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Secret Sauce of Great Writing

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Teaches How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle

Created by Shani Raja - Ex-Wall Street Journal editor


Students: 188736, Price: Free

Students: 188736, Price:  Free

SECRET SAUCE OF GREAT WRITING IS ONE OF UDEMY'S MOST POPULAR FREE COURSES with more than 100,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews.

"A little gem of a course..." -- FRANS DU PLESSISUDEMY STUDENT

"Maximum learning in minimum time..." -- RAMIN ASSEMI, UDEMY STUDENT

"I watched your whole course and was in AWE the whole time... your words are profound..." -- GOLDIE LOPEZ, UDEMY STUDENT

"Power insights I will never forget..." -- REV. STEVE WRIGHT, UDEMY STUDENT

"A masterclass... signed up to "Writing With Flair" immediately..." -- RICHARD GIBBS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Liberating. Everything finally makes sense..." -- HAZEL R. M. JERVOSO

Do you dream of leaving your office job and making your mark on the world by writing a wildly popular book or creating a magnificent blog read by thousands—if not millions—of people?

Do you wish you were able to write business reports, sales emails, website copy, cover letters or college essays with supreme confidence?

Imagine, then, what it would be like if you could write with the style and flair of journalists on top newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

Welcome to the brand new second edition of Secret Sauce Of Great Writing, a program that will show you how it's possible to upgrade your business writing, blog writing and copywriting skills to that level extremely fast. 

The course is taught by Shani Raja, author of the bestselling Udemy course Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer and a former Wall Street Journal senior editor and writing coach, as well as an ex-contributor to The Economist, the FT, Dow Jones and Bloomberg News

In this course, Shani will introduce you to the fundamental four ingredients of exceptional writing:

  1. Simplicity

  2. Clarity

  3. Elegance

  4. Evocativeness

In as little as an hour, you'll know exactly how to apply this "secret sauce" to your own writing—putting you way ahead of other writers in your profession or industry.

"Outstanding course from the get go..." — Rudyard von, Udemy student

"A genuine recipe to produce attention-grabbing writing..."  Hassan Masood, Udemy student

"Revolutionary..." — Marie-Rose Davis, Udemy student

"Impressive..." — Cornelia M. Lorenzo, Udemy student

"Priceless..."  — Alimaa Batchuluun, Udemy student

The secret sauce

The first three ingredients in the secret sauce—simplicity, clarity and elegance—respectively make your writing punchy, crisp and graceful.

Evocativeness is the fourth quality that makes your prose stimulating.

When you put those four ingredients together in a piece of writing, it will become truly outstanding. 

In fact, it's the exact formula Shani has used for many years to edit articles devoured regularly by millions of people worldwide.

Perhaps you've always felt your writing was too weak to get noticed or make an impact. Maybe you've struggled to figure out how to improve it, or even to know where to begin.

Don't worry.

This course will reveal the writing tactics of world-class editors in a well structured and easy-to-follow format.

You'll find that as soon as you incorporate those four ingredients (simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness) into your writing, you'll see a seismic shift in the impact of your words and sentences.

"Goes beyond the bland lessons of early education by adding flavor and life to your prose..." — Billy Williams, Udemy student

"Excellent advice and interaction kept me glued to this course..." — John Faherty, Udemy student

"Really gives you the ability to see how your writing could improve..." — Cameron M. Kreider, Udemy student

"Shattered my opinion about good writing..." — Bilal Ahmad,  Udemy student

"Thank you for enlightening us..." — Tanpreet Kaur Narula, Udemy student

"Makes you feel comfortable and excited about writing..." — Travis Fry, Udemy student

"Helped me to see exactly what I needed..." — Shalecia Tatiana Wallace, Udemy student 

How many job interviews might you have lost because your cover letters and resume didn't hit home?

How many customers might you have turned off because the words on your website were too dull and uninspiring to read?

How many books or blog posts have you quit writing, or put off, because you couldn't figure out why your sentences and words lacked the power to captivate a reader?

You'll find the answers to such questions in this course, your first glimpse into the wondrous world of elite writing.

Not tips, but a writing system

This entry-level writing course doesn't focus on the technical aspects of writing, such as grammar rules.

Rather, it reveals the powerful key principles that will enable you quickly to design more stylish prose.

Nor will you get a bunch of fragmented writing "tips" you could pick up anywhere on the internet.

This is an all-encompassing writing system that will change forever the way you think about and approach the craft.

Your essays, cover letters, press releases, marketing copy and sales emails—not to mention books and blog posts—will never look the same again. 

"Most great teachers can't write, and most great writers can't teach. Shani Raja is one of the few who excels at both. I managed dozens of reporters and editors during my 12-year career at Bloomberg News. Now he's the person I go to when I want help with my writing." NICOLAS JOHNSON, FORMER BLOOMBERG AND GLOBE AND MAIL EDITOR.

"As a young reporter my prose might have been robotic and jargon-laden if not for Shani's watchful eye and attention to the elusive human interest behind ostensibly technical stories. Beyond the standard (yet crucial) reporting skills—like accuracy, clarity and integrity—I also learned refinement, how to withstand impulses toward glibness and cynicism that can naturally set in when oft revisiting the same beat. Shani will teach you how to write well, and with grace." HAWA ALLAN, JOURNALIST AND FICTION WRITER.

Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

Turn Your Business Writing, Blogs, Books & Essays Into Masterpieces

Created by Shani Raja - Ex-Wall Street Journal editor


Students: 96435, Price: $109.99

Students: 96435, Price:  Paid


NINJA WRITING: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery is designed to take you to the summit of flawless writing.

The course is taught by Shani Raja, a former editor for The Wall Street Journal whose premium writing courses have been featured in Time magazine and Business Insider and have attracted more than 200,000 students on this platform.

"This fantastic course should be in every writer's toolbox..."  -- SAMUEL PHILLIP RANGER

"Opens your eyes to all that writing could be..." -- SANDY, UDEMY STUDENT

"Boosted my writing by one thousand percent..." -- PAULO ARMI, UDEMY STUDENT

"This level of teaching is what I would expect to pay big $$ for..." -- SARAH BLACK, UDEMY STUDENT

"Solid gold..." -- DON, UDEMY STUDENT

"A perfect breakup of the writing process..." -- JOEY CRAY, UDEMY STUDENT

"One of the best writing courses I have ever taken..." -- STEPHEN, UDEMY STUDENT 


"Any aspiring writer would gain magnificent polish following the suggestions in this course..." -- ROSILYN KINNERSLEY, UDEMY STUDENT

"Gets you excited you purchased something of true value..." -- MELANIE JARRELL

"Sound advice peppered with subtle insight...." -- LORI, UDEMY STUDENT

"I feel like an inspired artist with... potential to create a masterpiece..." -- ANZHELA SHURINA, UDEMY STUDENT

"Writing techniques down to the atomic levels of a narrative..." --  ALDRICH DEMATA, UDEMY STUDENT

"When I had read the all time bestselling writer's guide by Strunk and White, I thought, 'There is nothing more to be known.' Shani proved that I was terribly wrong..." -- GOPINATH CHANDRA, UDEMY STUDENT 

"Shani's courses have literally changed my life. I started applying for freelance blogging jobs. Now I'm making a living without having to work in a 9-5 environment..." -- IVAN JURAS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Will improve your writing exponentially... I wish I had known about these subtle writing nuances when I was in college..." -- KEVIN CHUNG, UDEMY STUDENT

"Cannot believe how helpful this is..." -- AMY, UDEMY STUDENT

"The way he teaches is absolutely amazing..." -- FRANCESCO CATAPANO, UDEMY STUDENT

"Only four lessons in and I can see how to truly improve my writing..." -- ANITA BYRD-PETTS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Am much happier with my writing since taking this course... so is my editor..." -- JACK STEPHENS, UDEMY STUDENT 

"Will buy any future course... without any hesitation..." -- AZAT MUKHAMETOV, UDEMY STUDENT

"As an eager blogger, I found this course extremely helpful..." -- VASILEIOS PANAGOPOULOS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Given me a deeper understanding of how to write a narrative..." -- IAN MCLEAN, UDEMY STUDENT

"An excellent way to polish and enhance your writing..." -- ISRAEL, UDEMY STUDENT

"Brilliant, clear and precise instruction on how to write well..." -- JANE MANTHORPE, UDEMY STUDENT

"Teaches how to recognize effective writing by explaining why it is effective... without getting bogged down explaining the finer points of grammar..." -- DOUG UNRAU, UDEMY STUDENT

Who doesn't want to enhance their prospects by writing much more stylishly than their peers and competitors?

Or to make a mark on the world by writing an outstanding book or creating a magnificent blog read by thousands—or even millions—of people?

After taking this course, that could be you.

It teaches you how to become not just an exceptional writer, but a masterful one. You'll know exactly how to get your writing noticed.

In Ninja Writing, you will discover how to embed quality at EVERY LAYER of your writing—whether it’s a blog, article, college essay, cover letter, corporate report or content marketing.

By the end, you’ll appreciate exactly how one piece of writing can be strikingly beautiful while another—on the same subject—bores you to tears.

"Up to this point, you've probably been bored with so many writing teachers who emphasize 'structure' through grammar tips and organization with a shot of word selection. But Shani covers that missing component: the artistry of writing. Writing can be just as fulfilling as painting, drawing or designing..." -- SANDY, UDEMY STUDENT 

"Even my degree did not teach me to write at these levels..." -- YAP WAN XIANG, UDEMY STUDENT

So, what exactly is a ninja writer?

It's someone who can take disjointed thoughts and ideas and create beautiful narratives out of them.

That is the hallmark of a distinguished writer: one who understands how to build points elegantly, wrap them into neatly arranged sections, and then thread the ideas through exquisitely organized paragraphs.

A ninja writer has mastery over the sentence layer of writing as well.

He or she instinctively understands how to tighten loose sentences, sharpen blurred ones, and bring rhythm to those that don't flow well.

Finally, ninja writers wield invincible power over words. They’re able to bring color, variety and freshness into their writing through their word choices, while slicing away any that have lost their edge or carry dead weight.

