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American Life: Practical English Skills

Learn English conversation, how to pay bills, and learn the cost of living in America all in your free time at home.

Created by Jim & Melissa McDonald - English Teachers, Greenhouse Club University Student Center


Students: 66281, Price: Free

Students: 66281, Price:  Free

Have you already learned English grammar in school or university but have little experience putting it into practice? Our lectures are practical and will give you an understanding of the English language in real life situations.

American Life English gives you Practical Skills! At the end of this course you will be able to confidently:

  1. Make Travel Reservations
  2. Refine a Search
  3. Contrast and Compare
  4. Follow the Rules of the Road
  5. Purchase Protection Plans

You will learn vocabulary used in the American cultural context. You will be able to appropriately communicate with and relate to Americans.

We will teach 5+ hours of video lectures and all the vocabulary you need to independently complete these life skills. Anyone is welcome to join who can speak and understand reasonably well and can use basic tenses but have problems with more complex grammar and vocabulary.

You can access the lectures and worksheets when it is convenient for you. You don't ever need to worry about missing a class. You can listen to the lectures as many times as you need until you master each topic.

Language + Culture = Adventure!

Are you considering moving to America or soon travelling to America? This course will help you to get ready for your new adventure.

We want you to be as prepared as you can, taking advantage of every opportunity presented to you through knowing the English language and to succeed in those opportunities.

Smart Tips: Communication

Communicate with impact, master presentation skills, give/receive effective feedback, and navigate tricky conversations.

Created by Deborah Grayson Riegel - Keynote speaker and leadership communication consultant


Students: 27368, Price: $199.99

Students: 27368, Price:  Paid

Do you need to give feedback to colleagues and clients, but you aren’t sure how to do it without bruising someone’s ego (or being totally ignored)? Do you find yourself hoping that interpersonal conflicts will resolve themselves, without you having to actually address them? Have you ever had to present your ideas to a client or the boss, and wished the floor would open up and swallow you before you had to stand up to speak?

If you are a busy professional who knows that your job -- and your career -- depend on you being able to communicate clearly and concisely, with confidence and credibility, then this user-friendly, engaging course is for you!

Welcome to Smart Tips: Communication! In this course I’ll provide short lectures to help you do something new - fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order. If you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the available tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.

I created this practical Udemy course for anyone who wants to have more impact and influence at work -- and in life. And becoming a more effective communicator is the way to do that. I have been teaching and coaching on communication and presentation skills for over three decades, across industries and around the world, including Fortune 50 companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and Ivy League academic institutions. This course represents my most requested, most tested, and most well-reviewed tips, tools, and techniques that I use with my clients.

There’s absolutely nothing long, boring, theoretical, complex, or confusing in this course. This course is built specifically for any professional in any industry at any level of his or her career who wants to get targeted, quick, practical help to sound persuasive and polished in a variety of conversations and presentations.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Address difficult colleagues, clients, customers, and others while keeping your cool

  • Apply emotionally intelligent strategies to challenging conversations and situations

  • Manage up, down, and across your organization to have greater impact and influence

  • Give effective feedback that people can hear -- and act on

  • Ask for the feedback you need to do your job more successfully

  • Receive feedback without defensiveness

  • Organize and present your ideas persuasively

  • Speak to audiences of any size and in any situation with less anxiety

  • Demonstrate leadership presence, even under stress

  • Handle difficult questions with confidence

  • Think on your feet

From Presentation Skills lectures like Stop Beginning Your Speeches with 'Good Morning and Thank You' and Start With This Instead (2 minutes and 30 seconds) and Navigating Conflict and Tricky Conversations lectures like What to Say To Someone Who Just Got Bad News at Work (2 minutes) to Communicating with Impact and Influence lectures like 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pitching an Idea to Your Boss (3 minutes and 30 seconds) and Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback lectures like The Right Way to Respond to Negative Feedback (4 minutes and 30 seconds), you’ll quickly accumulate the confidence and competence to say what you need to say, when you need to say it.

This course is fast-paced and fun (yes, really!), and you’ll get the best of the best from my years of experience teaching and coaching busy professionals at all levels, my commitment to using research-based strategies from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, etc., my personal experience as a parent of twins (talk about conflict!) -- as well as a taste of my background in stand-up and improvisational comedy. (Yes, when I said fun -- I meant it!)

What are you waiting for? (You could already have learned 3 new skills in the time it took you to read this!) Join thousands of other busy professionals like yourself and give yourself a competitive, communicative edge to help you advance in your job and career.

Business Etiquette 101: Social Skills for Success

Master Social Skills in Business, Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem, Conversation Skills, Networking, Digital Brand

Created by Kara Ronin - Leadership & Soft Skills for Emerging Leaders


Students: 19806, Price: $129.99

Students: 19806, Price:  Paid

Do you want to improve your social skills for business? Do you want to be able to interact with people confidently, authentically and effectively in business?

Business etiquette skills are incredibly important for new graduates, early-stage professionals, senior level executives, and those who want to work in the western business world.

When you are skilled in business etiquette, you will have an edge over your competition. You will be able to connect better with clients and coworkers. It will make doing business easier, smoother and more profitable for you.

Imagine walking into a networking event knowing exactly what to do and who to talk with. Imagine knowing how to really connect with somebody in a natural, authentic way. Imagine being able to lead a conversation and have that person walk away liking and trusting you.

All of this is possible and skills in business etiquette will help you achieve it.

I’m Kara Ronin. I’m a Best-Selling Udemy Instructor, business etiquette and leadership coach, and workshop facilitator. I specialise in helping people develop their social skills in business, leadership presence, communication, and business relationships.

I’ve helped many of my in-person clients use skills in business etiquette to land new jobs, build their reputation and win over clients. I’m dedicated to helping you do the same in this video course.

“This business etiquette course was extremely useful for a young woman who is starting her career in the financial industry. I would highly recommend it to others in the same position.” - Ana

“A well-organised course delivered in a concise and engaging way. Thank you Kara for breaking down the basic skills and providing a practical guide in how to achieve success.” - Kate

The professional world today is fiercely competitive and you have to go one extra mile to stay on your career trajectory. How do you remain employable? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Despite what you might think, learning more technical skill is often not the answer. But improving, enhancing and developing your business etiquette and social skill is the key to sustained employment and professional success.

