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Rest API Testing (Automation) from Scratch-Rest Assured Java

"Top Ranked #1 Rest API Test Automation & postman tutorial with Java from Basics to Framework with Real time examples

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Students


Students: 79169, Price: $129.99

Students: 79169, Price:  Paid

***Course last updated on Aug 4th  with OAuth 2.0 Google Authentication real time examples************
REST Assured API is powerful API released by google (just like Selenium for Web)  to Automate REST API's.  70% of the IT industry now heading towards this API for automating Services
Learn Everything You Need to Know About REST API Automation including Postman Even If You've Never worked Before on API's
Course covers Basics To Advanced Level With Rest Assured, Postman, Java, TestNG, Framework Implementation From Scratch with rich examples like Jira, Twitter, Youtube, Google Maps API examples

What made this course Unique from other courses? 
Only course on Internet which covers on  JIRA,  TWITTER,  GOOGLE MAPS AND YOUTUBE API  examples"

---> No other course covers topics covered in this course with such great depth of detail. For proof, You can cross check with other tutorials if they cover Jira youtube etc,,

********************* WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE BEST?  *****************************

We assume that students have no experience in automation/coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.

Examples are taken from TESTING REAL TIME HOSTED Rest APIs to
understand how different components can be automated, that will give
you idea of industry level framework and give you confidence.

NO PRIOR CODING OR AUTOMATION EXPERIENCE NEEDED, this course covers all the necessary topics.

Get more than 30 hours of unique content with real example code files provided to refer and learn with examples.


Course is prepared on utmost care of picking real world scenarios what actually industry does in testing the REST API's and they were neatly delivered with every basic concept till framework building level

On course completion You will be Mastered in REST API Automation  and can implement Successfully it in your work place or will surely land on High Paying Job

 We start from Beginners level and go through Advanced FRAMEWORK level. This is a single course for
everything you need to know related to Rest API Manual testing and Automation.

This course explains :

What is REST API's?
Understanding the REST API architecture
Terminologies such as Endpoint, Resources,Payload,Parameters
What is POSTMAN?
How to test API's with Postman?
Different type of REST requests
What is REST ASSured?
Setting up REST ASSURED environment for automation
Discussion on google API's for automation
REST Assured methods
REST Assured validations
Methods to validate Json and xpath responses
Optimizing scripts to Framwork standards
Discussion on JIRA API's
Discussion on Twitter API's
Understanding OAUTH authentication
POJO Classes usage
Serialization & Deserialization for Json inputs and outputs
Tons of examples on automating API's with rest assured validations
Logging feature to log responses
Migrating project to TESTNG framework
Building Maven setup as build management tool 
Creating BAT file to run whole project on single click

At the end of this course you can pick any REST API over Net and can automate it comfortably with all necessary valdiations

Happy Testing and Wish you Good luck!!!!!!!

Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

Learn how to automate your infrastructure with terraform. Covers Terraform with AWS, Packer, Docker, ECS, EKS, Jenkins

Created by Edward Viaene - DevOps, Cloud, Big Data Specialist


Students: 61656, Price: $39.99

Students: 61656, Price:  Paid

Terraform has gained a lot in popularity lately and is the tool you need to master if you are or about to get into a Ops / DevOps role. You typically use a technology like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to automate the provisioning of software. Terraform starts from the same principle, infrastructure as code, but focusses on the automation of the infrastructure itself. Your whole Cloud infrastructure (instances, volumes, networking, IPs) can be described in terraform. 

In this course you'll learn how to use terraform to automate your infrastructure. I will first show you the basics of terraform and will then explain how to automate infrastructure on AWS using terraform. You can open an AWS account for free to do the labs. I also provide a lot of code examples which you can immediately use to automate your own infrastructure.

Update (Oct-2016):

  • Added AWS Autoscaling lectures

  • Added Terraform+Packer Jenkins integration lectures

  • Added Terraform with Docker on AWS (ECR and ECS)

  • Added Terraform with Jenkins workflow using ECR and ECS

Update (Dec-2016):

  • Added a lecture about useful terraform commands

  • Added a demo on how to use terraform show/graph/taint/untaint/import

  • Added a lecture and demo about Elastic Beanstalk on AWS

Update (Jun-2018):

  • Terraform for Windows setup + puttygen

  • Interpolation

  • Conditionals

  • Built-in functions

  • Module development with an ECS + ALB module demo

  • Setting up a hosted Kubernetes cluster using AWS EKS

Update (Nov-2019):

  • Terraform-0.12 updates

  • Lectures covering new variable approach in terraform-0.12

  • For & For Each loops

Update (March-2020):

  • CodePipeline lectures

  • Updated lectures with new AWS UI

  • Updated jenkins-packer-demo demo

Update (December-2020):

  • Advanced Module development

  • Lectures and demos covering new Terraform 0.13 features

  • Terraform lock file (terraform 0.14)

  • State manipulation

Update (December-2020):

  • A complete new section on the HashiCorp Terraform Certification is now added!

This course includes english captions.

Robotic Process Automation – RPA Overview

Learn Robotic Process Automation to Unleash a Modern RPA Career

Created by Bryan Lamb - My courses will improve your life and income!


Students: 39700, Price: $109.99

Students: 39700, Price:  Paid

If you're not learning robotic process automation, or, RPA, right now… you're already behind.

Much in the same way physical robots have been rapidly replacing industrial, blue-collar jobs, software robots will be replacing a high percentage of white collar jobs… sooner than you think. The most likely way to adapt & thrive in this new age will be to know how to build & maintain software robots!

In this course I’ll provide you with a clear overview of robotic process automation including:

  • Robotic Process Automation history & drivers
  • Benefits, challenges, and risks of Robotic Process Automation
  • Industries & applications where RPA fits the best
  • An overview of current Robotic Process Automation tools & capabilities
  • A basic software robot demo
  • An implementation plan you can use as a guideline to introduce Robotic Process Automation into your company

The goal of this course is to help you see the big picture of robotic process automation and prepare you for further hands-on study using the RPA tech primer course, and an RPA tool course of your choice.

UiPath – Level 1 Robotic Process Automation

Learn UiPath the top RPA tool and automate your first process!

Created by Bryan Lamb - My courses will improve your life and income!


Students: 36688, Price: $109.99

Students: 36688, Price:  Paid

If you're not learning robotic process automation, or, RPA, right now… you're already behind.

Much in the same way physical robots have been rapidly replacing industrial, blue-collar jobs, software robots will be replacing a high percentage of white collar jobs… sooner than you think.

THAT is "robotic process automation".   

UiPath skills are HOT. I received a quote from a vendor recently and they are asking $207/hr for their resources. Wow!

In this 5-star course I’ll provide you with a the most critical UiPath skills for robotic process automation work including:

  • UiPath platform Installation

  • UiPath Orientation

  • Structure (Flowchart vs. Sequence)

  • Control Flow (Decisions, Loops, Switches)

  • Error Handling with Try/Catch

  • Automating Excel interactions

  • Automating Email

  • Automating mainframe

  • Decomposing a process into reusable sub-components

  • Debugging Skills

My goal is to help you get up and running with UiPath processes and best practices faster than any other method, so you can start saving time & money at your company, and level up your career!

