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How To Make Soap – Homemade Soap Making for Beginners

How to make your own soap at home using the cold process soapmaking method. A step by step guide for beginners

Created by Shona O'Connor - Crafter, Maker of Soap, Hair, Bath and Body, Trainer


Students: 16922, Price: $124.99

Students: 16922, Price:  Paid

Take this course and you will learn how to make beautiful, natural handmade soap from scratch, at home, using the ingredients of your choice.

The course will give you all the information that you need about oils, butters and fragrances, so that you can easily create your own recipes. I share my own recipes for the soaps demonstrated to give you a start. You can use animal fats or make vegan soap.

With the knowledge you get from this course, you won't have to be limited to following other people's recipes - you will be able to create your own unique handcrafted soaps.

Soapmaking is like any hobby - you can spend a fortune on it. However, in this course I will show you how to get started by using regular kitchen equipment and inexpensive ingredients that you can get in your local supermarket and health food store.

You will discover how to use household or dollar store items as molds, so that you can get started straight away at little or no cost. I will even show you how to make a wooden mold at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

You will see how to colour your soap with natural and cosmetic colours. The course will also show you a colour swirling technique, as well as how to make shampoo, shaving and an exfoliating soap.


Q) What method of soap making is used in this course?
A) This course covers Cold Process soap making.

Q) Does this course cover Melt and Pour Soap making?
A) No. This course shows you how to make soap from scratch using the Cold Process Method.

Q) Does this course cover Hot Process Soap making?
A) No the method taught in this course is Cold Process, although the basic method for Hot Process soap is discussed.

Q) Is this method of soap making suitable for children to do?
A) Some people allow their children to do soap making, however that is usually using the Melt and Pour method. The lye in Cold Process soap making is caustic and will burn the skin, so I would not recommend children or animals to be around while soap making.

Q) What if I run into problems while making my soap?
A) I have highlighted all the important things that you need to know. However, if you do have any problems I'll be there in the discussion area, ready to help you

Meditative Candlemaking – For Beginners!

Learn how to make candles!

Created by Jovanna Benavente - Yoga Teacher, Candle Maker, Vedic Astrologer, Plant Witch


Students: 9456, Price: $29.99

Students: 9456, Price:  Paid

Hi, I'm Jovanna! I've been making candles since I was 15 years old. I really enjoy it; for me, it's a relaxing, meditative activity - an enjoyable hobby, rather than a job or profession.

This course will show you how to make a few types of basic candles, including molded candles, votive candles, scented candles, and even multicolored candles, in extremely simple and easy ways.

This is not a course for candle-making professionals to learn how to make complicated & time consuming candles to sell to Bed Bath & Beyond. This is more of a course for someone who wants to learn to quickly and easily (and enjoyably) make simple, fun candles, to burn at home, or to give as gifts to friends & relatives, or even to sell on Etsy.

In this course, I'll walk you through the basics of candle-making, including temperatures, flashpoints, essential oils, pigments, and more.

I even included some videos where I made mistakes in measurements and procedures, in order to show you what can happen when you do things the wrong way, so that you learn from my mistakes and learn what NOT to do.

I hope you enjoy this course, and would love to get your honest feedback! I sincerely appreciate your honest thoughts, messages and reviews.

How to Make Candles – Candle Making for Beginners

Quickly and easily make a wide range of fabulous looking, amazing smelling candles, for personal use and gifts

Created by Shona O'Connor - Crafter, Maker of Soap, Hair, Bath and Body, Trainer


Students: 5929, Price: $109.99

Students: 5929, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn how to make numerous candles using beeswax, paraffin and soy wax with a variety of fun techniques. You will discover the benefits of making your own candles, from avoiding the toxic ingredients often found in candles to choosing your own colours and fragrances. You will also learn:

  • How candles work
  • The different types of wax and the best choices for pillar and container candles.
  • The correct way to colour candles and how to create fantastic effects with colours
  • All about wicks, how they work and the best which ones to use in your candles
  • The 2 types of fragrance, their pros and cons and which is best to use for candle making
  • How to set up a safe work area in which to make candles
  • What equipment you will need - most of it is basic kitchen equipment you probably already have
  • The 2 main types of mold and how to use them, as well as ideas for sourcing cheap candle containers, so that you can get started straight away at little or no cost.

As well as watching how to make regular pillar and container candles, you will see how to make massage candles, wax tarts, floating candles and tea lights. You will also see how to make some fabulous candles using whipped wax.

