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CAPM Exam Prep Seminar – PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition

Pass the CAPM and Earn 25 Contact Hours to Qualify for the CAPM Exam

Created by Joseph Phillips - PMP, PMI-ACP, Project+, ITIL, PSM I, CTT+


Students: 40419, Price: $89.99

Students: 40419, Price:  Paid

This course is taught by a PMI Registered Education Provider:

  • Instructingcom, LLC #4082
  • CAPM® Exam Prep Seminar
  • 25 contact hours for the CAPM exam application

Not all courses on Udemy are part of the PMI REP program – this one is! This course has passed a quality audit and a business review, and it completely abides by the PMI REP program.

You need to pass the CAPM exam and you need quality training that'll help you in your role as a project manager. You also want to learn from an authority in project management, in an online environment with plenty of assignments, videos, and concise explanations. This course provides 25 contact hours and is taught by project management author and expert Joseph Phillips. Joseph is the author of several project management books from McGraw-Hill, the American Management Association, and Dummies Press. He is certified as a PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL, Project+, and is a Certified Technical Trainer.

The 25 hours of project management education are earned by completing all of the course, the assignments, exercises, and quizzes. The Learning Management System tracks your completion of the course; if you complete all the videos and interactive sessions, you can claim these hours for your CAPM exam application.

NOTICE: This course is designed for the CAPM exam based on PMBOK Guide, sixth edition.

CAPM® Certification: Ultimate CAPM Exam Prep-23 pdus /c.hrs

CAPM Exam Prep Training: CAPM Exam COMPLETE Training &1000+ Exam Questions /Pass the CAPM Exam on your first try!-PMBOK6

Created by Sabri C. PMP - CEO at casePM


Students: 9360, Price: $124.99

Students: 9360, Price:  Paid

Do Not Waste Your Time and Money! Enroll in the most comprehensive online CAPM® training.

  • Based on the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

  • 23 contact hours / 23 PDUs for the CAPM exam application

  • 27 hours of comprehensive course content!

  • Including 1000+ exam questions

    • 2 exam simulations (including 150 exams like questions each)

    • Section practice exams (250+ exam like questions)

    • Lecture quizzes (350+ questions)

  • Detailed explanations

  • Clear, Concise, Easy to Understand

You will be able to meet the 23 PDU Hours Requirement of PMI to get CAPM certification!

YOU DON'T NEED ANY OTHER SOURCE TO PASS THE CAPM EXAM! This course includes everything you need!

  • 30 Days FULL REFUND of your money is guaranteed if you will not be satisfied with this course

  • You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course. So, you will be able to re-take this course unlimited times.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to:

  • Earn 23 PDU (Contact Hours) requirement of PMI to enroll in CAPM Exam

  • Learn theoretical concepts with real-world project examples

  • Test yourself with 2 FULL CAPM Exams at the end of the course

  • Get prompt answers & support from the instructor

  • Practice with more than 1000 questions

  • Practice questions by knowledge area and rationales

  • Participate in active discussions with other CAPM candidates & participants became CAPM.

  • Get downloadable handouts and materials during the course

  • Get a special offer to my other courses

You do not have to pay a lot for CAPM training. By taking this course, you will have lifetime access to the CAPM course and you will enroll in the training based on your schedule anywhere and anytime you wish.

This course includes concepts of project management. By taking this course, you will be very well prepared for the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) exam. This course explains the theoretical concepts of project management in detail as other CAPM courses. What differs this course from other CAPM courses is its examples and real-life samples for the concepts described during the course.


In each section, information and definition of the topics are covered and followed by real-life project examples in order to illustrate the concepts better.

Each section includes several questions and these questions are answered with explanations in videos. Also, quizzes and practice exams are available at the end of each lecture/section.

This course covers 10 project management areas and 5 process management groups defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and compliant with Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK v6).

5 Project Management Process Groups:

  • Initiating Process Group

  • Planning Process Group

  • Executing Process Group

  • Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

  • Closing Process Group

10 Knowledge Areas:

  • Integration Management

  • Scope Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Cost Management

  • Quality Management

  • Resource Management

  • Communications Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Stakeholder Management

Besides, this course also provides tips and tricks for passing the CAPM exam.

Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK, PMP, and CAPM are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute

CAPM Exam Cram Session – PMBOK Guide, 6th edition

CAPM Success! Everything you must know to pass the CAPM from a PMI Registered Education Provider.

Created by Joseph Phillips - PMP, PMI-ACP, Project+, ITIL, PSM I, CTT+


Students: 3800, Price: $94.99

Students: 3800, Price:  Paid

Ready to pass your CAPM exam but need a final boost to get you there? This is the course for you.

This short, but accurate, CAPM course focuses on the most important processes you must know to pass your CAPM exam. Focus on these topics and you’ll be in great shape for earning those four wonderful letters: CAPM. This course covers the most essential components of the PMI CAPMexam. We'll also review all of the project management processes you should know for your CAPM exam. We've also included our popular CAPM Memory Sheets to help cram more efficiently.

The CAPM Exam Cram includes a test-passing strategy that focuses on what you'll be tested on - not just what's in the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition. We've pared down the fluff and drill down into the exam objectives. If you're serious about passing the CAPM exam and need a final push for exam day - this is the seminar for you.