Think of it this way: For two people who have a comparable level of education and skill, what separates these two people when it comes to success is their ability to connect with others, engage in conversation, and communicate their true potential to decision-makers in their industry.

In other words, what separates these two people when it comes to success, is their level of social skill in business.

Remember, hard skills might get you hired but lack of soft skills will get you fired.

In this course, you will

  • become known as a professional with a high level of social skill and soft skill

  • know how to get clients and coworkers to know, like and trust you

  • understand why focusing on your executive wardrobe is so important for a great first impression

  • know how to create an executive wardrobe (men and women) for a polished, professional brand

  • conquer networking events with confidence and strategy

  • master your conversations to appear intelligent and competent

  • start to manage your online presence and reputation online

This course is heavily focused on building the know, like and trust factor. Why? Because business is done with people. Building, nurturing, and fostering relationships with your colleagues, clients and boss is critical to your professional success.

Business Etiquette 101: Social Skills for Success is a focused, fun and engaging video course.

You will learn intelligent insights into human behavior, and actionable strategies that will help you build a stronger professional brand, connect better with colleagues and clients, and give you the confidence to excel in business.

There is over 3.5 hours of video content, a custom designed workbook, presentation slides, and quizzes to deepen your learning.

BONUS: There is a bonus 90-page ebook in Lecture 13 titled, “Networking 101: Social Skills for Business Success” which is normally priced at US$47 on my website.

“I am loving this course!” - Deaneen

“I really got lots of insights. Used to have the mindset of knowledge is more important than dressing. But after going through this course, I realized how dressing sense for business is very important. Well delivered with high energy, fun and clear examples. Downloaded even the free books for further reading. Thank you Kara!!” - Vijayasekar

“Thank you so much for making this course available online, have learnt a lot of valuable skills and knowledge here. Which I believe will surely help me in professional development as an entrepreneur.” - Richard

“Great course so far. I like the "Know, Like, Trust," concept.” - Anonomized User

What you won’t learn in this course is boring, stuffy, out-of-date advice that you can’t apply to modern life today.

When you finish this course, you will see a change in the way you interact with others, the way others interact with you, and new opportunities will unfold in your life because of your new mastery of social skills.

I’d be honoured if you join me on this journey.

“Kara, this is a real life changing course for me. It is very motivational. Thank you for opening my eyes. This course will make a turning point in anyone's life.” - Marco

How to Manage Difficult Conversations: Beginner’s Guide

Become more confident holding conversations about difficult topics. Learn communication skills and successful mindsets.

Created by Markus Amanto - Author. Speaker. Trainer.


Students: 16999, Price: $94.99

Students: 16999, Price:  Paid

Learn the basic concepts, skills and mindsets for holding talks about difficult or tough topics. Many managers fear holding these talks, yet they are essential to your success as a leader. This course will take you step-by-step through a talk with practical examples and proven advice.

Learn to Master the Preparation, Planning and Performing of a Difficult Conversation With This Step-by-Step Course 

  • Learn to prepare yourself to avoid unnecessary emotional tension
  • Create a plan for the talk will make it easier to hold the talk and that sets you up for success
  • Become skilled at analyzing the situation so you can find the real problem and address it effectively
  • Learn to craft a crystal clear purpose for the talk and how stay on track even when the other person or you own emotions try to derail you
  • Get proven methods and actual phrases to start and end a talk in a good way

Build Your Confidence and Skill Set

A study by CPP Inc found that employees in the US spend approximately 2.8 hours per week dealing with workplace conflict. Psychometrics Canada found in their study that 32% of employees have to deal with conflict regularly. 

Handling difficult requires skill and empathy, but in the end it also about having the courage to go ahead and do it. In the course we will address all of those aspects so you can make a habit to face these issues head on in a good, effective way.

Content and Overview

Special attention has been made remove all the "fluff" from this course so it just filled with practical advice and examples. The course also helps you get started right away with carefully crafted assignments.

You will learn to prepare yourself before the talk to avoid unnecessary emotional tension that could otherwise create undesired outcomes. During the course you will also create a plan for an actual talk that will make it easier to hold the talk and that sets you up for success.

You will also strengthen your skills when it comes to analyzing the situation so you can find the real problem, addressing it clearly and effectively. You will also learn how to craft a crystal clear purpose for the talk and how stay on track even when the other person or you own emotions try to derail you from reaching that purpose.

Throughout the course you will benefit from proven methods and actual phrases that you can to start and end a talk in a way that increases the chances of everyone involved walking away feel good about the talk.

All major sections of the course has a methodically structured quiz at the end to make sure you have grasped the important pointers from that sections. You will also walk away with downloadable material that you can use for future reference.

English Conversation – Improve Your English Speaking Skills

English Conversation For Everyone - Spoken English Course - Advanced English Speaking - Day to Day English Conversation

Created by Shervin House - Best-Selling Instructor


Students: 14285, Price: $89.99

Students: 14285, Price:  Paid

Hi , my name is Shervin House. I am a best-selling instructor, and in this course I will be teaching you how to improve your English speaking skills.

Are you interested in improving your English speaking skills? Do you want to learn how to pronounce like a native? Do you wish to learn how to use idioms, slangs, and contractions in your conversations? In this course, I help you do all of that and more, by showing you step by step how you can improve in every one of these aspects of your speaking.

  • Vaideki: "Very expressive. I really enjoyed practicing along. Worth my time, good tutor, Who is "On the ball". Actions speak louder than words, Said that will try things taught in my daily conversations whenever possible."

We first start the course by fixing common pronunciation errors in order to help you transform your accent to as close to the native speakers as possible. We will then focus on learning important transition words in order to better sustain a conversation by connecting sentences and ideas together. As well as this, we will go over important idioms and expressions that you must know and be able to use on a day to day basis. We will learn the differences between formal and informal speech, as well as the fundementals of street talk. And last but certainly not least, I will help you transform the way you speak in English, so that instead of translating your thoughts from another language to English, you start thinking and thereby speaking in English.

  • MT: "The pronunciation module is very helpful. I have a hard time pronouncing the th sound and I really improved a lot after taking this course. Moreover, I really enjoy the idioms module which was very entertaining."

By the end of this course, you will not only learn key fundamentals that will massively improve your conversation skills, but I will also share with you how to get in the habit of always learning and improving by paying attention to your surroundings. Once you master this skill, you will be able to constantly improve your English with little effort and in a completely organic way for years to come, which will enable you to make real progress going forward.

  • Usman: "Very informative and descriptive. Good for improving basic english abilities"

What can you expect from this course?

  • A complete guide for those who are struggling to have a conversation in English

  • All the fundamentals covered, material such as idioms, expressions, slangs, etc.

  • Most Common mistakes addressed, specifically in English pronunciation.

  • Training lessons and "Repeat After Me" practices included in the course in order to make learning and practicing as easy as possible

  • Tips & tricks regarding how to start thinking in English rather than translating from your first language

  • All questions answered within 24 hours

  • And of course... 30 day money back guarantee! (No questions asked)

Difficult Conversation Skills & Communication Masterclass

Top Tips & Tricks On Communication Skills, Dealing, Controlling And Winning Difficult Conversations With Alan Stevens

Created by Expert Academy - Supercharge your learning with the world's leading experts


Students: 13758, Price: $49.99

Students: 13758, Price:  Paid

From time to time many of us will face conversations which we anticipate will be difficult and which we may feel ill-equipped to handle. We may also occasionally be involved in amicable conversations that suddenly turn sour. Having the knowledge and confidence to deal with these situations can mean the difference between a relationship fortified and a relationship lost, or a sale made, and a sale lost. Those who have mastered the art of dealing with difficult conversations know very well that it is rarely an overnight phenomenon. It takes years of experience to hone. The stark reality is that dealing with difficult conversations is fraught with pitfalls almost guaranteed to unhinge the novice. 

This course is designed to equip you with both the skillset and the confidence you need to successfully manage difficult conversations and ensure that both sides have the best chance of leaving the encounter feeling happy. 

This course aims to be CONCISE and ACTIONABLE. It is jam packed with tips and tricks. You will learn how to: 

  • Understand the circumstances that lead to difficult conversations
  • Learn ways of handling difficult conversations
  • Understand how to use empathy to facilitate a conversation
  • Ask open and supportive questions
  • Focus on facts, not personalities
  • Use tone and body language to great effect
  • Handle challenges whilst remaining calm 
  • Learn how to reach agreement and close the conversation gracefully

Who is Alan Stevens?

Alan has been speaking professionally, on and off stage, for about 40 years. He has written a number of books on the subject, the most recent titled 'The Exceptional Speaker'. He is the most decorated public speaker in the world, having won more awards than any other speaker. He has been the President of the Global Speakers Federation as well as President of the National Speakers Federation in the UK. During his career he has worked with thousands of people and blue chip companies to help them improve their presentation skills. 
“Alan, most of the time it is hard to get honest replies from people about the content of my communication, and how I can become better at what I do. Thank you very much for your professional advice and help – I really appreciate it.”
– Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, The UK’s most successful Paralympic athlete

Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass

Assertive Communication Skills for Business & Social Life. Speak Confidently. Set Boundaries. Difficult conversations.

Created by Kara Ronin - Leadership & Soft Skills for Emerging Leaders


Students: 13188, Price: $109.99

Students: 13188, Price:  Paid

You CAN tell people what you truly think and feel, and you can set boundaries when you need to. You just need to learn how to communicate assertively to do it effectively.

Assertive communication is a critical skill for emerging leaders, new managers, and people who are more introverted in social situations.

When you know how to communicate assertively, you can say “no” without feeling guilty, set boundaries to protect your time, priorities and goals, articulate requests clearly and confidently, and deal with awkward situations with ease.

Imagine being able to lift the frustration, stress and anxiety you normally feel when you have to stand up for yourself. Imagine life without people walking over you because they respect the boundaries you have set. Imagine people looking at you as a strong, confident person.

All of this is possible and learning how to communicate assertively will help you achieve it.

I’m Kara Ronin and I’m a Best-Selling Udemy Instructor, leadership coach and trainer. I specialise in helping people develop their leadership presence, communication, reputation and relationships.

I’ve helped many of my in-person clients transform their communication and become more assertive, and I’m dedicated to helping you do the same in this video course.

“Kara, Thank you for a very interesting, informative and inspiring Masterclass!” Jeanette, Lawyer

Assertive communication is not about being bossy. It’s about taking control of your communication and your life. It allows you to communicate clearly and honestly to people around you. This in turn helps you to come across as more authentic.

In this course, you will:

  • become more reflective of your communication style and break bad communication habits

  • overcome your fears about being assertive and speaking up honestly

  • know how to get heard in chaotic group situations

  • be able to connect and engage in one-on-one conversations

  • know what body language to use to support your assertive message

  • learn how to set boundaries and say “no” without feeling guilty

  • express your feelings, opinions and wants honestly and clearly

  • make clear requests with your friends, family and work colleagues

  • better manage conflict and difficult conversations

  • become more confident in your decision-making

  • make your job and life less stressful because you know how to protect your time, priorities and goals

You will not be alone on your journey to becoming more assertive. This 3-hour course not only includes 44 high-quality videos where I walk you through practical strategies that I use with my coaching clients. It also includes six coaching worksheets, a case study, quizzes, and conversation transcripts to help you move your assertive communication skills forward.

Assertive communication is a skill that will absolutely help you in your life. Learning how to communicate assertively has helped me immensely in my personal and business life, I know it can help you too.

When you know how to communicate assertively, you will finally be able to start living your life exactly the way you want. You’ll no longer be allowing other people to direct your life or force you into decisions because you don’t know how to say “no”.

This course will empower you to live your life on your terms. I’d be honoured if you joined me on this journey.


