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ITIL® 4 Introduction

Introducing ITIL

Created by Trevor Wilson - Accredited Professional ITIL® Trainer


Students: 8162, Price: Free

In MP4-video format and presented by Trevor Wilson, an Axelos/PeopleCert accredited ITIL trainer. This video is an extract from our complete ITIL 4 foundation eLearning certification course.  Incorporating, Setting-the-scene, Introducing ITIL 4 and a sample of mock exam questions.  The section, 'Setting the scene' presents topics regarding IT service management (ITSM) in the workplace, and the section. 'Introducing ITIL 4' provides students with a brief overview of some of the key concepts of ITIL 4.

CISSP Certification Introduction and Exam Tips

Learn about the CISSP Exam format, Contents, and Test Taking Tips

Created by TIA Education, Andrew Ramdayal - Project Management and Security Trainer


Students: 4686, Price: Free

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is one of the world's most recognized certifications and is considered to be very difficult. This short course will give students a detail explanation of how the exam is formatted and the contents of the exam. The course will explain what topics will be covered in each of the eight domains and what are some of the more topics to know for the actual exam.

The course will include exam test taking tips. Six valuable testing tips that has helped thousands of CISSP students to pass their exams on the first try. These tips will help you on practice exams and on the actual certification exam.

The course is presented by bestselling author and CISSP training Andrew Ramdayal. Andrew holds over 55 certifications and has been teaching the CISSP exam for nearly 15 years to thousands of students around the world. His recommendation and exams tips will help you pass the CISSP exam on the first try.

Mindfulness for Everyone

Useful tools to help you be successful and happy

Created by Patti Marshall - Educator


Students: 2153, Price: Free

This is an introductory course to mindfulness. I will show you how to use mindfulness to enhance your life, be more productive, and be happier. We will cover what Mindfulness is, what Meditation is, the power of living in the present, how to become a better listener and how to manage feelings, and we will look at your "circle of control." Last, I share supports for success as you begin your journey.

Daniel Mahanty’s Free CISSP Primer

This is a primer for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional examination of ISC2.



Students: 1035, Price: Free

This primer is offered free of cost by a senior trainer for cyber security.  The trainer empanelled by well-known training organizations and has conducted numerous training programs.  He has also conducted corporate training programs for CISSP for several multinational organizations.

In this series we start with a brief introduction to the trainer, target audience and how this program will benefit candidates.  Thereafter, various topics from the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge will be taken for elucidation in terms that any individual will be able to comprehend. 

If this series kindles your appetite for cyber security and qualifying in the CISSP certification examination is appropriate for you to grow in your career, please consider enrolling in my full-fledged CISSP program will be be launched shortly.  If you are aren't planning on CISSP immediately but would like to learn more about the fascinating and immensely relevant topic of security, please watch the videos in this primer.  More videos will be added from time to time.

Welcome to this series.  I do hope you will enjoy this course and benefit from it.

My CISSP 2021 Exam Journey

If you are preparing for the new 2021 Version of the CISSP Exam, then this is for you!

Created by Simon Di Nucci - The Safety Artisan


Students: 143, Price: Free

My CISSP Exam Journey

Hi, Everyone,

My name is Simon Di Nucci and I've just passed the new CISSP exam; for those of you that don't know what that is, that's the Certified Information Systems Security professional. It's new because, the exams have been around a long time, but the syllabus and the exam itself have undergone a significant change as of the 1st of May this year. I’m probably one of the first people to pass the new exam, which I have to tell you was a great relief because it really was a tough exam and it was tough preparing for it.

It was a big mountain to climb. I am very, very relieved to have passed. Now, I hope to share some lessons with you. When I mentioned that I passed on the cybersecurity groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, I got a huge response from people who appreciated how difficult it is to do this and also lots of questions. And whilst I can't talk about the specifics of the exam, that's not allowed, I can share some really useful lessons learned from my journey.

Introduction. So I'm going to be talking about what I did:

1. The Official Course, and the Student Guide;

2. How I took stock at the start of the revision process;

3. How I revised using the practice questions and the Study Guide;

4. Something about the exam itself; and

5. Lessons learned.

So those are the five topics that I'm going to be talking about.