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Free Digital Marketing Basics Course

It's time for Digital Transformation

Created by Sorav Jain - CEO of echoVME


Students: 106929, Price: Free

Have you learnt Digital Marketing? You haven’t? Well, not to worry! Here is an opportunity for you to start everything from the scratch. I have made 21+ Free Video Lessons to Empower the world and embrace people with my knowledge in digital marketing and my passion for teaching.

I am in a mission to reach out to people and tell them Digital has a business side and it can be used for a purpose.

Like how you define the purpose of Life, I believe you should also define the purpose of Digital Life and here are those 21 lessons that you shall get every single day to master Digital Marketing.

10 FREE Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Better Blogger

Discover 10 blogging tools for increasing your blogging and writing productivity. The ultimate blogging tools course!

Created by Tyler Speegle - Huffington Post Contributor | Professional Writer & Blogger


Students: 75310, Price: Free

  • The ultimate blogging tools course...
  • Improve your writing and blogging get your content shared more...

"Presented in a friendly style with just enough information to help you find the tools, assess it and start to use it!" —ELIZABETH GRANEY, UDEMY STUDENT

“He’s introducing some small tools that can make a big difference… ” —MOHAMMAD HOSSEIN, UDEMY STUDENT

“Tyler, the instructor was knowledgeable and easy to understand...” —SABRINA BOOTHE, UDEMY STUDENT

"I have learned so many new things." —EKTA KALRA, UDEMY STUDENT

"Nice concise course with some valuable tools." —THOMAS BERWICK, UDEMY STUDENT

“Amazing instructor, mentioned exact things you should know…” —MUHAMMAD KIANI, UDEMY STUDENT

"Great tools and professional delivery..." —ERIQUE LARAE COGGINS, UDEMY STUDENT

Wish you could get more writing done? Be more consistent with your blogging? Grow your audience? Have your content shared more?

Let's be honest, nobody wants to write things that nobody reads. We write because we want to communicate. The question is, how do you write in a way that gets noticed (and actually get reads)?

The online blogging and writing world is more crowded than it’s ever been making it harder to stand out and get noticed. That's why you need to work smarter, not harder.

The tools in this course will help you do just that. In just a few minutes you'll discover tools and hacks for...

  • Developing blogging ideas for articles people actually want to read
  • Writing attractive headlines that make people want to click
  • Capturing and organizing your blogging ideas
  • Designing dynamic graphics for your blog & social media profile
  • Setting up alerts for any time your blog is shared online

Have you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to attract thousands of readers with their blogs? Wonder how they get published at places like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed? 

These writers know something you don’t… but the good news is that you can learn it, too. 

I’m a professional copywriter and freelance blogger and I've spent the last three years writing and publishing articles at some of the world’s largest online publications — places like the Huffington Post and The Blaze. And during that time I've learned about some of the tools of the trade that will save you tons of time and frustration.

The blogging tools mentioned in this course are 100% free and have very little, if any, learning curve. This means you'll be able to take action immediately and see results FAST!

I don't want you to waste your time on this course, though, so if you answer NO to any of these questions then this course probably isn’t for you. (But if you answer YES then I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself)

  • Do you want to (quickly) gain confidence as a blogger?
  • Do you want to build a following and grow your platform as a blogger?
  • Do you want more people read your blog and visit your blog or website?
  • Do you want to see your content shared more on social media?

I’ve spent the past several years searching for and discovering these tools the hard way. And I’ll be transparent with you, you can search and find these tools on your own. BUT I can guarantee you that it will take you A LOT LONGER and you'll run the danger of falling even father behind.

I want to help YOU take a shortcut and hit the ground running.

I want to help YOU get ahead of the pack and boost your blogging productivity. 

Let’s get started!

30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge

30 Actionable Lessons …All Geared To Have You Taking A Much Smarter – And More Strategic – Approach To YOUR Blogging

Created by David Risley - Blog Marketing Strategist


Students: 36938, Price: Free

The Blog Transformation Challenge is a 30-day training program which will show you how to transform your blog into a well-tuned marketing powerhouse.