While a bad writer can make a mess even of the most sublime thinking, a ninja writer’s prose—blogs, essays, or any kind of business writing—always ends up looking spectacularly polished.

The fact is that great writing isn’t just a nice skill to have. It’s vital to conveying intelligence and professionalism to your bosses, clients, business partners, and blog or book readers.

Frankly, if you don't have this part of your life handled, you'll probably get fewer career chances, less shots at a promotion, and not as many eyeballs online.

And instinctively you know it.

If you’re a blogger, the world may miss out on your brilliant ideas, simply because your writing is too dull or unwieldy to take seriously. 

Remember that we live in the internet age, where a growing army of writers are competing to get noticed in an expanding sea of content.

This course will give you an edge.

It’ll quickly take your writing to a level of refinement that will mystify anybody who doesn’t know these elite techniques.

Here's a chance to take your writing to a level that, honestly, blows your competition out of the water.

"All I can say is WOW! After only a few lessons I went from struggling to write fewer than five hundred coherent words in two hours to easily churning out well written, well thought out content in less than 20 minutes." -- LISA THOMPSON, UDEMY STUDENT

Just the understanding that writing has four layers can make a huge difference to how effectively you communicate.

If you don't know anything about those layers yet, don’t fret.

Only a handful of writers do, and many are editors who work, as I have done, for top news organizations.

They spend all day bringing order and beauty to whatever article is presented to them.

They know how to focus on areas that bring structure to untidy prose, and a razor-sharp focus to disorderly ideas.

I know how rare this skill is because until recently I was an editor at The Wall Street Journal, where I taught many of the newspaper's journalists how to add style, flair and potency to their articles.

I've also written for The Economist, Financial Times, Bloomberg News and other highly regarded news institutions.

In Ninja Writing, I share what I’ve learned at those places under the mentorship of some of the best editors in the world.

Once you've learned their secrets, you too will be able to weave magic with your words.

You'll know how to create spellbinding narratives, breathe life to tired sentences, and dazzle readers with the words you choose.

You'll also write with more confidence.

"My writing has dramatically improved..." -- LYNN, UDEMY STUDENT

"Can’t wait to use all the tricks and techniques..." -- ADAPERIO, UDEMY STUDENT

"The Strunk and White guide for today's world... sure to be a classic..." -- DERRICK HOWELL, UDEMY STUDENT

One of the biggest problems novice writers have is not knowing if their writing is any good.

That won’t be a problem for you anymore.

You’ll know that it is.

Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery takes the mystery out of the writing process.

The tricks and tactics taught here will create a seismic shift in the quality of your writing, almost immediately.

You’ll express yourself as brilliantly as some of the slickest editors on the planet.

You’ll understand how to turn any kind of mediocre business writing into masterful prose.

The content here goes beyond what is taught in Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer, one of Udemy’s best-selling courses.

In Writing With Flair, I gave you a powerful framework for creating outstanding writing based on the three principles of simplicity, clarity and elegance.

The sweep of Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery is much broader.

It covers the whole territory of nonfiction writing, giving you a ground-up-and-top-down view of what’s needed to inject quality into EVERY PORE of your writing.

If Writing With Flair turned you into an exceptional writer, Ninja Writing will mould you further into an elite one.

Like my other courses, Ninja Writing steers clear of needlessly complicated jargon. You’ll simply get strategies to help you write with impeccable style and poise.

The course has been designed to help you reach the top of the learning curve in as little as a few days.

You’ll discover ways of looking at your writing that will elevate it to a plane most others don’t even know exists.

In Ninja Writing, I reveal the four levels of writing mastery you must work to perfect.


How to connect with your audience, organize your writing magnificently, start your piece with a bang, end with a flourish, and embed it with powerful imagery. Getting the structure right is one of the hardest skills to master, but I'll make it super easy for you in this section.


How to weave points through paragraphs, so your writing looks exceptionally ordered and polished.


How to turn limp and bloated sentences into sharp, graceful and rhythmic expressions of your ideas.


How to choose precise and evocative words, and strip your writing of any that carry dead weight.

With heaps of examples and exercises to embed these tactics deep into your subconscious, by the end of Ninja Writing you’ll begin to see precisely the mistakes others are making.

And your own writing will shine like a polished diamond next to the lackluster efforts of your peers and business competitors.

Invest today in discovering techniques that will superpower one of the most important skills you'll ever need in life -- communicating with style.

Learn to:

  • Transform a weary marketing email into a persuasive sales pitch...

  • Translate a lackluster cover letter into a hard-hitting document...

  • Convert a dreary college essay into an compelling argument...

  • Turn a lifeless blog into a poignant masterpiece...


  • How to overcome writer's block

  • How to decide what to say

  • How to connect with your audience

  • How to create tone and pace

  • How to organize your ideas neatly

  • How to start with a bang and end on a high note

  • How to texture your writing

  • How to add more without resorting to fluff


  • Different paragraph styles so you can choose what suits your work best

  • How to weave points expertly through paragraphs

  • How to know when to switch to a new paragraph


  • How to tighten sentences

  • How to sharpen sentences

  • How to give sentences rhythm

  • How to create poetic sentences

  • How to maximise the dramatic impact of a sentence


  • How to choose precise words

  • How to avoid abstract words

  • How to find colorful words

  • How to avoid pointless distinctions

  • How to make useful ones

  • How to order words elegantly

  • How to exploit word sounds

  • How to slice syllables

  • How to boost your vocabulary

Start learning these elite writing tactics today.

In case you have any hesitation, know you're covered by Udemy's month-long money-back guarantee, so there's no risk dipping your feet in and trying this course out.

And take a peek at these reviews of WRITING WITH FLAIR: HOW TO BECOME AN EXCEPTIONAL WRITER... (NOTE: The second edition of this bestselling course is now out!)

"If you are looking for a writing course that is outstanding look no further..." -- MATT SPRENGER, UDEMY STUDENT

"Better than any course I took in college..." -- ANNA TIERNEY, UDEMY STUDENT

"I considered myself a decent writer before taking this course..." -- MIA TURPEL, UDEMY STUDENT

"As a published author, I have taken no less than 10 courses in improving my own writing skills. This is, by far, the best..." -- ALICIA ADAMS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Simply amazing class..." -- SONIE SANDHU, UDEMY STUDENT

"Be ready for some enlightening stuff..." -- MARTIN TONEVSKI, UDEMY STUDENT

"Helps fine tune your writing and take it to another level..." -- NISHANT BHIDE, UDEMY STUDENT

"The best writing course I've ever taken. Worth ten times the price, easily..." -- HARBANS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Shani knocks it out of the park..." -- JOHN MICHAEL BARNETT, UDEMY STUDENT

"Stunning course... delivered masterfully..." -- PEDRO CARROGGIO ZOIO, UDEMY STUDENT

"Among the most useful I've ever had the privilege of taking..." -- FRANS DU PLESSIS, UDEMY STUDENT

"Improved my writing in ways that cannot be expressed..." -- REMCO BOERMA, UDEMY STUDENT

"Writing stopped being a chore..." -- VENKAT DINAVAHI, UDEMY STUDENT

"A breath of fresh air for my writing..." -- DARRYL, UDEMY STUDENT

"Delivery and explanations were perfect..." -- CHRISTOPHER, UDEMY STUDENT

"Presented with great passion and understanding..." -- BRYAN SUHARLY, UDEMY STUDENT

"Will improve your skills even if you only write post-it notes..." -- HECTOR RUBIO, UDEMY STUDENT

Isn’t it time to quit wondering whether your writing makes the cut or not?

This course gives you the tools to become supremely confident at writing by putting you on a par with some of the best journalists in the world.

So come and join me, as I show you how take your writing to the next level of mastery.

Write Better Emails: Tactics for Smarter Team Communication

How to improve your email writing skills to save time & improve communication with your team; easy business writing tips

Created by Hassan Osman - Virtual Teams & PM Expert; Bestselling Author; Leader @Cisco


Students: 91405, Price: $39.99

Students: 91405, Price:  Paid

**The #1 Udemy bestselling course about email communication in teams**

**Over 60,000+ students have taken this course with successful results**

Learn simple email writing skills that will help you become a better communicator and influencer with your team. 

Master Writing More Effective Emails Using Research-Based Guidelines

  • Assign tasks using the "3Ws" to increase influence

  • Create powerful subject lines to ensure readability

  • Present options to reduce back & forth emails

  • Use "If...then..." statements to increase accountability

Simple Email Writing Tactics that will Save You Time and Frustration

Most employees spend over 11 hours per week reading and replying to email messages. In this course, you'll learn how to spend less time and improve communication with your team members. You'll also understand how to make your messages more effective using simple tweaks. 

For example, you'll learn how to make your emails more scannable and how to break your long emails so that they're easier to read. You'll also learn the common mistakes people make when they ask questions in emails, and how to avoid them. 

Powerful Business Writing Skills You Will Use for Your Entire Career

Email is not going anywhere.

Although new tools (such as Slack) keep popping up, email is still the main tool used for team collaboration around the world. Moreover, employers consistently list "good business writing skills" as an important pre-requisite for most job requirements, and proper email etiquette is a critical component for getting a job. So you'll learn powerful email writing skills that will help you for your entire career.

Content and Overview

This course contains over 20 lectures and 1.5 hours of content. It is designed for any manager, employee, or entrepreneur who regularly works in teams of 5 or more people. 

The content includes over 18 tactics about solid email writing skills that help you draft emails to minimize confusion with your team.

The course is delivered in a format that is easily digestible for busy professionals. 

Each tactic includes an overview of why it works, and an example of how you can apply it in the real world.

The course also covers a few case studies of horrible emails, and how you can avoid them (including the "Reply All" syndrome). 

Here are the tactics that are covered in this course: 

  • How to Assign Tasks in Emails (using the 3Ws)

  • How to Write the Perfect Subject Line

  • Write Emails that are Five Sentences or Less (TL;DR)

  • Break Long Emails Into Two Parts

  • How to Make Your Emails Scannable

  • Show Instead of Tell by Attaching Screenshots

  • Spell Out Time Zones, Dates and Acronyms

  • Use "If...Then" Statements

  • Present Options Instead of Asking Open-Ended Questions

  • Re-read Your Email Once for a Content Check

  • Save Drafts of Repetitive Emails

  • Write it Now, Send it Later Using "Delay Delivery"

  • How to Properly Use "Reply All"

  • Reply to Questions Inline

  • Reply Immediately to Time-Sensitive Emails

  • Read the Latest Email on a Thread Before Responding

  • Write the Perfect Out-of-Office (OOO) Auto Reply

  • Share the Rules of Email Ahead of Time

The course is technology-agnostic. This means that it doesn't matter which email technology tool you use (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.). 

