India as it was taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Restaurant Kitchen Basics Mini Course: Cooking with Eggs

Make the perfect egg every time

Created by Steve Katsandres - Restaurant Entrepreneur


Students: 10574, Price: Free

Students: 10574, Price:  Free

This a power course for anyone who is interested in learning how to cook with eggs. You can take the skills learned in this course into a kitchen anywhere in the world. These are the same skills we have used for over 42 years in the restaurant business.

In this course you will learn the art of cooking eggs of any style with confidence. You will also learn how to prepare and present two different specialty dishes: the Joe's Scramble and the Florentine Omelet.


Restaurant Kitchen Basics: The Breakfast Course includes all of the material in this course, plus many additional classic breakfast dishes.

Restaurant Kitchen Basics: Restaurant Classics includes all of the material in this course AND The Breakfast Course, plus nearly a dozen additional classic lunch and diner dishes. If you are interested in more than just breakfast, we recommend you check out our Restaurant Classics course!

5-Week Healthy Detox Plan To Lose Weight

The Healthy Detox Plan for taking back control of your body, starting losing weight and getting loads of energy

Created by Healthfull me - Pre-medical online programs


Students: 9704, Price: Free

Students: 9704, Price:  Free

This detox guide is suitable for anyone who eats a lot of processed food/ simple carbohydrates and soft drinks, struggles with excess weight and mood swings, and for those who have a lack of energy.

If you are looking for whole foods, clean eating plan that supports your health as well as your mind then this is the program for you.

This course is great for those who have wanted to do detox cleanses but without any unbalanced diet. This is perfect for you if you want to eliminate processed food and learn how to eat whole foods effectively.

The course is extremely easy to follow and designed to ensure your success.

  • Step by step guide for 5 weeks with a detailed description - what you need to do, why, and all necessary supporting materials (with examples of menus and recipes where it is required).
  • Guide is based on a balanced diet, so you will know how many and what kind of food you should eat.
  • all 5 weeks are challenge for you, as a completely new approach in nutrition and flavors. You will gradually learn how to listen to your body and understand its signals. And who knows, maybe it will become a new fun lifestyle to follow for the rest of your life!

Just open the program and follow it week by week. There is a description of all your weekly activities including all the accompanying information as Nutrition plan, menu examples, receipts, answers to the frequently asked questions and more.

Indian Culinary World – Master the art of Indian Cooking

Secrets of cooking delicious Indian food, from SizzlingPots - join 8000+ students in 125 countries in this masterclass!

Created by Jyoti Sawant - Cookbook Author & Culinary Instructor


Students: 8499, Price: $99.99

Students: 8499, Price:  Paid

Hi, welcome to my course on Indian cooking . Love Indian food? Want to make flavorful Indian curries? Then join me in 60 exciting episodes from SizzlingPots Indian Culinary World, and I will prove, that it is not hard to cook Indian food.

I will teach you how to make delicious dishes in your own kitchen and at your own pace. If you are a beginner, then I will show you how to master Indian cooking. If you’re an expert cook, the techniques and methods I have shown here will let you cook smarter, faster, and healthier.

Step by step I will take you through the art of Indian cooking- you will learn about the top spices and herbs that flavor Indian food and techniques like tempering that show how and when to use these ingredients. That's just the beginning... My unique method of Cooking Patterns will teach you how to make hundreds of tasty creations by following just 9 repeatable patterns. And finally, you will see these patterns in action, as you learn the top 25 restaurant favorite recipes based on these patterns. In no time, you will enter a fascinating world with you as the star.

Sounds interesting? There’s more. I will teach you about the cookware that you will need for cooking Indian food and their replacements. Confused on where to begin? We have it covered with videos that will get you started right away and guide you on stocking up your pantry with essential items. Too many spices to remember? Just learn the magic of five popular Indian spices that impart flavor and taste to Indian cooking.

No more searching the Internet for recipes - now you can create your own unique dishes! Join us at SizzlingPots Indian Culinary World and become certified as an expert in Indian Cooking ! 8000+ students in 125+ countries all around the world are creating their own amazing culinary journey with this proven course.. join us now !!

Chocolate Fudge Cake : The Ultimate Video Guide

Treat yourself and your beloved ones with a delicacy you can't miss!

