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Node JS API Development for Beginners

Learn Node JS API Development from absolute scratch. This course is for complete beginners getting started guide!

Created by Ryan Dhungel - Web Developer


Students: 62840, Price: Free

Welcome to learn Node JS API development for absolute beginners. In this course you will learn the core fundamentals of Node JS so that you can start building API using Node JS.

In this course, you will learn Modern JavaScript, Node JS event loop, Asynchronous programming, using node modules, npm modules and creating your own modules, creating server, connect to database and sending json responses.

So if you are ready to learn Node JS, which is one of the most exciting technology of recent time, please enroll into this course.

Create a REST API With Node JS and Mongo DB

Begin your journey to becoming a full stack developer by learning how to create and deploy a REST API

Created by Dan Kwon - Full Stack Freelance Software Developer


Students: 35470, Price: Free

A solid REST API is the foundation of virtually every modern web application, service and data-driven company or startup. From large multi-national corporation to small garage startup, the core tenets of a well-designed REST API are the same and can be learned in relatively short period of time. In this tutorial series, we construct a simple REST API using Node/Express, Mongo DB and deployed on Turbo 360. Along the way, we explore the key principles behind REST API design as well as common mistakes and scenarios that beginners often struggle with. Finally, we deploy our web service on the free Turbo 360 staging environment in conjunction with mLab for database hosting.

Automate WebServices Rest API (testing) using Java

Prepare Automation Java Suite for testing Rest API

Created by Vaibhav Singhal - Software Testing Coach


Students: 34551, Price: Free

API testing is integration testing
of API's which checks the functionality , performance & security aspects of API's.

As GUI test is difficult to
maintain and requires a considerable amount of period, API has evolved as
primary testing of application logic.

API to be tested are those which
are developed by development team or third party API's which we would consume
in our project.


API testing involves:

  • Calling the API
    with different parameter values
  • API boundary
    value conditions
  • Actions
    performed by API i.e. updating database, calling other API
  • Validating


Popular API which are used are REST
implement in JSON format, which we will be looking during the course. Rest has
become  most popular because it is light
and easy to maintain.


Rest-assured is library developed
by Jaway which is best open source library specially designed to automated Rest
API. It also supports
XML and JSON Request/Responses.

No need of any tool when you need
to automate API, simple coding skills will let you perfect automation of API,
will be taught during the course.


  • Request can be
    easily prepared and send over internet
  • Assertions in
    Response data
  • Clean code
    which is easy to be maintained

Infinite Scroll Project AJAX MySQL API PHP jQuery

Explore how to create a web application that sends requests to the server for additional data as users scroll the page

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 34370, Price: Free

Infinite scrolling is a web-design technique that loads content continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination.  This technique popular is used on many websites and this course will show you how to build one yourself from scratch.

Best of all this course provides a great learning experience on how to develop an API that can return database content into the front end.  Learn how to combine technologies and the steps needed to plan out the building of applications. Explore how you can use AJAX to send requests to a server API returning content in a JSON format to be added to your web page content.

Prerequisites to this course include working knowledge of jQuery, JavaScript and PHP.  We cover the aspects of the languages needed to create the API endpoint and to query the endpoint for data.

One of the best ways to learn programming is by projects and this project is perfect since it combines the use of multiple technologies within one application so that students get a real world experience. 

  • Learn how to setup the structure of your web application
  • Find out about creating a PHP database connection
  • Create a simple PHP application to populate the database with lorem ipsum text
  • Explore how an API works outputting content from the MySQL database into JSON format
  • Use PHP code to build a customized JSON output
  • Explore how easy it is to make AJAX requests with jQuery
  • Use JavaScript to detect scroll and more
  • Assemble your HTML page dynamically
  • Examine how web applications are built

Source Code is included to get you started quickly.

Taught by an instructor with over 18 years of web development experience, ready to help answer any questions you may have.

Join now and start building your own applications today.

Laravel E-Commerce Restful API

Know what is Rest concept and how to create a RESTFUL API with Laravel Resource

Created by Sarthak Shrivastava - Web Developer & Instructor


Students: 34297, Price: Free

What Will I Learn?

  • What is RestFul API.
  • How to use Postman for checking API endpoints.
  • Creating Model, Migration, Factory and seeding of data in laravel.
  • How to transform any model for your API.
  • How to setup environments in Postman.
  • How to implements meta links in API.
  • How to use Laravel new Resource as the transformer.
  • How to transform single data and also collection of data.

