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Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks

"TOP RATED (BEST SELLER) #1 Master SELENIUM java course" -5 Million students learning worldWide with great collaboration

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 192091, Price: $129.99

Students: 192091, Price:  Paid

Course last updated on April 15th with Latest Selenium 4.0 Version +Framework Interview questions

  • Have a Passion of learning Selenium but have no coding knowledge ? I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and life time query support  through QA Forum , Skype and Teamviewer

  • The one and only Selenium course (350+Lectures) in Udemy which conferred with the ** official BEST SELLER Tag *** and Highest Ratings -30,000+ 5 star Ratings)/ /

  • *******Watchout Lecture 2 which depicts our roaring Success in Udemy with Success stories  *****
    --Includes: 50+ Hours     lectures with real time projects + OnDemand Skype, Teamviewer sessions  (Life time support)  including Job Assistance    + 5 Million Students learning forum and 100 Pages detailed Material which you will not find in any other online course 

This course covers Java Basics core + Selenium Webdriver + Advanced Selenium + Interview Preparation + Framework design ( TestNG, ANT, Pageobject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ) + Selenium Grid + DataBase Testing + Performance Testing on Selenium scripts + Mobile testing Basics + Resume Preparation including       " Life Time Support (On Demand skype sessions) + Material + Job Assistance- (US, India, Canada

***** One stop to become an Expert in Selenium from scratch *****

I noticed other courses using the same content as our course. Please be aware of them

On course completion You will be Mastered in Selenium Automation Testing and implementing Successfully in your work place or you will land on High Paying Job 

  ************************************************** **************************************************
    So what makes this course Unique in the Market?

We assume that students have no experience in automation / coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.

Examples are taken from  REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS  to understand how different components can be automated.

  Topics includes: 
Complete Core java

  1. Selenium Webdriver- Major focus (20 hours+ content)

  2.  Live Examples in Automating Web applications in all supported Browsers

  3.  Strategy to handle Rich Web UI using Advanced WebDriver

  4.  Real time challenges we face in WebDriver and solutions to handle it

  5. Selenium Grid

  6. Live projects on Selenium 

  7. Interview questions discussion with solutions

  8. TestNG

  9. Maven

  10. ANT

  11. Jenkins

  12. Log4j

  13. Test Execution reports

  14. Cucumber

  15. Data driven framework

  16. Hybrid Framework

  17. Page object Model Framework

  18. DataBase testing with Selenium

  19. Performance testing with Selenium

  20. Mobile Automation basics only!

  21. CLoud Automation with Sauce labs

  22. Framework Design from scratch (       TestNG, ANT, PageObject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel , Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ,Client html reports) 

All the Best! Happy Testing :)

Selenium WebDriver Training with Java & Many Live Frameworks

#1 TOP RATED, BEST SELLER Course on SELENIUM, Trusted by 300,000+ students with Many Live Projects & Frameworks

Created by Rahul Arora - Way2Automation - Director & The Automation Guru


Students: 138026, Price: $19.99

Students: 138026, Price:  Paid

In depth Course on Selenium WebDriver Trusted by 300,000+ students, Includes many Live Projects & End 2 End Frameworks


      Selenium a Web based automation testing tool that automates anything and everything available on a Web page. Initially started by Thoughtworks and currently Google developers are supporting the latest version i.e. WebDriver. 

                   These lecture will provide you full hands on session on how you can automate web based applications and implement various frameworks such as Data driven, Hybrid, Page Object model, Page factories, Cucumber BDD etc. 

                  Here, you will find the detailed content which will help you get started on Selenium and build your java programming basics.

This course is the first Selenium course on Udemy and covers over 100 hours of topics which no other Selenium courses in the industry covers in this much depth. Along with this the other part of this course focuses majorly on the Architect level topics where we will see detailed implementation of 7 Live projects with many frameworks and approaches covered which will include, Parallel execution frameworks, Multithreading, Java Generics, Virtual environment

including Dockers etc and the base of all is you will get in-depth knowledge on Core Java that covers basic if, else, loops arrays, basic OOPS - inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, Collections, Reflections and many more topics related to java i.e. File Handling, Log4j, JavaMAIL API, Interactive report generation using ReportNG, Extent Reports etc

---------------What our students says------------

Nitin Gupta:

Beautifully Explained With Step By Step Instructions! We Have Come A Long Way From 2013 To 2020!! Kudos

Mansi Dalal:

I would like to short and sweet. This is the best training videos for selenium. I have taken a classes but this is better than classes. Going in detail covering everything. Including interview questions and assignments. 100 out of 100. Buy Buy Buy.. I contacted tutor and he replied too.. What else you want.

Balaji Ramanan:

Indepth explanation.Finding it useful. I see this course to be one stop solution to selenium, appium, frameworks,DB testing . No other course provides this sort of patient explanation. Would like to appreciate the instructor's passion towards teaching the concepts under 1 course. Reason for saying so is, many commercial people would split this course length into 5 to 6 parts and make money.

Sk Amir Ullah:

Just beyond my expectation. An amazing course with in depth explanation. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in Automation just blindly go with this course.

I am enjoying the course.

The best part of this course i found that the instructor "Rahul" is very active. When you get stuck, don't worry just put your query and it will be solved with the most genuine solution within 12 hours , which means a lot............ :)

Amit Verma:

I have found this course very helpful and very well organized. It is explained very well theoretically as well as practically. I really recommend this course for anyone with non some background of programming.

Ranjit Kumar:

The way of teaching is really excellent any one can understand easily event the person who are not from the coding background,I have learnt how to do code optimization and new updates tool.

                 Benefits from the Course: 

  • Life time access to 100+ hours of Advance Selenium video lectures.

  • Life time best support in your queries.

  • Get chance to work on Many live projects with in-depth framework designing and end to end automation

  • You should be able to justify 2-3 years of your current experience in Automation after this course

                   Apart from Selenium various other APIs are integrated as well like TestNG, ReportNG, Log4J, JavaMAIL API, Extent Reports etc which will help you a lot in designing powerful frameworks. At the end of the training you will be able to automate any web based application of your own and should be able to work on live projects. After the course you should be able to justify 3+ years of your current experience in Selenium and can crack any Selenium automation interview easily 

                   Many assignments, PDF lectures and source code for each module is available for download.                   

Not only this the best advantage of this course is the level of support you will get in your queries and automation projects where ever you are stuck with.

Support will be provided through Q&A section of this course

So being the biggest Selenium course in the industry I always make sure to update the course with latest API changes so anything that you need to learn in Selenium you will find that topics in this course and if not then you can message me and If the topic is relevant then I will include in the course.

Appium -Mobile Testing (Android/IOS) from Scratch+Frameworks

Master on Mobile Automation Testing (Android/IOS) from basics to Framework CI/CD with real time examples

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Udemy Students


Students: 59281, Price: $139.99

Students: 59281, Price:  Paid

**Course Last Updated - July 5th -  Appium Parallel execution on Cloud Servers ***
***Top Rated/Ranked Popular APPIUM Course with Life time Q/A Support on Udemy with highest Students Enrollment

"Learn Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Automation (Android+ IOS) Even If You've Never Programmed Before.

50,000+ Potential students already enrolled and 5 start reviews all the way
On course completion You will be Mastered in Mobile Automation Testing in both Android&IOS and can implement Successfully it in your workplace or will surely land on High Paying Job ."Decide the Quality of Course by watching Preview Lectures and Students  Reviews" 

What makes this Course  Unique in the Market?

  •   Videos will be updated on regular basis based up on latest released versions of APPIUM 

  • This is the most Popular Appium course ever you will find online with Top User ratings

  • I have explained every concept in great details from Scratch so that any one can master in this tool on course completion

  • We will be designing and implementing Industry Standard frameworks using Appium  with TestNG Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports

  • Detailed demonstration on end to end CI/CD implementation using Appium for both iOS and Android

  • Understand parallel execution on real Android and iOS devices using Cloud Infrastructure

  • Only course which explains many  Appium tips and tricks needed to clear Interviews or complete the Assignments given in the projects

                                              High level Topics Include: 

Appium Features   
Appium Internal Architecture 
Configuration setup for running tests on Android and IOS Simulators/Emulators
Configuration setup for running tests on Android and IOS real devices
 How to Automate Native (Android&IOS) Apps  using Appium
 How to Automate Hybrid (Android&IOS) Apps  using Appium
In Depth explanation of Appium API's/comands and their usage
Mobile Gestures Automation scroll,swipe, longpress, tap, Touch Actions using Appium                                          
Automating Browser Apps using Appium                                            
Tips in inspecting objects on Apps and Mobile browser with uiautomatorviewer and APpium Inspector 
Appium Hybrid Framework from Scratch with top design patterns
designing and implementing Industry Standard frameworks using Appium  with TestNG Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports
Appium Framework CI/D Integration
Appium Cloud Automation on Browserstack



                                                                                      Happy Testing!!!!!!! 