Automation Testing Masterclass – Selenium, Cucumber and More

Become an SDET by learning about Selenium, Cucumber, Junit, Docker and other technologies!

Created by Laurentiu Raducu - Software Engineer in Test


Students: 34133, Price: $64.99

Students: 34133, Price:  Paid

This course covers everything you need to know about automation testing.

Starting by learning the basic concepts of Java, followed by learning how to test Web Applications using Selenium Webdriver, and then diving into the topic of unit testing, using Cucumber, TestNG and Junit. Following this video series should give you a very good understanding on what automation testing really means.

The objective of this course is to make you proficient in working with tools used by automation engineers. If your goal is to get a job as an automation engineer, this course would not just give you a solid preparation for the interview, but it will also provide the necessary knowledge in order to thrive at your new job.

The course has the following structure:

  • We learn Java together, as well as Object Oriented Programming principles. If you are already familiar with Java, you can skip this part.

  • We dive into the subject of design patterns, with the objective of learning how to manage complex, repeatable situations in our code. This will give us the expertise on how to design our code for scalable, memory efficient automation frameworks.

  • We then learn about Selenium, what it is and how to use it in testing Web Applications.

  • The last part concentrates on how to develop your own automation framework, using the newest technologies available for automation engineers.

By following this structure, as a beginner, you will be confident enough to apply for automation engineer jobs, having the knowledge of all the libraries we cover in this course. As a more experienced person, you will be ready to tackle topics such as creation of a new automation framework from scratch, using the design principles and the full potential of the technologies covered here.

As a general recommendation, in order to speed up the learning process, study the corresponding code snippets attached to each video. Start experimenting with it, by removing/adding stuff and see what happens. This will not only consolidate your knowledge, but it will help you understand deeply what the studied concept is about. There's nothing better than stumbling upon issues, investigate and troubleshoot them yourself!

I wish you a pleasant journey throughout the videos, and I hope you appreciate the content!

Robot Framework Test Automation – Level 1 ( Selenium )

Fastest & easiest way to do Selenium test automation! Mobile test automation, API test automation, and database too.

Created by Bryan Lamb - My courses will improve your life and income!


Students: 27189, Price: $129.99

Students: 27189, Price:  Paid

Join 22,000+ students!

If you're planning to use Selenium test automation... start here!

Drowning in an ever-expanding collection of regression test cases? You need to automate them! If you have been too intimidated to learn test automation due to a lack of Selenium programming skills, you'll be thrilled to discover how easily Robot Framework will allow you to automate your tests.

Robot Framework is a pre-built test automation framework. By comparison... Robot Framework is much easier to learn than Selenium Webdriver (with Java, Python, C#, or PHP) because your scripts are written with English words instead of code.

If you're already an experienced user of Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber, or QTP/UFT, you'll quickly learn how elegant and capable Robot Framework is compared to those tools.

This 6+ hour video course will:

  • Provide an overview of the free, open source Robot Framework test automation tool

  • Teach you how to install & configure Robot Framework plus libraries for Selenium, API, database, and more

  • Help you create & run your very first Selenium test automation script in just minutes

  • Show you exactly how to create a Selenium Webdriver test automation script more easily

  • Show you how to make a simple test automation script much more efficient & readable

  • Help you discover how variables & page objects can make your test automation scripts more flexible

  • Walk you through the basics of testing web (Selenium), API, database, XML, and files tests

There is no faster or more intuitive way to learn Robot Framework and Selenium Webdriver test automation!

The course assumes you know absolutely nothing about test automation, and walks you through each detail of installation & setup to get you heading in the right direction immediately. The crisp, clear, articulate audio will ensure you quickly understand every detail.

Cucumber with Java-Build Automation Framework in lesser code

Step by Step Cucumber BDD Approach to design the powerful Testing framework(Selenium,Appium,API) with very MINIMALCODE

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Students


Students: 23710, Price: $19.99

Students: 23710, Price:  Paid

Latest Update : On Students demand, Added additional 4 hour lectures on Best Practises for Selenium Integration with Cucumber"
Say Good bye in writing  hell lot of the code to develop  Automation Frameworks and welcome cucumber!
"Cucumber- A life saver tool for QA Industry in developing Test Frameworks with minimal programming knowledge..   
 This course helps you to build a top class framework So that you can implement it for any Automation test cases developed in Selenium, Appium, Rest Assured API.

On course completion You will be Mastered in Cucumber framework and can implement Successfully it in your work place for any automation test cases you have

Course content includes
What is cucumber
Cucumber BDD approach
Gherkin syntaxes
Rules in defining Cucumber feature file
Cucumber Automation terminologies
Data driven testing with Cucumber
DataTable feature and its importance
regular expression for developing reusable components
Parameterizing tests with Example keyword
Cucumber Hooks and Tagging features
Smart usage of combining hooks and tags together
Junit Test Runner importance with cucumber
Cucumber options Attriubute options
Generating reports for cucumber tests
Integrating cucumber tests with Maven
Scheduling tests from Jenkins for Continous Integration

All the above topics are discussed from scratch level with lots of Practical examples for better understanding..

Wish you good Luck!

Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks

Learn how to write fast and robust Automated (UI + Integration) Tests using Cypress with Mocha and Cucumber frameworks

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 20967, Price: $109.99

Students: 20967, Price:  Paid

Course Updated with Cypress V7 BDD Framework on June 21st . Next Update - Aug 4th on Cypress Accessibility testing.

The one and only Cypress course in Udemy with ** official BEST SELLER Tag *** and Highest Ratings -4,000+ 5 star Ratings)/ /
This Course includes - Web Automation with Cypress + Cypress Test Runner features + Cypress Integration Testing + Cypress API Testing + Cypress Database Testing + 2 Top class Javascript Frameworks from Scratch using Mocha & Cucumber

This Course also gives you 3 hours in depth understanding on javascript basics so that you can build Powerful Cypress programming tests 

What is Cypress?

Cypress - The most Buzzing word in Automation world which is expected to play a key role in  future  for its fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
Because of its Architectural design, Cypress comes with out of box capabilities to bring Stable Automation results for all Modern Web Apps.
It also have the ability to perform Integration testing by mocking incoming network responses
For Test Debugging, Cypress takes Screenshot by default for every test step and generate execution Mp4 video after every test run ..
There are many more WOW Factors like above which you will come across in Training.

These top class  videos are completely designed from scratch  using many real time examples with in detail explanation on each and every concept of Cypress along with Framework design best Practices

And I Bet! On course Completion You can develop Cypress Automation framework on your own or crack any Cypress related interviews.

