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Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Learn how to play thousands of your favorite songs on guitar in just 3 weeks!

Created by TrueFire Guitar Lessons - The World's Most Comprehensive Library of Guitar Lessons!


Students: 67817, Price: Free

Most beginners think that you need to know thousands of chords to play thousands of songs. NOT SO! You really only need to know a handful of chords and a few strumming patterns to play thousands of rock, folks, blues and pop songs.

The reason guitar is the most popular instrument on the planet is because it's the quickest and easiest instrument to learn how to play. You do NOT need to read music. You do NOT need to learn music theory. You do NOT need to struggle through exercises, or practice scales, or learn how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Fact is that thousands of popular songs can be played with 8 simple chords or less. Learn just the A chord, D chord and E chord and you'll be able to play hundreds of blues, folk, pop and rock songs. Why is this so? Because rock, pop, folk and blues songwriters all use the same handful of chords - it's their melodies and arrangements that make their songs distinctive, NOT the chords they are using in the song.

So, if you learn that handful of chords, and learn those few strumming patterns, along with the basics of holding and tuning a guitar, then you too will be able to play thousands of songs. And that's the simple truth.

World renowned guitar educator Ravi has taught thousands of people to play their favorite songs on guitar with his breakthrough 21-day course. The "trick" behind this course is really no trick at all; over the 21 days you'll learn how to hold and tune the guitar, how to play eight simple chords, how to strum, and how to keep a beat.

No gimmicks. No "magic" formula. No nonsense.

You will need to set 20 minutes a day aside for your practice sessions. No more and no less. And you are asked to do this for 21 days straight. Yes, you can skip a day or two but the daily repetition and practice regiment is the key to your success.

Ravi has also included additional lessons for you to work with beyond the 21 days. You'll learn more open position chords, the moveable barre chord system (worth the price of admission alone!), how to read chord charts, and how to easily and quickly learn songs from sheet music, song books and lyric sheets that you download from the internet.

Ravi will step you through the course and each of your practice sessions on the video lessons. Follow the course for those 21 days and beyond and we guarantee that you'll be prepared to start playing and building your own repertoire of favorite songs to accompany yourself or play in a band setting.

No, you will not be an Eric Clapton in 21 days and we wouldn't suggest you book your first gig on the 22nd day BUT you will be a guitar player and you will be well equipped to learn ALL of your favorite songs.

If you've always wanted to learn to play guitar so that you can strum along and sing your favorite songs, Learn Guitar in 21 Days is likely the answer you've been seeking. Grab your guitar, boot up Ravi's first lesson and let's start making music right away!

NOTE! We get asked all the time why a guitar educational company with so many advanced courses would offer such a simple solution to learning guitar without having to learn how to read music, learn theory or work through a more "formal" learning methodology. The answer is really simple; you never stop learning music but you do have to start. If your introduction to music is boring, tedious and generally a struggle, you'll likely pack the guitar up in its case and stick it in the closet. If it's fun, engaging and you can prove to yourself that you can really do it, then you'll spend a lifetime enjoying and learning guitar. Hopefully, TrueFire and our massive library of instruction will enhance that lifetime of enjoyment.

Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY >>> Play Songs Fluently (Guitar)

Skyrocket through months of improvement in days! Turn your guitar playing from feeling like "work" to simply "pure fun".

Created by Cooper - Guitar Songs Masters - 100K+ Students | Founder @ Guitar Songs Masters


Students: 23186, Price: Free

- How would it feel like - to know that you can FLUENTLY play all the songs that you were struggling with for a long time?

- To know that you can execute (without even paying attention to it) any chord transition that you used to struggle with?

Sounds good, right?

Welcome! This is what you've been looking for. By the end of this course - you will be able to easily execute the chord changes between all the basic chords - in a smooth and lightning-fast way. Without even looking. The result: You will be playing songs effortlessly.


"Playing fast at campfires was stressful for me. That changed now. The exact course I was missing for years! Even fingerpicking was easier than strumming chords."  Markus Hees (Google Translate from German)

"The instructions are clear and informative and presented in an entertaining way. There are lots of examples of songs that you can play." Ivan Carter


"Very simple and straightforward concepts that just work! Changing chord never felt so easy. Great bonus pdf’s as well." Barak Yaari


"When I first saw this course I really hoped that it would be the information that I needed to make me sit down and work on my chord changes and strumming. I am delighted to say that it really is!! I am already seeing a big difference in my playing. If you are unhappy with the speed and accuracy of your chord changes, your guitar and your audience will love you!" Amanda Yates


"All of a sudden, my fingers know where to go and hey presto I can finger the chord and make chord transitions so much easier." Malcolm Casswell


This mini-course will teach you exactly how to overcome (and speed through!) the obstacle of changing chords fast - which is the #1 obstacle that is causing 90% of the beginner guitarists to quit within a few weeks/months.​ 

By enrolling and putting in the little work that you'll learn about - I can assure you that you WON'T be one of the quitters.

