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Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies: Get a functional and economic understanding of this new radical technology.

Created by Vizitech Solutions - A Financial Technology Company


Students: 71323, Price: Free

Bitcoin reinvents the concept of money. Although the
concept by itself may have some limitations, it has opened the door for
innovation in an alternative financial system. We want to bring this concept to
young students and entrepreneurs and encourage them to pursue this field.

There are many courses that explain the promise of
bitcoin from a technology perspective. But few explore the economic
implications of cryptocurrencies. This one does. It also offers you the

  1. Theoretical
    understanding of the bitcoin/blockchain technology from a technical and
    economic perspective.
  2. Overview of the legal
  3. Introduction to the
    opportunities this technology represents for entrepreneurs.
  4. Access to a Blockchain
  5. Training on how to transact
    your own bitcoins and how to regard bitcoin as an asset class.

Thus, the class will be fun, informative, practical,
thought provoking and shall give you access to new resources. 

video course is taught by Vizitech Solutions, a Fintech company based out of
Pune. Our subject matter expert generated content makes eLearning enjoyable and
productive. But most importantly, Vizitech strives to empower bright minds to
create disruptive innovations in the field of banking and finance. 

Blockchain cryptocurrency course 101 for absolute beginners

A complete guide to anyone who wants to really understand what this rave is all about and take advantage

Created by Dave Partner - Full Stack Software Developer


Students: 43919, Price: Free

In 2009 : 1 bitcoin = 2 cents
In 2017 January : 1 bitcoin = $700

Hold on, 
In 2017 October (same year) :
1 Bitcoin = $6000

Which means if you had invested 2 cents in 2009, your 2 cents will be now worth $6,000.
Also if you invested $700 in January 2017, by October  your $700 would have grown to $6,000 .
So imagine that you invested $1,000 in bitcoin then :)

This course aims at explaining the whole concept to you, this is not a course you wish to put aside because the whole blockchain cryptocurrency sphere is blowing up by the day. People who didn't get to learn about it few months ago are regretting now.

Like in all my courses, you are 100% sure of coming off this course a much wiser in these new technologies and equipped at making financial decisions that will transform your life in few months.

This course will take you from absolute beginner to full understanding the whole cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts. Its a new technology that is just about 8 years old, but just like when the internet first started, it has already made so many common people multi-millionaires. 

Blockchain Theory 101

Basic description, applications, and implication of blockchain technology

Created by Melanie Swan - Blockchain Theorist, New School University, NYC


Students: 42222, Price: Free

Executives, strategists, CTOs, IT professionals, developers and other interested parties will gain an understanding of blockchain technology (including mining, consensus algorithms, smart property, and smart contracts). The current status of blockchain technology, potential applications in Financial Services, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, and IoT, and next steps regarding its deployment in your organization are discussed.

Code Your Own Cryptocurrency on Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)

Code an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain sell it with a crowd sale (ICO) website

Created by Gregory McCubbin - The Ethereum Development Expert


Students: 27548, Price: Free

In this 8-hour course, you'll learn everything you need to know to code your own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain! Learn to build an ERC-20 token and sell it with a crowd sale (ICO) website. Code your first smart contracts in Solidity. Deploy the smart contracts to the blockchain. Learn essential Ethereum development tools and best practices, like running your own Etherum node with Geth and testing Smart Contracts.

The Complete Course On Understanding Blockchain Technology

A Beginner's Guide to Authentic Knowledge on Blockchain Technology and its Applications in 2018.

Created by Arjun Reddy - Entrepreneur


Students: 21460, Price: Free

You are here because you want to learn about the Blockchain technology.

Maybe you've heard about this from some friend, or you may have read some article that told you that - this is the next biggest thing.

I am here to help you understand this technology better.

