Best Carnatic Music Courses

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Carnatic music for beginners

Fundamental Lessons

Created by Shruthi Sharma - Music Educator, Carnatic Vocalist, Singer, Yoga Entusiast


Students: 442, Price: $64.99

Students: 442, Price:  Paid

Carnatic Music is one of the two types of classical music from India. The Carnatic style of music is more sung and performed in southern India.

Who can learn?

- Anyone.

         This course is designed by keeping in mind that anyone who would like to learn Carnatic Classical music should find it easy with the help of a basic set of lessons.

         Even if you are a person who is already learning Carnatic and would love to strengthen the basic lessons, you can go for it.

        If you are already into learning some style of music and would love to explore Carnatic music fundamentals, you can definitely get what you need in this course.

What will I learn from this course?

- Vocal Warm-up exercises

- Exercises to work on your voice Range

- Rhythm in Carnatic Music.

- 3 Geethams, which are the first type of compositions which will prepare you to learn the complex compositions.

- Theory Lessons will support your learning by providing the necessary knowledge to understand the fundamentals.

- And much more :) 

How do I learn?

- Learn by listening to the lectures, reading and understanding the notes.

- We have also included a time gap for you to repeat singing after the instructor. Make sure that you use it.

- Practice singing at home as per the guidance provided.

- Support your learning by listening to lots of Carnatic Music online.

Why learn Carnatic Music?

Music is pure bliss!  :) 

Basic Carnatic Music – Level 1

Carnatic vocal lessons for beginners, kids and those who are interested in learning classical music

Created by Rashmi K - Music professional


Students: 398, Price: $44.99

Students: 398, Price:  Paid

This course gives a detailed knowledge on practical aspects of Indian classical music with special reference to Carnatic music. There is not age to learn music and this the right course for you if you are are interested in learning the basics of Carnatic music. Videos on how to begin the practice lessons, jargons used in Carnatic music and usage of right tone and scale is included in the course material. Textual content for each of the lectures is included under each section. All textual content is downloadable and you can take prints of these that can be referred to at any point of time. The course covers all aspects like octave, beats and rhythm. You will be introduced to Carnatic music, sitting posture and usage of your hand while practicing various lessons. Quiz helps you to revise the topics that are covered in the sessions. Confidence to sing in front of audience is the need of the hour. This course attempts in building confidence in students to sing irrespective of their voice quality. This is a comprehensive course for all beginners and explains the nitty gritty of each concept which needs to be known by every Carnatic music learner.

Carnatic Music, South Indian Classical Music Theory

Musical Theory of Carnatic Music

Created by Luca Gambirasio - Musician - Composer - Ethnomusicologist


Students: 64, Price: $24.99

Students: 64, Price:  Paid

This course is about the fundamental musical theory of Carnatic classical music (south Indian classical music). You are going to learn about the melodic and rythmic features of the south Indian classical music, as well as the main compositional and improvisational forms, and the structure of a typical Carnatic concert.

Basic Carnatic Music – Level 2

Carnatic music for all music lovers and those who have completed Learn Basic Carnatic Music - Level 1

Created by Rashmi K - Music professional


Students: 51, Price: $89.99

Students: 51, Price:  Paid

This course details the aspects related to positioning of swaras in Carnatic music and to sing low and high pitch with ease. Those interested in honing their singing skills can take up this course. Introduction and detailed practice to 7 Taalas in Carnatic Music is included in this course. Videos on how to sing the higher and lower octave and types of beats/Taala are covered in detail in this course. Textual content for each of the lectures is included under each section. This course is suitable for those who have either taken up Basic Carnatic Music - Level 1 on Udemy or have basic knowledge of Taala, Shruti and Laya. Saptataala covered in this course gives a better understanding of usage of beats and rythm. This course helps in Identifying the right pitch for your voice.  Usage of voice for lower and higher octave strengthens the quality and gives more clarity and ease in singing any kind of song without getting shrieky while singing higher octave and going inaudible while singing lower octave swaras/songs. Textual content is downloadable that comes handy in practicing the lessons at anytime. This course is best suitable for adults, Kids and those interested in pursuing their music learning who have basis understanding of Indian classical music concepts.

Learn Carnatic Music – Intermediate Level

Geethe/Geetam - Vocal lessons for kids and adults who possess basic knowledge in Carnatic music

Created by Rashmi K - Music professional


Students: 39, Price: $89.99

Students: 39, Price:  Paid

  1. This course is designed to enhance your knowledge on Carnatic music further after basic lessons. 

  2. This is an intermediate level course and is recommended that students should have completed basic lessons in Carnatic music before enrolling to this course. You may enroll to Basic Carnatic Music Level 1 & 2 on Udemy in case you need to learn basics lessons.

  3. Jargons and concepts used in this course needs familiarity to the subject. 

  4. This course is suitable for both kids and adults as complexity involved in Carnatic music is explained in the simplest manner. 

  5. Both theory and practical learning are included in the lectures.

  6. This course introduces to various raagas in the form of songs.

  7. Videos provide a detailed learning about raagas in Indian classical music.

  8. Textual content provided are downloadable and serves as a handout for practice at anytime.

  9. You can sing these songs in gatherings and portray your music skills to the world.

  10. This course will help you understand the melody in singing Carnatic music.

  11. These are the compositions of great philosopher, saint Sri Purandara Dasa under his pen name Purandara Vittala.

  12. At the end of course you will understand the importance and types of Raagas and the melody involved behind it.

Carnatic Music Basic Level with VOICE CULTURE&REPRESENTATION

Fundamental Course

Created by Shanthi Waddiparthi - Trained Carnatic singer and All India Radio artist


Students: 21, Price: $34.99

Students: 21, Price:  Paid

This course makes you understand the important lessons ,fundamentals and basics of carnatic music,while making your voice flexible over singing with easy and simple concepts that you can adopt with the lectures.

Key terms and much more about carnatic music is PRACTICALLY explained in a detailed manner as well as GRAPHICALLY DOCUMENTED.

I have explained in detail and also in a slow pace so a student could easily get along what the lecture is all about while listening.