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Zero Budget Marketing System for Any Business

Step-by-step Instructions for Success and Growth

Created by Stephen Boals - MBA, Technical Marketer, Salesman and Former IT Guy


Students: 25689, Price: $19.99

Students: 25689, Price:  Paid

This course shows how to leverage free online resources to drive amazing web traffic and grow your business.

The core theory is something I call Multi-pathing, or a structured method for building a foundation, and then connecting all your sites, blogs and social media profiles.

Learn the step-by-step method I used to grow a small, established business by 450% in just 5 years.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to improve results through a totally free marketing method
  • The advantages of the Multi-path Network
  • To build a focused set of goals, and make time with digital marketing
  • How to build a foundation of keywords, content and structure to drive success
  • To leverage social media profiles and posts to drive traffic
  • Methods to interconnect sites, blogs and profiles to product results
  • To take advantage of free tools to help with your efforts

Engage in this simple, step-by-step proven method

Home Business From 0 budget to 6 figures success in 8 weeks

Home Business start Recruitment home business from zero investment to 6 figures success in 8 weeks home business course

Created by Zeeshan Hussain - Web Developer, CISCO, Microsoft Certified network engineer


Students: 19413, Price: $19.99

Students: 19413, Price:  Paid

Home business is the most trending topic these days, but you can't get a solid idea that works for you, and if you get an idea about home business so either it is very expensive either it is much difficult or either the income from that home business is very little.

Now finding such an idea for a home business in which you don't need to have a budget for starting that home business and you don't need to have skills for doing it and that the income from that home business is in six figures, so it will be a bit difficult but in this course, I am teaching to you home business idea which can give you six figures earnings and you don't need any budget for starting it and you don't need any skill for this home business.

This home business which I am teaching to you in this course is called working as a freelance recruiter.

The recruitment home business is the most profitable business and there is no risk of loss because you don't need investment for starting this home business.

Working as a recruiter is a very interesting job, it is very easy and you will enjoy doing this work and of course, you will enjoy it because you will be earning a very good amount of money from a very easy job and you will be doing it from your home, you will be your boss,

In this course, I will be teaching you everything regarding this Recruitment Home Business from my own experience.

This will be a short course but you will learn everything about this recruitment home business because I will not waste your time by talking about irrelevant things in this course, I will keep everything to the point to teach you this recruitment home business in the easiest way possible.

I am pretty sure that nobody would have share such a great and easy idea for working from home as a recruiter but I am sharing it with you and I am sure you will love it and you will gain from it a lot, this will be a life-changing course for you,

Enroll in this course and start it at your comfort, concentrate on everything, rewind the lecture again and again and when you completely understand the idea of this recruitment home business then take a step to start it,

You only need an internet connection a laptop and a phone for starting this recruitment home business.

How to break into the mobile app business with no budget

Step-By-Step Execution Plans For Design, Marketing & Monitor Your iOS Apps and Games

Created by Alex Nagy - ★ REBELOPER ★


Students: 5012, Price: $89.99

Students: 5012, Price:  Paid

Create your perfect app icon. Find out the mobile app design rules and meet the 8 tools to monitor your app reputation.

1. App Icon Mastery

A beautiful identifiable and memorable app icon can have a huge impact on the popularity and success of your app. But how exactly does one make an amazing app icon? You will find out in this course. I will help you to avoid the most common mobile apps design mistakes.

2. Viral Apps

Use my step-by-step plans to build amazing apps that are prone to be viral from day one so you can rest assured you get the massive downloads your business deserves. Launch outstanding games with a powerful marketing strategy that works on auto-pilot. We will learn about the best social media mentioning software and I will teach you how to take control of your reviews.

3. Stats are everything

Measure the immediate effect of your every move and benefit from the tremendous opportunities the Flurry Analytics has to offer. The right data can help answer your hardest questions and optimize your app experience. Flurry mobile app analytics can help by analyzing activity across your app portfolio.

Follow the quick steps to Create Eye-Catching, Engaging, and Effective Games. Repeat what worked best and obsessively improve on what could go better to surpass your competition.

See you inside the course!

Build Your Spiritual Healing Business on a Budget

Start and Grow your psychic, energy healing or spiritual healing business in a budget-friendly way

Created by Sal Jade - Clairvoyant Healer & Psychic Development Instructor


Students: 4127, Price: $49.99

Students: 4127, Price:  Paid


Do you want to start a spiritual healing business but have a limited budget? 

Are you trying to earn incomes as a coach, psychic or healer but are struggling with business basics like getting a new website, coming up with a cancellation and refund policy and deciding how much to charge for your services? 

Do you feel drawn to change careers and become a healer, professional psychic or Life Coach, but feel overwhelmed about how to grow your business without spending thousands of dollars? 

This course can teach you everything you need to know about starting, building, and growing a spiritual healing business to bring more peace, freedom, success and financial rewards into your life while staying deeply connected to your higher purpose. . 