Below is the high level  Content we Cover in the course:

Introduction to Cypress
Cypress Architecture
Cypress Installation & Project Setup
Cypress Test Runner features
Command line arguments for Cypress
Cypress Basic Commands for Automation
Cypress & Jquery combination
UI Automation (Checkboxes,Radio buttons, Editboxes,Dropdowns with Cypress)
Handling Popups,Alerts using Cypress
Handling Child windows and Frames with Cypress
Cypress Assertions in detail
Cypress Framework Best Practises
Cypress Fixtures and Custom commands
Page object Design pattern with Cypress tests
Test Parameterization and Data driven with Cypre
Configuration properties and environmental variables discussion
Cypress Dashboard features with video recording and Screenshots
Building npm scripts and Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins
Cypress Cucumber BDD Integration
Cucumber Data Driven, Tagging, Hooks, HTML reporting features for Cypress Tests
XHR Testing with Cypress
Mocking API calls with Cypress Intercept commands
Javascript Basics

Wish you all the Best! See you all in the course with above topics :)

The Complete Automation PyTest Course for 2021

Learn PyTest by Creating Real World Python Project and Writing Test Cases

Created by Martin Yanev - Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineer, Software Developer


Students: 19096, Price: $89.99

Students: 19096, Price:  Paid

About the course

In The Complete Automation PyTest Course for 2021 you will learn Pytest from scratch. You will go all the way through from complete python beginner to a professional automation test developer. Pytest incorporated many features that makes testing way easier and organized. You will be able to write automated tests, fixtures, built-in plugins and installable libraries.

Pytest is a Python based tool

The use of Python is increasing not only in software development, but also in areas such as data analysis, research, test and other fields. Python's growth in many critical fields also comes with the desire for them to be placed correctly, effectively and efficiently, software testing is available to make sure that the programs function properly and provide accurate results. Additionally, more and more software projects involve continuous integration and include an automated testing phase as release cycles get shorter and manual in-depth testing of increasingly complex projects is simply impossible. Teams need to be able to trust testing from continuous integration servers to tell them if they can trust their software enough.

What is Pytest?

PyTest is a robust Python testing tool that is used in all levels of software testing. PyTest is a key component in the work of many software development teams, quality assurance teams, independent testing companies and from students on their university projects. Many platforms are now switching from the legacy unitest to Pytest to test their code. This is because Pytest offers powerful features such as rewrite validation, a third-party attachment model, and a powerful yet simple device adaptation this is unmatched in any other testing framework. Pytest is a software testing framework, which means that Pytest is a command line tool that automatically finds tests you've written, runs tests, and reports results. It has a library of extras that you can use in your tests to help you test more effectively. Can be extended to writing plug-ins or installing third-party plug-ins. Can be used to test Python distributions. And that integrates easily with other tools such as seamless integration and web automation .

PyTest stands out above many other test frameworks:

•Simple tests are simple to write in Pytest.

•Complex tests are still simple to write.

•Tests are easy to read.

•Easy to learn

From Wire to PLC , A Bootcamp In Industrial Automation

Build Electrical Automation Projects From Sctratch. Starting From Wires , Control Circuits And Ending With PLC And HMI

Created by Mouhammad Hamsho - Engineer


Students: 13018, Price: $79.99

Students: 13018, Price:  Paid

***Update 11/17/2020**

**** Allen Bradley Training was added***

***Update 11/28/2018**

**** Classic control simulation software tutorial is available***

***Update 14/11/2018***

One-Line diagram interpretation section was added

****Update 29/10/2018******

****Two new sections were added  "Troubleshooting for Electrical Panel" and "Web/Phone Based Visualization"

****Update 11/1/2018****

****Exercises for almost every section were added in order to help you enforce what you have learned***

****Some design problems were also included****

This  Course is an intensive course that tries to cover all the concepts required to build a fully functional Electrical Automation Projects.

We will utilize no hardware in this course so that you can follow up with the course with having to buy Any equipment but rather  our design and verification  will be based on simulations.

This course will walk you through the process of designing your own projects from scratch step by step by first introducing you to the most basic components and concepts that you should be familiar with to keep up with the course and ending with two real-world  compilation projects that will sum up everything you've  learned .

All software used are for free and there is not need for a license to be purchased.

This course will teach you many deigns skills , software , and electrical engineering concepts in a way that you can combine what you have learned  to create a whole real project.

A summary of what will be covered:

  1. Basic Electrical Concepts

  2. Basic Electrical Components and how they operate

  3. Traditional motor driving control circuits

  4. Modern motor driving equipment

  5. Protection components and how to choose them

  6. Wiring and cable sizing

  7. Sensors and their utilization in real projects

  8. Electrical Panel Troubleshooting

  9. Schematics drawing and design

  10. PLC programming using Ladder Logic

  11. PLC programming using Structured Text

  12. PLC programming using Functional Block Diagram

  13. PLC programming using continues flow chart

  14. Allen Bradley - RsLogix 500, RsEmulate 500 and Rslinx Training

  15. Human User Interface design and Animation

  16. Two A to Z compilation projects

  17. Web/Phone based Visualization

In the final project you will think like an engineer, and look for every design detail to design your electrical panel specs on paper and draw it in schematic.

Before you get into programming , you will calculate and choose wisely all you required components according to standards and your project  specifications , you will draw schematics for the project using a CAD software, and then you will start programming using the most modern industrial programming languages supported by different PLC brands , then you will add the HMI and animation and start simulating what you programmed.

This is not a dry course that will only explain boring concepts without you knowing where to use it , this course will give you tips on how and when to use each components in a way suitable to your project. because the final aim of this course is that you learn all the skills that will lead to you starting your business or prepare for project within your job on your own.

So who should take this course?

  • If you are an Electrical/Electronics/Computer/Control/Mechatronics  or industrial engineering Graduates/Students wanting to peak and learn the fascinating field of automation design

  • A graduate Engineering student preparing for job in the industrial automation field and not knowing what to expect in there

  • Anybody willing to learn PLC programming effectively with real life examples

  • Anybody who knows how to program a PLC but have no idea how conduct a full electrical automation project from scratch

  • Mechanical engineers who are looking to do the electrical and automation parts of their projects on their own

Where can you use the skill taught in this course?

Any industrial manufacturing  project  , be it a huge factory with hundreds of robots or a small machine with coupe of sensors , will require ALL the skills you will learn in this course. Because Industrial Automation is very trendy and it's an enormous field .

Thousands of companies look for employees  with these set of skills to hire them in order to conduct and engineer these type of projects in almost any city in the world.

NOTE: Don't expect to get skilled with a certain PLC brand exclusively  , this is not our goal here , we will teach your around  90% of the programming languages supported by different manufacturers out there ,and  you will know each one! 's advantages , disadvantages and where to use it and where not to . And you will be able to simulate and tinker around with each of them to get skilled enough to jump to almost any big PLC brand out there.

This course will be updated and supported on regular basis , and new content will be added to expand the skills you learned here.

Updated Note:

Udemy asks for reviews too soon guys so please don't give a review immediately.

Watch the content and finalize at least a good portion of it then rate the course accordingly.

Master Network Automation with Python for Network Engineers

Real-Life Hands-On Python and Ansible Automation: Netmiko, Paramiko, Napalm, Telnet, Ansible, Cisco, Arista, Linux etc

Created by Andrei Dumitrescu - DevOps Engineer and Professional Trainer


Students: 12949, Price: $99.99

Students: 12949, Price:  Paid

***Fully updated for 2021*** This Network Automation with Python course also covers every major General Python Programming topic and is a perfect match for both beginners and experienced developers!

