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Herbalism :: Identify & Harvest Medicinal Plants Certificate

Identify, harvest and use easy to find herbs from the wild that are commonly used in herbal, holistic, natural medicine.

Created by Elizabeth Heck - Top Qualified Herbalism Instructor on Udemy


Students: 11332, Price: $129.99

Students: 11332, Price:  Paid


You may be surprised at what you thought was a common weed is actually valuable medicine! They are everywhere! These are the plants that were brought with people as medicine as they migrated to new parts of the world. The plants took hold and fortunately now we have easy access to their healing gifts.

The most important medicine we have is what we can harvest ourselves.

  • It is easily accessible

  • It is the best quality

  • It is free

  • It will always be there for us

If there is anything you learn about herbal medicine, it should be about how to find the plants.

Here’s what students have to say about the course:

★★★★★ "Great course on plant identification. I particularly enjoyed the botany section, and of course, Elizabeth Heck provides TONS of information on each of the medicinal plants she features. I highly recommend all her courses!" - J. N. S.

★★★★★ "The very first plant is growing outside my house. My neighbors said it was medicinal but I did not know for what or how to use it. - Joan Q

★★★★★ "I really loved this course. It has helped me become confident about plant identification, and how to use them for simple treatments. It is also beautifully presented! Many thanks!"

★★★★★ "It was easy to follow. I have already easily discovered wild herbs that are growing on our Farm. I can only recommend this course."

★★★★★ "Very compact and practical, all the information about an herb in one place with pictures, foraging instructions and tips for use. I like it very much!"

We find medicinal plants in our backyards, gardens, nearby forests, old farm fields and even growing right up through the cracks in city sidewalks.  You can easily learn medicinal plants that are useful for many common ailments. This course covers the most widespread medicinal plants found in nearly all parts of the world.

You will learn:

  • Where to find each plant based on where it likes to grow

  • How to properly identify the most common and useful medicinal plants

  • What are the look-alikes for each plant so you develop stronger skills

  • When to harvest each plant for the greatest effectiveness

  • How to use each plant for ultimate health and wellbeing

By the end of the course you will have the confidence to identify, harvest and use your own medicinal plants.

Your instructor, Elizabeth Heck has 25 years of experience in working with plant medicines. She is by far, Udemy’s most qualified herbal instructor. Rest assured, you’re in good hands. With an extensive botanical background, she is one of the top instructors on the subject globally. Even better, she is there for you throughout the course to answer any of your questions. That’s incredible value!

Why is this course not Accredited?

Nearly every online course (unless it is a large university) that claims to be accredited, actually is not. These are simply fake accreditations from real-looking websites used as a marketing scam in order to sell more courses. Elizabeth, as with any experienced herbalist, teaches with ethics and integrity and absolutely will not be deceitful for marketing sake. Rather, her students are sincerely respected and honored. Therefore none of her courses claim to be accredited.

More of what students are saying about the course:

★★★★★ "This course is a very good match for me as I am a novice at herbalism and I find that the instructor is very easy to understand and she is out in the field demonstrating what she is talking about."

★★★★★ "Very informative. Nice to see someone showing the plants and talking about them. Puts the description from books and the actual plants together."

★★★★★ "It was definitely a good match for me! Now I feel prepared to go and identify these plants while taking my daily walk by the river. I have already recognize some of them and it is just awesome to get a little bit closer to mother earth by learning about plants and its uses. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."

★★★★★ "Yes perfect. I have a large garden and have just found out all the weeds I've been throwing away have amazing healing properties."

You will find this course truly empowering so join in and discover the amazing medicine growing around you. Plants are people’s medicine!   

You have lifetime access to the course so you can take as long or short as you wish to go through the material. You can replay the videos at anytime using the course as an ongoing reference. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee.


Herbology for Beginners

A beginners approach in plant sciences

Created by Mohamad Tabbara - Pharmacy Student


Students: 10925, Price: $39.99

Students: 10925, Price:  Paid

This course is divided to three parts.