Master JMeter from Basics (Performance + Load + API Testing)

10+ hours of JMeter Learning from basics to advance. Best JMeter Tutorial you will get.

Created by Vaibhav Singhal - Software Testing Coach


Students: 31134, Price: Free

JMeter is the most popular tool when we talk about Performance Testing. Apart from Performance Testing JMeter is also used for API Testing. The main advantage all above is it is free. It helps to test this performance by simulating a number of users. Once the functionality of the application has been tested successfully and end to end flow is working then we must test the performance before releasing it market.

This JMeter course covers every aspect you need to learn & master JMeter. 

API Testing with Katalon Studio – Step by Step for Beginners

learn API Automation Testing from scratch with SOAP & REST Sample Projects

Created by Raghav Pal - Automation Test Architect | Educator | 12 yrs


Students: 24832, Price: Free

Welcome to the world of API Automation Testing.
This course is created for complete beginners.  This is going to be very easy and interesting.

API Testing with Katalon Studio - Step by Step for Beginners

We will start from scratch and I will guide you step by step on how to create an API testing project with Katalon Studio.

Will also do sample SOAP & REST API testing projects

In this course we will learn:

  • How to setup API Testing Project

  • How to test SOAP

  • How to test REST

  • How to do validations

  • How to deal with HTTP methods - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

  • How to generate results and reports

  • How to run from command line

  • How to use Jenkins for Continuous Integration

  • How to do API Chaining

  • Sample SOAP API Testing project

  • Sample REST API Testing project

  • And much more...

Do not worry if you have never used Katalon Studio or done API Testing. I will guide you from scratch.
Let's Get Started...

API (REST/SOAP) Testing using JMeter with Real Examples

Join Popular course to Automation Testing of REST / SOAP API(Web Services) using JMeter

Created by Vaibhav Singhal - Software Testing Coach


Students: 24569, Price: Free

Apache JMeter is an open source tool for performance testing. It is widely also used for functional testing of API services. This course will teach how test Web services (REST/SOAP) using JMeter. JMeter is highly used in comparison tool SOAP UI & Rest Assured library as it is free and no coding skills required.

This course will not teach theory but it is 100% practical, also teaching with Real Live examples, not just some mock API's.
In this course we would be covering below topics, for detail list please check the Curriculum.

- What is API Testing & why we need to do?
- What is JMeter and Installation.
- Jmeter Components for API Testing
  - Test Plan
  - thread group
  - Controllers
  - Smaplers
  - Listeners
  - Assetions  
- Scenarios of REST API (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
- Scenarios of SOAP Webservice
- Handling CSV Files
- JMeter Function needed for API Testing
- Paramterization
- Authorization
- Real Project Examples and Reporting

API and Database Testing with Specflow and C#

Understanding and building API and database testing from groundup

Created by Karthik KK - Software Architect, Consultant,Youtuber and Best Seller


Students: 22914, Price: Free

Understanding API and database testing with Specflow and C# course is designed in such a way that one can learn 

  • What is API and database testing
  • Different tools available to perform API and database testing
  • Why we choose Visual studio as the tool for API and database testing
  • Consuming a WCF API Web service using a Windows Console application from Visual studio 2015
  • Writing simple code to test the Web service with and without using Specflow C#
  • Connecting with Microsoft SQL database server to test data using simple queries
  • Database testing using Stored procedures and C#
  • Database testing using Mock stored procedure to test database data with API without user defined data
  • Finally this course, is simple yet focused on the topic and yet easy to complete in couple of hours

Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with TestProject

An community driven test automation tool to automate everything !

Created by Karthik KK - Software Architect, Consultant,Youtuber and Best Seller


Students: 22289, Price: Free

Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with TestProject course is designed to show the rich unified features TestProject has got.

TestProject is Web based automation testing platform which is aimed to test applications such as

  • Web

  • Android

  • iOS

  • API

In all the platforms such as

  • Windows 10

  • MacOS

  • Linux

The unique cross-platform power of TestProject differentiates itself from different automation tool sets available in the market.

TestProject is the first ever tool to support running iOS mobile application testing from Windows or Linux environment, thanks to the modern Web service workers and Web platform to make it happen.