Course Updates:

  • Update: November 2020 - Updates to be 2021 ready

  • Update: September 2020 - Manual Captions (Subtitles) in English added

  • Update: June 2020 - NEW Section: Async IO in Python (async/await, aiohttp, aiofiles, asyncssh)

  • Update: May 2020 - Network Automation with Telnet re-recorded entirely

  • Update: April 2020 - Network Automation with Netmiko (SSH) re-recorded entirely

  • Update: March 2020 - Network Automation with Paramiko (SSH) re-recorded entirely

  • Update: April and May 2020 - Tens of NEW Coding Challenges with Solutions for real-world network automation tasks

  • Update: October 2019 - NEW Section: Data Serialization and Deserialization in Python (Pickle, JSON, and REST APIs)

  • Update: June 2019 - NEW Sections on General Python Programming: Strings, Lists, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, Functions, Flow Control, Working with Files, and many more

Welcome to this Python hands-on course for learning Network Automation and Programmability with Python in a Cisco or Multivendor Environment, taught by a DevOps Engineer and Professional Trainer.

Boost your Python Network Programming Skills by learning one of the hottest topics in the Networking Industry in 2021 and become one of the best Network Engineers!

This course is based on Python 3 and doesn't require prior Python Programming knowledge. Everything is included within the course and you'll also learn in-depth general Python Programming.

Just starting out with Python Programming, Network Automation, or Network Programming using Python and have the desire to learn the future of Network Programmability in a practical way? Perfect. Then, this course is the right one for you. You'll boost your career with hands-on Network Programming Skills!

Or maybe you've already tried to learn Network Automation with Python by yourself and now you want to put all pieces together? I'm here to help you, this course has everything you need to know to automate network configurations with Python.

Most examples in this course are for Cisco IOS, but they can also be used in a multivendor environment (Juniper, Arista, HP, Linux) with no or little changes. This is a vendor-neutral course and teaches you Python from scratch.

You'll have lifetime access and you can return and look for a specific Python library or example anytime you want. And let's not forget, if you don't like the course, you are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!

You'll have access to all Slides and Python Scripts (ready to be used) from this course.


★★★★★ "This course was much better than I expected. It's high-quality Python Programming in the area of network automation and the instructor is really experienced. Thank you!" by Joseph Heinrich

★★★★★ "Wow! This is an amazing course on network automation and python. It goes directly to the point. The Netmiko section is the best. I'm just waiting to test this at my work. Thank you!" by D. Schmidt

★★★★★ "This is without doubts the best course on Network Automation with Python out there!" by Muhammad Ali

There are many courses on Python Programming and Network Automation or Network Programming with Python. Why should you learn from me?

  • I'm a Practitioner and an Enthusiast. Welcome to the real world! I have almost 20 years of experience as a Network Engineer and Programmer. Since I've started with Networking, Linux Systems, and Programming, I've been using or studying technology almost on a daily basis. I also have a bunch of Cisco certifications: CCNP Routing & Switching, CCNP Security, CCNP Service Provider, Cisco Certified Instructor, etc

  • I'm an Educator and I know how to make a Syllabus. For the last 10 years, I've trained thousands of people on Linux, Networking, Security, Ethical Hacking, or Programming.

  • You'll learn not only Network Automation but also general Python Programming. After this course, you'll MASTER all the Python 3 key concepts.

The topics covered in this Python Network Programming course are:

  • Working with Files in Python (text, csv, json, yaml)

  • Data Serialization and Deserialization (Pickle and JSON)

  • Bytes and String Objects in Python 3. Encoding, Decoding

  • Advanced Python Concepts: Multiprocessing and Multithreading with real-life examples

  • The standard Telnet Python Library. How to create your own Class based on telnetlib to simply the configuration automation

  • Paramiko Library. How to use SSH to automate the configuration of Cisco, Linux, or other Devices

  • How to create your own Python module based on Paramiko to simplify the development work

  • Netmiko. Automate the configuration of Cisco, Arista, and Linux using Netmiko

  • Netmiko best-practices and real-life examples for backup configuration of multiple devices

  • Building Concurrent Applications using Async IO (async/await, aiohttp, aiofiles, asyncssh)

  • The NAPALM Library - Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support

  • How to use NAPALM to retrieve information about devices and protocols and manage the devices’ configuration

  • What is Ansible and what are its components: Modules, Tasks, Plays, Playbooks, etc

  • How to execute Ad-Hoc commands against networking devices and servers using Ansible

  • Ansible modules: command, shell, raw, copy, file, apt, service, ios_command, ios_config etc

  • How to use create and run Ansible Playbooks against Networking Devices (Cisco, Arista, etc) and Linux Servers

  • Ansible Vault

  • Automation of networking devices configuration through a serial connection. Pyserial Python module

  • Improvement of pyserial module

  • How to set up the Python Development Environment: PyCharm, GNS3, Cisco IOS, Arista vEOS, Juniper vSRX

  • Arista vEOS installation in GNS3 and basic configuration

  • Juniper vSRX installation in GNS3 and basic configuration

The topics covered in the General Python Programming sections are:

  • Variables

  • Operators

  • Built-in Types

  • Strings in Python

  • Lists in Python

  • Tuples in Python

  • Sets and Frozensets in Python

  • Dictionaries in Python

  • Flow Control

  • User-defined Functions

  • Errors and Exception Handling

  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

Every topic includes many live examples in Python. This course will show you the best practices for developing production-ready Python Networking Automation Scripts for Cisco and Multivendor Environments.

Robot Framework Test Automation – Level 2

Intermediate & advanced enterprise test automation using Robot Framework

Created by Bryan Lamb - My courses will improve your life and income!


Students: 12640, Price: $139.99

Students: 12640, Price:  Paid

In this course, we'll take a deeper dive into the technical capabilities of the Robot Framework test automation platform, taking your Robot Framework test automation skills to the next level:

  • Many quick tips to turbocharge your level 1 skills
  • Creating custom Robot Framework libraries
  • A "TODO" script review process to improve collaboration with team members
  • How to keep your open source tools up to date
  • A deep dive into web locators
  • Conditionals & loops to make your scripts more logical
  • Advanced data handling with Dictionaries
  • Data-driven testing
  • A complete end to end example
  • More!

By the end of the course, you should feel confident to pursue a role with any company who needs to introduce test automation into their software development lifecycle.

Automation Architect – Selenium WebDriver – 7 Live Projects

Automation Architect - Selenium WebDriver with 7 Live Projects (Learn Indepth Framework implementation on Live Projects)

Created by Rahul Arora - Way2Automation - Director & The Automation Guru


Students: 11689, Price: $19.99

Students: 11689, Price:  Paid

The Only course to cover 7 Live projects on different frameworks designed from scratch


The course is specially designed at architect level which will cover all major framework designing concept with implementation of majorly use Utilities.

As in most of the Selenium and Appium interviews majorly questions are asked from frameworks itself, this course specifically focuses on end to end framework designing on Live projects using all major techniques and live projects. After the course you should be capable enough to show 2-3+ years of your current experience in Selenium and can hit the market accordingly

  Topics Highlight: 

Projects build with in-depth implementation of following topics

  • Excel Reader

  • Logs

  • Mails

  • Zip

  • Listeners - Soft assertions, Test Failure

  • Jenkins

  • Maven

  • ReportNG

  • ExtentReports

  • Database

  • Properties

  • Runmodes

  • TestNG

  • ScreenshotUtils

  • Parallel Execution

  • Docker

  • Java Generics

  • MultiThreading

  • Page Object and Page Factory

7 Live Projects with Different Frameworks implemented on:

  1. Data Driven Framework

  2. Data Driven extended with Grid Implementation

  3. Page Object Model 

  4. Page Object Model with Page Factory

  5. Cucumber BDD with Page Object and Page Factories

  6. Page Object Model and Page Factory extended with Java Generics and MultiThreading (Parallel Execution)

  7. Cucumber BDD with Page Objects and Page Factories with Parallel Execution

Once again to join this course you should have basic understanding of Core Java and WebDriver.

