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Java Programming, Lambda and more (Java 13, 12, 11, 10, 9,8)

Learn modern Java using Hands-on Step by Step approach. Learn Java 13, Java 12, Java 11, Java10, Java 9, Java 8 features

Created by Syed Ahmed - Principal Engineer


Students: 20998, Price: Free

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on Java Latest Programming

This course will cover important developer features added in: ​

Java 13, Java 12, Java 11, Java 10, Java 9, Java 8

The course will provide an in-depth understanding of modern java syntax, technology and terminology

The course is for beginners are well as for experienced programmers

If you are taking this course for an upcoming interview, this course covers most of the topics that are asked during Java programming interviews, I am telling you this from my personal experience as I asked these topics myself to gauge candidates understanding of latest java programming and it's syntax​

Each of my courses come with:

Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

Real Implementation Experience

The below are the list of modules covered in this course.

***************Course details**********************

Section 1: Introduction


Windows - Java Development Kit Installation Overview

Windows - Installing Intellij IDEA

Mac - Java Development Kit Installation Overview

Mac - Installing Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA Configuration

Git Repository Link

Development Environment Setup - Import Code

Section 2:Lambda Expressions - Java8+

Java8+ : What is Lambda

Java8+ : Lambda Expression (Part 1)

Java8+ : Lambda Expression (Part 2)

Java8+ : Runnable Example With Lambda

Java8+ : Comparator Example With Lambda

Java8+ : Callable Example With Lambda

Section 3: Functional Interfaces and Lambdas - Java8+

Java8+ : Functional Interfaces

Java8+ : Consumer Functional Interface (Part 1)

Java8+ : Consumer Functional Interface (Part 2)

Java8+ : IntConsumer, LongConsumer, DoubleConsumer

Java8+ : BiConsumer Functional Interface (Part1)

Java8+ : BiConsumer Functional Interface (Part2)

Java8+ : Predicate Functional Interface (Part1)

Java8+ : Predicate Functional Interface (Part 2)

Java8+ : IntPredicate, LongPredicate, DoublePredicate

Java8+ : Predicate & BiConsumer

Java8+ : BiPredicate Functional Interface

Java8+ : Function (Part 1)

Java8+ : Function (Part 2)

Java8+ : BiFunction

Java8+ : Unary Operator

Java8+ : Binary Operator

Java8+ : Supplier

Java8+ : Method Reference (::)

Java8+ : Examples of Method Reference

Java8+ : Convert to Method Reference

Java8+ : Constructor Reference

Section 4:Lambda Variable Scope - Java8+

Java8+ : Variable Scope, Final & Effectively Final

Section 5:RealWorld Example Using Lambda - Java8+

Java8+ : Bank Transfer Example

Section 6:Streams - Java8+

Java8+ : Stream Introduction (Part 1)

Java8+ : Stream Introduction (Part 2)

Java8+ : Inside Streams

Java8+ : Collections vs Streams

Java8+ : Debugging Stream

Section 7:Stream Operations - Java8+

Java8+ : map()

Java8+ : flatMap()

Java8+ : distinct(), count(), sorted(), allMatch()...

Java8+ : Customized sort using comparator

Java8+ : filter()

Java8+ : reduce() (Part 1)

Java8+ : reduce (Part 2)

Java8+ : map + filter + reduce

Java8+ : max() with stream and reduce

Java8+ : min() with stream and reduce

Java8+ : limit() and skip()

Java8+ : findAny() and findFirst()

Section 8:Stream Generators - Java8+

Java8+ : Generating Stream with of(), iterate(), generate()

Section 9:Numeric Streams - Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction to Numeric Streams

Java8+ : IntStream

Java8+ : LongStream

Java8+ : DoubleStream

Java8+ : sum(), max(), min(), average()

Java8+ : Boxing, Unboxing

Java8+ : mapToObj(), mapToLong, mapToDouble()

Section 10:Collectors Operations - Java8+

Java8+ : joining

Java8+ : counting()

Java8+ : mapping()

Java8+ : minBy(), maxBy()

Java8+ : summingInt(), averagingInt()

Java8+ : groupingBy (Part 1)

Java8+ : groupingBy (Part 2)

Java8+ : groupingBy (Part 3)

Java8+ : maxBy(), minBy(), collectingAndThen(), summarizingInt()

Java8+ : partitioningBy()

Section 11:Parallel Streams - Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction to Parallel Streams

Java8+ : Sequential vs Parallel Performance (Part 1)

Java8+ : Sequential vs Parallel Performance (Part 2)

Section 12:Optional - Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction to Optional

Java8+ : empty(), ofNullable(), Of()

Java8+ : orElse(), orElseGet(), orElseThrow()

Java8+ : IfPresent(), isPresent()

