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Startup Business Success

12 Easy Steps To Starting Your Business

Created by Gregory Turner - Transform Leads to Profits


Students: 2192, Price: Free

Students: 2192, Price:  Free

Showing aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business doing what they love, regardless of their financial circumstances or education.

This step by step guide breaks down into simple details about what should be done in order to identify your business idea and to get it off the ground and into the marketplace.

By taking this course you will feel confident in moving forward and also have access to ongoing support to build your business.

Coaching Business Plan How to Start a Life Coaching Business

Coaching Business Plan for Life Coaches with Coaching Vision Coaching Niche Coaching Clients Marketing Plan for Coaching

Created by Holistic Coach Academy - Coaching Training|Coaching Certification|Coach Accreditation


Students: 1843, Price: $109.99

Students: 1843, Price:  Paid

Life Coaching is hot! Learn our Coaching Business Plan and discover How to Start a Life Coaching Business even if you don't know anything about business. If you have read my book "Empowered Life Coach", this course expands on what is covered in the book. This course is for people interested in learning how to start a coaching business or if you are already a coach and you want to learn how to easily find clients who want and pay for coaching, market your services and spend more time doing what you love. Keep reading the FAQ to discover why this coaching course is the missing link to your success puzzle!

Coaching Business Plan How to Start a Life Coaching Business is for you if:

· You are brand new to Coaching and want to know what is required to start a coaching business so you can determine if it is right for you.

· You have been taking coaching training but have yet to set up your coaching business and you want the best insight for how to get started.

· You want practical strategies and advice on starting a coaching business that have already been tested and proven to work.

· You would like creative yet logical ways to grow your coaching business from the ground up.

· You would like to know how you can increase your coaching client base without working 90 hours a week.

· You are ready for life as a business owner but just need to know the foundation pieces so you feel more comfortable with your decision to start a coaching business.

· You are committed to following through with what you're about to learn.

Why Take Coaching Business Plan How to Start a Life Coaching Business?

· This is why you are here because you want to know how to become a coach with a steady stream of clients who love you and refer people to you.

· Now keep this in mind. Every piece of advice, strategy and logical approach to building a coaching business has been tested; none of this is theory.

· You get insider insight on what it really takes to be successful as a Coach.

· You learn the main problems that cause most coaches to fail in business plus the exact strategies and plans to avoid these problems.

· You learn what to do and what not to do based on my experiences having worked with thousands and thousands of clients over the past 30+ years. Here is a sampling of what you will learn:

What is covered in Coaching Business Plan How to Start a Life Coaching Business?

1. Coaching Business Preparation - Learn a simple analysis for starting your Coaching Business with easy exercises and activities that set you up for success.

2. Coaching Business Success - Discover the often overlooked first step for long-term business success; most Coaching training misses this.

3. Coaching Business Foundation - You learn step 2 and the key foundation piece to aligning yourself for success starting a Coaching Business.

4. Coaching Business Differentiation - You will learn step 3 and how to develop yourself into the kind of person who can run a successful coaching business.

5. Coaching Business Innovation - You will learn step 4 and discover why this important step is a game-changer for Coaching Business success.

6. Coaching Business Formula - You will learn step 5 and be give the formula for finding your Coaching target market; without knowing this you may struggle to ever connect with people who want and need your coaching services.

7. Coaching Business Conversion - You will learn step 6 and be given the step-by-step process for developing your Coaching Business as the only choice for your target market.

8. Coaching Business Strategy - You will learn step 7 for developing a strategy so you no longer need to trade hours for dollars.

9. Coaching Business S & D - You will learn step 8 and walk away with the exact S & D strategies for connecting with the people who will pay for your coaching services.

10. Coaching Business Technology - You will learn step 9 and discover the technology basics for bringing your coaching business to a global audience.

11. Coaching Business Leverage - You will learn step 10 and be given the insight on how to run your coaching business 24-7 without having to do any more work.

12. Coaching Business Systems - You will learn step 11 and walk away with simple stress-free business systems that help you run your coaching business easily.

13. Coaching Business Marketing- You will learn step 12 and discover the fundamentals to fearlessly market your coaching business with confidence.

14. Coaching Business Fundamentals - You will learn step 13 and the easy strategies to build your coaching business with less effort.

15. Coaching Business Longevity - You will be provided with resources on an ongoing basis that will support your coaching business success.

How Will Coaching Business Plan How to Start a Life Coaching Business Benefit You?

· I know you are busy and I have meticulously created this course with your success in mind. This training is no-fluff essential information you need to succeed in coaching easily and quickly.

· I understand how to start a coaching business from the ground up.

· I am a certified coach but quickly learned that the coaching training I received did not even touch on how to build a business. I had to learn that myself.

· You learn the only 13 steps you need to know to start a coaching business and build that business.

· You get coach insights that guide you past mistakes so you do things right the first time.

· You get the inside track on what you need to do to start a coaching business from nothing plus what you need to prepare to grow that business.

· If that's something you would like to achieve, you have selected the right course to take.

· If you complete this entire course and implement everything you learn you will have a good solid foundation to being successful in business.

· Remember, it doesn't matter if you are new or already in full swing, I've been there and I can show you how to make it happen.

When Can You Take Coaching Business Plan How to Start a Life Coaching Business Course?

· What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the exact steps you need to start a coaching business that makes a positive difference, then look no further.

· Start learning right now or take the course when it is convenient for you! The course can be accessed 24-7 from most devices with an internet connection.

· Once a member of the course on Udemy, you receive lecture updates and ongoing personal and professional development; NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

· REMEMBER: If you are not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund, so long as you request it within 30 days of purchase.

· Click on the "Buy Now" button and start learning instantly.

© Copyright Louise Anne Maurice of Holistic Coach Academy

7 steps – How you can convert your idea into a real business

Idea Generation, Product Market Fit, Market Research, Steps in Creating and developing business, Entrepreneurship Skills

Created by Manish Gupta - Hospitality Finance Expert and Business Strategist


Students: 1836, Price: Free

Students: 1836, Price:  Free

Everyone has an idea, however, most of us either don't start the business or fails to grow business due to various reasons. Most of the wantrepreneurs don't know how to start the business and various steps involved in creating a business.  In this short course, we are discussing 7 steps in developing business which are,

  1. Ideation

  2. Understanding your limits and remove them

  3. Market Validation of idea

  4. Product development and value proposition.

  5. Customer Journey Map.

  6. Business Model development

  7. Financial Model Development.

Take this course to get inspiration and understanding & framework to develop your business.

How to Finance a Black Women-owned Business in 2021

What it takes today

Created by William Michael Cunningham - Economist and Author


Students: 1574, Price: Free

Students: 1574, Price:  Free

Maggie Lena Walker was the first female bank president of any race to charter a bank in 1902. Black women have continued down this path of entrepreneurship. According to one report, "the number of businesses created by black women in the United States alone is up more than 460% over the last 20 years, making them the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation."

