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Hip Hop Dance Foundation – Breakdancing

Master the Basics of Breakdancing (Learn at your own pace or with the 30 Days Breakdance Challenge)

Created by Kit Pang - Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer


Students: 783, Price: $89.99

Students: 783, Price:  Paid

Don't be a Bboy or Bgirl wannabe anymore! Hip Hop Foundation | Breakdancing will teach you the core foundations of breakdancing to help you become the dancer you always wanted to be. The foundations of breakdancing are Toprocking, Go Downs, Footwork, Freezes and Powermoves. This course will teach you 19 Breakdancing Moves with 29 easy-to-follow videos that includes instructions, drills and routines.

Learn At Your Own Pace or Take the 30 Days Challenge: Mastering Breakdancing Basics

Here's How It Works: Learning at Your Own Pace:

1) Moves are broken down into mini steps so that you can fully grasp the movement.

2) Drills are then introduced for you to follow with the instructor as you perfect the moves with music.

3) Learn a routine and put your skills to the test: Toprock Routine and Footwork Routine.

30 Day Challenge: Mastering Breakdancing Basics

Do you think you have what it takes to learn how to breakdance? Mastery of a subject cannot be done in one day or even let alone in a life-time. Challenge yourself in 2015 to learn breakdancing basics and beyond.

Day 1: Watch Welcome/Introduction video + three additional YouTube videos on breakdancing to get a sense of the movements, music and culture.

Day 2: Learn Toprocking: Front/Back Cross (Lectures 2, 3 and 4)

Day 3: Practice Front and Back Cross (Lecture 4) + Learn Footwork: Six Step (Lecture 16)

Day 4: Learn Toprocking: Side Steps (Lectures 5, 6 and 7)

Day 5: Practice Side Steps (Lecture 7) + Learn Footwork: 12 Step (Lecture 17)

Day 6: Learn Go Downs (Lecture 14 and 15) + Practice Front/Back Cross and Side Step (Lectures 4 and 7)

Day 7: Learn Freezes: Basic Stab and Baby Freeze (Lectures 25 and 26)

Day 8: Learn Top Rocking: Indian Step and Swivel (Lectures 8 and 9)

Day 9: Learn Top Rocking: Brooklyn Top Rock (Lecture 10) + Toprock exercise (Lectures 11 and 12)

Day 10: REVIEW: Toprock Exercises (Lecture 4, 7 and 12) + Footwork: Six Step and Twelve Step

Day 11: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Freezes Review: Basic Stab and Baby Freeze

Day 12: Learn Footwork: 3 Step, Threading and CCs (Lectures, 18, 19 and 20)

Day 13: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13)+Go Downs Review: Cork Screw and Knee Drop + Learn Footwork: Helicopter and VKick/Kick Outs (Lectures 21 and 22)

Day 14: Learn Freezes: Shoulder Freeze and Chair Freeze (Lectures 27 and 28) + Watch Footwork Drills (Lecture 23)

Day 15: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Footwork Drills (Lecture 23)

Day 16: REVIEW: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Go Downs (Lectures 14 and 15) + Footwork Drills(Lecture 23)

Day 17: Freezes: Practice Basic Stab and Watch Windmill Tutorial (Lecture 29)

Day 18: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Learn Footwork Routine (Lecture 24)

Day 19: Footwork Routine (Lecture 24) + Learn Windmill (Lecture 29)

Day 20: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) + Footwork Routine (Lecture 24)

Day 21: Freezes: Review all freezes (Lectures 25,26,27 and 28)

Day 22: Record Yourself and send it to me for feedback! (Toprock Routine and Footwork Routine)

Day 23: Windmill Day (Lecture 29)

Day 24: Toprock Routine (Lecture 13) and Review All Freezes (Lectures 25-28)

Day 25: Footwork Drills (Lecture 23) + Basic Stab Freeze

Day 26: Toprock Routine + Footwork Routine + Windmill

Day 27: Footwork Drills + All Freezes

Day 28: Toprock Routine + Footwork Drills + Footwork Routine + Windmill

Day 29: All Freezes and Windmill

Day 30: Record Yourself: Toprock Routine, Footwork Routine, All Freezes and Windmill!

Feel free to send me an email for private feedback or guidance:


Ultimate Self Defense & Fitness Martial Arts Course

Experience weight loss and learn self defense through the arts of boxing, muay thai, Taekwondo, and MMA. 5/10/19 UPDATED

Created by Taylor Kelley - Martial Arts Instructor / Online Fitness Health Coach


Students: 351, Price: $89.99

Students: 351, Price:  Paid


Get the Ultimate Self Defense and Fitness Martial Arts Course!