There is even a section on decorating  your containers and candles so that you can give them as gifts or even sell them.

I will walk you step by step through making all the candles, so that you can easily make your own afterwards.

By the end of the course you will have enough information  and skills to design your own candle creations using a range of molds, fragrances and colours.

Candle Making for Beginners – for Fun or to Build a Business

Learn how to easily make gorgeous candles to use yourself, give to others or to start your own craft business

Created by Kevin Partner - Professional Candle Maker, Writer and Instructional Designer


Students: 1604, Price: $24.99

Students: 1604, Price:  Paid

Launched March 2016! Candle making is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable of all crafts. You get the creative pleasure and sense of achievement from making your candles and then the enjoyment of using them in your own home, giving them as wonderful gifts or even starting your own craft business. Making candles requires no special skills beyond those taught in this course, it's a craft that's open to anyone - if you can measure flour and boil water, you can make candles!

So why not click the Start Learning button to get cracking in this amazing craft. Or continue reading for more info on the course.

This course will take you from knowing nothing about candle making to having all the knowledge and skills you need to make a range of gorgeous pillar and container candles. Once you've completed the course, you'll be able to use your new-found expertise to confidently invent your own candle recipes.

The course is made up of two main parts. In the first part, I'll use a series of animated video lectures to walk you through the essential concepts you need to understand in order to make candles safely.

We'll cover:

  • Why candle making is such a fantastic craft to learn
  • How candles work
  • How to use candles safely at home
  • The best way to melt wax safely and quickly
  • What equipment you'll need (you've probably already got it!)
  • How to choose a candle mould
  • What sorts of containers you can use for making candles
  • The different kinds of wax you can use - and when to use them
  • How to use dye to create coloured candles
  • How wicks work and which wick to choose
  • The two main types of candle making scent

In the second part of the course, I'll show you how to make nine different candles. I provide complete ingredient lists (I use only standard ingredients you can obtain from most candle suppliers) and you can watch me make the candles live on camera. Every step has been filmed so you can make your candles with me!

We'll make

  • A basic pillar candle - the foundational recipe for all pillar candles
  • A tea cup container candle - the basic technique used for all container candles
  • A two colour pillar candle
  • A pillar candle made using wax chunks
  • A pillar candle with a base of coffee beans
  • A candle made out of a flower pot
  • A candle made in a tin
  • A glass container candle
  • A glass candle with a transparent base containing coffee beans

I'll also show you a range of decorating techniques for your pillar candles including transfers, stencils and stamps.

To keep costs down, I use a relatively small, plastic, mould so you're not wasting wax as you practice but all these techniques can be easily scaled up to a candle of any size.

And I'm on hand to answer any questions you have on candle making - just add a question once you've enrolled.

I'm Kevin Partner of MakingYourOwnCandles and I've been making candles for many years - why not join me by clicking the Start Learning button?

Gel Candles – How to Make Amazing Candles Quickly & Easily

Gel candle making - use candle gel to make dramatic, colourful scented candles with amazing designs, colours & effects.

Created by Shona O'Connor - Crafter, Maker of Soap, Hair, Bath and Body, Trainer


Students: 640, Price: $99.99

Students: 640, Price:  Paid

Gel candlemaking is a fun and economical way to create stunning long lasting scented candles, as gel candles burn 3-4 times longer than traditional wax candles.

The gel candles are made with a transparent gel which perfectly shows off bright colours and glitter, which is perfect for creating dramatic looking candles for special occasions.

The clear quality of the gel is the perfect base for creating stories or themes. You can use a variety of embeds to create eye catching effects.

Gel candles are not at all messy to make. The gel peels off almost anything, so is much easier to clean up than traditional wax, in fact, if don't like your candle you can simply pull it out of the container, remelt it and make something else! This also means that you can create temporary candles. You can take a special or themed container, make your candle in it for a special occasion then peel your gel out and reuse it for something else.

Gel candles are quick and easy to master once you know the basics methods and processes. The designs you can create are endless - the perfect outlet for your imagination.

Fabulous Candle Making For All – Candler Level 1 Certified

Learn to make beautiful candles, soy candles, bees wax candles, candle kits, wicks, wax, colour, scented, new from old.

Created by Tania Magdalene - The Academy of Ancient Magik


Students: 493, Price: $89.99

Students: 493, Price:  Paid

Learn how to make beautiful candles at home with this Fabulous Candle Making For All - Candler  Level 1 Certified and Accredited Course.

Welcome to this fantastic course all about candle making, it is a labour of love for me to teach this subject as candles are part of my life, so empowering others to create something beautiful that they can really benefit from is great for me too.