  • "It is exactly what I was looking for. It is one of the most essential life skills that is required and needs to be revisited often." - Sahil, 2020 student

  • "Very clear and I loved that everything has examples." Osvaldo 2020 student

  • "Very good course to take and a good review on how to be assertive and not aggressive in communication. Thank you for putting together this class." - Cheryl 2019 student

  • "This help me reflect myself clearly and encourage me to be assertive." - A.W 2019

  • “A well organised course delivered in a concise and engaging way. Thank you Kara for breaking down the basic skills and providing a practical guide in how to achieve success.” Kate, Udemy student

  • “Well delivered with high-energy, fun and clear examples. Thank you Kara!” Vijayasekar, Udemy student

  • “This course was excellent. There were lots of extra handouts to go along with the narrative.” Rick, Udemy student

Influence: Communication Skills for Management & Leadership

Leadership Communication Skills and People Skills for Persuasive Management Conversations and Influential Team Building

Created by Kain Ramsay - Social Entrepreneur, Applied Psychology Instructor & Author


Students: 10743, Price: $59.99

Students: 10743, Price:  Paid

What does it take to inspire others, promote a novel idea, or even have a difficult conversation? How can you position yourself as a leader through inclusive communication? How do you know that the message you are intending to send is what is being received?

Influential leaders, real difference makers, and people who leave their mark on the world all have one thing in common: They inspire and bring out the best in others. People of influence are the glue that holds an organisation together. For this reason, it’s essential for all businesses to have effective leaders that can set goals, inspire their team members and guide an organisation to sustain ongoing success.

While most leaders know the basics of communication, many organisations still face problems of misinterpretation and lack of action. So this course focuses on how to communicate with confidence, clarity, and consideration so that you can build enduring relationships in a person and a professional setting. This training will also help you to gain the essential human relations skills to thrive in any professional environment.

This Course Will Help You Grow in the Following 3 Ways:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Learn how to build trust and respect based relationships inside or outside of your organisation.
  • Professionalism: Project an image of maturity, consistency and integrity that creates credibility with your communications.
  • Personal Values: Demonstrate a sense of integrity by allowing your communications to be guided by a strong code of ethics.

You will discover how to form closer, more rewarding relationships that are built on mutual trust and respect. Increasing your confidence and competence in interacting with others will gain the influence you need to reach new heights in both your personal and professional endeavours.

Designed to ignite long-term behaviour change, this course will also help you master the communication skills necessary to strengthen interpersonal relationships, develop a commanding attitude, and install confidence and enthusiasm amongst those whom you have influence over in your workplace.

You'll become better equipped to perform as an influential communicator, problem-solver and focused leader. You'll learn to strengthen your interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. And you'll develop an assertive 'take-charge' attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.

Learn how to tackle complex communication challenges, expand your ingenuity, and excel in building greater team harmony. Use these new skills to become a more influential communicator by securing your position as a valued leader within the group you serve. As you become more efficient at influencing, you’ll find yourself inspiring others also to take initiative and innovate far more frequently.

Are you ready to further advance your personal or professional influence? If so, click on the "Buy this Course" button below to join Kain Ramsay and Jason Cask to explore the crucial role that communication plays in leadership. This training comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee.

* Leadership Communication Skills and People Skills for Persuasive Management Conversations and Influential Team Building

Vitamin English: Conversation through Modal Verbs

Practice and Master Modal Verbs to Improve your Conversation Skills

Created by Joe Grandy - English Teacher, Educational Technologist, M.E.T., B.S.


Students: 9812, Price: Free

Students: 9812, Price:  Free

Do you want to sound more like a native English speaker quickly and understand common expressions in daily conversations?

In this course, we will be studying modal verbs. Through the proper use of modal verbs, you can establish a strong foundation for expressing yourself clearly, and as you learn new vocabulary, you will have correct grammatical patterns to use the vocabulary naturally and effectively.

Through this course, you will learn grammar patterns that will help you improve your spoken fluency and sound more like a native speaker. You will be given definitions, examples and pictorial representations of each pattern. By completing the many practice exercises, quizzes and conversations, you will master and retain these patterns. Soon you will be hearing and using these patterns all the time. Your friends will be amazed at your improved English.

Social Skills: Make An Amazing 1st Impression – 30′ Guide

Make An Amazing 1st Impression: Social Skills, Communication Skills, Charisma, Body Language, Confidence, Conversation

Created by Alain W. - International Best-selling Author & Speaker


Students: 7532, Price: $19.99

Students: 7532, Price:  Paid

**Alain's work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW and 300+ of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.**


  • OVER 150'000+ happy students from 183 countries have enrolled in my courses and have left 6'500+ TOP Reviews

  • Presented by the social skills expert, Alain W., who is a recognized expert in the field of social skills and communication skills with over 15 years of experience

  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered by Udemy. I am 100% confident that this course will help you communicate better with people so try it risk FREE!

Do you want to discover how to make a good first impression and boost your interpersonal skills?

Accompanied by expert Alain Wolf, you will discover practical techniques to improve the art of interacting with new people.

In this intense 30-minute class, I will share with you

  • How to decrease your fear of approaching people

  • How to approach new people easily

  • What to say to make a good first impression

  • Your confident and charismatic body language

  • The importance of warming up socially

  • Your smile and eye contact to make a good first impression

  • The importance of putting the person at ease

  • How to make yourself easily appreciated

  • The power of positive social expectations

  • And much more!

Would you like to learn the art of consistently having great interactions with people?

Everyone can learn social skills. It's like playing sports. You can hire a coach and they will help you develop your skills. Anyone can be socially successful, as long as they have the right guidance. My style is direct and I only share what works & will quickly give you the results you want.

This course is for people who want to develop better social and communication skills in any area of your life: work, family, personal life, etc.

Sign up now for this course and start improving your interpersonal skills now.

Conversation And Communication Mastery | 2020

Conversation Skills: A Simple, Powerful Guide To Conversation Skills Guarenteed To Improve Work / Personal Relationships

Created by Erik Kiton - Founder at DateStrong, Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur


Students: 6744, Price: $19.99

Students: 6744, Price:  Paid

By the end of this course, you will know how to communicate more effectively, clearly and directly. This new found conversational prowess will enable you to quickly and easily produce more authentic, genuine and long lasting relationships at home, in the office, at parties and even with a romantic interest.

This course was created on the backbone of a single, universal truth: in all areas of life, there is one underlying skill that when mastered enables individuals to achieve more, develop stronger relationships and increase happiness… that skill is conversation mastery.