Of course, we've known this for some time, and have the track record to prove it. We launched MinorityFinance in 1998 and noted that 65% of the inquiries from the site came from Black women. While others have come along after our launch, we remain active and at the forefront.

The key issue then, and now, is money: "according to the Diane Project, black female founders are only able to raise an average of $36,000 in venture funding, while start-ups owned mostly by white males have received on average $1.3 million." We provide data-based advice and instruction, based on our years of experience, to help you over this hurdle.

Our class provides information on the current state of Black women businesses. We provide actionable information you can use to get financing for your business.


• Business Planning

• Your business credit history: Dun and Bradstreet.

• Data and Resources for Black women businesses

• The best non profit, local/state/federal resources

• Steps in the business financing process

• Protecting your ideas: intellectual property rights

• What type of financing products and sources/investors/lenders are best for your business: banks, credit unions, factors, hard money lenders, crowdfunding, credit cards, venture capital, digital currency, ICOs.

• Why you should seek out venture capital these days. Which ones to go to. How you should approach them.

30-minute Business Plan

A 30-minute course for the first approach to a business plan for both professionals and non-professionals

Created by Damiano Raspollini - Project Manager Officer (PMP certified)


Students: 1463, Price: Free

Students: 1463, Price:  Free

The course introduces the main concepts everyone should know while approaching to Project Management and Business Plan analysis. You will learn how to "read & understand" the main parameters such as gross operating margin, depreciation, cash flow, Net Present Value, Pay Back Time and so on.

The course is very basic. It allows to accompany a theoretical approach with a practical one. We will try to apply the theory to a simple case study and you will take away an excel model you will can freely modify and use for your current activities.

The course is in very basic English to reach as many people as possible all around the world.

The 7 Step Business Plan That Writes Itself

The Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur

Created by Teresa Dowell-Vest - Writer | Professor


Students: 1416, Price: $99.99

Students: 1416, Price:  Paid

Dreams are awesome! Goals are motivating! A PLAN is essential! The 7 Step Business Plan That Writes Itself is designed to give you the essential guide to creating a blueprint for your business. Through creative writing and journaling, this course is crafted to alleviate the fear usually connected to writing a business plan. This course is designed for everyone from the creative entrepreneur ready to launch a new business to the seasoned business person looking to take their organization in a new direction. This course will tap into your professional goals and personal passion without bogging you down with task of writing one huge document at once. In the end, lecture exercises and journal entries will be the source material for a finished business plan. At the conclusion of this course, your business plan will have written itself.

Behavior Health & Symptom Awareness

Thriving with Mental Illness

Created by Table Talk Community Thriving with Mental Illiness - "Author and Business Owner"


Students: 1177, Price: Free

Students: 1177, Price:  Free

This course deals with Mental Illness from a patient's point of view, addressing Mental awareness, early detection, and a successfully response for conversion. Empowering you with positive antidotes that bring your mind to a balance. Unpacking behavioral health at the symptom level. This course also introduces the Deep Depression Tornado System Theory where Mental Illness is believed to be in comparison to a cat 5 Tornado in it's pathway to destruction.

Kid Entrepreneurship – Business Launch Plan (12-18 year old)

K I D E N T R E P R E N E U R S H I P . C O M

Created by LLC - Introducing kids to a creative life of entrepreneurship.


Students: 1166, Price: Free

Students: 1166, Price:  Free

This course is intended to be completed by a parent/guardian for their children.


- This Udemy Course is limited and does not include the full content available. Go to our website to view the full course.

Our entrepreneurship programs teach students the 21st-century skills they’ll need to succeed in the world’s changing economy.

Online Entrepreneurship Program - 16 Sections

Here are just some of the skills students will learn:

  • How to identify opportunities in the marketplace.

  • How to differentiate your product/service.

  • How to develop a target market.

  • How to develop a marketing strategy.

  • How to identify costs and develop pricing.

  • How to develop a business model.

  • How to present a business idea to an audience.

  • And much more….

Jobs Are Going Freelance

Forbes says that 2027, 50% of our workforce will be freelance. (Read article)

According to Upwork, a global freelancing platform, there are approximately 57 million freelancers in the United States (35 percent of the US workforce) that contribute more than $1 trillion to the economy. The same report asserts 51 percent of freelancers said, “no amount of money would entice them to definitely take a traditional job.” In other words, these individuals do not want to be classified as employees with the employer that contracts with them.* (Adam Crepeau – Main Wire Article)

Business Plan – Learn why a business plan is the key

Unfortunately most small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) operate in a haphazard manner.

Created by Henning Glaser - Ich habe Teilnehmer in über 130 Ländern - sei auch dabei


Students: 1090, Price: $89.99

Students: 1090, Price:  Paid

Business Plan - Learn why a business plan is the key to business success

  Do you operate haphazardly or do you have a business plan? 

Henning Glaser has over 4 million views and participants in more than 100 countries

Learn why a business plan is the key to business success 

Unfortunately most small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) operate  in a haphazard manner. The only situation when they actually work on a  business plan is when trying to obtain financing from the bank. After  that, the business plan mostly ends up in a drawer somewhere. 

However, a business plan is in fact a guarantee for your business’ success. 

But unfortunately a lot of small businesses still work without a  plan, which is also the reason why there are so many bankruptcies. 

The more you’ll engage yourself with the training, the more successfull you’ll become. 

With a business plan you will be able to follow certain strategies to successfully reach your goals. 

Is your business successfull yet? Are you operating with a plan? Or do you work haphazardly? 

Create your own business plan now and start to work systematically and structured in order to achieve the success you deserve. 

It´s high time to think again

Master Marketing Strategy for your Business

Profitable Marketing Strategy - ROI and results focused planning

Created by Superlative Digital - Revenue Driving Digital Skills for Your Business


Students: 1017, Price: Free

Students: 1017, Price:  Free

Marketing that makes sense, learn how to build a custom plan bespoke for your business's needs. Understand how to target your audience using the best channels and get the most out of your marketing money. Ensure return on investment and profit with a totally trackable and measurable plan suitable for photography, eCommerce, retail, fashion, services and any other kind of business start-up SME or Large.

Complete Life Coaching Business Plan

A complete marketing plan to start, grow and scale your coaching business -Without ads, funnels, free sessions or events

Created by Scott Jansen - #1 Udemy instructor for hypnosis/coaching - 10,500+ students


Students: 983, Price: Free

Students: 983, Price:  Free

Learn the exact pricing model and system to build a 6 figure life coaching business online - Without ads, funnels, free sessions or events


How badly do you want to succeed? Really...?