Created by Maria D'ugo-Augier - Cordon bleu


Students: 7092, Price: Free

Students: 7092, Price:  Free

In this course you will be guided step by step, to make a delicious chocolate fondant.

No need to be a pastry chef to succeed, I will explain step by step all the steps necessary to succeed this recipe. You will get a delicious fondant to share with 8 guests. The measurements of the ingredients are both in grams and in ounces so that everyone  can make it.

How to Barbecue Chicken (Smoking Chicken Recipe)

I'll be walking you through step-by-step everything from the marinade to the cooking process. BBQ Chicken Master Class.

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 5967, Price: Free

Students: 5967, Price:  Free

In this course we'll be going over how to smoked or barbecue chicken.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Barbecue chicken is a super easy protein to cook really looking for a internal temperature of 170 degrees. Will be smoking up some chicken legs and chicken wings.

Will also be using two different marinades and using cherry wood and apple wood with our charcoal smoker.

If you have any questions about this course feel free to leave them in the Q&A and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a blessed rest of your day.

Cooking Korean Foods – A Growing Library of Recipes & Videos

Learn and cook delicious Korean foods with this GROWING LIBRARY of delicious recipes! 30+ videos & more added regularly

Created by Johnny Row - Korean food Chef at Udemy


Students: 5301, Price: $29.99

Students: 5301, Price:  Paid

*PLEASE READ* (June 28, 2020)

With the purchase of this course you are enrolling in a package that is constantly growing with content. New recipes are added approx. every 1 to 2 weeks, so make sure you are coming back to check the latest recipes and tips.


In this course you will learn how to make Authentic Korean dishes that you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen. Make Korean favorites such as bulgogi, japchae, kimchi jjigae, and if your ambitious your very own batch of kimchi using my easy video tutorial/recipes. With new videos uploaded regularly you will become a member of the most comprehensive Korean course on UDEMY. Be apart of the community and get access to one on one feed back and Q&A sessions with me, I am at your service to make you a better Korean cook.

Join and start your Korean cooking adventure today!

Faster than Rice Cooker! Microwave Rice Recipes

Japanese-style mixed rice and rice bowl recipes that's easy and fast to cook

Created by 石崎力也 (RIKIYA ISHIZAKI) - ベストセラー講師, 2万人以上の受講生


Students: 5102, Price: Free

Students: 5102, Price:  Free

Learn how to cook rice easier and faster than a rice cooker. In this course, you will get new recipes for mixed rice and rice bowls which you can also prepare at home. 

This course features several Japanese-style mixed rice and rice bowl recipes. After finishing the course, you can have additional ideas and dishes for your usual dinner routine. The dishes are cooked in a microwave so it's so much easier and faster. The cooking videos are fun to watch so you'll not get bored while learning.

Prepare your kitchen tools and start cooking. Have fun in the kitchen!

56 Thai Food Easy Recipe Thai Cooking Classes Eat Like Thai

Easy to understand and cook, popular Thai Cusine Thai Cooking Classes that you want to learn to cook for yourself

Created by Tipyapar Pla Traisombat - Entrepreneur


Students: 4530, Price: $109.99

Students: 4530, Price:  Paid

Hi there, my name is Tipyapar Pla Traisombat. Welcome to my course and my kitchen.

Are you a fan of Thai Food ?

I know you may like to cook Thai food at home sometimes. But what is Thai home cooking for everyday meals?

Here are some questions that might interest you or be in your mind:

- Is Thai Food only curry ?

- Do Thai people cook and eat curries every day ?

- Have you ever struggled to find all ingredients in one place for one meal ?

- Have you bought an ingredient only for cooking one dish and never used it again ?

I sometimes struggle with my shopping list at my local supermarket and cannot complete my cooking plan and almost run out of time for shopping. Our busy daily schedules running against the clock, I find it is so boring and exhausting when my meal plan is not going well. I still have to feed the family. So this is the idea of this course, the basic concept of core ingredients to have in kitchen cabinets and get fresh supply meat and simple vegetables from local supermarkets or what would have left in kitchen cabinets from weekly shopping.