It's perfect for psychic mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, palm readers, therapists, practictioners, energy healers and anyone who wants to run a spiritual healing business but is struggling with getting started.

By the end of this course you will know how to: 

  • Get a fantastic website on a budget

  • Create a price for your services that will attract clients and keep your business growing

  • Develop a refund and cancellation policy to honour you and your clients

  • Manage your tax and insurance

  • Use Free offers to attract clients without getting taken for granted

  • Have boundaries in your business

  • Bring in extra cash flow while you build up clients

  • Explore qualification and when and how you get it.

  • Find the perfect space for your business

  • Run your business without burning out

  • SAVE thousands of dollars on services and programs

And much more!

While there are hundreds of courses that can teach you about business- this course is taught by Clairvoyant Healer Sal Jade and tailored specifically for healing, psychic and Life Coach businesses so you will save thousands of dollars and months of time with the dozens of tips and techniques of mastering success as a spiritual healer. 

You will also learn how to balance the heart-centered approach needed to be a healer, coach or psychic as well as be a savvy and successful business person. 

This course will give you access to a private Facebook page The Psychic Healing Hub, where you can promote your services, blogs and insights as a spiritual healing business owner as well access powerful resources and receive support on your entrepreneurs journey. 

Here's what others have loved: 

Thank you Sal, great course! I enjoyed your honest delivery style and the many examples of your own experience. This course has the perspective of the 'healer/psychic' in business with encouraging 'practical' steps and considerations. I particularly liked the many references to 'taking care of ourselves' something that many of us in this industry space forget to do, and the practical steps to help us build this into our business.

Toula, 2019

The is a lovely, practical course with an wealth of information on how to Start your own Business. I am recommending it to everyone. Its filled with fantastic advise, inspired inspiration and bonus information on every practical recommendations on your own business. Sign Up for Success!!! I highly recommend this course!

Linn, 2019

So enrol now and start building, growing and succeeding in your spiritual healing business.

How to Create Your Business Budget

Gain the visibility you need to make good business decisions.

Created by Gus Prestera - Consultant | Educator | Coach


Students: 3430, Price: $89.99

Students: 3430, Price:  Paid

When you own a business--any business--what you don't know can really hurt you.  This is why successful business owners estimate their expenses and cash inflows and review their budget on a regular basis.  In this course, I'll provide you with a simple budgeting template (.xls) and walk you through how to use it step-by-step, so that you can create and maintain a budget for your business.

Along the way, I'll help you understand the difference among fixed, variable, and discretionary expenses and techniques for estimating your future cash inflows.  We'll take a look at your sales funnel, and I'll provide you with a simple tool that you can use to gauge the value of your funnel.  Loads of videos, mashups, and screencasts to support you along the way.

This course is for new business owners and folks thinking about starting a business.  I designed it primarily for consulting businesses, but budgeting really applies to any business.

If you want to take your business seriously, take this course and start wrapping your head around your finances.  You'll be glad you did.  As your business grows, so does your financial risk, so start building good financial habits early and you'll be fine.

Budgeting for Business

Learn how to create and use budgets effectively in company large or small.

Created by Samantha T. Cooper - Instructor


Students: 2724, Price: $39.99

Students: 2724, Price:  Paid

The budgeting process can be a mysterious and scary process for employees who are not accounting experts. The list of benefits that a budget can provide, however, is very long! This course aims to overcome the fear and confusion surrounding the budgeting process by explaining the process and its importance in terms that are easy to understand.

Master the Budgeting Process Using Simple Step by Step Examples

  • Recognize the benefits and importance of the budgeting process
  • Create supporting schedules to build a full Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Assess the value of the first draft and revise to create a final polished budget
  • Use flexible budgets to assess organizational performance

Learn and Master Budgeting Concepts to Drive Organizational Improvements

There are many benefits to the budgeting process when used properly. You can become a more valuable employee or more successful business owner when you are able to understand and contribute to the budgeting process. Budgeting helps promote teamwork, communication, and continuous improvements. The organization’s goals for the coming year are translated into dollars and cents and shared in a way that helps monitor and improve performance.

However, not everyone is comfortable in the world of accounting. This course is perfect for motivated employees and business owners eager to improve their value and contribute in a more meaningful way to the budgeting process.

Contents and Overview

This course contains 24 lectures, 2 budget templates with completed solutions, five quizzes to track your progress, and 2.5 hours of content. It's designed for any employee, current business owner, business student, or future business owner, regardless of experience level, who wishes to improve their contributions to the organization’s success.

In this course, you will learn the why the budgeting process is important, who is involved, when and where data is collected, and what the process entails.

You'll then dive into the nuts and bolts of the budget, learning where the data comes from, how it all fits together, eventually building a complete budgeted Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

And, finally, you'll learn how to assess organizational performance using a flexible budget.

Upon completion of this course you will be well versed in the basic concepts of budgeting, be comfortable with budgeting calculations, and be able to use the budgeting templates provided to create supporting schedules, a budgeted Income Statement, a budgeted Balance Sheet, and calculate variances using a flexible budget.