Part 1: the beginning:

Introduction and orientation to the  course

Classification of drugs of natural origin

Part 2: Plant biology:

Types of Plant tissues

Dermal, Vascular and Ground Tissue systems

Microscopical examination of plants  (with drawn pictures)

Plant cell contents (with real pictures)

Plant cell Division

Plant Morphology:








Part 3: Natural Therapies:

Monograph of six medicinal plants and plant contents:

Senna leaves

Ginkgo leaves


Digitalis leaves

Valeriana root

Jaborandi leaves

Accredited Aromatherapy Course – 2 -For Health and Wellbeing

Train to become an Professional Aromatherapy Advisor, the next step in your journey with essential oils and aromatherapy

Created by Tania Magdalene - The Academy of Ancient Magik


Students: 5383, Price: $124.99

Students: 5383, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the  Accredited Professional Aromatherapy For Wellness And A Healthy Lifestyle  2  Course

We will recap the safety and mixing guidelines that you learnt in your previous course as these are fundamentally important to ensure you are correctly using the essential oils.

In this level of the training we will look at how you can use essential oils and aromatherapy techniques to aid health and wellness, the course is all about you!

For those of you who left school a long time ago (I include me in that) there is some basic human biology as well as basic essential oil chemistry, don’t worry it wont be too heavy and I like to make sure that all the learning will be fun.

We will look at common ailments and the recommended essential oils for those as well as looking at the vast array of essential oils and their methods of application and uses.


New to this course is the Essential Oils and Pets section to help you work with your pets heath and wellbeing at home as well as a section dedicated to essential oils and children who are much more sensitive to the oils than us adults so need an adapted approach to dosage etc, we will delve into the magical world of essential oils and the Ancient Egyptians and  finally we have added a “Fun Ways to Incorporate Essentail Oils and Aromatherapy into your lifestyle” section, with some great demo videos which we had great fun making!

You have extensive pdf notes with this course which you might like to bind to create a lovely reference book.


The information provided in this course is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice provided by a qualified doctor. If you are at all concerned about your health you should always consult a fully qualified doctor.

What’s about Pharmacognosy in the Globalized Space?

Globalization of the Space, Space and Pharmacognosy: A Topic of Study, The Usage of Herbs, and Challenging Complications

Created by Maram Abdel Nasser Taha Shtaya - Pharmacist, American Studies Instructor, Author & Researcher


Students: 1091, Price: $64.99

Students: 1091, Price:  Paid

Background of the Course: Throughout individual history, the application of herbal medications has always been major to all healing frameworks. Prior to our comparatively modern dependence on the purified, separated, oftentimes synthetic chemical structures predominant in recent medicine today, plants were actually the fundamental origin of medications for the plurality of the world’s inhabitance. This is still right today. Plants also supply the origin substance for a huge percentage of recent drugs.

We would debate that the multidisciplinary theme Pharmacognosy, as one of many scientific branches of knowledge, owns a strategic posture in the researches of scientific requests based on supervisions in Nature. In extension to that, like a topic that itself is bridging chemistry and biology with medication can be of worth in the combined efforts to catch young students for researches in recent life science.

We realize the expression in this orientation: Globalization is indeed, the growing interconnectedness of whole commune and their communities on a worldwide level. It is actually an emergent multidimensional event of which cases of frugality are only a fraction. Although the evolutionary path of globalization can be planned back several centuries, the realization of the procedure is comparatively modern, which may show cause for the reasoning over what it is.

The Aim of this Course: The capability to see Earth’s plant from space is a marked stamp of the Space Age. Anyway, decades of satellite measures have supplied comparatively little prudence into the enormous variety of form and mission in the plant world over time and space. Actually, Space reconnaissance does not stand away from the globalization procedure. It is parcel and part of the thing it has enlarged. The globalization procedure, therefore, demands us to reconsider the reconnaissance of space.

The situation in which space activities occupy place is gradually yet constantly developing. Eventually social, political, economic, and technological alterations will give rising to a modern space playing scope. This scope will be various from the space circumference of the twentieth century in that it will own more heterogeneous actors, various market frameworks, more governance confrontations and recent innovation dynamics. However, the target of this contribution is to reply some of the main requests that emerge in this course.

