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Calligraphy: The Basics

Tips and hints to help you get started on your calligraphic journey

Created by Mary-Jane Roussel - Calligrapher & Designer


Students: 48002, Price: Free

If you are just starting a calligraphic journey, this short introductory course is for you!

CALLIGRAPHY ... the art of beautiful writing

Perhaps you have been wanting to learn more about using traditional nib and pen-holder to create beautiful letters, but were daunted by the unfamilarity of the tools.

This course de-mystifies the use of authentic calligraphy instruments.

Learn :

  • to correctly insert the nib into the pen-holder ;
  • to load the reservoir and get the ink to flow onto your paper ;
  • how to create the thick and thin strokes of the letter ;
  • why it is important to keep your pen at a 45° angle ;
  • where to place your letters in the guidelines ;
  • what the ductus is.

Presented by Mary-Jane Roussel, a qualified calligrapher and designer, this course starts with a keynotes presentation that will first give you a quick overall view of Calligraphy essentials, followed by a series of videos will help you get started in Calligraphy.

In the demonstrations, Mary-Jane uses a 3 mm Brause oblique nib in a wooden pen-holder and walnut hull ink.

After completing this introductory course, you will probably be yearning to learn more about Calligraphy, the Art of Beautiful Writing. You may want to go on to our Simple Gothic Script course, also available on Udemy.

Arabic Language for beginner ! Short n sweet introduction

You want to learn Arabic language basics ? want to improve you CV and to start talking Arabic to others ? There you go

Created by Fadi G. C. - Instructor


Students: 22727, Price: Free

Introduction to Arabic Basics A1.1:

  • This course is just introductory course to Arabic II ! which is going to be the main course.

Welcome everyone , I hope that you will enjoy learning here and ask for more too !

You will take this course in order to learn Arabic Basics , and what i mean by basics is that you will able to read Arabic letters, how to write them , Arabic numbers and how to spell them also , beside beginners sentences such as introduction sentences and couple words that you need to use for example in the airport , restaurant or even in the street , plus how to greet your self to others.

Why you should take this course ?

Watch the video , please check out the free preview so you would have at least an idea about what i'm teaching , If you wondering what Arabic language is , its the most important language if you want to work in Middle East including Gulf , where you want to go there for business !

The course is so easy to learn , very flexible where you can take it whenever you want , in anytime you like and very cheap comparing to other real courses, instead of paying lots of $$ , you will be able to learn Arabic for almost 50$ , this + other course going to be published soon.

In this course you will be able to learn for more than 130 minutes , over 60 questions in quizzes including multiple choices and true/false questions.

The course will be able to teach you how to pronounce letters and combine them together in order to make words, then you will try to make sentences by your self .

Learning Arabic is fun , you have to be motivated and ready to earn such weird and unique experience.. this is when you become different.

I would love also to communicate with all students, who have questions or anything in mind, we can share ideas on forms and we might be able to do Live Sessions , beside that you can reach me always via e-mail so i would respond to any questions directly through my phone.

I hope that you will enjoy this course , i will try to do my best and wish you very good luck here !

Fadi G. Char

書道LEVEL1: Mindful Japanese Calligraphy for Beginners 1-2/30

SHODO by Nohoh-Method: The Complete KAISHO Style! Basic Srokes & KANJIs. WITHOUT Japanese Knowledge! Creative & Relaxed

Created by Nohoh 乃鳳 - のほう - - - Shodo - Japanese calligrapher / Graphic designer


Students: 14897, Price: Free

  • This is "LEVEL 1" of the series, which has 7 courses (LEVEL1, 2, 3 and 4 are so far available. I am now preparing the 5th course)

  • NOTICE 1 : "LEVEL 1" is for VERY BEGINNER or the person who does not any knowledge about Japanese calligraphy. If you already know about Japanese calligraphy, please watch the lectures about practical technique (Section 5, 6 and 7 ) so that you will get an idea how the course will proceed.