Because most coaches talk about wanting to be successful... Most coaches think about being successful...

And you know what? Most coaches actually think they're going to be successful...


And do you know why?

No plan, no systems, no strategy - and a whole lot of guessing!

Are you still...

  1. Wondering to build your business system that generates paying clients?

  2. Wondering how to market your business on social media without using funnels or paid ads

  3. Wondering how some coaches seem to be crushing it while you are struggling?

  4. Wondering how to find your niche, price your service or even package your programs?

  5. Wondering how to dominate your niche when there seems like so much competition?

Well, I have your back!

In this program, I break down my entire business model that we have taught to 1000s of 6 figure and multiple 6 figure coaches to grow their business from scratch - to now only working with high paying clients and embarrassing their competition.

For most building their business, pricing, packaging and presenting their offer comes with a lot of confusion and guessing. And without a repeatable means or system to follow you will end up making the same mistakes over and over.

And with each mistake you lose income, time, energy and focus - then eventually your business will crumble (harsh but true)

Presented, will be my entire pricing model for coaches, hypnotherapist, NLPs, RTT and healers to give you an exact proven system to destroy all confusion.

Enjoy the program

Mini MBA: Business Strategy 2 Business Plan

Mini MBA & Business Plan: Business Plan Coaching to enhance Business Management & Business Writing

Created by Joe Parys - Top-Rated Instructor, 800,000+ Students


Students: 883, Price: $39.99

Students: 883, Price:  Paid

Mini MBA: Business Strategy 2 Business Plan

Follow my detailed Mini MBA, Business Coaching, Business Analysis and Business Intelligence Strategies to enhance your Business Management, Business Writing and create your Business Plan

Welcome to the Business Strategy 2 Business Plan Course - which will enable you to understand Business Strategy to MBA level AND create a comprehensive Business Plan simultaneously as you take the course.  Everything you need is here teaching you Business Plan writing with our detailed template.  A comprehensive easy to follow course to improve your Business management.

Discover Business Strategy to MBA standard - from an MBA (with Distinction from Cass Business School, London) - and simultaneously create a comprehensive Business Plan guided by an award winning 30 year London Investment Banker.

I guarantee that this is a unique course: the only course that teaches you Business Strategy and shows you how to create your Business Plan - at the same time!  The 21 Assignments in this course draw on John's unique experience, including bespoke strategic exercises of his own which you will not see anywhere else.  Step by Step following the incredibly detailed Business Plan template, John will guide you to apply the Business Strategy lessons to create your Business Plan. These will help any students of all levels and in any industry. 

This course has over 160 lectures, over 14 and a half hours of detailed instructional video and nearly 180 downloadable materials (available from a dropbox link you will find at the start of the course).  Despite its complexity, John has created a detailed course matrix for you to use to navigate through the course and understand the synthesis of Business Strategy 2 Business Plan.  There are over 20 Assignments to make the course fun and highly interactive.  The 2 Quizzes will challenge you too!  Every section has an introductory video explaining the learning objectives and lessons in that section.

Following 8 years as a British Army Officer, John started his 30 year+ investment banking career in 1988 and since then he has floated companies, bought and sold companies in M&A deals, raised capital from Venture Capital and Private Equity.  John was awarded the Tallow Chandler's Prize for the Best Dissertation in his year when graduating with his MBA (with Distinction) in 1993 from Cass Business School in London.  John has transacted deals worth well over $1billion in his career as a senior Investment Banker for Westdeutschelandesbank, Societe General and Security Pacific Hoare Govett.  He has also co-founded two London Investment Banking Boutiques.  In his career, John has advised dozens of companies on their Business Strategy as well as reading (and writing for his clients) hundreds of Business Plans.  In addition, John has two degrees (BA and MA) from Cambridge University

Its hard to think of a more experienced or better qualified instructor to teach this topic on Udemy or anywhere else!

In this Course you will discover:

  • The connections between Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy and your Business Plan

  • Understand the main frameworks for Strategic Analysis and be able to complete a SWOT Analysis

  • Discover some of the Key Strategic Business Models taught at Business School, providing you with a toolbox of frameworks to apply to your Business Strategy formulation

  • Learn to think critically about the role of Management and their skills

  • How to create a competitive advantage for Products and Services

  • Use classic business models to evaluate your Competition

  • How to conduct an industry wide analysis of your Markets and Competitors

  • Review your business's Operations, with a close eye on Customer Management

  • Use my templated scorecards to do a SWOT analysis on your own business

  • The importance of your Customers and your Customer Value Proposition

  • Frameworks to maximise your return from your investment in Sales and Marketing

  • How to transform your online Digital Business Strategy

  • Understand the three main financial Statements, the Income Statement or Profit and Loss Account, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement and how they fit together.

  • To understand the key Financial Ratios that apply to the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement to enable you to interpret the financial information in these statements.

  • Use a real Case Study to analyse real financial information using Financial Ratio Analysis

  • Exercise to evaluate the achievability of your Strategic Goals when compared to your predicted rates of growth

  • Frameworks to incorporate Performance Management into your Business Strategy and Business Plan

  • Growth Strategies to help your Business Strategy execution, also incorporating your Business Plan

  • Understand what factors are important to your Investors, specifically Valuation, Funding, Exits and Returns

  • How to incorporate a Risk Assessment into your Planning

  • Finally we show you how to synthesise your complete Business Plan from the lessons, assignments and templates in the course

This course is COMPREHENSIVE and enables you to benefit from John's real world Investment Banking and Business Strategy experience.  NO ONE  ELSE has shown the experience required to create a course of this complexity and value, teaching you MBA level Business Strategy and showing you how to practically apply that knowledge in creating your Business Plan - in the same course at the same time.

I am totally confident that this course offers you a TOTALLY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE AND OPPORTUNITY and one which will enable you to create an amazing Business Plan while developing a deep understanding of Business Strategy.

Take this Course today - Click the Add to Cart Button now

Best regards from us both

Joe and John

Business Success – Business Planning is Not Rocket Science

Creating a Rock Solid Business Foundation.

Created by Julie Ann Price - Professional Planner, Instructor, Business Coach, Author


Students: 865, Price: $24.99

Students: 865, Price:  Paid

Solopreneur Business Success - Level 1 is the essential course for anyone who wants to build a successful business either as a coach, and information product developer or a creative consultant.

If you can't get traction in your business - this course will help you pinpoint the problem and solve it.

If you find yourself constantly distracted (shiny object syndrome) - this business course will help you diagnose the source of your problem and teach you how to develop blinders so that you are no longer distracted.

If “brain fog" is your number one problem, not only with Solopreneur Business Success Level 1 give you clarity it will light a fire under you so that you no longer lose your way.