This isn't a “how to make money with your blog" training program. This IS, however, a program to help you TRANSFORM your blog by perfecting your writing, optimizing your design, and learning how to optimize the marketing funnel from your blog.

The course is laid out in daily bite-sized lessons, averaging just a few minutes each. Each video will cover a new aspect of your blog and show you how to optimize it for maximum effectiveness. You can do the course on a daily basis, or you can speed through it. It is completely up to you.

Originally presented by the Blog Marketing Academy, but now available on Udemy.

How to Start a Blog – 7 Day WordPress Blog Challenge

Are you a WordPress beginner blogger looking to create a blog? Step-by-step guide on how to start a blog in seven days.

Created by Zac Johnson - Entrepreneur and Blogger


Students: 33891, Price: Free

Want to know how to start a blog? I'm sure you do, and let me tell you -- I believe I'm the perfect person to help walk you through the whole process. As one of the top bloggers in the world (currently ranking on page one of Google for terms like "blog", "blogging", "blogger", "blogs" and more), I not only know what it takes to create a successful blog, I've accomplished this feat several times, while also generating millions of dollars online in the process. With over 20 years of experience in the world of affiliate marketing, content creation, blogging and online branding... I want to help you create a potentially life changing blog.

Blogging has changed my life and it can change yours too!

First thing first, we need to walk through the basic questions of why you want to start a blog in the first place. Is it for fun, pleasure, to make money, for business or just something you want to try out? No matter what the reason is, I created this "7 Day Blog Challenge" course to walk anyone through the process of how to start a blog, while also making it extremely simple to follow in the process. I'm literally going to create an authority site from scratch while you watch over my shoulder, then you can do the same to create your own site.

I'm excited about it and you should be too! There are already over 6,000 students who have taken this course and it's ranked well above a 4.4 average (in the upper range of blogging courses on Udemy). I invite you to join in on the fun and see where blogging might take you, your brand or online business in the days and weeks to come.

Let's take a look at the different topics covered in this "how to start a blog" course. 

Introduction to Blogging Videos

  • My Story and Why You Need a Blog
    - Before following my guidance and what I have to showcase for you in this blogging video series, it's important for you to first understand my story and how I got to where I am today. In this short introduction video I will give you a brief run through of the past two decades and how I've used websites, blogging and affiliate marketing to build several successful sites and businesses online -- all from the comfort of my own home. This video series and blogging formula was all put in place to show you how to start a blog and accomplish similar results if you are willing to put in the time and effort.
  • Preparing for the Launch of Your Blog
    - Starting a blog is easy, but making sure you have the right foundation in place beforehand is key. This is why it's important to know the focus of your blog, niching down the concept as much as possible and also knowing what type of content you are going to create for your audience. This is a quick video, but it will provide you with everything you need to think about before going live with your blog.

7 Day Blog Challenge

  • Day 1 - Hosting and WordPress Setup
    - One of the first things you will need to do before going live with your blog is setting up your web hosting, domain name and installing WordPress. I walk you through this extremely simple process and show you how to go live with your blog in less than 10 minutes -- all without any headaches or technical knowledge required.
  • Day 2 - WordPress Configuration and Theme Setup
    - Once your web hosting and domain name are setup and WordPress is installed, it's time to make a few quick modifications to your backend settings to make sure your site runs as smoothly as possible. We are then going to set up a premium WordPress theme so your blog looks great and stands out from the crowd.
  • Day 3 - First Blog Post, About Me and Contact Page
    - Blogging is all about creating great content for your audience and providing them with the most value possible. In this video we are going to create the first post for your blog, while also creating the "About Me" and "Contact" pages on your site. These are two of the most important pages on your blog and I'm going to show you how to set them up correctly from day one.
  • Day 4 - Start a Mailing List for Your Blog
    - There are currently over 300 million blogs on the internet today, and they are all flooding the internet with a ton of content. This means that it's going to be tough to get repeat visitors back to your blog. The best way to accomplish this is by creating a mailing list or newsletter for your blog. I will show you exactly how to do this, while also giving you some of the best working methods to increase signups to your mailing list overnight.
  • Day 5 - Creating a Main Page and Pillar Content
    - When creating content for your blog, it's important to always keep your focus on why people are visiting your site. Some content will be filler, while others will be your "pillar content" that is accessed more often than others. I will show you why and how to create such content on your blog, while also giving you the option to create a "main page" for your blog as well.
  • Day 6 - How to Create User Call-to-Actions on Your Blog
    - As with all content, there should be a main focus or call to action. When someone uses the internet, they are looking to purchase something, find information or be entertained. Decide which of these three areas you are going to cater to when creating content for your audience. In this video I will show you the best ways to create call to actions right within your content to see even better engagement and turning visitors into leads.
  • Day 7 - Adding a Resources Page, Banner Ads and Monetization
    - Most bloggers will create content for their site and continually reference back to certain sites, tools, services or features that they use. Instead of always having to link out to each of these references within each post, it's a much better idea to create a resource pages instead. At the same time, if you want to make money with your blog, it's a great form of monetization as well. In this video I will show you how to accomplish all three, while also walking through the process of how to set up banner ads on your blog as well.