This course curriculum is aimed to cover all the different testing platform support from complete basic though advanced. As that said, this course covers topics such as

  • Automation iOS applications (Native and Hybrid)

  • Automation Android applications (Native and Hybrid)

  • Automation Web applications (Cross browser support)

  • Understanding the power of TestProject tool set

  • Extending TestProject with Addons

  • Extending Testcases with Page Object Models

Hope you will like the course and this course is ever growing, meaning, it will be updated every now and then whenever there is a new release of feature in TestProject

REST API Testing using SOAP UI – Quick Introduction

REST API Testing using SOAP UI + Industry standard REST API WebService connected to mysql DB for learning and practice

Created by Subhash Chandra Basavaraju - Test Automation Architect, Automation testing Lead,


Students: 17258, Price: Free

  Complete A to Z course for learning the REST API Web-Service  testing from basics to advanced concepts.


**Hand Written explanation for best understanding.

About me : I have been working in IT-Software Testing industry from last 15 years and i have put all those experience and industry standard knowledge into this course. The course filled with industry standard testing approach, implementation and examples.

Welcome to REST API Web-Service Testing  using SOAP UI tutorial.

        Currently API is a booming technology it exists everywhere like Social media, Mobile platform, cloud computing etc,.
        Now its a good opportunity to make promising career in API testing.

This course below topics and more

  • What are the API & Webservices

  • How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI

  • What is Rest API

  • JSON

  • Request-Response

  • Soap UI tool

  • Path parameter

  • Query Paramter

  • HTTP status codes

    This comprehensive course cover.          

  •  REST API web-service testing using popular soap ui tool

  • The SPECIAL thing about this course is, you will get 1 industry standard downloadable REST API web-service connected to Mysql database which can be executed on your own system without need of internet. You will know how API web-service interacts with back-end database.

  • You don't need to depend on free online API Web services available on internet for learning purpose.

  • This course is for someone who want make good career in API testing.

  • You don't need to have previous knowledge on WebService as course cover from basics. 

  • I value your time, So course is medium paced and on-to the point without much dragging to avoid boredom.

    By the end of this course: 

  • You will know how to test REST API web-service

  • You will be having REST API web-service knowledge equivalent to industry standard experienced tester.

    Take a look at the course description to get detailed information about course coverage. 

                                                             Enroll now and will see you inside

Happy Learning

Subhash Chandra

Learn SAP PO REST, JSON and API Basics

Learn API, JSON and REST basics along with JSON Language training!

Created by Srinivas Vanamala - SAP Integration Architect


Students: 15852, Price: Free

What you will learn in this Course?

If you are trying to learn JSON, REST and API which can help you to develop interface using the REST adapter in AEX then this course is right for you.

This course will teach you the basics of JSON Notation, Definition of REST and API with hands-on session.

Course Content:

  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON):

    • Why JSON is called as Java Script Object Notation?

    • What is the relation of JSON with Java Script?

    • Learn how to write your own JSON structure.

    • Compare XML vs JSON and understand why JSON is so famous compared to XML

    • Understand JSON Syntax, Data Types, Arrays and Objects

    • You will learn lots of practical session to define you own JSON structures.

    • Learn about the JSON online tools.

  • REST & API

    • Understand what is Service, Webservice, Interface and API.

    • What is the advantage of API over the Webservice.

    • Compare Webservice vs API

    • What is REST, API, REST API and REST JSON API?

    • Real time REST API example and how to read the documentation.

    • Parts of the REST API.

    • Design Guidelines of REST.

    • Understand what is API Management tools in the market?

Advanced Android: Create a Real-REST API Client Application

Quick Course to learn how to build a beautiful Wallpaper Android App with Retrofit, GSON, Realm, ButterKnife, Glide

Created by Tran B. V. Son - Software Engineer


Students: 15447, Price: Free

Every developers want to build a REAL THING, a REAL APPLICATION not just something for learning.

In this course, you will learn how to build a real and beautiful Wallpaper Application by using Unsplash API

And of course, you will learn how to use a lots popular Android libraries such as Retrofit, GSON, Realm, ButterKnife, Glide 4.

  • If you are an Android Developer but don't know exactly how to build a REST API Client App . 
  • Are you an Android developer who wants to upgrade your Android skill ?
  • Or you want to build a beautiful stuff.

This is THE COURSE for you.

With only few hours of content, this course will CHANGE your Android skill.

Don’t wait and enroll today. I hope to see you in my course!

P/s: This course has ENGLISH subtitle. So don't worry !

RESTFul API With Express Framework Crash Course

Learn to build fast, scalable and secure RESTful services with Node, Express and MongoDB.

