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Comic Book Creation Masterclass: Draw Amazing Superheroes!

The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Comic Book Heroes from Start to Finish Using a Free Tool!

Created by Alfred Paul Cabillon - Digital Comic Book Artist


Students: 5576, Price: $89.99

Students: 5576, Price:  Paid

Hello true believers and super fans! Welcome to my Comic Book Creation Masterclass.

My name is Alfred. I'm a professional comic book artist. And my artworks have been featured by DC comics,Dark Wave Comics, Artix, Adventure Quest World, Long Beach Comicon, LA Comicon.

This is a COMPLETE comic book creation course - I will take you through my entire process from how I conceptualize ideas, initial drawing & sketching, finalize drawings, coloring, and setting up the comic layout which involves paneling, framing, & scripting.

Whatever skill level you are at (beginner, intermediate, advanced), this course is perfect for you! I even use a FREE software so you don't need to buy any expensive software. I even use a FREE software called FireAlpaca so you don't need to buy any expensive software.

By the end of this course, you will be armed with the skills to create your own comic book art from scratch. You will also be equipped with the knowledge to become a professional comic book artist and make money with your art...if that's what you want!

How to Draw Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes – Start to Finish

A Complete Step by Step Guide to Drawing Comic Book Heroes

Created by Robert Marzullo - Comic Book Artist / Illustrator


Students: 4588, Price: $19.99

Students: 4588, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn how to draw dynamic comic book superheroes step by step. You will work along with me as we break down all the major components that comprise the superhero comic characters that we know and love. You will learn about proportions, anatomy, suit design, foreshortening, rendering, perspective, and how to draw dynamic poses from your imagination. These action poses are essential to creating powerful characters that can tell an amazing story! 

If you want to improve your ability to draw a variety of characters effectively, then this course is for you. The techniques that I will teach you here can apply to all sorts of art styles. Everything from game art, comics, concept art, and even figure drawing. These methods will teach you how to draw imaginative bodies with confidence.

You will also learn to pencil, ink, and color a fully detailed comic book scene from start to finish! This will allow you to put all of this knowledge to goo use. By implementing these techniques into a project file you will commit them to memory and you are welcome to share your project with our comic art community!

I have also added 6 Lessons on Drawing Various Hand Poses - Step by Step! ( Based upon a student request. )

I have also added 7 Lessons on Drawing Various Proportions and Body Types! ( 10-12-2019 ) 

Updated - a new section on Drawing Fight Poses! 11 Videos Added (  3-20-2021 )

I am very confident you will find this course to be a valuable asset in your educational collection but if you find anything that would make this a better experience for you and the other students, please let me know.  I will be happy to improve the course content as well as add new lessons when needed.

You also get all the art files to work along with throughout this course.  Please share your artwork in the Q&A Section and I will give you any feedback that I can.

I thank you for viewing my course and good luck with your art!

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics

How To MAKE Comics

An A-Z guide for comic book creation

Created by Ed Foychuk - Illustrator and Instructor at How To Draw Comics . net


Students: 907, Price: $29.99

Students: 907, Price:  Paid

This course is designed to help you bring your comic book to life! To finally bring your loose ideas into something solid, something you can create, print, and even sell!!

In this course we will cover over 10 hours of content including -

  • What are Comics?

  • Coming up with concepts and ideas

  • Character concepts with Clayton Barton 

  • Character sheets with Mike Van Orden

  • World Building - The Ws

  • World building - Architecture and themes

  • Script types

  • Shot Types

  • Shot composition

  • Composition exercises

  • Types of panels

  • Panel flow

  • Tangents

  • Dynamic vs Static with Chris Graves

  • Storyline and Tempo

  • Story beats 

  • Thumbnailing Basics

  • Storyboarding thumbs with Jean-Claude De La Ronde

  • Color

  • Lettering - Fonts, Dialogues, and Word Bubbles 

  • Lettering - Titles 

  • Lettering - effect

  • Typography with Todd Cowden

  • Cover choices

  • Printing with Barry Gregory

  • Comic Cons with Dominic Glover *pending

  • Marketing with Rob Arnold 

  • Teambuilding with Rob Arnold 

  • Feedback on submitted sequential work

As you can see, there's a ton of experience in the instructor pool on this one. I've searched through friends, colleagues, and contacts to make sure I brought you insight into all parts of the process.

So no, this course isn't designed to teach you how to draw, I have other courses for that, it IS designed to help you bring WHATEVER type of comic you're looking to produce to fruition!

So, stop dreaming about maybe "one day" making your comic, NOW is the time! Start now... because the sooner you start, the sooner it'll get done and you can finally rest. hahahaha


Special thanks to:

Clayton Barton (Aus)- Founder of How To Draw Comics

Mike Van Orden (Thailand) - Artist/Instructor

Chris Graves (US)- Artist/Instructor

Jean-Claude De La Ronde (Can)- Storyboard Artist

Barry Gregory (US)- Founder and co-owner at Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Rob Arnold (Aus) - Writer/Creator of REPLICATOR

Comic book Creation

Learn in this full course a LOT of technics to know how to draw your comic books

Created by Damien Barban - Illustrateur / graphiste


Students: 522, Price: $89.99

Students: 522, Price:  Paid

You want to draw? You want to draw comic books? To learn how to draw anatomy? To know what softwares to use for digital creation, or how to create a comic book from A to B?


We are going to learn a LOT of things. First, we are going to speak about the history of comic books, where this come from as it will allow you to know where you go.

Then we are going to see plenty of technics from the basics with the Anatomy, the frames, the creation of pages, the colors and the movements of the characters.

There will be a lot of examples given for every subjects discussed during this course. Assigments will also be provided to incite you to train yourself as the more important point to remind is that regular drill is the key of success and skill improvement. Doing exercices over, and over again will make you more able to draw rapidly and in quality.

We are also going to speak about digital creation, especially for colors, as currently all the studio of creation (Marvel, DC, Darkhorse...) are working with softwares and digital techniques. This course is also the opportunity to discuss about graphic tablet and softwares.

Get ready for this course and to become the comic book artist you ever wanted to be!

Comic book creation: examples step by step

Learn by studying plenty of examples of comic book pages creations

Created by Damien Barban - Illustrateur / graphiste


Students: 91, Price: $29.99

Students: 91, Price:  Paid

You want plenty of explanations, demonstrations and advices to help you to create your own comic books? This course is done for you! Find in this course several hours of tips I'm giving you while creating pages of comic book. In black and white or in color, this course will give you the tools to use while using Clip Studio Paint, or any other creative softwares.