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Complete Cognos Training Course for a Dream IT Job

The Best and Complete Course on Cognos Technology That Prepares You for an IT job better than any other course

Created by Faran Khan - Business Intelligence Architect


Students: 8421, Price: $89.99

Students: 8421, Price:  Paid

IBM Cognos is one of the largest and successful business intelligence software used for report development. If you want to start your career in Business Intelligence and have little or no knowledge of reporting or Technology, then I can help. In this course you will learn everything from installing a database to creating reports and all that goes between these two points. I have also included a module on successfully finding a Cognos Business Intelligence Job which will definitely help you to get to your dream IT job.

I have been teaching Cognos in a classroom environment in New York City for the past 10 years. It is important to note that close to 90% of my students got jobs and are enjoying their successful careers in Business Intelligence. Over 75% of these student had zero prior knowledge of Cognos or IT except Internet surfing. I want you to imagine yourself in that role – It will be a great journey indeed.

Following is the list of topics I will cover in this course:

Module 0 – Introduction to Cognos

· What is Cognos and It’s use

· A Brief History of the Company

· Business Intelligence Market Place and Key Players/Software

· How they compare against Cognos

· Future Growth outlook of Business Intelligence

Module 1 – Microsoft SQL Server 2019

· Download and Install SQL Server 2019

· Download and Install SQL Server Management Studio

· Configuration

· Writing SQL Queries

· Restoring Database

· Creating New Database

Module 2 – Cognos Installation

· Installation

· Server Configuration

· Log files

· Content-store Configuration

· Running Cognos Service

Module 3 – Cognos Framework Manager

· Installation & Configuration

· Data Source Connections

· Import Metadata

· Table Relationships

· Name Spaces

· Query Subjects & Items

· Function & Calculations

· Create & Publish Package

Module 4 – Cognos Connection

· Introduction

· Interface Deep-Dive

Module 5 – Cognos Report Studio

· Create Simple Reports

· Multi-Dimensional Reporting

· Charting

· Report Formatting

· Function & Calculated measures

· Master Detail Reporting

· Drill-Through Reporting

· Prompts & Filters

· Conditional Statements

· Parameters

· Dash-boarding

Module 5 – Cognos Administration

· Introduction

· Management

· Security

· Data Sources

· More

Module 6 – Landing your Dream Job

· Resume

. Resume Must Haves!

· Where to Look

· What to Look

· Applying & Follow up

· Next Steps

Complete IBM Cognos Analytics 11 Cloud Training Course

Latest IBM Cognos Analytics for Beginners. Data science, Analytics, and Visualization . No Prior Knowledge Required

Created by Mohammad Reza Habibi, Ph.D. - Professor of Marketing and Business


Students: 3304, Price: $89.99

Students: 3304, Price:  Paid

New to Data Science and IBM Congnos Analytics? Do you want to learn to build amazing data visualizations, dashboards and reports on various files and data bases within short amount of time?

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning a powerful package for data analytics and visualization. At the end of this course you will feel confident about analyzing large amounts of data for yourself or key decision makers to discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, sales trends, KPIs, and performance monitoring. This course is designed for beginners and provide them a solid understanding of how the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics works in reality in addition to principles of data analyses and visualization. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

· Connect and upload and dig deep in your data

· Create Explorations and Comparison Cards

· Create interactive dashboards that monitor key organizational indicators

· Create stories that point out to the pain points and offer solutions,

· Create well-designed reports

· And much more

You do not need anything to start the course. We will create everything together as we proceed through the course and by the end, you will have amazing charts, visualizations, and reports. We will create a free account and use the cloud-based version, which means you do not need to install anything on your computer and you will have access to Cognos any time anywhere. This course is up to date and you will have access to the latest version all the time. In addition to getting to know Cognos and being able to run it, I infuse critical thinking you need to ask the right question and use the right visualization, which is essential to become a great data analyst.

Why this course by Dr. Mohammad Habibi?