  • NOTICE 2 : This course is designed in order to show you the beauty of the art of SHODO and presented in the Japanese language with English subtitles. You will feel calm and relaxed while watching the lectures.

  • NOTICE 3 : If you find the course too slow, please faster the video lecture speed as you want. ( )

NEWS (22 June 2020 update)
Dear my students,
The 4th course is now available
Now I start preparing the 5th course.
Regards Nohoh


This is online Japanese Calligraphy course. With 1.5 hours video tutorial lesson you will learn SHODO (Japanese Calligraphy) that is one of the most beautiful fine arts of Japan. By using brush and ink the beauty of words/ideas is expressed. SHODO is not only a creative and enjoyable hobby, but also a mindful and meditative mental activity.

Throughout the whole series, you will gain fundamental knowledge and master the technique of KAISHO style of Japanese Calligraphy using the Nohoh-Method.

With the Nohoh-Method, that helps you to cultivate SHODO systematically, even someone who has no Japanese knowledge can master KAISHO style easily.

In the Level 1 course, you will acquire two Basic Strokes and two Ideographs (KANJIs) besides the basis such as the knowledge of tools and useful tips to enjoy SHODO.

The series (7 courses) provide you【30 Basic Strokes】and【100 Ideographs (KANJIs)】of KAHISHO style of SHODO. The "30 Basic Strokes" coversmost of the important strokes. Thus after finishing the whole series you will be able to draw any Ideographs that are in KAISHO style. 
After learning through the whole courses it will be very easy to draw the Ideographs in Kaisho style, which are over 6000!!!

Leaning the KAISHO style lets you make a foundation of technique and knowledge of SHODO and you will enjoy further styles of SHODO in the future. Nohoh-Method helps you to build the essential technique of SHODO!!

The mindful activity of the art of SHODO can help you to reduce stress and to enrich your life.

Don't worry about the tools. Even just watching the video tutorial lesson helps you to develop a good sense of the movement of the brush.

PDF Files List, LEVEL 1

Section 1

  • List of the Basic Strokes - Lecture 1

Section 5

  • Basic Stroke #01 - Lecture 15

Section 6

  • Basic Stroke #02 - Lecture 18

  • KANJI 01 - Lecture 19

  • Guideline + Name - Lecture 19

  • Guideline (without Name) - Lecture 19

Section 7

  • KANJI 02 - Lecture 22


ニュース (2020年6月更新)







手元に筆や墨などの道具がなくても大丈夫 動画を眺めるだけでも筆運びや感覚を養うことができますよ!


7 Steps to Gothic Calligraphy

7 steps to your first masterpiece

Created by Konstantin K - Lettering Tattoo Artist


Students: 10420, Price: Free

In this class you'll know:

  • What is Gothic, how and when it was founded?
  • How to write Gothic calligraphy and what tools to use?
  • What size of letters in Modern Calligraphy?
  • How to learn a font?
  • What is balanced composition? 

For this class you'll need:
1. Pilot Parallel Pen
2. A3 Office Paper
3. Tablet or Some wide surface
4. A bit of Patience and Commitment 

Introductory Materialligraphy Masterclass

Add Your Modern Calligraphy and Lettering On Any Material from A-Z (Agate to Zucchini)

Created by Joy Tay - Pen & Ink Experimenter & Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs


Students: 3369, Price: Free

How do you infuse modern calligraphy and lettering on ANY material from A (agate) to Z (zucchini)? Most courses teach you how to do calligraphy using paper. This is the ONLY course in Udemy that teaches you a simple 3-step framework to follow using a structured approach, so that you have the confidence in selecting the right combination of materials, tools and supplies for any material.

This class is most useful for those who already have some background knowledge in modern calligraphy and lettering, and is more focused on using the right supplies and calligraphy styles for different materials, than on how to create calligraphy itself.