The Blockchain is an absolutely amazing technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It revolutionized the finance industry through the implementation of Bitcoin. But it didnt stop there. Blockchain technology is now evolving into something much greater. It is destined to become the leading platform for digital information and the foundation for a New Internet era.
There is a lot of speculation and misinformation about blockchain technology. While it is a rather technical subject, it can easily be understood if taught by the right way.
This class is aimed at doing exactly that. 
I will take you hand in hand through all the necessary knowledge you need to equip yourself to get a deeper understanding of this technology.
By the end of the class, you'll know everything you need to know about this topic and be ready use that information for future applications and investments.

This class is aimed at helping you understand the most exciting technological advancement that happened in the last 20 years of computer science, i.e, Blockchain technology.
The Blockchain is an absolutely amazing technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It revolutionised the finance industry through the implementation of Bitcoin. But it didn't stop there. Blockchain technology is now evolving into something much greater. It is destined to become the leading platform for digital information and the foundation for a New Internet era.

There is a lot of speculation and misinformation about blockchain technology. While it is a rather technical subject, it can easily be understood if taught by the right way.
This class is aimed at doing exactly that. 
I will take you hand in hand through all the necessary knowledge you need to equip yourself to get a deeper understanding of this technology.

We shall learn :

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Background Information on this technology.
  • History of Blockchain
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • What is Mining?
  • How Bitcoin works?
  • Concepts of Bitcoin
  • SHA256 Hash
  • Blockchain Demo
  • Resources 
  • Applications of Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Smart Contracts And Ethereum
  • Digital Tokens
  • Limitations of Blockchain
  • Misconceptions on Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Future of Bitcoin
  • Getting Started in Bitcoin

By the end of the class, you'll know everything you need to know about this topic and be ready use that information for future applications and investments.

Blockchain and Deep Learning: Future of AI

Jobs Training for the Future

Created by Melanie Swan - Blockchain Theorist, New School University, NYC


Students: 19814, Price: Free

This course provides a conceptual overview and technical summary of the two top job growth areas worldwide: blockchain technology and deep learning. The course discusses how these technologies may be used together in deep learning chains. Some of the important application areas are autonomous driving, health care, energy, and finance.

Blockchain Smart Contract & Frontend Programming (EOS EOSIO)

Everything EOS Developer Courses: Develop a distributed game application on the EOS blockchain platform.

Created by Peter Keay - Technical Education at LiquidApps and Everything EOS


Students: 14634, Price: Free

Everything EOS Developer Courses

Learn to build a web game that's connected to the blockchain! Following the official Elemental Battles tutorial, this course introduces blockchain communication concepts as we construct an application with a C++ EOS smart contract and a ReactJS/Redux frontend.

This course is appropriate for people with some programming experience, but it does explain basic concepts when needed to make sure no one is left behind. Code starting points and graphic assets are provided along the way. Students will need a macOS, Linux, or Windows 10 Pro computer.

Blockchain for Healthcare

How blockchain technology has the potential to improve the cost, quality, and value of healthcare.

Created by R Robinson, MD - Academic Physician


Students: 10076, Price: Free

Blockchain technology has been used to implement digital currency systems (Bitcoin and others), smart contract systems (Ethereum), and is under active exploration as a potentially transformational technology in finance, government, and healthcare. 

This course provides a non-technical overview of blockchain to facilitate a discussion on how this technology may impact the healthcare industry.  

Key topics include

  • Blockchain properties
  • Healthcare Costs
  • Healthcare Quality
  • Healthcare Value
  • Challenges for using blockchain for healthcare data

Ethereum : Master Web3js Library

Working with web3js on following topic : account, blockchain, smart contract and transaction

Created by Tan Pham - Deep Learning Engineer


Students: 9080, Price: Free

What is Etherum ?

Ethereum is an open source, globally decentralized computing infrastructure that executes programs called smart contracts. It uses a blockchain to synchronize and store the system’s state changes, along with a cryptocurrency called ether to meter and constrain execution resource costs.

The Ethereum platform enables developers to build powerful decentralized applications with built-in economic functions. While providing high availability, auditability, transparency and neutrality, it also reduces or eliminates censorship, and reduces certain counterparty risks.

What is a smart contract ?