Created by Awais Jamil - Programmer,Web Developer, AutoDesk Software Trainner


Students: 14664, Price: Free

  • Build the back-end for your web and mobile apps

  • Use modern JavaScript features (ES6, ES7)

  • Implement CRUD operations

  • Handle and log errors, the right way

  • Store and retrieve complex data in MongoDB

  • Apply the best practices for building fast, scalable and secure apps

This course covers everything required to build restful API which can be used for IOS or Android mobile apps and also for web application build using most popular technologies such as Angular / React.

Build Secure APIs with Auth0 and Postman

Easily Add Authentication To Your APIs And Learn How To Test Them

Created by Joel Lord - Javascript junkie, technology enthusiast, tinkerer.


Students: 14028, Price: Free

In this course, the students will learn how to build a basic API using express and NodeJs.  Then, they will see how to test it using Postman.  Finally, they will learn how to secure a route on their API using Auth0 and how to test it using an OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism.

IoT – Turn a light on with Java, Raspberry PI and API’s

Safely turn on and off 110 V and control 2 Lava Lamps

Created by Tom Jay - Mobile development Instructor


Students: 12388, Price: Free

Learn about IoT and Java with this Raspberry PI course.

IoT is the next big thing, grow your skills and learn about this technology combined with Java one of the most popular programming languages today.

If this course you will learn how to load a boot SD Card for the Raspberry PI 3 B+ from scratch using the Raspbian OS (Linux) on a 32Gb card, get Eclipse up and running on the PI and work with Java 8. You will understand how to use the basics of one of the most popular Java libraries for the Raspbery PI the Pi4J library.

You will also learn how to develop on other platforms like a Mac and then move the portable class files (Java compiled files) to the PI for a faster more professional development platform.

We wrap up the course by adding formal API's to the project, you will be able to Turn a Light on and off using a RESTful API to control the lights.

It would not be a a great course if you could not do something useful so we integrate an IoT Relay to Safely control 110V AC and show how to turn on and off a Green and Red Lava lamp, this would be perfect for an Automated Build system to provide a Success / Fail indication of the nightly build, exactly what every real development show needs :)

Note: All the source code for the class is available on my GitHub account and also is attached to the last lecture as a resource as a zip file.

Python API for Trading

Python programming with Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation API

Created by Interactive Brokers - Global Financial Services Dealing Platform


Students: 11111, Price: Free

This is a course in programming with the Trader Workstation Application Programming Interface (TWS API) for Python developers. In this course, we describe how to get started in developing Python applications that use the API. 

Josh joined the IBKR API team in 2015 and has been an active contributor to API educational resources including the TWS API reference guide and webinars. Before joining the team, he was an automated trading enthusiast interested in trading APIs and machine learning technologies. Josh has a BS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Lesson Structure:

  • What is the TWS API?

  • Installing & Configuring TWS for the API

  • Accessing the TWS Python API Source Code

  • Essential components of TWS API programs

  • Receiving Market Data and Historical Candlesticks

  • Placing Orders

  • Option Chains, Portfolio Data and Account Information

  • API Case Study in Pair Trades

RESTful API with Ruby On Rails 5

Learn how to use Ruby On Rails 5 to build a professional REST API Server

Created by Tran B. V. Son - Software Engineer


Students: 10720, Price: Free

Learn how to use Ruby On Rails 5 to build a professional REST API Server

  1. You are a front-end developer and you want to be come a backend developer ?
  2. Are you a mobile app developer that needs a backend API & database ?
  3. Do you have a mobile product idea ?
  4. Do you want to create your own startup ? 
  5. Or you are a Rails lover but don't know exactly how to build API Server.

This is course for you.

You'll be able to...

  • Using a lot of awesome gems
  • How to use Postman to test API
  • Building a professional REST API by Ruby On Rails 5

Don't wait, and enroll today to take another step toward web services mastery!

I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to having you in my course!

P/s: This course has English subtitle. So don't worry!

Learn MVC + Web API from scratch – Basics to Advance

Learn creating Web API and MVC application from scratch and implementing security in Web API

Created by Rahul Jha - IT Professional, Blogger and Research Scholar


Students: 10446, Price: Free

This is totally practical based course and designed for students and developers who can learn creating MVC and Web API application step by step from scratch. After completing this course, you will learn creating application from scratch, consuming Web API into MVC application, implementing security in Web API, connecting SQL and also using Entity Framework and writing LINQ queries.

