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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Welcome to the Cloud... now, what is it?

Created by Xavier Corbett - 


Students: 234040, Price: Free

There is no such thing as ‘the cloud,’ it’s just somebody else’s computer” – Did you ever hear that one?I have, and it’s what prompted me to create this course!

In this introduction to Cloud Computing, we answer the key question “What is the cloud?” With a solid, standards based approach and examples from the real word, we look at all the definitions that come together to mean cloud.

After this course you will have the foundation you need to launch into a career using cloud, to spearhead the cloud initiative within your organisation, or simply hold your own in that infuriating water cooler conversation with Simon the datacentre manager about how “there is no such things as ‘the cloud’”.

Using a web browser and an electronic blackboard my style is to talk and draw.There are no technical prerequisites so, let’s get going….

Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

A beginner's guide to learn Cloud Computing with AWS

Created by Karan Brar - Cloud Prodigy Inc


Students: 128681, Price: Free

UPDATE  June 2020 - Checkout Bonus Lecture "Learn AWS CDK using Python"

This course is a beginner's guide on Cloud Computing using AWS. In this course, I will be explaining most of the services required to build your infrastructure on the cloud.

It is completely based on practical sessions and focuses primarily on how to configure AWS services in real time.

There will be LIVE sessions at every weekend to brief about lectures covered in this tutorial. I will also answer your questions in LIVE sessions.

I will explain how to:

  • Configure Virtual Servers using Amazon EC2

  • Setup Storage using S3 and EBS

  • Configure monitoring system using Amazon CloudWatch

  • Configure CDN - Content Delivery Network using Amazon CloudFront

  • Bulk email solution using Amazon SES

  • Configure database using Amazon RDS

  • Configure highly available DNS  using Amazon Route53

A Practical Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing made simple with real world practical examples

Created by Neil Anderson - Building your Cloud and Data Center career


Students: 81607, Price: Free

The 2nd top hit for 'Cloud Computing' on Google says 'Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.' Unfortunately, that definition is completely wrong.

This course is designed to clear up the many misunderstandings about Cloud Computing and to give you a crystal clear and easy to understand explanation of exactly what it is, how it works, the different options available, the advantages provided and how much it's going to cost.

And I'm not just going to give you the theory, I'm going to show you practical examples which you can follow along with yourself so you'll understand exactly how Cloud Computing works in the real world.

I start off with a review in Module 1 of the traditional deployment models of On Premises and Colo so you can understand how Cloud changes things, then explain how server virtualisation revolutionised data center design and paved the way for Cloud.

Module 2 defines Cloud Computing by listing the Essential Characteristics of Cloud services.

You'll learn about the Cloud Service Models of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and XaaS in Module 3. I start with an overview of the different models and then dive deep into the details and options of each. I also give lab demos of how to deploy each type.

The Cloud Deployment Models of Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud are covered in Module 4.

Finally in Module 5 I list out the advantages of Cloud Computing and then break out the spreadsheet to show you how to do a TCO cost comparison when choosing between an On Premise or Cloud deployment for a real world workload.

A verifiable course certificate stating you have completed this training will be provided at the end of the course. This will prove to potential future employers that you have the basic cloud knowledge necessary to be an effective member of their IT team, and the motivation to complete further training and be a real asset to their company.

As a student in this course, you will get an answer to every question you ask in the Ask Question section. I love interaction with my students- anything you want to know, please ask.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the course. I hope you now have enough motivation to get into the learning right away. If so, click the Enroll Now button at the top of the page to get started!

GCP – Google Cloud Platform Concepts

21500+ Students : Google Cloud Platform GCP platform overview.

Created by DHANAJI MUSALE - Certified Google, AWS Cloud Architect, 75,000+ Subscriptions


Students: 51019, Price: Free

Google Cloud Platform - GCP is fastest growing pubic Cloud Platform Services in the world. 

Updates : Added BigData and Machine Learning offerings from GCP. 

Google is developer friendly and have provided almost all code example to Githut  link ->  github Slash GoogleCloudPlatform/

Google provide $300 credit  to try/Learn GCP platform besides free tier , So you can even learn paid services which does not have free tier. 

Note : This course has been created from Cloud Architect Certifications Course (- Paid version)  to give you overall idea on Google Cloud Platform. So may find context mismatch.

Last year google has recorded 84% growth rate.   Google in 2019 investing heavily in extending GCP services across the Globe. 
Google has committed may more data centers to extend there reach.
GCP  is already is prominent in Data Analytics, and Machine Learning offerings proven so many years and has added Storage, Compute platform , Database, Security and many more public cloud services for enterprises around world. 
 Google has private fiber optic cable around the world.. They have innovative data centers build to scale enterprise infrastructure and platform services requirements

Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2019

Get your first AWS Certification and Learn the AWS Fundamentals.

Created by Andrew Brown - CEO, Founder and Lead Instructor at ExamPro


Students: 50563, Price: Free

This is a free study course that you can use to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. If you're new to AWS or Cloud Computing this course will teach you the fundamental knowledge for AWS and will directly prepare you for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification. With a week's works of study, you'll be confident enough to take and pass this AWS exam.

Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing

Short course on AWS Cloud Computing

Created by Alan Rodrigues - Software Engineering Evangelist


Students: 29220, Price: Free

This course is designed to give an Introduction to students on the Amazon web services. In this course you will learn in brief on the following

  • Cloud Computing

  • The AWS Cloud

  • The Virtual Private Cloud

  • The Elastic Compute Cloud service

  • The Simple Storage Service

  • DynamoDB

  • The Lambda Compute Service

  • The Elastic Beanstalk Service

  • The Opswork service

  • Cloudformation

The Cloud is here to stay. It's important for every IT professional to understand cloud computing

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

This course will equip you with basic knowledge of Cloud Technologies in use today

Created by Bhavesh Goswami - Co-Founder & CEO at CloudThat Technologies


Students: 27174, Price: Free

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing is for anyone with an IT background who is interested in understanding What is Cloud Computing? It will equip you with basic knowledge of Cloud Technologies in use today. Cloud Computing has grown from being just a buzzword to a serious business decision that many businesses are contemplating. Therefore knowledge about it is necessary to make a clear and strategic plan to move applications and services to the Cloud. After completing this course you will achieve fundamental understanding of what is Cloud Computing, you will be able to understand Cloud Segments and Cloud Deployment Models, you will be able to identify Key Cloud Companies and you will gain knowledge of Cloud Services and Cloud Security.

Disclaimer: All Logos & Trademarks used in these course videos belongs to their respective companies.

Cloud Computing: The Technical essentials

Basics you must know before jumping into Cloud Computing

Created by Suresh S - Founder & CEO, CloudSiksha Academy


Students: 26485, Price: Free

This course teaches you the technical basics which are required before learning about Cloud Computing. It also gives you an idea of Cloud Computing and the services of cloud computing

The course includes:

Basics of Virtualization, Networking, Data Center, Storage, Cryptography

What is Cloud Computing? 

Deployment Models: Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Service Models: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

A sample public cloud: AWS and the services it offers

Starting your Career with Amazon AWS

If you are looking forward to starting a career in cloud computing with Amazon AWS, you must watch this course first.

Created by Andrew I - Cloud Computing Instructor


Students: 13006, Price: Free

Did you know that the average pay of entry-level professionals is $124,300?

If one thing is certain in IT, it’s never too late to cash in on the cloud. As the cloud becomes more critical to IT and the business at large, demand for cloud skills will only grow. But proving you have the right skills and knowledge in a competitive job market can be difficult. If you’re looking for an extra edge in landing a new job or promotion, cloud certification can be a great option.