Bonus Material and Resources

  • What Happens in an Internet Minute
    - In this fun and interactive video, I break down the internet into 60 seconds. Did you ever wonder how many emails are sent out, logins are made into Facebook, YouTube video views happen in a single minute on the internet? After watching this video, you will know the answers -- all while making yourself a more powerful and effective marketer in the process.
  • My Recommended Blogging Tools and Resources
    - Throughout this list building course I mention a lot of tools, resources and references. Be sure to check this last video for detailed information on where you can find everything that was mentioned in the course.

Feedback from our 6,000+ students already enrolled in this course:

"I loved the way of representing every topic with details. The accent and sound quality is also awesome to stick with! Thanks for making this guided course using professional tools!" - Prabhakar Pandey

"The instructor is obviously a very successful blogger, is well spoken, engaging and is assuring to me as a student. Video and audio quality are excellent." - Bill Halford

"Easy to follow. Wish I had watched this video before another one on blogging, which resulted in unnecessary purchases and some challenges with domain." - Brenda Uekert

"I love the course! It's super easy to follow and I look forward to completing the challenge! Great job Zac!" - Nancy Badillo

Blogger Training

Blogger Training Course from the top-rated Social Media Training Provider

Created by Eric Schwartzman - Digital Marketing Consultant


Students: 22984, Price: Free

Welcome to the blogging training course from the top-rated, longest running soovial media training provider.

92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog, according to the latest industry research.

Blogs are the central, hub of most social marketing efforts because they provide marketers with a chance to convert traffic into transactions.  Blogs are a practical way for companies to publish text, photos and video. When they're integrated into corporate websites, they improve search engine visibility and can even be used to power entire websites.

Learn key concepts and techniques to help you get started blogging for business.

Guest Blogging Your Way To Ultimate Visibility And Traffic

The Beginner's Guide To Writing Guest Posts For The Right Blogs So Your Content Gets Put In Front Of The Right People

Created by Marc Guberti - Digital Marketing Expert, Podcast Host, and Author


Students: 16761, Price: Free

You want your content to be seen by as many people as possible because you know that your content is helpful or entertaining. You dream of the day when thousands of people will read your content every day. You dream of making a difference through your writing.

However, you don't have that massive audience yet. You have tried promoting your blog posts but don't seem to be getting much engagement. You get a few visitors from your promotional efforts here and there but never get sustainable traffic.

What if your content could instantly be put in front of thousands of people, regardless of how many people are actually within your audience? With guest blogging, this goal is a reality.

The most successful bloggers are increasingly relying on guest posts to get more exposure. Their content gets seen by an entirely new audience of highly targeted individuals.

Not only are the most successful bloggers increasingly utilizing guest blogging, but newbie bloggers are utilizing guest blogging to get more exposure and credibility for themselves. You do not want to miss out on that action.

In this FREE no-risk course, you will discover how to write guest posts that get published on other people's blogs so you can get more visibility.

If you are ready to guest blog your way to success, then click "Take This Course" now.