Build a Twitter Bot with Python, Tweepy and the Twitter API

Step-by-step guide to launch a Python Twitter bot that automatically retweets a user's likes

Created by John Mannelly - Online Teacher & Student


Students: 10272, Price: Free

This is the perfect weekend project for Python beginners looking to create their first Twitter bot!

What is this course?

This course is for python beginners and twitter lovers who are interested in learning how to build a Twitter bot.

While I have found it helpful to read textbooks and watch online tutorials to get a better understanding of the basics for any subject, nothing beats project-based learning. Actually getting your hands dirty and running into real problems that require specific solutions has been my ideal way to learn something new.

With that being said, the hardest question typically is, what project should I focus on? From my personal experience, I’ve found it beneficial to focus on something you are passionate about. To find that something, just think of what you frequently pay attention to in your spare time, when no one is paying pay attention to it. For me that is Twitter.

We are going with a bot because it will be a fun project to group together various ideas we want to learn, such as APIs, python, and Twitter.

Power of python

I’ve been hooked on it ever since I took the class Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. It is undoubtedly a popular programming language so I think it will be beneficial for many years to come.

This class is not meant to be an introduction to programming or python, so my assumption is that you understand some basics. This class is geared more towards helping you apply Python programming to an actual project to help you better retain information while having fun within the process.

Power of Twitter

I must admit. I am addicted to Twitter. Now before you scorn me, understand that I think it is truly a magical place. One of my favorite Twitter follows, Nikhil Krishnan, has a great presentation about Why Twitter is Dope. In it he basically highlights these reasons which I think get at the root of why I love Twitter so much.

  1. You get to discover people with mutual interests. This can include any age!

  2. Making friends is geo agnostic. You can connect with people all over the world at anytime.

  3. You can also access the smartest people in the world. I get to follow Elon Musk!

  4. Twitter is the idea marketplace at it’s finest. If you are wrong, you will quickly learn why that is.

  5. You get to follow people and not brands. People are brands essentially but atleast its more authentic.

  6. It’s quality over quantity. A few good tweets is infinitely better than a million double taps.

  7. It’s a conversation with an incredibly tight feedback loop.

Power of APIs

APIs are how software talks with other software. We can use APIs to build apps that add new services on top of the platforms or data from the platforms. This essentially provides a new experience for users via a layer of abstraction.

Kate Bae says APIs are “how to unleash data in new ways.” For our purposes, that means creating a bot that retweets an accounts likes. Most platforms, like Slack and Shopify, have public APIs with the hopes that devs build on them to build more value and create lock in.

Basically all of the major social media networks have APIs. They control them in different ways and prevent you from doing certain things while at the same time encouraging you to do other things to make a good user experience with the already public data. We will be using Twitters API for this project. You may not realize it but every time you use your phone, you’re using an API.

What You'll Learn

After you make it through the entirety of the course, you will walk away knowing how to do the following:

  • Setting up a virtual environment for your code

  • Signing up as a Twitter developer

  • How to Use Tweepy to call the Twitter API

  • Building a Bot that Retweets our Likes

  • Deploying a Bot using either AWS or Render

Please note this course requires MacOS. I do not have in-depth installation and setup instructions for Windows users.

Create a CRUD API with Laravel and Postman

Learn how to leverage the power of a Laravel back end API.

Created by Quentin Watt - Full Stack Web Developer, Ringier South Africa


Students: 8479, Price: Free

Learn how to create a CRUD API in Laravel. We'll create an app that contains Show, Create, Update, and Delete requests and returning our data as an API resource. HTTP responses will be tested with Postman.

You can later replace Postman with a JavaScript SPA built in React or Vue to fetch data from the app.

Build and Deploy a NodeJS API

In 30 minutes! Practical development for prototypes.

Created by Duane Bester - Staff Software Engineer


Students: 6288, Price: Free

The best way to learn is by doing, so get up and running quickly! This course is aimed for beginners with a mission. With various technologies such as Git, Github, NodeJS, Docker, and Digital Ocean's Cloud, we skip some of the mundane coding basics and dive into building a practical application. In this course I will show you how to build a small RESTful API with Node.js and deploy to the cloud within 30 minutes (excluding intro, some setup, and optional videos!). We will be collecting JSON data from IoT 'devices' and storing said data in a cloud hosted relational database called Postgres.

Some technologies used:

  • Docker

  • Digital Ocean

  • Git & GitHub

  • