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Secret Sauce of Great Writing

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Teaches How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle

Created by Shani Raja - Ex-Wall Street Journal editor


Students: 188736, Price: Free

SECRET SAUCE OF GREAT WRITING IS ONE OF UDEMY'S MOST POPULAR FREE COURSES with more than 100,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews.

"A little gem of a course..." -- FRANS DU PLESSISUDEMY STUDENT

"Maximum learning in minimum time..." -- RAMIN ASSEMI, UDEMY STUDENT

"I watched your whole course and was in AWE the whole time... your words are profound..." -- GOLDIE LOPEZ, UDEMY STUDENT

"Power insights I will never forget..." -- REV. STEVE WRIGHT, UDEMY STUDENT

"A masterclass... signed up to "Writing With Flair" immediately..." -- RICHARD GIBBS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Liberating. Everything finally makes sense..." -- HAZEL R. M. JERVOSO

Do you dream of leaving your office job and making your mark on the world by writing a wildly popular book or creating a magnificent blog read by thousands—if not millions—of people?

Do you wish you were able to write business reports, sales emails, website copy, cover letters or college essays with supreme confidence?

Imagine, then, what it would be like if you could write with the style and flair of journalists on top newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

Welcome to the brand new second edition of Secret Sauce Of Great Writing, a program that will show you how it's possible to upgrade your business writing, blog writing and copywriting skills to that level extremely fast. 

The course is taught by Shani Raja, author of the bestselling Udemy course Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer and a former Wall Street Journal senior editor and writing coach, as well as an ex-contributor to The Economist, the FT, Dow Jones and Bloomberg News

In this course, Shani will introduce you to the fundamental four ingredients of exceptional writing:

  1. Simplicity

  2. Clarity

  3. Elegance

  4. Evocativeness

In as little as an hour, you'll know exactly how to apply this "secret sauce" to your own writing—putting you way ahead of other writers in your profession or industry.

"Outstanding course from the get go..." — Rudyard von, Udemy student

"A genuine recipe to produce attention-grabbing writing..."  Hassan Masood, Udemy student

"Revolutionary..." — Marie-Rose Davis, Udemy student

"Impressive..." — Cornelia M. Lorenzo, Udemy student

"Priceless..."  — Alimaa Batchuluun, Udemy student

The secret sauce

The first three ingredients in the secret sauce—simplicity, clarity and elegance—respectively make your writing punchy, crisp and graceful.

Evocativeness is the fourth quality that makes your prose stimulating.

When you put those four ingredients together in a piece of writing, it will become truly outstanding. 

In fact, it's the exact formula Shani has used for many years to edit articles devoured regularly by millions of people worldwide.

Perhaps you've always felt your writing was too weak to get noticed or make an impact. Maybe you've struggled to figure out how to improve it, or even to know where to begin.

Don't worry.

This course will reveal the writing tactics of world-class editors in a well structured and easy-to-follow format.

You'll find that as soon as you incorporate those four ingredients (simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness) into your writing, you'll see a seismic shift in the impact of your words and sentences.

"Goes beyond the bland lessons of early education by adding flavor and life to your prose..." — Billy Williams, Udemy student

"Excellent advice and interaction kept me glued to this course..." — John Faherty, Udemy student

"Really gives you the ability to see how your writing could improve..." — Cameron M. Kreider, Udemy student

"Shattered my opinion about good writing..." — Bilal Ahmad,  Udemy student

"Thank you for enlightening us..." — Tanpreet Kaur Narula, Udemy student

"Makes you feel comfortable and excited about writing..." — Travis Fry, Udemy student

"Helped me to see exactly what I needed..." — Shalecia Tatiana Wallace, Udemy student 

How many job interviews might you have lost because your cover letters and resume didn't hit home?

How many customers might you have turned off because the words on your website were too dull and uninspiring to read?

How many books or blog posts have you quit writing, or put off, because you couldn't figure out why your sentences and words lacked the power to captivate a reader?

You'll find the answers to such questions in this course, your first glimpse into the wondrous world of elite writing.

Not tips, but a writing system

This entry-level writing course doesn't focus on the technical aspects of writing, such as grammar rules.

Rather, it reveals the powerful key principles that will enable you quickly to design more stylish prose.

Nor will you get a bunch of fragmented writing "tips" you could pick up anywhere on the internet.

This is an all-encompassing writing system that will change forever the way you think about and approach the craft.

Your essays, cover letters, press releases, marketing copy and sales emails—not to mention books and blog posts—will never look the same again. 