Have you ever been to events and admired the beautiful modern calligraphy-infused escort cards, signages or souvenirs, wondering how you can create them too? Have you been doing calligraphy on paper for a while, and itching to progress to using other materials? Have you spent ages scouring the Internet for the right tools and supplies to use for specific types of mediums and just wish that all the information can be found in one place you can turn to? If you answered YES to any one of the questions above, then this FREE course is for you!

This is an introductory, yet comprehensive, step-by-step course to learn the Prep-Play-Display framework which can skyrocket your creativity in infusing your modern calligraphy and lettering on a variety of mediums.

You will learn:

Section 1: Introduction and Overview

Section 2: Selecting the Best Materials for Adding Your Modern Calligraphy and Lettering To

Section 3: Selecting Tools and Supplies, Using Solvents Effectively

Section 4: How to Show Off Your Modern Calligraphy Pieces on Video, Photos and Packaging

After completing this introductory course, you will probably be yearning to learn more about applying the Prep-Play-Display methods for specific materials. You may want to go on to the Materialligraphy Masterclass, also available on Udemy.

I am sure you will love this course as much as I have loved creating it for you!

Speak Arabic like Omanis

Arabic language , Dialects , Omani Arabic Dialect , Vocabulary , Conversation

Created by Ahmed Alsuleimani - Arabic & English Languages trainer in Oman.


Students: 1808, Price: Free

This course is an introduction to the Arabic dialect spoken in Oman. As you may know, Arabic has different spoken dialects in each Arab country. The course will shed the light on the words, phrases, sentences, conversations and features of Arabic dialect spoken in Oman. Additionally, there will be lots of videos showing real conversations between Omanis and scenarios to use the right phrases.

How to Shine Your Light in the World through Handwriting

How your Handwriting Can Help

Created by Fiona MacKay Young - Graphologist/Personal Development & Career Coach


Students: 1299, Price: Free

Discover nine personality traits in your writing that can help you shine your light in the world, making your mark, making a difference.  You will find clear explanations, lots of illustrated examples of each stroke and personality trait. There is also a quiz at the end of each personality trait lesson for you to test out your new skills.

If you do not already have them in your personality and your writing, you will find out how to add them. You will also learn why adding these strokes to your writing can actually add them to your normal behavior.

Of course, you will know, as a result of taking this course, how to identify these traits in other people's writing too, but mostly it's for you. So you can have the confidence to step out, step ahead, do what you want to do and take the world by storm.


The analysis of handwriting

Created by Monika Chandan - graphologist and graphotherapist


Students: 432, Price: Free

This course is more than just analysing handwriting, it is more about analysing your own self, finding new realisations that you have never had before, releasing yourself completely and exploring an improved self.

Graphology, in simple words, is the art of analysing handwriting to know about a person's character and personality. Graphology is a known yet a new field to be explored. Take graphology as an opportunity to know more about you, about others and also how you want to seek success in your life. Take it as a next big step, and give it your complete will to understand and commit.

Graphotherapy is another branch or Graphology which not only just analyses handwriting but also makes changes in handwriting, thereby providing major and minor improvements in a person's life. So, this is not just knowing but also an opportunity to make changes and improvements. Graphotherapy not only makes changes just in a behaviour of an individual but also helps us understand about a person's health and also make those changes needed the improve one's health.

This course is a beginner level course. This course offers you basic on Graphology and a lot more in detail. Take this course as an opportunity and a space for personality development along with new knowledge to gain.

Writing “Happiness” in 5 Styles

Chinese Calligraphy - New Year's Edition

Created by Fiona Sheng @ InkDifferent Studio - Tradtional Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Instructor


Students: 380, Price: Free

This course contains all my best wishes to you in the year 2021!

The year 2020 perhaps has been difficult to a lot of us, but in the year 2021, I would like to teach you to make your own happiness in 5 major Chinese calligraphy styles, so that you can receive and spread the love to everybody around you. Let's start our new year together and strong!

In this course, we will first discuss the composition of the character "happiness", and after practicing them in 5 main scripts, we will write them down on nice presentation papers. If you do not even own a brush, feel free to be creative anyway :)