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The Ultimate 2D Game Character Design & Animation Course

Learn how to design and animate a character in Photoshop that can stand up as professional work

Created by Jaysen Batchelor - Illustrator & Designer


Students: 42911, Price: $124.99

Students: 42911, Price:  Paid

course was last updated on 11/1/16

over 7,000 learning students and begin designing game
characters and animation today!

to start creating professional game graphics and animations? Or maybe
you’re on a quest to start making money as a game graphic designer?
In any case you’ve come to the right place.

Ultimate Character Design and Animation for 2D Games course will show
you how to create high quality stylized characters and animations for
games that will stand up as professional work. The techniques taught
in this course can be translated into just about any asset creation
for games. This course will enhance or give you skills in the world
of digital art creation - or your money back!

course is your track to building amazing attractive character
animations and ultimately - make you money! Whether for your own
games or for other peoples projects.

course will take you from having little knowledge in Photoshop to
creating professional characters and animations in as little as 1

what else is in it for you?

You Design and Build Two Different Characters!

gain instant access to all four sections of the course including the
bonus section where I show you where and how to find jobs creating
digital art work that you can do from anywhere in the world. You’ll
also gain access to all of my Photoshop files and sprite sheets that
I create though out the for you to use how ever you like. These
assets can be used in your own games or just to study and trace over.

course is setup to quickly take you through step by step, the process
of creating a digital character and animating them in Photoshop. It
will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning designs and
animations for 2d games.

believe me? I offer you a full money back guarantee within the first
30 days of purchasing the course.

what you get with the course:

get access to the four sections of the course that will show you how
I create professional digital backgrounds and also teaches you where
you can find clients. The course is supported with over 4.5 hours of
clear content that I walk you through each step of the way.

at your fingers tips instantly.

  • The
    course starts with the basics. For those of you that have never
    used Photoshop I’ll walk you through the basic tools we’ll be

  • Next
    I’ll show you how I create my thumbnails and where I go for

  • Once
    you’ve chosen a thumbnail we’ll design each individual aspect
    of the character through multiple sketches.

  • At
    this point you’ll be ready to dive right in and start building
    the individual components that will make up your character! In this
    course we will be creating two different characters and animating
    one of them!

  • Next
    we can create our sprite sheet and prep it in unity for animation.

the 5 chapters you will learn:

  • Photoshop

  • The
    design process

  • Building
    your character assets

  • Sprite
    sheet creation

  • Animation

  • how
    to find jobs creating digital artwork

else will you get?

Personal contact with me, the course tutor

Lifetime access to course materials

Understanding of how professional digital artwork is designed,
created, and organized layer by layer

Bonus section on how to become a freelancer

all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will
get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section
of the course.

will be here for you every step of the way!

what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get
free bonus section

and start building to day!

Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design

Model Video Game Characters. Use The Sculpt Tool To Shape, Add Texture, Rig & Animate Video Game Characters

Created by Team - Learn to Make and Sell Games


Students: 30290, Price: $109.99

Students: 30290, Price:  Paid

Take your first steps to becoming a 3D character artist - learn everything from modelling to painting to animating the character. The course is the sequel to the highly popular Blender Character Creator course, enjoyed by 10s of thousands of students.

This course has been created using Blender 2.83 and is compatible with newer versions of Blender.

Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, the experienced instructors will take you through every step of the process, ensuring that you aren't just "copy and pasting" what you see, but learning the tools and developing your own creative process as you go.

For each concept taught this course includes a relevant challenge for you to implement yourself. You can follow along with the Ogre model used in the course, or create your own character using reference material or your own sketches.

The course will show you how to create a highly detailed, great looking character for your portfolio as well as turning that same character into an asset ready to be implemented into a video game engine.

The entire course is project-based, so you will apply your new skills immediately to real 3D models. All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources - you'll never get stuck. There are talking-head videos, powerful diagrams, quality screencasts and more.

For each model you build, you will follow this process...

  • Be challenged to build the entire model yourself.

  • Be shown step-by-step how to build it.

  • Apply your knowledge regularly.

  • Encouraged and supported throughout your journey

You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. If you're a complete beginner, we'll teach you all the modelling fundamentals you'll need. If you're an artist, we'll teach you to truly bring your assets to life. If you're a coder, we'll teach you modelling and design principles.

All students have access to the Q&A where our Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Community are ready to help answer your questions and cheer on your success.

Note: access to this course comes with an optional, free community site where you can share games and 3D models, as well as connect with thousands of other students.

Dive in now, you won't be disappointed!

The Ultimate Character Design School – Beginner to Advanced

Learn the concept industries number one job skill

Created by Jaysen Batchelor - Illustrator & Designer


Students: 28953, Price: $159.99

Students: 28953, Price:  Paid

Join over 260,000 achieving student and start making your art dreams a reality.


This course combines a simple effective teaching system with easy to follow videos and tons of projects to work on. And a mind-blowing 24 hours of video content straight to your fingertips. This will take you from beginner to advanced in how ever long you want it to take because its completely self guided. Take it at your own pace.