Appium – Selenium for Mobile Automation Testing

Automate mobile testing Appium course, covering from appium download to interview questions (mobile automation tool)

Created by Vaibhav Singhal - Software Testing Coach


Students: 38352, Price: Free

Students: 38352, Price:  Free

*** Probably THE MOST POPULAR APPIUM COURSE on Udemy! ***

*** Course Updated as of August 2017! ***

*** Only course in Udemy which is taught on Real devices with real examples***

Definitely best course for Appium and price less as compared to other courses available. Support is good,instructor is available if any help is required. Would recommend this course to all. by Zhong


Appium provides an excellent platform for supporting mobile application automation testing. An easy to use tool, the Appium provides excellent opportunities for those who wants to move to mobile testing space.

A recent global study has indicated that there will be a huge demand for mobile test automation engineers and Big IT companies are looking forward to hire well trained Appium automation testers. It is a relatively new field and there are vast opportunities for testers who are trained in Appium from a good trainer.

After going through these lectures you should be able to master the Mobile automation testing using Appium APIs

Are you a manual/web automation tester who wants to start automating mobile apps?

Or maybe you're seeking a raise or even a career change?

Huge student in very short time as compared to other years old courses.

I really enjoyed this course. It was well-presented, and each lesson had a wealth of practical examples to cement the teachings.I found Vaibhav to be very personable and knowledgeable. This is someone who really knows his stuff. by R Tim


Over 3000 satisfied students are enrolled in my Appium courses across the Web


This Appium course will be covering from very basic Selenium to the Expert Level.

During the course to explain all ways of interacting with Mobile Apps either Native or Hybrid or WebApp. Covering each topics with real examples on real devices.

During course will be covering all best practices used with Appium i.e TestNG, Maven, Ant to be name few. Covering all popular frameworks available i.e Page Object Model, Data Drivern Framework.

Will be updating new videos whenever new features/API is added to Appium so that you are always update in Market.

No other course on Udemy covers in depth topic on Appium.

This course covers:

  • Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and WebApps
  • Concept of UIAutomator
  • Drawbacks and Limitatiions
  • Download and Configure Android on local machine
  • Understanding difference between Api level and Android version
  • Configuring appium on Simulator
  • Downloading/Configuring Appium, Selenium from Maven/POM dependencies
  • How to get Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage for any application
  • Using Android UI Automator’sUISelector() and its functions
  • Using UI Automator in Compressed layout
  • Finding selected Elements
  • Finding elements by text using AndroidUIAutomator commands
  • Launching XML View from WebDriver
  • Android key events like home, backspace, delete etc
  • Web Application Testing
  • All tools and concepts needs for Selenium automation
  • Appium examples with multiple apps
  • Appium Grid
  • Preparation for Appium interview
  • Integration of Jenkins with Appium for Continuous Integration
  • Maven Appium
  • Page Object Model
  • Appium with Sauce Labs
  • Appium and testng framework
  • Appium with Git Repository


Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you find the course useless for your career, don't forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I'll add to the course.
  • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.
  • Check out the curriculum and FREE lectures for a course preview.


Enroll NOW and hop on the Appium Training program. Let's get started!

Cucumber with Java-Build Automation Framework in lesser code

Step by Step Cucumber BDD Approach to design the powerful Testing framework(Selenium,Appium,API) with very MINIMALCODE

Created by Rahul Shetty - Founder of|350k+ QA Students


Students: 23710, Price: $19.99

Students: 23710, Price:  Paid

Latest Update : On Students demand, Added additional 4 hour lectures on Best Practises for Selenium Integration with Cucumber"
Say Good bye in writing  hell lot of the code to develop  Automation Frameworks and welcome cucumber!
"Cucumber- A life saver tool for QA Industry in developing Test Frameworks with minimal programming knowledge..   
 This course helps you to build a top class framework So that you can implement it for any Automation test cases developed in Selenium, Appium, Rest Assured API.

On course completion You will be Mastered in Cucumber framework and can implement Successfully it in your work place for any automation test cases you have

Course content includes
What is cucumber
Cucumber BDD approach
Gherkin syntaxes
Rules in defining Cucumber feature file
Cucumber Automation terminologies
Data driven testing with Cucumber
DataTable feature and its importance
regular expression for developing reusable components
Parameterizing tests with Example keyword
Cucumber Hooks and Tagging features
Smart usage of combining hooks and tags together
Junit Test Runner importance with cucumber
Cucumber options Attriubute options
Generating reports for cucumber tests
Integrating cucumber tests with Maven
Scheduling tests from Jenkins for Continous Integration

All the above topics are discussed from scratch level with lots of Practical examples for better understanding..

Wish you good Luck!

CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing

CP-SAT stands for “Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing” - coverage for old version of CP-SAT Syllabus

Created by Agile Testing Alliance Org - Surest way to learn Practical Agile Testing


Students: 21811, Price: Free

Students: 21811, Price:  Free

What is CP-SAT?

CP-SAT stands for “Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing”.

  • CP-SAT certification exam can be taken by anyone without going through the training program covering the learning objectives on the CPSAT web site and on the Agile Testing Alliance web site.

  • CP-SAT certification exam is the only globally accepted certification exam covering practical assessment.

  • CP-SAT learning objective gives the coverage topics for anyone who want to give the exam. Any training covering the CP-SAT Syllabus would be covering the learning objectives in a practical manner.

  • CP-SAT exam can now be taken in three language streams

    1. Java

    2. C#

    3. Python

The training course provided by accredited CP-SAT license trainers is applicable for all roles and not just “testers”. Knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed to focus on “practical aspects of testing” and not just on “theory”.

Comprehensive guide for resume writing

Resume writing and template creation for all QA professionals. Learn some cool resume writing tricks to maximize calls

Created by Vaibhav Singhal - Software Testing Coach


Students: 18260, Price: Free

Students: 18260, Price:  Free

A resume is a very important piece of document which decides your eligibility for any job. If you have an exceptional set of skills but are unable to fabricate a proper resume then you might miss out on a good job offer. You can even think of your resume as a sales-pitch which can be referred by recruiters to judge your credibility. So if you structure your resume well, provide the right information and use the right keywords at the right location, you can improve your profile’s visibility. In this course, we will start with the very basics of resume writing, talk about the items that recruiters look out for and mention the right places to upload your resume, in order to gain the highest visibility.

We divided the entire resume into different sections and targeted each section individually to specify its importance and how you can fill them with the right information. We talk about the importance of a brief summary section and how choosing the right keywords can improve your resume. While constructing the course material we went through different resume templates and worked with different designs, so that you yourselves can create a resume which makes full utilization of the available space without compromising with the look and feel. After going through the tutorial you would be able to:

  • Find out the right editing tools that can be used for creating a resume.
  • Know, why content in the resume is so important and what do recruiters actually look for in it?
  • How to make your resume stand out from other applicants?
  • Selecting the best styling options to increase your resume’s visibility?
  • The common mistakes while creating a resume
  • Make sections to structure the content
  • Optimize resume real estate to include maximum skills
  • Know the behavior of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to increase your chances of interview calls
  • Selecting the right keywords based on your profession to increase visibility on job portals and after portfolio selection.
  • Mention past experiences in the right way
  • Figure out the right way to create a multi-page resume
  • Find out the distinct formatting required for multi-page resume
  • Know how lengthy a resume should be
  • Finalize your resume and revising, to smooth out the rough edges
  • Know about the best places or portals to upload your resume
  • Get to know about the best practices while carrying or producing your resume during a personal interview

In this tutorial, we start by covering the basic types of resume and which type suits your purpose the best. We talk about the pros and cons of each resume type and provide resume samples of each. Then, we jump right into the different steps for resume writing. We have also created a plan which you can follow step by step to create the perfect resume for yourself.