By the end of this course, you'll be able to communicate and collaborate better with your team. You'll improve your business writing skills, your email writing skills, and email etiquette skills. You'll also save time and increase your productivity in writing and responding to emails. 


Student Testimonials:

★★★★★ "This course has some excellent tips for clear email communication that I have never thought of before. Suitable for all levels, even those who consider themselves an expert in email writing." - Lisa Irawan

★★★★★ "The course was short, which is good, but to the point with a clear message. I would really recommend to go through it when you're struggling with a full mailbox and your email management." - Tomas Harcar

★★★★★ "I've been writing work emails for years, so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing, but I learned a lot of new things from this course. The instructor backs up most of his tips with research and live examples. It takes very little time to get through all of the videos, and you might be able to skip some of them, depending on your needs (the titles make clear whether they'll be relevant to you). Very helpful from a project management perspective." - Christine Browne


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you may return the course within 30 days of the purchase date.

Ready to Enroll?

Click on the "Buy Now" or "Enroll Now" button in the top right corner of this page and start learning how to sharpen your email writing skills, excel at business writing, and improve communication with your team.

Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro

Pro copywriter/Cambridge University writing teacher reveals the secrets for writing blogs and business docs that enthral

Created by Clare Lynch - Cambridge University writing tutor & professional copywriter


Students: 42385, Price: $109.99

Students: 42385, Price:  Paid

“This is perhaps the best writing course I've ever taken. That includes my time in University.” STEPHEN L HEWITT, UDEMY STUDENT


  • Want to craft irresistible content that has your readers glued to the page?

  • Want to attract thousands of readers to your blog by writing addictive, shareable posts that are guaranteed to go viral?

  • Want to discover the secret, elite persuasive writing techniques known only to the world’s top copywriters, speechwriters and academics specialising in literature?

  • Want to compel your readers to take action through the power of persuasive reports, proposals, websites and marketing content?

  • Want to know how to instantly get your ideas out of your head and onto the page - in a way that makes people sit up and take notice?

  • Want to motivate others to buy your product? Change their mindset? Take on board your ideas?

  • Want to uncover the secrets of turning snooze-worthy sentences into scintillating prose?

If any of these apply to you, this is the course for you.



As its name suggests, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro takes you from the writing fundamentals right through to the elite techniques practised by the world’s top copywriters. Top copywriters like your instructor, Dr Clare Lynch, in fact.

From the very first lectures, you’ll be inspired to beat writer’s block and get something down on the page. You'll also gain instant ideas for taking your first draft from OK to outstanding.

Next, you’ll discover a secret most writing and editing teachers won’t share with you: that good writing isn’t just about the writing. For the most part, good writing is about the thinking you do before you even sit down at your laptop or open your journal.

That’s because, when it comes to becoming a powerful writer – the sort of writer who gets the job, closes the sale or wins buy-in for your ideas - it’s not about the technicalities of spelling and grammar. It’s about your ability to connect with your reader on an emotional, intellectual and visceral level.

That’s why early on in the course, you’ll learn powerful, little-known techniques for really getting under the skin of your readers. Techniques that will allow you to write in a way that grabs people’s attention immediately – and keeps them addictively glued to your writing.

You’ll also learn expert tips and techniques for confidently honing your message down to its essentials, to keep your reader focused on what matters most to you. Tips that will save you time as a writer – and get you better results.

As the course progresses, you’ll learn what words to choose, how to turn turgid, lifeless sentences into attractive musical phrases that compel people to keep reading.

In the second half of the course, you’ll discover how to apply recent findings of neuroscience to make your messages stick. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to use imagery to paint unforgettable word-pictures in your reader’s mind.

You’ll also discover the secret narrative structure underpinning the most persuasive stories. The narrative structure that’s made millions for the makers of Toy Story and persuaded the British to vote for Brexit. The same narrative structure that your instructor, Dr Clare Lynch, deployed in a tear-jerking speech that allowed a CEO to win over the hearts and minds of employees.

In the final section of the course, you’ll take your writing to a level only achieved by the world’s top copywriters and political speech writers. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to apply the ancient art of rhetoric to any piece of writing to create rhythmic, emotionally resonant writing that’s totally unforgettable.

And throughout the course, you’ll have an opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned. Every lecture in Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro delivers a short, sharp, instantly practical tip you can apply to your writing TODAY.





In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Beat writer’s block by developing the mindset of a professional writer

  • Instantly improve a piece of your own writing – with the help four free tools

  • Improve your writing with one-to-one feedback from Dr Clare Lynch


In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Ask the 3 essential questions you MUST ask before writing anything

  • Produce a detailed portrait of your reader – so they connect with you on a deep, visceral level

  • Craft reader-centric, benefit-led copy that will get your readers to take notice

  • Structure your writing to hook your readers in – and keep them reading



  • In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Decide with confidence exactly what to cut - and what to keep

  • Ditch flabby phrases for sparkling copy that’s clear, concise and compelling



In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and fix off-putting jargon

  • Communicate your expertise in a way that anyone can understand and relate to

  • Choose the best words for the job



In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Dramatically boost your readability with shorter, sharper sentences

  • Vary your sentences for musical effect



  • In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply recent findings from neuroscience to make your message stick

  • Structure a story for maximum persuasion

  • Use metaphor to communicate complex ideas clearly and creatively



In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • Employ the world’s most advanced techniques for persuasive writing - techniques no other big-name writing instructor on Udemy shows you

  • Apply elite writing strategies known only to the world’s top executives, advertising copywriters, political speech writers and academics

  • Craft more inspiring, creative copy that sounds irresistible to the ear – techniques that will set you apart from all the jobbing journalists and ten-a-penny content marketers out there



  • Benefit from one-to-one feedback on your writing from a University of Cambridge writing tutor

  • Learn the skills that allow the top copywriters (like your instructor Dr Clare Lynch) to earn up to £2000+ a day

  • Use words to persuade your employees, your bosses, your customers or investors

  • Communicate complex ideas in a way that inspires your readers

  • Build your confidence and find your voice as a writer

  • Hook your readers in from the outset – and have them glued to your words

  • Save you and your readers’ time by writing less but saying more

  • Hone your message down to the stuff that will get you results

  • Structure your work for maximum persuasive power

  • Understand the difference between elegant simplicity and dumbing down

  • Edit your work so you say what you mean (and mean what you say)

  • Craft sentences that are clear, succinct and persuasive

  • Use online tools for assessing and boosting your writing’s readability

  • Find and tell addictive stories that make people see the world your way – and compel them to take action

  • Use the latest findings from neuroscience to craft powerful messages that stick

  • Use advanced rhetorical techniques to win over your audience

  • See dozens of practical, real-life examples to illustrate the theory

  • Access countless free resources for powering up your prose

  • Get writing with a host of challenges to practise what you've learned

  • Have fun while you learn with a course that’s entertaining and humorous, but never lightweight - students say it's addictively engaging

  • Stay hooked with a course that’s clear, concise and never repetitive - this is one writing instructor who practises what she preaches



“This is the best course I’ve ever taken on Udemy! This course delivers what it promised.” - DENISE HUBBARD, UDEMY STUDENT


Enrol in Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro and discover why, over and over again, students describe it as the best writing course on Udemy - in fact, the best course on Udemy. 

Clear, concise and addictively engaging, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro will change the way you write for ever. It's jam-packed with no-nonsense advice on how to win people over with the written word. 

Previous students of the course report that within days of completing it, they've crafted a cover letter that secured them a longed-for job. Or won a regular writing gig at a publication like the Huffington Post. 

In Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro, you'll learn powerful principles that can be applied to most types of non-fiction writing - including emails, reports, presentations, sales pages, advertising, blogs and more.

***Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro isn’t aimed at writers of fiction, poetry or memoir. But it WILL show you how to add creative flair to all your non-fiction prose.***


Best online writing course I've ever taken. Extraordinary!” JAMES CHISHOLM, UDEMY STUDENT



One of the things that sets Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro apart is its practicality.

The course includes over 30 activities and exercises that will get you writing from the very first ten minutes of the course. And with each exercise, you’ll discover your ability to write with a style and flair you didn’t think was possible.

What’s more, expert copywriter and Cambridge writing tutor Clare Lynch is always on hand to give you one-to-one feedback on your writing.

No other writing course on Udemy gives you access to personal mentorship from a University of Cambridge writing teacher. Or so many opportunities to benefit from the guidance of a proven, trusted expert in the field of writing.

“I have taken quite a few courses on Udemy, and I have never seen a professor so interested in the progress of her students.” - GIANCARLO M. GUERRA, UDEMY STUDENT



Dr Clare Lynch practises what she preaches. And that means Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro is as engaging and entertaining as it is clear and concise.

Unlike some writing courses out there, Writing With Confidence: Writing Beginner To Writing Pro, contains zero fluff. Zero padding. Zero repetition.

Just six hours of clear, practical advice for taking even the driest material from dull to dazzling.

What’s more, Clare’s students consistently rate her courses as not simply invaluable – but also fun, varied and entertaining to watch.

“I love this course. Truly engaging and it made an impact in my writing, almost immediately.” - SAMUNDSWARY IYERDOURIA, UDEMY STUDENT



University of Cambridge tutor Dr Clare Lynch is an expert writer with decades of experience. Clare hasn’t simply edited the work of other journalists at elite publications, such as The Financial Times. She’s also herself a hugely successful copywriter in her own right.

In her 20+ year career, Clare has crafted copy from scratch for elite clients in a wide range of fields, including lifestyle, retail, property, tech, pharma, finance and government.

Over the course of that career, Clare has honed her techniques for getting under any reader’s skin – and crafting messages that instantly resonate with the target audience. Techniques she now shares with over 25,000 students on Udemy.

Clare’s experience as a writer embraces a huge range of writing formats and styles – including case studies, white papers, feature articles, direct mail campaigns, web content, ad copy, video scripts, CEO speeches and brand messaging.

And as the author of the popular blog Good Copy, Bad Copy, Clare herself has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers to her own writing. Good Copy, Bad Copy has been named on Copyblogger's list of 15 copywriting and content marketing blogs that will make you more money.

What’s more, Clare has a PhD in English Literature and teaches at the University of Cambridge. She’s also a qualified and highly experienced corporate trainer.

So Clare isn’t merely an expert at her craft. She also knows how to communicate her expertise in a way that’s memorable, entertaining and addictively engaging.

“She is an incredible teacher that has a special unique ability of keeping her students minds engaged and hanging on her every word.” - BRAD MACE, UDEMY STUDENT




Corporate communicators



Book writers

Small business owners

Job seekers

Technical experts



 “Yours is the single most valuable course I've had in the past six years—my BA and MA seminars included” - AKOS CSERNAK, UDEMY STUDENT

“Best writing course i have taken so far.” - IBRAHIM HALILU ABUBAKAR, UDEMY STUDENT

“One month later and I have secured a regular blog spot on the Huffington Post! I could not have done this without Clare's wonderful course.” - FRAN DIAMOND, UDEMY STUDENT

“Best Udemy course I ever bought.” - ANNA CARLA DELLA VALLE, UDEMY STUDENT

 “Trust me, you'll be immediately satisfied with this course” - MARK SIMPSON, UDEMY STUDENT

“A week later I'd landed my first gig as a writer.” - DAVID PULLAN, UDEMY STUDENT

“One of the best courses I've ever taken.” - NADER RUSTOM, UDEMY STUDENT

“To those doubting if you should buy this course, please do, as there is so much valuable information in this course. I can comfortably state that it is one of the best courses that I have bought on Udemy.” - T.O _, UDEMY STUDENT

“I loved it from beginning to end. It is exceptional value for money.” - DEBORAH SOWERBY, UDEMY STUDENT

“a game changer.” - GEORGY THOMAS, UDEMY STUDENT

“One of the best writing courses I have taken to date, love it!” - BEN WALTERS, UDEMY STUDENT

 “I challenge any business writer not to pick up a few gems from this engaging course.” - SACHA VAUGHAN, UDEMY STUDENT

“I very much liked this course because it was #1 goal-oriented, #2 it used concrete examples, #3 everything was fascinating.” - FREDERIK, UDEMY STUDENT

 “a course you do not want to miss” - MA YUANFENG, UDEMY STUDENT

“Fantastic course. This is by far the most complete and thorough course on business writing.” - CARSTEN PLEISER, UDEMY STUDENT

“This course is amazing! I finished it all in one day and went straight to work putting the concepts into my writing.” - URIEL MACGILLIVARY, UDEMY STUDENT

“Life changing at its simplest.” - SUSAN PARKER, UDEMY STUDENT

“This course is amazing. I've been using every technique from the course in my academic life.” - MINH HA, UDEMY STUDENT

“This is the best course I've taken on udemy thus far.” BILL SCHAEFER, UDEMY STUDENT

 "This course is priceless. You’ll be glad you signed up." LIAT MIRIAM GAT, UDEMY STUDENT

Enrol now - and change the way you write forever!

Better Business Writing Skills

Learn the skills, tips and tricks of persuasive writing and great content writing from a professional speechwriter

Created by Mark Morris - Speechwriter


Students: 40742, Price: $109.99

Students: 40742, Price:  Paid

*** Fully re-recorded and updated for 2021 ***

*** Free 32-page book with exercises and printable resources ***

***Fully accurate subtitles***

This course will teach you how to use the power of words to change the way people think, feel and act. Writing well is a vital part of any successful career or business. If you want to thrive at work you need to thrive at writing. By the end of this course, you will have developed writing skills that will propel your career to the next level.

  • 5 STAR REVIEW - “This is such an amazing well structured, clear/concise course with immense value for anyone who needs to write articles and content of any nature.” A.P.

My name is Mark Morris. I’m an award-winning professional speechwriter with more than fifteen years of experience writing for senior politicians in the United Kingdom and internationally – including for two former Prime Ministers. During my career I’ve written thousands of speeches to audiences across Europe and North America.

I’ve written countless debates in the British Parliament. I’ve written articles for newspapers including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, La Repubblica, El Pais, The Times and Die Welt. I’ve also written for magazines including Wired and Newsweek. I even had the honour of writing an historic and award-winning speech to a joint meeting of the United States Congress. In this course, I’ll give you the full benefit of my years of experience and expertise to set you on the path to writing success.

  • 5 STAR REVIEW - “I really enjoyed the course. Each lesson was interesting and full of examples. Mark is a real specialist in his field and it's clear that he is passionate about his work. You are not only listening to empty words but learning from someone's experience - which for me is the best way. Even now, writing this review, I am trying to implement what I have learnt - which is a good proof of this course being a 5 stars one.” A.A.

This is not a technical course full of complex grammar. It focusses on the timeless principles that you can use to produce clear, powerful, persuasive writing.

The course starts by looking at what good writing is and at the evidence as to why writing well is so important. The course is then divided into three main sections: before you write (planning), while you write (writing), and after you write (editing).

Part One: Planning: In this section, I’ll show you what you need to do before you put pen to paper. We’ll ask the big questions you need to answer for everything you write:

  • What is your objective? If you don’t know what you want, you’re unlikely to get it.

  • Who is your reader? Only by understanding your reader and consciously writing for them can you achieve your objectives.

  • What is your voice? Who or what do your words represent? Yourself, your boss, your company? Only by having a clear and consistent voice can you achieve your objectives.

I’ll then show you how to plan and structure your work to lead your reader from where they are to where you want them to be.

  • 5 STAR REVIEW - “Loved this course! Mark gives you what you need to write in clear English. He goes directly to the point with his ideas, examples, and summaries. After doing this course, I started to see that my writing has improved. My sentences are shorter, cleaner, and more direct. I can't wait to continue to practice all learned in the course. Here's fresh news! Mark remastered the videos recently. Now, it's much more pleasant to watch and to listen. Go for it that you won't regret.” B.B.

Part Two: Writing: In this second section, I’ll guide you through the building blocks of writing: words, sentences, paragraphs and the whole piece. I’ll show you how to choose the right words and put them in the best order so you can achieve your objectives.

In this section you’ll learn techniques both ancient and modern that will turn your words into a powerful engine for achieving your goals. We’ll look at the logic and emotion of your words and at establishing credibility with your reader. I’ll also take you through many of the most common mistakes that people make in their writing, and how to avoid them.

  • 5 STAR REVIEW - “I loved the way he explained things, simple yet profound. Easy to understand; he lives up to his words. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.” B

Part Three: Editing: In this section you’ll learn the vital art of editing. I’ll show you how to sharpen and smooth your first draft into something you can be truly proud of. I’ll show you how to test your words to see if they are clear, understandable and – most important - achieve your objectives.

  • 5 STAR REVIEW - “I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was fully comprehensive and packed with valuable tips to improve any type of writing. The tutor obviously had a lot of writing experience and didn’t hold back in sharing his knowledge. I liked the way he explained how to deal with writer’s block as it sounds very effective. I’ll definitely use it the next time my head feels empty.” S.M.

Finally, I’ll share some of the techniques I use to be a productive and successful writer. I’ll show you how you can enter a ‘State of Flow’, where excellent writing comes easily, and how you can avoid ever suffering from writer’s block.

In each section, I’ll take you step-by-step through the techniques, tricks and habits that can transform your writing.

If you want to promote your business, excel in your career, and feel proud of your writing, Better Business Writing is the course for you.

So join tens of thousands of people already improving their writing skills and enroll now!

Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion

The content writing course, learn effective business writing and effective technical writing fast.

Created by Starweaver Team - Learning | Doing | Connecting®


Students: 23759, Price: $49.99

Students: 23759, Price:  Paid

  Business Writing Immersion covers a proven, systematic approach to the art of effective, persuasive business and financial writing. Using 12 steps and almost 60 practical techniques, the course works through from initial writing analysis to final copy, producing documents that succeed every time. For each writing technique, the course provides tutorial with exercises and thoughtful answers. Special instructions help professionals for whom English is a second language. Advanced techniques help teams write long documents such as proposals. 

  Each step of the course consists of videos, supplemental PDF documents that will allow you to follow along with the instructor, and an e-book extract that pertains to the segment being covered in the video for reference. There are 38 video modules for this course, including supplemental materials, averaging approximately 7-10 minutes each. 

  In addition, a section for Writing Professional Emails is added as an appendix, and a new section for ESL is included as well, covering tenses, verbiage, and tone. 

  A breakdown of materials is as follows: 

  • Introduction & Overview

  • Step 1 – Analyze Purpose

  • Step 2 – Analyze Audience

  • Step 3 – Writing the Purpose Statement

  • Step 4 – Gathering information

  • Step 5 – Writing the sentence outline

  • Step 6 – Writing the draft

  • Step 7 – Revising content and organization

  • Step 8 – Editing for coherence

  • Step 9 – Editing for clarity

  • Step 10 – Editing for economy

  • Step 11 – Editing for readability

  • Step 12 – Conclusion and final thoughts

  • Appendix B – Tips for writing emails

  • Appendix C – ESL Articles, Attitude and Approach, and Tenses 

Business Communication Skills: Business Writing & Grammar

Professional communication skills: Business writing, English grammar, business English, email, and presentations skills

Created by Alex Genadinik - Business, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Amazon, YouTube


Students: 22360, Price: $109.99

Students: 22360, Price:  Paid

Become a better business writer and conduct yourself more professionally in your writing and interactions with your boss, clients, or co-workers - today and for the rest of your career.


  • English grammar needed to write at work or as a freelancer

  • Business writing

  • Write better emails with effective email writing techniques

  • How to communicate on the phone or video calls

  • How to communicate via instant messenger

  • Conflict management

  • How to conduct effective meetings


The course begins by focusing on business writing and specifically grammar. If you work in a professional environment, your clients and co-workers are all educated and know grammar well. Few things make you look less professional than business writing with poor grammar. After the first part of the course, you will understand grammar rules to make your business writing clear and professional.

After you master grammar skills, you can apply your business writing skills to many common professional tasks like memo writing, writing text messages, writing email to managers, co-workers, or potential clients.


The course begins with simple written communication skills like grammar and writing correct and effective sentences that communicate their ideas.


Once you gain solid grammar skills, the course will teach you slightly more advanced communication skills like writing email, instant messages, and day-to-day communication within your team.


After the course get past the intermediate communication skills, you will learn advanced communication skills like writing reports and business proposals. You will also learn how to pitch your business, create presentations that have great storytelling, and much more.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable grammar worksheets, and business writing exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable.

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course.

* My list of 50 business-success skills list with ideas for which business communication and general productivity skills you can also improve.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


This business English grammar and writing course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that you will improve your communication skills with this course just like thousands of my students already have. 

Invest in your future. Enroll in now.

Business Skills: Email Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Know

Immediately Improve Your Writing Skills, Boost Your Productivity and Avoid Common Errors

Created by Jacqueline Seidel - Managing Director, Training Specialist


Students: 17181, Price: $99.99

Students: 17181, Price:  Paid

According to Business Insider, "the average U.S. employee spends about a quarter of his or her time at work combing through the hundreds of emails each employee sends and receives each day ".  

But despite the sheer volume of emails we send and receive, many business professionals do not use email appropriately.  Inappropriate email etiquette can negatively impact on perceptions of professionalism, on efficiency and can increase a company's risk of liability.

This course helps you minimise that risk by coaching you in exceptional email etiquette.  Naturally, that includes a focus on professionalism in the workplace, behaviour, email structure, formatting, spelling, the importance of spelling and grammar, the all-important subject line and much more.

Based on my eleven years' experience training professionals in more effective business communication, this course is your go-to guide to write right, every time.

Join me for video and text lectures, hands-on activities, quizzes and more.  Download handy resources. Get personalised feedback via the Q&A board, share your experiences and contribute to a growing knowledge base created by professionals just like you from all over the world.

Ready to put your best foot forward?  Fantastic.  Looking forward to seeing you in the course.

Write Like a Boss: Master Your Business Writing Skills

How to write better emails and proposals, save valuable time, and develop powerful written communication skills.

Created by Elizabeth Goins, Ph.D. - Business Communication Expert


Students: 13706, Price: $99.99

Students: 13706, Price:  Paid

Are you ready to take your business writing to the next level...the boss level? Writing like a boss means writing like a leader. Companies want leaders with power skills like written communication, emotional intelligence, and persuasion -- and these are the skills you'll learn about in this course!

If you want to...

  • Craft emails that get responses

  • Persuade different audiences with research-proven strategies

  • Improve the clarity and conciseness of your writing

  • Evaluate your writing habits, strengths, and weaknesses

  • Make your writing shine and your readers smile

...then this course is for you!

I'm your instructor, Dr. Elizabeth Goins. I have a PhD in communication, years of professional editing experience, and a genuine love for writing since childhood. Communication has truly transformed my life and that's why I'm so passionate about helping students like you.

I've been teaching business writing at the university-level for 10 years and have helped thousands of learners become more confident writers. I also run a successful coaching and consulting business where I help companies and executives from all over the world.

My strategies are based on the latest communication research and practical business experience, and I love making writing fun for my learners.


Write Like a Boss: Master Your Business Writing Skills is full of valuable tips, tools, and strategies for writing effective emails, reports, and proposals at work.

I'll walk you through the fundamentals of written business communication using research-proven strategies, interesting examples, and useful exercises to test your knowledge and improve your skills.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Analyze and persuade different audiences successfully

  • Write with more confidence, clarity, and impact at work (and in life)

  • Apply valuable tips for taking your writing to the next level.


"Amazing course, clear and precise - thank you Elizabeth."

"A really great course for such a short time. Compact, to the point and I really feel it has helped me improve in this area. Thank you!"

"This is a good course, more than I expected. Taught me a lot about my writing. I realized I have to think about everything I write in order to engage the reader."

"This course provided me with a lot of great tips to incorporate into my writing. I tend to be overly wordy in emails so the 'turn phrases into words' game is super helpful for me! Elizabeth also made the course fun and enjoyable to watch."

"Overall, I found this course very helpful. Now onto setting goals and practicing! #timetowritelikeaboss"


Section One: Introduction

  • Embrace writing as a power skill

  • Learn about the 4 different writing personalities

  • Discover your own writing personality, and how it's helping or holding you back

  • Tap into different personalities to write successfully

Section Two: The 3Ps Writing Process

  • Save time and reduce uncertainty around writing

  • Analyze your context, purpose, and audience before writing

  • Get over writer's block and start writing

  • Organize your messages strategically

  • Polish your writing to make it shine

Section Three: Writing Emails That Get Responses

  • Learn when you should (and shouldn't) use email to communicate

  • Show emotional intelligence in your writing like a leader

  • Adapt to your audience's communication preferences

  • Help your reader respond and gain credibility

Section Four: Writing Reports & Proposals That Persuade

  • Use different types of evidence to persuade readers

  • Earn buy-in and promote action from your audience

  • Show and tell your audience why they should care about your ideas

  • Apply a research-proven framework for organizing your persuasive messages

Section Five: Tactical Strategies for Next-Level Writing

  • Write clearer and more concise sentences and paragraphs

  • Save your audience time and energy

  • Make your audience want to read your messages

  • Write professional-looking, visually appealing emails, reports, and proposals

  • Diagnose your writing strengths and opportunities for growth

Section Six: Now What? 3 Keys to Progress

  • Turn the knowledge you've gained from this course into action

  • Use practice, feedback, and goals to continue growing as a boss writer

  • Create a specific plan for keeping the momentum going

ARE YOU READY TO WRITE LIKE A BOSS? Join me and I'll show you how!

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe a simple 3-step writing process to save time and reduce anxiety.

  2. Identify ways to analyze what your audience wants, needs, and expects from emails.

  3. Name the techniques to persuade different audiences with written reports and proposals.

  4. Explain how to write emails that demonstrate your emotional intelligence and cultural awareness.

  5. Name the techniques to persuade audiences with different types of evidence and well-organized reports and proposals.

  6. Explain how to write emails, reports, and proposals that are clear, concise, and easy to read.

  7. Describe how to reflect on your business writing skills, set goals, and plan for continuous improvement.

For additional information including refunds and complaints, please see Udemy Terms of Use, which is linked from the footer of this page.

For more information regarding administrative policies, please contact our support using the Help and Support link at the bottom of this page.

Report Writing Made Simple

Writing a report step by step. Planning to proofing - for a polished, professional, persuasive business report.

Created by Clare Lynch - Cambridge University writing tutor & professional copywriter


Students: 11827, Price: $44.99

Students: 11827, Price:  Paid

Lacking confidence about your business report writing skills because you've never had any formal training in writing reports?

Panicking because you're supposed to be writing a business report and you've no idea where to start?

Sick of wasting hours worrying about how to knock all that research into a logical shape?

Or maybe you write business reports regularly but you're just not getting the results or feedback you'd like from your reports?

If any of these sound like you, stop worrying now! Because this course will take you through the process of business report writing - step by step and with downloadable cheat sheets.

What's more, your guide is a Cambridge graduate and teacher with years of experience helping people write business reports that have impact.

Report writing: take the pain out of planning and the sweat out of structuring!

For most people, the hardest part of report writing is getting started. In this course, you're going to learn how to shave hours, days or even weeks off the report writing process through intelligent planning. You'll learn what questions to ask so you're not reinventing the wheel when you sit down to write your report. 

But best of all, you'll discover a miraculous technique that will completely revolutionise how you go about structuring your reports. I developed this technique while working with a client who had been tearing his hair out at that early shaping stage. With my help, in under five minutes he went from having no clue about how to order his report to imposing a clear, coherent, logical structure on his ideas.

I've since gone on to share this technique with other report writers and trust me they're always blown away by its power and simplicity. I can't wait to share this technique with you - and you'll be glad I did!

Report writing with impact to win readers over

But this course won't just save you time as a writer. It will also help you save your readers time - and they will love you for it!

The American novelist Elmore Leonard famously advised writers to leave out the parts that readers skip. And I'm going to be showing you how to leave out the parts of a report all, yes ALL, readers skip. The pointless parts every report writer thinks are helping readers, but are really hindering them.

And I'll be busting some myths about that all important executive summary. It's the only part of your report you can guarantee everyone will read, so you'll want to make sure it's as powerfully persuasive as it can be. I'll show you how.

Stand out from the crowd with a report that looks as good as it reads

Finally, I'll be showing you how to take your almost-finished report up a notch with simple design and layout tips from a seasoned design professional. You'll even discover one little design trick that's been scientifically - yes, scientifically - proven to boost your credibility and persuasiveness with readers.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get that report written today!

Email Writing & Etiquette: Business Communication at Work

Learn to write clear and effective emails, gain more confidence, and grow your career!

Created by Viktoriya Maya - Udemy Instructor


Students: 10882, Price: $99.99

Students: 10882, Price:  Paid

Are you looking to improve your email writing skills? Email writing skills are highly valued in business communication and play a significant role in your daily interactions with colleagues.

By building and improving your email writing skills, you will gain more confidence, enhance your professional reputation, and grow your career.

Many people still struggle to get their message across. This often results in frustration among colleagues, miscommunications, and stressful conflicts at work.

The course is for you if you want to:

  • Craft powerful emails that your colleagues want to read

  • Ensure you are better understood in the workplace

  • Get ideas across quickly and efficiently

  • Boost productivity and increase team collaboration through email

In fact, this course is designed to help any professional who wants to communicate effectively on the job and advance their career using email communication.

Unlike many other courses that share little bits and pieces, this course is designed to give you comprehensive training on email writing and email etiquette at work.

It goes beyond theory and provides easy-to-implement examples, scripts, and advice that you can start applying as soon as you watch the lectures!


About the instructor:

Hi, welcome to the course! I’m Viktoriya Maya. I work as Director of Marketing and Student Support at Corporate Finance Institute. CFI is the world’s leading financial training provider with over 700,000 students and thousands of 5-star reviews. By serving over half a million customers and managing two busy teams, I gained hands-on experience and email writing skills that helped me effectively manage projects, communicate with colleagues, and grow professionally.

But that’s just an example - this course is all about YOU. My goal is to share everything I know about email communication to help YOU learn, grow, and achieve your goals.

In this course, I share everything I learned about best email writing practices and email etiquette that will help you succeed as well.

The training is designed to have an immediate and long-lasting impact on your daily communication. All you need to do is watch the lectures and apply what you learn in your day-to-day communication. The lectures are based on real-world examples and include downloadable email scripts and course notes to help you master your email writing skills

Imagine what it would be like to demonstrate your experience and professionalism through your writing. Wouldn’t it be great to have the knowledge and confidence to write clear, concise, and powerful emails for all kinds of work situations?

If you want to walk away well-equipped and empowered to master your email skills, enroll now to upgrade your skills!

Master Business Writing and Editing

Patterns and strategies to help you write and edit your emails, letters, and memos so they stand out among peers

Created by Grant Hall - Business Instructor and Tutor


Students: 9296, Price: $99.99

Students: 9296, Price:  Paid

Join the business writing and editing course that can change your career! 

People who take this course are getting real results, hear what these students have to say:

"the information is clear and precise, very useful for people who struggled with improving their writing skills" - Chung, Udemy Student

"Very applicable to my job. Curriculum was well organized and easy to understand." - Kimberly, Udemy Student

"Obviously knows what he is talking about. Extremely helpful. Great clarity." - Don, Udemy Student

"I really enjoyed this course. Very informative, I highly recommend it!" - Georgina, Udemy Student

"Awesome course! Clear and easy to understand and follow" - Angeli, Udemy Student

"With this course I had an idea for some "art work" and presented it to my boss. He was quite impressed. Thank you for the great tips!" - Cathrine, Udemy Student

"Excellent tips to improve communication." Imon, Udemy Student

With over 25 lectures and three hours of video, you will be exposed to many topics including false subjects, camouflaged verbs, the different message types and more. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to practice as you learn!

The course will be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Stylistic Efficiency

  2. Being Clear and Concise

  3. Punctuation Rules

  4. The Different Types of Business Messages

I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Email Marketing without web site+COPY WRITING+HACKS & TRICKS

Pro Start Your Online Business Without Web Site , Learn Email Marketing , Copy Writing and Hacks + Tricks

Created by Weng Honn Kan - A combination of psychology + entrepreneur


Students: 9106, Price: Free

Students: 9106, Price:  Free


This is a mini course that show you how to sell your product/services without having a website.In this Email Marketing Without Web Site mini course you are going to learn below valuable information:

1) How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

2) How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

3) How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

4) How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

5) Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

And So much more!!!!

How to set up an effective Email Marketing system

In this email marketing mini course , you get to learn how does actually an effective email marketing system should works .And this is the fundamental that a email marketers need to learn or master ,if they want to do well in email marketing. There are alot of different email marketing system out there that you can refer to , in this Email Marketing without Web Site course , i will share with you what works for most email marketers. Eventually , you will learn which email marketing system works best for you .

How to use Get Response to start your email marketing

I have been using get response email marketing for 9 months now , previously I have used others email marketing tools as well , however , there are either too complicated to use or just too expensive  .

Get response is just like others email marketing tools such as mailchimp or click funnel ,but get response is way more simple to use , cheaper  and most importantly it works the same like others email marketing tools .

Just like others email marketing tools , get response able to help you to create email marketing , auto funnel , landing page, marketing automation ,webinars and also other essential email marketing function .

Lets look at the price.

The Cheapest get response email marketing services start from $15 per month .I will highly recommend you to start with a basic account for now .As your email list grow , you can consider upgrade to plus account .

You need to register a free 30 days trial with get response now , as I am going to guide how to use get response to run and sell your products by using email marketing .

How does email marketing actually works and how to earn money using it

When talking about email marketing , a lot of gurus try to complicate things and make it so difficult for people like me , that do not have any IT background ,hard to understand , and worst is that we are scare to even start one.

One of the goal of this course is to teach you the easiest way to start email marketing ,and also thoroughly understand the process of email marketing without making it complicated like building a rocket.

So , in a simple term ,email marketing means ,you promote and sell your products through sending email . Yes It is just that simple , however , it sounds simple until you do it . Therefore , I encourage you to sign up a 30 days free get response email marketing account and follow my step by step guide in this course , and I can guarantee that you will have a successful email marketing system when you finish this course.

So , you need a system in order to make your email marketing a highly effective tools in generating revenue

Email marketing is a must for every business owner , no matter you are selling on shopify , doing dropshipping , affiliate marketing , basically every single online business , must use email marketing , as it is one of the most effective way of selling .

How to write effective copy writing email to promote and sell your products through email

I still remember that when I started to learn about online business , the very first thing that I learn is email marketing . At that time , I find it really hard to understand how does things works . There are just too many theory and different method in doing it

However , when I really get my hands on starting my very fist email marketing campaign , I realize that the fundamental of email marketing divided into 2 things.

And these are 2 very important thing about email marketing that you need to master in order to be successful in email marketing .



If you look at it , the art of making people subscribe to your email list is the very first step of building your client base, without client base , you wont be making any money .

So, once you have mastered the art of making people subscribe to your email list , the very next thing that you need to learn is the art of copy writing . You need to learn how to convince people to buy your product through email ,without them even seeing you in real life .

Copy writing can be define as making money by words . How well you can convince your audience through wordings email , dictate how good you are in email marketing .

Join my exclusive online business mastermind group

At the bonus session of this course , you will get to join my exclusive business mastermind group and also others great resources that able to help you in starting and running a successful online business.

What are you waiting for? Lets enroll in this Email Marketing Without website online course

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Business Writing For Busy People

Write clearly and compellingly - for colleagues, clients and other key stakeholders

Created by Clare Lynch - Cambridge University writing tutor & professional copywriter


Students: 6553, Price: $49.99

Students: 6553, Price:  Paid

A recent survey revealed that 44% of managers view writing as the most commonly lacking skill among graduates. Business Writing For Busy People has been specifically created to fill this skills gap.

Business Writing For Busy People is a short, sharp course you can complete at your desk in under 2 hours. It’s designed to give busy professionals the ability to grab the attention of busy readers - by writing in a way that’s clear, concise and compelling.


Learn from a renowned expert in business writing

I’m Dr Clare Lynch of Doris and Bertie, a London-based consultancy that works with anyone who needs to write as part of their job.

In my decades-long writing career, I’ve taught business writing skills to executives at global companies and international MBA students at the University of Cambridge.

So I know exactly what it takes to help professionals write well in the workplace. Especially if you’re a smart, educated graduate who is having to adapt from an academic style to a new way of writing.

As a Udemy instructor since March 2015, I’ve taught over 15,000 students how to communicate more effectively with the written word.

As a writer myself, I understand the importance of grabbing your audience’s attention - and keeping things to the point. And, as you’ll discover, as an instructor, I practise what I preach. The words students use most often in reviews of my Udemy courses  are ‘clear’, ‘concise’ and ‘engaging’.

My goal with Business Writing For Busy People is to show you the writing techniques that will win you similar plaudits for your work.


What you’ll learn in this course

Business Writing For Busy People, covers the key things you need to know if you want to get better results from your business writing.

This course is perfect for anyone who has to write anything at work. Whether you’re a new graduate who needs to adapt your writing style for the workplace. Or an experienced executive who wants to brush up your business writing skills.

By the end of this course, you’ll be armed with a slew of techniques for crafting more effective business documents, from day-to-day emails to persuasive pitches and proposals.

You’ll start by learning to identify the features of a ‘professional’ writing style. You’ll be introduced to a series of powerful (and free!) online writing tools you can use to analyse your own work. Tools that have been tried, tested and given the whole-hearted thumbs up by my own clients.

You’ll also learn about the cultural factors that can affect the degree of impact your writing will have - essential knowledge if English isn’t your first language or if you’re working as part of a global team.

Good writing isn’t primarily about the words you use - it’s about figuring out what you’re trying to say and why it matters.

So early on in the course, you’ll learn how to quickly identify your key message before you even sit down to write. And how to present your ideas effectively - in a way that meets the needs of busy readers.

Specifically, you'll learn more about the reading strategies people use to seek out the information that matters most to them - and how to adapt your writing accordingly.

The techniques you’ll learn for getting your ideas down on paper quickly and clearly will save you time as a writer - and save your audience time as readers.

You’ll also learn how to craft sentences that are clear, concise and jargon-free - so you can communicate your expertise without losing your reader. And how to add warmth to your words so you forge a deeper connection with people everytime you write.

Finally, you’ll learn simple techniques for proofing and polishing your work - so you can weed out embarrassing errors that could undermine your credibility as a writer.


By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and adopt the features of a ‘professional’ style

  • Save time when writing anything - from day-to-day emails to persuasive pitches

  • Delight your audience - by saving them time when reading your work

  • Quickly identify what you want to say - and how to say it

  • Structure your writing for maximum impact

  • Present your ideas so readers can instantly home in on your most important points

  • Apply a proven formula for crafting pitches and proposals that persuade

  • Communicate your expertise clearly and compellingly

  • Rid your writing of confusing tech talk and off-putting corpspeak

  • Engage your readers by making your writing warmer and more human

  • Establish credibility by proofing and polishing your work effectively


Hands-on practice

The only way to improve your writing is to roll up your sleeves and get writing. That’s why I’ve designed Business Writing For Busy People to be a highly practical course.

Throughout the course, you’ll get opportunities to put theory into practice with exercises and assignments drawn from real-life examples of business writing.

You’ll also be encouraged to reflect on your own business writing. You’ll find the course particularly useful if you’ve got an existing writing sample you’d like to critique and improve on - or a crucial upcoming writing project to complete.