Simple Blogging Analytics Dashboard in Python

Build a small data pipeline in Python by scraping a blog.

Created by Ty Shaikh - Curriculum Engineer at K2 Data Science


Students: 13385, Price: Free

This video series will walk through building a simple blogging analytics dashboard in Python

Here is a synopsis of each video:

  1. Talks about the project and data pipeline

  2. Talks about web scraping basics

  3. Shows how to scrape one blog article

  4. Shows how to scrape all the blog articles in one category

  5. Shows how to scrape all the blog articles in all the categories

  6. Shows how to compute basic analytics

  7. Shows basic design and front-end development

  8. Shows how to setup a Flask sever

  9. Shows how to deploy the app to Heroku

  10. Explores further improvements to the pipeline

Everything in the project is done manually to show the steps between. I plan to upload a 2nd version that shows how to automate the entire pipeline.

1-Hour Wordpress Basic Tutorial

Learn how to use the world's most popular blogging platform on your own domain name in just 1-Hour.

Created by Victory Online Group LLC - Internet Marketing Experts


Students: 10762, Price: Free

In this free course, you will learn the basics of The Wordpress platform, which is used to create blogs and websites. This easy to follow video course will enable anyone with basic computer skills to create a wordpress website using your own domain name. The course covers How to install Wordpress, content creation within the platform and the instant publishing capabilities of the platform directly into the world wide web.

The main advantage of this course is it's short duration. In only 1-hour, it goes through everything you need to know to build your own Wordpress blog or website right away.

After taking this course, you will feel confident about working with Wordpress. The basic, yet powerful skills you will acquire will make you capable of starting a new journey in the web publishing world.

Content Marketing: The Key to Successful Business

Learn these content marketing tips and tricks and make the most of your new blog.

Created by Sandeep Singh - Content brings business


Students: 10478, Price: Free

Think blogging is easy?

No, it is not. It takes months and years to build successful blogs. And sometimes, even that doesn’t payoff. Because people are ignorant of the right content marketing strategies.

However, this course will simplify it all to a great extent. The course will tell you all that you need to build a successful and thriving blog:

  • How to choose the perfect niche

  • How to write what readers want to read

  • How to avoid the most common blogging mistakes

  • How to make the best use of social media

  • The unknown advantages of Guest Blogging

The course is meant for:

  • Copywriters

  • Bloggers

  • Content Marketers

  • Freelance Writers

Basically, this course is beneficial for online writers. Especially for those who are struggling to write content that attracts traffic and converts leads.

How To Start A WordPress Blog in Under 30 Minutes

Learn How To Use WordPress & Start Blogging Like A Pro!

Created by Martie Dread - I love teaching people!


Students: 10413, Price: Free

Are you wanting to start a WordPress blog of your very own?

Then this is the Udemy course for you!

I have been using WordPress myself personally for nearly 5 years now, and I am  going to guide you through every step of the way.

This won't take long either...

In fact, you will be able to create a fully functional, beautiful looking WordPress blog in under 30 minutes!

We will cover everything from registering a domain name & web hosting for our new blog, to installing WordPress and adding content (as well as everything in between).

Enrol Now 100% Free!

So if you want to start a WordPress blog today in less than 30 minutes, enrol in this free course and we can work on YOUR blog TOGETHER!

See you on the inside,

Learn to Write What Ranks (SEO Blogging)

SEO-Driven Blogging Tactics

Created by Drew Parker - Founder at Customer Acquired


Students: 10072, Price: Free

Learn how to reproduce my content creation strategy and how to write blog posts that rank higher.

1. Topic Mining: Learn how to find the topics that will get your website to rank and attract more potential customers.

2. Content Creation: Learn the exact content creation framework we created to write blog posts that rank higher.

3. Content Optimization: Learn how to optimize all aspects of your blog post content with step-by-step blueprints for SEO.

How To Start A Profitable Blog 2020 – A Blog That Matters

Create Your Dream Business & Ditch the 9-5

Created by James Stafford - Building an online business should be an enjoyable and profitable experience for you.