We have also covered the various text editing tools available in the market across different platforms which can be used for creating your resume and used Google docs to create the resume template. While following the plan, we first laid down the characteristic features that a recruiter looks for and made sure that we build the template ground up using that approach. To get the aesthetics right, we select margin, alignment, font styling and line spacing that meets the industry standard and grabs the attention of the recruiters as well.

As this tutorial is meant for freshers as well as the experience lot, we have discussed how resume length varies with expertise. The tutorial covers single-page resume and multi-page resume and clearly defines the guidelines for both. How multi-page resume needs to be structured and what are the ideal practices that need to be followed. Be it any profession, designing, photography, software development or testing, management, marketing or advertising, this tutorial would teach you how to create the perfect resume.

Every section and its significance have been clearly described in the tutorial along with clear examples to further increase the usefulness of this course. We have also shared a dummy template which you can download and use it for creating your own resume. It's that simple!

While creating this tutorial, our primary focus was to understand the current recruitment process thoroughly and use this knowledge to lay down the structure of the perfect resume template. We made sure that the template that you will be having at the end of this tutorial would not only be easily readable by the ATS but also grab the attention of the recruiters. We went though many resume samples and tried to single out the aspects that are not recommended. At the end of this tutorial, you would be sure of the best practices related to resume development and know some cool tricks to increase your resume’s visibility.

Test Data Generation for Selenium and Appium

Third Party API tools to generate Random Unique Test Data in Java and C#

Created by Krishna Sakinala - Specialist Quality Lead, Youtuber and Blogger


Students: 13168, Price: Free

Students: 13168, Price:  Free

Test data is very important in manual testing as well as in automation testing. But if the test data changes in manual testing then it is not a big issue when compared to automation testing. As in the manual testing the tester can change/create the data as he is aware that the data changes and he will have enough application knowledge. But when it comes to the automation, the tool can not have this kind of knowledge or information. To avoid these kind of issues we can use some third party APIs to generate random unique test data or fake data.

Appium – Mobile Testing with Latest 1.20 and Live Projects

260+ Lectures, 65+ Hours of inDepth training on Mobile apps automation for IOS and Android using Appium on Real Devices

Created by Rahul Arora - Way2Automation - Director & The Automation Guru


Students: 8900, Price: $19.99

Students: 8900, Price:  Paid

       One single course to Master Mobile automation testing for IOS and Android  2021


Update: New Lectures added based on Latest Appium 1.20 (2021) for IOS 14 with XCUITest and Android 10.0 update

Update: Master Mobile Automation framework added for IOS and Android

  ********What makes this course unique from others********************** 

65+ hours of Latest and unique content, 260+ Lectures which you will not find in any other Appium courses on Udemy 



Added the lectures from Recent API Updates i.e. 1.20.2

Added Lecture on Appium Grid - Parallel execution on Multiple Devices

Added lectures on Mobile Automation Master Framework - One Framework to Automate All Types of Native, Hybrid & WebApp with integration of Page Objects, Page Factory and Cucumber BDD


As the mobile market is growing so there's a demand of Mobile application testers increasing like anything across the Globe.

  Appium: supports Mobile application testing on Native, Hybrid & WebApps for Iphone, Ipads & Android real device and Emulators / Simulators. 

                These are the unique Appium training tutorials in market that will help you in learning Mobile apps automation testing for IOS and Android in very simple way

                                    I have covered examples on both Simulators / Emulators and Real IOS & Android Devices. 

                                        Not just the video lectures you will see the entire coding part done  step by step and the lectures are explained in a very detailed and  practical approach is taken in every example by the trainer. 

Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android&iOS + Jenkins

Automate Android native application using Cucumber, Appium and Ruby + Bonus iOS Setup!

Created by Alex Petrovski - Software engineer in test


Students: 7356, Price: $129.99

Students: 7356, Price:  Paid

Want to start writing automated tests?

In this course you will create your own project from beginning, including installation of all required tools, creating framework structure and learning what is Appium and how to use it.

Prior knowledge of Ruby programming language is not required. 

Course including 55+ video lectures with 100% hands-on material.

You'll learn hottest tools on a market: Cucumber, Appium and Ruby.

Also you'll be able to integrate your tests with Jenkins server!

In the end of this course you'll be able to automate similar projects by yourself

Bonus Lectures:

- How to setup project for your Android App.

- How to start iOS test automation (iOS app provided)

Automating mobile with Appium in Python

Automating mobile with Appium in Python

Created by Ivan Tay - Software Engineer


Students: 4159, Price: $19.99

Students: 4159, Price:  Paid

Appium one of the most popular automation tool for Mobile Application Automation, It encompasses Native, Web & Hybrid apps.

What you will learn

  • By end of this course , you will be able to basic automation on Native and Hybrid apps in Android / iOS using Appium in Python

  • You will be able to write Gherkin in Behave

  • You will have knowledge on basic mobile concept

  • You will know how to connect to real device in Android and iOS

Cucumber BDD for Selenium & Appium with Live Projects

Learn and Master Cucumber BDD for Selenium and Appium with Live Projects

Created by Rahul Arora - Way2Automation - Director & The Automation Guru


Students: 3878, Price: $19.99

Students: 3878, Price:  Paid

Cucumber BDD for Selenium and Appium. Master the BDD world with Cucumber framework. In current market BDD frameworks are in lot of demand. Cucumber is one of the BDD framework that is available in different languages in which most of the popular languages are Java & Ruby

This course covers in depth of Cucumber BDD with framework designing and live project that will help you to master this API and hit the market. 

You will really find this course one of the best Cucumber BDD course in the market and I will try to cover maximum related topics in the course

Also I will make sure to add all latest stuff related to Cucumber and keep on updating new lectures to the course. Not only this you will get my complete support in your queries and automation project

Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python)

Best Course in Mobile automation with Robot framework (RED Editor) and Appium Library. Automate using Android emulators

Created by Bharat Malik - My course will help achieve your career goals


Students: 3002, Price: $89.99

Students: 3002, Price:  Paid

***One stop solution to learn Mobile test automation with the industry leader Robot Framework (Appium Library)***

***Be a master in automating test cases involving native and hybrid mobile application, and execute your automated scripts with Jenkins ***

**Robot Framework ( RED Editor )  Detailed Installation with Python3.7**

**Be Interview Ready in Just 4 Hours**

-->Learn from scratch the concepts of keyword driven and data driven frameworks

***Automate real time applications ***   

**Go script-less with Robot Framework.**

** Install Android Studio and  create your own  emulator **

  --->No Other Course in Robot framework provides detailed lectures on <--

  • Agile Test Methodology

  • Robot Framework Installation ( Red Editor )

  • Mobile Automation through Appium Library

  • Mobile automation architecture

  • Locators in mobile applications

  • End to End automation of Flight Application

  • Appium Architecture

  • Emulators and Cloud Providers

  • Installation of APK in emulators

    *** Flight Application APK Provided for free***

***Additionally you'll receive ***

  1. Hands-on exercises, assignments and live projects

  2. Quiz to test your learning

  3. Downloadable codes and notes from the training

  4. Interview questions and resume preparation tips

--> No Prior Coding Experience needed

--> Start as a Beginner and end as an Expert within 5 Hours.

--> Instructor reply to students questions within 24 hours.

Why this course as compared to other courses?

-->This course is all-in-one solution for automating Mobile applications

-->This course assumes that students have no prior knowledge in Manual and Automation Testing. Everything is taught from scratch.

-->Student gets hands on practice with variety of exercises, quiz and live projects.

-->This course covers interview questions and resume preparation tips.

Who all can take this course?

1. Students with No prior experience in testing

2. Students looking to switch their career in field of software testing

3. Manual Testers for Mobile applications

4. Manual tester looking to learn new skills for automation.

5. Students with no experience in coding.

6. Any Non IT Professional looking to enter IT Field.

7. Automation developers looking to learn new automation skills.

Scared of Java Programming?Try Step by Step Java for Testers

Java for Software Testers / QA , Helpful Practice, Java for Automation Testing/ Selenium Webdriver/Appium/ Rest Assured

Created by T World - Automation expert at theTestingWorld


Students: 2980, Price: $89.99

Students: 2980, Price:  Paid

➖➖➖➖>> Course Updates <<➖➖➖➖

Dec2020   :   Added Maven Videos

Aug 2020  :   Updated Video and Sound Quality

Mar 2020 :   Added JUnit & TestNG videos


  • JAVA is a most popular programming language for developer as well as testers.