"Most great teachers can't write, and most great writers can't teach. Shani Raja is one of the few who excels at both. I managed dozens of reporters and editors during my 12-year career at Bloomberg News. Now he's the person I go to when I want help with my writing." NICOLAS JOHNSON, FORMER BLOOMBERG AND GLOBE AND MAIL EDITOR.

"As a young reporter my prose might have been robotic and jargon-laden if not for Shani's watchful eye and attention to the elusive human interest behind ostensibly technical stories. Beyond the standard (yet crucial) reporting skills—like accuracy, clarity and integrity—I also learned refinement, how to withstand impulses toward glibness and cynicism that can naturally set in when oft revisiting the same beat. Shani will teach you how to write well, and with grace." HAWA ALLAN, JOURNALIST AND FICTION WRITER.

Email Marketing without web site+COPY WRITING+HACKS & TRICKS

Pro Start Your Online Business Without Web Site , Learn Email Marketing , Copy Writing and Hacks + Tricks

Created by Weng Honn Kan - A combination of psychology + entrepreneur


Students: 9106, Price: Free


This is a mini course that show you how to sell your product/services without having a website.In this Email Marketing Without Web Site mini course you are going to learn below valuable information:

1) How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

2) How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

3) How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

4) How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

5) Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

And So much more!!!!

How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

In this email marketing mini course , you get to learn how does actually an effective email marketing system should works .And this is the fundamental that a email marketers need to learn or master ,if they want to do well in email marketing. There are alot of different email marketing system out there that you can refer to , in this Email Marketing without Web Site course , i will share with you what works for most email marketers. Eventually , you will learn which email marketing system works best for you .

How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

I have been using get response email marketing for 9 months now , previously I have used others email marketing tools as well , however , there are either too complicated to use or just too expensive  .

Get response is just like others email marketing tools such as mailchimp or click funnel ,but get response is way more simple to use , cheaper  and most importantly it works the same like others email marketing tools .

Just like others email marketing tools , get response able to help you to create email marketing , auto funnel , landing page, marketing automation ,webinars and also other essential email marketing function .

Lets look at the price.

The Cheapest get response email marketing services start from $15 per month .I will highly recommend you to start with a basic account for now .As your email list grow , you can consider upgrade to plus account .

You need to register a free 30 days trial with get response now , as I am going to guide how to use get response to run and sell your products by using email marketing .

How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

When talking about email marketing , a lot of gurus try to complicate things and make it so difficult for people like me , that do not have any IT background ,hard to understand , and worst is that we are scare to even start one.

One of the goal of this course is to teach you the easiest way to start email marketing ,and also thoroughly understand the process of email marketing without making it complicated like building a rocket.

So , in a simple term ,email marketing means ,you promote and sell your products through sending email . Yes It is just that simple , however , it sounds simple until you do it . Therefore , I encourage you to sign up a 30 days free get response email marketing account and follow my step by step guide in this course , and I can guarantee that you will have a successful email marketing system when you finish this course.

So , you need a system in order to make your email marketing a highly effective tools in generating revenue

Email marketing is a must for every business owner , no matter you are selling on shopify , doing dropshipping , affiliate marketing , basically every single online business , must use email marketing , as it is one of the most effective way of selling .

How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

I still remember that when I started to learn about online business , the very first thing that I learn is email marketing . At that time , I find it really hard to understand how does things works . There are just too many theory and different method in doing it

However , when I really get my hands on starting my very fist email marketing campaign , I realize that the fundamental of email marketing divided into 2 things.

And these are 2 very important thing about email marketing that you need to master in order to be successful in email marketing .



If you look at it , the art of making people subscribe to your email list is the very first step of building your client base, without client base , you wont be making any money .

So, once you have mastered the art of making people subscribe to your email list , the very next thing that you need to learn is the art of copy writing . You need to learn how to convince people to buy your product through email ,without them even seeing you in real life .

Copy writing can be define as making money by words . How well you can convince your audience through wordings email , dictate how good you are in email marketing .

Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

At the bonus session of this course , you will get to join my exclusive business mastermind group and also others great resources that able to help you in starting and running a successful online business.

What are you waiting for? Lets enroll in this Email Marketing Without website online course

Your #1 Fans


Proven Strategies How to write an article for your Success

Best tips on how to write an article for your online business success and to grab more online profits now.

