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Learn to Play Clarinet: Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours

Master the art of Clarinet! Cover a year's worth of private lessons in just a few hours, for a fraction of the cost.

Created by MusicProfessor Online Music Lessons - Online Music Lessons


Students: 3654, Price: $49.99

Students: 3654, Price:  Paid


Learning to play the clarinet is incredibly rewarding, but getting started is a challenge. 

That's where MusicProfessor can help you make the most of your practice. Start from opening your case for the first time and progress all the way to playing your first melodies. Master all of the techniques necessary to become a great clarinetist. On the way, you'll also learn music theory and musicianship skills. 

And save money while you study with us! Private lessons are expensive. Each MusicProfessor Clarinet course provides an entire year’s worth of lessons, for a fraction of the cost, and at your own convenience.

Join over 18,000 MusicProfessor students and begin your studies today!


  • 90 video lessons
  • Downloadable sheet music
  • Animated fingering charts
  • Clarinet equipment recommendations
  • Clarinet-specific troubleshooting tips and advice
  • Dozens of familiar melodies and songs
  • Technique-building exercises
  • Major scales and scale exercises
  • Music Theory basics, including how to read music

MusicProfessor's curriculum is used in nearly 100 schools and school districts throughout the United States and by more than 18,000 students and music teachers throughout the world. Nowhere else can you find the level of detail and professional instruction of MusicProfessor's curriculum.

Fulfill your musical destiny by enrolling today!


“Great course for beginners! I loved the clear explanations and guidelines. Looking forward to the other more advanced courses!”

    -Philip Botha

“The information is very informative and I can see that I am going to learn a lot and be a proficient clarinet player in no time.”

    -Andrew Jordan

“It covers everything you need to know but were afraid to ask.”

    -M. Marsh


Kathryn Nevin earned her Masters and Doctoral degrees in Clarinet Performance from the University of Southern California, where she studied with Mitchell Lurie, Michele Zukovsky, David Howard and Yehuda Gilad. Originally from the Chicago area, she was a student of Melvin Warner at Northern Illinois University where she received a Bachelor of Music.

In Southern California, Dr. Nevin has performed with many orchestras including San Diego Symphony, Pasadena Symphony, New West Symphony, Long Beach Opera, Santa Barbara Symphony, Opera Santa Barbara, Monterey Symphony and Fresno Philharmonic. She is a member of St. Matthews Chamber Orchestra, Desert Symphony in Palm Desert, Redlands Symphony Orchestra and Long Beach Municipal Band.

Dr. Nevin is an active soloist and chamber musician, having been a founding member of several award-winning ensembles, including Triole, recipient of an NEA Chamber Music Residency. She is currently a member of Calico Winds, an award-winning internationally touring wind quintet, whose recordings and performances around the country have received critical acclaim, including those at Carnegie Halls Weill Recital Hall. The ensembles most recent commercial release,Vintage America, A Musical Meritage (Albany), features 19th and early 20th century American music.

Dr. Nevin has been featured on NPR's Performance Today and numerous times on local classical music radio live broadcasts. She has appeared in chamber music concerts with faculty at the University of Redlands, the Taylor String Quartet, the Shanghai Quartet, as well as with Los Angeles Philharmonic principal strings. Dr. Nevin is the editor of Solos for the Intermediate Clarinetist, Music from Four Centuries arranged for Clarinet and Piano by Daniel Kelley, Last Resort Music, Inc. She has taught at La Sierra University, the University of California, Riverside, Riverside Community College, Mt. St. Mary's College, Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Glendale College. She is currently the Artist Teacher of Clarinet at the University of Redlands.

This course has been provided by MusicProfessor, an online music education company.

CLARINET KICKSTART! Getting Started with Ease and Speed.

The Most Vital 14 Videos to Watch If You Have Just Started to Play the Clarinet. Enrol now for ALL THE HELP YOU NEED!

Created by Maggie Gray - Professional Performer, Teacher, Take Note Music Ltd.


Students: 1131, Price: $19.99

Students: 1131, Price:  Paid

At 1 hour 20 minutes long "Clarinet Kickstart" is the core beginners content of the long coaching programme 'Take Note Beginner Clarinet'

This is about getting the fundamentals of playing right! it will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your skill set.

All the vital facts are niched into one package. Direct and to the point there is nothing here that is irrelevant or unimportant. Step by step the material makes the playing easy and will get you going as quickly as possible.

The course focuses on specific areas in turn – the Clarinet itself, how it is handled, how the sound is made, how to read music with understanding, how to feel and play with a pulse and bring the music alive – and finally, all the skills are brought together to play some tunes,  when you will enjoy playing along with the accompaniments. 

You will learn to...

  • Assemble the clarinet perfectly – so it works perfectly.
  • Handle it so it feels easy to play.
  • Use a sling for support if needed – appreciate how the neck position and length of the sling can make a difference to the sound.
  • Imagine the shape of the column  air as you start to control the sound.
  • Play with a well-formed mouth position – your "embouchure" – make sound production easy.
  • Use the Tongue – to articulate the notes.
  • Understand how the music is written and identify the notes and rests on the stave.
  • Feel the pulse as you think the counting of the rhythms of the notes in your head.
  • Learn the first notes and exercise your fingers.
  • Play with the accompaniments – firstly play along with the tune then have a "soloist" experience as you play the tune against independent accompaniments.