  • From Testers point of view, we can use it with different tools like Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Jmeter and many other automation tools.

  • If you’re new to programming and want to enter either of these fields, this course is a great place to get started.

  • No Pre-requisite for staring this course, we will teach from installation to realtime implementation



  • In this course we prepare student for all automation challenges, it gives coverage of almost all basic and advance concepts of java which are required to work on different automation tool.

  • Here you will cover basic concepts like Class, Object, String, Loop and advance concepts like File Handling, working with Excel, Database connectivity, Collection API.

  • Here we cover OOPS in details which makes you working as well as interview ready.

  • Advance concepts like Exception Handling, Excel handling

  • File Handling & Excel Handling

  • Working with JUnit & TestNG

  • Working with Maven

  • Many Programming Exercise and Quiz

  • Access Modifiers, Keywords

  • Debugging

  • Interview Questions and Tips

  • 50+ Programming exercise for regular practice.

After completing this course, you will be very much comfortable to start automation and face automation interviews

Also you gonna get our instructor support to clear you queries asap.

Its a continuous grooming course which will give you in depth knowledge of theory as well as practical concepts

Appium Mobile Automation – Android & iOS + Frameworks + CICD

Master Appium, Design Production Ready Frameworks, Implement CI/CD & Become Mobile Test Automation Expert

Created by Omprakash Chavan - Test Automation Lead


Students: 2470, Price: $89.99

Students: 2470, Price:  Paid

Course Updates:

Dec 2020: The Course content is updated for the year 2021!

Why this course?

  • This is one of the most comprehensive Appium course ever created online

  • I have explained every concept in great details and with live coding

  • No other online course covers iOS real device automation like the way I have covered

  • We will be designing and implementing production ready frameworks using Appium + TestNG and Appium + Cucumber BDD

  • We will integrate frameworks with other important tools like Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports and so on

  • This is the only course that covers end to end CI/CD implementation using Appium for both iOS and Android

  • This is the only course that covers parallel execution on real Android and iOS devices

  • We will be running the Appium framework on BrowserStack cloud and implement CI/CD using Jenkins

  • We will be covering a lot of automation best practices and Appium tips and tricks throughout the course

What the course offers?

  • The main objective of the course is to take you from the beginner level to advanced level so that you can lead the entire mobile automation effort from the planning phase all the way to the CI/CD implementation.

  • The course mainly focuses on teaching you the Appium concepts with live coding examples.

Important topics covered:

  • Introduction to Appium

  • JAVA Essentials

  • Setting up Appium environment on Windows for Android

  • Setting up Appium environment on MAC for iOS and Android

  • Creating our first Appium project

  • Native Apps automation

  • Appium Gestures using Touch Action API

  • Appium Driver Commands

  • WEBVIEW automation for Hybrid and Web (Browser) apps

  • TDD Framework design from scratch using Appium and TestNG

  • BDD Framework design from scratch using Appium and Cucumber

  • Complete CI/CD implementation from scratch for iOS and Android

  • Run Appium on BrowserStack cloud through CI/CD

If you are stuck and need help

Do not worry if you are stuck somewhere and need my help.

I’m in the Q&A to help you get unstuck. I'll reply to every question to get you back on track.

Mobile automation using Appium for SDET – Bootcamp

Learn Basics of Mobile automation using Appium and get yourself prepared for the Appium Interview

Created by Naresh Shewakramani - Automation Architect


Students: 1913, Price: $89.99

Students: 1913, Price:  Paid

  • Its Time to Learn Mobile Automation!

Mobile market is booming tremendously and need of Quality Testing in these Platforms becoming a major challenge, especially finding a right Automation tool which works on all mobile platforms

Major asset of Appium is that this can work on both Android and IOS Platforms,which means write the code once and execute it in across platforms

All the topics were taught from basic to advanced level with a lot of tricks and tips which makes users to get perfection on the things. At the end of this course you can pick any Mobile application and can automate it what ever the way you want

Videos will be updated on regular basis based up on latest released versions of APPIUM

So what makes this Course Training Unique in the Market? Well.I teach the Concepts from the Scratch assuming my students are new to Mobile Automation and will get them through real time examples to boost confidence on them and finally make them ready for Interviews with my lectures

Other courses i offer on udemy

Selenium Webderiver | Selenium Testing Framework | Appium | REST Assured  | RESTful API  | RESTful Web Services | Devops | Jenkins | Apache Maven | Python | Docker | Jmeter | Coding Interviewes

Appium WinAppDriver UI Automation Testing Windows Apps in C#

Windows Application Driver Automation Testing, Appium Windows UI Test Automation, Automated Functional Testing, C# .Net

Created by Naeem Akram - Test Engineer Sr.


Students: 1096, Price: $39.99

Students: 1096, Price:  Paid

Appium Based Windows Application Driver (WinAppDriver) is the newest automation testing tool for UI Automation and Software Functional Testing for testing desktop applications by Microsoft. Microsoft Coded UI, the UI test automation licensed tool sold by Microsoft in the past, is now deprecated. Appium WinAppDriver is a free tool that provides APIs for many programming languages, including C# Dot Net, Java, and Python. The WinAppDriver is based on Appium, which is based on Selenium, hence an industry-standard automation testing tool. Appium WinAppDriver is entirely compliant with the WebDriver specifications(since it is based on Appium).

Windows Automation and Desktop Automation are at the heart of this course. It teaches you Appium WinAppDriver based Automation with source code and examples step by step.

WinAppDriver provides the following things to facilitate Automated Testing:

  1. WinAppDriver UI remote control, the executable which is capable of receiving Appium commands and performing actions on the UI of a given Windows PC for automation testing.

  2. WinAppDriver UI Recorder, a lightweight UI inspection tool that allows you to find various properties of Windows UI elements.

  3. API support for various programming languages, including C Sharp (C#), Java, Python, and many more.

Many students of this course have used it to learn Windows UI Automation concepts in this course and are performing in Python automation and Java automation.

This course is a complete answer to your Windows automated software testing questions. In this course, I'm going to show you how to get started using Appium WinAppDriver in C# and how to go full throttle test automation in a short period.

Note: Appium is based on WebDriver which is also the basis of Selenium, this way if you start from Appium/WinAppDriver you can easily move forward to Selenium-based UI testing. Although, you will need to understand how the DOM-based HTML websites work.

The best part is that this course is in C# Dot Net, and I show you the techniques which work instead of typical open source trial and error. Appium based Windows Application Driver (WinAppDriver) is a course for the QA persons, by QA persons.

Appium is very popular in the automated tester community for mobile Automation. Appium for iOS and Android is already out there, now Microsoft has also joined the bandwagon by providing the necessary tooling to bring Windows application testing into the Appium world.

I'll show you how to automate the testing of legacy Win32 Applications, how to deal with Unified Windows Platform (UWP) applications, and how to take care of it challenging to identify UI elements in C# (C Sharp) with WinAppDriver.

The first section covers tool installation in detail, and I'll show you how to download and install everything you need for test automation. This will include Visual Studio Community Edition, Node.js, Appium, WinAppDriver.

In section 2, the Windows Application Driver (WAD) UI Recorder is introduced. As soon as the tools are installed, you'll set up your first UI Automation solution in C# .Net and add Appium WinAppDriver. You'll write your first test automation program using C# (C Sharp) and Appium WinAppDriver in the next 5 minutes. I'll show you how to take a screenshot using Appium WinAppDriver from C# code, how to read a Windows Win32 application title, how to maximize a window, and how to quit an application started by Appium WinAppDriver test automation scripts.

In section 2, I'll show you how to perform common UI Automation operations such as mouse click and typing with the keyboard (SendKeys). You'll learn how to use Selenium implicit wait using C# in Appium/WinAppDriver scenarios.

Appium Desktop Client is also covered, I show you how to create a custom session in Appium Desktop Client to inspect elements of a Windows application through Windows Application Driver(WinAppDriver or WAD). How to inspect the source elements XML tree using Appium for use in test automation.

Next, I'll introduce you to the MS Test (Visual Studio Unit Testing) Framework. If you want to create a unit test project in Visual Studio. You'll practically see the life cycle of an MSTest based unit test and implement it using keywords like TestClass, ClassInitialize, TestMethod, TestInitialize, TestCleanup, ClassCleanup in C#. I'll also teach you about how to see if your automated tests are passed and failed(the TDD red-green cycle), I'll show you the Visual Studio TestExplorer window for this purpose. You'll also learn how to see test failure error details. These are general test automation concepts that can be used later on in different languages and environments as well with different test automation tools.