Course Questions: Since their starts, world and global history strive with the issue of pursuing global research requests and interest, whilst their practicing annalists have entertained more expert training and commonly focus on one or more areas in their job. Yet, are we ready, in the deep, challenging complications of mankind at present and in the future, ready to admit an assigned function for natural manufacture evolution?

Ecopharmacognosy is a well-determined, various collection of technologies and sciences which runs at the cutting-rim. To what future finishes? To whom has this experience been given, and for what objective? For what will ecopharmacognosy accountable through function ? Which universal initiatives? Which government agencies? Which industries?

But, at a later time, how many patients will yonder be and as well, what resources will be desired to meet those demands? Who is examining that from a sustainability view? If, as projected, the universal population arrives to 10 billion by 2040, it means that only 22 years from the present time, who is accountable for assuring availability to medical agents, natural and synthetic? How will the various health care needs induced by climate alteration be faced?

Significance of the Course: The leakage of universal biomedical and phytotherapeutical awareness into domestic pharmacopoeias may drive to circular discussions in talks linked to medicine find and medicinal anthropology. Globalization is actually a multilayered operation and affects massively on manners of connections between various people, regions or nations. Anyway, we presently lack repeated, harmonious, high-resolution universal scale information on the dynamic biodiversity of the Earth’s plant.

Our abstract, purely relativistic and multilayered pattern of space will permit us to check individual shifts and procedures in globalization with the interest they deserve without missing the broader scene of their interplay. In addition, ethnopharmacopoeias are educational structures and in constant interchange and transformation. Domestic usage of medical plants and connected cultural healing notions are able to live together with, and complement, the domestic commercialization and usage of pharmaceuticals.

The Course Outline: As we step inside the 21st century and the modern millennium, it may be debated that attention in pharmacognosy as a branch of knowledge and naturalist manufactures in common is at an all-time elevated. Anyway, based on our everyday practices of touching, hearing, seeing, and moving over geographical space, we automatically resort to organize all kinds of knowledge and information in this geographical grid.

And thus far, the course outline consists of the following points: 1) Globalization of the Space, 2) The Awareness of the Usage of Medical Plants, 3) Pharmacognosy, Ecopharmacognosy and Ethnopharmacology definitions, 4) The Universal Commercialization of Herbaceous Medication, 5) Global Herbal Medication Survey, 6) Space and Pharmacognosy: A Topic of Study, 7) Common Herbals As Nutraceuticals, 8) Common Herbs as Herbal Drugs, 9) The Shapes of Herbal Medications, and 10) Challenging Complications in Natural Manufacture Evolution.

Discussion: Steadfast in medicine, pharmacognosy expanded as a distinguished discipline because of the requirement for an expert scope of knowledge that was significantly disconnected from the exercise of drugs (physicians), materia medica (pharmacology), the dispensing of drugs (pharmacy), and also, the recognition of medical plants (botany). And thus far, Pharmacognosy grew as an integration of these last three and thus developed as a common discipline.

The universal commercialization of herbaceous medication and the evolution of what is known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine like a public event during the former decades is also because of the understanding among Western communities, that the consuming of such manufactures would be freed from health dangers, particularly in compare to pharmaceuticals.

Results and Conclusion: It is recognized that culture performs an essential role in the way in which a given commune use herbs. With the improvements of the internet and elevated assurance on a universal economy, consumers own much better access to herbal manufactures from anywhere in the universe.

In conclusion, natural manufactures found from medical plants (and derivatives therefrom) have supplied abundant clinically utilized medications. Even with whole of the difficulties facing medication detection from medical plants, natural manufactures separated from medical plants can be foreseen to exist a fundamental ingredient in the study for modern medications.

Future Work and Recommendation: Anyway, drug invention from medical plants drove to the segregation of early medications such as digitoxin, cocaine,quinine, and codeine, in extension to morphine, of which several are still in usage. Hopefully, segregation and description of pharmacologically active compositions from medical plants carry on today.

The functional biodiversity of vegetations differs in time and space and across levels of biological community. Capturing and perception this difference is vitally substantial for tracking the condition and flexibility of land’s ecosystems, and for estimation how our ecological existence support frameworks will perform in the future.