By focusing your full attention on only the most helpful habits you will achieve great results.

The whole course will only take you an hour and a half to watch through but because ALL THE CONTENT IS IMPORTANT  you need to work on this for some considerable time till you habitually play in the best way, – and even then IT IS WISE TO REVISE THIS MATERIAL FROM TIME TO TIME.

You have nothing to loose! Get your playing on track and do not practise in unhelpful habits that will impair your playing in the future.


TAKE NOTE BEGINNER CLARINET! – Fun with Fundamental Skills


Created by Maggie Gray - Professional Performer, Teacher, Take Note Music Ltd.


Students: 436, Price: $34.99

Students: 436, Price:  Paid

This course is an actual DOING course. You are required to TAKE ACTION and have fun every step of the way!

You will learn all those practical skills of playing, which fulfil the expectations of most beginners. However, the teaching goes to a deeper level as it subliminally installs the much more important concepts of musicianship – the listening skills, the rhythm and pulse, the natural phrasing and the flow of the music. The student sees the new skill set as a vehicle for artistic expression and creativity from the very start.

Originally, the material was designed for young beginners and their supportive parents. However the DVD version, which has been on the market since the beginning of 2015, has also been hugely popular with adult beginners who appreciate how the simplicity of the presentation adds up to a solid technique through which to express the music.

Designed for ease of manageability and the avoidance of problems, the series of simple steps in  "Take Note Beginner Clarinet" will provide constant enjoyment, and you will feel a sense of achievement as you progress from level to level.

Use this material as: 

  • A Series of Lessons for the complete beginner.
  • A Reference Guide for later on in your musical journey.
  • A Problem Solver if you have a challenge.

The course comfortably niches all the relevant material from the first months of lessons into one product.  Used as a series of lessons, a beginner can take anywhere from 3-6 months to complete the content. During section 8, students are told to pause the material, and use supplementary exercises to strengthen their embouchure muscles and current reading ability before moving on to the next stage – it is important to allow the playing to evolve. There is an emphasis on measuring progress, not by the number of notes learnt or the number of tunes played, but by the quality of the tone produced and by the ease of the execution of that sound.

The terminology of the notation is both American and English. Literacy skills are taught with the note values from Whole Tone/Semibreves through to Eighth Note/Quavers. The notes studied are the natural ones from low F, below the stave (in the low/chalumeaux register), to A in the throat register, plus Throat Bb, F sharp on the first space and low Bb.


  • 12 easy to follow sections
  • Troubleshooting tips to solve challenges
  • Progressive play-along tunes
  • Interactive split screen tuition with moving graphics
  • Fun quizzes to test knowledge
  • Recap sections for quick revision
  • Essential advice for practise time

Offering hours of fun and variety, the material is delivered as audio-visual instructions by Maggie Gray – your teacher on tap providing you with all the facts at hand, and the answers at your fingertips!

Grateful thanks are expressed to...

Caroline Scott  – Producer and Editor.

Bill Worrall – Composition and Recording of the Accompaniments.

James Iaciafano of "Bananajims" – Character design of "Anthony the Ant".

Debbie Roe – Photography

Clarinet Lessons For Beginners

Learn To Play The Clarinet In Just 30 Minutes Per Week! Practice Videos Included.

Created by Todd Porter - Professional Music Educator


Students: 120, Price: $89.99

Students: 120, Price:  Paid

This is the perfect place to start for beginner clarinet players! Take all the guess work out of how and what to practice. This program comes with specially designed practice videos for each lesson.

Learn To Play The Clarinet Quickly And Easily Using The Music Coach Learning System.

-Learn the basics of how music works with fun easy to understand animated videos.

-Use a proven system to take all the guess work out of what to practice.

-Gain the confidence to play your clarinet with others.

-Enjoy learning at a pace that is right for you.

Start Playing And Creating Music To Express Your Musical Self

You will learn everything you need to know about the clarinet, from how to put it together and make your first sound, to how to play the clarinet in a band! This course also focuses on how to express yourself through music by teaching beginner improvisation (soloing). The goal of The Music Coach Clarinet Program is for you to fully express who you are through the instrument.

Content and Overview

I designed this program to help you begin your musical journey on the clarinet in the most efficient and fun way. This program is suitable for anyone who has a desire to play and has a working clarinet. There are over 2.5 hours of video lessons and practice videos.

The layout of the course uses a simple format:

-1 lesson video that explains a new concept/technique,

-1 practice video that has voice overs and graphics to help you play along with the teacher on the screen in "real time".

There are twelve sets of lessons and practice videos that help you learn melody, rhythm, harmony, and improvising. This program also contains a "Jam Room" with a virtual band that you can play along with at different speeds. As an added bonus there are also five music theory made easy animated videos that explain the basic building blocks of music.

At the end of this course you will have the confidence to play the clarinet both on your own and with others in different musical situations.