Afterward, I'll show you how to mix MS Test with (Appium) Windows Application Driver to create proper automated software testing scripts. In this section, I'll show you how to debug a test for identifying problems and devising solutions to difficult problems (sometimes, you just can't find a Windows Element beforehand). This section will conclude with more useful information about practical, functional UI testing using automated software testing tools.

In the next section, I will be showing about data-driven testing in MS Test. I'll show you how to incorporate Excel data in Appium Windows Application Driver tests. This section will show you how to run the same set of tests with different data for testing a variety of scenarios. However, I'll show you how to use TestContext in automation testing.

The last section of this course will be about automated testing WinForms based applications in WinAppDriver (Appium). I'll show you how to access the most commonly used Windows controls in RPA/UI Test Automation. WinForms Windows UI Elements (controls) related topics explicitly by this course are given below:

  • Checkbox test automation

  • Radio button test automation

  • Button test automation

  • DataGrid test automation

  • Popup automated testing

  • WinTree automated testing

  • Menu Item automated testing

In the end, I hope you will find this course to be useful for learning automated software testing and UI Automation in general for RPA like scenarios with Microsoft C#, Appium based WinAppDriver, and Visual Studio.

This course uses entirely FREE SOFTWARE TOOLS!

Test automation is important, learn it now!

Crash Course of JUNIT & TESTNG for Java Automation

JUNIT :- Basic to Advance | TestNG: Step by Step Learning

Created by Testing Solution - QA Lead professional and Freelance Trainer


Students: 1030, Price: Free

Students: 1030, Price:  Free

JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. JUnit has been important in the development of test-driven development, and is one of a family of unit testing frameworks which is collectively known as xUnit that originated with SUnit.

TestNG is an automation testing framework in which NG stands for "Next Generation". TestNG is inspired from JUnit which uses the annotations (@). TestNG overcomes the disadvantages of JUnit and is designed to make end-to-end testing easy.

Using TestNG, you can generate a proper report, and you can easily come to know how many test cases are passed, failed, and skipped. You can execute the failed test cases separately.

SERENITY BDD Framework for Selenium, Appium and REST Assured

Single Framework for UI, Mobile and REST APIs Testing, Integration with design patterns like PageObjects and CucumberBDD

Created by Rahul Arora - Way2Automation - Director & The Automation Guru


Students: 1018, Price: $19.99

Students: 1018, Price:  Paid

SERENITY BDD Framework for Selenium, Appium and REST Assured (REST APIs)

Learn and Master Serenity BDD Framework with various design patterns like Page Object and Cucumber JVM

Serenity BDD framework was initially named as Thucydides. The framework provides you lot of wrapper classes and functionalities from the popular Apis like Selenium or Appium and provide you with helper methods to write your automation task with a very minimum code.

The framework also provides you with an interactive report which should be generated automatically without adding any additional API or effort once the test case execution is completed

The best part of the framework is it's Opensource and there's no license required to use this framework and can be integrated with popular design patterns like Page Objects, Page Factories and Cucumber BDD

The test execution is handled via JUnit runner and can be integrated with various other tools like Maven and Jenkins.

So in this course we will be learning in Depth of Serenity framework and will use it for the UI, Mobile and the API part

And will also be designing an end to end test framework using Serenity BDD.

Appium and Selenium with Python From Basics to Framework.

Python TestAutomation (Python Basics, Appium, Selenium, Allure Reporting Tool , BDD ,Saucelabs and Jenkins)

Created by Sujith Reddy - TestAutomation Instructor


Students: 860, Price: $19.99

Students: 860, Price:  Paid

All the topics of Appium (Android , IOS and Hybrid App) , Selenium , BDD , Jenkins and Basic Python we have explained in this course

All the coding files whatever we have explained in the video, We have uploaded to udemy. So that you download and go through all those things.

Below are the Appium(Android and IOS) Topics discussed in the course.

  1. Appium Architecture

  2. Appium Inspector

  3. Launch App in (Android , IOS both in emulator and real device)

  4. Locators (id,text,content-des,index,classname , XPath , findElements etc)

  5. Waits

  6. Methods to find Current activity , context , orientation , is device locked or not

  7. Perform Action using Android key codes

  8. Element Properties such as (is displayed , is enabled , is selected , size of element , location of the element on the screen)

  9. Element Actions Such as (Click , Send text, get text , get content description etc)

  10. Gestures such as ( Scroll , LongClick , Tap , Drag and Drop , Swipe from [Left to Right , Right to Left , Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top])

  11. Hybrid App Automation on (Android and IOS devices)

  12. Pytest concepts (Fixtures , Run order , Conftest, Methods hierarchy)

  13. Python Logging concepts

  14. Allure Reporting Tool

  15. Appium Test Automation Framework (From Scratch to Advanced including Allure Reporting Tool)

Below are the Selenium Topics discussed in the course.

  1. Selenium Architecture

  2. Element Inspecting tools

  3. Launch Webpage using (Chrome , FireFox and Safari)

  4. Locators (id,name,className,tag,LinkText,Partiallinktext,CSS, XPath and FindElements etc)

  5. Waits (Explicit and Implicit)

  6. Gestures using Actions Chains Class ( Scroll,Double Click , Right Click operation etc)

  7. Navigation Methods such as (Forward , BackWard , Refresh WebPages etc)

  8. Elements Properties such as (is displayed , is enabled , is selected , Size of a element , Location of a element etc)

  9. Performing Actions on Radio buttons , Check Boxes , DropDowns , Multi Select operations , Iframes , Windows etc

  10. Alert buttons

  11. Pytest concepts (Fixtures , Run order , Conftest, Methods hierarchy)

  12. Python Logging concepts

  13. Allure Reporting Tool

  14. Selenium Test Automation Framework (From Scratch to Advanced including Allure Reporting Tool)

Below are the Basic Python Topics discussed in the course.

  1. Variables

  2. DataTypes

  3. Operators

  4. Type Casting

  5. String Data Type

  6. List

  7. Tuple

  8. Dictionary

  9. Sets Concepts

  10. Conditional Statements ( if , if else , if elif else etc)

  11. Loops (For Loop , While Loop)

  12. Loop Statements ( Break , Continue )

  13. Different types of Functions

  14. Lambda Expressions

  15. Packages and Modules

  16. OOPS ( Classes and Objects , Inheritance , Super keyword , Data Hiding)

  17. Python Decorators

Below are the Python BDD(behave) Topics discussed in the course.(We will update with more concepts)

  1. Configuration of BDD

  2. Structure of BDD

  3. Creating Feature and Step Definition files

  4. Execution of BDD

Below are the Jenkins Topics discussed in the course.

  1. Introduction and drawbacks of Jenkins

  2. Installation and Configuring Jenkins

  3. Configuration of Job in Jenkins

  4. Schedule the Job according to the required time

Appium Android: Easy Guide to Mobile Automation Testing Dev

Automate Android native mobile application testing using Appium and Java. Work with Android Real Devices and Emulators

Created by Claudiu GURA - Udemy Instructor, Experienced IT professional, Entrepreneur


Students: 817, Price: $89.99

Students: 817, Price:  Paid

This Appium mobile testing automation course teaches you in an easy, straight to the point approach, in about 5.5 hours on-demand video, Appium concepts from scratch with clear samples of how to code with Java to automate functional mobile testing on a wide variety of Android applications. We will work with Android Real Devices, as well with Emulators!

I want you to start building profitable mobile testing automation projects with Appium and Java every single month for a small one-time payment!

Enrol today to become an Appium mobile testing automation expert!     

I will be more than happy to provide one-on-one support or add lessons to answer any of your questions on this matter.

We have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. So there's no reason to hesitate! You can basically try the course for free, and see if you learn anything.

I can't wait to see you on the Appium mobile testing automation course!! More thousands of students are already joined in similar classes on Selenium Webdriver testing automation, part of an active community! Their feedback you can find below.

This course takes you to step by step from no coding experience to become a professional expert able build mobile testing automation on Android applications with Appium and Selenium libraries, relying on the power of the Java language.

I'm Claudiu and I'm an experienced IT professional, working in this industry since 2000! In the last years, I've helped hundreds and hundreds of people to learn how to code and find the best solutions to IT challenges. I'm also a course creator with many thousands of students. I put a lot of passion for creating video lectures and the student's feedback is very positive!