Business Branding – Build An Extraordinary Brand On A Budget

Effortlessly Craft A Brand Your Audience CRAVES Starting TODAY, WITHOUT ANY Marketing Experience or Budget Step-by-Step.

Created by Sumner Hobart - E-Commerce Entrepreneur


Students: 2355, Price: $129.99

Students: 2355, Price:  Paid

★★★ How To Effortlessly Craft A Brand People Will RAVE About Starting TODAY, Step-by-Step. ★★★

(This works EVEN IF you have ZERO marketing experience or budget!)

Did you know that 50% of all small businesses fail within their first 5 years of opening?

Two of the TOP reasons that cause new businesses to fail include:

#1. Not understanding what “branding” TRULY means and why it’s VITAL for every single business that exists.

#2. Not understanding how to execute the branding process properly (in the correct order).

The problem is that most “branding experts” on Youtube, LinkedIn, marketing conferences, freelance websites, etc. all focus their efforts on the “fancy”, non-essential aspects of branding and COMPLETELY neglect the nuts & bolts that are VITAL to a successful brand and prosperous business.

As small businesses, startups, and freelancers we need branding that gets results!

We need branding that ACTUALLY helps us better connect with our customers.

We need branding that gives us an EXACT playbook we can easily refer back to for all of our marketing needs to save hours of time & stress without needlessly burning hundreds or thousands of dollars on an agency or consultant that truly doesn’t understand (or care) about our business or our customers.

Luckily for you there is a solution!

Let me introduce you to the Extraordinary Business Branding (On A Budget) Course!

This course is a complete branding blueprint that will teach you how to…

  • (Ethically) read the minds of your audience to know EXACTLY what they want from your brand. (Lecture 5)

  • Branding Strategy - how to position your brand where it’s needed most. (Lecture 14)

  • Let this graph tell you EXACTLY where your brand should live. (Lecture 15)

  • Brand Personality Archetypes: Which of the 12 archetypes best represents YOUR brand? (Lecture 19 - 22)

  • Clean, clear taglines that STICK. (Lecture 27)

  • Easily invent an iconic brand name that cannot LEGALLY be copied. (Lecture 28 - 29)

  • How to select brand colors that connect with your audience on a primal level. (Lecture 32)

  • Create a $15.00 logo that competes with Fortune 500 brands. (Lecture 34)

  • So much more! (You have no idea…)

Now, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the LARGEST brand’s in the world including Adidas, Amazon, and Procter & Gamble as well as starting and partnering with multiple successful startups & small businesses of my very own.

More importantly, I have been able to help literally HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups & freelancers cut through the branding BS to create brands of their very own that customers just can't get enough of!

Don’t take my word for it though.

Here are just a few raving fans created by this course...

★★★★★ “Fantastic course, by far the best course on branding that I’ve taken... I love the energy that the instructor brings to the table he’s very engaging gentlemen who kept my attention the entire time he was speaking... I really want to thank you kind sir for creating an amazing course that’s simple to understand, and that actually gave me insightful steps that I will begin practicing today as we navigate through our business and branding... Thank you so, so much, I can’t wait until you come out with another amazing course!” - Yesenia R

★★★★★ “5 stars feedback says that it is above expectations and it is absolutely right. I love it. I have a completely useless BA degree in marketing and I can admit that far away this course has more value than that 7 semester I spent on the university.” - Bence G

★★★★★ “This was my first Udemy course and it exceeded my expectations. The instructor (Sumner) has good energy and prepared simple and powerful slides to get across his points without ever being boring. I went through a traditional MBA program 10+ years ago and this course was still very valuable, especially in presenting newer free or low-cost tools for doing research and gathering data to make informed decisions in the process of creating a brand.” - Sitsari K

★★★★★ “What an excellent, well put together course. Great examples, instructions and take away knowledge to help me get started. Now I want to explore more on this platform! Well DONE!!!” - Liz N

★★★★★ “Good course that will walk you step by step about many elements of branding you should consider. I am at the beginning of forming a company and I believe his information will help guide me as I figure out how to tackle future projects for the business. The course was direct to the point with easy actionable steps.” - Justin B

★★★★★ “I thought I knew what was involved in a brand. Now I know I really didn't . That said, Sumner goes into such detail and depth and breath that I now have a much better picture. More importantly, I now have a list of things that I can do to make my product marketing a coordinated effort. Sumner is clear and explains concepts in an actionable (is this an actual word) way. Whether I implement 25% or 100% (OK, 100% would be better), I'm sure I will do better with my business. Thank you Sumner. PS: Sumner's courses are packed with info and I am breaking personal records with the number of bookmarks I leave myself so I can find my way back to important points.” - Erbium D

★★★★★ “I gave this horse a five star review because it is a very complete course on branding in my opinion. I am a structural engineer and as a result a lot of the creative strategies don’t come natural to me but after watching this course I now have a foundation on how to move forward with the rebranding of my existing businesses. I will watch this video probably another 2 to 3 times with a notepad to take additional notes and then implement. Thank you very much for providing such an inexpensive but full value course I look forward to watching more of your videos or courses in the near future.” - John S

★★★★★ “I already did a course about branding before, but I find this course way better... The delivery of the material is engaging. and I especially like the bite-size lengths of the videos that make them straight to the point and easy to digest. Would recommend!” - Gonen T

★★★★★ “Despite working as a product designer for years, I've always struggled to understand branding - it always felt too ethereal and abstract. Sumner did a fantastic job in this course at breaking down to process of brand-building from the ground up, in a very practical, actionable way. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who is selling a product, has a company or is even just curious about what branding is all about. You'll come away understanding the whole process and will be able to make a compelling brand for yourself. FIVE STARS!” - Nathan M

As all of these people have just said, you are going to gain access to every single tool, resource, strategy & tactic that YOU need to build a brand that STANDS OUT even if you have no marketing experience or budget.

BONUS: Along with all of this life-changing information students who enroll today will gain exclusive access to the Brand Playbook Vault which includes:

• 12 Archetypes Reference Sheet

• Core Values Worksheet

• Personality Guardrails Worksheet

• Brand Personality Template

• Perceptual Map Template

• Audience Research Checklist

• All Course Slides Available in PDF Download

LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: If this course doesn’t completely take your business & brand to the next level Udemy will refund your entire purchase within 30 days. NO questions asked.

You have literally nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain!

ENROLL NOW and learn the secrets to creating a brand that people rave about starting right now.

P.S. this offer is only available for a limited time so act fast!

Let’s build a business budget

Introduction to a process to follow to compile a business budget

Created by Curated Business Resources, Presenter: Andre van der Westhuizen - Chartered Accountant / Financial Director / Business Advisor


Students: 1700, Price: $19.99

Students: 1700, Price:  Paid

This course provides a basic understanding of how to prepare a financial plan for a business in the form of a set of budgeted financial statements (budgeted income statement and budgeted balance sheet).

This course will also discuss some of the problems associated with budgeting along with "best practices" in budgeting.

Photography – Build A Home Based Studio Business On A Budget

Photography business - build a home based portrait photography studio

Created by Mark Timberlake - Professional Online Training Courses For Beginners


Students: 1148, Price: $64.99

Students: 1148, Price:  Paid

Photographer That Wants To Start A Business

Are you a photographer that wants to build a home based portrait photography studio and start your own home based business?

*This course is included in the Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass - so do not purchase this if you have that course!

Start Your Own Photography Business

Are you ready to to take your photography to the next level?

Maybe you want to earn some additional income with your own studio?

Do you want to know how to create a home based studio on a very small budget?

Home Based Studio:

Studio photography is a great way to earn additional income.

A home based studio allows you to set up fast and with very low cost!

But how do you set up a photography studio on a very small budget?

Equipment Choices:

Buying the wrong equipment for the wrong room can be very expensive.

Knowing what to buy saves you time and money!

What You Will Learn:

  • In this course you will learn how to set up a studio and how to choose a suitable room.

  • What equipment you need to buy on a tight budget.

  • Some simple lighting setups for portraiture that will get you taking good images fast.

  • Camera purchasing decisions.

  • Lens choices for portraiture.

  • What is a good budget flash kit to get you started.

  • Lighting terminology.

Who Am I:

I am commercial photographer that has ran his own photography business from a small home based studio for over 5 years.

In this course I will share all the shortcuts and knowledge I have gained from my own experiences and mistakes so that you can start your own studio simply and easily.

I will also show you how to do this all on a budget, where to spend your money and where to save your money!

100% Money Back Guarantee:

Before we go any further, I do not want you to be disappointed in the course.

If you are unhappy with the course for any reason whatsoever, you can claim a full refund - no questions asked.

Join Me On The Other Side:

So join me on the other side and learn how to set up your own home based photography studio on a budget and start your own business!

How To Start An Online Business On a Tight Budget

Build an online business with minimal upfront cost through smart planning & utilisation of free and low-cost tools.

Created by MindMekka ® - Motivate. Educate. Elevate.


Students: 1048, Price: $89.99

Students: 1048, Price:  Paid

Have you dreamed of having your own business?

Maybe you hate your current job or need the flexibility of being able to work from home.

Or maybe you already have your own offline or service business and want another outlet for selling.

Either way, it can be a risky undertaking if you decide to start a business and then sink in a lot of money from the beginning.


Learn How You Can Build an Online Business on Even the Tightest Budget 

What's the trick?

You just have to apply some simple budgeting tips that allow you to get your business off the ground, test it out, and then scale up for success. I know what if feels like to be up late at night worrying that you've made the wrong investment decisions. Even worse is being stuck in place, afraid to start something online that could drain away savings without a payoff. 

 It doesn't have to be that way.

In this course, I’ll walk you through the key strategies and tools for getting off to a successful start online on as little money as possible.You’ll look at the critical steps you need to take when getting started that maximize your success. We’ll go through the essential start-ups costs you’ll need to plan for. And you’ll learn about some free or low-cost tools and processes you can use to get started and keep growing without spending more than necessary.  Finally, you’ll put together a plan for your next steps in getting your online business off on a great, low-budget start.

Here are the topics we'll cover in each major section of the course:


Introduction – Why Take Your Business Online?

We’ll start by discussing the benefits of having an online business and why it’s a great way to achieve your financial goals without having to risk your life savings, or even much money at all.


Good Business Strategy and Planning to Keep Your Costs Low

Keeping your expenditure down starts with good business planning. In this section, we’ll talk about the exact planning steps you need to take, including market research to perform and how to select the right business model for your skills and personality.


Building Your Online Business on a Budget

So how much do you really need to spend to get started? In this section we’ll break it all down and go through the essential expenses you’ll need to budget for. 


Popular Tools for Building Your Business on a Tight Budget

It’s easy to get sucked into paying too much for business tools that promise incredible results. Most of the time, you just don’t need to invest in any of those. In this section, we’ll go through some free, low-cost, and scalable tools to keep your start-up and ongoing costs low.


Strategies to Keep Your Online Business Running on a Budget

It’s also easy for costs to get out of control quickly when you get started and see all the great opportunities out there. In this section, you’ll learn the strategies that successful online start-ups use to maximize their profitability while growing their business on a tight budget.


Conclusion: Create Your Action Plan

By this point, you’ve learned a multitude of ways for getting your online business off to a fast start with minimal cost. In the concluding section, you’ll spend time putting it all together by identifying your next steps and what you need to get started.

Get started right away and begin building up a brand new source of income for yourself. Don’t waste another minute worrying about whether you can afford to build an online business.

Enroll now and let's get started! 

Budgets, Cashflow Forecasting and Management Accounts

Financial Management and Making A Profit For Charities, Not-For-Profits & Small Businesses

Created by Lisa Newton - Entrepreneur, Infopreneur & Serial Author


Students: 701, Price: $34.99

Students: 701, Price:  Paid

This course is aimed at those who have the responsibility for managing, organising and governing the financial resources of any small business - particularly charities, not-for-profits and those businesses that are project based.


We look at what a budget is, how to create a budget, how to calculate your resources in line with your objectives, what information to include and how to manage unrestricted and restricted funds (for those organisations that have to manage different pots of funding).


We learn when and how project budgets are used, what to include in a project budget, define direct and support costs of projects and how project budgets can support funding requests.


We look at what a cashflow forecast is? How to create one? Why is it so important and what does it tell us. A template is included for you to use.


What are management accounts? Why are management accounts useful? How do you present manaagement accounts and how are they used?

If you are a bookkeeper, admin support worker, a manager who has the responsibility for managing the finances or a trustee or treasurer and you want to understand these ideas and concepts better - then this course is for you. No previous knowledge is assumed, and we'll look at jargon and terminology and take you through making a budget, understand a budget step by step. We create a cashflow forecast stpe by step.

If you have the responsibility for reporting back to funders and you NEED to understand what you're doing at work or in a voluntary role - this course is for you.

Your course tutor runs a bookkeeping service, and has been studying, working in or teaching this material since 1996. She has a 1st class honours degree in Accounting with Marketing and an MSc in Investment Management and is online daily to answer any questions or queries that you might have.

How to Budget and Forecast for Your Business

by Tim Berry, Business Planning Expert

Created by Bplans School of Business - Helping You Succeed in Business


Students: 696, Price: $19.99

Students: 696, Price:  Paid

Home-Based Business on a Budget: Build a Free Website & More

An in-depth tutorial on using free resources to build a website or e-store & cutting your expenses to 0 to maintain it.

Created by Sheila Bowen - Do-It-Yourself-er, Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer


Students: 468, Price: $19.99

Students: 468, Price:  Paid

**Note** This course has not been updated in a while and some of the information is outdated, but still relevant. New modules will not be added.

                                This course is a click-by-click, step-by-step setup of a website and back office to help entrepreneurs and anyone else looking to save money on costs when running a business or selling a product. 

  **Get your lifetime access at this super-low price now! 

  Review from Chakib CM:  

Great course for people with low budget !  "Great course that show how to set-up a complete business  online without spending a dime with a great free resources, thank you  very much" 

               Review from Vincent Harris:


  "I feel like I was taken by the hand into building a  website!  Concise, informative, and practical.  The techniques on how to  save money are priceless!" 


              No matter what your business is, whether it's a service-based business or you have a hundred products to sell, you'll be able to benefit from the lessons in this course and tweak it to work for you and your business. In it we'll learn: 

  •   How to set up a website using Wix; a super simple, user-friendly platform (I'll tell you why I use this particular one in a later lecture) 

  •   How to set your website up with your own online store, completely free 

  •   How to set up payment buttons with options, a shopping cart, subscriptions, and you can even track inventory 

  •   How to get a business telephone number completely free, that rings up to 6 lines. You can schedule the times it rings to specific lines! 

  •   How to set up simple email marketing and newsletter 

  •   How to create forms/polls/questionnaires with results sent directly to a spreadsheet and how to bring it into your website. (you'd be surprised how useful this is!) 

  •   How to create a calendar/schedule with registration (perfect for events, meetings and even restaurant seating!) 

  •   How to create webinars/virtual conferencing and even broadcast a show LIVE! (This comes in handy for remote meetings/collaborations, video marketing and training sessions) 

  •   I'll show you how to link these resources together so keep your back office running smoothly at no cost 

  •   I'll also show you how to create a simple text logo for your business as an added bonus. 

                                Now, there will be a few other things we'll get into, but these are the major points we focus on in this course. I've personally seen this system and these resources work for all types of business in all types of markets: Gyms and personal trainers, event planners, beauty supply store, martial arts studio, food truck pre-ordering system, hair/nail stylists and even a major insurance marketing agency...this list continues to grow! 

                                You'll watch a series of screencasts that will walk with you through every step from beginning to end. I'm sure you'll pick up some great ideas for your business along the way! You'll be able to watch, follow along and then do it yourself before moving on to the next section/lecture. Each phase is divided into small, manageable lectures so that if you need to refer back to something you can find it quickly and easily. This isn't a course that hands out general information in hopes that you go purchase a more comprehensive course that contains 'the real' information you need. I'm not telling you what you should do, I'm simply providing the information and resources you need to get it done. By the end of this course, you'll be able to completely set up and manage your back office and website without having to shell out your hard-earned money on services that can cost nothing but a little elbow grease. Go ahead and click the blue 'Take This Course' button on this page and let's get your back office built! 

How to Start a Business On a Tight Budget | Step-by-Step

Learn How to Start a Business On a Tight Budget - Step by Step

Created by Robin & Jesper - Best-Selling Instructors in Digital Marketing & Business


Students: 273, Price: $99.99

Students: 273, Price:  Paid

Are You Looking To Start a Business On a Tight Budget?
Then, You've Come To The Right Place!

Start a Business on a Tight Budget is an Online Video Course For Anyone Wanting to Start Their Own Business with Little Money From Scratch. Finding Great Business Ideas & Setting Up a Business Can Be Hard. Therefore We're Going to Take You All The Way From Nothing to Setting Up Your Very Own Business on a Tight Budget, Step-by-Step.

Inside This Course, You'll learn how to Start Your Own Business.
This Course Also Includes Premium Support.
(We'll answer all your questions within 24 hours).

After This Course, You'll Be Able To

  • Find & Evaluate Great Business Ideas.

  • Do Proper Business Planning.

  • Create & Design a Professional Business Brand.

  • Create & Forecast a Business's Financial Budget.

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. How to Find Great Business Ideas.

  2. How to See the Potential In Your Business Idea.

  3. How to Increase The Value Of Your Business with Business Branding.

  4. How to Plan Your Business For Success.

  5. How to Forecast Your Business's Financial Budget to Get Investors to Invest.

  6. Understand Sales Psychology to Sell More.

  7. How to Write Text That Attracts Attention & Gets People to Click with Copywriting.

This Course Includes Templates & Tools That Will Help to Optimize Your Business!

The Majority of The Tools in This Course Are FREE And The Paid Tools Are Only The Very BEST.

See You Inside The Start a Business on a Tight Budget Course.


Robin & Jesper

Business 101: CashFlow Forecasting For Service Business

**Template Included** Learn how to use Excel to forecast and budget in your service business. Learn the Ins and Outs

Created by Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO - Instructor & Management Consultant


Students: 211, Price: $89.99

Students: 211, Price:  Paid

Are You A Small Business Owner?

Do You Not Feel In Control Of Your Business Cash Flow?

Do You Want A Better Way To Forecast Ahead So You Can Plan Out Your Cash?

Do You Want To Really Understand Where the Money Is Coming From And Where It's Going?

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above, Look No Further.  This Is The Course For You!

*** Updated in January 2021 with new content! ***

Enroll today and join the 100,000+ successful students I have taught as a Top Rated Udemy instructor!

Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures, including all new lectures, assignments, quizzes and downloads

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoroughly! 

  3. You will are being taught by a professional with a proven track record of success!

  4. Bonus reason: Udemy has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you don't enjoy the course!

Recent Review:

Michelle D. says: "Fantastic course, I do own a business and really have zero idea where the money comes from and where it goes other than at a high level.  If there's cash in the bank, great.  This course completely changed my frame of reference, now I can know exactly where I'm at, how the business is performing and what I can expect over the next month.  Really recommend!"

Why You Should Take This Course:

Service businesses often run very day to day, without much planning for the future.  As well cash flow is always an issue, making sure there is enough in the bank to pay suppliers, your staff, yourself, and more.  It can definitely be a struggle at times, and where the money has come in and gone to can be a bit of a mystery over time.  Take control and let it be a mystery no more!  Start planning, forecasting and budgeting today with this course. 

Become a cash flow budgeting and forecasting pro!

This course is 100% in Microsoft Excel, showing you from start to finish how to build a proper budget and forecast for your small business / service business.  We start with a blank Excel workbook, and will build the proper structure, formatting, formulas so that you can plan ahead for the future of your company, whether that is next week, month or the entire coming year.

You will be able to see where your money comes in, where it goes out and at the end of the day/month/year where you will stand.  This is most powerful if you compare what you are planning to what you actually achieve. 

As well I provide the template we build in the course for you to download! If you don't have the time or desire to build your own forecast, you can simply use the budget and forecast we build in the course and modify it to meet your needs.  

What We Do In The Course:  

  • Start with a blank Excel workbook which will become your budget and forecast

  • Build the proper structure for a budget and forecast

  • Format the spreadsheet so it is easy to read and follow

  • Place formulas in to calculate totals where appropriate

  • Create a summary tab to show overall totals

  • Show you how to track your actual results against the forecast and budget

  • Teach you how to then use that information to make informed decisions about your business

  • And Much More!!!

At any point if you have a question, please feel free to ask through the course forum, I'd be happy to answer any and all questions.  


About The Instructor

Chris Benjamin, MBA & CFO is a seasoned professional with over 25 years experience in accounting, finance, financial reporting, and small business, Excel budgeting and forecasting.  Having spent the first 10 years of my career in corporate settings with both large and small companies, I learned a lot about the accounting process, managing accounting departments, financial reporting, external reporting to board of directors and the Securities and Exchange Commission, and working with external auditors.  

The following 10+ years I decided to go into CFO Consulting, working with growing companies and bringing CFO level experience to companies.  I help implement proper best business practices in accounting and finance, consult on implementation of accounting systems, implementing accounting procedures, while also still fulfilling the CFO roll for many of my clients which includes financial reporting, auditing, working with investors, financial analysis and much more.  

Thank you for signing up for this course on Udemy. I look forward to being your instructor for this course and many more!

Chris Benjamin, Instructor, CFO & MBA

The Essential Guide to Business Budgeting

Because effective budgeting is key to any leader’s ability to successfully operationalize strategy

Created by Brenda van Camp - Founder & CEO of SharpAlice Inc.


Students: 179, Price: $59.99

Students: 179, Price:  Paid

This 2-part course covers both the operational budgeting process and the capital budgeting process.

In part 1 of this course we focus on how to prepare an operating budget. Done well, a budget provides a clear flight plan for where the organization wants to go in a given year, what route it plans to take there and what resources it will need to do so. However, unfortunately few budgets are done well and even fewer leaders use their budget effectively on a day-to-day basis to manage their department, business unit or division.

So, to help you buck that trend we will teach you a 4 step process to help you prepare a really good budget and we will also discuss in detail how to use your budget as an effective management tool.

In part 2 we then focus on the capital budgeting process. This is the process of allocating resources for major capital expenditure or investment expenditures. Leaders throughout a company will need to know how to work through this process as and when their strategic plans for their department or division involve significant capital investments. It varies by company what the actual threshold is at which a company requires its leaders to go through this process for approval. It can be as low as $1000 or as high as $50,000.

We will explore in detail how to analyze any proposed capital expenditure and how to make recommendations based on the outcomes of those analyses. This will involve a review of the following 4 capital budgeting methods:

  1. Payback period

  2. Net Present Value

  3. Internal rate of return (IRR)

  4. Profitability index

After working through this part of the course you should feel fully equipped to successfully handle your company’s capital budgeting process as and when you need to gain approval for key capital expenditures.

Note: At the end of each section you'll find a downloadable copy of the syllabus for that section of the course.

Financial Planning for Businesses | Become Profitable

Financial Statements with Pre-calculations & Step-by-Step Instructions Included. Learn Effective Budgeting & Forecasting

Created by Robin & Jesper - Best-Selling Instructors in Digital Marketing & Business


Students: 137, Price: $89.99

Students: 137, Price:  Paid

Would You Like to Learn How to Become Profitable With Your Business?
Then, You've Come To The Right Place!

Financial Planning for Businesses | Become Profitable is an Online Video Course For Anyone Wanting to Learn Financial Planning for Their Businesses in Order to Plan for Profit & Success Instead of Hoping For It.

Inside This Course, You'll learn How to Financially Plan for Profit & Success.
This Course Also Includes Premium Support.
(We'll answer all your questions within 24 hours).

After This Course, You'll Be Able To

  • Create Your Startup Budget

  • Forecast Your Financial Statements

  • Raise Money from Investors

  • Raise Money Through Crowdfunding

  • Write Your Very Own Business Plan in 7 Simple Steps

What You Will Master Inside This Course

  1. Create Your Startup Budget

  2. Calculate Startup Expenses

  3. Calculate Overhead Expenses

  4. Calculate Months at a Loss

  5. Financial Forecasting

  6. Financial Statements

  7. Profits & Loss Forecasting

  8. Balance Sheet Forecasting

  9. Cashflow Forecasting

  10. Investor Fundraising

  11. Investor Presentation

  12. Crowdfunding

  13. Write Your Business Plan in 7 Steps

This Course Includes Templates & Tools That Will Help to Optimize Your Financial Planning.

The Tools in This Course Are FREE.

See You Inside The Financial Planning for Businesses | Become Profitable Course!


Robin & Jesper

Budgeting & Financial Flow

Learn how to create a forecast and how to budget - transferable skills for both business and personal finance

Created by Lisa Newton - Entrepreneur, Infopreneur & Serial Author


Students: 76, Price: $29.99

Students: 76, Price:  Paid

This course is for the self-employed, business owner/manager and accounting student as well as the individual who wants to understand how to create a cashflow forecast (on excel) and how to set a budget.

The course is ideal if you want to improve your finances (both in business or from a personal perspective). The course covers budgeting (how to set a budget and what budgeting is), and cashflow – how to create a cashflow forecast, how to improve upon a cashflow forecast and the implications of bad debt and poor cashflow management.

An excel template cashflow forecast and an excel budget template is included. You can use these templates and amend them to suit yourself – be it for personal or business use.

The course should take approx 90 minutes to complete. We go through a cashflow forecast exercise / example together – inputting the income, the expense and working out the net cashflow. WE then calculate the closing bank balance and when we’re likely to need an overdraft. We look at ways in which we can improve upon the cashflow forecast and discuss the implications of not collecting in the cash owed to use in a timely manner.

We explore the issue of debt and the implications of late payments on a business and what can be done about it. We also look at budgeting – how to set a budget, and the different types of expenses.

The course is structured in such a way that it is very practical. We have a go at a cashflow forecast example with estimated numbers and we look at what this forecast shows us. The templates are all editable and reusable in your own ‘real life’ be it business life or personal life. You are given practical tasks to complete i.e. to maintain a money diary for a week as we want this to be a useful and practical experience.

Its worth taking this course if you are required to do a cashflow forecast and you’ve never had to do one before, or if you have to budget and manage your personal or business finances and you want to be able to manage this task more effectively.

How to Build A Profitable Massage Business on a Small Budget

Get your Massage Business Running and learn how to rebook to stay busy and profitable.

Created by Susan Bell - Business and Massage Therapist Coach, MTI, CE Provider


Students: 61, Price: $29.99

Students: 61, Price:  Paid

This 5 hour (TX CE 5 Hour Certified) Course walks you through how to set up a massage office from scratch and get clients that are happy tp see you and rebook because of the systems outlined. 

  • This Proven system takes you step by step in duplicating my process from graduating from Massage School to opening an office that was fully booked and made money within 3-6 months. 

  • This course teaches fool proof systems so you can manage your business, massage clients and rebook consistently without complicated costly online programs or lead generation tools that cost money each month. Learn how to integrate Free or Low Cost apps and online tools to automate your business.

  • Marketing and Business building systems that save you time and money and get the phones ringing.

  • Bonus Video and Digital Handout: See how I use this handout at networking meetings and download the handout.

  • BONUS Module: See how this system is scaleable to grow from one therapist to as many as you want and provide them with clients that rebook.

  • Personal Coaching through my Closed Facebook Group with daily interaction and 100+ marketing videos available.

Complete Business Budgeting & Variance Analysis Master Class

Your guide to become a "BUDGET ANALYST". It's time to think ahead, Monitor your Performance & strategize your Business !

Created by Sameh Elsayed - ACCA, MSc University College London, IFRDIP, FMVA, ERMDIP


Students: 44, Price: $89.99

Students: 44, Price:  Paid

Have you ever been driving a car without a navigator and you don’t even know the way?

I want you to picture that situation!

In Business, running a company without a Budget is the same as driving a car without a navigator!

And now, after you got a bit of a glimpse about the importance of budgeting, are you ready to move to the next step?

Do you want to take your skills up a notch and distance yourself from the crowd?

Are you interested in showing your managers your real worth and participate in shaping your company’s future?

If the answer is “YES”, congratulations, you are in the right place already.

Rest assured, you are in safe and expert hands!

Wondering how would that course qualify you with in-depth real market-based knowledge?


That course will cover:

· Introduction to Budgeting

· Characteristics and Objectives of Budgeting

· Approaches to Budgeting

· The Budgeting Process and Practical steps

· Types of Budgets

· Behavioral Aspects of Budgeting

· Real Life Case Scenarios

· Comprehensive Variance Analysis

· Market-based Examples

· So Many More Topics

You will have a golden chance to shine and get qualified in a very hot topic. If you review the Finance and Accounting employment & talent acquisitions requirements; you would know that Budgeting and Variance analysis are hot and highly paid.

I can’t wait to help you along that interesting journey!

Please sign up to the course and let’s start the hard work.