Whether it's in the board room, with your family, at a party or when a romantic interest walks in the room, having the ability to start and lead a quality conversation can be the deciding factor between success and failure. More specifically, if you have the ability to differentiate yourself by creating a genuine and authentic connection, something this course teaches in detail, then you can truly position yourself for success.

By the end of this training, you will have learned an intuitive conversation framework that will act as an autopilot to guide your future conversations. Furthermore, you will have mastered the fundamental and technical conversation skills that underly every conversation whether it be personal or business oriented. Last but not least, this course will guide you through a number of real world exercises designed to make the lessons and learning in this course automatic, easy and unconscious.

If you've ever wanted or wished for any of the below, then this course is for you:

  • Wish you knew what to say to start a conversation?
  • Want to create stronger, more authentic relationships?
  • Want to communicate more directly and clearly?
  • Wish you could rekindle an old relationship?
  • Wish you had the confidence to ask for a raise?
  • Wish you had the confidence to stand up to someone?
  • Wish you were a better networker?
  • Wish you could better express your feelings and opinions?
  • Find yourself running out of things to say?
  • Don't know how to ask for that phone number / email?

This course will teach you all of the above and so much more through over 2 hours of lectures strategically paired with quizzes, tests and exercises based on scientifically proven conversation techniques discovered by some of the worlds most prominent conversationalists, presenters, business executives and thought leaders.

This training has delivered results to over 10,000 students around the world and is perfect for everyone interested in:

  • Creating deeper, more authentic relationships
  • Improving existing relationships with friends, family and loved ones
  • Communicating more clearly, directly and effectively at the workplace
  • Improving your ability to make friends
  • Improving you ability to network
  • Gaining the confidence to begin a conversation with a romantic interest

When you're done with this course, you'll have the skills, knowledge and first hand experience in order to build genuine and authentic relationships on demand plus the confidence to take action and live the life you've always wanted.

AND you'll have access to the course for life in addition to the additional material that will be released over the coming months.

REMINDER: This is a risk free purchase with Udemy's 30 day money back guarantee. Imagine for a moment what life would be like if within 30 days if you had the ability to start a conversation, lead an interaction and create a genuine / authentic connection that stands the test of time… this material has already changed the lives of 1,000s and is guaranteed to do the same for you.


Erik Kiton

Note: Due to level of impact that this course provides, I highly recommend getting started immediately as I can't guarantee that this course will be available to purchase forever.

Basic English Conversation: Expand your Speaking Skills

Super Learner Fluency Course (Topic: Food)

Created by Michael Rost - Learn Communication Skills from Dr. Michael Rost


Students: 4813, Price: Free

Students: 4813, Price:  Free

Do you want to speak English more fluently?  The key is to learn to "expand" your communication. 

Do you want to be more confident in everyday conversations? Or maybe you want to feel like English really is your language? That you can use it like a native speaker? To say whatever you want? 

Then this course is perfect for you!

Lingual Net's Super Learner Fluency Course is designed to help you become a more fluent, confident, and engaged speaker of English. 

In this course, Dr. Michael Rost, will teach you powerful communication strategies.  You will learn the secrets to successful conversation.

Dr. Michael Rost is a well-known researcher and teacher trainer.  He has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and has written several books and articles on English communication.

Dr. Rost has identified the "secrets" that turn you into a "super learner." These "secrets" are actually strategies and study habits that successful language learners use.

In this course, we focus on the topic of "Food".  We will focus on five main questions:

  1. What’s your favorite food?

  2. Is there any food you dislike?

  3. How important is diet to your health?

  4. What are some popular foods for visitors to your country?

  5. What is one popular dish in your country? Can you describe it in detail?

We will watch three different interviews, where the students — just like you –  are asked these same five questions. And we’re going to focus on their communication strategies. And then we’re going to follow up with some study skills in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

You will have the opportunity to study grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking strategies through the course Workbook, online quizzes, and online forums.

OK, are you ready?

Welcome to the course.

Let’s get started.   

Telephone Confidence: Be Super Confident on the Telephone!

Learn how to be more confident on the telephone, learn telephone skills, gain leverage over phone conversations and more

Created by Nader Nadernejad - Online Reputation Management and Communications


Students: 4021, Price: $89.99

Students: 4021, Price:  Paid

Become super confident on the telephone! 

In this course, you'll learn how to be more confident on the telephone. Learn how to do elite cold calls, make sales, sound confident and showcase your charisma. 

I've interviewed public figures over the phone such as CBC Chief News Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge and the first Canadian to walk in space, Chris Hadfield.

I've also made hundreds of sales over the phone, hosted conference calls and used the telephone to get the things I want. From tough situations like interviewing law firms involved in scandals and pharmaceutical companies failing to warn consumers about their side-effects, I've used the phone in various situations. 

I'm so excited to be able to share my skills with you so that you can become confident on the telephone and use it to gain the leverage you want in any situation. 

I can't wait to help you with phone confidence! Let's develop your phone skills today. 

Mastering Conversation, Sequencing and Conceding in English

Essential English Grammar and Communication Skills for IELTS and Mastering English as a Second Language

Created by Adrian Nantchev - TESOL Certified English Teacher and Lead Language Explorer


Students: 2981, Price: Free

Students: 2981, Price:  Free

My course helps you to Master English and Discover the World.

Have you ever had the problem where you don't know how conversations work in English, how to keep them going, expand on them or what stalling is? What are some techniques people use in conversations that are useful for IELTs?

This course was made for you.

You will learn:

  1. “Get Used To” and “Be Used To” and how they are different.

  2. Using “Have/Get Something Done” with objects and past participles.

  3. Use sequencing phrases when talking about what happened in what order.

  4. Formal phrases to open and organize sentences in a professional/formal manner.

  5. How to correct and/or disagree with someone, politely.

  6. Learn a subtle way to change the subject, politely.

  7. Conceding a point with someone, politely.

  8. Phrases that can talk about different sides of an argument.

  9. Using hedging words to dampen your point.

  10. How to use “seem” and “appear”.

  11. How backchanneling can be used to be polite and show that you are listening.

  12. How to stall a conversation.

With my whiteboard and marker pens, I will teach you how to use them and the important grammar rules to follow. Such as:

  • “Get used to” talks about adapting to a new situation.