Happy Learning !!!

RPA – Process Automation using UIPATH – Beginner to Expert

Automate Desktop Apps, Excel operations, PDF's Data ,Scanned Docs, Web, Files,emails etc using UIPATH - RPA Technology

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Students


Students: 11072, Price: $19.99

Students: 11072, Price:  Paid

Robotic Process Automation is a game-changing technology that is designed to automate high-volume of repeatable Digital Computer tasks that take up a large percentage of a workers’ time

Much in the same way physical robots have been rapidly replacing industrial  jobs, software RPA robots will be replacing a high percentage of IT  jobs, sooner than you think. And "UIPATH" is the widely used tool in building Robots for RPA Automation.

This course will make you a master with UiPath Skills for robotic process automation work from scratch. You do not require any programming knowledge to build Automation as UIPATH offers great features to build Code less Automation with its Artificial Intelligence

On Successful course completion, you will be able to build Robots with real time Business Scenarios which can automate any below tasks

  • Intro to RPA

  • UIPath tool overview

  • UIpath features to build Automation(robots)

  • Word Documents & PDF Data extraction

  • Texts from Scanned Images and PDF's

  • Any Desktop applications Automation

  • Web Automation

  • All Excel based Automation including Sorting, Filter, tables etc

  • File system Automation like saving file, Copy file,moving files to folders

  • Data Extraction from Documents/Web using Artificial Intelligence

  • Automating SAP based applications

  • UIPath control flow examples

  • Data Scrapping and Screen Scrapping with UIPath

  • Best Practises in Robotic Process Automation

  • Design Orchestrator to Schedule robots execution remotely

Complete Python Scripting for Automation

Automate the Repetitive Tasks with Python | Python Scripting for Automation | Automation with Python | Python Automation

Created by Narendra P - Automation Engineer with Scripting Languages and Tools


Students: 10781, Price: $34.99

Students: 10781, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Complete Python Scripting for Automation.

This course will take you from beginner to expert in Python, easily and smartly.This course will dive right into Python and get you productive from the very beginning.

Why Learn Python?

Over the last few years, Python has become more and more popular.Demand for Python is booming in the job market and it is a skill that can help you enter some of the most exciting industries, including data science, AI,web applications, Server side Automation, home automation and many more.

Python is one of the "most loved” and “most wanted” programming languages according to recent industry surveys. If people are not using Python already, they want to start using Python.

This course will make it easy for you to learn Python and currently we are looking more on server side automation, but later we will also update this course for GUI and Web Applications Dev elopement.

Who is This Course For?

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.

  • who want to learn python from scratch to Advanced level

Top 150+ QA Automation Interview Questions & Resume Tips

Job oriented Interview preparation course on Selenium, API testing, Testng, SQL, cucumber & Java programs with solutions

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 10053, Price: $99.99

Students: 10053, Price:  Paid

Questions are carefully prepared after collecting samples from more than 200 SDET's working in various companies across the world. 

4 Special Reasons why this course stand out Unique among others -

1. Coding Logical Problems is one area where every QA struggles to clear. I have taught these topics with special approach that one can gain the ability of problem solving and can implement any coding task given

2. There are Detailed Solutions for every QA question discussed with practical example so that one can answer the question with the full confidence

3. There are different versions of answers discussed where ever applicable so that Interviewer can feel the depth of knowledge you have on the Subject

4. For Every Quarter I would revise the Questions and see if they matches the current Automation/SDET Job requirement and Update the videos Accordingly and you always have Life time access to all Updates

We covered Commonly asked questions from all QA areas. Below is the List on high level coverage

Manual Testing,

Testing Process in Real time projects,

Selenium Web Automation,

Automation Framework Designs

Testing Standards with TestNG and Cucumber

API Testing (Manual + Automation) Interview Questions

Core Java Webdriver related topics

Programming logical questions

Java OOPS Miscelleanous Concepts

Non Functional Testing Topics

Resume Suggestions and Many more !!!!!!!!!

Wish you all the Best.

Automation Testing using Selenium & Katalon Studio

Learn to automate web application with Katalon Studio , which is as simple as using the excel file

Created by Rahul Singh Rathore - Software Developer Engg in Test


Students: 8770, Price: $44.99

Students: 8770, Price:  Paid

Are you an IT professional, want to switch your career to automation. Because of programing language , you always find it difficult to write the automation script.

Well, this course will solve your problem. In this course, I am going to teach you a tool using which you can write the automation script without having dependency on programing language. Katalon Studio is easy to use and a powerful automation tool for web application

This tool is build on top of selenium library and most of the feature required for test automation framework such as

  1. Suite creation
  2. Running test in parallel
  3. Report generation
  4. Continuous Integration 

comes out of the box along with this tool.

Writing the automation script using this tool is as simple as using the excel file

Also as an instructor, I will provide support for your question. Just post your question in the discussion corner. What ever framework/test script developed as part of course will be provided for download at end of the course

REST API Automation With REST Assured – A Complete Guide

Learn every topic in Rest-Assured with Real World Examples & Test Automation Framework development with CI !!

Created by Tejasvi Hegde - Test Automation Enthusiast


Students: 7509, Price: $109.99

Students: 7509, Price:  Paid


In the 21st century, almost all web applications use web services to communicate or interact with each other. Most modern-day web services are built on Representational state transfer (REST) architecture; REST has gained a lot of popularity and it will continue to do the same due to its simplicity in comparison with other technologies.

It is very important for software QA engineers, automation engineers, and software developers to understand the importance of Web Services testing and more importantly how to automate these tests. Automating Application Program Interface (API) tests are critical and crucial for most projects due to the fact that API tests are far more stable, reliable and fast.   

In this course, you will be provided with the tools and techniques needed to be successful with REST API automation. We will be focusing on the important topics listed below:

  • Introduction to REST Assured, which is a popular open-source library used for API test automation. Learn to write tests for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE operations using a sample application provided in the course  

  • Understand and use JSONPath, XML Path (with Groovy syntax) to assert and extract the response   

  • Simplify writing JSONPath by using Root path feature   

  • Practical examples demonstrating different Rest Assured topics (Request Specification, Response Specification, Logging, Parameters, File Download etc.)  

  • Logging Request and Response information based on test status  

  • Avoiding writing repetitive code by using Request/Response specification concepts  

  • Adding multiple assertions to a single test  

  • Soft Assertions in Rest Assured 

  • File Download   

  • File Upload using the multipart method  

  • Work with real-world examples such as Walmart Search API, PayPal Payment Service  

  • Use PayPal Web Service to learn different concepts like Authentication using OAuth 2.0, passing of access tokens to different requests, and executing GET, COMPLEX POST requests   

  • Use OAuth 1.0 authentication with Twitter to create Tweets, read tweets using Rest-Assured

  • Authenticating into applications which implement Form Authentication using Spring Security 

  • Authenticating into applications that implement Form Authentication using Spring Security & CSRF token implementation. 