The term smart contract has been used over the years to describe a wide variety of different things. In the 1990s, cryptographer Nick Szabo coined the term and defined it as “a set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on the other promises”. Since then, the concept of smart contracts has evolved, especially after the introduction of decentralized blockchain platforms with the invention of Bitcoin in 2009. In the context of Ethereum, the term is actually a bit of a misnomer, given that Ethereum smart contracts are neither smart nor legal contracts, but the term has stuck. In this book, we use the term “smart contract” to refer to immutable computer programs that run deterministically in the context of an Ethereum Virtual Machine as part of the Ethereum network protocol, i.e. on the decentralized Ethereum world computer. 

What is a DApp?

A Decentralized Application, or DApp, is an application which is mostly or entirely decentralized.

Consider all the possible aspects of an application that may be decentralized:

  • Front-end software

  • Back-end software (logic)

  • Data storage

  • Name resolution

  • Message communications

What is Web3.js ?

web3.js is a collection of libraries which allow you to interact with a local or remote

ethereum node, using a HTTP or IPC connection.

You will learn

  • installation

  • the big picture

  • network

    • create web3 object

    • local hosted with ganache

    • remote hosted with infura

  • account

    • create new account

    • get account balance

    • wallet

  • block chain

    • block inspection

    • subscribe block headers

    • subscribe pending transactions

  • contract

    • create contract

    • call method 

    • sub event

  • transaction

    • transaction deploy contract

    • transaction send ether

    • transaction write to smart contract

Blockchain and Ethereum dapp right now are very hot technical trend. Developer with good skill of blockchain and Dapp very easy to get jobs with 6 figures. Are you interesting joining the huge innovation of Dapp ? Joint my course and I will show you.

Blockchain for beginners

Blockchain for beginners

Created by Ashwinkumar Suryavanshi - Software Engineer


Students: 8410, Price: Free

"Blockchain for beginners" course is designed for those students who are willing to know more about Blockchain technology and want to start the career in it. It is an attempt to make you aware about Blockchain concepts and its architecture in a very simple and easy to understand way. This course also covers basics of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and bitcoin mining.

Create your own Cryptocurrency & ICO with Solidity – [LIGHT]

Become a Blockchain Developer by creating your own ICO-Cryptocurrency with Ethereum & Solidity - Tutorial 2019

Created by ARdeveloper TT - Hobby Entwickler


Students: 7688, Price: Free

What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin or ether. It's similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in which investors purchase shares of a company. But an ICO is much, much easier to create and basically everyone is able to start an ICO.

In 2018 ICOs earned in total over$. Therefore an ICO is at that moment the most powerful kickstart for your business or App-idea in order to raise money from investors!

What do we cover in this course?

In short: we will cover everything  you need to know in order to start with your own ICO-project. The course is structured in 3 major lectures:

1. Ethereum, Blockchain and Smart Contracts -  [Light] :
In this lecture we will cover all the basic stuff you need in order to start writing your first Smart-Contract. We will learn for example:

  • What is Ethereum?

  • What is a Blockchain?

  • Creating the ERC20 Token from scratch

  • Creating the ICO-SmartContract

  • Deploying SmartContracts to the Rinkeby Testnetwork

2. Creating the ICO-Webpage with ReactJS  -  [PRO] :

We will set up the ICO LandingPage for your ICO project. This lecture contains:

  • What is ReactJS

  • Download & Installation of ReactJS

  • Creating basic Html, CSS & JavaScript Code for the Webpage

3. Combing the ICO-Webpage with the ICO SmartContract   -  [PRO] :

We will cover here for example:

  • What is Web3?

  • How to compile Solidity code into JSON

  • Setting up Infura provider

  • Deployment of Smart-Contracts with Truffle-HD-Wallet-Provider

Blockchain Technology and Innovation for Beginners – TEC102

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Token, ICO, Smart Contract, DApps

Created by CreateUp Academy - Educational Animation Studios


Students: 7112, Price: Free

This seven part course is designed for people who want to understand blockchain, the industries that have evolved from it, and what its potential is.