This course will help you to make simple, easy to cook meals that are budget-conscious but delicious. They are the really tasty meals that will become regulars at your family table. Besides, these recipes are the meals that we eat at home every day in Thailand and some of the dishes are famous street food that the locals eat every day such as Stir-Fried Pork Garlic Pepper, Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Holy Basil Leaves and Thai style Omelet.

In addition, popular dishes like Tom Yum, Pad Thai, Noodles, Tom Kha Gai, Pad See Ew and Thai Curry are also included in the course.

The course is based on a simple concept for creating a good meal plan, easy recipes, and will help you to extend the variety of your weekly meal plan with home cooking recipes of Thai Food.

I also added some recipes in this course that you can try to cook when you have more time at the weekend. It is nice to cook something different and delicious sometimes although it will consume a bit more time but is not too tricky.

Each recipe in my course is provided with step by step clear instructions with subtitles. In addition, there is a downloadable bonus provided at the end of the course which will be a very helpful guide for your cooking.

This cooking class gives you easy to make recipes with basic ingredients for Thai cuisine that you can cook at home bringing the authentic local Thai food to your kitchen.

See you in the kitchen.

Discover How to Make Perfect Omelets Every Time

A step by step video and text guide to preparing and cooking delicious omelets fast.

Created by Chris Badgett - Founder at Badgett Media


Students: 4458, Price: Free

Students: 4458, Price:  Free

Learn the Perfect Omelets Every Time or POET Method of cooking delicious world-class omelets.  In this course you're going to learn the fundamentals of cooking professional omelets through step by step video training.

  • You'll learn basic egg, cheese, timing, and pan skills
  • How to cook with meat, veggies, and even seafood
  • How to produce omletets fast and easy

A well crafted omelet will impress and delight a romantic partner, your family, or your customers.  Learn the basics here over the course of a week and reap the rewards for a lifetime.

Spices Used In Sri Lankan Cooking

The Right Ingredients Make All The Difference In Sri Lankan Food & Curries

Created by Natalie Sullivan - Sri Lankan Cuisine Queen


Students: 4295, Price: Free

Students: 4295, Price:  Free

Have you ever wondered what typical spices are included in Sri Lankan food?  They are anything but bland.  

Intrigue your taste buds by learning from Natalie Sullivan on how to incorporate these special ingredients in your next Sri Lankan meal.  Best of all, this course is FREE!  

Don't think you can find curry ingredients in less metropolitan places in the U.S.?  Think again, as I provide links to websites where you can buy them or I will give you alternatives to certain ingredients.  

You will get a basic understanding of the look and purpose of the various spices that make Sri Lankan food so tasty.  

If you have any interest at all in how to use and identify good quality ingredients in the cooking - from that little island I was born and raised on - then come on and join me in this course!

How to BBQ Ribs (Master Class) Fall Off The Bone Smoked Ribs

In this course we'll be slow smoking some barbecue ribs. These are st. Louis Style cut. A showstopper at any party!

Created by Chris Ahl - Experienced instructor


Students: 4047, Price: Free

Students: 4047, Price:  Free

In this course I'll be teaching you through five lectures how to cook st. Louis-style spare ribs.

I'll start out by talking about different cuts of ribs as well as seasoning ingredients and different techniques of cooking.

We'll be slow smoking these ribs at 235 for a total of four and a half hours.

2 hours unwrapped and then we'll wrap them for 2 hours and put them back on for half an hour. The last 15 minutes of the cook will be applying our barbecue sauce.

This is a very classic way of smoking your ribs. To ensure that they're cooked and fall-off-the-bone ready.

I'll be using a Weber Smokey Mountain 18in smoker. This particular style rib I paid $10 for at Walmart.

Thank you so much for checking out this course if you have any questions leave them in the Q&A and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great time cooking!!!

Microwave Pressure Cooker: Summer vegetables + Bitter Melon

Enjoy and appreciate the taste of summer vegetables. Serve more healthy food in the table.

Created by 石崎力也 (RIKIYA ISHIZAKI) - ベストセラー講師, 2万人以上の受講生


Students: 4033, Price: Free

Students: 4033, Price:  Free

This is a course where you will learn several recipes making use of summer vegetables and the dishes are cooked using a microwave pressure cooker. The recipes in this course have a star ingredient - the bitter melon. This course was made during our stay in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan which has plenty of bitter melon. The place has inspired us to make this course and we are very happy to share the recipes to everyone. 

