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Cook Your 6 Favourite Chinese Restaurant Dishes At Home

Advance your Chinese cooking skills, via 6 classic Chinese Restaurant Recipes. Tap into the Cantonese & Sichuan Cuisine.

Created by Yang Peng - A Chinese cooking fanatic. A foodie with love for cultures.


Students: 3838, Price: $39.99

Students: 3838, Price:  Paid

Are you ready to level up your Chinese cooking skills?

Welcome to the Part 2 of my Chinese Home Cooking course series:

Cook Your 6 Favourite Chinese Restaurant Dishes At Home

This is the follow-up course of Part 1: Learn Chinese Home Cooking Fundamentals in 6 Tasty Recipes.


Whether you've acquired some basics of Chinese cooking and aspire to up the challenge,

or you are a total beginner who wants to cook your favourite Chinese restaurant dishes at home,

you've chosen the right course.

This course incorporates advanced Chinese sauces, cooking techniques, tricks and tips into 6 super classic Chinese recipes.

After this course, you will not only be able to cook 6 most beloved and authentic Chinese dishes, but also find your Chinese cooking skills advanced to the next level.


The 6 curated recipes will be taught step by step, authentic and home-friendly.

They are:

  • Wok noodles with salt & pepper shrimps

    + Make your own Salt & Pepper Spice Mix

  • Ma Po Tofu (Vegetarian Version)

  • Kung Po Chicken

    + Make Kung Po Sauce

  • Cha Siu | Hong Kong BBQ Pork

    + Make your own Cha Siu Sauce

  • Sweet & Sour Pork

    + Make 2 Types of Sweet & Sour Sauce

    + Make Crispy Frying Batter

  • Wonton Soup

    +  Wrap Wontons in 4 Different Ways

There’s more to it.

Through the 6 recipes, you will also:

  • Learn and apply the 5 essential Chinese sauces that create most of Chinese flavours

  • Cook with 5 advanced Chinese sauces/spices that open the door to Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine

  • Make some classic Chinese sauces such as KungPo, Sweet & Sour, Cha Siu, Salt & Pepper

  • Familiarise with key Chinese cooking techniques

  • Acquire transferable Chinese cooking tips & tricks

  • Get comfortable with cooking more complicated Chinese dishes


This course is designed for home cooking.

There is no need to acquire special cooking equipment. The common household cooking equipment will be sufficient.

We also only cook with ingredients vastly available in western supermarkets.

You only need to acquire the 10 sauces mentioned in the preview lectures to start cooking.

You will also get 6 downloadable recipe PDFs .

They are step-by step recipe guides with picture examples. You can use the them during cooking, and/or share them with your friends.

This course also comes with Udemy’s 30-day full-money-back guarantee.

So, why not give this course a try?

Enroll now, and let’s have some cooking fun!



This course is the Part 2 of my Chinese Home Cooking course series.

If you are an absolute beginner in cooking and Chinese cooking, ideally you start with the Part 1 of the course series to build up some fundamentals, and avoid a steep learning curve.

However, it’s also no problem at all if you take this course directly, gather a bit more practice and patience, you will have a lot of fun cooking!

Learn Chinese Home Cooking Fundamentals in 6 Tasty recipes

Cook your own authentic Chinese food at home, led by 6 curated Chinese recipes, from easy to advanced. Free Recipe PDFs

Created by Yang Peng - A Chinese cooking fanatic. A foodie with love for cultures.


Students: 1301, Price: $39.99

Students: 1301, Price:  Paid

Chinese cooking is not as complicated as you might think.


  • If you are intimidated by the racks of foreign sauces and ingredients,

  • If you think you don’t have the “special” Chinese cooking equipment to start,

  • If you’re worried that Chinese cooking is just too complex and is for professionals only,

Then throw away those concerns, and join this course!


In this course, I’ll address your concerns by:

  • Learning and applying the 5 key Chinese sauces. Yes, only 5.

  • Using main ingredients that are vastly available in supermarkets and local markets.

  • Cooking with common cooking equipment: chef’s knives (no cleaver), a frying pan and a stew pot, and household stove.

  • Structuring the course lectures like a staircase, progressing from easy to advanced level.

After this course, you will be able to cook authentic Chinese dishes at home.

More specifically, you will:

  • Master 6 hand-picked recipes that you can cook with common cooking equipment.

  • Learn & apply the 5 sauces that create most of Chinese flavours.

  • Tailor & vary each recipe to your own preference by adapting the ingredients.

  • Familiarise with the key Chinese cooking techniques (scalding, stir frying, steaming, stewing)

  • Equipped with some nice transferrable Chinese cooking tips & tricks


The course is structured as below:

  1. Introduction to the 5 key Chinese sauces

  2. Recipe 1: Scaled lettuce with garlic

  3. Recipe 2: Quick & easy Tomato egg soup

  4. Recipe 3: Yang Zhou fried rice

  5. Recipe 4: Steamed chicken with shiitake

  6. Recipe 5: Stir fry pork belly with eggplant

  7. Recipe 6: Beef stew with radish

  8. Next steps to continued learning & practicing Chinese cooking

You will get these resources as well:

  • 6 downloadable recipes PDFs:

    The recipe PDFs are step by step with picture examples. You can use the them during cooking, and/or share them with your friends.