Students: 9742, Price: Free

Do you want to start a blog that matters - one that will change your life and the lives of your readers? Anyone can start a blog, but let’s be real, how many actually matter and actually make a difference to their readers?

Hi, My name’s James Stafford and I've been teaching people how to start a blog and clarify their message since 2012. In fact, over the last 8 years, I’ve made close to 7 figures with my blog and if you were to ask me what’s the difference that makes the difference...

I would tell you this – start a blog that matters.

However, It’s NOT just about starting a blog that matters, it’s also about being consistent. Over the years, I've seen too many people get started and not follow through, so it's important be aware of the big picture when starting a successful blog.

Now starting a blog is actually the easy part, and thousands of new blogs are started every day. You can literally create one in 5 minutes - but very few people will create blogs that matter. Here’s the deal: while I know blogging is an incredible opportunity for some, the fact is blogging isn’t for everybody.

If blogging isn’t a good fit for you, you’d probably be better off spending time pursuing something else. So before you decide to jump in with blogging, here’s the top 5 reasons blogging might not be for you.

1. Building a successful blog takes an incredible amount of work, patience, and stamina.

2. It’s about the journey, not the destination. You should blog about something that genuinely interests you.

3. Blogging isn’t a quick path to riches. It can take up to a year to start making any money. To be successful, you have to like creating content and be consistent.

4. To be a successful blogger, you have to like helping or entertaining other people, not just about talking yourself. You should genuinely want to help people

5. Building a successful blog requires getting to know other bloggers.

You have to make friends and create relationships. So if you’re not cool with any of those, blogging might not be for you. However, that being said, if none of these worries you, then Blogging can change your life for the better! For people with the desire and ability, I strongly recommend starting a blog for all kinds of reasons.

When I started blogging in 2012, my goal was simple - to show people how to get started with their first website or blog step by step. Because I needed to show people what I was doing via tutorials, I chose to use video blogging or vlogging as my medium of choice. Along the way, amazing things have happened from new friends, travel, more creativity, and building a business online I’m super grateful for.

I’ve received business offers and partnerships and countless emails from viewers thanking me for helping them. Millions of people worldwide have started blogs and websites through my video tutorials.

It’s incredible and I’m truly blessed for what I’ve been able to do and achieve. I know dozens of people who make a living through blogging and dozens more whose lives have changed because of it. However, despite millions of blogs starting each year, only a small percentage of them thrive. That’s because blogging isn’t about reaching a destination.

It’s about the journey and the lessons learned along the way. So in this video, I’m going to teach you two things – how to start a blog that matters and how to ensure it’s correctly set up for success. I’ll show you what to do step-by-step so you can succeed – even if you're totally new to getting started online, you’re on a shoestring budget and even if have no technical expertise whatsoever.

The Proven Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

A proven blogging strategy for business owners & entrepreneurs. The strategy we used to boost blog conversion by 80%

Created by Wishpond Technologies - Customer Success


Students: 9472, Price: Free

Have you started blogging for business, but haven't yet found the results you need? Or are you looking into blogging, but aren't sure if it's right for your business?

You're not alone. Every digital marketer knows that a blog can be a powerful tool to drive awareness and engage with prospective customers. But few have been able to make their blog really successful.

This was a problem we had only 12 months ago. We started blogging back in 2012, and by 2016 had a lot of readers. But a tiny fraction of those readers were converting.

This course will give you the exact, step-by-step strategy we used to improve our blog's conversion rate by 80% in the past 12 months.

In this course you will...

  • Get a bit of context: Learn the three primary objectives of blogging, and how they fit in with your business' success
  • Learn our exact strategy for driving high-volume, high quality, traffic through changing the content we produced as well as influencer outreach.
  • Learn the three ways we turn blog readers into prospective customers through blog subscription, VIP demos and content upgrades.
  • The email campaigns we use to nurture prospective customers into sales. We'll give you the exact subject lines and timing.
  • Get a few top blog monetization strategies not normally shared by our content team.

How is this course different from every other marketing course?

This course revolves around our real-world experience, giving you the exact strategy we implemented in the past 12 months to increase the rate at which readers became customers by 80%.