While such a notion of space performs absolutely flexibly and satisfactorily in daily habit, it cannot render as a foundation for academic dissection. Thus, I propose contemplation of space like a theoretically unlimited number of spaces realized by our research requests and scientific benefit.

Key Words: Pharmacognosy, Globalized Space, Natural Medications, Phytotherapy, Ecopharmacognosy, and Ethnopharmacology.

Please Note: People who enroll in this course, will also receive discounted coupons to my other current and upcoming courses.

General Science – Diversity and Biology of Plants

Botany fundamentals

Created by Srushti Karia - Biodiversity of Plants


Students: 284, Price: $19.99

Students: 284, Price:  Paid

In this course you have to learn about varieties of plants which is very much helpful for human beings, birds and animals. In which particular plant shows its own beauty and their scientific importance also. Every plant have their own criteria. so I hope at the end of the course you all know about different varieties of plants.

Step to Coffee Pro/ Start your barista journey

Useful barista skill that could encourage new barista to improve their technical skills and knowledge on espresso extrac

Created by Sam Tan - Professional Coffee Trainer


Students: 209, Price: $79.99

Students: 209, Price:  Paid

What will I learn through this course ?

  • Basic history with the coffee and their origins

  • Basic knowledge on how coffee plantation works

  • Understand the whole progress on Seed to Cup

  • Basic on knowing how to buy / taste coffee base on preference

  • Basic theory of how coffee deal with self life

  • Introduction on brewing espresso coffee

  • Basic step-by-step guide on espresso extraction & brewing recipe 101

  • Getting your milk shinier & great foam when foaming

  • Basic on cupping a coffee and improve flavor description

  • Describe better with taste description for espresso

When I am sharing my coffee knowledge, I was sharing my whole life story too. If you're coming with me and see my coffee journey through my eyes, you will DISCOVER a whole lot more than what you seen to know. I am grateful to be known as award winning Barista that humbly has notable titles including Fushan Cup International Barista Championship, FHA challenges of Barista Asia, ILLY latte art throwdown and so much more.

I have teached and coached for years in both Malaysia and United Arab Emirates as an authorized SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Trainer, also certified more than 100 students in less than 2 year. Other than that, I hosted barista training not only one-to-one basis but also in group; my protocol is to guide them. with my master barista skills with professionalism and this, also as one of the reasons why I am recognizable as one of the main coffee trainers in the field.

Why introduction to coffee? This lecture will mainly focus a lot on important facts for coffee. These fundamentals on coffee are important; from how a cup of coffee is being transformed by many factors. My goal and objective is petty simple for a learner. I always aim to given a short, easy-to-understand theory to make you to only learn coffee but also ENJOY coffee.

Through this 1hr 38min of session, you will understand 4-3-2-1 theory, and if you do not understand what I meant, it is for YOU to join this course with me. Additionally, coffee is an amazing beverage for many coffee drinkers as they have different taste profiles, just like every individual has different personalities, they call it as genes but in coffee, we will relate with processing. How interesting is that ? Also, I will share some useful barista skill that could encourage new barista to improve their technical skills and knowledge on espresso extraction. Experienced barista is welcomed too to refresh your knowledge and to ensure your extractions could bring to another new understanding.

Don't just make a cup of coffee, but make every cup of good coffee, even better. If you hesitate to learn with me, you'll always hesitate to make a Better cup if coffee. Sit back, relax and get your knowledge game better, with me , though here.

Thank you

Certified Aromatherapy

Learn safe and ethical aromatherapy for private or clinical use

Created by Tina Samuels - RYT500, ABS, CR, CA


Students: 190, Price: $89.99

Students: 190, Price:  Paid

This is a thorough clinical aromatherapy course that follows NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists) Curriculum Guidelines for a 200 Hour Course and the course that we used while we were a NAHA approved school. We have since left NAHA in pursuit of other modalities. This course is written for both personal aromatherapy education and for those looking to get into aromatherapy for a vocation.

Written and taught by a  Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and registered yoga trainer.