    • I will get used to waking up at midnight.

    • You have no idea how long it took me to get used to that.

  • “Be used to” talks about something that has been done for a long time.

    • I am used to the dark nights.

    • In due time you will be used to the colder weather.

If you want to take your English to Master English and Discover the World, then this course is for you! This course will teach new not just grammar and rules but also mistakes and broaden it in ways to go beyond just the lesson objectives.

Enroll now and let’s get started.


Master English, Discover the World.

Mastery Of Conversations

Master the skill of communication - so you can engage in positive, fun conversations with anyone, anytime!

Created by Josh Dryden - Social Skills Trainer


Students: 2965, Price: Free

Students: 2965, Price:  Free

Mastery Of Conversations

The skill of being able to communicate effectively and engage in conversations is not as common as you might think.

We think of conversation skills as a 'foundation' communication skill - one you can build on to develop a wide range of other social skills.

Social skills are not something everyone is born with, especially if you're an introvert - but it doesn't need to stay that way.

You don't need to be the loudest, most extroverted person in the room to engage positively with other people and have a great time in social settings, you just need the knowledge and skills in your 'social toolbox' so you can take your interactions to the next level.

In this course we'll cover a range of topics including;

  • Understanding successful conversations

  • Preparation

  • Introductions

  • Conversation starters

  • Exit strategies

  • Extra tips

  • Practice

This course includes specific tips and advice for a range of situations; ranging from work, to parties and everything in between.

The beauty is that these skills can transfer to any social situation and go hand-in-hand with other social skills.

We've utilised specific tips and techniques as well as targeted examples to pack a lot of value into this short-course so you can easily absorb everything we've put together and build up your confidence in as short a time as possible.

3 Steps To Improve Your Communications Skills

Learn how to Improve communication skills and take control of conversations by applying Ontological Methods.

Created by Thushyanthan A - Teacher, Leadership Life Coach, Jyotiṣa


Students: 1778, Price: $89.99

Students: 1778, Price:  Paid

In this course, you will learn to become aware of your body, emotions, and language so you can choose and control how they impact the way you converse with others and interact with the world around you.

This course explores the intention (or purpose) of conversation. The way we can become effective communicators is to learn what it is we're actually saying. When we know what we're saying, then we understand how we see the world.

To put it another way: we can choose to engage in full, rich, satisfying conversations with others through understanding language use and how our word selection reflects our perception of and expectation from human interactions.

We learn how to improve communication skills through the six speech acts:

  • Requests
  • Offers
  • Promises
  • Assertions
  • Assessments
  • Declarations

Through practice, we become skilled at conversation with our networks, bosses, colleagues, teams, friends, and loved ones.

By the end of this course, you'll understand how the actions you take in your life – based on the Ontological Methods you learn in the course videos and materials – can lead to new perspectives, great conversations, and increased opportunities for positive human connection.

What Is Ontological Coaching?

Ontology, as taught by the Newfield Network, is the knowledge of how you are "being" in the world through your body/movement, thoughts/emotions, and language. Your body, thoughts and language are all interrelated. When you change one of these three components, you cause the other two to change or shift – for better or worse.

Ontology affects your conversations and their outcomes at work, home, and play. Conversation is more than talk; it's about how we move our bodies, feel and interpret emotions, and choose our words.

Take Action & Enroll

Enroll now, make the commitment and jump straight into the course right now. I know this course will revolutionize the way you look at language!

See you on the inside and check out the preview videos to see what value you'll be getting!

Talk soon,


Excel English Language Communication Skills by Modal Verbs

Ultimate way to excel English Grammar,English Conversation Skills,English Speaking,English Writing,English Pronunciation

Created by Sachin Jain - English Teacher


Students: 1748, Price: $19.99

Students: 1748, Price:  Paid

Do you want to express yourself in a better way?

Then your search ends here. This is the ultimate and most comprehensive course in English Grammar which helps you learn English Modal Verbs in a comparative way to enrich your English Grammar Skills for expressing your thoughts better in the most promising way. This A to Z course will boost your confidence level in a very easy and step by step manner. This is really a zero to Hero course and suitable to all types of learners. Please watch preview videos and decide yourself with patience.

English language becomes full of life with Modal Verbs. You can't express your emotions, feelings, thoughts or ideas without Modal Verbs in English language. You must learn Modal Verbs deeply if you want that your expression or statement should convey the exact meaning what you actually want to convey to your listeners or readers. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations when we have some thoughts, ideas, feelings or emotions inside us which we want to communicate but we are unable to express them properly due to the lack of proper knowledge of Modal Verbs. In short, It's a great tool in English Grammar to make your thoughts come to words in a powerful manner. If you don't have a sound understanding of English Modal Verbs, you might convey a wrong meaning unintentionally. This course enables you to grasp minute differences of modal verbs which otherwise sound similar. It gives you the power to convey right meaning at the right time.

But you needn't worry. This course has been designed in a very unique style to help you learn Modals quickly in a very easy and interesting manner. All the concepts have been categorized on the basis of similar uses to eliminate confusion, instead of studying  one by one in the traditional way. Real life situations visually supported by animated images have been used for easier absorption of the content. Situations have been studied in a comparative manner for imbibing the concept to the root level. Tables and charts have been used wherever necessary for the purpose of comparative study. This course will suit to every type of learner. Don't feel worried about your previous knowledge. Learner's pace of learning has been kept in mind while designing the course. You will feel involved in the course.

You may have noticed that you have just read some modal verbs written in bold letters like can, should, must, might, will, may, needn't etc. Exercise for practice has been provided at the end of each lecture and mixed Practice Tests  have been provided in the second section of practice tests to test all the concepts in one go. Students may wish to pause the video as they think fit before seeing the solution. Your feedback will be most valuable for me.

You may want to use EARPHONES for better audio experience.

Whether you are a school or college student, a professional or businessman; this course is suitable for every type of learner. It's a mystery solver for all.

I hope your learning experience will be enjoyable and fruitful. Wish you all the best!