You will learn how to work with different candle waxes, wicks, containers, fragrances, colours

You will learn how to make scented and coloured soy wax candles

You will learn how to work with bees wax and to make a beeswax candle

You will learn how to work with candle fragrances and even find some every day scents at home that you can use

You will go through the wonderful world of candle colouring with 5 different options and some every day items that you can use for it.

You will learn how to make new candles from old

You will learn how to re-purpose your candle containers and how to Bling up your candles.

Above all you will learn skills that will empower you, should you wish, to create candles for a business.

We hope you enjoy the course and there are easy to follow along instructional videos as well as downloadable materials so that you can make your own fabulous candles whenever you want

Kindest wishes


Candles; Candle Making; Certificate Candle Making Business

Candles; Candle Making; Create Candles For Fun And Business Certificate Course

Created by Crystal Hutchinson Tummala, J.D. - Personal Development Specialist, Attorney & Author


Students: 318, Price: $49.99

Students: 318, Price:  Paid

Have You Always Wanted To Learn How To Make Candles And Make Money From It?

Are you uncertain about all of the decision that go into forming a business?

Do you want to learn more about color and fragrance used in candle making?

I created the course for people just like you who enjoy candles, want to learn more about them AND want to learn how to start up a business making candles.

Join over 73,000 students in 180 countries taking Pursuing Wisdom Academy courses. 

In this course you will:

  • Learn about different types of wax used in candle making including beeswax

  • Learn how color and scent can take your candles to the next level

  • Learn how to make candles

  • Learn what you need to consider when forming a candle making business

  • Learn about candle making supplies

  • Learn about different forms of business structures

  • Much more

Take action by enrolling in this course.  It is backed by a risk free 30-day money back guarantee.  You also have lifetime access to this course and all updates.  I am a full time instructor.  If you have questions, place them in the Q&A section and I will respond.

After finishing the course you will earn a certificate of completion from Pursuing Wisdom Academy. 

Imagine yourself with the skills and knowledge to pursue a business that fascinates you!

Take action toward your business goals and enroll in the course today. 

Let's get started!

Aromatherapy Candle Making

Make Therapeutic Candles for Health and Wellbeing

Created by Álysson Correia - Mestre em Aromaterapia Thai Massagem e Terapias Energéticas


Students: 239, Price: $89.99

Students: 239, Price:  Paid

Aromatherapy handmade candles, in addition to scenting the home, will improve the health of the people inside it. The wide variety of essential oils and blends brings benefits to the energetic, physical and mental health of everyone who inhales these aromas.

The use of essential oils in Candle Making, together with the aromatherapy techniques you will learn in this course, can contribute to the treatment of causes and symptoms, in addition to relaxing people through aromas with healing, stimulating and relaxing properties.

Learn how to calculate the specific use of materials, saving money while making your products. Discover tips and ways to make your candles scent last and how to choose wicks and conduct burning tests. You'll be able to make 100% natural, Eco friendly and therapeutic candles.

You will receive access to two handouts with all the content of the course transcribed and 105 aromatherapy blends for various needs. You can start making your candles using these ready-made blends that, among other things:

  • Awaken memory.

  • Inspire courage and optimism.

  • Balance body, mind and emotions.

  • Disinfect the environment and improve concentration.

  • Reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

  • Control insomnia.

You will also receive an 18-hour Course Completion Certificate from our School of Holistic Therapies.

Watch our first class know what you'll learn by the end of this course.

Candle Magick

An all encompassing guide to working magick with candles

Created by Tracey Robins - Wiccan Practitioner and Trainer


Students: 86, Price: $24.99

Students: 86, Price:  Paid

A wonderful deep dive into Candle Magick, its principles and uses. This includes a guide to the different types of candles and how they are used, along with the importance of candle colour and its vibrational qualities. Candle maintenance is explored with how to prepare your candles for ritual and the spell writing and casting processes. If you are looking for an informative course on Candle Magick and have no idea where to start or what candles or tools are best to use, or what products are needed to get started, then this course is for you.

Candle Magic

All about Candle Magic

Created by Miriam O - Spiritual advisor


Students: 20, Price: $19.99

Students: 20, Price:  Paid

Hey! I'm Miriam. I am on my own personal spiritual journey and I am excited and elated to share my experiences and advice to all of you! I am here to share and spread knowledge on all things to help you become the best version of yourself. I hope you all gain more insight and information that you can take along your own personal journey.