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The Practice of Jhana Meditation

Finding the Peace and Pleasure of The Buddha's Concentration Meditations.

Created by Mark Johnson - CHT, Consultant, Coach


Students: 5208, Price: Free

The Jhana meditations were taught to the Buddha prior to his awakening and he continued to teach and practice them his whole life.  Jhana practice leads to boundless experiences of pleasure, joy, happiness, contentment, compassion and peace.  Known to be extremely pleasurable and also extremely skillful.

This course is intended for dedicated meditation practitioners wishing to strengthen their concentration.  The course is designed to help practitioners recognize the states of concentration and to move them deeper into them and their own awakening.

There is about 1.5 hours of presentation on the subject of Jhanas. Please practice making the breath ever more comfortable as you proceed through this course.

A Short Introduction to Buddhism

Buddhism Made Easy

Created by Dr. Samuel Inbaraja S - Medical Doctor MBBS, PGDHM, PGDDR, CertCA


Students: 598, Price: Free

Buddhism is a major world religion with about 8 - 10 percent of the world population. It has made good inroads in the west and is known for its mindfulness techniques. In this course, we will learn about the Spiritual quest of Siddharth Gautama the prince of Kapilavastu, and his answers which form the core of Buddhist religion.

The Four Noble Truths and The Eight-fold Paths are enumerated and explained in their original context and the Indian cultural and philosophical milieu.


The Path to Salvation

Created by Snigdha Varma - Instructor


Students: 563, Price: Free

the course will take you through the early life of Gautam Buddha, his transformation from a prince to an ascetic and he attainment of salvation and finally nirvana. the teachings of Buddha and how the world becomes a better place and his followers spreading buddhism in th world. The sculptures associated with Buddhism.