I have taught this course live as a bootcamp in the past and students have been blown away by the eye-opening insights of the course. You owe it to your business to get clarity and start moving forward with purpose.

I truly believe this course will give you the direction you need to grow a successful business.

Imagine knowing each day exactly what you need to do to grow your business and being excited to hit your goals.

Here's the Secret: You need to create a 'map' for your business.

This map will tell you who you are serving and how to best serve them in a way that is rewarding for you and welcomed by your customers. You want raving fans? This course will help you create a business that your customers love!

Curriculum Overview:

Step 1 - Understand the role your business plays in your life

Step 2 - Define your personal business rules

Step 3 - Get the inside track with your customers by really getting to know them

Step 4 - Create a massive action plan that will boost your business like no other plan has before

Step 5 - Develop a tracking system so you know exactly what is working and what is throwing you off track

Each section has Action Exercises and worksheets to help you develop your own personal plan.

BONUS - You will get complimentary access to my book Niche Marketing Explained. This book will show you exactly how to dive into your niche and understand how to get your audience to read your messages and take part in your specials.

Click Enroll Now and get started today.

Effortless Income Formula – A Work From Home Business Plan

The only proven system for building an online business from your home computer

Created by Luther Landro - Success and Business Development Coach


Students: 826, Price: $89.99

Students: 826, Price:  Paid

Want a fast way to fill your bank account with an extra $500... $1,000... Even $10,000 or more by the end of next week?

Then you need to watch the video above and read every word on this page. That's because on this page you will discover a brain dead simple way to earn 6 or even 7-figures…

Without having to leave your home…

Without having to do any hard selling...

In fact you can run this business in just 20 minutes a day all over email and see your first payment by this time next week.

Fact: Local mom and pop businesses have a MAJOR problem that is affecting their business and is costing them customers.

More and more customers are turning to online review sites like Yelp for recommendations on where to take their business. Reviews on these sites can make or break a business, well reviewed businesses can get a flood of customers from these sites while a business with bad reviews are left in the dust.

Their problem is your opportunity...

Biz owners are willing an eager to pay $500 per month or more to anyone who can solve this problem for them. $500 is peanuts compared to the amount of money they are losing by not taking control of their online reputation.

The good news is that only costs around $100 to hire a service that monitors their online reputation and improve their scores on review sites. That leaves you with a profit of $400/month for EVERY biz owner you connect to this service.

A simple Google search turns up hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country that have not claimed their yelp listing and need help managing their online reputation. Many businesses don't know about this problem, and one's who do feel helpless to fix it!

A single email is all it takes...

I've been emailing the business owners about this problem and getting replies of them thanking me for pointing it out and asking to hire me to fix it.

I usually book a new client for every 20 emails I send out to business owners.

With the explosive popularity of online review sites, there are more businesses that need this than there are consultants that can help them.

This opportunity is only getting bigger.

There are simply more businesses in the country who need this service than there are people who can help them. The reputation management industry is set to explode in 2018, and I’ve decided to put together a Udemy course to help you get in on the action.

By the end of this Udemy master class, you will:

  • Flood your inbox with biz owners who are eager to pay you $497 a month or more to help them with this problem.
  • Fill your bank account with monthly payments that arrive like clockwork on the 1st of every month.
  • Earn a profit every month as a middle man by connecting these biz owners to the services that can help them.

And to help you get started earning money even faster, I have put together an exclusive bonus package for $438 if you were to buy these items on my website individually.

Inside this free package you are getting:

  • Done-For-You sales video that sells this service ($197 value) - How would you like to only hear from business owners after they have paid your fee? Let this proven video do all the selling for you so you can wake up tomorrow to your first pay check.
  • Copy-paste cold emails to send out to business owners ($97 value) - Just copy and paste these emails to 5 businesses a day and you will have landed your first paying client in a week's time.
  • Over the shoulder walkthrough video that you can follow along with ($47 value) - Set this up correctly the first time by following along in my over shoulder video.
  • Bonus client work agreement ($97 value) – Lock biz owners into an annual contract that guarantees you get paid every month for this service.

Normally these bonuses would cost you $438 if you bought them on my Success With Luther site, however they are yours FREE when you enroll in this Udemy master class.

Just imagine it: Each night this week you perform a simple Google search to find businesses that need this help...

You send just 5 of them an email before you go to bed…

You wake up in the morning next week and see that first $497 payment in your back account... The first of many to come in that week.

All it took was 20 minutes each night to send a few emails before bed.

Think about it: It only takes about 20 cold emails sent to the right businesses to land a paying client.

20 cold emails nets you 1 new client paying $500/month

200 emails would land you 10 clients earning $5,000 a month

2,000 emails would land you 100 clients and earn you $50,000 a month

How fast can you send out that first batch of 20 emails?

Disclaimer: this won’t work for everyone.

Most people who enroll in Udemy courses watch the videos and don’t take any action, and NEVER see any results. Earning money with any online business requires work, it requires you take what you learn and apply it in the real world.

If you are the type of person who expects results without having to do any work, then this program is not for you. However, if you are willing to dedicate the time to watch this training and put in just 20 minutes a day for the next week into growing your income…

Then this is not just another Udemy course for you.

This is the ONLY program you will ever need.

So, let’s make this a complete no brainer for you ok?

See if you were to join my exclusive business coaching program to learn this method you would have to pay my coaching fee of  $2,500. I’m sure you'd agree $2500 is a small price to pay considering you will earn 6-figures a year as a result am I right?

The retail price of this course outside of Udemy is $497... which is a total bargain considering the results previous customers are already seeing with this training.

However, being new to publishing on Udemy I want to make this course a no-brainer for you. So if you are on this page now, consider yourself lucky, that's because you're getting in on this program at less than half what everyone else will pay.

You won't be paying my consulting fee of $2,500 today… nor will you be paying the retail price of $497, not even half that!

You are receiving the entire consulting training course, the bonus restaurant website software, the done for you sales material in a copy-paste format, and all the done-for-you sales bonuses all for one easy payment of just $X.

Listen: Don't decide right now.

Take advantage of my 'First client in 30 days' guarantee. Just try this course out for a full 30 days on me…

Watch the training videos and spend 20 minutes a day sending out these copy/paste emails to business owners in your local area. If you don't land at least one client...

If you are not totally satisfied with the training...

Or even if you don't like the font I use in my videos, anything at all...

Just send me an email or support ticket with the word refund and I will send you back every penny. No questions asked, no hassles. You can even keep the bonus software and eBooks as a thank you for trying out my first Udemy course.

As long as you have actually watched the videos, and given this course a real shot, I am personally promising that you will be satisfied - a promise backed with an iron-clad 100% money backed guarantee. That's a powerful promise for just $X am I right?