Section 13:Default And Static Methods Of Interfaces - Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction of Default And Static Methods

Java8+ : Default Methods

Java8+ : Creating an Interface with Default/Static Methods

Java8+ : Multiple Inheritance

Java8+ : Conflicts in Multiple Inheritance

Section 14:New DateTime APIs : Java8+

Java8+ : new DateTime Introduction

Java8+ : LocalDate - get and create

Java8+ : LocalDate - modify

Java8+ : LocalTime - get and create

Java8+ : LocalTime - modify

Java8+ : LocalDateTime - get, create and modify

Java8+ : LocalDate and LocalTime from LocalDateTime

Java8+ : Duration

Java8+ : Instant

Java8+ : TimeZones - ZonedDateTime, ZoneId

Java8+ : LocalDateTime to ZonedDateTime

Java8+ : Convert and to LocalDateTime/LocalDate

Section 15:Java Shell (REPL) - Java 9+

Java9+ : Java Environment Variable Setup

Java9+ : Introduction to JShell

Java9+ : Getting Started With JShell

Java9+ : Snippet, List and Drop

Java9+ : JShell Shortcuts

Java9+ : Creating Classes

Java9+ : IntelliJ IDEA JShell

Section 16:Module System - Java9+

Java9+ : Introduction to Module System

Java9+ : Example Modular Application

Java9+ : Creating a Modular Application

Java9+ : Modular Application and Maven

Section 17:Factory Methods For Collection - Java9+

Java9+ : Collections Factory Methods

Section 18:Try-with-resources - Java9+

Java9+ : Try-with-resources

Section 19:Type Interference with var - Java10+

Java10+ : var type with examples

Section 20:GC1 Improvements - Java10+

Java9+ : Garbage collection first algorithm improvements

Section 21:var with Lambda - Java11+

Java11+ : Adding var to Lambda

Section 22:Epsilon GC - Java11+

Java11+ : Epsilon GC

Section 23:New Http Client - Java 11+

Java11+ : Http Client API

Section 24:Switch Expression - Java 12+

Java12+ : Switch Expression Intro with Example

Java12+ : Switch Expression with action in cases

Section 25:Switch Expression Enhancements - Java 13+

Java12+ : Switch Expression with yield

Section 26:TextBlocks - Java13+

Java13+ : Multiline TextBlocks

Self Defense Training Military Grade Jiu Jitsu – Best Course

Every Self Defense Technique You NEED to Know in One Course!

Created by David Wong - Martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer


Students: 18731, Price: Free

Are you prepared? For The Top 10 Unarmed and Weapon Attacks You Will Encounter On The street...

Discover techniques that work where there are no rules and your attackers never play fair – on the real streets…

Too many variables occur on the street that don’t exist in the ring. Eg. Weapons, ambushes, your surroundings, the time of day etc. Learn how to act quickly and effectively in every situation.

This Military grade jiu jitsu system is created to work in real life situations, unlike MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, which is entertaining to watch but will get you killed in a street fight.

“While the general public was taught basic self defense and sport style Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, certainelite police and military personel were taught a “military grade” version of the system. Little known outside of the few academies that specialized in it, “Military Grade” BJJ is truly the most complete and effective system of self defense known to man.

This lethal street version of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is hybridized with Combat Sambo (the once closely guarded Russian military hand to hand system of the old Soviet union) This system is used by Robert LeRuyet personally in real life self-defense encounters and is used to train his students who include soldiers of the Afghan war and the Canadian version of the Navy Seals.”

Master Java Multithreading Programming from Zero (Modern)

Learn Java threading programming using modern java techniques (Lambda's & Streams). Hands-on Step by Step approach

Created by Syed Ahmed - Principal Engineer


Students: 15955, Price: Free

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on Java Multi-threading programming. 

The course will guide you through the important aspects of multi-threading in java. 

The course will provide an in-depth understanding of Threading and Parallel programming in java using modern java techniques and syntax

We will be building real world java threading applications using modern java technology like Lambda's and Streams

The course is for beginners are well as for experienced programmers

Each of my courses come with:

Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

Real Implementation Experience

The below are the list of modules covered in this course.

