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Beekeeping: A first course for Aspiring Beekeepers

Designed specifically for the non-beekeeper. Explore beekeeping as a new, exciting and rewarding lifetime activity.

Created by Thomas Carroll, PhD - Project Manager, Educator, Researcher, Author


Students: 1105, Price: $19.99

Students: 1105, Price:  Paid

Are you interested in bees?  Have you ever considered becoming a beekeeper?  This short course will introduce you to the subject and the key reasons why you should actually consider becoming a beekeeper. 

You will learn a little bit about honeybees and the basic equipment needed to start and the basic costs.  You will get a taster of what beekeeping is like as you watch the instructor open and inspect a colony of live bees.

The course will give you a basic overview without having to wade through loads of detail provided in other 'masterclass' type courses.

Background to Beekeeping: Start with Why!

Understand in depth why you should become a beekeeper and how beekeeping can transform your life for the better.

Created by Thomas Carroll, PhD - Project Manager, Educator, Researcher, Author


Students: 886, Price: $34.99

Students: 886, Price:  Paid

Take this course as one of your first courses in beekeeping and it will set you on the right path in beekeeping for years to come.  Beekeeping has very many benefits/potential benefits.  Established beekeepers may not even be aware of all the benefits they, their family and community are getting from their beekeeping hobby or enterprise.  This course will give you an excellent overview of the history and current state of bees and beekeeping around the world, the honey trade, why you should get into beekeeping, how you can benefit personally from beekeeping and how your local community and the planet will thank you as well.  The course will give you the WHY of beekeeping which is essential before you get lost in the detail of the HOW. 

Remember reasons always come first and once you understand why you should start beekeeping you will always figure out the how.  Having a thorough understanding of the  WHY of beekeeping is absolutely essential to your success as a beekeeper.  The course ends by giving you a key step on the road to learning the HOW of beekeeping appropriate to where you live in the world. 

The course will also help you to decide how you want to approach beekeeping in your particular context and how you might bring your own unique skills and interests to beekeeping to make it your very own.  This big picture view of beekeeping is really important because it is so easy to get lost in detail which might or might not be appropriate to where you live (just try searching for beekeeping videos on YouTube and you will find so many videos it is hard to know which ones are useful or appropriate!).

In developing this course I draw on a lifetime of beekeeping experience in Ireland and in Africa. 

In addition to other resources and links included with the course there are two free downloadable beekeeping books (PDF format) written by the course creator for your further reference.

The course has been revised and updated for 2021.

Beekeeping for Beginners: How to Be a Successful Beekeeper!

Learning Everything You Need to Know to Become a Successful Beekeeper

Created by Tonya Wells and Brianna Wells - Owners / Beekeepers of Queen Bri's Honey in Oklahoma City


Students: 802, Price: $59.99

Students: 802, Price:  Paid

At Queen Bri's Honey, we are 5th generation beekeepers, and our entire family is involved in our beekeeping operation. Let us teach you how to be beekeepers!

Whether your interest in beekeeping is as a hobby, because your grandpa once kept bees when you were growing up, or you think this might be a cool little side business, this course will help get you started on your new adventure as a beekeeper!

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about getting started as a beekeeper. By the time you finish this course, you will have learned all about each of the topics listed below, and you will be ready to get started out in your own beekeeping adventure. 

With 44+ lessons and 9+ hours of instruction, there is a ton of information packed into this course. In fact, this course contains even more information than my 2- day in-person Beginner Beekeeping class that I conduct!

We will cover the following topics:

  • History of Beekeeping

  • Benefits of Bees

  • Decline of the Honeybee Population

  • Zoning, Neighbors, Family Support, Costs, and Time Considerations

  • What You Need to Do Before You Start Beekeeping

  • Types of Honey Bees

  • Obtaining Your Bees

  • How Bees Communicate and Make Honey

  • Honey Bee Life Cycle - Honeybee Jobs & How Queens are Made

  • Types of Hives

  • Selecting a Location for Your Hives

  • Protecting Your Hives With Raised Stands and Fencing

  • Basic Beekeeping Equipment - What You Need and What's Optional

  • Video Demo: Basic Beekeeping Equipment

  • Video Demo: How to Build Your Equipment for Your Bees Arrival

  • How to Install Your Bees into Their New Hive

  • Video Demo: How to Install Packages of Bees

  • Do's and Don'ts Before Visiting Your Hives

  • How Often to Inspect Your Hive Throughout the Year

  • Video Demo: How to Light Your Smoker

  • Video Demo: How to Suit Up to Prevent Getting Stung

  • How to Inspect a Beehive - Inside and Out

  • Video Demo: How to Inspect Your New Beehive

  • What to Expect Your First 12 Months

  • Beekeeping Calendar: How Beekeeping Inspections Change Throughout the Year

  • How Nectar Flow and Bloom Cycles Affect Your Bees

  • Common Hive Problems

  • Potential Hive Diseases

  • Honeybee Pests - Prevention and Treatment

  • Honey Harvest - Honey Extraction Equipment Needed & How to Harvest Your Honey

  • Honey Label Requirements

  • Cleaning Up Your Beeswax to Make Bee Products With It

  • When and How to Prepare Your Hives for Winter

  • Video Demo: Preparing Your Hives For Winter

This class uses multiple learning formats, from PowerPoint slides, to handouts, to on-site video demonstrations in one of our apiaries (bee yard) so that the information can be easily learned no matter your preferred learning style. 

If you have any questions during or after the course, you are always more than welcome to contact me. I am so excited to help you get started as a beekeeper, and I look forward to hearing stories about your new beekeeping adventures!

Beekeeping 101: An Intro to Beekeeping Class

How to start your own backyard beehive.

Created by Margaret Smith - Bringing old fashion traditions to modern living


Students: 589, Price: $19.99

Students: 589, Price:  Paid

So you’d like to become a beekeeper? Then you've come to the right spot! We’ve put together a series of lessons to help get you started keeping bees. Beekeeping 101 is an introduction to bees and beekeeping.

If you’re thinking about starting a backyard beehive or are just curious about what’s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you. The class is designed for absolute beginners so, no prerequisite knowledge is required. You log in knowing absolutely nothing about bees and log out ready to get started with your own backyard beehive! Scott and Margaret will teach you how the honey bee lives, discuss  hive designs, and tell you lots of practical information about how to set up your first beehive.

This class will focus on natural beekeeping practices. So, even if you have read a few books, taken some other classes or already started keeping bees, this class will still have a lot to offer you.


  • The Anatomy of Bees
  • The Honey Bee Life Cycle
  • The Role of the Drone Bee
  • The Role of the Queen Bee
  • The Role of the Worker Bee
  • Preparing Your Beehive
  • Installing A Package of Bees
  • Feeding Bees
  • Keeping Records
  • The Beehive Inspection
  • And much more

In addition, we're including a  Beekeeping Calendar that gives a great overview of what is happening in the hive at all times of the year. This class is full of printable guides and a hive inspection sheet to help you establish good hive inspection habits and record keeping. 

Taking a beekeeping class is essential for today's beekeeper. Don't try go it on your own, let us help you ensure you have a great year of beekeeping! 

Queen Bee Breeding for Backyard Beekeeping

Learn how to successfully raise your own queen using a graftless method suitable for all hive designs.

Created by Janet Luke - Urban Sustainable Living Expert and Author


Students: 532, Price: $49.99

Students: 532, Price:  Paid

Are you a backyard beekeeper who would like to learn a new skill?

Would you like to raise your own locally adapted queen bees?

Would you like to save money, have fun, breed and raise quality queen bees to increase your apiary?

Would you like to breed queens but are put off by the specialized skills required to graft larvae? This technique uses an ingenious non-grafting kit! No grafting necessary.

Finally a course which demonstrates how to successfully raise queen bees using the Top Bar Hive design.

Raising your own queen bees is something all backyard beekeepers can learn to do. It is fun, saves you lots of money, prevents any diseases being introduced to your hives and raises the best quality queens.

I have been raising my own queens for a number of years using a easy non grafting kit called the Jenter kit. This system suits me and my Top Bar bees perfectly. This course is for all backyard beekeepers (whatever hive design your bees are housed in) but especially suited to people who choose to keep their bees in a top bar hive design.

I will take you through the whole process, step by step. Explaining and demonstrating how to adapt this system to your unique apairy. Each video lesson will have you right in the hive with me seeing and doing, which I think is the best way of learning. No stuffy old text books in this course.