Mason will be meeting Isabella in a cafe and covering the basics of how a blockchain works. Then they will discuss how these capabilities have been extended using cryptography to enable bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to function.


Isabella will bring in lots of practical examples to make everything easy to understand. And if anything gets a little complicated, she will ask questions to break it down into smaller parts. By the end of it, they will understand what ICOs are, how token economies work, and why smart contracts are so important.


Isabella does a great job of keeping things clear. Then she learns so much, she ends up teaching me a thing or two about the potential of blockchain technology and the many different ways it is likely to have an impact on our future.

Introduction to Bitcoin and Open Blockchains

Kick off your bitcoin and open blockchain education here

Created by Pragma Workshops - Educator


Students: 6169, Price: Free

Learn the basics of Bitcoin and Open Blockchains from industry expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos. In this course Andreas will walk you through what Bitcoin is, explain how to get and use bitcoin, how the bitcoin price is derived, the transaction timeline and more. This course is designed to give you a solid foundation of understanding for your open blockchain learning.

As with all the Pragma Workshops, this course will focus on practical skills training and include activities and/or quizzes with every section.

Music: ~aether theories~ By Vidian

Learn the secrets of Blockchain in less than an hour

Understand the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Learn how can you use blockchain at your company

Created by Abhi Singh - Cyber Security, Blockchain and Cloud Advisor


Students: 5300, Price: Free

Blockchain is the magic sauce that makes the cryptocurrencies run. It's a radical new way of thinking and operating. This technology is claimed to be as revolutionary as the internet itself. 

We will start with an overview of how blockchain works. Secondly, we will review the fundamentals components of blockchain that make it so disruptive. Then we will look at some Blockchain tools that you so can use to develop secure and fault-tolerant processes or systems. Lastly, to get you started thinking about how to use Blockchain we will look at several unconventional case studies from different industries.

I have tried to keep all the technical jargon out so it is easy to follow along no matter what your background or experience level is. 

You do not need any background in Bitcoin trading, understanding of cryptocurrencies, finance or technology to benefit from this course. All you need is a bit of imagination and pioneer mindset to see how you can leverage this technology. 

Note: Adjust the player speed based on your comfort level with the content and my articulation rate. 

Delving into Blockchain : A Comprehensive Overview

Learn the essentials of Blockchain to embark on a successful career in the trending domain.

Created by Seema Shah - Faculty - MPSTME, NMIMS


Students: 5115, Price: Free

This course titled “Technical Dive into Blockchain” is designed to provide naive learners to understand the basics of Blockchain so they can get into either technical or functional nitty gritties of working in the trending domain of blockchain.

The course comprises of seven sections starting with a brief introduction to trending technologies today followed by foundation, essentials, and advanced concepts of blockchain.  While one learns the technical essentials we next provide some idea about various use cases which will benefit from blockchain adoption.

Next we present key questions to decide whether an organization can benefit from adopting blockchain, followed by the development process and ends with a brief overview of various blockchain development platforms.

We conclude the course with some pointers on the future of blockchain and what careers can one take up in the blockchain domain.

Watchout for upcoming  courses providing deep dive into blockchain.

Magic Sprinkle of Blockchain – Introduction for Developers

Guide to New Blockchain Developers | Developed by Zilliqa | General, Technical & Community Overview | Step By Step Guide

Created by Wing Lee - Entrepreneur | Education | Former Finance Professional


Students: 4679, Price: Free

An introductory guide for blockchain developers looking for a basic understanding of blockchain technology and looking deeper into the Zilliqa smart contract platform technology, the Scilla programming language and the general community features.

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is the next generation, high throughput blockchain platform. It is a scalable, secure public blockchain platform  that implements sharding and achieved throughput of 2,000+ transactions per second, enabling innovative new use cases that have high-throughput demand. It has generally ranked as a top 40 cryptocurrency by market cap since its early inception.

About Hashcademy

Our mission is to up-skill individuals for career advancement in fast-changing and high impact technology sectors such as blockchain. We strive to build a learning community to share and grow knowledge around technology by providing structured learning and up-to-date knowledge to our community members.