The key strategy when building courses are to follow the "learn by doing approach" with more code samples, ready to be used, more code challenges and Quiz related exercises!

This Appium mobile testing automation course also includes lectures on:

-Case Study Create a Real Functional Mobile Testing Automation Project using Java in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition together with:

-Functional Mobile Testing Automation Architecture with Appium

-Complete Appium Environment Setup

-First Steps with Appium

-Simple and Robust ways in Appium to locate elements in the Android mobile applications

-Find elements in mobile applications using ID, Class Name, XPath, Name or AndroidUIAutomator and UISelector with many Code Samples

-Input text fields automation

-Select lists automation

-Toggle On/Off, Drag and Drop, Swiping, Scrolling automation in Appium

-An easy way to approach Assertions

-Quiz to quickly check the understanding level during the lectures

-All the Appium work with Java source codes and clear samples ready to be downloaded and used!

I can't wait to see you on the Appium mobile testing automation course!!  Please enrol now or tell your friends about this great  opportunity.

Enrol today to become an Appium mobile testing automation expert!

The lectures teach professional and also QA Engineers how to build an amazing mobile test automation with Appium, and the Selenium WebDriver framework, with Java language.

Student's feedback on my previous lectures:

★★★★★ "The instructor was very clear on his explanations." (Giuseppe L.)

★★★★★ " Great course for beginners. Concepts are explained in a concise manner and the examples are well structured."(Jogesh Anand)

★★★★★ "Very well structured course with a lot of code examples!" (Vlad)

★★★★★ "This is a great course for those willing to learn how to work with Selenium from scratch. In case you have a few information about Java programming, HTML or CSS you can easily skip the first lessons and go straight to Selenium related videos." (Mihaela M.)

★★★★★ "I liked this course because even if I am a beginner with Java and Selenium, by following the steps provided in the course, now I'm able to do my first automation scripts. Also the lessons regarding the intro to XML, Java and search method by DOM, xpath and css where very helpful. I believe that this course is a very useful resource for those who want to move to automation testing." (Raluca Catalina B.)

If you want to do any of these things, just enrol in the course. You have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like it. And I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to date and the best that they can be.

You'll also get:

Lifetime Access to The Appium Mobile Automation Course and to all Ready to use Sample Code resources

✔ Video lessons captions in English !

✔ Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

✔ A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Response to any Question in a professional manner with clear explanations!

Check them out, and enrol today for a great Appium mobile application testing career!

Thank you!

*All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners

Advanced Automation framework with Appium C# – 2020 Updated

Automate Android & iOS application in Windows and MacOS in C# with Appium

Created by Karthik KK - Software Architect, Consultant,Youtuber and Best Seller


Students: 368, Price: $29.99

Students: 368, Price:  Paid

Automation framework development with Appium C# (Advanced) course is the first ever course on internet which talks about automating Android and iOS application in both Windows and MacOS Operating systems in C# with Appium.

This course was first launched in 2018 while Appium was in Alpha release stage, but later, many breaking changes happened in Nov 20, 2019 release of Appium and the course needed a major upgrade after that.

**** This course is now upgraded in 2020 to cover all the breaking changes in Season 3 ****

Season 1 content

Following are the topics covered in Season 1

  • Basics of Appium and how it works

  • Understanding how to work with Appium desktop client in Windows 10 and MacOS

  • Automating Appium for Android in Windows 10 for Ionic application

  • Page Object Model with Appium

  • Automating Appium for iOS in MacOS for Xamarin application

  • Resolving the most common problems encountered.

Season 2 Content

  • BDD with Specflow for Appium

  • Designing -> Developing appium framework

  • Reporting for appium framework

Season 3 - Upgrade everything to 2020

  • Upgrade framework to Appium 4.1.1

  • Upgrade framework to .NET Core 3.1

  • Upgrade libraries to latest Specflow

  • Upgrade coding standard with new Page Object Model, DriverFactory and Custom PageFactory

This course does not covers the basics of C# or Specflow, but the course itself assumes that these are some of the pre-requisite before beginning this course.

Awesome Reporting Tools in Selenium and Appium

Rich HTML and Excel Report Generation for Selenium and Appium

Created by Krishna Sakinala - Specialist Quality Lead, Youtuber and Blogger


Students: 293, Price: $39.99

Students: 293, Price:  Paid

Report generation is one of the major and important topics in test automation. It is the only evidence for the test execution status. This course majorly discuss about different types of reporting tools available for selenium and appium. According to our project and client need we can choose any one of these reports and proceed in the test automation framework design. And we can generate logs in the reports to show the step by step execution and then can add screenshots (depends on the reports feature) if there is any failure in the exeuction for better understanding of the failures.

In this course we are going to see below reports in detail:

  1. Reports Introduction and Importance.
  2. Default TestNG Reports
  3. Emailable Reports
  4. ReportNG Reports
  5. Excel Reports
  6. XSLT Report (or) ReportyNG
  7. Vigo Reports
  8. ATU Reports
  9. Allure Reports
  10. Extent Reports
  11. Maven Surefire Reports etc...

By End of this course completion you will be able to generate different types of rich, beautiful and elaborative automation test execution reports. So, you can present these decent reports to your clients about the test automation execution status and can impress.

Advance Reporting Tools : Selenium & Appium

HTML & EXCEL Reporting

Created by Testing World Infotech - Working Professional, Having 9 Yrs of Experience


Students: 271, Price: $19.99

Students: 271, Price:  Paid

Reporting is the major area which need special focus because at the end of every execution we need to analyze reports on the behalf of that we can define our strategy.

This course is designed to consolidate different reporting options which we can use while working with Selenium or Appium.

Here in this course we will learn how we can generate different formatted reports like html reports, Excel reports, Pdf reports, customized reports etc

Here we are going to cover following reporting options

Default TestNg Reports

ReportNG Reports

Excel Reports

Vigo Reports

Jenkins Reports

XSLT Repports etc

After this course, you’ll be able to get off automation execution results, delivering updates to your clients & superiors faster without any changes or maintenance efforts.

Reports must define clear picture about execution details

1.  Total Execution

2.  Passed and Failed Scenario

3.  Execution system details 

Appium – Mobile App Automation in Python (Basics + Advance)

Appium Mobile Automation - InDepth training on Mobile apps automation for IOS and Android using Appium on Real Devices

Created by Rahul Arora - Way2Automation - Director & The Automation Guru


Students: 238, Price: $19.99

Students: 238, Price:  Paid

Appium with Python - Biggest course to Master Mobile automation testing for IOS and Android on Live Projects

As the mobile market is growing so there's a demand of Mobile application testers increasing like anything across the Globe.

  Appium: supports Mobile application testing on Native, Hybrid & WebApps for Iphone, Ipads & Android real device and Emulators / Simulators. 

                These are the unique Appium with Python training tutorials in market that will help you in learning Mobile apps automation testing for IOS and Android in very simple way

                                    I have covered examples on both Simulators / Emulators and Real IOS & Android Devices. 

                                        Not just the video lectures you will see the entire coding part done  step by step and the lectures are explained in a very detailed and  practical approach is taken in every example by the trainer. 

Major frameworks covered like: PyTest, Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model on Live projects

Once done with the course you will surely be able to justify 2-3 years of your current experience with Appium

Complete Python is covered from scratch, so if you are a beginner then you need not to worry about the programming part. Detailed installation of Appium and all native tools are covered from scratch. Since Appium is open source so you need not to purchase any licence to automate Mobile Applications.

During the course you will get my complete support in your queries and live projects

Selenium Grid – From Scratch – Deployment & Configuration

selenium grid, automation, automation testing, devops, qa automation, selenium, web driver, json wire protocol, appium

Created by Roei Sabag - Senior Automation Expert Consultant - Top-Q, Matrix Group


Students: 184, Price: $89.99

Students: 184, Price:  Paid

this short course was designed to aggregate - once and for all - the complete process of deploying selenium grid. all the small things, tricks, dependencies, gaps and so on, will be answered in this course. teaching you, step by step how to build a fully functional gird from scratch including all browsers, mobile web & mobile native applications (using appium) under a single grid.

you will also learn how to deploy android emulators (without android studio), setup environment variables, node-js, java, python, etc. to fully setup your gird.

this course is not development language dependent and it is relevant for web-driver based automation development regardless of the language or platforms used for development

Mobile Test Automation ➽ Robot Framework, Python & Appium

COUPON ➸ DAT-JUL21 { Learn Android, iOS, Win10 & MAC test automation by Python, Appium, WinAppDriver & AppiumForMac }

Created by Sandip Ganguli & VoiceArt Team - Technical Content Writer / Corporate Trainer / Architect


Students: 165, Price: $34.99

Students: 165, Price:  Paid

Device & Mobile Test Automation is one of the key element in todays application testing domain. Most of the enterprise applications releasing their versions across device types (android, iOS, windows and MAC desktop apps). To meet the the product testing requirement one has to understand end to end picture of this domain.