If you scroll to section 12 you can watch the entire character design process through a two part film that demos a character design form start to finish. This course will teach you everything you need to know to design unbelievable characters.


  • 12 sections - 95 lectures

  • New and improved character design skills

  • Access to The Artist Inner Family Facebook Group

  • Q&A Support through out the entire course

  • Downloadable resources

  • Student discounts to future courses

  • 100% absolutely no questions asked money back guarantee (for 30 Day)

  • All future updates to the course


Yes! Here's what you'll learn:

  • Drawing fundamentals

  • Story telling

  • Pencil control

  • Dynamic poses

  • Style development

  • Body proportions

  • Drawing body forms

  • Drawing faces

  • Drawing hands

  • Foreshortening

  • Gesture & Poses

  • Facial expressions

  • Hair & Costume

  • Anime

  • Disney animation

  • Comic

  • Pixar style

  • Character design demo

  • Facebook group


Section 2

You'll dive right into your first character drawings. It's never fun to listen to a bunch of lectures on theory for the first few hours of a course. It's much more fun to actually do. So you'll already be drawing characters by lecture 3.  You'll get to draw a male and female character in this section. You can preview this section for free if you want to get a taste of the course.

Section 3

This section is called Learning The Fundamentals of Character Design because you will be learning everything you need to know in order to build a strong foundation. You'll learn everything from the drawing hierarchy to how line, shapes, and form are used in stages to create character designs.

Section 4

Welcome to drawing boot camp. This sections name comes form the fact that you will go through exercises that will strengthen you drawing ability. This includes pencil control, muscle memory, speed control, and pressure control. All of which are extremely important to character design. We call this section drawing boot camp because you'll change after going through it.

Section 5

Next your going to receive some extremely useful training. This whole section is on drawing the human body. You'll need the ability to draw the human form if your going to create good character designs. Through out this training you will learn how to draw every individual part of the human body from different angles and in different poses. This section breaks down the human body into simple to understand shapes and forms that you can replicate over and over again. And don't worry, you'll learn how to draw the male and the female forms.

Section 6

This section is all about how to pose that body that you're now an expert at drawing. In order to create exceptional character designs you need to know how to draw poses that are dynamic and have attitude. You'll learn all the different ways to make a pose dynamic and how to express a characters attitude, emotion, and just give them that appealing look. Trust me. By the end of this section you'll get it like a professional.

Section 7

The most important part of character design is always telling a story. Here you'll learn how to tell a story through your characters expression. First you need to know how to draw certain expression. Once you've mastered your character expressions you can start mixing and matching eye and mouth expressions to get a wide variety of emotions. Creating good expressions is the secret of the pros.

Section 8

You probably don't want your characters to be naked and bald so in this section you'll learn all about hair & costume design. Hairstyles and costumes are really what make characters iconic and memorable. So you'll learn all about how to give your character their "Thing" that will distinguish them form other characters.

Section 9

This section of the course will give you some very practical knowledge and skills in drawing characters in different genres. Character design is broken up into different genres. You'll be taught in-depth how to draw anime, Disney animation, comic, and Pixar cartoon styled characters over the course of 5 lectures. You won't want to miss this section!

Section 10

At this point you have acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge to design your own characters from start to finish. So now its time to put it all together. You'll get to watch a two part video of me designing a dragon slayer character from start to finish. This section demonstrates a character being imagined and developed right before your eyes. Theres no better way to learn than to watch others.


As an instructor I have always worked hard to build courses that are simple for students to understand and implement. I wanted to build a course that could take a student with little or no drawing skills and shape them up into a decent character designer in a short period of time. My company Jaysen Batchelor Education is committed to developing courses that exceed expectations and provide value above and beyond what is payed for. If you're not happy with the course you can always get a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchasing the course. The refund process is hassle free and you won't be asked why. But I have a feeling you won't want to refund this course. 

This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

I will be here for you every step of the way!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and lets change your art world today! 

Character Design: A Complete Guide to Drawing 2D Characters

Learn to Design & Draw Your Own Characters: Drawing for Animation, Manga, Anime, Cartoon, Comics, Video Games+

Created by Video School - Learn Creative Skills


Students: 15928, Price: $89.99

Students: 15928, Price:  Paid

Do you want to be able to draw characters from your imagination?

Perhaps you want to draw characters for video games or movies? Or start your own comic series?

If you said yes, this is the perfect course to learn character design.

You'll learn the entire process from understanding shapes and shape language, to drawing the human head & figure. You'll learn how to draw several poses for your characters; understand how lighting can effect the mood and style of your character; and transform your hand-drawn character into digital art.

Enroll now and get instant access to:

  • 18.5+ hours of video lessons

  • 100 page workbook PDF

  • Student drawing community

  • Premium Instructor support

  • Lifetime updates to the class

How does the course work?