Click on the green button, the one that says 'take this course now' to get started in this course.

Remember: The sooner you can get started the sooner you will become the 'goto' expert in your local area. This high ground will make you the authority for online consulting and businesses will naturally flock you.

Seeing that first payment land in your PayPal account from a business owner who needs your help is LIFE CHANGING. It’s an experience that can’t be put into words… The pride, and confidence that comes with it… Knowing that YOU have the power to generate income on demand and you will never have to worry about money ever again.

It’s an experience I want YOU to have, and one that I am willing to personally promise you.

Click on the ‘take this course’ button now to lock in your discounted price. Follow the instructions on the next page to get started today on this life-changing course. I will see you inside with some extra surprise bonuses.

Hypnotherapy Business Plan (6 Figure Hypnotherapy Business)

A detailed business model to grow your Hypnotherapy, Coaching & NLP business online - from scratch.

Created by Scott Jansen - #1 Udemy instructor for hypnosis/coaching - 10,500+ students


Students: 818, Price: Free

Students: 818, Price:  Free

The fastest way to grow your hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP business online (The business model that will SAVE your business)

When most coaches, hypnotherapists, NLPs, practitioners, healers (and beyond) start a business, chaos begins

... From ...

  1. Picking multiple niches that have not been proven to be profitable.

  2. Creating numerous short courses with fancy names attached to multiple funnels and websites.

  3. Packaging their services and offers in seven different ways with names like 'Gold pack and 'VIP pack' with

  4. multiple prices, discounts, percentages off and buy one get one frees.

  5. Attempting every social media platform, speaking for free at events, hosting Meetup groups and podcasts,

  6. giving away free sessions, and everything in between.

This chaos creates a virus inside the mind of a practitioner that has no way of being stopped. (until, now)

So, what is the solution to this?

Well, this course (business model) is the solution to this mess and chaos.

  • I will teach you systems thinking, systems tracking and business operations that will turn your chaotic and unreliable ‘thing’ into a repeatable, reliable, and predictable business.

  • Together we will turn chaos into a ‘well-oiled machine’ with highly engineered parts that run with precision and give your business a predictable set of rules that you can control.

  • We will turn “random acts of marketing and daily actions” into a trackable and usable equation. Just like a well-thought-out science experiment.

… To go from this …

I think I should maybe do this … or maybe this instead – I really hope this works – I'm not really sure how to make it work – what should I do if it doesn’t work? = chaos.

… To this …

I will do this – because this will happen – when I do it again – it will happen again (into infinity) = control.

Welcome to your new hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business model that will save your business.


How to Write a Business Plan

Business Blueprint Series: Write a Business Plan in a Week, Online Resources, Templates, Samples, Guides, Startups

Created by Skillay Academy - Entrepreneurship, business and digital marketing training.


Students: 724, Price: $19.99

Students: 724, Price:  Paid

Welcome to our course on How to Write a Business Plan.  

This course is designed for new or existing entrepreneurs seeking practical advice on how to write a business plan.    

By the end of the course, you will:

- Understand what is a Business Plan,

- Know what is the purpose of a Business Plan,

- Learn why you need to write one for your business,

- Know what are the 6 main components of the business plan,

- Learn practical skills on how to write each main component of a Business Plan including Executive Summary, Company Description, Marketing Analysis, Description of Products and Services, Marketing and Sales, and Financial Projections.

- Benefit from 10 online resources and templates to help you write a business plan in a week,

The ideal student for this course is a new or existing entrepreneur that wants to write a business plan, to start a new business, launch a new product or service, grow an existing business, or even a full-time employee looking to start a business career.

There are no technical requirements necessary to enroll.  We only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn and ready to take some risks.

In order to attend this course, you need to follow the course videos, access additional websites provided in the course, utilize the templates and checklists provided and engage with the course participants and instructor.

If you need personal support, I am here to help!

The instructor for this course is AJ who brings a wealthy business and educational background including 20 years of business experience having founded and developed multiple companies.  Also, AJ has an educational background teaching Entrepreneurship courses to University students.


Customer Testimonials:

★★★★★ "I learned concrete knowledge on how to create a business plan, this course was a great equalizer it helped me realize the importance of this whole idea, i didnt know writing a plan before you start up something is that critical and that it can decisively affect your level of success.. I recommend this course to any one who wants to pursue business seriously." - Kyle J. Green

★★★★★ "Great course with very practical knowledge to get promising results. Highly Recommended." - Harish

★★★★★ "A short course. But to a point. I just listened to it and I think it gave me the insight I needed to start with. Obviously, I cannot compare it with other courses, since I haven't tried them, so I do no regret paying for this course." - Marin Ruzicka

★★★★★ "Although the teacher is not a native English speaker, the narrative is perfectly understandable, especially clear and formal, (something I like). These facts are good reminders that the real-life business environment in which you are to coexist are not homogeneous, but diverse. And there is always something new to learn with diversity. The presentation is divided into well-defined points with clear and concise descriptions. It is a course that certainly is a good vade-mecum to keep you focused on the task of creating your new business, (and future, start-ups if needed,) and for evolving it to new conditions it will have to operate, such as growth and expansions. A good tool and reference." - Nelson Semino

Coronavirus Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Educate your Employees, Prepare the Workplace & Planning for a Possible COVID-19 Outbreak

Created by Ruan Human - Art Director (Christian Media Publishing)


Students: 647, Price: Free

Students: 647, Price:  Free

Though running to Fear and causing havoc is not the solution, we all need to Plan, Prepare and Respond to the Coronavirus Disease. The following interim course may help prevent workplace exposure to acute respiratory illnesses, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19), in non-healthcare settings. The guidance in this course also provides planning considerations if there are more widespread, community outbreaks of COVID-19. 

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first known case was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019.[7] The disease has since spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing pandemic.[8]

Symptoms of COVID-19 are variable, but often include fever,[9] cough, headache,[10] fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste.[11][12][13] Symptoms may begin one to fourteen days after exposure to the virus. At least a third of people who are infected do not develop noticeable symptoms.[14] Of those people who develop noticeable symptoms enough to be classed as patients, most (81%) develop mild to moderate symptoms (up to mild pneumonia), while 14% develop severe symptoms (dyspnea, hypoxia, or more than 50% lung involvement on imaging), and 5% suffer critical symptoms (respiratory failure, shock, or multiorgan dysfunction).[15] Older people are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms. Some people continue to experience a range of effects (long COVID) for months after recovery, and damage to organs has been observed.[16] Multi-year studies are underway to further investigate the long-term effects of the disease.[16]

Transmission of COVID-19 occurs when people are exposed to virus-containing respiratory droplets and airborne particles exhaled by an infected person.[17][18] Those particles may be inhaled or may reach the mouth, nose, or eyes of a person through touching or direct deposition (i.e. being coughed on).[17] The risk of infection is highest when people are in close proximity for a long time, but particles can be inhaled over longer distances, particularly indoors in poorly ventilated and crowded spaces.[17][19] In those conditions, small particles can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours.[17] Touching a contaminated surface or object may lead to infection although this does not contribute substantially to transmission.[17][20] People who are infected can transmit the virus to another person up to two days before they themselves show symptoms, as can people who do not experience symptoms.[21][22] People remain infectious for up to ten days after the onset of symptoms in moderate cases and up to twenty days in severe cases.[23]

Several testing methods have been developed to diagnose the disease. The standard diagnostic method is by detection of the virus' nucleic acid by real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RRT-PCR), transcription-mediated amplification (TMA), or by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) from a nasopharyngeal swab.

Preventive measures include physical or social distancing, quarantining, ventilation of indoor spaces, covering coughs and sneezes, hand washing, and keeping unwashed hands away from the face. The use of face masks or coverings has been recommended in public settings to minimize the risk of transmissions. Several vaccines have been developed and many countries have initiated mass vaccination campaigns.

Although work is underway to develop drugs that inhibit the virus, the primary treatment is symptomatic. Management involves the treatment of symptoms, supportive care, isolation, and experimental measures.

The Basics of Business by Your Business Tutor

The Place where your Business Education journey begins

Created by Ian Ord - Your Business Tutor


Students: 498, Price: Free

Students: 498, Price:  Free

A short business course for those starting out on their journey to exam success.

Packed with the foundation knowledge required to support future learning, this collection of video content is exactly what students who have just started the Scottish Qualification Authority's National 5 Business Management Course or those crashing Higher level need to accelerate their learning.

Presented by a teacher with over twenty years of experience of getting great results, Ian Ord is the right person to take your learning to the next level. So, if you want access to top lesson content, it’s time to choose: Your Business Tutor – learning your way, anytime anywhere.

As detailed in the SQA’s National 5 course specification, this course will cover the basics of business as detailed in the first area of study: Understanding Business

Business Management Basics

Business simulation practice

Created by Top-BOSS 特波國際 - 讓我們透過有意義的遊戲來改變世界!


Students: 319, Price: Free

Students: 319, Price:  Free

Understand the basic principles of business, through business cases, let you know more about the true meaning of management, through simulations cases.

In today’s global business environment that is defined by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA), professionals face many unforeseen new challenges in the midst of a pandemic throughout the world, and they want to be prepared. Top-BOSS Taiwan has been a provider of high-level training of practical skills to university students as well as working professionals to draw out their unique talents, using teaching methods that are application-oriented and competence-based to enhance the experience of learning business operations and management.

Simulations create a competitive environment and is an enjoyable way of learning the core business concepts. It allows students to experiment business strategies, test business ideas, and experience the consequences of their actions in a virtual business environment. As students apply their theoretical knowledge in the simulation program, they learned to make strategic and tactical business decisions. They develop critical skills vital to their success in today's business world.

Learning through simulations, carried out in the form of business simulation, has a primary function: it puts learners in fairly realistic market situations to help them learn essential concepts! The simulations allow students to study the market conditions as well as the competitors, and allow them to take strategic actions in the operation of the business, and observe the results. Indeed, the most important lessons are learned by doing.

7 Steps to a Perfectly Written Business Plan

The Ultimate Guide For Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Writing Their Business Plan in 7 Simple & Effective Steps For Success

Created by Robin & Jesper - Best-Selling Instructors in Digital Marketing & Business


Students: 224, Price: $124.99

Students: 224, Price:  Paid

Are You Looking For The Guide To Write Your Business Plan?

Then, Welcome To The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Business Plan.

In This Course, We'll Guide You Through Step by Step On How To Write Your Business Plan in 7 Simple Steps - A Business Plan That'll Guide You To Success.

"A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Dream".
- Brian Tracy

After This Course, You'll Be Able To

  • Write Your Very Own Business Plan in 7 Simple Steps

  • Write Business Plans For Other People & Businesses

The Course includes:

Articles, Templates & Tools That'll Help to Write Your Business Plan Step by Step With Us!

The Majority Of The Tools In This Course Are For FREE and Will Help You Get Results.

The Course Includes Premium Support For Guaranteed Results - Get All Your Questions Answered Within 24 hrs.

Are You Ready to Start Writing Your Business Plan With Us?

See You Inside The Course.


Robin & Jesper

The Ultimate Entrepreneurship Success Masterclass

Take Charge Of Your Business And Achieve Explosive Results

Created by EN7RPRNR Global Mastery Program - The Entrepreneurial Success Academy


Students: 185, Price: Free

Students: 185, Price:  Free

“You will have a hard time succeeding in business! You’re better off finding a job in sales!”

I can still remember that day as if it was yesterday. My college professor Mr. Michaels insisted that I won’t be able to succeed as an entrepreneur.

But how can I blame him? I wasn’t doing that great in most of my classes anyways!

I was sitting in my room one day, thinking about everything I have learned and experienced in my life. I was thinking about those words he said to me… And it wasn’t just my college professor who said that. Most people were trying to convey the same message to me. A part of me believed them.

But another part of me said what if?

It was a struggle, back and forth, success and failure, ups and downs… I did not know what to do.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I want you to pay really good attention to what I’m about to say to you.

Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.

It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, in fact when it comes to YOUR life, only what you think matters most.

For years, I allowed other people’s opinions, judgments, and influence to control my reality.

Now if you came to me 7 years ago and told me that, I would probably have a hard time agreeing. In fact, I might’ve even thought that you’re giving me bad advice.

But something very interesting happened when I stopped listening to other people’s opinions and started listening to my own. And let me tell you, having one of the fastest-growing Startups in 2019 in Canada by the Canadian Business Journal and being nominated for one of the most valuable brands of 2020 by the Silicon Review Magazine is not something that you can achieve without proof. Over a period of 6 years, I dove into high-ticket sales. My companies made over $40,000,000 in revenue.

With that, I decided to build the ultimate platform that can take high-ticket entrepreneurs and business owners to a whole new level.

Our team built systems that you have never seen before.

Systems that can revolutionize the way you interact with your business, whatever the business is. I created the holy-grail of sales and influence for you.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you one of the very first exclusive systems we built which were the biggest pivoting secret in my business journey.

Creating a Business Plan for your Social Enterprise

An overview of the different components of a business plan with key consideration points

Created by Maria Wilvenna Añora - Co-founder and Head of Strategy, AtoANI


Students: 149, Price: Free

Students: 149, Price:  Free

This course provides an overview of the different components of a business plan along with some key points to consider when writing each part of the business plan.

This course include the following content:

  • Why Create a Business Plan?

    • This section provides an overview of why you need to create a business plan whether you are an entrepreneur or a businessperson.

  • Business Plan Components Overview

    • This section provides an overview of the different components that you need to include in your business plan.

  • Component 1: Executive Summary

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when writing the Executive Summary of your business plan.

  • Component 2: Company Description

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when writing your Company's Description in your business plan.

  • Component 3: Market Analysis

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when creating the Market Analysis in your business plan.

  • Component 4: Competitive Analysis

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when writing the Competitive Analysis in your business plan.

  • Component 5: Organization

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when writing about your Organization in your business plan.

  • Component 6: Products and/or Services

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when writing about your Products and/or Services in your business plan.

  • Component 7: Marketing Strategy

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when creating the Marketing Strategy for your business and articulating it in your business plan.

  • Component 8: Sales Strategy

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when creating the Sales Strategy of your business and articulating it in your business plan.

  • Component 9: Business Model

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when writing the Business Model in your business plan.

  • Component 10: Financials

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to take note of when generating the Financial for your business in your business plan.

  • Component 11: Ask Section and Appendix

    • This section provides key guidelines that you need to put in the Ask Section and Appendix of your business plan.

  • Project Time

    • This section provides a sample template and a guided exercise which you can fill-out to be able to craft a business plan for your venture.

  • What's Next?

    • This section provides you with resources which can help you further in your Entrepreneurship journey.

Business Plan Blueprint

A step by step guide to researching, synthesizing, writing, and editing an "investor ready" business plan.

Created by Todd Smith - Entrepreneurial Consultant


Students: 142, Price: $44.99

Students: 142, Price:  Paid

Succeeding is business isn’t easy. The failure rates are high, with more than 95% of businesses failing within the first five years. Studies have shown that businesses that take the time to write a business plan are twice as successful as those that fail to do so! Knowing your market, your customers, and your competitors and where you fit into your market is critical knowledge, as are operational, human resources, marketing, and financial plans. While some may say that too much planning is not necessary, the opposite is also true, and if you fly around by the seat of your pants without a plan, you're far more likely to waste time, money, and opportunity. Business Plan Blueprint will walk you step by step into creating your own “investor ready” business plan, while providing you with the financial model and business plan templates that you can use to build your plan while you follow along with this cutting edge course – created not by some egghead theoretical professor, but by a real world-class active early stage consultant who has helped clients raise more than $200 million!

Within Business Plan Blueprint, you’ll learn how to build your financial model and how to do the critical thinking that leads you to assumptions that aren’t just wild guesses, but based on factual data. You’ll learn how to research the market, customers, and your competition. You’ll learn all of the critical components of what investors want to see in a business plan. At the same time, you’ll be building a plan that can help keep you and your company laser-focused strategically and tactically. Investing in this course will pay for itself many times over as you will avoid mistakes and put together a clear strategic vision for your company!

Strategic Business Planning

The Guide to run a Strategic Planning Process That Actually Works

Created by Mohamed Elhout, PMP, PMI-PBA - Project Management | Planning & Control | Business Analysis


Students: 106, Price: $29.99

Students: 106, Price:  Paid

Shape the overall business direction of your organization by leveraging a proven strategic planning process. In this course, Mohamed teaches you how to formulate, execute, and monitor strategic planning for your organization by assessing your current business status.

Mohamed shows you how to articulate your organization's core competencies, vision, mission, and strategic criteria. Using these criteria, he shows how to evaluate prioritize competing initiatives, how to allocate resources to best support those initiatives.

Business Planning and Startup Launch for Beginners

Entrepreneurship & Startup Basics with detailed examples of 10 different startup ideas

Created by Mobeen Ayub - MBA, Entrepreneur, BI enthusiast, Leadership Trainer


Students: 105, Price: $19.99

Students: 105, Price:  Paid

Who should take this course?

  1. Students

  2. Entrepreneurs

  3. House-wives

  4. Un-Employed Graduates



    1. What is this World? How does it work?


      1. Effectuation Theory of Entrepreneurship

      2. Entrepreneurial Mindset

        1. Entrepreneurial DNA:

        1. Having a Strong Why:


  1. General Business Basics

      1. Business Structure/ Business Model

      2. Fixed Costs

      3. Variable Costs

      4. Top Line/ Bottom Line

      5. Visualization of Business Costs for:

        1. Hair Dresser Business

        2. Salon Business

        3. Restaurant Business

        4. Software Development Business

        5. Consultancy Business

        6. Super Store Business

        7. Clothing Store Business

        8. Sports Equipment Shop

        9. Gym Business

        10. Fitness Trainer Business

        11. Job

  2. Which Business to Enter?

  3. Business Planning Basics

      1. Executive Summary

      2. Goal/ Objectives of the business

      3. “Why” of the business

        1. Why is the business being launched

        2. What is the need that you have identified

        3. What are the problems that are being faced by the target market

      4. “What” of the business

        1. What is the solution/product for solving the need

        2. What is the size of the market

        3. What are existing solutions in the market

        4. What is different about your product/ solution

        5. What are the costs and profit margins in the industry

        6. What are the assets that you may need for making the product/ providing the service such as office, factory, store/shop, cars/ bikes etc.

      5. “How” of the business

        1. How are you going to make money?

        2. How are you going to make/provide the product/ service

        3. How you going to market it to the target market

        4. How are you going to supply it

        5. How are you going to provide after sales services

        6. How are you going to finance/ fund the business

        7. How are you going to train your people

    1. Detailed Business Plan Structure and Samples

  4. Starting Up

The 2021 Complete Actionable Business Plan Project Schedule

2021 Course - Build a project plan in Excel with all of the tasks necessary before and during your business plan writing

Created by Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO - Instructor & Management Consultant


Students: 67, Price: $39.99

Students: 67, Price:  Paid

Are You An Entrepreneur or Business Owner?

Do You Need To Write A Business Plan But Aren't Sure How To Go About It?

Do You Need Structure To Help You With Your Business Plan?

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above, Look No Further.  This Is The Course For You!

*** Updated in January 2021 with new content! ***

Enroll today and join the 100,000+ successful students I have taught as a Top Rated Udemy instructor!

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures, including all new lectures, assignments, quizzes and downloads

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoroughly! 

  3. You will are being taught by a professional with a proven track record of success!

  4. Bonus reason: Udemy has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you don't enjoy the course!

Recent Review:

Johan J. says "Great course on setting up an actionable plan to build a business plan.  Just to make sure people are clear, this is all about scheduling and planning, mapping out your business plan so when it comes time to write, you hit the ground running.  Basically like project planning for your business plan.  Definitely recommend for entrepreneurs, will help keep you on task."

Why You Should Take This Course With Me:

Writing a business plan is an important part of the business development stage.  Most entrepreneurs do not fully understand the time commitment and importance of dedicating yourself to writing a fully vetted, investor quality business plan.  By planning in advance, you can ensure that you have a realistic idea of the time commitment, and you can hold yourself accountable to the schedule.  As well, you won't miss or skip over any important "must haves" in your business plan. Spending a bit of time up front planning will help immensely, and that is what we are here to learn in this course. 

What We Learn In The Course:

  • Learn the basics of Excel - no experience is necessary

  • Determine what steps are necessary for preplanning your business plan

  • Determine what steps are necessary for the business plan writing phase

  • Plan a time schedule for each of the steps

  • Map the project plan in Excel 

  • And more! By the end of the course you'll be a business planning expert!

At any point if you have a question, please feel free to ask through the course forum, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions.  


About The Instructor

Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience in accounting, finance, financial reporting, small business and accounts receivable.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  

Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA

Business Planning

Effective Methods For Achieving Your Business Goals

Created by Debi Peverill - Founder & CEO of Painless Financial Training Group Inc.


Students: 57, Price: $19.99

Students: 57, Price:  Paid

This course is for business owners
looking to achieve positive business milestones this year. The focus of this
course is to learn how to set and achieve goals by using the business plan
outline and weekly, monthly and annual goal keeping sheets provided in the
workbook accompanying each lecture.

•You will learn how to set meaningful and realistic goals for your business.
•You will be taught the two main reasons that goals are not achieved and will
understand the solutions to finally achieving these once unattainable goals.
•Using the workbook, you will complete forms that will allow you to prepare
your business plan.

Forms included along with the business plan are:
.Weekly Goal Keeping Sheet
•Monthly Goal Keeping Sheet
•Annual Goal Keeping Sheet

•You will establish the vision for your business and determine how close to
that vision you plan to be by the end of the year.
•You will determine the best strategies to be employed to achieve your business
goals by selecting from lists of proven business profitability strategies.
•You will learn how to organize your time so that the tasks which need to be
performed each day/week/month are documented on the forms that are provided as
a part of the course.

Course Structure
•The course is comprised lectures and exercises.
•Each lecture contains a video of facilitator Debi Peverill talking with notes
on screen accompanying her.
•Learning resources for the course are PowerPoint slides and a workbook (PDF)
that includes:
.Printable goal keeping worksheets
•Business plan outline
•A checklist of strategies for increasing the revenue of your business.

Writing an Effective and Successful Business Plan

Learn to write an effective business plan for your small business or start up in 30 short minutes.

Created by Brittany Liszak - Professor of Business and Marketing


Students: 51, Price: $89.99

Students: 51, Price:  Paid

There are many steps involved in creating a new company. One of the most important steps is creating a business plan. I know that writing a business plan can oftentimes seem overwhelming. This course will help you learn to write a business plan that will assist you in gaining potential investors and allow your business to run smoothly. I walk through each section of an effective business plan to help you feel more informed and empowered to write your plan. The course starts with explaining a business plan and why it is important in your company and then moves into helping you get started writing your plan. Oftentimes when you have a large project to complete, getting starting can be overwhelming. I provide tips and tricks to help get you started. In this course you will receive a Business Plan Template that has easy to follow steps to write your plan. There are example finance sheets, such as a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and a cash flow analyses. Additionally, I have provided a sample cover page to use in your business plan. By the end of this course you will know how to create a successful and effective business plan.

How to Write a Business Plan – Do What You Love!

Design, Build & Finance Your Big Idea!

Created by Walter Ward - Founder;


Students: 31, Price: $24.99

Students: 31, Price:  Paid

Business plans can help convey the organizational structure of your business and act as a management tool to help you as an entrepreneur stay on track with your business goals. The plan is ultimately your roadmap on how to operate your business.

But more importantly, as a new business, it can help you think through how your business should be designed and how things will work economically. 

Every business plan has seven distinct areas of focus:

Executive Summary: "The Punchline To The Story."

Business Description: "What Problem Are You Solving?"

Products & Services: "What Do We Offer & Why?"

Sales & Marketing: "Who Are Our Customers & How Do We Connect With Them?"

Operations: "What Must We Be, What Can We Be, What Should We Be?"

Management Team: "Who Is The Boss With The Sauce?"

Future State: "What Does it Look Like Five Years From Now?"

Financial Summary: "Secure The Bag."

During this course, we will walk through each of the seven components, including what language to use, where to go to find information and why each section is important.

Each student will receive a template business plan and template financial statements.

Business Plan ( Learn How to Write a Plan in 1.5 hours)

Concise and Comprehensive Guide to Business Plan Writing

Created by Mirza Erfan - Business Consultant & Instructor at Udemy


Students: 12, Price: $19.99

Students: 12, Price:  Paid


This course will help the students write a phenomenal business plan, that they can not only present to the investors for pitching their idea, but they can also implement the practical strategies mention in it  in their business, as they start to grow it .

In this course we are going to discuss the 8 steps or components of writing a formal business plan document . You can here see 10 steps but I don’t regard introduction , and refining the business plan as steps of business plan document writing , rather supplementary information that contain the tips and suggestions that will help you seamlessly develop your own business plan document. So I perceive these 2 sections very important ,because they shed light on the nitty and gritty of the actual writing process.

In these 8 steps or components in this course, we shall see, what is a business plan and what is the formal structure of it, we will look at what is an executive summary and what is its, formal structure, your business’s products and services, we will look into industry and market research, your business’s operations plan, management plan, and finally will look into the marketing plan of your business and its financial plan.


We will now look at what differentiates this course from others. As compared to others, this course provides comprehensive and complete methodology , or procedure to write a business plan document so the learners don’t need any other resource.

Secondly, the instructor will guide you step by step through the whole business plan writing process so it suits the beginners, as they don’t need any pre-requisite knowledge for taking this course. It also suits the advanced learners, who have the basic knowledge, so they can just skip the basics and go onto the key concepts. It is very informative and covers all the needed information.

Thirdly it provides a sample business plan document, checklist of tasks and 10 templates so that the learners have enough resources to start seamlessly rolling out their own business plan document right away.


A comprehensive complete sample plan will be shared with you along with 10 business plan templates, that the instructor has himself utilized in the past, for writing more than 150 business plans. These templates will help you running up quickly, so that end result looks professional and eye-catching.

A complete checklist will also be provided, so you may get to know if there is something that you are missing in your business plan document.

Once you purchase this course, you will have a life time access to the information, related to all the essential information of writing a viable and professional business plan . This information will be updated ,every six months so that the course will remain up to date. Also this course comes with my personal 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

If you are the first time entrepreneur this is the ideal course for you, because in this course the instructor take you step by step from the basics of the business to the key concepts.