You'll see the design and messaging we used, learn the timing and when not to prompt a reader into a sale, and the exact email subject lines we use in our own marketing campaigns.

Join us today to get more from your blog!

And, if you want to take action on the strategies you learn, start a 14-day free trial of Wishpond's landing pages, popups and email marketing tools today by heading to the Wishpond website!

Ignite Your Blog Traffic With Content Marketing

Discover how to gain blog traffic from your content marketing efforts and save time in the process

Created by Marc Guberti - Digital Marketing Expert, Podcast Host, and Author


Students: 8652, Price: Free

You write content for your blog. But your blog posts don't get much visibility. I remember the days of posting new content on my blog and getting no visitors in return. I knew that needed to change so I could spread my message and build a profitable blog.

I started by blog in 2012 and got a whooping 119 visitors during my first year. In the following year, I didn't just 10X my growth. I 120Xed my growth instead to 14,285 visitors. The following year, I more than 17Xed my growth to 249,430 visitors for the year. Now my blog continues to get hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

I don't mention those stats to brag. I mention them to encourage you. If you want 120X growth and a 17X growth later in the game, this is the right course for you. I reveal the basic outline I used to achieve these results. In this course, I let you know what you need to focus on for your success. That way, you know where to invest your time and you can achieve better results faster.

If you are ready to ignite your blog traffic without anything to worry about (this course is totally free), then take action and hit "Take This Course Now."

How To Easily Start A Blog Today [FREE Guide Included]

Beginners Guide To Start A Blog Now!

Created by Michael Rush - World Traveler, Entrepreneur, Author, and Digital Expert


Students: 7548, Price: Free

Do you want to start a blog, but not sure how? Maybe you've tried and it's too difficult, you got confused or frustrated and gave up. Imagine if creating a blog was quick and easy... This course is designed for beginners that are looking to start a blog now. You will learn 7 easy steps that will help you go from start to finish and create a blog now. You will learn how to pick out a name (important), how to set up your blog easily, how your blog works, how to make it look beautiful for your visitors, how to easily create a beautiful logo, the best plugins to save you time and money, and how to make money!


ProBlogger’s Free Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog

A Free 7-Step Course to Starting Your Blog

Created by Darren Rowse - ProBlogger


Students: 7386, Price: Free

If you've ever thought about starting a blog, wondered if blogging is right for you, or are ready to jump right in and start a blog for yourself or your business this course is for you.

In this FREE Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog Course, ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse will guide you through 7 steps to start your own blog.

1. Is a blog right for you? What is your blogging purpose?

2. What will you blog about? Define your blogging niche and make sure it's viable

3. What will you call your blog? 4 factors to consider when choosing a domain name

4. Start your blog - register your domain name, set-up hosting and install WordPress

5. Get your blog looking good - blog design and theme choices

6. Add content and functionality to your blog with WordPress

7. Blog launch checklist and bonus learning modules on email and social media

How to Start a Blog (2020)

A Beginners Guide to Starting a WordPress Blog in 30 Minutes or LESS!

Created by Martie Dread - I love teaching people!


Students: 7170, Price: Free

Are you wanting to learn how to start a blog?

Then this is the Udemy course for you!

** Released in late 2019 but totally up to date for 2020 **

I’m going to cover the simple process, step by step, and in a way that anyone should be able to understand…

And by the end of this free course, you will have your very own professional blog up and running online.

Which is going to be built using the same platform used by people like: Jay Z, Katy Perry, Forbes, & CNN, just to name a few!

Enrol Now 100% Free!

So if you want to start a blog TODAY, in less than 30 minutes...

ENROL in this FREE course and we can start YOUR blog TOGETHER!

See you on the inside,


Previous Course Reviews

Below are some reviews from a previous course of mine (just so you know what to expect).

Susan M Tharp


I loved this course!!! It is very practical. You can put it to use right away. Learning to navigate through the WordPress interface was great!!

Shammim Shaik


Course is great for a beginner it helped me a lot. Thank you

Nicola Williams


Great intro course for learning the basics of WordPress!