A Forbes article on cloud computing forecasts summarizes key statistics regarding the current cloud computing landscape and also includes a look to the future. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the dominant cloud computing player and achieved an incredible 43 percent year-over-year growth. According to Wikibon predictions, AWS revenue should top $43 billion by 2022. AWS is followed closely by Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

A close examination of what's available to IT professionals by way of cloud-related certifications shows a large and growing number of credentials. For 2019, the best cloud certifications include both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certification options from some top players in the market. However, certification providers watch technology areas carefully, and seldom jump into any of them until clear and strong interest has been indisputably established.

The big question is... What Cloud Certification track should you start with?

No matter which direction you choose, cloud certifications are sure to take your career to the next level. Here’s my round-up of the most sought after cloud computing certifications you should consider.

Bash Basics for Cloud Computing

The essential Bash commands and basic scripting skills you need to know in cloud systems.

Created by Kumulus Technologies - Cloud Computing Education from Silicon Valley to You


Students: 11489, Price: Free

Bash is a Unix shell and command language that is the default  login shell for most Linux distributions and and MacOS.  It is now also available on Windows as of version 10. Over five years of training students in cloud native technologies and in building cloud systems for over twenty years, the team at Kumulus Technologies has found bash commands and scripts to be a basic necessity of "cloud life."  In this course you'll get introduced to bash commands you should just know as well as some less common commands that we've found repeatedly useful in our work.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- Part 1 ( Fundamentals of Cloud)

Cloud Computing Concepts

Created by TISYA Software Solutions Private Limited - Technology Learning Services


Students: 8847, Price: Free

In this course you will learn about the concepts of Cloud COmputing and the various service offerings provided. Cloud computing is a generic concept and there are many providers with different services. At the core, the concepts remain the same, the terms used by each provider may be different. You wlll get a clear understanding of the various terms associated with cloud computing.

You will also learn some fundamental concepts of Virtualization and Basics of Oracle Cloud.

There is also a video giving you a comparison of AWS vs Oracle CLoud IaaS offering and a video about the offerings in Oracle Cloud.

You can get the course slides at Amazon Kindle titled Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Part 1 ( Part of a Book Series Titled Unravel OCI)

Hybrid Cloud: The Complete Introduction

Your guide into your Cloud Computing Journey

Created by Ahmed Eldosoukey - Technology Consultant


Students: 5029, Price: Free

In this course, The Complete Introduction, we'll discover together the foundations that we need to build and architect a Hybrid Cloud. It is not focused on a specific routine of services or vendors, but designed to answer the fundamentals questions.

If you're yet to start the cloud computing journey or you're already in a middle of one track and need to discover what's there on other tracks, this course is for you.

With a basic knowledge about Information Technology, you'll end up this course with a good level of knowledge about:

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals

  • Cloud Computing evolution from Mainframe time till the floating Public Clouds era

  • What's the "as-a-Service" models with examples about each one

  • Choosing the right strategy for your customer/company; either Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud

  • Who're the market leaders in the Public Cloud space

  • What are the stacks that can be used to build a cloud on-premise

  • What are the main components needed to Architect a Hybrid Cloud

This is the first course in a series to be developed about Hybrid Cloud domain, including more advanced architectural vendor-agnostic topics and knowledge. Hope this course is as fruitful as you expects, and waiting for your feedback :)

Getting started with Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure

Talk like a Cloud solutions pro with your network! Demonstrate your knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Cloud

Created by Indrajit Sen - Agile Cloud Architect at a large Fortune 50 company


Students: 4433, Price: Free

This course is for Cloud novices who have some experience in the IT industry. It can be used as a launchpad for developers and architects to explore Cloud technologies further or act as a catalyst to the sales guy who wants to talk like a veteran with technical customer contacts.
This course will not help you get certified in Azure but will take you a long way in cementing your Cloud concepts that can be applied to any cloud vendor.

Introduction to Cloud Computing for Beginners in 30 mins

Learn basics of Cloud computing today evening

Created by Eshant Garg | LearnCloud.Info | 80,000+ Enrollments - Udemy Instructor | LearnCloud.Info | AWS | Azure


Students: 3345, Price: Free

Expected Outcomes

  • This free course is specially designed for college students or anyone who is planning to learn Cloud computing.