This step by step system is backed up by over 15 years martial arts experience studying boxing, kickboxing, and taekwondo. You will learn how to get in incredible shape while learning the best techniques derived from the styles I mentioned all by yourself and without the need for a partner!

You get:

- 3+ Hours Of detailed Martial Arts striking videos

- Follow along workout mp3s and pdfs

- an accountability facebook group to share your progress with fellow martial artists



Learning self defense online can be difficult, especially finding a legitimate martial arts instructor that will show you proper techniques derived from boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, kung fu, mixed martial arts, bjj ect.

However, now is the time to enroll into a striking martial arts course that will show you the ins and outs of each technique step by step. Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Whether you're a beginner martial artist seeking a course that will show you how to use self defense properly, or an enthusiast looking to clean up your striking technique for fitness reasons, this course will definitely help you achieve your goals.

These martial arts techniques can be used for close combat situations, long distance fighting, and can be used both for competitive martial arts competition and self defense.

Learning how to fight shouldn't be a difficult task, with the resources we have these days, you should be able to find a course that will show you powerful methods for kicking and punching utilizing boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, close combat, self-defense, krav maga, and other martial arts from a good instructor. Rest assured, you've come to the right place!

I will walk you step-by-step with the same methods I have used to teach my own students in martial arts classes. Achieving peak fitness, self defense, and learning how to use martial arts effectively is at utmost priority.

There's a good reason why those involved in the military utilize martial arts effective for hand to hand combat, and the mixed martial arts techniques I will show you can be used for competitive mma fighters but also self defense.

I'm so convinced you'll get some amazing benefits from this martial arts fitness and self defense course which is why I offer:

> No risk to you with our 30 day money back guarantee <

Breakdance Basics | Learn In Just 12 Hours!

Boost your confidence and build your body. It's your time to own the dance floor!

Created by Huy Pham - Professional Dancer | Entrepreneur


Students: 308, Price: $64.99

Students: 308, Price:  Paid

Traditionally, to learn how to break, you could spend anywhere from $200-$1,200 in studio and private lessons just to get the basics. The problem is most studio instructors are unqualified; they learn a few moves on Youtube, watch some dance movies and decide to start teaching. You end up with a watered down experience that’s a waste of time and money. To really get the basics, you need the right trainer.

My name is Huy and I’ve spent the last 20 years traveling the globe learning from pioneers and innovators in the dance. I’ve used the knowledge to train my crew, win numerous battles and develop a teaching method that works. Thanks to Udemy, my Breakdancing Basics course is now available online. Now it's more convenient to learn and much more affordable. Sign up today. It's your time to own the dance floor!

How The A.B.A. Method Works

A.B.A stands for awareness, breakdown, and application. I developed this method to teach difficult moves to my crew but realized it works equally well for beginners. It's like learning a new language: moves are the vocabulary and combos are like sentences. You start by learning to pronounce words (body awareness). Then, you learn simple conjugation (breakdown). Finally, you use what you've learned in simple sentences (application to music) and repeat in intervals till you have it committed to muscle memory. The course includes both basic and intermediate moves, warm-ups, cool-downs, conditioning exercises, contexts for application (your Bar Mitzvah or office party is just the tip of the iceberg), history, practice mixes, list of videos to study and an invitation to a private community forum to share progress, get mentorship and find local events to attend.

Why I’m Doing This Project

This dance gave me direction in my early teens, introduced me to my wife in my 20s and now, in my 30s, still brings me joy in a way that’s hard to put into words. My intention is to share that happiness with you. 

Official Breakdance course Mastery

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Created by Sio Vaspa - Professional Combat, Gymnast, Nutritionist, Yogi, Well-being


Students: 11, Price: $59.99

Students: 11, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Official Breakdance course Mastery! 

Learn from a professional Bboy Sio! Over 15 years of experience in Breakdancing! Learn to top rock, down rock (styles), powermoves, freezes, flips, kicks, transitions and suicide flips and twists. All of these elements with knowledge and tips will be broken down into digestive chunks for you to have an elite physique, amazing moves on the dance floor.

You will have tutorial on style, elements of powermoves, freezes, flips, kicks, transition, suicide flips and twists. Do not look further as this is a great course for you or someone as a gift who would enjoy this course. Plenty of physical techniques and skills all in one place.