Zen Beekeeping for the Beginner

Honey Bees and Being the Beekeeper: Learn Beekeeping as a Path to Zen

Created by Susan Butts - Head Beekeeper and Co-Owner of Butts' Bees Apiary


Students: 207, Price: $89.99

Students: 207, Price:  Paid

This will be the beginning of your personal journey in beekeeping:
Encouragement and enlightenment  for your choices in beekeeping.

Everyone starts as a beginner. Here you will find no judgement, just encouragement. 
Learning beekeeping can start you on the path to zen in your busy life.

I like not wearing my bee suit, forgetting myself and getting as close to the bees lives as they will let me, remembering in the process that there is more to life than the merely human and accepting the humbling truth that bees know better than I do.

I have experienced many of the challenges faced by beekeepers and understand your fear and frustrations caring for these amazing creatures. I designed this for the new beekeeper and those that want to keep bees and harvest honey, to make available information that will allow you to learn, enjoy and thrive at keeping bees. Since I am an organic beekeeper I lean towards treatment free, holistic and natural management.

Watch the interactive videos of me in the apiary, inspecting a hive, or learning about the equipment we use.
This is a comprehensive class in beginner beekeeping.

You will understand beginning beekeeping terminology, know the types of equipment, brief bee biology, how to install bees and inspect your hive. You will gain insight toward honey harvesting and the seasonal tasks of a beekeeper. Using the quotes of zen masters, I will guide you to your first experiences in the hive.

“You’ve got to go at the rate you can go. You wake up at the rate you wake up.”

Students are encouraged to ask questions and never stop learning!

Beekeeping 101: Organic, Natural, Traditional

Complete instruction on keeping honey bees using organic, natural and traditional beekeeping techniques.

Created by Jacob Wustner -


Students: 87, Price: $49.99

Students: 87, Price:  Paid

This course offers complete instruction on keeping honey bees using organic, natural and traditional beekeeping techniques.

101 was created over the course of a summer in order to capture a full
season with the bees including lots of hands-on time in the hive. The
course is intended to be a thorough introduction to keeping bees so that
upon completion, the student can confidently start their own
treatment-free honey bee hive. Taught from a permaculture perspective,
this course will teach you a holistic approach to beekeeping that
considers the natural ecology of honey bees and agriculture. Jacob's
techniques are bee-friendly and bee-centered vs. beekeeper-centered.

101 covers it all from basic honey bee physiology and biology to
extracting honey and preparing your hive for winter. In this course you
will learn about different kinds of honey bees and equipment and where
to get it. You'll learn about bloom and brood cycles, swarms, hive site
placement, queens and re-queening, planning your honey harvest,
extracting honey and crushing comb, combining hives and much more. In
addition Jacob will share with you his philosophies on feeding only
honey and pollen, using locally adapted stock, never using plastic or
treatments, mimicking nature's patterns. As this course was filmed over
the course of the summer season, lesson topics follow the flow of the

course was filmed over the course of the summer on 5 different days.
Each day's topics strays somewhat from the agenda as Jacob addresses
student questions.

Beginning in Beekeeping: Start Your Very First Beehive!

Step by step instruction on getting started in beekeeping for beginners

Created by Thomas Carroll, PhD - Project Manager, Educator, Researcher, Author


Students: 45, Price: $64.99

Students: 45, Price:  Paid

This course will introduce you to the wonderful topic of keeping bees in both conventional frame hives and also in top bar hives.  The aim is to keep bees in a simple, low cost, natural and enjoyable way. 

You will learn about conventional frame hive beekeeping.  You will also learn about top bar beekeeping and why you should consider keeping your bees in a top bar hive. 

You will learn about bees.  You will learn how to make your own hive, where to source bees and how to manage the bees in the hive. 

You will learn how to harvest and extract the delicious honey and package and label your honey for sale.

You will learn about beeswax.  You will learn how to render wax combs into wax blocks.  You will learn how to filter your wax and use it to make simple candles and beeswax polish. 

The course will take you right through the whole process from the timber in your shed to building the hive.  Then on to getting bees, managing then bees to harvesting and packing the honey and using the beeswax. 

By the end of this course and associated assignments you will be a beekeeper!   

The course contains over 11.5 hours of video lectures and practical demonstrations and is organised into the following sections:

In Section One we introduce this course and beekeeping. We considered issues such as how to get the most from the course, who can become a beekeeper, the benefits of bees and beekeeping and the challenges in starting any new project.

In Section Two we look at the broad approaches to beekeeping and help you identify which approach might interest you.