***************Course details**********************

Section 1:Introduction

Step-01: Introduction

Step-02: Thread Introduction

Step-03: Java Development Kit Installation Overview

Step-04: Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows

Step-05: IntelliJ IDEA Configuration

Step-04: Git Repository Link

Step-05: Development Environment Setup - Import Code

Section 2:Multi-Threading Basics

Step-01: Sequential Processing

Step-02: Parallel Programming with Thread Class

Section 3:Lambda Expressions

Step-01: What is Lambda

Step-02: Lambda Expression (Part 1)

Step-03: Lambda Expression (Part 2)

Step-04: Runnable Example With Lambda

Step-05: Comparator Example With Lambda

Step-06: Callable Example With Lambda

Section 4:Multi-Threading Basics (Part 2)

Step-01: Parallel Programming with Runnable Interface

Step-02: Joins

Step-02: Volatile

Step-04: DeadLock And LiveLock

Step-05: Synchronization

Step-06: Synchronized Methods

Step-07: Synchronized Blocks

Step-08: Wait, Notify, NotifyAll

Step-09: Locks

Step-10 Semaphore

Step-11: Executor

Step-11: Executor With Runnable and Callable

Step-13: Callable & Future

Section 5:Concurrent Utilities

Step-01: CountDownLatch

Step-02: Cyclic Barrier

Step-03: Blocking Queue

Step-04: Array Blocking Queue

Step-05: Delay Queue

Step-06: Linked Blocking Queue

Step-07: Priority Blocking Queue

Step-08: Synchronous Queue

Section 6:Concurrent Collections

Step-01: Difference b/w Traditional & Concurrent Collections

Step-02: Concurrent HashMap

Step-03 Navigable Map

Section 7:Functional Interfaces and Lambdas (Lambda Part 2)

Step-01: Functional Interfaces

Step-02: Consumer Functional Interface (Part 1)

Step-03: Consumer Functional Interface (Part 2)

Step-04: IntConsumer, LongConsumer, DoubleConsumer

Step-04: BiConsumer Functional Interface

Step-05: BiConsumer Functional Interface (Part 2)

Step-06: Predicate Functional Interface (Part 1)

Step-07: Predicate Functional Interface (Part 2)

Step-08: IntPredicate, LongPredicate, DoublePredicate

Step-09: Predicate & BiConsumer

Step-10: BiPredicate Functional Interface

Step-11: Function (Part 1)

Step-12: Function (Part 2)

Step-13: BiFunction

Step-14: Unary Operator

Step-15: Binary Operator

Step-16: Supplier

Step-17: Method Reference (::)

Step-18: Examples of Method Reference

Step-19: Convert to Method Reference

Step-20: Constructor Reference

Section 8:Lambda Variable Scope

Step-01: Variable Scope, Final & Effectively Final

Section 9: RealWorld MultiThreading Example Using Lambda

Step-01: Bank Transfer Example

Section 10:Stream

Step-01: Stream Introduction (Part 1)

Step-02: Stream Introduction (Part 2)

Step-03: Inside Streams

Step-04: Collections vs Streams

Step-05: Debugging Stream

Section 11:Stream Operations

Step-01: map()

Step-02: flatMap()

Step-03: distinct(), count(), sorted(), allMatch()...

Step-04: Customized sort using comparator

Step-05: filter()

Step-06: reduce() (Part 1)

Step-07: reduce (Part 2)

Step-08: map + filter + reduce

Step-09: max() with stream and reduce

Step-10: min() with stream and reduce

Step-11: limit() and skip()

Step-12: findAny() and findFirst()

Section 12: Stream Generators

Step-01: Generating Stream with of(), iterate(), generate()

Section 13:Numeric Streams

Step-01: Introduction

Step-02: IntStream

Step-03: LongStream

Step-04: DoubleStream

Step-04: sum(), max(), min(), average()

Step-05: Boxing, Unboxing

Step-06: mapToObj(), mapToLong, mapToDouble()

Section 14:Collectors Operations

Step-01: joining

Step-02: counting()

Step-03: mapping()

Step-04: minBy(), maxBy()

Step-05: summingInt(), averagingInt()

Step-06: groupingBy (Part 1)

Step-07: groupingBy (Part 2)

Step-08: groupingBy (Part 3)

Step-10: maxBy(), minBy(), collectingAndThen(), summarizingInt()

Step-11: partitioningBy()

Section 15:Parallel Streams

Step-01: Introduction to Parallel Streams

Step-02: Sequential vs Parallel Performance (Part 1)

Step-03: Sequential vs Parallel Performance (Part 2)

Section 16:Fork-Join

Step-01: Fork-Join Framework Introduction

Step-02: Fork Join Example

Section 17:References

Section 18:Dining Philosopher Problem

Step-01: Dining Philosopher Problem Solution

Wing Chun Martial Arts – Self Defense Techniques

Learn self defense techniques fast at home

Created by David Wong - Martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer


Students: 13095, Price: Free

These EASY TO UNDERSTAND training videos are GUARANTEED to teach you everything you need to know to further develop your StrengthPower and sharper Technique. This modern realistic approach to training provided in HD brings you the secrets of the ancient art of war applied to 21st Century Training.This is your interactive step-by-step course,  making it easy for anyone.