Jump right in with drawing warm up exercises. Then, learn our recommended tools and jump right into drawing character silhouettes. From there, you'll learn how simple shapes can give off different feelings - friendly vs. mean, good vs. evil, etc. You'll then learn how to draw the human head and figure.

Once you've learned all of these basics, you'll put it all together with some full character designs. After drawing your first full characters, you'll learn different poses to draw your character in.

The rest of the course covers some advanced drawing techniques, lighting styles, Photoshop skills, as well as deeper dives into character elements like hair, cloth, armor and more.

This is a very practical course! You'll be drawing and sketching your own characters throughout the entire class! And by the end of class, you should have several characters drawn, and the skills to draw any character from your imagination!

Why take this course from us?

Being able to create characters from your imagination is a sought after skill that is required by most major media companies in some aspect of their creative process. Whether it is to create films, games, or comic books, there is always a spot for someone who can draft up new, innovative, and magical ideas to bring the project to life. Even in the 21st century where much of the world's entertainment is in 3D, a skilled 2D illustrator is a vital asset in providing the initial designs that later become sculpted and rigged assets in 3D software.

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with theoretical and practical knowledge that will be immediately useful when trying to get better at character drawing. This course is targeted towards hobbyists as well as beginners who seek to be professionals. Each topic will be taught at a comfortable pace and reiterated multiple times throughout the course. Students who enroll in this course will learn to think like an artist and adapt to a workflow that will allow them to produce designs that can be used by a 3D modeler in the studio pipeline.

Who is your course instructor?

This course is led by Kevin Gardin, the founder of Drawcademy, in partnership with Video School, creators of several top-rated courses in the fields of art, design, photography and video creation. Kevin has been drawing his own characters for years, both professionally and as a hobbyist. He is excited to share his knowledge and passion with you.

Are you ready to start your own character design journey?

We're so excited that you're here reading this course description, and know that once you enroll you won't regret it.

Click that enroll button and start drawing today!

Adobe Illustrator Essentials for Character Design

Learn how to turn your paper drawings into beautiful art. Presentable products that you can pitch or sell

Created by 2D Animation 101 Courses - Animation Courses for Beginners


Students: 11717, Price: $49.99

Students: 11717, Price:  Paid

Do you want to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to Design and Present your characters?

Well, what can I say, you are reading this, and that means that you are interested in learning Adobe Illustrator. It also means that probably you looked for free tutorials on the internet on how to use it, and picked up some tips here and there, but you are looking for an organized course that guides you through this awesome software step by step.

This course is for either character designers or animators who want to learn the basics of this software to use the new set of skills on their projects.

You will learn all the essentials you need to trace images, turn paper drawings into presentable products that you can sell, and everything you need for character design.

If you are a beginner, you will love it, you will go from zero to hero if you follow along practicing the exercises. And if you are a savvy user, then you might as well benefit from some secret gems here and there, missed tools and techniques that you probably knew they existed.

How do I know that? Because of the reviews from early testers, my designer friends who checked this course to give it the thumbs up, who have been using Illustrator for years, and they confessed they didn’t know about 30% of the techniques covered in this course.

You will learn:

  • All the basic interface, and navigations.
  • All the essential panels.
  • Then the drawings tools.
  • What tools to use if you have a Wacom Tablet, or for those who don’t have a drawing tablet, then what tools to use when designing with a mouse.
  • All the basic drawing tools in detail
  • How to create a color palette
  • How to paint your work using the live paint feature
  • How to add shadows and highlights easily

This course has many exercises that you can follow to understand every bit of knowledge.

Enroll today and start developing a new skill that can help you sell your work and get some extra income.

Character Painting: Design and Render Like a Pro

Learn Incredibly Cool Photoshop Painting Techniques to Create Professional Level Character Art

Created by Hardy Fowler - Professional Illustrator & Concept Artist


Students: 8235, Price: $99.99

Students: 8235, Price:  Paid

I’m calling on all artists out there with a passion for creating cool looking characters - if you’ve ever dreamed of making a career out of this, I’m here to tell you that the dream is real. You can make a living doing this!

All you need is a killer portfolio to launch you into a fun and rewarding career.

This course can get you there. I’ll show you all of my professional level techniques and tricks that will demystify the entire process of creating character art with Adobe Photoshop. In an easy to grasp, step by step process, you’ll learn digital painting techniques that will have you amazed at how beautiful, realistic and full of personality your character art has become. But this course is so much more than just a painting demonstration. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to start thinking like a character concept designer. To tie it all together, we offer responsive support and loads of other course resources to make sure that every student can take their work to new heights.

You can do this! Don’t miss out on the chance to turn your character art into a professional level product. It just might lead to a dream career. Enroll today, grab your stylus and let’s paint cool stuff.

Character Design for Beginners

Design Characters for Games, Comics and illustration.

Created by Rich Graysonn - Illustrator Designer


Students: 7293, Price: $129.99

Students: 7293, Price:  Paid

UPDATES: October 2018 : New section on basic figure drawing and more videos uploaded weekly.