Managing Difficult Conversations with skill and confidence

How to address difficult situations and manage sensitive issues in the workplace

Created by Skill Boosters - Films for a better workplace


Students: 1625, Price: $44.99

Students: 1625, Price:  Paid

Having the skills and confidence to handle difficult conversations with staff is an essential part of being an effective manager. This course aims to remove the fear factor from difficult conversations and show how the right approach can help turn that tough talk into a constructive dialogue.

It could be addressing someone’s behaviour or work performance, breaking the news about redundancies, turning someone down for promotion or trying to get a long-term absentee back to work. Whatever the issue at stake, being able to approach these kinds of difficult conversations constructively is a crucial skill for managers. A positive outcome can mean the difference between an employee becoming more engaged and productive, or getting increasingly dissatisfied, going absent or even making a grievance claim.

This course uses powerful original drama and insight from leading workplace mediation experts to look at difficult conversations in a new light and demonstrate how to achieve the outcome you want.

Elite Communication Skills to get What you Want with Words

If you need to persuade or feel more comfortable in conversation - Enrol in this Course for more effective communicating

Created by Andrew PM Tse - A Centurion of teaching entrepreneurship over academics.


Students: 1597, Price: $89.99

Students: 1597, Price:  Paid

We have compiled for you in this course, Top tips and techniques to improve your communication skills so you can get exactly what you want.

Scientifically formulated course to give you the best format for learning. Engineered according to cognitive learning techniques to be 30minutes in length and broken into short 5-10min lectures that allow the brain to absorb more of the information.

This is a practical and smart guide to communication, speaking well and conversation. It gives you clarity amongst all the fluff around communicating better so, that you can learn effective communications .

  1. The principal that will make your speech more impactful, inspiring and convincing. 

  2. Starting a conversation can often be the hardest especially, when it's with a stranger or in a room full of people, learn to start and keep the conversation flowing.

  3. Non verbal and the importance of this in your communication repertoire, with some practical techniques on how to make your non verbal communication stronger NOW.

  4. Be more persuasive with your words, Because not everyone will agree with what you say or want to do initially, they need convincing and with our course, you will learn how best to do it.

  5. The Science and Art of Communications and how some people can seem more charismatic, interesting and more memorable to speak with.

English Conversation Launch: Upgrade Your English

Learn English conversation, speaking and listening skills and become more fluent learning from a native English teacher

Created by Anthony Kelleher - Bachelor of Arts TESOL - English Teacher at Sir English


Students: 1041, Price: $39.99

Students: 1041, Price:  Paid

English Conversation Launch is an English conversation course taught by me, Anthony, a native British English speaker. You will learn the target English words and expressions at a deep level, so that you can sound more native-like when you speak English in everyday conversations.

Start to speak with more creativity and variety by upgrading your English conversation ability!

This course includes:

· lectures explaining all the conversations we listen to

· speaking practice for every single word/expression

· listening practice for every single word/expression

· future updates - this course will continue to grow and grow

· PDF transcripts

· and MP3 downloads so that you can learn anywhere, any time.

Each section focuses on one conversation and 15 target words and phrases so that you can master each one and produce them accurately in your spoken English.

This course is extremely detailed, so you can fully master the target English.

If you want to speak English more clearly, if you want to sound more native-like, or if you simply want to take your English to a higher level, this course can help you achieve your goal of taking your English to the next level.

This course is also perfect for anyone taking an IELTS test, TOEFL test or TOEIC test.

I'm really excited to be able to help you improve your English today.

Business Analysis Soft Skills: Conversations and Workshops

How to Effectively Communicate with Stakeholders to Discover User Stories, Features, and Non-functional Requirements

Created by Tom and Angela Hathaway - BA-EXPERTS: Business Analysis for Anyone Wearing the BA Hat


Students: 874, Price: $79.99

Students: 874, Price:  Paid

How Can You Effectively Communicate with Your Stakeholders?

A lot of initial uncertainty at the beginning of an IT project comes from not knowing how to approach stakeholders to get their requirements. Should you interview each stakeholder individually or in groups? Whom should you interview first? What can you do to guide stakeholders to give you the information you need to formulate the right requirements?

Unfortunately getting other stakeholders to express their needs and wants vis-à-vis a proposed IT solution is a non-trivial challenge. On top of that, you might be dealing with cross-functional needs which complicates the task even more.

To meet that challenge, we propose that you need to hone your interpersonal skills, in particular your interviewing skills. If you have never interviewed another person before, this task alone can be intimidating.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Since interviewing other people for requirements is not an intuitive skill, this course presents a wide range of techniques for planning, preparing, and performing requirements elicitation interviews and workshops as well as polishing and publishing the results. It defines the characteristics of a good requirements interviewer to help you recognize areas for personal growth.

To guide you through the intricacies of conducting group interviews, it includes expert advice on facilitating effective Requirements Workshops (ie. JAD, RDW, User Story Workshops, Requirements Gathering Workshops, etc.), a powerful requirements elicitation technique for managing cross-functional group meetings on traditional and Agile software development methodologies.

English Conversation #8: University, Work and Business

Essential English Grammar and Communication Skills for IELTS and Mastering English as a Second Language

Created by Adrian Nantchev - TESOL Certified English Teacher and Lead Language Explorer


Students: 758, Price: Free

Students: 758, Price:  Free

My lessons help you to Master English and Discover the World.

With me you are not just another student. Not just another learner. You are an Explorer - ready to explore and master English 1 word at a time.

For every 1 new word you master, you can make 7 more sentences in English.

Enroll to my course ONLY if you are ready and willing to start...

Have you ever had a problem where you could not talk about your work? Or, could not talk about your university degree? Or, did you struggle to share what your business is and does?

Then, this course was made for you! Enroll now if you want to take your English to the next level and to join the team of Explorers!

You will learn:

  1. Learn useful words and phrases that talk about university, work and business.

  2. Learn new vocabulary words at the workplace, office and academic world.

  3. Practice a conversation at university.

With my whiteboard and marker pens, I will teach you how to Master them and other important grammar rules too, such as:

There are generally two kinds of jobs in the UK: blue or white collar. Blue is labor and white is office workers. They either work for the public (for the government) or the private sector (private companies).