In this CAPM Exam Cram session we include:

  • A test-passing strategy for the CAPM exam
  • Specific guidelines on what you need to know for CAPM exam success
  • In-depth explanations for CAPM topics like float, EVM, and charting
  • Every CAPM exam topic explained and defined
  • CAPM Memory Sheets to print and memorize
  • Complete walk through of the 49 ITTOs
  • 135-practice exam questions
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

CAPM PMBOK 6 Practice Exams: Set One for CAPM Candidates

CAPM Practice Exams for PMBOK 6

Created by Joseph Phillips - PMP, PMI-ACP, Project+, ITIL, PSM I, CTT+


Students: 1225, Price: $89.99

Students: 1225, Price:  Paid

In the CAPM Practice Exam Set One, you'll be challenged with 200 CAPM practice exam questions based on the PMBOK Guide, sixth edition. These question have been written to emulate the CAPM exam and are based on the CAPM exam objectives as provided by PMI. This exam course has been created by a PMI Registered Education Provider.

In this course you'll have five exams total:

  • CAPM Exam One: 50 question across all exam domains (one hour)
  • CAPM Exam Two: 50 question across all exam domains (one hour)
  • CAPM Exam Three: 50 question across all exam domains (one hour)
  • CAPM Exam Four: 50 question across all exam domains (one hour)
  • CAPM Exam Compilation: 200 questions in one complete exam (four hours)

Use this practice exam course to prepare to pass the CAPM exam. Take each one-hour exam set until you can answer all 50 questions correctly. Once you've mastered the individual exams, move onto the 200-question exam compilation. Repetition is the mother of learning! You can do this!

Note, the CAPM exam has 150-questions and a three-hour time limit. The final practice exam has 200-questions and a time limit of four hours to amply help prepare you for the CAPM exam.

CAPM Exam Preparation PMBOK 6th: 23 Contact Hours for PMI

Guarantee your pass in the CAPM exam from your first trial and Earn 25 Contact Hours to Qualify for the CAPM Exam

Created by Elite Instructors, PMP ®, RMP®, ACP®, PRINCE2® Practitioner - Project managers, engineers, and IT professionals


Students: 953, Price: $19.99

Students: 953, Price:  Paid

This is the formal training course that you need in order to prepare for the CAPM exam.

This training course has 25 hours on-demand video. This is the course duration that will appear on Udemy's certificate of completion. It's the  25 hours of CAPM educational training which is required by PMI. Please feel free to contact me for further details.

You do not need to take a training course provided by a PMI REP. The PMI will acknowledge training courses that are provided by a professional who is CAPM / PMP in good standing.

Although I am not a PMI REP, I am a PMP ,  PMI-RMP , PMI-ACP and PRINCE2 Practitioner in good standing who has delivered hundreds of training courses. These are my IDs:

Project Management Professional , PMP ® #1955425 Risk Management Professional , PMI-RMP ® #1982971


I'd like to welcome you to my CAPM preparation course which will help you pass the CAPM Exam on your first try.

I will make you a promise right now, I guarantee 100 % that my course will help you pass the PMI CAPM Exam from your first trial. And remember, if you change your mind, you have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, just give it a try! 

 *My course will equip you with exactly what you need to know by helping you focus on and absorb the most important and relevant concepts for passing the CAPM exam from your first attempt. 

This is a Complete CAPM Prep Course so we will cover everything you need to know to pass the CAPM exam. My course outline is very detailed so please feel free to go over the curriculum to see how i have covered each topic in it's own video along with it's related concepts. The course covers all concepts discussed in the PMBOK 6th edition. 

Furthermore, I have discussed CAPM  Math in detail through step by step explanations in a separate section with a name of FOCUS ON CAPM MATH.

This course aims to overcome the challenge by preparing you with all the necessary concepts in a precise and focused manner to get you ready for the CAPM Exam as early as possible while saving your valuable time. 

Prepare Yourself For The PMI CAPM Certification Quickly In This Focused And Comprehensive Course!

  • This is a Complete Course developed with a focused goal on passing the exam, you will get to learn all processes and knowledge areas as required by the Exam. Don't worry, you will not have to waste any time exploring irrelevant information.

  • My Lectures are delivered in a friendly, simple and clear English. 

  • You will Learn individual concepts with dedicated videos: All Important concepts have been covered through individual videos so you can simply jump to the topic that you want to learn.

  • Detailed PMI - CAPM  Math: You will get to Learn all PMI - CAPM  Math concepts through separate videos with sample questions that explain the concepts in detail from the exam perspective.

  • You will practice more than 150 CAPM exam questions through this CAPM course quizzes, and you will have a full simulated CAPM exam at the end of this course!

Course Overview :

The course is covered in video lectures that explain the concepts from an exam perspective as well as how the concepts tie into each other across the whole of project management.

This will help you understand project management both from a micro and macro perspective so that you may tie the concepts together and pass the exam easily.

The course covers : 

* Project Management Introduction and Framework 

* Project management process groups and knowledge areas

* Dedicated section for each knowledge area ( Integration, Scope, Schedule, Cost,Quality, Resources, Communication, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholders).

* Detailed section to revisit the 49 processes as per the five CAPM exam process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing)

* Focus on Math Dedicated Section ( Pert Estimates , Critical Path method , Earned Value Management , Risk Numerical analysis , Communication Channels , Make/ Buy Analysis ) 

* Full Simulated Practice test of 150 Questions and 3 hours, which will put you in the mood of taking the real exam.

* The CAPM exam structure, and the success recipe!

* ACCESS to four Simulation Exams with $ 9.99 only!

* Special Tips of Passing the CAPM Exam from your first attempt!            

It's time to get you ready for the exam , click on " Take this Course" to your top right and let's get you Fully Prepared to pass the PMI - CAPM exam on your first try!!

Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK and  RMP  are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute.