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Android Bug Bounty Hunting: Hunt like a rat

From setting up a lab to setting you up for attacking a real target

Created by Wesley Thijs - I am the XSS Rat


Students: 13150, Price: Free

In this course you will first of all learn how to set up your own android mobile penetration testing lab and after that you will be taught a solid methdology you can build upon and expand to grow into the amazing hacker you deserve to be.

We will:

- Set up our own mobile lab

- learn about path variables

- Create a solid methodology to expand upon

- Go deeper into the intricaties of bug bounties

- Create a way of thinking to help you design your own methodology

- Describe what parameter we test for what vulnerability and why

Starting out in bug bounties is hard and most of us start out hacking web applications because they require the least amount of setup. This is a great strategy but at a certain point you are going to want more. Mobile bug bounties is a great path to explore while doing bug bounties because there a lot of programs available that offer mobile applications among their target lists. When we look at other branches of bug bounties such as IP ranges for example we can notice that these are not very prevelant, that is why it is in my opinion the best option to elevate your skill level to a mobile platform with this amazing course. Invest in yourself and become the amazing hacker i  know you can be.

Web Security & Bug Bounty Basics

Where to start?

Created by Ivan Iushkevich - CTO at Hacktory


Students: 12818, Price: Free

With the rise of information and immersive applications, developers have created a global network that society relies upon. With this comes a responsibility to ensure that the Web is an open and inclusive space for all. So it’s important to shape the experiences of users’ online lives by making a secure world for everyone. That’s what we’ll touch on, and try to learn throughout the web security course.

Who is this course for?

It’s for IT and cybersecurity specialists, developers, QA experts, and system administrators.

The program of the course

This course includes 7 lessons. The lessons cover the fundamental security principles of the modern web and bugs finding strategy. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the most common attack tactics and countermeasures. The course shows real cases derived from pentesting practice and resources such as HackerOne and OWASP.

You will find out what requires attention when it comes to testing and implementing various functionalities in web applications and what can happen in case of untimely use of certain functions.

Hands-on with Burp-Suite | Web Application Security Testing

Learn Burp-Suite from basics and kickstart your journey to Bug-Bounty and Penetration tester

Created by Rajneesh Gupta - Cyber Security Practitioner and Instructor


Students: 3191, Price: Free

Welcome to - Hands-on with Burp-Suite | Web Application Security Testing

This course is developed to share real-world cybersecurity challenges and their solutions with a comprehensive approach from no-prior knowledge to advance level. With this course, you'll not just get the information about fundamentals, technologies, tools, process but also get to know real-world use cases.

There is never been a better than today to kickstart your career in Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity. In order to developed an outcome-driven course module, we have used two approach: Bottom-up Approach and Project-based Approach.

Bottom-Up Approach: With this approach, we've broken down each complex topics and delivering into simplified way such as before getting started with Ethical Hacking we'll go through  Linux and Networking fundamentals.

Project-Based Approach: With this approach, we've used real-world example and use cases to understand complex topics such as Understanding Vulnerabilities with real-world Mobile application, understanding web application threats using Linkedin Account hacking etc.

This section covers one of the very critical web application attack i.e. SQL Injection attack.

  • You'll learn fundamentals of SQL Injection attack.

  • You'll do hands-on in setting up MySQL database from scratch.

  • You'll lean how SQL Query works.

  • You'll learn to hack a web application using SQL Injection.

  • You'll learn about Burp-Suite.

  • You'll do hand-on with Burp-Suite to hacking target web application.