Course resources

Business Writing For Busy People gives you a wealth of resources for crafting clearer, punchier, more persuasive business documents, including:

  • links to free online tools for analysing and improving your writing

  • 51-page downloadable course workbook featuring course exercises and assignments - including model answers - and summaries of the key points of each lecture

  • downloadable copy of instructor's e-book 'Catch Every Error: A Guide To Polishing Your Document Like A Pro - Complete With A Proofreading Checklist'

  • links to useful articles and other online sources to help you produce better business writing


Is Business Writing For Busy People the right course for you?

Business Writing For Busy People has been designed for time-pressed professionals who want to get maximum results from their writing - in minimum time.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive course that will take you from business writing beginner to the level of a copywriting pro, you might prefer to enrol in one of my other courses, Writing With Confidence.

Business Writing For Busy People covers some of the same ground as Writing With Confidence - albeit with all-new exercises.

However, Business Writing For Busy People focuses on just the most important writing techniques you need to get fast results.

Proven Strategies How to write an article for your Success

Best tips on how to write an article for your online business success and to grab more online profits now.

Created by Rizwan Ayaan - Entrepreneur & Human Psychology Marketing Expert


Students: 5087, Price: Free

Students: 5087, Price:  Free

Proven strategies on how to write an article for your business success

Why you have to take this course because this course will help you to understand how visitors think when they visit your business website and also you will come to know the human psychology behaviors of buying customers. 

By using these tips you can write articles and can deliver your products and services in a better way by which you can make more profits Instantly by selling more products and services from your business websites easily.

Therefore, Actually what are you going to get in these article writing modules..!! 

  1. In these modules you are going to learn....How to write an article for Your and Your    Company Websites for more profits
  2. If you are struggling to get profits with your affiliate programs and if you want to know how to write an article for your affiliate products and services for more sales then you have to go through this course now.
  3. Here you are going to get all modules in step by step video format regarding Why and  how to write an article for your business success.
  4. Here you will get basic to expert level outline on how to write an article all in just Less than 45 min 
  5. This course will make you an expert in online article writing industry.

See you inside 

All the best

 You will Learn Here :

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Formal Email Writing – Business English

Quickly and easily learn how to write formal emails. Master the format, grammar, phrases, and avoid common mistakes.

Created by Logan Susnick - Audio/video professional, CELTA certified English instructor


Students: 3567, Price: $24.99

Students: 3567, Price:  Paid

Stop writing bad business emails today! Learn how to organize them, what language to use, and avoid those shameful mistakes that even native speakers make.

Master Formal Emails Quickly With This Comprehensive Course

  • Become proficient in email etiquette
  • Compose properly structured emails
  • Learn most commonly used correspondence phrases
  • Master the necessary formal tone grammar
  • Become competent in essential punctuation rules
  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes that can cost you

    Learn what makes an email formal and informal
  • Writing badly written emails can keep you from getting a promotion, a raise, or a better paying job. Using casual language instead of formal can be very embarrassing and make you look uneducated. And when you leave a bad first impression, it is almost impossible to correct.

    Once you've learned what's in this course, you will be an articulate, well-mannered, knowledgeable, and educated email communicator. Whether you're emailing your bosses, prospective clients, or your friends, you will know exactly how to write it, what to avoid, and what to make sure you do correctly. This will make you stand out from other people sending emails because you will know what most of them do not.

    Contents and Overview

    You will start the course by learning the essential Email Etiquette. Most of these lessons are about issues that are often ignored at the risk of being impolite or annoying to your recipients. The second course section is Email Structure where we will break down the email into its parts and cover everything you need to know about each of those components.

    The following three sections are language related: Vocabulary, Grammar, and Punctuation. These are often those big boring language learning topics. But here, you will learn only those points that are essential when writing good formal as well as informal emails.

    Each section wraps up with a carefully created downloadable cheat sheet and quiz to test your knowledge. I do want you to learn this, and to make sure that you remember what you've learned.

    And once you've completed this course, you will have a new assortment of language tools to give you the advantage at whatever you're setting out to do in your life and business. This will help you build a good reputation, communicate better, and create new opportunities for your career.

    For the price of just a few private lessons you get a comprehensive course that would cost much more in the real world. You get hours of training, quizzes, and downloadable materials. And you get support if you have any further questions. On top of that, you have Udemy's money back guarantee. So you really can't go wrong here. Get started right now!

    Better Business Writing in 35 Minutes

    Simple tips for creating writing that's easy to understand and achieves results

    Created by Tom Foskett - Technical Writer, Editor, and Writing Coach


    Students: 3298, Price: Free

    Students: 3298, Price:  Free

    My name is Tom Foskett, and I'm a technical writer, editor, and writing coach.

    In the next 35 minutes, I'll show you how to create effective business writing.

    That means writing that:

    1. Will actually get read

    2. Delivers a clear message

    3. Achieves the goal that you wrote it for

    You don't have to be a writer for this course to be useful. The advice I'll give is just as relevant to sending an email as it is to writing a report.

    Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the course.

    Build Your Business Writing Romance Novels

    Snuggle up to a billion-dollar-a-year industry writing and publishing romance novels.

    Created by Pam Roller - Author


    Students: 3245, Price: $89.99

    Students: 3245, Price:  Paid

    Join the ranks of authors who write in the most popular and best-selling genre of all fiction stories. Over 2,000 students enrolled!

    This course will help set you on the path to becoming a career author. Learn to write novels, determine a publishing route, promote your books, and complete a flexible business plan that fits your individual goals as a romance author.

    Which is your dream?

    1. You've always wanted to try out this romance writing thing, just to get a feel for it, to see if it would be a fun pastime that would bring in extra income.

    2. You're balancing family, a day job, and other obligations in the midst of building a writing career, and you need some help.

    3. You’re at a crossroads with your job and your family is growing, and your dream is to be able to work at home and be a full-time author.

    I understand. Whatever your reason for being here, my goal is to make your journey through this course as streamlined as possible so that you can get the most out of it in the briefest amount of you can make your dream come true.

    Writing Effective Business Emails

    Learn how to build your professional image and increase your productivity through powerful emails.

    Created by Jane Watson - Trainer, Author, Consultant - Written Business Communication


    Students: 2400, Price: $19.99

    Students: 2400, Price:  Paid

    Sure. Anyone can write an email in the business world today. But can you write ones that increase your chances of a fast response and that build your professional image?

    I’ve been conducting business writing workshops in both the private and public sectors for over 15 years, and I’ve listened to the concerns of both senior managers and support staff when it comes to written communications. And the most common complaint today is poorly written emails.

    By taking this 90-minute course, you will learn with all sorts of tips for writing powerful, business emails. I’ve divided the course into three sections: What You Should Know About Emails, Writing Style and Tone, and Organization.

    Business Writing Skills: The Basics of Written Communication

    Improve your written communication. Learn writing skills that will help you write an email, memo, and business letter.

    Created by Michaele Downey - Leadership Skills Instructor ★ Employee Performance Coach


    Students: 2055, Price: $99.99

    Students: 2055, Price:  Paid

    In most businesses, good communication is one of the most important skills that you can have. And you need excellent writing abilities to clearly convey ideas. How well you communicate could even have an effect on the jobs you are offered. In order to be seen as a professional communicator, you must be able to write effective emails, memos, and letters.

    What You Will Learn 

    Here's what you'll discover in this course: 

    • Why good communication is so important (by completing a fun exercise!)

    • Hints and tips to make writing easier

    • How to stand out from the crowd by keeping your writing simple, clear, and concise

    • Which words are commonly misused (by many people!) and tricks to help you choose the correct word EVERY TIME

    • How to stop making those embarrassing mistakes when you write

    Lots of Practice 

    A workbook is provided so you can follow along with the exercises. You will begin with the basics of good business writing, including how to keep your business writing concise. You will practice proofreading sentences. 

    You will learn which words are commonly misused and some tricks to help you choose the correct word. You will then learn how to properly construct each type of document. 

    You will complete a quiz at the end of each section to test your knowledge. At the end of the course, you will know how to effectively write basic business documents. 

    Why YOU Should Take This Course

    Just think about having more effective writing skills. Think about how impressed your boss will be. Whether you are new to business writing, or just need a refresher, this course will help you.

    Take Action Now!

    Enroll now by clicking on the "Take This Course" button above!                      

    Business English Sample Course

    Learn Business English with a British native speaker language trainer and upgrade your speaking & writing skills.

    Created by Michael Davies - Legal English Teacher


    Students: 1883, Price: Free

    Students: 1883, Price:  Free

    This sample course is from the Business English Vocabulary Course available exclusively on Udemy. The course introduces you to the language of risk and includes an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of the language.

    The course is delivered by the highly experienced Legal English and Business English trainer Michael Davies. Michael uses his twenty years of experience running courses for entrepreneurs, managers and lawyers to introduce you to Business English and develop your fluency and understanding of the language.

    This course may also be useful for IELTS Academic learners as it includes vocabulary which may be used in task one.

    Business Writing: Improve Your Emails Instantly

    What goes in each part of an email. How to write clearly and directly. Strategies to communicate in negative situations.

    Created by Bruna Claas - Account Manager | E-learning Instructor | Content Creator


    Students: 1078, Price: $19.99

    Students: 1078, Price:  Paid

    Welcome to the course Business Writing: Improve Your Emails Instantly!

    Learn Business Communication Skills, focused on Business Email Writing Skills.

    You will learn to get the most out of your email communication by writing simple and direct emails with purpose.

    I have worked in sales, customer support, and customer engagement roles in global organizations such as AIESEC and EcoVadis.

    I have developed this course to be completely based on examples, not only of what you should be doing, but also of what you should be watching out to avoid in your writing.

    Using this very hands-on learning strategy, you will quickly learn to identify and to improve your emails instantly.

    By the end of this course, you will know:

    • The do’s and don’ts in professional emails;

    • How to structure an email with salutation, opening, body and closing;

    • How to decrease miscommunications by using simple, conversational language;

    • How to avoid common mistakes and sound more professional;

    • Strategies of how to communicate in negative situations to turn them around.

    Thank you!

    Course Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    [2021] Business Writing: Business Writing for Beginners

    Be able to use business writing to write effective reports, proposals & more. Build your writing & communication skills!