Section Three look at the bee colony and the occupants of the hive. We also looked at the life cycle of the honeybee and the beekeeping year.

Section Four looks at types of bee hives and other beekeeping equipment. There were a number of activities such as to choose the type of hive you want to start with and identify local bee equipment suppliers. We also have an optional activity to make a simple top bar hive.

Section Five is a pivotal section to establish an apiary site and to acquire basic equipment and bees.  Getting your first colony of bees is a game changer. The bees themselves become your teacher! This is the point where you became a beekeeper.

Section Six looks at basic bee management. We look at issues such as the principles of bee management, how to inspect a colony of bees, bee health, swarm control and feeding bees.

Section Seven looks at bee products and in particular honey and beeswax. In section seven you will produce some wonderful bee products to share with friends and family.

Introduction To Beekeeping

How To Start Keeping Bees

Created by Christopher Wells - Bee Farmer In The English Cotswolds


Students: 17, Price: $34.99

Students: 17, Price:  Paid

This course  is aimed at people who have not yet started beekeeping or who have got a hive and want to know more. It is also suitable for anyone who just wants to know more about the fascinating world of the honey bee.

Over the years Chris who is a bee farmer in the North Cotswolds in the middle of England has taught several hundred new beekeepers and now brings all of that experience to this online course. Through a series of videos and slides you will be introduced to this incredible hobby which is practiced by thousands of people around the world.

With bees under threat around the world it is more important than ever that we have good beekeepers looking after their bees properly. Climate change has made things more complicated for the beekeeper but this course will get you started on the right track.

In this course you will cover everything from setting up your apiary, getting your bees and installing them in the hive and doing regular inspections of the hive. You will also see into the amazing world of the honey bee and how they live together in harmony and create that wonderful food, honey.

At the end of this course you will understand what is required to be a good beekeeper and not just a keeper of bees.

Your beekeeping journey starts here.

Complete Guide to Beekeeping

For Beginners and Intermediate

Created by Vanessa Hollenbeck - Course creator and Strategy Nerd


Students: 15, Price: $19.99

Students: 15, Price:  Paid

Introduction to the Complete Guide to Beekeeping for Beginner and Intermediates course:

Hi everyone my name is Vanessa Hollenbeck and welcome to our complete course on Becoming a Beekeeper.

Our chef's aim is to have this course be the only course you're ever going to need to learn how to become an amazing Beekeeper.

With this in mind please message me and let us know if we may have missed something that you would like or need to make your beekeeping journey more successful and we will update the course asap and then notify you.

This course is quite special. It is a collaboration of top professionals in the beekeeping industry from all over the world that have decades of experience in Beekeeping. And 3 top beekeeping books as downloadable.

Unlike most courses out there, this course gives you a proven path and outlined plans to grow your successful Happy Hive.

You will generate quick problem-solving skills to implement and deep learning techniques that are full of the most common issues Beekeepers face during the first year of starting their hive.

You will also benefit from the variety of over-the-shoulder video walkthrough examples sharing tested techniques from experts during different several scenarios such as.

How to build your first hive for cheap?

Adding wax to your hive frames.

Purchasing bees and what to do before buying them?

Detailed video of what a queen laying eggs looks like?

Transferring and Installing a Nuc.

How to make Your bee’s build comb faster and better?

How to save your hive and bees from a variety of potential issues?

What do you do during different seasons to protect your bees?

How to make a pollen feeder?

How to help your bees pollinate your plants, trees, and so forth?

Honey extraction during different seasons?

How to clean your hives?

What things will increase my bee's happiness and honey making.

Plus, you will be introduced to 3 different inspiring beekeeping business examples to help you think about your future!

In the course, you'll start by absorbing and implementing your first steps on setting up a successful Beehive.

The course will help you implement the methods using real imagery, videos, and information obtained from different sources.

Unlike many courses out there that use made-up mostly hypothetical information and situations which does not really empower you during your journey of creating your new beekeeping haven.

After taking this course you'll easily be able to start setting up for a successful beehive with happy honey-making bees no matter your current skill level and have impressive examples of your new knowledge put into application by the end.

Enrolling in this course will ensure you apply the best and most current beekeeping strategies based on data, science, techniques from real Professionals that have been in this business for several decades.

We hope you will join us inside this complete and practical hands-on course and we look forward to seeing you inside.

By the way, your investment in this course is fully protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Join the course now, see you soon.