So this course has been designed in such a way so that one can get the complete picture of device and mobile testing with Appium, Python and Robot Framework for all device types.

The reason for choosing Python and Robot Framework with Appium is to accelerate learning and enable you to apply your knowledge to real projects. You should be able to create framework quickly and deploy for other teams to use it.

There is hardly any online digital course which covers all the platform (android , iOS, Windows desktop app and MAC desktop app). So this course will help you to make a great coverage while doing the device/mobile test automation.

Below are the details of major topics you can expect from this course --

Learn Android, iOS, Windows & MAC device automation with Robot Framework & Python with Page Object Model architecture.

  • Understanding about Robot framework and Appium

  • Appium for Android with Robot Framework

  • User Defined Keyword with Python Class

  • Test Framework Development with Robot and Python

  • Page Object Model Architecture In Robot Framework

  • Appium Server Manager In Suite Setup & Suite TearDown

  • Robot Framework Parallel Execution With Pabot

  • Appium for Windows with Robot Framework

  • Appium for iOS with Robot Framework

  • AppiumForMac usage for MAC application

  • Android Debug Bridge Integration With Robot Framework

CUCUMBER -BDD Framework for Selenium , Protractor and Appium

BDD, Cucumber, Gherkins, Behavior Driven Development, Selenium IDE,core JAVA,Selenium webdriver,Appium,Protractor

Created by Lucky Trainings - Selenium trainer


Students: 146, Price: $29.99

Students: 146, Price:  Paid

  • Updated course with latest framework concepts(Selenium POM framework, Cucumber BDD framework), JENKINS, GIT on Jan 18th 2020

  •           Cucumber Content


·          Cucumber – Overview


·          Cucumber – Environment


·         Prerequisites for Environment


·         Setup


·         Configure


·         Cucumber with Maven


·         Cucumber – Gherkins


·         Cucumber – Junit Runner class creation and examples


·         Cucumber – Features


  • Feature       Files


·         Cucumber – Scenarios


  • Examples       of creating scenarios on different applications


  • Converting       manual test cases into scenarios


·         Steps Definitions


  • Generate step definition from       TestRunner class


  • Generate step definition from       chrome browser plugin


  • Generate step definition by       writing our script


·         Integrating cucumber with Selenium


  • Examples of cucumber +       Selenium scripts


·         How to create reusable steps


  • Examples in creating reusable       steps and step definitions


·         Cucumber – Data Tables


  • Examples of creating data in       data tables


·         Cucumber: Parameterization and passing multiple sets of data


  • Examples of data       parameterization


·         Cucumber – Tags


·         Cucumber – Comments


·         Cucumber – Hooks


·         Cucumber – Reports


·         Framework creation


·         Integrating Appium with cucumber


  • Examples of executing scripts       on Android devices


  • Examples of executing scripts       on iPhone


                                                Selenium Content

Demo session:

  • Introduction to Automation

  • Why and when will we go for Automation

  • What is the use of Automation

  • What is the difference between Selenium and QTP

  • About Selenium:

  • What is Selenium

  • Advantages of Selenium

  • Different flavors of Selenium:

·         Selenium IDE

·         Selenium RC

·         Selenium Grid                                                                                     

·         Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0

·         Selendroid

Selenium IDE Overview:

  • Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE

  • Features of  Selenium IDE

  • Selenium IDE Icons

  • Recording your first test with Selenium IDE

  • Save and playback first script

  • Mode of execution

  • What is command , target, value

  • Asserting the elements

  • Verifying the elements

  • WaitFor elements

  • Storing the elements

  • Synchronization commands

  • Adding Selenium IDE comments

  • goBack, refresh, Enterkey simulation, highlight ..etc.

  • IDE Context Menu

  • Building Test cases using Selenium IDE

  • Capturing screenshots in IDE

  • Start & break points with example, limitations of ide

  • How to use looping statements like IF, while  in IDE with few examples

  • Usage of goto commands in IDE

  • Delete all cookies 

  • Multiple user creation using if condition

  • Generating Dynamic values using JS functions

  • Usage of JS functions with IDE

  • Creating test suites

  • Framework in IDE

Core Java  concepts:

  •  Introduction To Core

  • Java

  • What

  • is jre, jdk,

  • jvm

  • Install

  • java

  •  Environment variable configuration

  •  Datatypes

  • method

  • variables

  • Package

  •  What is a class and object?

  •  various data

  • types

  • Download

  • eclipse

  • How

  • to create

  • java project

  • What

  • is

  • object

  • How

  • to create object to  a

  • class

  • What

  • are method parameters with

  • examples

  • How

  • to add return type to a method with

  • examples

  • Public

  • Private

  • Protected

  • Default

  • Inheritance

  • and examples on parent child

  • relationship

  • What

  • is abstraction and abstract

  • class

  • Overview

  • on interface

Web Driver Concepts :

  • Introduction & Architecture

  • How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium

  • Tools to identify elements/objects

  • Firebug

  • IE Developer tools

  • Google Chrome Developer tools

  • Locating elements by ID

  • Comparissions between RC and WebDriver

  • Downloading and configuring  web driver in Eclipse

  • Setup required for webdriver

  • configuring  webdriver

  • How your browser will be launched

  • comparison b/w selenium java 2.48 & 3.5 versions with example

  •  Finding elements by name

  • Finding elements by link text

  • Finding elements by XPath

  • Finding Elements by using CSS

  • Overview of method chaining in java

  •  How to open an application using GET N NAVIGATETO COMMANDS

  • Firefox browser n selenium java issue

  •  How to maximize  the window

  •  How to use sendkeys command in webdriver

  •  Various commands close, quit, click command in webdriver with examples

  •  scenarios and login to sales force ,

  • Handling checkboxes

  •  How to use isselected,

  • How to perform  uncheck operation

  • How to handle radio buttons :

  •  Overview on webdriver select class with examples

  •  Diff between findElement and findElements commands

  • findElements examples,

  • How can we perform tab operation

  • Identify all links  a webpage with examples

  • working on chrome browser

  • working on IE browser

  • html unit drivers,

  • What is frames and overview on frames

  • How to handle alerts

  • overview on robot class and examples

  • overview on autoIT and examples

  • How to handle multiple windows with examples

  • getCoordinates

  • Actions class

    • Dragable

    • dropable

    • datepicker

    • resizable

  • Handling of webtables

  • Getmethods();

  • Introduction to java script executor

  • Usage of Java script executor

  • Javascript Executor

  •  Implicit wait, Explicit wait, Fluent wait

  • What is a Firefox Profile

  • Handling Certificate issuer using FF profile 

  • Handling proxy server and file downloading using FF profile

  • Datadriven testing 

    • JXL

    • POI

  • Keyword driven testing

  • Datadriven testing 

    • Text file

    • properties file

    • CSV file

  • Read content from a PDF file

  • Read content from an image file

  • Introduction about TestNG
    How to Install TestNG plugin in Eclipse

  • TestNG sample script 

  • Writing Selenium testing script from

  • scratch

  • Creating

  • Test suites using TestNG Reports generation using TestNG

  • overview on JUNIT

  • Introduction to

  • Framework

  • components

  • in

  • framework

  • Discussing

  • about base

  • framework

  • Creating

  • a POM framework


                                         APPIUM (Mobile Automation testing tool) Content has 2 parts which covers both Android & iOS

Chapter 1: Introduction to Appium

  • Introduction to Appium

  • Overview of Open Source Mobile Test Automation tools: 