I am a data analytics veteran and have more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry. I have a Doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA) and an award winning business professor at undergraduate, graduate, and MBA levels in one of the largest business schools in the USA. Being a professional teacher, I tend to simplify everything and make them straightforward and easy to understand. Therefore, during this course, you will not spend your time on obvious things or things you can easily discover yourself. We will spend our precious time on the important matters. So this course is very efficient and you will be able to easily finish it up.

Good Luck :) 

WebSphere 8.5 Administration – Hands-On & Practical

In-depth explanation of concepts , plus hands-on labs using commandline and GUI. Immediately usable for day2 operations

Created by Anil Kintala - Solution Architect


Students: 1045, Price: $19.99

Students: 1045, Price:  Paid

  • Fullly practical, real-time WebSphere Administration

  • Perform all WebSphere Admin activities just like a pro

  • In-Depth explanation on advanced topics like clustering, performance tuning of WebSphere Architecture on Linux Distributed Environment

  • Complete hands-on Labs on Troubleshooting using Garbage collection logs, Dumps -

  • Understand how WebSphere is run on multiple servers with multiple instances

  • Learn how to extend WebSphere Cell to multiple boxes(nodes) with 20-30 servers per Cell

  • Understand High-Avalicablity clusters and replication

  • Learn how to Deploy various types of applications in commandline

High Lights of the course

  • Multinode cell profile created to reach a realtime environment as closely as possible

  • Initially GUI based installation done to understand the concept. Towards the middle of the course, installation moved to command line mode.

  • More focus on important concepts - SSL, dumps - core,system,heap, clustering & replication groups, IHS etc

  • All commandline tools to take dumps discussed

  • Analysis of dumps explained in-depth using ISA tool


[Update - 16/07/2021] - All images used/created in the course have been zipped and added to at Lesson2 as downloadable file

[Upcoming] - access to a live environment on our servers will be provided very shortly. Initially through ibm console and later to the backend servers. Setup in progress.


Pre-requisites :

  • anybody working middleware/dba/developer role will be able to understand the course easily

  • Knowledge of linux command line will make things easy, but its not mandatory

IBM App Connect Enterprise & IBM Integration Bus & Broker

Hands on and easy to start to work with APIs using IBM App Connect Enterprise v11 new version of IBM Integration Bus v10

Created by Carlos Medger - IT Manager | Team Leader | API Architect | Cloud Architect


Students: 493, Price: $29.99

Students: 493, Price:  Paid

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In this course you going to see how you will can use the Toolkit from IBM App Connect Enterprise v11 new version of IBM Integration Bus v10 

Overview and I going to show the principal features in Toolkit like Compute (ESQL), Mapping, HTTP Request, Propagate, Bugs, etc.

If you have some knowgment is good to see about this new version of product and if are you new is perfect to start to learning.

This course is perfect to start to work in SOA methodology. 

Also I include: GitLab with sources.

IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Advanced, formerly known as WebSphere Message Broker, provides connectivity and universal data transformation for both SOA and non-SOA environments. This has several advantages for businesses, including the ability to get rid of point-to-point connections and batch processing irrespective of data format, platform or protocol.

IBM Integration Bus Advanced offers businesses unmatched advantages:

  • Utilize robust capabilities to address diverse integration requirements for meeting the needs of any size project

  • Help the entire organization make smarter business decisions by providing rapid access, visibility and control over data as it flows through business applications and systems

  • Connect throughout an array of heterogeneous applications and web services, removing the need for complex point-to-point connectivity

  • Provide extensive support for Microsoft applications and services to make the most of existing Microsoft .NET skills and software investment

  • Deliver a standardized, simplified and flexible integration foundation to help you quickly and easily support business needs and scale with business growth

IBM WebSphere Network Deployment 9 – Level 2 Administration


Created by VenkatRaman Venkatasubramanian - Welcome To Technical Training & Photography Training


Students: 379, Price: $19.99

Students: 379, Price:  Paid

Past & Future Road-Map with status:

March 2021: More updates -> Uploaded 10+ videos

April 2021: More updates -> Uploaded 10+ videos

June 2021: SSL Introduction -> Added

June 2021: IHS and Plugins -> Updating now

Guys, this is Venkat Raman V, welcome to my course on WebSphere Application Server 9 version.