Intended Audience

  • Beginners in Cloud Computing


  • Beginners (100)

  • "if you are already experienced and working on these technologies, this may not be the best course for you."


  • No Prerequisites


  • English

  • If you are not comfortable in English, please do not take a course, captions are not good enough to understand the course.

What's inside

  • Video lectures, PPTs

  • Full lifetime access with all future updates

  • Certificate of course completion

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Some students Feedback

  • One of the most amazing courses i have ever taken on Udemy. Please don't hesitate to take this course. The instructor is really professional and has a great experience about the subject of the course. - Khadija Badary

  • Very nicely explained most of the concepts. a must have course for beginners - Manoranjan Swain

  • I appreciate this course explaining everything in great detail for a beginner. This will assist me in overcoming challenges at my work - Benjamin Curtis

  • Good course for Beginners. Labs are really helpful to grasp the concept. Thank you - Sapna

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

A must take course for cloud newbie

Created by Venkatramaiah Kurela - Cloud Neutral Trainer and Consultant


Students: 2812, Price: Free

This course will teach you understand cloud computing as a technology so you can easily learn industry leading public cloud computing products like AWS, Azure and Google etc...

you will gain deep dive understand of cloud delivery models like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, Deployment models like Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Community Cloud and Hybrid Cloud etc..

you will also be able to take decision on adapting cloud platforms or on-prem data center for your application hosting

Unlike other certification based courses this course is different, here you gain more real time project based knowledge and experience.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to describe cloud computing concepts like essential qualities, delivery models, deployment models, security & compliance and capex & opex models. You will be able to make resume points of them and confidently answer interview questions.

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud and Certification Test

How to prepare the Alibaba Cloud Computing Test and become certified professionals

Created by Jorico Training - Professional Training Service for IT/Engineers


Students: 1426, Price: Free

Jorico Training is Alibaba Cloud Official Certification Training Partner and Test Reseller.

This Free online seminar provides an introduction of:

1.  Step by Step Procedures to obtain Alibaba Cloud Certification.

2. Concept of Cloud Computing and introduction to Alibaba Cloud Services core products, including

- Elastic Computing Services(ECS)

- Relational Database Services(RDS)

- Object Storage Services(OSS)

- Auto Scaling

- Server Load Balancer

- Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

- Alibaba Cloud Security Service

- Content Distribution Network(CND)

- General Knowledge about Cloud Computing

If you would like to join Alibaba Clouder Community, please follow us on

DingtalkID (English Community)


WechatID (Mandarin Community)




Facebook Group:

Alibaba Clouder

Zero to Hero in Cloud computing Essentials With Azure

Cloud Service Models | Cloud Deployment Models | 5 Essentials attributes provided by NIST

Created by Varinder K - Consultant in information security


Students: 1403, Price: Free

In this course you will learn about cloud computing basic and core concepts which are very essential before you learn and work on any cloud Platform. Don't learn Azure or any other cloud service provider till the point you will have solid understanding of Cloud Computing Concepts.

Like for example once you will get solid understanding of Cloud or Cloud Computing concepts and start working on AWS,Azure or Google Cloud you will get real gist of features like Auto-scaling, Elastic Load Balancers, Regions and Availability Zones.

Believe me that is point when actual learning will start and you can go ahead for Microsoft Azure or AWS Certifications.

Course Cloud Computing with Amazon web services is divided into 5 Sections.

The course starts with Why one should learn cloud computing and then how NIST (National Institute of Standards and technology) came into picture followed by 5 Essentials attributes provided by NIST.

Section 2 : All 5 attributes explained in detail along with demo on Microsoft Azure Console.

Section 3: How much Big infrastructure is provided by Cloud Providers

Section 4 : Cloud Service Models

Section 5 : Cloud Deployment Models.