  • Open source Mobile Automation tool Evaluation

  • docs

  • Why


  • Limitations of APPIUM

  • Appium architecture 

Chapter 2: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Windows

  • Appium Prerequisites

  • Java Installation & Configuring System Environmental

  • variables

  • Maven

  • Configuration

  • Android SDK

  • configuration

  • Eclipse

  • IDE

  • configuration

  • Appium

  • installation on

  • windows

  • What

  • is an APK

  • file

  • Various

  • sources to get APK

  • files

  • Installing

  • application on real device using these APK

  • files

  • Automating


  • Automating Facebook- Post Status

  • Automating Facebook- Delete Post & User Logout

  • UI Automator Component

  • Element Locators

Chapter 3: Installation for APK Files

  • What is an APK

  • file

  • Various

  • sources to get APK

  • files

  • Installing

  • application on real device using these APK

  • files

  • Automating


  • Automating Facebook- Post Status

  • Automating Facebook- Delete Post & User Logout

Chapter 4: Object identification

  • Locating elements by resource ID

  • Locating elements by

  • name

  • Locating

  • elements by

  • classname

  • Locating

  • elements by xpath

 Chapter 5: Basics of Android

  • Share & Control Real Android Device screen from

  • PC

  • Download

  • Android Platforms using SDK Manager

  • CreateVirtual Devices/Emulators using AVD Manager

Chapter 6: APPIUM basic concepts

  • Settingup a basic

  • project

  • Appium

  • API

  • Reference

  • What

  • are DesiredCapabilities

  • Knowing AppPackage and Launcher Activity of Android App

Chapter 7: APPIUM commands

  • sendKeys()

  • click()

  • getLocation()

  • getContextHandles()

  • findElement()

  • closeApp()

  • quit ..etc

 Chapter 8: Mobile Touch Gestures-DragDrop, MultiTouch, Swipe,Scroll

  • Performing Drag and Drop using TouchAction

  • class

  • Performing

  • Click and Swipe using TouchAction

  • class

  • Performing

  • MultiTouch and Drop using MultiTouchAction

  • class

  • Performing

  • Swipe using screen coordinates(x,y)

  • Performing Long press using TouchAction class

Chapter 9: Android MobileBrowser-Automating Mobile Web Application

  • Introduction to Mobile Web

  • Automation

  • How

  • to get Useragent from Android Browser

  • Identifying the objects on Mobile

  • browser

  • Automating

  • mobile specific websites

 Chapter 10 : Android- Automating Built in Apps(Phone, contact,Settings)

  • Android BuiltIn App(Phone) : Dial phone

  • number

  • Android

  • BuiltIn App(Message) : Sending a

  • message

  • Android

  • BuiltIn App(Clock) : Setup Recurring Alarm

Chapter 11: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Mac

  • Appium Prerequisites

  • Java Installation & Configuring System Environmental

  • variables

  • Maven

  • Configuration

  • Android SDK

  • configuration

  • Xcode

  • Configuration

  • Eclipse IDE

  • configuration

  • Appium

  • installation on Mac

Chapter 12: Appium- iOS App download

  • Emulators Vs Simulators

  • iOS App

  • download

  • Share

  • IOS Device Screen on Mac

  • Provisioning Development Build on Real IOS

  • Device

  • Using

  • Appium inspector to identify the element properties

Chapter 13: Working with Safari browser on IOS Device

  • Running ios first automation test

  • case

  • Launch

  • Safari browser on IOS Simulator

  • Launch Safari Browser on Real IOS Device 

Chapter 14: Working with IOS Controls on Real IOS Device

  • Working with Steppers(UIAStepper)

  • Working with Switches(UIASwitches)

  • Working with Sliders(UIASlider)

  • Working with PickerWheel(UIAPickerWheel)

  • Working with Date Picker

  • Working with Segmented Controls(UIASegementedControl)

  • Working with Page Indicator(UIAPageIndicator)

  • Handling alerts

Chapter 15: Jenkins-Continous Integration with Appium

  • Parametrizing DesiredCapabilities using Maven

  • Integrating Appium with CI tool Jenkins

  • Dynamic Parametrization of DesiredCapabilities using Jenkins

  • Scheduling the framework to run at specific time

Chapter 16: SauceLabs-Cloud Integration with Appium

  • Integrate Appium IOS Tests with SauceLabs

  • Integrate Android Appium Tests with SauceLabs

Chapter 17: Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac & Windows

  • Programmatically launch Appium using AppiumServiceBuilder

  • Programmatically Launch Appium on Windows

  • Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac

Chapter 18: PageFactory Model- Automating IOS App

  • PageObject Pattern & PageFactory Introduction

  • Developing PageObject Model and extending PageFactory

  • support

  • Creating

  • AbstractTest & AbstractPage

  • Writing Tests in PageFactory

  • Model

  • Using

  • @iOSFindBy and @AndroidFindBy Annotations 

Chapter 19: Appium Tests Parallel Execution

  • Run Appium Test Cases Across Multiple Devices Using Grid

Chapter 20: Capture Video and Screenshots for iOS & Android test runs

  • Android: Record Video Screen during test execution 

  • iOS: Video Record Screen during Test Execution

  • Eclipse IDE- Fix for ADB Path error during Video Capture on Android 


                                                 Protractor Content/Protractor on a real project/

  1. Protractor Overview: Protractor Tutorials on End-to-End testing on AngularJS websites. A wrapper over Selenium WebDriverJS library

  2. Prerequisites to install Protractor

  3. Protractor Installation

  4. Architecture and Process communication of Protractor

  5. Overview on Jasmine: Covering Jasmine Framework that needed for Angular JS automtion using Protractor

  6. various editors and folder structure

  7. overview on spec.js

    1. introduction to global variables: 

      1. browser.get

      2. element

      3. by

    2. created a simple example

    3. execute the script 

  8. overview on conf.js

  9. locators with examples

  10. Overview on ng-repeat with examples

  11. Introduction to Multiple It and Before Each in Jasmine

  12. Basic script in handling calculator

  13. verifiaction points in jasmine using expect

  14. How to work on non angular JS applications

  15. Sample script to login to SF application

  16. Introduction to Page Object Modle  framework

  17. converting spec file to a page object mondel

  18. creating and executing scripts in Paga Object Model

  19. How to handle Protractor using JAVA programming language

  20. Creating JProtractor jar file and adding to JAVA Project in eclipse editor

  21. Creating basic scripts for Protractor using JAVA programming language

    1. Handling text fields

    2. Handling dropdown

    3. various identification mechanism for NgBy. with examples

***********************************End of Protractor****************************************************


Full Appium 2020 course and framework for a React Native APP

Build a full and complete Appium framework for a React "To-Do" application that was built specifically for this course.

Created by Hatem Hatamleh - Automation Test Engineer


Students: 132, Price: $19.99

Students: 132, Price:  Paid

  • In this course, I will cover Appium, one of the most popular automation testing tools for mobile applications.

  • This course is different than any other Appium course in the market. We will build a complete Automation framework from scratch for a react native application.

  • This Application was made specifically for this course.

  • I will share the source code with you, and I will explain to you how to clone the project and how to run it locally. You will have full power over the App;

  • in addition to that, I will also show you how to update the code of our Application to make it test friendly.

  • We will start with the basics and go step by step over this tool, and at the end of this course, you will be master, and you will have a project that you can add to your resume.

I am very excited to start this course with you guys and see you very soon.

Java Made Easy for Beginners, Testers, Selenium and Appium

Beginners to Advanced Java Course for Beginners (Check course contents for more details)

Created by Arun Motoori - Software Testing Blogger & Trainer


Students: 112, Price: $19.99

Students: 112, Price:  Paid

This JAVA Made Easy for Beginners, Testers, Selenium and Appium course covers the below topics:

  1. Introduction to Java

  2. Downloading, Installing and Configuring Java

  3. Downloading, Installing and Launching Eclipse IDE

  4. Print Statements


  6. Variables

  7. Data Types

  8. Literals

  9. Operators

  10. Flow Control Statements

  11. Classes

  12. Objects

  13. Methods

  14. Arrays

  15. String Class and its methods

  16. StringBuffer Class and its methods

  17. Wrapper Classes

  18. Math Class and its methods

  19. Packages

  20. Inheritance and its types

  21. Constructors

  22. Overloading

  23. Overriding

  24. this keyword

  25. super keyword

  26. Modifiers

  27. Exception Handling

  28. Interfaces

  29. Abstract Classes

  30. Collections Framework

  31. Reflection API

  32. Generics

  33. File Handling

  34. Getter and Setter Methods

  35. OOPS Concepts

  36. JDBC

  37. enum

  38. Varargs

  39. Inbuilt Annotations