Important Information about this training:

  • No reading from presentation, the architecture, the diagrams are self made all those words in your PDF too.

  • Only on Linux prod like environment using SSH terminal no GUI (only for browser, windows o/s will be used)

  • No Linux experience needed,

  • Commands and method of execution is given in the video & PDF is attached for the commands,

  • Just follow the video and execute the commands in the PDF.

  • You can learn basic Linux commands also in this training as I have covered all the basic commands while going though the training.

About The Course:

This course introduces the student to WAS 9. Students will learn skills necessary to understand basic WAS 9 concepts and administrative tasks. At the end of this course the student will learn how to install WAS 9, understand WAS 9 standalone & profile, and administer WAS 9, etc. in a very detailed manner.

This course is geared toward administrators, developers, or architects who are looking to understand fundamental WAS 9 concepts and how to administer a WAS 9 environment quickly. My course is all done in linux ENV, only windows is used for browisng the application though an browser.

Relax and enjoy this course.

Who can take this course:

  • Anyone, no experience needed to take up this course on WAS 9.

After finishing this course you will be:

  • Basic level in WAS 9.

  • You can understand and resolve problems which is part of your WAS 9.

  • As I am covering overview of the other components of your application server you can also have some experience on those topics as well.

First Guide to Dashboards using IBM Cognos Analytics

Combine a variety of data to gain meaningful insights, and visualize information using stunning dashboards.

Created by Packt Publishing - Tech Knowledge in Motion


Students: 115, Price: $89.99

Students: 115, Price:  Paid

Cognos Analytics v11.1 R5 is the latest version of IBM Cognos Analytics. Its cloud version is now within the reach of individuals and small enterprises. Cognos Analytics is popular with big organizations, such as banks and pharmaceutical companies, as their enterprise tool for reporting and analytics.

Since the launch of Cognos Analytics v11, IBM has added several important new features, this course aims to covers all the latest features added to v11.1 R5. It focuses on the Dashboard Tool, and is suitable for end-users (who are simply consumers of data and need to analyze it and create dashboards for consumption) to IT developers who deliver high-quality reporting solutions.

Cognos Analytics v11.1 R5 is a next-generation, sleek, unified tool that provides end-users, power-users, and IT professional with a fast, intent-driven dashboard and a report-authoring interface on top of the strong foundation that IBM Cognos has supplied over decades.

About the Author

Abhishek Sanghani has been working in the Reporting and Analytics area for 16 years, delivering countless reporting solutions, using Cognos Business Intelligence and Cognos Analytics tools. He has authored books on Cognos Report Studio, and video courses for Dashboards and ‘Beyond Dashboard’.

He strongly believes that Cognos v11.1 R5 has a great future in the space of Analytics because of its strong foundation on the Calculation Engine and ability to connect to a wide variety of data sources, robust Data Modelling capabilities and Stunning Visualizations along with the flexibilities offered in Report tool.

Abhishek is currently leading a team of software developers in a global financial services company, to deliver analytical applications with dashboards and self-service capabilities. He works with other products like QlikView, Tableau and Microstrategy, and possesses advanced skills in TM1, Oracle, Microstrategy, SQL Server, SSAS.

A03 Reporting (IBM Cognos Analytics)

Report creation with IBM Cognos 11 Analytics

Created by Nick Netzig - Cognos Trainer @ Apparo Group


Students: 13, Price: $159.99

Students: 13, Price:  Paid

During the introduction to Cognos Reporting , the most important components of professional report generation are trained. The focus is on the different objects for report design. This includes, among other things: list objects, cross-tables, tables, layout components, prompt pages.

Participants will learn how to create pixel-accurate and attractively designed reports on several pages, including cover page and table of contents.

Tips for learning with the webinar videos

  • The best way to learn is to work through the lessons in the given order

  • The lessons are self-contained. If you only want to learn or repeat a particular topic, you can also start directly with the lesson.

  • Practice simultaneously on your own Cognos system

  • Start a video and press Pause if you want to follow the steps in your own system.

  • View complicated operations multiple times

  • After each lesson, you should test and deepen your knowledge with your own data on your system.