This course has inspired me to eat more vegetables and appreciate the taste. The recipes are fun to make because there's so much colors involved. The resulting dishes are also tasty and delicious. If you're looking for ways how to serve more vegetables in the table, this course might just be a good start.

Everyone is invited to take this course. Cooking process are much faster for every dish because I've made use of a microwave pressure cooker. Just put everything inside the bowl, microwave and you're done. Hello to a stress-free and hassle-free meal cooking time. An added advantage is that there are no greasy pans to clean after dinner time. 

Happy cooking!

Indian cooking simplified

Learn to cook some of the most popular recipes from the Northern part of India

Created by Santhoshi Radhakrishnan - Indian cooking instructor


Students: 2921, Price: Free

Students: 2921, Price:  Free

Learn to cook authentic Indian recipes from the comfort of your home. In this course I will teach you to cook some of the most popular dishes you find in the Indian restaurants. You will receive an in depth explanation of the types of utensils, list of ingredients and detailed instructions to create some of the traditional Indian dishes.

Thai Cooking Master Class

Learn to how cook better than restaurant Thai food as you discover new ingredients and elevate your cooking skills

Created by cooktour .com - Master home cooks. Frequent travelers. Passionate learners.


Students: 2898, Price: $99.99

Students: 2898, Price:  Paid

Discover how easy it is to make authentic and delicious Thai food at home. Our fun cooking courses deconstruct Thai staple dishes so that you can replicate them at home, teach you basic aspects of Thai culture, and will even inspire you to plan your next trip to Thailand with our chef's insider tips. 

To improve your learning experience each recipe is broken down into small sections so that you can learn which ingredients to use, how to prep your ingredients efficiently, cook to perfection and plate your dish to impress your guests. Unlike other courses, our master class has been designed so that you can learn as you follow along. We also include links to exclusive offers so that you can get the ingredients that the chef recommends using.


Learn - Base gravies (Red, Yellow, Green, White, Yellow Non veg & Makhani gravy) Karahi chicken, Palak Paneer & more.

Created by Satvir Singh - Chef at work


Students: 2608, Price: $34.99

Students: 2608, Price:  Paid

Restaurant Indian food is delicious but difficult to replicate at home. That is because we don't know how to cook food with base gravies. I realise, how important a good gravy or curry base is. Especially with Indian food. And they are usually so easy to make. They just need the right ingredients and some proportions. With all the Gravies at hand one can cook any dish in 10 minutes. Plus I have added the recipes made with different gravies. If you want to start your Own Indian catering, a restaurant, food truck or you are a food enthusiast this is the course for you. This course will teach you to control the spice level in the curries and yet make delicious food. So let's embark on this Magical Masala Trail of Indian cooking.

More Essential Cooking Skills

Cook like a pro, master the basic techniques used in the World's culinary industry! Key Techniques - part 2

Created by Viorel Copolovici - Cooking Instructor


Students: 2605, Price: $44.99

Students: 2605, Price:  Paid

When one takes up cooking, the amount of information, recipes and suggestions can be overwhelming. It's easy to get lost in a sea of recipes, to spend time pondering WHAT to cook and miss one of the most important aspects when it comes to preparing a great meal - the HOW. The real success of a dish comes from correct preparation techniques just as much as it comes from high quality ingredients, flavour combinations or creative plating. 

I started this great journey in 2017, with the first course, Essential Cooking Skills, Key Techniques - part1. In this course I gathered some more of the most important techniques that any cook, anywhere in the world, be they amateur or professional, absolutely needs to use in his kitchen. They have been developed and perfected over generations by professional chefs and, for many years, have been set as golden standards in international cuisine. 

I have done my utmost to make this an effective and pleasant experience for every student by combining clear practical demonstrations and useful information. This is just the second of a series of courses to follow, which I will develop taking into account all the feedback from my students and the topics they are interested in. 

Notice: the second lecture of the curse is a written document containing general guidelines of the course and measurements in both metric and imperial systems. 

Online Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Learn to cook delicious vegan recipes. Filmed over 10 years ago, watch the first 2hrs FREE to see if it's right for you.