Confidence, Self Esteem, Social Skills & Fear – TOP 9 Tools

Learn top strategies for boosting your confidence and self esteem, upgrading your social skills and overcoming fear

Created by Jimmy Naraine - Teaching 240,000+ people & Winner of Udemy Innovation Award


Students: 9191, Price: Free

  • Over 201,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in Jimmy's courses

  • Overall, 30,000+ TOP Reviews! 

  • Featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FoxNews, and Business Insider magazines

  • former Goldman Sachs and Allianz employee turned location independent entrepreneur

  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award

  • Top-rated Speaker at prestigious stages such as DNX, MindvalleyU, and Digital|K

  • Explored 76 countries while running entrepreneurial ventures

This course is a concise, 1-hour compilation of the most powerful tools for building confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. The course is designed to give you actionable steps that you can implement right away. Most people believe that confidence is something you are either born with or not. The truth is that confidence is something you can become better at if you do the right things. Each video has been shot professionally and is designed to give you the best tools to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

It's important to point out that merely watching the videos will impact your mindset. However, if you want true results, you will need to take action and implement the strategies presented here.

Welcome to the course!

Wing Chun Techniques and Applications – Martial Art Moves

After completing this course you will be ready to learn how Wing Chun can really be used.

Created by David Wong - Martial artist, Qi Gong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Influencer


Students: 7264, Price: Free

This is provided for all those who are interested in learning Wing Chun and would like to try our product be for purchasing a full course this training section includes a variety of Wing Chun lessons for a small price and will be regularly updated as we develop new material so it is the perfect way to start experiencing the benefits of learning the Master Wong system. 
This course includes a lot of the basics of Wing Chun including punching, kicking, stances, defending, attacking, movements for self- defense and answers to frequently asked questions. This training will give you a taste of what is available and allow you to start to become part of the Master Wong system.

Muay Thai in Real Fight

Learn to use Muay Thai from basic. It can be used in street fight and how to use them.

Created by Teemmer Wongsakulkhamkhote - Thai Army Cadet & MuayThai instructor


Students: 6906, Price: Free

Learn Muay Thai from basic to defend & offend with the right actions.

Your weakness point of body and how to protect it or hit it.

How to move your body.

Your weapons. (Punch ,Elbows ,Knee ,Kick ,Teeb)

Your weakness point of body and how to protect it or hit it.

How to practice by yourself.

KICKBOXING: All The Way To Black Belt

Absolute beginners Kickboxing course. Perfect for everyone regardless of current fitness level or ability.

Created by Tim Anderson - Martial Arts Instructor


Students: 5674, Price: Free

In this course you will begin your Martial Arts journey. You will be guided from your very first belt all the way to black belt level with an instructor with over two decades of Martial Arts experience. Build self confidence, fitness and flexibility at a pace that's comfortable for you! But most importantly have fun along the way. Well, if you're not having fun then what's the point!

52 Blocks Dirty Boxing – How to Land Your Blocks

Learn how to use your hands to their full potential!

Created by Martynas Karys - Martial Arts instructor, Entrepreneur


Students: 3329, Price: Free


Here is what you will get from taking this course:

  • This is a FREE, yes, FREE mini course on the NEW martial art of defense - 52 Blocks.

  • You will learn the flagship block of this art - Skull and Bones, and will see some applications of some other blocks.

  • One of the most common questions that people raise when they see this art in action is, "but how do I manage to land those blocks?". This is the question that will be answered in this mini course.


  • Lessons are taught by Lyte Burly - prominent NYC 52 Blocks Master. All rights acquired.

About Instructor:

Master Lyte Burly has been practicing various Martial Arts styles with a heavy focus on Boxing for over 30 years. He applies his knowledge daily by sparring with practitioners from different styles and backgrounds, one of a few Masters that are always willing to put on the gloves to spar with strangers. He has put in thousands of hours of training and continues to do so. His students has won MMA competitions as well as The Golden Gloves. Some of the styles he has practiced: Tai Chi Xing Yi Pa Kua Chang Wing Chun Kickboxing Boxing Wrestling

Jeet Kune Do : 102

Jeet Kune Do techniques

Created by Fist Of Fury - Martial Arts Instructors


Students: 2979, Price: Free

You will be learning a lot of JKD in this course. Footwork Jeet kune do, punches and kicks, Knees, Elbows, Back fist, Finger jab, & much more, intercepting the fist, Strikes from the lead hand and lead leg. Self defense techniques basic trapping skills, Strikes from the center line, energy drills. Hope you enjoy it and are able to get what we got out of it.

Martial Arts Fundamentals of Striking

Learning how to be an efficient striker from home

Created by Tom Gillis - Martial Arts Instructor


Students: 13, Price: Free

In this class you will learn the fundamental principles of striking.  Techniques from modern and traditional martial arts will be presented and explored.  You will learn how to generate power with punches and kicks which will allow you to be better prepared if you're ever in a self defense situation.