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How to perform Effective Acupressure Massage for Baby

Detail guide to massage for baby experiencing poor appetite, stomachache and more, including steps to immunity boosting.

Created by Clement Ng - An expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture中医博士


Students: 416, Price: $54.99

Students: 416, Price:  Paid

Welcome to this on-line course design to help parents and guardians to learn the Effective Massaging Techniques for Baby and Child.

The sense of touch is critical to the development of Baby and Child. It establishes both their senses of self and their confident in connecting with the world around them.

Look no further! Your own two hands and the loving touch are just the tools you need to help your little one to gain better health and built strong bonds between you!

In this comprehensive lesson you will

  • learn the techniques to improve the immunity of the baby and child

  • help to improve his or her appetite

  • manage and relieve his or her

    • stomach-ache,

    • Night Sweating,

    • Constipation,

    • Sinusitis.

TCM Pediatric Massage is gentle and safe and with no known side effect. Consistent use of the Massage techniques besides preventing the occurrence of diseases, it helps to manage Pediatric Disorders.

This course was designed for all who care enough for the little one to commit the time to learn this ancient art of healing, to take ownership of the health and well-being, and to have the opportunity build a stronger bond with our little one.

Looking forward to seeing you in the student area.

Baby Massage – “The Gift of Love”

Have fun and bond with your baby as you learn head to toe massage techniques for relaxation, playtime and comfort care.

Created by Laura Lacey - Licensed Massage Therapist


Students: 319, Price: $49.99

Students: 319, Price:  Paid

Baby massage is fun and easy and a great way to bond with your baby. I'm Laura Lacey, a licensed massage therapist and certified baby massage instructor. In this online class I will teach you everything you need to know to massage your baby from head to toe, as I guide you step by step through various massage techniques. Not only is baby massage a great activity for you and your little one, it has many wonderful benefits - and your baby will love being massaged!

This online baby massage class is appropriate for babies ages 6 weeks to 6 months, and is great for Moms, Dads and caregivers. Each lecture has a video that covers a specific body part or technique, so you can follow as I demonstrate with real parents and their babies.

What will you learn?

  • Basic principles of baby massage and over 30 massage strokes
  • The best time to massage your baby.
  • How often and for how long you should massage your baby.
  • When baby massage is contraindicated.
  • A safe and soothing massage, fun and energizing stretches
  • Techniques to address common ailments such as colic, gas, teething and congestion.

Shantala – Baby Massage Course

Learn and Share This Ancient Baby Massage Technique

Created by Lizandra Deister - Clinical Physiologist, Ayurveda Practitioner & Yoga Teacher


Students: 64, Price: $59.99

Students: 64, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Shantala - Baby Massage Course​. Here you will learn this ancient infant massage technique to perform on your baby or to teach other parents trough workshops, for example.

It covers the Shantala massage history and background, Contraindications, Preparation of the caregiver, baby and environment and of course the technique itself.

Classes are short and easy to understand making it accessible to everyone. By the end of the course you will be able to perform the massage and also teach other is you wish so as all the material will be provided.

I hope to see you there!

Baby Massage for Relaxation, Relief and Bonding

This is a great way to learn how to communicate and connect with your baby

Created by Clare Marie - BaHons, FDA,Qualified Practitioner in Nurturing Care


Students: 54, Price: $49.99

Students: 54, Price:  Paid

Covering Relaxation, Bonding, Stimulation and Relief with

FREE Bonus SOS Help for Colic, Teething Coughs and Colds.

The course is layout  like a 5 weeks course, you can do the modules more often or less often if desired.

We will cover :

The history of massage

The equipment you will need

Time of day to massage

Contra indication to massage

Newborn massage routine

4/8 weeks massage routine

Full 8 week plus massage routine using oils on the skin

Settling techniques

Additional resources with lots of helpful information to help explain why we massage and science behind it.

We also include a mummy challenge every week for you to complete.

FREE BONUS - we include massage routines to help with Colic, Teething, Coughs and Colds.

You will learn everything you need to know about massage and how to settle your baby in the first years of life. Not only are we a course we are also a community of mum to connect with.

Infant Massage Basics

Help Baby Relax and Get Rid of Gas + Colic

Created by Birth Baby Body - Publisher of online courses on all things parenthood


Students: 43, Price: $29.99

Students: 43, Price:  Paid

Instructor Melanie will go over specific massage techniques to help babies relax and relieve gas and colic. This course will also give you a basic understanding on the benefits of infant massage for babies and parents/caregivers. She will walk you through specific massage techniques that focus on these main areas of the body: hands/arms, legs/feet, tummy, back and face, and she will cover what oils are safe to use with babies.