    Created by Davis Jones - Chief Learning Officer at Eazl


    Students: 795, Price: $99.99

    Students: 795, Price:  Paid

    Welcome to the brand new business writing course from Eazl and bestselling online instructor, Davis Jones!  Version 1.2 is Fresh as of January 2021!

    Be able to communicate your ideas, impress your clients, and persuade your colleagues!

    "After taking this course you'll be able to deliver information unambiguously, foster better working relationships, and achieve many professional goals at a faster pace." -Carlos P.

    "The messages come alive with the animations" -Enoch A.

    Whether you are writing an email to a colleague or a proposal for a client, you need to be able to communicate clearly. Employers need employees with strong written communication skills and, in a world where a majority of interactions happen online, your writing skills are often your main points of contact with other professionals. The skills you will learn in this course are both scarce and in-demand.

    Do you want to make sure that your ideas are not lost because of poor writing quality? Do you need to speak on behalf of an organization and make sure you keep your readers’ trust? Do you need to convert potential clients into paying clients? Are you hoping to be a manager one day? If so, you need do you know how to organize your ideas and write about them effectively.

    In this course, you’ll learn how to write:

    • Proposals

    • Data Reports

    • Sales or Marketing Copy

    • Product and Service Descriptions

    • Strategic Recommendations

    • Event Descriptions

    • Announcements

    • Press Releases

    • Research Papers

    • Essays and Academic Papers

    • Promotional Video Scripts

    • White Papers

    • Arguments and Position Papers

    • ...and more.

    Write Like a Pro

    You need to know how to communicate effectively and efficiently. After taking this course and applying what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time that it takes you to write high-quality, impactful content by 50 to 90%.

    • Something that used to take you a week to write will now take you two hours.

    • Something that used to take you two hours to write will now take you 20 minutes.

    Next time someone important asks you to send them something in writing, you won’t have to worry about it--you’ll know how to get it done quickly and skillfully.

    Award-Winning Production Quality & Tons of Resources

    “I love the efficient presentation method.” Dario D.

    “I like how Eazl fits very important discussions into small chunks of video… I believe that this helps me absorb the information and stay more alert than a traditional, long tutorial video might.” – Robert B.

    In this course, you will learn how to:

    • write impactful sentences

    • organize your ideas

    • back your ideas up with research

    • turn ideas into outlines

    • write first drafts of your pieces

    • format your documents so they look great and send clear messages

    • proofread your writing

    You’ll also learn business writing skills while using Google Docs, the cloud-based production software used by more than 4 million organizations around the world.

    Not only that, you will meet a group of experts--each of them with a unique professional background that involves writing--who will give you their tips and viewpoints on issues that you will face when you write for business purposes.

    Justin, an Eazl student, said he thought the interviews were “awesome” in his five star review of Eazl’s courseware.

    The whole learning experience in Business Writing: One Pattern, Infinite Applications is engineered for you to be able to successfully communicate at work and in the real world. This course will help you make progress on your career goals.

    Become an Eazl Scholar and Prove Your Skills to Employers and Clients (Optional)

    Completion certificates are losing their power in the marketplace as more and more online educators offer them but don’t require any demonstration of learning in exchange. In order for your continuing education efforts to be meaningful, you need to begin focusing more on exercising and proving your skills.

    If you choose to pursue scholarship through Eazl, you can optionally earn verifiable Skills Badges, which will enable you to prove your skills to employers and/or clients. You can learn more about this opportunity through links in the course.

    Smart Professional, Employers, and Non-Native English Speakers will Love this Course

    LinkedIn recently used their massive amount of data to find the most in-demand soft skills in the world, and they found that persuasion and collaboration are 2 of the top 3 most in-demand skills. You’ll develop those skills and many other communication-related skills in this course.

    • If you’re a student or someone who’s self-employed, you’ll love this course. For example, Maran B. said that, “As a student and stay-at-home mom looking to get back into the workforce after a few years, this course really helped me.“

    • If you’re an employer, having one of your employees take this class is a great way to affordably skill up your team--Tesla, Apple, and the World Bank are just a few of the employers that already use Eazl Courseware.

    • If you’re a non-native English speaker, you’ll love this course. For example, Sirin T. told said that, “as a German college student, I really suffer from not having enough hands on information to know about how companies actually work.” in his five star review of Eazl courseware.


    We always work to keep this course's content fresh for you. Here are a list of upgrades:

    • Version 1.1 (Published on May 11, 2020)
      Added a new lecture centered around Google Docs formatting features. Thanks for helping us out with this, Saket!

    • Version 1.2 (Published January 2021)
      Fixed multiple resources that were broken, added new links to replace them. Thanks for the feedback, Hans!

    How to get your EMAIL noticed – Personalised FIRST LINERS

    Email Writing | How to write better emails | Email Etiquette | Business & Personal Communication | FREE Course



    Students: 553, Price: Free

    Students: 553, Price:  Free

    HOW TO WRITE BETTER EMAILS? Why Business Communication is so important? HOW TO GET YOUR EMAIL OPENED & NOTICED?

    If you are looking for answers to the above questions, then you have arrived on the right path. In this course you will learn all about personalized first liners, one of the most underrated yet most powerful tricks of email writing. We are all humans and any cold behaviour is never going to excite us whether it's verbal or written. Therefore, in e-mails as well, the concept of personalisation is really important. So, from next time whenever you write emails, keep in mind that with personalised first liners you can turn a customer into a client. In this course you are only going to learn about email writing tips and tricks but also about personal productivity. Personalised first-liners writing is a skill, which needs constant practice.

    This course is all about personalised first liners. In this course you willl learn about a lot of new things for example -

    • What is personalisation in email writing

    • How to create a personalised first liner for your client

    • The DOs and DONTs

    • Live examples of how to compose a personalised first liner

    • How to write UNIQUE first liners

    • Why detailing is important in emails

    With personalized first liners, the signups  & leads can increase dramatically. This is also one reason why the email marketing industry is slowly evolving towards personalization in email. You can check out the attached resource for further examples. Wishing you, all the best. Keep learning, keep upskilling!

    How to market your business writing emails for Beginners

    Build your success online with powerful email campaigns

    Created by Robert Baakel - Developer


    Students: 312, Price: Free

    Students: 312, Price:  Free

    In this course you will learn how to create a email strategy that will help you be successful in your online business. This course is for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, online influencers, and business owners. 

    If you are new to doing business online this will be a great course to establishing a strong foundation for email marketing.  If you have an online business and do not use email as part of your strategy this course will help you boost your success.

    Learn the basics of an email strategy.  You will learn all of the email terminology and metrics to help you become successful.  The email terms will help you successfully use your email marketing software to its fullest potential.  Use the metrics that matter most to you and your business and monitor them so that you can adjust your business to achieve your marketing goals.

    Learn how to to captures leads. You will learn the importance of a landing page and how to build one that will capture the most leads. 

    You will learn the basics of structuring you emails(email copywriting) so that you can capture a wide audience. 

    This course will also provide you with supplemental learning materials in addition to this course to further your learning past the beginner stage.   We will also show you the tools to help you successfully implement all of the modules in this course.

    Written Communication: Improve Your Business Writing Skills

    Write Better for Professional and Personal Success. Eliminate Bad Habits and Gain Credibility.

    Created by Debbie McCusker - Certified ATD Master Instructional Designer & MOS Certified


    Students: 283, Price: $74.99

    Students: 283, Price:  Paid

    In today's fast-paced business world, you have precious little time to write communications. Readers have little time to read your communications.

    This course provides you with strategies and resources to enhance your written communication skills, so you can quickly deliver effective messages to your readers.

    Written Communications will teach you the basic rules of business writing, how to successfully edit and proofread communications, and how to write a professional email.

    Business Writing Tools & Hacks: Boost Writing Confidence

    Discover the top tools & hacks for boosting your writing confidence. Write clear, effective emails and presentations.

    Created by Tyler Speegle - Huffington Post Contributor | Professional Writer & Blogger


    Students: 58, Price: $89.99

    Students: 58, Price:  Paid

    THE  #1 GUIDE TO THE BEST BUSINESS WRITING TOOLS ON THE INTERNET. Business Writing Tools & Hacks is a brand new course from the best-selling Udemy Writing Instructor & Huff Post contributor, Tyler Speegle. Discover the top free writing tools for boosting your writing confidence.

    As we jump into the course, we’ll cover tools & hacks that will help you…

    * Improve your writing clarity

    * Make your writing bold & clear

    * Improve the emotional tone of your writing

    * Implement proper grammar and sentence structure

    * Learn how to avoid common mistakes

    * Get people to read and respond to your emails

    This is a simple, straightforward guide to writing clearly and effectively in professional environments.

    A few years ago, I looked back at all of my writing experience and identified the tools that helped me along the way. After selling thousands of courses and having students from all over the world, the #1 problem I come across is a lack of confidence in writing & business communication skills.

    This course is for literally anyone who writes anything… whether it’s a business email, proposal, slide deck, high-pressure pitch, persuasive talk, or simply a business memo. In this course, I'll teach you some secrets and shortcuts for business writing — but most importantly I’m going to introduce you to some free tools that will help bolster any confidence you may be lacking.


    "I'm only just starting to get into writing and this course has been great. I feel like I have now a better understanding of all the tools out there that can help me to improve my writing. Thanks for sharing so much info. I definitely recommend this course." -NICOLE

    "Lot of useful information, it’s succinct and precise. Definitely will give you weapons to fight with on the writer's-table-battleground." -MUKUL

    "This course is like going to a Home Improvement shop - Home Depot USA & Canada. I have a project, and I need tools, materials, so let's go shopping. Well, Tyler's course is like Home Depot for writing! Love it! Tyler packed the lectures with a variety of apps and websites - Writing Tools- that are gold." -MONICA

    "Great Course. Short, precise, and a wonderful listing of tools. As a beginner content/copywriter, I found this course useful. In fact, I used one of the tools Tyler suggested to do proofing of this review! :D. Highly recommended. Thanks, Tyler." -MITHUN

    By the end of this course, you’ll...

    * Feel confident about your writing

    * Impress your coworkers, clients, and potential leads

    * Avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes and weak writing

    I created this course to help boost your writing confidence and create clarity for people who want to make a difference. If that’s you, let’s jump in and get started!