  • Doctor

  • Dentist

  • Nurse

  • Teacher

  • Lawyer

  • Accountant

  • Consultant

  • Secretary

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Chef

  • Builder

We will explore English together as I show you mistakes and broaden the topics to go beyond just the lesson objectives.

Enroll now, if you want to Master English!

Enroll now, if want to Discover the World!

Enroll now, if you are ready to be more than a student or learner, but an Explorer!

Let's get started!


Master English, Discover the World.

Elite Effective Communication Skills & Confidence at Work

Communicate better, speak confidently, stay in control of conversations and meetings. Business Communication for Leaders

Created by Andrew PM Tse - A Centurion of teaching entrepreneurship over academics.


Students: 531, Price: $89.99

Students: 531, Price:  Paid

You can't climb the corporate ladder with your hands in your pockets. So go ahead and take action to improve yourself and seize SUCCESS. Be a better communicator and able to speak confidently in any situation at work or in your business.

Everyday we have to communicate if we interact in meetings, calls, transactions or presentations, so learn the tools to make yourself as effective as possible. Have you ever talked to someone and it doesn't matter how hard you try, they don’t grasp why it's so important. Have you ever been in an argument where you are accused of not listening. Does talking to some people just frustrate you? Well if you are stuck in mediocrity , communicating the way you always have, how will you persuade people to your way of thinking and align objectives if you need to work together, How will you advance your performance and career at work? How will you become that Elite Percent that achieves great professional and personal success? 

  • Improve your level of business communication so you can tackle any situation whether it's meetings, deal making, negotiations, reviews or client conversations. Learn key skills about body language and another very important form of communication that conveys the message better than any words.

  • Overcome the difficulties of networking once and for all and learn how to do it properly.

  • Great communication comes from great tools. We show you a unique presenting system that works for any situation where you need to convince people of your viewpoint. Use listening and questioning to really help manage and get more out of each conversation you have.

  • Do you get stuck for words, or things to talk about? Check out the tips we provide throughout this course that will change that forever.

Be confident, well-prepared and super-persuasive with the way you communicate and network in your organisation. If cash is the lifeblood of any business, good, clear communication that galvanizes the team is the lifeblood of an organisation. Without it, we see talented people get frustrated and leave, projects die a slow death or great ideas fail. Don't let that happen to you and your organisation.

Leadership Skills | Become a Leader People Like & Listen To

Learn Leadership Skills to Speak Up For Yourself & Master Difficult Conversations at Work to Become a Leader People Like

Created by Robin & Jesper - Best-Selling Instructors in Digital Marketing & Business


Students: 129, Price: $89.99

Students: 129, Price:  Paid

Would You Like to Learn Leadership Skills to Become a Leader People Like & Listen To?
Then, You've Come To The Right Place!

Leadership Skills | Become a Leader People Like & Listen To is an Online Video Course For Anyone Wanting To Learn to Communicate in a More Direct & Effective Way to Get People to Like & Listen to You. You will Also Learn Conflict Managements & How to Have Difficult Conversations Successfully.

Inside This Course, You'll learn how to Speak Up For Yourself & Master Difficult Conversations.
This Course Also Includes Premium Support.
(We'll answer all your questions within 24 hours).

After This Course, You'll Be Able To

  • Speak with Confidence.

  • Speak Up For Yourself.

  • Say No without Guilt.

  • Speak with I-Statements.

  • Identify Good & Bad Conflicts.

  • Handle Any Conflicts.

  • Listen Actively.

  • Get People to Trust You.

  • Solve Problems.

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. The 4 Styles Of Communication

  2. Common Obstacles When Being Assertive

  3. The Benefits Of Being More Assertive

  4. Assertiveness Beyond Communication

  5. How to Speak Up For Yourself

  6. How to Speak with Confidence

  7. Learn to Say NO

  8. I-Statements

  9. Why Conflict Management is Important

  10. The Conflict Management Styles

  11. Things to Know Before Choosing Your Style

  12. 5 Tips To Handle Difficult Conversations

  13. 4-Steps For Difficult Conversations

This Course Includes Templates & Tools That Will Help to Optimize Your Communication!

The Majority of The Tools in This Course Are FREE And The Paid Tools Are Only The Very BEST.

See You Inside The Leadership Skills | Become a Leader People Like & Listen To Course.


Robin & Jesper

Stellar Communication Skills: Become a Master Communicator

Be Effective in your Conversations

Created by Ariel Bakshandeh - Toastmasters Mentor


Students: 26, Price: $49.99

Students: 26, Price:  Paid

The whole idea of this course is so that you can communicate in a clear and effective way so you leave nothing to chance. If you communicate in the ways taught in this course you'll get more out of your relationships and business. Communication is a skill like any other skill and once you learn about how to properly do it you'll see a lot of problems that you have in your life become less hectic therefore situations are more manageable. This course will also make you aware of your own communication blockages and biases so you can better address them and find ways to work through them so you can open doors to new opportunities.

7 keys, to have successful conversation with anyone, anytime

7 easy tips for you, to develop your conversation skills.

Created by Tayfun Türkalp - Management Consultant


Students: 7, Price: $34.99

Students: 7, Price:  Paid

This course is designed from many surveys and workshops, so that you can talk and behave like a politician when you meet people.

Leil Lowndes, Dale Carnegie, have many inputs in this course, and our study with Microsoft and South California University surveys, helped us to develop body language measures. During our workshops with many students in Altinbas University in Istanbul, and various enterprise employee, we developed this course's outline. 

Whether you love standing around and chatting or cringe at the thought of yet another “forced” conversation, being a good conversationalist is important for both networking and forming office relationships. So, let’s talk—specifically, about how you can improve your conversational skills.

It can be hard to talk to other people sometimes! Whether you’re talking with a friend or someone you just met, there are some basic conversational skills you can practice to make yourself more confident and welcoming. Try to be positive and engaged when speaking to another person, giving them your full attention. Ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing, and give cues, like nodding your head, to show that you’re listening. The main thing to remember is that you want your attention to be directed at the person, and not at your phone or anything else surrounding you. It’s okay if you glance away and break eye contact once in a while, but in general, try to watch the other person as much as you can.