Created by Rizwan Ayaan - Entrepreneur & Human Psychology Marketing Expert


Students: 5087, Price: Free

Proven strategies on how to write an article for your business success

Why you have to take this course because this course will help you to understand how visitors think when they visit your business website and also you will come to know the human psychology behaviors of buying customers. 

By using these tips you can write articles and can deliver your products and services in a better way by which you can make more profits Instantly by selling more products and services from your business websites easily.

Therefore, Actually what are you going to get in these article writing modules..!! 

  1. In these modules you are going to learn....How to write an article for Your and Your    Company Websites for more profits
  2. If you are struggling to get profits with your affiliate programs and if you want to know how to write an article for your affiliate products and services for more sales then you have to go through this course now.
  3. Here you are going to get all modules in step by step video format regarding Why and  how to write an article for your business success.
  4. Here you will get basic to expert level outline on how to write an article all in just Less than 45 min 
  5. This course will make you an expert in online article writing industry.

See you inside 

All the best

 You will Learn Here :

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Better Business Writing in 35 Minutes

Simple tips for creating writing that's easy to understand and achieves results

Created by Tom Foskett - Technical Writer, Editor, and Writing Coach


Students: 3298, Price: Free

My name is Tom Foskett, and I'm a technical writer, editor, and writing coach.

In the next 35 minutes, I'll show you how to create effective business writing.

That means writing that:

  1. Will actually get read

  2. Delivers a clear message

  3. Achieves the goal that you wrote it for

You don't have to be a writer for this course to be useful. The advice I'll give is just as relevant to sending an email as it is to writing a report.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the course.

Business English Sample Course

Learn Business English with a British native speaker language trainer and upgrade your speaking & writing skills.

Created by Michael Davies - Legal English Teacher


Students: 1883, Price: Free

This sample course is from the Business English Vocabulary Course available exclusively on Udemy. The course introduces you to the language of risk and includes an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of the language.

The course is delivered by the highly experienced Legal English and Business English trainer Michael Davies. Michael uses his twenty years of experience running courses for entrepreneurs, managers and lawyers to introduce you to Business English and develop your fluency and understanding of the language.

This course may also be useful for IELTS Academic learners as it includes vocabulary which may be used in task one.

How to get your EMAIL noticed – Personalised FIRST LINERS

Email Writing | How to write better emails | Email Etiquette | Business & Personal Communication | FREE Course



Students: 553, Price: Free

HOW TO WRITE BETTER EMAILS? Why Business Communication is so important? HOW TO GET YOUR EMAIL OPENED & NOTICED?

If you are looking for answers to the above questions, then you have arrived on the right path. In this course you will learn all about personalized first liners, one of the most underrated yet most powerful tricks of email writing. We are all humans and any cold behaviour is never going to excite us whether it's verbal or written. Therefore, in e-mails as well, the concept of personalisation is really important. So, from next time whenever you write emails, keep in mind that with personalised first liners you can turn a customer into a client. In this course you are only going to learn about email writing tips and tricks but also about personal productivity. Personalised first-liners writing is a skill, which needs constant practice.

This course is all about personalised first liners. In this course you willl learn about a lot of new things for example -

  • What is personalisation in email writing

  • How to create a personalised first liner for your client

  • The DOs and DONTs

  • Live examples of how to compose a personalised first liner

  • How to write UNIQUE first liners

  • Why detailing is important in emails

With personalized first liners, the signups  & leads can increase dramatically. This is also one reason why the email marketing industry is slowly evolving towards personalization in email. You can check out the attached resource for further examples. Wishing you, all the best. Keep learning, keep upskilling!

How to market your business writing emails for Beginners

Build your success online with powerful email campaigns

Created by Robert Baakel - Developer


Students: 312, Price: Free

In this course you will learn how to create a email strategy that will help you be successful in your online business. This course is for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, online influencers, and business owners. 

If you are new to doing business online this will be a great course to establishing a strong foundation for email marketing.  If you have an online business and do not use email as part of your strategy this course will help you boost your success.

Learn the basics of an email strategy.  You will learn all of the email terminology and metrics to help you become successful.  The email terms will help you successfully use your email marketing software to its fullest potential.  Use the metrics that matter most to you and your business and monitor them so that you can adjust your business to achieve your marketing goals.

Learn how to to captures leads. You will learn the importance of a landing page and how to build one that will capture the most leads. 

You will learn the basics of structuring you emails(email copywriting) so that you can capture a wide audience. 

This course will also provide you with supplemental learning materials in addition to this course to further your learning past the beginner stage.   We will also show you the tools to help you successfully implement all of the modules in this course.