Changing chords is not gonna be a challenge for you anymore - and instead you are going to focus simply on playing the songs fluently, and even singing along if you wish.

You will achieve that through practicing (for a couple of minutes a day) a small bunch of simple, fun, yet extremely powerful exercises - which will help you DRILL all the chord changes deep into your muscle memory.

You are going to feel the results today, and you are going to be able to cut through months of slow improvement in just days-couple of weeks, and skip to the fun parts of playing the guitar.

By doing the exercises - you will be able to take your guitar playing from the initial, hard stage, where it feels like constant "hard work" - where each chord change is a hassle - and you have to look down and slowly move your fingers one by one...

Into the stage where it's just "pure, expressive fun", and you can simply play all of your favorite songs without even thinking about it, without any efforts, and without these "flow-killing" stops between the chords.

Guitar is simple - by knowing these basic chords and how to switch between them at ease + a couple of strumming patterns (which I will teach you in the course as well) = you will be able to play literally tens of thousands of songs.

So join me inside and start having FUN with your favorite songs, instead of struggling with changing chords.


? Bonus: The Guitar Songs Masters Complete E-Books Library: On top of everything that's above, you'll get 8 more fancy guitar E-Books that'll help you massively improve your guitar life.

  1. The 14 Best Guitar Apps That You'll Actually Use

  2. 11 Guitar Practice Tips for Speedy Improvement

  3. The Complete Guitar Chords Cheat-Book

  4. The 13 Best Guitar Accessories That You'll Need

  5. My Secret Songbooks Link-Bank: Get Access to 7 Songbooks with 5000+ Songs

  6. 9 Cool Ways to Customize Your Guitar

  7. Improve Your Sense of Rhythm Cheat-Sheet

  8. 5 Fun Techniques to Spice-Up Your Cover Songs


Why should you listen to me on this?

I own almost ALL of my progress on guitar in my first few years to a couple of close friends who showed me these exercises when I just started out.

Thanks to the exercises, I was able to see tremendous and fast improvement in my ability to play my favorite songs - which is what kept me so motivated to keep going along the guitar-learning journey - which so many people give up on.

Over the years, I improved the exercises, added to them, and taught them to my own students, while consistently seeing these tremendous results keep happening - time and time again.

Trust me - you're going to be surprised by the speed at which you're going to see yourself improving and playing your favorite songs in a smoother and better way, every single day. ENJOY!


Time for A short bio:

Hi, my name is Alon Cooper. I am touring the world while running my online teaching business, playing venues (solo or with a band), and learning from the best musicians wherever I go.

I am the founder of Guitar Songs Masters, one of the top five most read guitar blogs worldwide, and of the GuitarSongsMasters Video Courses Academy, which has over 70K students in more than 10 unique guitar courses.


Cheers, and I'm looking forward to seeing you inside, 


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15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks

Learn to play classic blues

Created by Absolute Blues Guitar Guitar Lessons - Learn To Play The Blues!


Students: 14956, Price: Free

Probably The Most Valuable FREE Blues Guitar Lesson You’ll Ever Take!

Bobby Harrison from Absolute Blues Guitar presents an in-depth blues guitar course with tab, standard notation, fretboard diagrams and high quality backing tracks.

In this tutorial, we will learn 15 essential blues licks in the context of a 12 bar blues solo over a shuffle groove in the good old-fashioned key of A.

Our solo spans two choruses (twice around the 12 bar progression) and features many classic blues licks and phrases in the styles of B.B. King, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and Albert Collins. 

These 15 licks feature classic blues tonality, along with chord tones that really highlight the changes. These are all extremely usable ideas that you can incorporate into your own playing. Each lick breakdown features on-screen tab

In addition to learning the solo, we’re also going to cover a very cool rhythm guitar part that you can try out next time you find yourself at a blues jam.

Advanced Product Design Techniques with Siemens Solid Edge

3D Printing a Classical Guitar with Sub-D Modeling and Generative Design

Created by John Devitry - Mechanical Engineering and 3D Design


Students: 439, Price: Free

Find out how new engineering design methods like Sub-Division Modeling, 3D Printing, Generative Design and Synchronous Technology can help you develop prototypes faster along with how to validate a concept as quickly as possible and the issues of 3D Printing larger parts.   

Much of the class focuses on Sub-D modeling. The Solid Edge subdivision modeling environment generates a stylized body using a polygonal cage to control its shape. By continuously manipulating and subdividing the cage, you can add greater levels of detail and control until you have the shape you desire. Subdivision modeling provides a higher level of control than using polygons alone. It allows sharp edges in conjunction with smooth flowing surfaces.  With Sub-D modeling you can develop distinctively unique products based on organic shapes without the need for expert knowledge. Solid Edge subdivision modeling includes tools that provide advanced capabilities for shape creation, manipulation, and analysis. These tools allow anyone, even beginners, to quickly and easily create high-quality advanced shapes based on complex geometry.