Diane Dunwoodie


Great WordPress introductory course, easy to follow, to the point - awesome! Thank you Martie Dread!!

Ashok singh


This is really helpful and good for beginner, thank u.

Eraldo Guri


Very helpful, thank you.

Dharma Prakash



Pieter Marx


Simply yet effective course I love it, Thanks.

Yehuda Siboni


Thank you.

Juan Ferrera


Great and easy to understand.

Abdelkabir Houmari


I have learnt many technical elements which will help me surely to go ahead and build a new business website thanx.

Sandeep Kumar


Best crash course for complete beginners...Thanks Martie!

Olga Kwiatko


Great tutorial!

The reviews (above) are only A FEW of the 5 star reviews I have received from ONE of my courses... I literally have THOUSANDS of reviews like this on my different courses. (I slightly fix up some spelling mistakes and punctuation).

Digital Nomad: How to be an entrepreneur anywhere on earth

Learn how to set up and monetize your own blog, travel hacks and become location independent.

Created by David Landau - Founder of Opti: Customized and optimized education paths.


Students: 7116, Price: Free

Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking a look at my course. It really means the world to me :)

For those that don't know me, during the past 5 years, I traveled to over 60 countries, financing my adventures through many location independent streams of income. After many years of exploring the world, emptying my bucket list and building profound happiness, I realized that there must be many like-minded people, who would like to build a similar lifestyle.

This course is designed for those who want to explore a different area, learn new skills or experiment in order to find their dream job. If you are thinking about making a major shift in your life to finally start doing what you love, exploring the world and building an audience of passionate supporters, this course is for you!

The objectives of this course are to introduce you to the world of blogs in order to prepare you for your adventure. The course will save you hundreds of hours by guiding you along the entire process of creating a profitable blog and preparing yourself for your travels.

Becoming a digital nomad is no easy task. If you end up selling all of your possessions in orders to fund your travels, it means you must keep constant track of your earnings, spending and much more! You will need to develop a good source of location independent income to afford your travels. We will teach you basic budgeting and travel hacks to sustain your lifelong adventure.

You will learn how to create a professionally looking blog on WordPress and format posts and add handy widgets and plugins. In order to survive, your blog will need good content. By the end of the course, you will understand how to come up with lots of good ideas to write about and learn how to create good looking posts so you can keep your visitors reading.

You will also learn how to establish an online presence, build an engaged audience and develop relationships with them. We will teach you how to create and manage a social media page to communicate effectively with your readers and basic marketing techniques such as email marketing using MailChimp so that you can send reminders, promotions and blog post updates.

Imagine backpacking through Southeast Asia or motorcycling across europe. There is nothing in the world that stops you from starting your own journey today. Sign up for this class to take a leap and live your dream life today.

You MIGHT be a digital nomad if:

  • You’re not happy in your current environment
  • You know that - if free - you could achieve more professionally
  • You want more excitement in what you do, and want to focus on your passion.
  • You don’t have the best fit in your current company.
  • You want to learn how to make a pivot in your life

Why aren’t you a digital nomad yet? It could be:

  • You need an extra push
  • Your current environment [friends, family, coworkers] might not understand how to support you.
  • You know you can work digitally, or off-and-on, and be free from a specific geographic location
  • You want to become part of a strong network of people who are travelers, explorers and adventurers

Custom Wordpress Blog Theme Using Elementor With NO Coding

Start blogging by building your own blog theme without any coding - Create your blog using Elementor theme builder

Created by Ankit Sharma - Simplifying web for Bloggers, Startups and Entrepreneurs


Students: 4117, Price: Free

How to create a blog using Elementor theme builder and start your bogging journey.

If you are planning to start your blog then Elementor blog theme builder is the best theme builder plugin available.

You can now start your blogging journey with a completely custom design and Elementor theme builder can

help you make your custom blog theme and without any coding knowledge.

You can now make your own custom theme for your blog or may be for your clients. So now to create a theme to sell or to create a blog theme for your next client, you don't have to be a programmer. You can create almost any type of WordPress blog theme and sell it to your clients.