If you have even wanted to create cool characters, evil villains then look no further.

If you have ever stared at a blank page wondering what to draw then this is the course for you.

This is the course for those of you that want to learn concept character design. This is not another “watch me draw” tutorial that does not help you  learn the process of character concept design. If you want to make games or comics or manga then you will need to learn how to design characters.


  • This is the course that you need if you want to learn to create characters for video games and comics and animation. This is not an illustration course although you will be drawing a lot.

  • If you are ready to learn a process and workflow for designing  characters, then you can’t afford to pass up this course.

  • When you are finished with this course you will not only have a solid workflow and new skills , you will have the confidence to get things done.

  • Rather than trying to sell you, just take a look at what the course has to offer. I’m sure you will see the time and care that was taken to create this course for you. 

Concept Art Character Design

Advanced Techniques and Portfolios that Succeed

Created by Hardy Fowler - Professional Illustrator & Concept Artist


Students: 6517, Price: $99.99

Students: 6517, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Concept Art Character Design! My name is Hardy Fowler and I’ve got an amazing and valuable course to share. Character Concept Art is a really exciting and high demand field. Countless entertainment industry clients are willing to pay very well for skilled artists who can conceptualize and paint beautiful and memorable character art, BUT, it’s a highly competitive corner of the market and you need to stand out from the crowd in order to succeed.

Help is here! the main, big picture idea of this course is to show you how to elevate good character art into amazing character art. I’ve been doing this for over a decade now and my career has taught me some sure fire ways to push any character concept painting to the next level and that’s what I want students to take away. We’re going to make your portfolio stand out from the pack - let’s turn good into great!

This course is designed for character artists who already feel like they know the basics but want to rise up to much higher levels. We’ll do six full character projects covering a wide variety of genres and challenges and I’ll show some incredibly cool and easy to master rendering techniques. But this course is so much more than just a painting demonstration. We’ll dive into all of the concepts and theories that guide great character design and you’ll learn all of the skills, habits and mindsets that really elevate those pro-level portfolios that get picked by clients.

• I love chatting with students and seeing their work

• I offer responsive support and feedback

• this course is packed with career-changing resources and bonus materials

So, if you are looking to reach that next level and create the kind of portfolio that can launch a concept art career, don’t miss this course. Enroll today, grab your stylus and let’s PAINT COOL STUFF!

Creative Character Design – Character Concept Art Design

Concept Art Character Design Tutorial : Tips for Character Design : Character Design Process Basics : Portraiture Class

Created by Chris Petrocchi - Artist, teacher, mentor


Students: 3143, Price: $19.99

Students: 3143, Price:  Paid

Draw imaginative characters from thin air using only your creative mind, some raw material and a pencil


This course is going to show you how to dive in to the creative process and conceive portrait drawings from nothing. I call it CRE8TIVE HEADZ, and my biggest goal is to help you break out and start creating some of your own unique portraits from scratch.

Inside I'll give you 3 keys to unlock greater creative expression with your art that will give you a clear plan forward so you don't get lost in artistic quicksand. I'll help you focus on specific things to get the creative outcomes you want more often by providing a framework that assists your creative thought process as well as gives you practical mechanics to get your idea out of your head and onto the paper all the while overcoming fears you may have in with the artistic process. I will help you not just do drawings but become a visionary (in your own unique way)

If you've ever wanted to be creative with your drawings but didn’t know how to start. Or, You felt the task was too big, you got overwhelmed and quit. Or maybe you are pretty good at drawing realistic portraits but struggle with making things up and you wish u could be more “creative” then this course is for you.

#concept #art #portraiture #character #design #drawing #portrait #faces

Cartooning and Character Design: The Pirate Edition!

How to draw cartoons in Adobe Photoshop - Learn the cartoon drawing design process from start to finish!

Created by Malcolm Monteith - Artist and Illustrator


Students: 2757, Price: $19.99

Students: 2757, Price:  Paid

In this course I’ll be taking you through my general thought process when designing characters. Starting with their personalities, then bringing in visual elements that will make the character believable, using simple shapes as my foundation, the rough sketch, the inking stage and finally adding colour and shadows! 

I’ll be conducting this course using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet – but if you’d rather follow along using traditional materials, the core teachings in this course can be applied to other mediums as well.

Character Design MADE EASY with Moho & Anime Studio

Easily creating characters in Moho & Anime Studio

Created by Jeremy Alexander - Teaching Game & Software Dev, Web Design, & Email Marketing


Students: 2233, Price: $49.99

Students: 2233, Price:  Paid

Character Design MADE EASY with Anime Studio Pro


What is this course about?


This course is about those who have no natural drawing ability but want to draw anyway. It is also about turning a sloppy drawing into a refined piece that is ready to rig and subsequently animate.