  • Sending Soap Requests using Rest-Assured 

  • Sending requests via Proxy Server 

  • Parsing HTML Data using JSOUP Library 

  • Using JSONAssert Library to assert on complete JSON responses 

  • Learn to use setup & configure Allure Reports   

  • Provide beautiful DisplayNames, Descriptions, link information in your reports

  • Add detailed test step information & attachment information in the reports


  • Continuous Integration(CI) with Git, Github & Jenkins

At the end of this course, you will feel at "Rest" and will be "Assured" to take up API Testing, API Automation and successfully execute it in your organization!

Core java for Automation Testers- Coding made Easy

A step by step Practical tutorial to master in JAVA with tons of Programming examples and Interview Questions

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 7446, Price: $94.99

Students: 7446, Price:  Paid

Are you from non Technical background and looking to master in Java for your Automation needs?
If Yes "YOU ARE ON RIGHT PAGE" I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and simple Techniques.
Allocate 10 hours of your valuable time to this Top rated (4.6/5) course and get into Comfortable zone in handling Java related Automation/Projects..  
***What made this course Unique from other hundreds of Java courses in the Market?******
We assume our students have zero knowledge on coding and have taken special care in teaching every topic and YES we have seen 100% success results and many of my students are leading the Java projects with the knowledge they have gained in the course. And worth to mention This course will clear all your hurdles in cracking any Core java interviews!!!

You will get the best in class support from the instructor for any question you have related to the course.

Market is never short of jobs in Java programming language, there are ample of jobs in both Java development and Automation Testing using Java.

This course is backed by udemy's 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will get the money back. In addition to that you will keep all the code files of the course as a thank you for trying out the course !!!

What are you waiting for? Enroll today and learn the powerful Java language !!!

Below are the contents we cover :

Java Basics,
Methods in java ,
Strings and examples related to them
Arrays and MultiDimensional arrays,
Arrays examples, 
Java loops and conditions
Code logics with practise example
OOPS concepts,Inheritance.polymorphism,Abstraction
Types of Interfaces,
Function overloading and overriding,
Constructors and their usage,
Super and this keywords usage,
 Types of exceptions,
Try catch finally Mechanism,
Final variable,
Java collections,
ArrayList , Set, List, Linked list
Date and calendar classes  and many more !!

Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android&iOS + Jenkins

Automate Android native application using Cucumber, Appium and Ruby + Bonus iOS Setup!

Created by Alex Petrovski - Software engineer in test


Students: 7356, Price: $129.99

Students: 7356, Price:  Paid

Want to start writing automated tests?

In this course you will create your own project from beginning, including installation of all required tools, creating framework structure and learning what is Appium and how to use it.

Prior knowledge of Ruby programming language is not required. 

Course including 55+ video lectures with 100% hands-on material.

You'll learn hottest tools on a market: Cucumber, Appium and Ruby.

Also you'll be able to integrate your tests with Jenkins server!

In the end of this course you'll be able to automate similar projects by yourself

Bonus Lectures:

- How to setup project for your Android App.

- How to start iOS test automation (iOS app provided)

AWS Automation with boto3 of Python and Lambda Functions

Learn how to automate AWS common tasks using boto3 and Lambda |aws|boto3|Python boto3 API | boto3 API |AWS Lambda

Created by Narendra P - Automation Engineer with Scripting Languages and Tools


Students: 7022, Price: $44.99

Students: 7022, Price:  Paid

This Course is focused on concepts of Python Boto3 Module And Lambda using Python, Covers how to use Boto3 Module, Concepts of boto3 (session, resource, client, meta, collections, waiters and paginators) & AWS Lambda to build real-time tasks with Lots of Step by Step Examples.

This course also teaches how to refer to Boto3 Documentation to Develop Code For automating any kind of tasks in AWS.

Note: Collections,waiters and paginators are explained for different AWS services with different examples.

Elegant Automation Frameworks with Python and Pytest

Fast, scalable, professional-grade framework design

Created by Brandon Blair - Software Engineer


Students: 6802, Price: $119.99

Students: 6802, Price:  Paid

Give your team on-demand, actionable insights into the status of your product with a fast, scalable test automation framework written in Python using the Pytest toolkit. Learn how to eliminate boilerplate setup and teardown code, run multiple tests at the same time, and track the history of your test runs to identify slow or problematic tests.

Learn lessons collected over years of professional automation in just a few hours.

  • Never manage test suites again - let them manage themselves
  • Achieve blazing fast test runs with parallel execution
  • More coverage with less code
  • Industry-ready test structure

A Bulletproof approach to automation fundamentals  Python is one of the most popular languages in the world, and the demand for it is only increasing. Pytest is one of the most actively maintained testing frameworks in the industry, and provides an incredible set of tools for faster, less-stressful testing.

Automated testing is one of the most in-demand fields in today's tech market, but there is very little guidance on how the engineer can move from writing tests to building a robust test architecture. Reliable test frameworks save compounding amounts of time and money, improve trust between testers and developers, and make for happier testers. Happy testers are more productive, more effective, and tend to grow within the organization. Everyone wins.

The most widely circulated videos on these topics speak only to the technologies themselves, and do not offer viable implementation guidance or valuable industry practices. I have made these valuable practices the focus of this course.

Content and Overview Suitable for those comfortable with basic Python and Object-Oriented Programming concepts, these lectures build a rock-solid foundation of skills required to automate at a professional level.

Beginning with a brief introduction and a step-by-step setup of Pytest, this course allows you to watch as I walk you through each action, explaining as we go.

We will discuss what makes a good framework, and maybe more importantly, what makes a bad one. We will learn how to use test searching to avoid cumbersome test suites, and how fixtures can eliminate up to 80% of the code in a bloated codebase.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to build high-performance, well-organized, scalable test frameworks at the professional level.

Equipped with code samples, short quizzes, and info-rich videos, you’ll have no trouble following along with the concepts, and I am always available for questions.

Finally, automating is a blast, and I wish more people did it. Let me rephrase that - I wish more people did it, and did it well! We need more people like you executing effective, high-value automation solutions, so let's get started on this journey together!

API Testing with Python 3 & PyTest, Backend Automation 2021

Learn to build framework for API automation testing (backend testing) using Python and PyTest, SQL, Reports, Docker ...

Created by Admas Kinfu - Learn from the experienced.


Students: 6152, Price: $119.99

Students: 6152, Price:  Paid

Course Description

Learn how to use Python to test the back-end of web services or APIs. We use industry standard real eCommerce RESTful API to practice testing using Python programming language.

We will build a framework using one of the most popular testing tools PyTest. The framework we will build will be extendable and scalable to be able to include frontend (Selenium WebDriver) testing.

The skills learned here are used in any Web Serivces testing.

BONUS: SQL Crash Course

You will learn how to use SQL to read and write to/from databases. We will use MySQL for our main test site so we will use the same database to learn SQL. SQL (sequel) is critical skill for any test engineer (manual or automation needs to know basic SQL).

The crash course in SQL is short and precise. Topics only directly related to automation are covered. Great addition to your resume and interview process.