If you are looking for more details on Generative Design take a look at my Udemy class: Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization.  This class starts with the basics and works its way up to more complex examples.


Composition & Form 4 Acoustic Fingerstyle,Classical Guitar

How to compose small forms/miniatures+POWERFUL music theory,structure, form, harmony & chords for the composer guitarist

Created by Luigi Pati - professional guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter/composer


Students: 23, Price: Free

Learn how to write solo pieces for classical and acoustic fingerstyle properly and effectively and unleash your potential.

Who needs bands? It’s time to learn how to write attractive solo pieces that you can perform on your own, as many composers have done for centuries, and knowing what you are really doing!

Do you want to learn how to write attractive, stand-alone pieces for solo guitar? Aren’t sure where to begin, or how to complete your piece? Ever find yourself noodling aimlessly for valuable chunks of time, and then finally giving up thinking: ‘I’ll try again some other times” ? Life is too short for noodling. Noodling is a HUGE waste of time.

This is an INTENSE and FAST PACED course. I don't want to waste a SINGLE minute of your time. I don't hit 'record' and fill my course with 10 hours of mostly ramblings, ifs, buts, maybes, fluff, uhm and ah, and extraneous noises (I myself cannot stand any of that in an online course). It's easy enough to fill in 10 hours if one doesn't edit out useless stuff out. I do edit every second. It takes me up to 40 minutes to edit a video that will be only 2 minutes long. I am more about content and substance than how things look. Every single word I say must have tutoring weight. Also, I don't believe in 'beginner to advanced' courses, most of them are superficial and bland and will turn you into a MEDIOCRE jack of all trades and master of NONE. Learning a bit of this and a bit of that with no real depth will only turn you into a mediocrity. You need to focus on ONE specific thing at a time, step by step, LASER FOCUS style, and it takes more than a few minutes to cover a single topic in depth. This attitude changed EVERYTHING for me.

Writing well for an instrument is much more than just buying a guitar and start ‘composing’. There are many things that you need to be aware in musical form and structure, and let me tell you, guitar teachers do not usually teach these secrets. But I do.

How do you ensure musical unity in a piece, and at the same time, avoid monotony? If you don’t really understand these things, your compositions will always sound unbalanced: maybe a great idea there, and insubstantial ones elsewhere. How do you invent (compose) a whole piece from one idea? This is what the classical masters have always done. They were masters at composing tons of music with a fragment of a few notes!

And the best thing of all is, you don’t have to be Beethoven or Bach to learn how to do this.

Composing attractive miniatures is an absolute requirement for any composers: you can’t call yourself a composer if you don’t know how to write an attractive little piece! Also, don’t let the ‘small’ lead you to think that it means ‘trivial’. Length of piece has NOTHING to do with the quality of it. Every major composer has taken seriously the writing of miniatures: Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Tarrega, Chopin, and a host of other brilliant but less known composers.

We will examine together one of my pieces in detail, and I will, step-by-step, tell you exactly how you too can (and should) learn this. I will reveal concepts and techniques that you will find only mentioned in music conservatories and music colleges. And, I already took the trouble to examine the maze in great detail, and figure out and use only the concepts that never fail. I have done all that work, and you will benefit from this by saving a lot of time, for I never teach what I myself have not mastered. Too often teachers have little to show for as for musical substance, and some of them can hardly play! Then again, you get occasionally a brilliant musician who are really sloppy and mediocre teachers. But in this course I will teach what I have myself done successfully every single time.

By the end of the course, you will understand many concepts that were previously either confusing or completely unknown to you, and use them in a powerful way in YOUR music. You will also be able to know how to get out of tight spots, how NOT to get stuck, and how to analyze other people’s works (which is different from just learning how to play other people’s music) and use what you learn in YOUR music. For this, again, is what every major composer has done in the course of music history!

Composing miniatures for an instrument is a powerful tool, an essential tool in the arsenal of today’s musician. Don’t limit yourself by playing only the work of others, but write your own and proudly perform it as well.

Let’s begin learning composition on guitar today, and you will surely be on the path of becoming a proficient and creative musician.

PS. You have probably noticed that, unlike some other sellers, I am not selling hundreds of courses (and this is not at all a criticism about them or their courses!). In part this is because I haven’t been too long here on Udemy, but also because I vet the students /customers more, i.e. I do not teach complete beginners (not that there is anything wrong with them), and I never write “This course is for ALL” and “no requirements needed”. This course has requirements, and I am not trying to appeal to all. At all. This basically means that I sell less courses, but also that as a smaller seller I can and will answer to ANY questions you have about anything mentioned in the course. Just post ANY questions in the Q&A section of the course, and I promise I will answer to all, as helpfully as I can. Not only that, the best questions will be examined in a new video!

If I were selling hundreds of courses, I could not answer more than a couple of student’s questions. But because I am a “smaller guy”, I can do what I mentioned above. And that is to your advantage. :)