Drawing for those who lack the natural ability can be a struggle. If you however do have some natural ability when it comes to drawing, this course will translate to you on a different level. Anime Studio Pro makes it as easy as humanly possible to draw what you imagine. The drawing tools are simple but unlike anything else out there. Once you master their tools, it's a matter of playing it smart and using a reference image to achieve the character you want. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.


What material is included?


This course like our others is a no fluff, straight to the core, course. In it we dive right in to actually using the tools Anime Studio offers to draw our characters. Each character we draw is free for you to use commercially for any of your projects!

We are constantly drawing in Anime Studio and as a result we will be constantly updating this course. At the moment there are 4 ready to rig characters for you to follow along with and or use. But as you check back we will be updating the course with more and more characters and start building an Anime Studio character design community.


Why take this course?


In this course we will walk you through step-by-step how to draw and organize a character ready for animation. We will talk about why Anime Studio Pro works for character animation and demonstrate how we use it as a premiere drawing tool. These lectures are gold for those who have had trouble in the past drawing digitally but even more so as we continue to update, these lectures will give you the experience in character design you have been missing!


Is this course right for me?


This course might not be right for you if you are already a well equipped digital artist. But even if you are comfortable at drawing you can still learn how we make ready to rig characters that utilize Anime Studio to its full extent.

I hope you will join us in the ever increasing world of character design!

Digital Painting in Clip Studio Paint – Character Design

From Concept to Finished Painting

Created by Robert Marzullo - Comic Book Artist / Illustrator


Students: 1811, Price: $19.99

Students: 1811, Price:  Paid

In this Course you will learn How to Create a Fantasy Art Character from the rough sketch all the way to the finished paint work. We start with the drawing process and I explain how to make changes to the concept and not get too worried about everything being perfect in the beginning. There are lots of ways to edit the work and keep pressing forward within Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.

We will then cover how to lay in the base paint work and use that to create and save our selections. You will learn how to use the layers to aid in your painting process, as well as how to work in a non-destructive approach.

Once the foundational information is in place we will begin to apply our digital painting effects with a variety of brushes. ( You will get access to all the brushes I use in this Course. )

You will also learn how to create and apply a texture effect for the chain mail on the characters armor. We will be using the "Distort" and "Mesh Transformation" features to accomplish this.

Through this course you will learn how to use : Layers and Groups, Combine Modes ( Blending Modes ), Custom Brushes, Hard and Soft Edge Shadows, Layer Masks, Quick Masks, Blending Brushes, Tonal Correction, Mirrored Windows, as well as General Drawing and Painting Techniques.

This course is 9 Hours and 17 Minutes total run time. 35 Individual Lessons.

You get the Layered Art Files and the Custom Brushes to work along with.

I am here if you have any questions or feedback for me to make this a better Course for everyone. So please feel free to let me know!

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics

The Character Design Course (Updated June 15th 2021)

Learn how to draw fast like a pro!

Created by Rob Mcleay - Chief Tutorial Designer


Students: 1762, Price: $19.99

Students: 1762, Price:  Paid

Hello and welcome! Do you love to draw characters but feel frustrated at your progress?

What will you learn in this course

Boost your visual development skills

Learn the craft of character design

Learn to use Silhouettes to create Imaginative Character Concepts.

The ability to drawing from memory!

Become a quicker drawer!

" Rob provides a solid foundation for folks who are interested in creating and developing characters for sequential arts and animation. All the basics are explored here, with copious examples: simple shapes, line of action, appeal, etc.

One thing that sets Rob's tutorials apart from the rest is how several examples of the process of character design are shown. The videos reiterate several times that the first design isn't always the best - that one should continue to explore other design possibilities before settling on the final look and feel of a character. If you are interested in refining or creating your own character " - Stuart P


Have you ever tried to draw from memory but failed regularly?

In order to develop your visualization skills (drawing from the mind), your goal as a visual development artist is to draw your characters and environments in a 3-dimensional form.

In lecture one, I will show you:

  1. One really easy technique called the Isometric Arrow that will help you to draw a perfect 3D box every single time!

  2. How to turn a flat rectangle into a 3D tube (this will boost your arm and leg drawing skills!)

  3. One easy method that can help you to draw your character in multiple directions without reference!!

  4. How using shapes can 3x speed your drawing skills

In lecture two I will show you how to convert 2D shapes into 3D objects (Advanced)

  • create 3D objects from your imagination;

  • convert seven flat shapes into seven 3D objects!;

  • create arms and legs from just a rectangle!;

  • use the centre line to help you to turn a 3D object in any direction!

In episode three, I am going to show you the Introduction to Exploring Ideas

To create great and memorable characters you will need to learn how to explore and manipulate shapes.

I will show you:

  • a warm-up method to boost your hand-eye coordination immediately!;

  • why sometimes thinking too much can hinder the creative process;

  • how to quickly and confidently create 20 characters in 20 minutes!;

  • what a silhouette is and how it can drastically improve your drawings!;

  • how guidelines can help with the direction of your character!;

  • one neat trick on how to draw a solid looking mouth!