Critical addition to your resume

If you are getting into the QA world or you are looking to advance your career, having API testing skill will accelerate your success. Python is one of the most popular languages to use in software testing, and knowing how to use it for API/Backend testing will expand your pool of possibilities.

In addition to using Python for API/Backend testing, the tools we will use are great addition to your resume. We will be using industry standard tools that can be applied to several tasks beyond API testing.

After completion of this course you will be able to go through interview as if you have API testing experience. You will also have plenty of APIs to test and practice.

Content and Overview

In this course we will spend some time creating an eCommerce application on our local machine. We will install a package that includes web server and database. Using this package we will install WordPress and install necessary plugins to make it an eCommerce application. The eCommerce application gives us all the APIs we will test.

We have access to the database so we will test API data against the
database. We will create a efficiently structured test framework and
learn how to use Python to perform our verification.

We will
also learn how to use a Python test runner tool "pytest" see why test
runner tools are critical for automation testing.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 35 + lectures (continuously adding more examples)

  • Plenty of APIs (endpoints) for you to practice with      beyond this class

  • Enough material and examples to be able to create a      project and maintain a GitHub repo

  • Industry standard tools to add to your resume.

    • Like

      • MySQL Workbench

      • AMPPS (package with Apache, MySQL, PHP, ....)

      • WordPress

      • WooCommerce

Cypress: Web Automation Testing from Zero to Hero

Quick and easy Web UI Automation from scratch with Cypress - a modern JavaScript-based framework

Created by Artem Bondar - Test Automation Engineer


Students: 5930, Price: $29.99

Students: 5930, Price:  Paid

This class will give you a complete understanding of what is Cypress framework and you will learn how to use all key framework capabilities. Cypress is a very modern JavaScript-based framework. It has everything you need right out of the box: Test Runner, Assertion libraries, reporters and so on. It s very nicely and easily can be integrated into the front end application (this is what we will do) and your tests will be executed in the same run loop as your application. That's why this framework is very fast!  And don't worry if you never used JavaScript before. Writing automation tests in Cypress looks more like knowing what sequence of the Cypress commands you should call to perform certain actions in the browser. It s not really programming. It's a kind of scripting following Cypress rules.

We will start with the very basic concepts of Web UI Automation so you will have the right foundation from the beginning (From Zero). Even if you will use any other framework for web automation in the future, the basics from this class will remain with you forever and will be very useful. I promise that you will be a GURU in building locators for any web element on the page. This is one of the most important parts of UI Automation and I have spent a lot of time on a detailed explanation of that.

Unlike many other Automation frameworks, Cypress can interact with APIs as well and you can automate API testing with Cypress actually. So again, if you don't know what API is about, we will start with Zero and learn everything you need to know about Cypress capabilities for API interaction.

And we definitely go through Page Objects, which is very important to use! When you have 10 to 20 tests, you can maintain your code as is, but when you have 200-300 tests, the maintainability of the test framework is a number one priority. The right structure of page objects is a key for the code reusability (no copy/paste your code) and maintainability.

Also, we will go thought different advanced topics such as environment variables, setting up multiple reporters, cypress retry plugin for failed tests and eventually we will run tests in Docker Container. If that will be your first experience with Docker, no worries, we will talk about basic Docker concepts as well.

By the end of the class, trust me, you will be a Cypress Hero :)

Elegant Browser Automation with Python and Selenium

Fast, scalable, professional-grade UI automation principles

Created by Brandon Blair - Software Engineer


Students: 5229, Price: $109.99

Students: 5229, Price:  Paid

Master the fundamentals of browser automation using the Python language with Selenium. Walk confidently into any interview for entry-level browser automation or increase your technical value by showing your current employer that you are ready for new and bigger challenges.

Learn lessons collected over years of professional automation in just a few hours.

  • Fast, readable automation using minimal code
  • The quickest and most effective way to identify web elements
  • Page Objects and Element Objects implemented sensibly and effectively
  • Industry-ready test structure and composition

A Bulletproof approach to automation fundamentals 
Python is one of the most popular languages in the world, and the demand for it is only increasing. Selenium is an industry standard for test automation, so Python's readability make the two a perfect match for writing valuable automated tests.

Browser automation is in high demand as software testing costs rise and the software industry explodes in size. Unfortunately, engineers interested in automation have little in the way of concrete guidance on how to be successful, or what properly written automation code even looks like. 

The most widely circulated videos on these topics speak only to the technologies themselves, and do not offer viable implementation guidance or valuable industry practices. I have made these valuable practices the focus of this course.

Content and Overview Suitable for those comfortable with basic Python and Object-Oriented Programming concepts, these lectures build a rock-solid foundation of skills required to automate at a professional level.

Beginning with a step-by-step setup of the development environment using Virtual Environments (a must for aspiring Python developers) and Selenium setup, this course allows you to watch as I walk you through each step, explaining as we go.

Once the environment is ready we will discuss how web elements work, and how the best and fastest automation engineers (a rare breed!) identify them for automation. I will demonstrate each concept in real time as a conversation. That means you will spend almost NO time watching traditional lectures or slides, and almost all your time seeing the concepts in action or following along with me.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge to begin a career in entry-level browser automated testing, or to automate their browser for any number of useful purposes to include data-scraping and task automation.

Equipped with code samples,code challenges, short quizzes, and info-rich videos, you’ll have no trouble following along with the concepts, and I am always available for questions.

Finally, automating is a blast, and I wish more people did it. Let me rephrase that - I wish more people did it, and did it well! We need more people like you executing effective, high-value automation solutions, so let's get started on this journey together!

Design Patterns & Best Practices- Selenium Framework Design

Learn Industry Standard Automation Framework with Top Coding Design Patterns & Seamless Integration to Latest tech tools

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Students


Students: 4365, Price: $89.99

Students: 4365, Price:  Paid

Your Struggle ends here in designing Top Notch Enterprise level Selenium Frameworks with all the Proven Best Coding Standards.
This course will explain most important Java Design Patterns which will be very suitable for Test Frameworks design and guide you from scratch with step by step Implementation of the Framework solution with all Proven Best Practices.

You will also learn Advance Maintenance methods on how to Integrate your Framework with Artifactory Management tools like JFROG with Maven Snapshot Jars and build Continuous Integration Solution with Git Hub Web Hooks

On Successful course completion, You can confidently Claim yourself as Test Architect/ Expert in Frameworks Design as per the Latest Standards of 2021

· What are Design Patterns?
In software engineering, a software design pattern is a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design.

Design Patterns discussed in this Course for Automation Framework Design:

Single Responsibility Design Pattern (SRP)
Strategy Design Pattern
Factory Design Pattern
Execute around Design Pattern
Screenplay Design Pattern

· Best Practices you will learn from this course:

Connecting Core Automation Framework with Child Test Frameworks with Maven Dependencies

Understand how to create Snapshot of one Project and include it in another Project
Importance of Jfrog Artifactory Management tool in Test Automation Frameworks for code centralization

Creating Git Hub Web Hooks to implement Continuous Integration for every code commit to Artifactory/ Git

Implementing Hash Map Mechanism for Data Drive Testing which constitutes many data inputs

WebDriverIO + Node.js -JavaScript UI Automation from Scratch

Top class tutorial on WebDriverIO ( Selenium JavaScript) Automation Testing from basics to Framework including JS Basics

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Students


Students: 3104, Price: $89.99

Students: 3104, Price:  Paid

What is WebDriverIO?