Created by Angela Poch - Life & health Coach, Counsellor & Plant-Based Nutritionist


Students: 2182, Price: $24.99

Students: 2182, Price:  Paid

Learn how to cook vegan in whether you've cooked before or are an expert cook. This vegan vegetarian online cooking school uses videos and a lesson book. The 60 to 90 minute video lessons include 1 to 3 demonstrations of the 8 to 12 delicious vegan recipes in the lesson, vegan cooking techniques, health information, and more.

Keep in mind this was filmed over 10 years ago. So please watch the first 2 videos to see if this course is right for you!

We do a lot of baking and healthy desserts.  Why desserts? Because they are great for breakfast or supper.  Desserts should be a meal not added on.  We'll explain why in this course.

In this course:

  • You will receive all the materials you need including recipes and nutritional handouts.

  • Complete this course fast, in under 12 days, or take your time and do it over several weeks the choice is yours.

  • This course is structured with videos and printable handout lesson book with the recipes, tips, and health info.

  • Each lesson has a particular focus such as: quick cold breakfasts, filling hot breakfasts, easy sack lunches, wholesome dinner meals (lunch or supper), and light meals.  There are also lessons on holidays, breads, soups, and more.

If you'd like to be able to cook vegetarian dishes that wow your family,  learn how to make healthy vegan meals and create tasty morsels of vegan food,  then you've found what you've been looking for!

Cooking Eggs: The Best Recipes for Cheap & Healthy Cooking

All the different ways to cook this common food item. Cooking techniques, demos, & recipes

Created by Jenna Edwards - Homecooking Expert


Students: 1888, Price: $39.99

Students: 1888, Price:  Paid

The incredible, edible egg - no longer the cholesterol-monster it was once deemed and a staple in food cultures around the world. 

You could spend your valuable time sifting through dozens of blogs on cooking eggs how you like them. Or you can take this course & get the exact information you need & want for your ideal egg. Let me cut through the noise, test the methods, & research the most straight-forward techniques to make your cooking experience as delicious as your imagination can conjure. 

The egg is a humble work-horse ingredient, an elegant meal, & a hunger-satiating treasure. Its delicate proteins react to varying heat & moisture conditions to transform into dozens of creations. From creamy whites to runny or jammy yolks, light and fluffy omelets, & frittatas so packed with vegetables you can eat a slice like a piece of pizza. 

In the US, it is typical breakfast fare, but elsewhere, like in France, it is the most refined of dinners. Eggs may be a cheap grocery item, but don't let that fool you from treating them with the utmost of culinary respect. Combine a couple of vegetables with a grain & add an egg to make a simple, complete meal. Drop an egg into a vegetable soup for an extra protein boost. Top a grain salad with an egg & pair with a lettuce salad for a nutrient-packed lunch. Add an egg to your favorite sandwich for a gooey treat. 

For dieters, eggs are an integral piece to nutrient intake & to feeling full - both strong indicators of the likelihood of staying on a diet & experiencing success. 

In this course, you'll be guided through video demonstrations of the most common methods to cook eggs & how to cook them exactly how you like them. You'll also be educated on egg myths. The suggested methods aren't anything hokey, but are, instead, based on science - how the egg proteins react to different types & levels of heat. 

Nutrition Kitchen: Basics of Cooking for Busy People

Simple techniques for cooking healthy and delicious food at home

Created by Katie Kormanik - Friendly online courses


Students: 1776, Price: $19.99

Students: 1776, Price:  Paid

“Hey babe, what should we do for dinner tonight?”

“Oh, uh, we could go to that restaurant down the street…”

“We just ate there the other day and spent $60.”

“Yeah...maybe we should just go to Subway.”

“Again? I’m sick of Subway. Should we just eat cereal?”

“I think we have some eggs…”

“Whatever -- let’s just go to that restaurant.”

If this sounds like you, this course is for you. A lot of people don’t know what they’re going to eat for lunch or dinner, and then end up eating fast food or going out where they spend a lot more money than they would like. By learning a few simple cooking techniques, you can eat healthy, delicious food without spending a lot of time or money.

This is not a traditional cooking class in that the focus is on specific cooking techniques rather than recipes (although, you will also find many simple recipes). You’ll learn how to prepare food; how to cook meats, vegetables, and grains in several ways; how to bring a lot of flavor to your meals by putting together flavor profiles composed of certain spices; and how to safely clean your cooking area. Throughout the course, you’ll also learn about basic nutrition (e.g., carbs aren’t the enemy).