I'll keep going but you get the idea!


p.s. don't forget to rate and provide feedback so other like-minded artists can find these tutorials!

Character Design for Beginners – Create Your First Character

Learn the Basics of Character Design - From Drawing and Design to Digital Illustration Using Procreate on iPad

Created by Alexandra Gábor - Professional Art Teacher and Artist


Students: 1293, Price: $109.99

Students: 1293, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Welcome to the Character Design for Beginners - Create Your First Character class!

Throughout this class I will carefully guide you through a 15 step process which will take you from an empty page to a full illustration like the one you can see on the course image.

In this class you will learn strategies and skills you can apply to your own illustration practice:

- You will be able to come up with your own characters.

- You will be able to create powerful silhouettes.

- You will be able to add eye catching features.

- You will be able to use harmonious colors.

- You will be able to create balanced design and great compositions.

- You will be able to set mood with light and shadow.

and most importantly, you will be able to tell a story.

Because what is illustration about? Storytelling.

In this class, as I am going to use the iPad Pro and Procreate, it is recommended to have these tools and have a basic knowledge of the program, however comment on everything and leave detailed notes so that you can work along with me easily. You can also use different programs, like Photoshop, but then you will need to adjust the steps for yourself.

Regarding the artistic background, this course is perfect for beginners. So if you are at the beginning of your illustration journey, you are at the right place either you are willing to take this as a professional path or if you are taking it as a hobby.

The skills you will learn in this course will open so many doors for you, not just by leveling up your technical skills, but by changing your mindset about approaching a project.

So, hopefully after this course, there will be no stress and unnecessary procrastination about an artwork you need to create for somebody, or for any of your personal projects.

The best thing about this course is that by the end of it, you will be able to create a full illustration like this – how amazing is that!

So if you are ready to start, let’s get into it!

Level up your illustration game TODAY!

Cartoon Character Design for Animation

Learn character design, from the ground up, using vector graphics and the free program Inkscape.

Created by Martin Belvisi - Vector Artist


Students: 1223, Price: $49.99

Students: 1223, Price:  Paid

In this course you'll learn everything you need, from the ground up, to create the type of cartoon characters you see in modern tv shows like Dexter's Lab, Fairly Odd Parents and My Little Pony. All by using the free, open source program Inkscape, and the mouse.

First you'll learn Inkscape for illustration, we'll take a complete and in depth view at the program and by the end of the first unit, you'll be able to draw not just what will be in this course, but anything you want!.

Then we'll delve into the character design part of the course with the head. You'll learn to draw the most common head features you see in cartoon shows in step by step lessons, and to finish the unit, you'll apply the principles of character design to be able to build nice looking heads always.

Next will be the body unit, where you'll learn to draw any type of cartoon body, as well as the best methods and techniques so you can create any character easily by taking advantage of the features of Inkscape.

And finally you'll learn how to make the characters nice looking by applying line, color and light and shadows.

All the while you'll be learning the principles of character design as well as how to apply them practically by making five different characters, all in step by step, commented, real time videos.

No previous artistic experience needed!. No previous vector software experience needed!. No drawing tablet needed!.

Character Design for Concept Art

how to draw characters, how to create concept art for animation or games

Created by Siobhan Twomey - Artist, Animator & Figure Drawing Instructor


Students: 548, Price: $99.99

Students: 548, Price:  Paid

This course is a deep dive, complete step-by-step guide to creating characters and concept art. I will walk you through the process from start to finish and by the end of the course you will have a stunning portfolio piece.  Along the way,

  • you will learn how to draw the human figure;

  • how to draw stylised characters;

  • how to create characters for animation;

  • and how to easily come up with interesting character designs yourself, all the time.

You'll also learn how to paint and add colour to your designs, as well as how to add textures, shading, and effects to really make your characters leap off the screen! If you want to learn how to draw characters, how to paint concept art for animation or games, and how to come up with characters with compelling storylines, this course is for you!

This is a course about digital painting, but really the emphasis throughout this is to de-mystify the process and show you to actually come up with ideas, how to ramp up your character drawing skills and how to ensure you have a fully developed and fully rounded character before you even begin the painting stage. In addition to that, I’m also focusing on showing you how, once you have your painting completed, you can easily add effects and final polish to your artwork to make it stand out in your portfolio .

If you are interested in animation, and working in animation, or if you’re interested in comic art, or any kind of digital art, then this course is for you.

I really want you to find success as a digital artist and have open up doors for yourself for a possible career path in animation or concept art. That’s my ultimate goal in making this course. I’m sharing knowledge and techniques gathered from my 15 + years of experience working as a digital artist for animation companies in Dublin and in Vancouver. I’ve done work for clients such as Disney, Dreamworks, Atomic, to name a few. And about 90% of what I know now, I learnt on the job working for these studios. And now I’m sharing it with you so that you can build up a stunning portfolio and get your career up and running.

I hope to see you inside the course. Enrol now and come work with me in this fun and practical course. Take the first steps on your creative journey today!