Micro Investing and the Blockchain

Learn how Blockchain Technology can change the way you invest!

Created by Andrew Bloom - Professor at Professor Blockchain, LLC


Students: 3191, Price: Free

In this course you will learn about the differences between Traditional Investing and Micro Investing. You will further learn what  Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currencies are. Upon mastering  these topics you will be ready to understand how Mircro Investing and Blockchain Technology can change how you perceive the financial world around you.

Bitcoin blockchain – Under the hood for beginners.

In this course you will learn how bitcoin blockchain works internally and related technical concepts.

Created by Abhi Kerni - Software Engineer


Students: 1486, Price: Free

In this course you will learn how bitcoin blockchain works internally and technical concepts which people generally don't know.

Topics you will learn are :

  • Bitcoin Introduction

  • Addresses - Private key and public address

  • How to generate addresses.

  • Who are miners?

  • Proof of work

  • What makes blockchain so secure.

  • Ways to buy and sell bitcoin.

  • Merits and demerits of using online exchanges

  • Other Applications of blockchain.

  • Analysis of latest block of bitcoin blockchain.

  • 8 Quizzes to make you better understand concepts.

After this course you will be able to :

  • Clearly explain technical concepts of blockchain

  • You will also be able to quickly understand working of other blockchains like ethereum as basics for all the blockchains is same.

  • You will be able to understand what is going on by looking at latest block of bitcoin blockchain.

  • You will be more confident to buy or sell crypto currency.

  • You will know how to keep crypto currency safe.

Additional info:

"The Growing Shortage of Blockchain Talent

Technology that was once considered to be overhyped is now recognized as a promising innovative technology. Since its introduction into the mainstream with other emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and others, Blockchain developers and technocrats have found it revolutionary. Although the technology is maturing at a rapid rate, the growing shortage of blockchain professionals is a well-documented concern all around the world." - blockchain-council.

Delving into Blockchain Smart Contracts

A Theoretical Approach

Created by Leena Nadkar - Mobile Computing | Blockchain | Digital Twin


Students: 1159, Price: Free

This course titled “Delving into Blockchain Smart Contracts: A Brief Overview” is designed to provide learners to understand the basics of Smart Contracts so they can get into either technical or functional nitty-gritty of working in the trending domain of blockchain smart contracts.

The course comprises of seven sections starting with a brief introduction to trending technologies today followed by an overview of Blockchain, basic and advanced concepts of smart contracts. We have also discussed Smart Contract Use Cases and have given a theortical overview of Ethereum Platform and the course concludes with a discussion of the future of Smart Contracts.

Watch out for upcoming courses providing deep dive into the blockchain.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained IN 30 MINUTES FOR FREE

Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain

Created by William Michael Cunningham - Economist and Author


Students: 874, Price: Free

The course answers the following questions:

  • What is Bitcoin?

  • What is Money?

  • How does Bitcoin fit into our notions about money?

  • How does Bitcoin fit into the history of innovation?

  • How does a blockchain work?

  • Why is Bitcoin different?

  • How is security handled with Bitcoins?

  • Why is the price of Bitcoins growing?

  • What might the future hold?

We discuss money, how it functions and how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. From a good understanding of the mechanics of the Bitcoin blockchain protocol, you will understand the role innovation plays in the process by placing the development of bitcoin into historical context. After this course, you’ll know everything you need to be able to discuss bitcoin, money and blockchain technology at an introductory level. You will be able to separate fact from fiction when reading claims about Bitcoin. We hope to provide  the conceptual foundations you need.

Even better we discuss the factors that are propelling the rapid rise in the price of bitcoin, what actually effects the price of bitcoin, and what is the future of bitcoin.

NOTE: To buy a virtual currency, we recommend Coinbase. When you complete the course, we will send a link allowing you to buy $100 or more of bitcoin for $90 (we'll both earn $10 in free bitcoin!)

For more, see our advanced Eventbrite webinar:  Bitcoin..What it is and What's Next?