WebdriverIO allows you to automate any application written with modern web frameworks such as React, Angular, Polymeror Vue.js as well as native mobile applications for Android and iOS.

WebDriverIO built on Node.js engine and Uses JavaScript to code the Automation
WebdriverIO uses Selenium under hood. All the great things about Selenium are available in WebDriverIO with additional advantage of exclusive assertions for Test Validations.

How is this Course Designed?

· This course starts from Scratch by teaching all the Java Script Fundamentals needed for Test Automation

· We will then drive into WebDriverIO Core topics and cover All the concepts to handle UI Automation with real time examples and quizzes

· We shall also learn how to design Industry Standard WebDriver+Node.js Framework from Scratch with all best practices used.

Additionally this course also train students on  Node.js Basics , Mocha, Chai Testing Frameworks

So what makes this course Unique in the Market?

We assume that students have no experience in automation / coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.

Examples are taken from REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS to understand how different components can be automated.

By end of this course, one can automate any Web Application using WebDriverIO JavaScript and can gain the ability to design JavaScript Test frameworks from scratch for the developed automation tests.

Appium Mobile Automation – Android & iOS + Frameworks + CICD

Master Appium, Design Production Ready Frameworks, Implement CI/CD & Become Mobile Test Automation Expert

Created by Omprakash Chavan - Test Automation Lead


Students: 2470, Price: $89.99

Students: 2470, Price:  Paid

Course Updates:

Dec 2020: The Course content is updated for the year 2021!

Why this course?

  • This is one of the most comprehensive Appium course ever created online

  • I have explained every concept in great details and with live coding

  • No other online course covers iOS real device automation like the way I have covered

  • We will be designing and implementing production ready frameworks using Appium + TestNG and Appium + Cucumber BDD

  • We will integrate frameworks with other important tools like Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports and so on

  • This is the only course that covers end to end CI/CD implementation using Appium for both iOS and Android

  • This is the only course that covers parallel execution on real Android and iOS devices

  • We will be running the Appium framework on BrowserStack cloud and implement CI/CD using Jenkins

  • We will be covering a lot of automation best practices and Appium tips and tricks throughout the course

What the course offers?

  • The main objective of the course is to take you from the beginner level to advanced level so that you can lead the entire mobile automation effort from the planning phase all the way to the CI/CD implementation.

  • The course mainly focuses on teaching you the Appium concepts with live coding examples.

Important topics covered:

  • Introduction to Appium

  • JAVA Essentials

  • Setting up Appium environment on Windows for Android

  • Setting up Appium environment on MAC for iOS and Android

  • Creating our first Appium project

  • Native Apps automation

  • Appium Gestures using Touch Action API

  • Appium Driver Commands

  • WEBVIEW automation for Hybrid and Web (Browser) apps

  • TDD Framework design from scratch using Appium and TestNG

  • BDD Framework design from scratch using Appium and Cucumber

  • Complete CI/CD implementation from scratch for iOS and Android

  • Run Appium on BrowserStack cloud through CI/CD

If you are stuck and need help

Do not worry if you are stuck somewhere and need my help.

I’m in the Q&A to help you get unstuck. I'll reply to every question to get you back on track.

Test Automation Framework [ Spring Boot + Selenium + BDD ]

Learn Automatic Dependency Injection, Test Automation Framework Development using Spring Boot & Cucumber BDD.

Created by Vinoth Selvaraj - Principal Engineer


Students: 1632, Price: $19.99

Students: 1632, Price:  Paid

Spring Boot is a popular application development framework in the Java community. Spring Boot simplifies the developer life by handling most of the routine activities.

Write less code & Achieve more In your Test Automation Framework.The aim of this course is to use Spring Boot to create a test automation framework for your functional tests with Selenium and Cucumber.

We will be learning various Spring's concepts.

  • Dependency Injection: How to create specific objects in our Page Objects, test classes automatically. Spring will just give it to you!!

  • WebDriver Manager: How to manage web driver life cycle automatically using Spring Boot.

  • Page Objects & Page Fragments: How to create reusable page components and get them injected into Page Objects.

  • Parallel test execution: How to create multiple threads, manage web drivers and run tests in parallel etc with clear thread specific scope.

  • Executing tests in multiple environments (DEV / QA / STG / PRD): How to manage environment specific properties like URLs, user credentials etc via property files.

  • Localization testing: How to do localization testing! For ex: An application which supports multiple languages. How to do language keywords validation using Spring Boot.

  • Data driven testing using Spring Data JPA: We often have a lot of test data in a spreadsheet. How to execute all your tests by reading the tests from spread sheet without much effort by using Spring Data JPA.

  • Cucumber feature files: Adding BDD into our framework. Driving tests by writing Cucumber feature files.

  • External resources: How to access external resources like properties, files etc into our framework.

  • Automatic window/frame switching: An elegant way of switching windows/frames etc by creating annotations. Ex: @Window

  • Aspect oriented programming: Take screenshots automatically without saying anything in your tests by using AOP.

  • Local vs Remote Grid: How to execute your tests in local & in remote selenium grid by simply switching Spring profiles easily.

and Much more!!!

Real World Python Test Automation with Pytest (Django app)

Learn Pytest by building a full Django application with a Continuous Integration system, software testing best practices

Created by Eden Marco - Best Selling Instructor| Author of Top 3% of Udemy's courses


Students: 1328, Price: $89.99

Students: 1328, Price:  Paid

This is a MUST course for anyone who cares about testing.

I teach the ins and outs of pytest while building a real world django application (including a continuous integration system in bitbucket).

In this course we will build a very simple django server, I will teach just enough django so that we will be able to build the application, and then focus on testing it.

We will together test the application from all angels - Unit tests, integration tests,API tests,  end to end tests ,performance tests with (a total of over 40 tests)

You will end up with a complete CI system that integrates bitbucket cloud pipelines, slack messaging and allure reporting.
Every time we will make a push, the CI system will run our tests and will notify us if the build passed/failed

In this course we go in depth and we will even implement together (from scratch) some of pytest's features so that we will know what happening under the hood when pytest is running our tests.

This is not an entry-level course, basic knowledge of python is needed

You will learn:

Pytest features (in depth)

  • Fixtures

  • Markers

  • Parametrize

  • Skip, xfail

  • Pytest.ini

  • Pytest-django

  • Pytest-cov

  • pytest-xdist

  • unittest library, mocks

  • Requests library

Django (just enough to build a web server)

  • Rest API

  • Models, Migrations

  • Views

  • Serializers

  • SQLite3 DB

  • Email backends

Continuous Integration (in depth)

  • Bitbucket pipelines

  • Bitbucket environment variables

  • Parallel steps

  • Docker

  • Slack messaging integration

  • Allure Reporting

Testing (In depth)

  • Unit tests

  • Mocking. Patching, Stubs

  • Integration tests

  • Performance tests

  • Testing environments

Python best practice

  • Virtual environments: pipenv

  • Pipfile

  • Type hinting

  • Black formatter

  • .env File