About Your Instructor

Your instructor, Brad Kunkel, has been a personal chef for the last eight years and founded 1505 Kitchen in San Jose, California. He is passionate about helping people eat well, eat healthy, be well, and be healthy.

This course will help you develop a healthy eating lifestyle, and integrate it into your day-to-day.

Easy, Healthy, Crockpot Cooking! Cooking Lessons for Dad!

Cooking Lessons for Dad will help you master your crockpot or slow cooker! Learn how to cook easy, healthy recipes!

Created by Karen Breyer - RN, MPH, CHES


Students: 1736, Price: $89.99

Students: 1736, Price:  Paid

Crockpot Cooking Lessons for Dad is for beginner cooks (like my dad) who want to enhance their health by learning to prepare simple, healthy, delicious meals in a crockpot (or slow cooker). By the end of this course you will know how to use a crockpot to cook a large variety of of easy, healthy recipes. Preparing more home cooked meals will help you to improve your diet and enhance your health. These crockpot recipes will save you time and effort in preparing delicious food. Often it is hard to fit healthy cooking into a busy lifestyle. by the end of this course I expect you will be eating lots of healthy food! In addition, you can cook in a crockpot when you do not have access to a kitchen. A crockpot is a great tool that lets you prepare amazing recipes with just a little hands-on time and effort.

In this course you will have instructional lessons and well as step-by-step cooking demonstrations. You can take this course at your own pace. I suggest when you are ready to start cooking in your crockpot, you try one new crockpot recipe each week. Before you make the assigned recipe you be able to watch me prepare the recipe in the cooking lesson to get a general idea how to make it. Later you can watch the cooking lesson again as you make the recipe. This method will make it so easy for you to be successful with each recipe. I am also here to answer any questions you have about the course and recipes.

In this course you will receive many step-by-step cooking demonstrations to show you exactly how to prepare each recipe (and more to come!). With these instructions, the free cookbook, and some practice, you can easily master the recipes and have excellent results.

In this course you will learn:

How to use a crockpot (or slow cooker).

The different varieties of crockpots, slow cookers and their functions.

How to cook many easy, healthy recipes in a crockpot.

How to adapt recipes for the crockpot.

How to create new recipes by varying the ingredients.

How to fit healthy cooking into a busy life.

This cooking course is made for beginners that have no or little cooking experience. These course will also be appreciated by busy people who already know how to cook and want to learn more about healthy crockpot cooking.

The ingredients for these crockpot recipes are:

Easy to find


Budget friendly


Easy to pronounce

Tools for this course:

A crockpot (or slow cooker)

Measuring spoons and cups

Cutting board

Sharp knives

Serving, cooking, and eating utensils

This cooking course will really help you to fit healthy cooking into your busy life with little hands on time and effort. No cooking experience is needed. You do not even need a kitchen! By the time you are done with this course you will know how to cook many delicious recipes so you can eat healthy everyday! As you replace worthless processed foods with simple health-promoting foods, you will be on your way to living a longer, healthier, and happier life! Sign up for this course now to start your exciting, new crockpot cooking adventures!

How to build muscle (With no gym)

The most effective science based way to grow muscle

Created by Luis Arturo Noriega Collado - Filmmaker, fitness and social skills coach


Students: 1516, Price: Free

Students: 1516, Price:  Free

My name is Luis Arturo Noriega and in this course I am going to teach you how to build muscle in the most effective way, without needing to go to the gym, wether it is because your gym is closed, you prefer training outdoors or you prefer saving that extra cash, then this course is for you.

In this course you will learn the best exercises to optimise time and effort as well as how to set the right diet to gain muscle whilst staying lean.

This form of training is science based should be followed for 3 months to get noticeable gains. Wether you are a beginner trying to start in your fitness journey, or an experienced individual looking to perfect your practical technique and theory knowledge, this course will work for you

For beginners, generally after 4 weeks you will start to see how your body transforms, and by the 8th week other people will start to notice how you're building muscle, by the 12th week your gains are going to be very clear to anyone and you'll be in the path to your best shape.