Comic Book Character Design: Superheroines

Learn The Complete Character Design Workflow for Drawing, Inking & Coloring Stunning Comic Book Women

Created by Clayton Barton - Learn Advanced Dynamic Drawing Techniques


Students: 423, Price: $34.99

Students: 423, Price:  Paid

In this 5+ hour video character design demonstration you'll learn an easy to follow, step by step method for creating beautiful comic book women from start to finish. Each lesson is concise and to the point, cutting out the fluff and leaving you with a clear guide that’ll reveal how it’s all done.

You’ll learn the complete production workflow for designing, drawing, inking and coloring three female comic book character designs using a combination of Manga Studio and Photoshop. Along the way I’ll explain my creative process in detail and show you the exact techniques I use to digitally illustrate high quality, professional looking comic book character concept art.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the course:

Chapter 1 - Preliminary Character Design:

The course starts out by taking you through the preliminary design phase of character design, where we’ll brainstorm ideas for 5 different Superheroine concepts that we could potentially develop into finished designs. This initial stage is all about kickstarting your imagination so that you’re able to get something down onto the page right away.

Chapter 2 - Foundations:

Then we’ll pick 3 Superheroine character designs to develop into finished concepts - as we draft up a series of striking poses that exude confidence, power and maximum sexiness! We’ll map out the anatomy and the key muscle groups throughout their body to make sure they’re all structured correctly. Our primary goal in this chapter is to establish a solid foundation for each character concept that we can build our ultimate character design around.

Chapter 3 - Character Design Draft:

Next we’ll begin developing a more definitive design for our character concepts right over the top of their pose! This stage is all about experimentation, exploration and nailing down final the look of our Superheroines. It’s the fun part - where we get to build upon the preliminary idea we came up with earlier and take it to a more refined level.

Chapter 4-6 - Inking:

Now we’re ready to ink! In this lesson you’ll learn how to define your pencils with sharp, slick and energetic line art. I’ll show you how to implement Weight Variation to ramp-up the appeal of your contours, how to render tone, materials, value and texture details, and how to accurately place shadows according to your light source. On top of that you’ll learn how to accurately ink hair, clothing, armor, leather and robotic-tech.

Chapter 7-10 - Coloring:

The last four chapters of the course are dedicated to coloring - How to pick complementary color schemes that are pleasing to the eye and contrast well with the design; and how to light, shade and render the individual aspects of each character’s anatomy, costuming and hairstyle. I’ll explain in comprehensive detail why and how I approach the coloring process in the way I do, to ensure predictable and consistent results in the finished presentation of my character designs.


Video Lessons

The core lessons in this course cover as span of 5.5 hours in total, spanning across 10 separate chapters that each focus on a specific aspect of the character design workflow used to create 3 unique Superheroine concepts.


This course comes with a number of assignments (9 in total) that have been put together for you to implement the comic book character design methods and techniques learned throughout each Chapter. Each assignment includes as task, aim and recap on the accompanying Chapter to highlight the key insights that were taught throughout the lesson. Some include a questionnaire to help you reflect on your progress and assess your approach so that you can achieve better results.

Coloring Guide

This companion guide was created as a complimentary reference booklet that you can use to reference and compose a variety of color combinations that work extremely well! The 8 page PDF features a standard color wheel, multiple color schemes and a detailed color psychology wheel to help anchor certain emotions, moods and feelings to your Superheroine character designs. You'll also find a break down of the color palette's used for each Superheroine along with and overview of the coloring process for quick review.

Photoshop Files and Brushes

The PSD files and Brushes used throughout this course are included inside the package. All layers are separated, organised and named correctly so that you can go through and dissect every aspect of the project file to your heart's content. They can also be opened in Manga Studio. With access to these files, you'll also be able to crosscheck them with your own to make sure you're on track.

We've got a lot of ground to cover and I can't wait to show you what's in store. So buckle up, strap in and lets get started!

Complete Character Design Course: Draw Your Dream Character

Design Amazing Characters For Manga, Anime, Animation, Gaming And More! Create Unforgettable Characters.

Created by Patricia Caldeira - Digital Illustrator, Graphic Designer at Don Corgi


Students: 408, Price: $94.99

Students: 408, Price:  Paid

Design Your Dream Character!

Welcome to the Complete Character Design Course, where you'll be designing your dream character from nothing!

Do you want to know all the techniques and skills you need to create your own amazing characters?

Do you want to turn your character ideas into fully fleshed out characters with emotion and backstories?

Are you intimidated by everything there is to know about character design, like proportions, silhouette, and outfits?

Then this is the Course for you!

We'll be going through all the necessary steps to make your dream character come true.

We'll be:

  • writing and brainstorming your character traits and personality

  • using gesture drawing to create dynamic poses

  • mastering color theory for character design

  • creating a full 4 view turnaround for your character

  • and much more!

You'll understand the fundamentals of character design to create interesting characters that people will fall in love with. All of this done step by step, in an easy to follow process.