This will be the best course to learn Cloud Computing concepts with very competitive price

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professionals

  • Software developers

  • System Administrators

  • Network Engineers

  • Security Engineers

  • Product/Project/Marketing Managers

  • Bachelor of Science Students

  • System Architects

What you’ll learn

  • What is Cloud ? How NIST Helped in redefining Cloud ?

  • Why It is important to learn Cloud ?

  • What are various Cloud Deployment and Service Models

  • How many number of Data Centers operated by Microsoft Azure to Provide Services to Customers

  • Azure Global Infrastructure-: Azure Regions, Availability Zones

  • Key Benefits of Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

  • How cloud computing Created Entrepreneurial-Boom

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Zeal To Learn

  • a Cup of cappuccino

Who this course is for:

  • Planning to Earn Certification on AWS/Azure/Google cloud platforms.

  • Those who are planning to make Career in Cloud

  • Planning for Job Change

Public Cloud for VMware Users

An introduction to Cloud Computing and the Public Cloud

Created by Jason Meers - Lead Architect and CTO Ambassador @ VMware


Students: 773, Price: Free

An introduction to what Cloud Computing is, how it is used, and how it is different from traditional IT

We cover all the major services offered by cloud providers

We also cover the various offerings from Amazon (AWS - Amazon Web Services) , Google (GCP - Google Cloud Platform) and Microsoft (Azure)

This course is a good starting point for anybody new to Cloud Computing

LIVE FR8 App – advancing 4IR logistics using Cloud computing

Road Freight and Logistics Optimization enhanced by Machine Learning (AI)

Created by Andria Rautenbach - Educative marketer


Students: 726, Price: Free


The Live Fr8 App was developed to create a platform for Cargo Suppliers (Freight) and Logistics Suppliers (Transporters) to engage with the intent of doing seemless business. It comprises a comprehensive system enabling the parties to load freight or find loads. The communication system of the App allows for loading of specified cargo in order to receive a quotation from transporters. The system is based on effective use, thus payment is only made by the transporter on a successful transaction agreement with the Cargo Supplier (Principal).

Cargo Supplier App

Candidates will learn to operate and teach Cargo Suppliers the system, and to operate it effectively from any smart device.

Logistics Supplier App

Candidates will learn to operate and teach the operation of the app to Transporters.

  • Learn to expose cargo to transporters for free.

  • Learn to find more cargo loads to transport from any geographic location.

  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to efficiently use the Application as either a Cargo Supplier (any individual or company with loads to transport) or Transporter (any individual or company with a vehicle ranging from motorcycles to flatbed trucks).

  • Introduction to Cloud technology.

  • Advantages of Cloud technology - 80 000 transactions per second with unmatched security.

Carbon Reduction

The international awareness for the need of reduction of carbon monodioxide is well published. By effective use of the system it is expected that the potential reduction is up to 30% within the framework of 2020.

Basics of Cloud Computing

Basics of Cloud Computing

Created by Vinay Suryawanshi - Assistant Professor


Students: 203, Price: Free

In this course, the learners will get the basic understanding of Cloud Computing. Learners will understand when organizations can use the cloud computing technology in their organization. Learners will understand the various services offered by Cloud computing technology such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. You will understand the multi-tenant nature of Software as a Service. You will understand the categories of Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. You can list applications of Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. You gain the foundational knowledge required for understanding cloud computing from a business perspective.

You understand the definition and essential characteristics of cloud computing, its history, the business case for cloud computing. You learn about the cloud components of a cloud infrastructure. You will learn the various applications of Cloud Computing. And we go over the security concerns of Cloud Computing.

Even though this course does not require any prior cloud computing or programming experience, by the end of the course, you will have the complete basic knowledge of Cloud Computing concepts and the various services offered. This course is suitable for a large variety of audiences - whether you are an executive / manager / student who wants to become familiar with cloud computing terminology and concepts, or someone who wants foundational grounding in cloud computing to start a career in this field or become a cloud practitioner - such as a cloud engineer, developer, analyst, etc.