For more experienced guys, this course will give you many alternatives to exercises that you may be used to do at the gym, as well as deeper understanding on nutrition and how to make your own diet plan.

Cooking Italian for Beginners

A basic Italian cooking course for the homecook, aimed at introducing beginners to the simple art of cooking Italian.

Created by Azlin Bloor - Chef, Culinary Instructor, Writer


Students: 1332, Price: $29.99

Students: 1332, Price:  Paid

Welcome to my Cooking Italian for Beginners Course!

Have you always wanted to cook Italian in your own kitchen?

And more importantly cook Italian the way the Italians cook it?

Look no further!

Italian food is a compilation of a wide range of recipes and methods that existed before the formation of what we know now, as Italy. It is a collection of regional recipes and different methods: Milanese, Piedmontese, Tuscan, Roman, etc., rather than one single cuisine. Every chef, every cook, every region in Italy will have different methods of making a single recipe.

And don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to buy a pizza stone for your pizza - this is a course for the homecook after all. I want to make your life easier!

What you'll be getting:

  • Traditional, authentic recipes from Italy

  • Italian recipes made from scratch

  • 20 years of Italian cooking experience condensed into one course

  • an insider's knowledge on how to cook Italian

We will be going back to basics and keeping it real, you will learn how to cook and present the following confidently like a native:

  • Antipasto platters

  • Insalata Caprese

  • Fresh Pasta

  • Ravioli

  • Pesto (so easy, and so much better than shop bought!)

  • Bolognese (it's not as tomato-ey as you think!)

  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara (no cream, the way it's made in Italy)

  • Pizza of course! (made in your oven, with any pan you have)

Every dish is accompanied by a detailed, step-by-step written recipe that you can download in Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf format.

So get your apron on and I'll see you in your kitchen!

Lin xx

Caucasian Cooking Classes – Learn Ancient Secrets of Cooking

Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani Gastronomy

Created by Giorgi Chapichadze - Kitchen Wave


Students: 1130, Price: $54.99

Students: 1130, Price:  Paid

Caucasian Culinary is considered as one of the oldest culinary in the world. The cuisine of the Caucasus includes the traditional cooking methods of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

The Danish chef René Redzepi has described Georgia as home to “one of the last great undiscovered food cultures of Europe.” Travelers who have enjoyed the traditional cooking of the Mediterranean or Persian influence will find some familiarities present in the Caucasus: a bounty of fresh produce, the harmony of savory and sweet within the meat and grain-based dishes, and a deep, spiritual love of bread – ubiquitous, fragrant and essential. It should be noted that vegetarians, too, will do very well eating throughout the region as a plethora of dishes relies solely on this garden of a land and its variously grilled, stuffed, and pickled vegetables, along with hearty bread, rice preparations, and all manner of dairy stemming from rich, open-aired alpine pastures.

Whether you are a student of history, a lover of nature, or are propelled around the globe by your appetite, the Caucasus – much like the traditional tables of their respective countries – have everything on offer.

You will not only learn the Caucasian cooking methods but its culture too!

Caucasian way of cooking is one of the most ancient culinary in the world. The Caucasus culinary is unique as it takes experience from both European and Asian gastronomy.

Taste of Rome

Cooking with a professional Roman Chef

Created by Mirko Lausi - Italian Chef & Nutritional Therapist


Students: 1093, Price: Free

Students: 1093, Price:  Free

This is a course on traditional Roman cuisine delivered by a professional Italian chef, the recipes include pasta dishes, meats and desserts. Roman cuisine is traditionally very poor, extensive use of Pecorino cheese and pork is made, as all Italian cuisine the focus is on the quality of the ingredients, the way they are processed in the kitchen. You don't need particular skills to attend this course, just a willingness to practice will make it better and better.

Banana Chocolate Entremet Cake Recipe

8 flavorful layers of Banana and Chocolate with a crunch

Created by Shane Angeles - CEO/Pastry Chef at Dream Patisserie


Students: 990, Price: Free

Students: 990, Price:  Free

An easy entremet recipe for you and your family to enjoy especially this holiday season! It contains 8 flavorful layers of banana cake, banana mousse, cashew ganache, ganache and cashew shards. It sounds like it has a lot of layers but it only has 5 components that are very easy to make.