Here is what you will be learning in this course:

1) Introduction to custom blog designing course.

Let me tell you who I am and what you will be learning in this course of custom WordPress blog theme designing course.

2) How is this course different?

In this session, I will help you understand how this course is different from all the other courses available.

3) Why Choose Elementor With WordPress?

In this session, we will understand why you should use Elementor for your WordPress projects and how this will change the way you design your next WordPress project.

4) How I choose my domain / Brand name?

In this session, we will understand the importance of choosing a right brand / domain name and how to find you brand name in a much easier way.

5) Choosing a right hosting company?

In this session, I will share my experience with most of the hosting companies and how you should choose your Wordpress blog hosting company to create your own blog or for your client projects.

6) How to set up your Hosting?

In this session we will understand how to host/buy your domain from the hosting company you choose.

7) How to Install WordPress on Server?

In this session, I will walk you through the process of installing WordPress on your hosting server. You will know how easy it is to install and manage WordPress on any hosting server.

8) Adding base theme and Elementor theme builder plugin.

In this session we will understand what theme we should use as a base to our WordPress blog and how we will be using that with Elementor blog theme builder to make our own custom blog theme.

9) What makes a WordPress theme?

In this session, we will understand what exactly we need to create to make a full WordPress theme. We will understand what all files / parts we will need to design to make full WordPress theme.

10) Understanding Elementor layouts and structure

In this session, I will help you understand how Elementor theme structure works and how exactly Elementor building blocks work.

# Customization part -1

11) How to create custom blog footer?

In this session, we will understand how to create a custom footer for our blog which we can design from scratch or use ready made templates.

12) Create Blog Archive Page - Part -1

13) Create Blog Archive Page - Part -2

In this two-part session, we will understand how we will create the blog archive page where we will be listing all our blog posts in different categories and different type of archives.

14) Create 404 Error Page

Here we will design our 404 Error page which is an important page to guide your visitors to land on correct pages if they land on any wrong / non existing page on the WordPress blog.

15) Create custom blog page layout

Here we will design the most important page of our blog which is the single blog page layout which will have your post/content of the blog.

#How I designed My Own Blog

16) Find Your inspiration blog theme.

17) Creating my blog theme header

18) Creating my blog theme home page

19) Creating my blog theme footer

20) Designing my single post page

21) Designing my blog archive page

In the above sessions, I will walk you thought the process how I designed my own bog and how you can do that too by taking inspiration from some theme marketplace websites. We will select different elements from different themes on these marketplaces and will make our own.

Make Blogging a Breeze – 17 Easy to Use Blog Post Frameworks

Creating killer, compelling, clickable, and shareable blog post content starting today!

Created by Go-To Courses - Education Experts


Students: 165, Price: Free

Make Blogging a Breeze With These 17 Easy to Use Blog Post Frameworks!

Blogging Is Super Easy!

All you have to do is hop on your computer and write a blog post. You can write about anything and everything that comes to mind. Then all you have to do is do it over and over again.

They said, "It'll be easy."

But, as it turns out, blogging isn't nearly as easy as it seems.

As far as writing itself goes, it certainly presents a challenge. The ability to string together sentences in a compelling, coherent manner is an art form and definitely not easy. But that’s not the only hard part.

In other words, you need to write about topics that your readers care about and that will add value to their lives. Things get tricky at this point.

Creating new blog topics and angles that add value to your readers is not an easy task. Developing engaging content requires creativity, insight into your audience, and the capacity to produce it on a daily basis.

The sheer amount of work it takes can exhaust even the best blogger.

Choosing what to blog about can be one of the most challenging aspects of blogging.

Particularly if you want your blog to be used to build your brand and business. It's not enough to write about what happened on a particular day when you're blogging for brand-building purposes. In a situation like this, blogs cannot be used as personal journals.

The goal of this course is to help make blogging easier for you.

During this course, you will learn 17 different blog post types that you can use to create a virtually endless amount of content for your blog and your client’s blogs.

With the help of these frameworks, you can begin creating killer, compelling, clickable, and shareable blog post content today!