  • 6 downloadable lecture key takeaways PDFs:

    You can recap on the key cooking tips, and learn about possible adaptions to create your own recipes.


This course also comes with Udemy’s 30-day full-money-back guarantee.

So, why not give this course a try?

Enroll now, and let’s have some cooking fun!

China Table: Learn to Cook Traditional Chinese Cuisine

Amaze your family and friends with Chinese Cooking!

Created by Jon Chu - Never Stop Learning


Students: 582, Price: $24.99

Students: 582, Price:  Paid

Do you love Chinese food?

Most of us do, that’s why Chinese restaurants have been such a huge success - that and the fact that most people who are not Chinese have no idea how to cook it.

If you want to have a lot of fun while learning a new skill, why not learn how to cook your favorite Chinese food at home? Imagine being able to prepare all those delicious recipes: Kung Pao Chicken, Tea Eggs, Cha Siu (Roast Pork), my favorite thing in the world – Chicken Fried Rice, and many more.

Well, now you can learn all that and practice it in the comfort of your own kitchen. Welcome to China Table: Learn to Cook Traditional Chinese Food Video Course, where I, Jon Chu, will take you through everything you need to know about how to prepare amazing Chinese food fast and easy. Signing up for this fun, useful course means:

  • Learning the simple rules of Chinese cuisine and how to apply them, step by step
  • Learning the different styles of Chinese cooking - it's not all stir fry in a wok!
  • Learning the real-life experience of how the meals are cooked. No show-style cooking, no complicated ingredients. Just real food.

I decided to create that course partly because I got sick and tired of having to cook Chinese food for all my friends, all the time (because none of them could), but mostly because I love Chinese food and I know many people do. So I want to help bring it closer to your everyday life and make it an option when you’re wondering what to make for dinner, for get-togethers, and parties!

I’ve been cooking Chinese food for over 10 years now and I’ve mastered every bit of the process – and I know you can too.

Introduction to Chinese Cooking Fundamentals

Introduction to Chinese Cooking Fundamentals

Created by Kayson Ng - Chef on the line


Students: 17, Price: $29.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

  1. Different Types of Chinese Cuisines (Singapore Context)

    •Teochew Cuisines

    •Hokkien Cuisines

    •Cantonese Cuisines

    •Hakka Cuisines

    •Hainanese Cuisines

    •Peranakan Cuisines (Chinese and Malay Mixed Cuisines)

    You will learn all the fundamentals of Chinese Cuisines, be sure to immersed yourself in the course!

Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Overseas Chinese who have settled in other parts of the world. Because of the Chinese diaspora and historical power of the country, Chinese cuisine has influenced many other cuisines in Asia, with modifications made to cater to local palates. Chinese food staples such as rice, soy sauce, noodles, tea, and tofu, and utensils such as chopsticks and the wok, can now be found worldwide.

The preference for seasoning and cooking techniques of Chinese provinces depend on differences in historical background and ethnic groups. Geographic features including mountains, rivers, forests and deserts also have a strong effect on the local available ingredients, considering that the climate of China varies from tropical in the south to subarctic in the northeast. Imperial, royal and noble preference also plays a role in the change of Chinese cuisines. Because of imperial expansion and trading, ingredients and cooking techniques from other cultures are integrated into Chinese cuisines over time.

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Chinese Home Cooking 1.0

Learn Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques through 7 delicious and authentic recipes from various regions in China

Created by Yihan Wang - A Foodie Who Enjoys Cooking and Sharing


Students: 11, Price: $29.99

Students: 11, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Chinese Home Cooking 1.0! In this course, you'll learn 7 authentic dishes from different regions in China, some of which you might not be able to find at your local Chinese restaurants.

You'll get an introduction to basic sauces, seasonings and spices that are most used in China. You'll also learn how to make salad dressing, brown sauce, garlic sauce, etc. And you'll be able to use the cooking methods we use here to make many other dishes.

The recipes will include:

Frisée Salad with Peanuts (Cold Dish)

+Frying peanuts

+Making salad dressing

Shredded Pork with Green Pepper (Stir Fry)

+Cutting pork fillet

+Marinating pork to make it more tender and less dry

+Stir frying

Vegetarian Muxu (Stir Fry)

+Rehydrating black fungus

+Diamond cutting carrot & cucumber

+Stir frying

Spiced Beef (Boiled/Spiced)

+Making brown sauce

+Using spices

+Thin slicing beef

Steamed Prawns with Garlic Sauce (Steamed)

+Deveining prawns

+Making garlic sauce

+Steaming without a steamer

Braised Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom (Braised)

+Rehydrating shiitake mushroom

+Deboning chicken thigh

+Sugar coloring


Tomato & Egg Soup (Soup)

+Peeling tomato & fully releasing the flavor of tomatoes in the soup

+Using starch water to make the soup smoother

+Making the perfect egg drop (avoiding lumpiness)

With any one of these dishes, you can make yourself a happy meal and they also go along with each other, so no worries if you're planning to show your skills to your friends at a dinner party.

Each section of our course (apart from the introduction) is divided into the following three parts:

1. Introduction & Ingredients

2. Ingredients Preparation

3. Cooking, Seasoning & Plating up

Important things for you to learn in each recipe are highlighted, you'll also find a Recipe Card after each section, detailing the ingredients, cooking steps and allergens.

Join me in this course, enjoy watching and have fun cooking!