Forestry 4.0 – The Forestry Industry in Industry 4.0

Understand the Forestry Industry in Industry 4.0

Created by CipherDev Labs - Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Consulting


Students: 17, Price: $89.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

Did you know that the world economy and humanity is at the verge of one of the most transformational periods in history of mankind?

Have you heard about the 'Industrial Revolutions'; which from time to time transformed the course of humanity? The first industrial revolution was powered by mechanization, water power and steam power. The second industrial revolution was powered by the mass production of products such as the famous Henry Ford's Model-T car, assembly lines and electricity. The third industrial revolution was powered by computerization and automation.

Now, the fourth industrial revolution, known as 'Industry 4.0 (4IR)' will be powered by Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics is set to unleash the next wave of disruption at an unprecedented scale and force!

With emerging global threats such as Climate Change and Global Warming, how importance will the Forestry Industry be? With real-time data and comprehensive insights offered in Industry 4.0, how is the Forestry Industry of the future going to change and disrupt the game?


A course with a simple and comprehensive beginner's guide to Forestry 4.0 - The Forestry Industry in Industry 4.0!


In this course, there are NINE sections which cover over 70 lectures worth over 3.5 hours of content;

  • Section 1 - Introduction to the Forestry Industry - Discover what the Forestry is and the vital role it plays in shaping is. Learn about  what the forestry industry is, key statistics about the forestry industry, forestry-related industries such as industrial round wood, sawn wood, etc.

  • Section 2 - Key Insights of the Forestry Industry - Explore the key insights about the Forestry Industry such as globalization, climate change and sustainability, improved regulations on the forestry industry, disasters and pest infections management, growing demand for renewable energy.

  • Section 3 - Introduction to Challenges of the Forestry Industry - Explore the challenges faced by the Forestry Industry such as deforestation, climate change, conservation of biodiversity, pest infections and diseases, maintaining productive capacity of forest, conservation of water and other resources, etc.

  • Section 4 - Opportunities for Innovation in the Forestry Industry - Discover the opportunities for innovation in the Forestry Industry including improving long-term socio-economic-environmental benefits, better legal and regulatory frameworks, reducing and reversing deforestation, better disaster management and mitigation and better conservation approaches.

  • Section 5 - Introduction to Industry 4.0 - Discover what Industry 4.0 is, what the Industry 4.0 Environment is and the different kinds of Internets such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT), Internet-of-Services (IoS) and the Internet-of-Everything (IoE)

  • Section 6 - Introduction to Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) - Discover what Industry 4.0 is, what the Industry 4.0 Environment is and the different kinds of Internets such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT), Internet-of-Services (IoS) and the Internet-of-Everything (IoE).

  • Section 7 - The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Forestry Industry - Discover how Industry 4.0 is impacting and transforming the Forestry Industry including precision forestry, real-time data collection, better disaster management and mitigation, computer simulation and genome editing, big data and analytics, robotics and automation, blockchain-based digital supply chains, applications of AR, VR and MR, etc.

  • Section 8 - The Barriers of Implementing Industry 4.0 - Discover the Barriers of Implementing Industry 4.0 including High Cost of Implementation, Privacy Issues and Concerns, Lack of skilled staff, Technology integration Issues and Lack of standardization and co-ordination across industries.

  • Section 8 - The Drivers of Implementing Industry 4.0 - Discover the Drivers of Implementing Industry 4.0 including Faster Time to Market, Challenges in matching the Supply and Demand, Better Customer Experience (CX), Increasing efficiency and productivity in business processes, Demand for better Quality, Tech-augmented Worker, The Digital and Agile Supply Chain and Better Asset Utilization.

  • Section 9 - Real World Outlook - Discover innovative startups and businesses in the Forestry Industry.


Jump right in to learn and discover about all of the amazing and transformative content on 'Forestry 4.0 - The Forestry Industry in Industry 4.0' and be updated with latest trends in the world of tech and business! Be a part of Industry 4.0!