If you're tired of courses that tell you what to do but don't actually SHOW you the process, I'm here to tell you that this is NOT one of those courses!

Hours Of Practical Course Content

In this course, we'll be going through both theory and practical activities.

In fact, if you follow this course from the beginning to the very end, you'll have your own amazing character completely drawn in several poses.

With over 10 different sections and hours of content, you will learn:

  • How To Write A Compelling Character Story And Traits

  • Finding And Using Reference Images To Design Better Characters

  • Drawing Dynamic Characters With Gesture Drawing

  • Making Strong Silhouettes For Your Characters

  • Drawing Amazing Character Outfits And Pieces Of Clothing

  • Choosing Color Palettes And Coloring Your Characters

  • Drawing Full 4-View Turnarounds Of Your Characters (Including 3/4 View!)

  • Master Character Design Fundamentals And Beyond

  • And Much More!

There are several hours of content here to help you design amazing characters. And every single video covers important fundamentals that will stick with you for life!

Every section includes both the character design theory, where you'll be learning everything you need to know about designing interesting and relatable characters in bite-sized videos, AND the practical application, where we'll be going through using what we just learned, step by step.

It doesn't matter if you're a traditional artist that wants to brush up on Character Design or a Digital Artist that has just started getting into the medium, this course will make you a better character designer!

Downloadable Resources And Templates!

Not only that, but this course comes with several resources to help you with your character artist journey.

  • Personal Contact and Feedback from me, your Instructor

  • Useful Templates and Character Design Sheets

  • Character Design Inspiration And References

  • Lifetime Access To The Course And Updates

  • Access To The Q&A Section

  • Behind The Scenes Look at My Character Design Process

Including downloadable reference sheets to help you with anatomy and proportions, to amazing websites that help you find the perfect color palette and reference images for your character!

And If you aren't fully satisfied, I offer you a full money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchasing the course.

There really is no reason to hesitate.

So, are you ready to start creating your own amazing characters?

Then I'll see you in the course!

- Patricia

Basics of Stylized Character Design

Illustrate People in Procreate

Created by Iva Mikles - Illustrator | Host of Art Side of Life


Students: 65, Price: $79.99

Students: 65, Price:  Paid

Learn to draw people and characters using simple shapes.

Drawing characters is always fun! It can add a lot of personality and stories to your illustrations. Character design is used in many art forms like every feature film, tv animation, video games, comic books, children's books as well as corporate visuals, and illustrations.

If you want to feel more comfortable drawing characters for your own or client projects, this class is for you.

In this class, I will take you through the journey of designing characters using simple shapes, so you get more confident and have a solid starting point when drawing characters for your illustrations.

We will be placing the characters in an interesting little story setting of a house which we could call “Humans of my neighborhood”, so it’s even more fun to practice drawing characters.

You will gain a solid skill for developing your character design style further. You will learn to draw:

  • Heads, hair, and different hairstyles

  • Male and female torso

  • Arms and hands with a few hand gestures

  • The whole body

I will also show you techniques of how you can take inspiration from references and you will learn how to simplify the real-life in your character design.

At the end of the class, you will have an illustration you could print out for your home, give to a family member, or take your design further and even use it in your portfolio if you create your own custom house illustration.

I will be using Procreate, but feel free to use any other drawing software or medium you prefer.

In addition, you will also get a bunch of freebies to practice:

  • House template illustration

  • Window and balcony frame templates

  • Color palette for the characters and the night scene

  • Mood boards with photo references for your characters

Let’s get started with expanding your horizons and drawing awesome characters!

See you in the class!

Character ART Academy: Complete Character Design Course

Learn How to Draw Appealing Cartoon and Character Designs, Drawing for Animation, Comics, Cartoons, Games and More!

Created by Cissy Chow - Animator & Character Designer


Students: 41, Price: $29.99

Students: 41, Price:  Paid

What is Character Art Academy?

Character Art Academy is a learn-anywhere video course where you learn how to draw appealing and professional characters for games, animation, manga, comics and more. In this course, you will learn every single core art fundamentals and advanced skills to design and draw characters from scratch to finish. If you are an absolute beginner or you have already at an intermediate level, the course will advance your current drawing ability to a even higher level. The course consists of 10 module and more than 90 lectures which allows you to learn art and character design comprehensively.

Clear Lectures with Guidance

Drawing character is not easy but this course presented the art foundation and knowledge in a logical way and step by step manner. The Character Art Academy allows you to learn in a structured and cohesive way. You can message me if you have any questions so you can obtain greatest assistance in your art journey.

Rewarding Assignments

There are rewarding assignment designed to test your understanding of the lecture, art and character design. Also, by doing these assignments, you can have the chance to practice so these assignments can help you improve rapidly and grow as an professional artist efficiently. The greatest happiness is you are able to see the difference in your own work at the end of the class. Art is about skills and practice, so let’s get started- let’s draw something awesome!