About the Author: Hi, I'm Deshan and I'm a Digital Transformation Consultant. I have a M.Sc. in Technology Management (Distinction) from the Staffordshire University, UK as well as First Class Honors in B.Sc. (Applied Information Technology) from the Staffordshire University, UK. I also have around 8 years of experience in coding websites and software; creating multimedia, illustrations and graphics as well as computer simulation and 3D modelling! Feel free to ask any question regarding Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Digital Disruption in the forum!

Plant biology for the Biology Olympiad

Last time minute preparation for the biology olympiad

Created by Martyna Petrulyte - Biology nerd


Students: 15, Price: $29.99

Students: 15, Price:  Paid

Hi guys!

Welcome to the Crash course for the Biology Olympiad: Part III, which will help you prepare for such competitions like USABO and IBO, delivered to you by Biolympiads! This course is specifically designed for the Biology Olympiad preparation. Note it's not an introductory course to biology and you are expected to have a solid foundation in biology before you take this course. So we recommend to read Campbell Biology at least three times.

In this course, we will present the most important concepts that you should know for the Biology Olympiad from all major fields of biology, including genetics, plant biology, zoology, biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and others.

In Part III, we are going to cover Plant biology.

600 words for IELTS

Learn 600 most essential words to succeed in IELTS and any other English language exam.

Created by Muzaffar Abdullaev - IELTS INSTRUCTOR


Students: 13, Price: $89.99

Students: 13, Price:  Paid

Hi there! Welcome to the course. 

Do you have problems understanding Reading passages and speech of native speakers?

Do you want to use high level vocabulary in your Writing?

Do you want to speak more fluently and express you ideas clearly

If you answer yes to these questions then you should definitely take this course.

''600 WORDS FOR IELTS'' is a series of video lessons designed to help learners of English language to be better prepared for their exams such as: IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, SAT and etc.

The course concentrates on most essential high frequency vocabulary which you are very likely to find in Reading and Listening sections of the exam. In addition you can also use these words in the Writing and Speaking parts.

Every single word explained in this course has: 

* definition

* examples

* picture

* explanation

You will also be able to download the pdf files and review the course any time you like.

By the end of the course you should be able to better understand the Reading passages and Listening sections of the exam. You should also be able to get a higher score in Lexical Resource part of your Writing and Speaking exams.

All in all, I wish all the best with your exams. See you inside the course!!! Take care!!!

General Science of Plant Anatomy, Systematics and Taxonomy

Anatomical structure of plants

Created by Srushti Karia - Biodiversity of Plants


Students: 11, Price: $19.99

Students: 11, Price:  Paid

In this course you have to learn about the anatomical structure of plants like monocot and dicot root, monocot and dicot stem, monocot and dicot leaf as well as i also included the plant systematics and plant taxonomy so at the end of the course you all have to understand about the overall structure of plants.

Learn Forestry: A Git-Based CMS

Adding a CMS for your Markdown-based sites

Created by Clyde D'Souza - Software Developer and Author


Students: 3, Price: $29.99

Students: 3, Price:  Paid

Hi, everyone!

My name is Clyde D’Souza and in this class, I’ll teach you all about a git-based CMS software called Forestry. To super simplify it, Forestry adds a CMS user interface on top of your git repository which means all the changes made in the CMS portal will directly be committed to the repository.

In this class, I’ll teach you:

  • What is Forestry?

  • How to add/update content via the CMS portal?

  • What is front matter and how to configure front matter templates?

  • And some more advanced features.

Follow along this class to use Forestry CMS for your static site. Some house rules if you're following along or practicing after watching this class:

  • Try out all rich-text editing features while editing content via the CMS portal.

  • Add images to your content that’s uploaded via the media manager.

  • Add front matter templates. Try out the different fields available.

  • Create new pages via Forestry using the newly created front matter templates.

  • Rename sidebar items.

  • Add read-only content with information for internal users.

  • Bonus points: Add users to collaborate and edit content with you.

Since you cannot really share your Forestry portal itself, please feel free to write a blog article about your experience implementing the above and send me a tweet about it—I'll be keen to read it.

There’s a lot of exciting things to learn so, see you on the other side and happy learning!

Created by -


Students: , Price:

Students: , Price:  Free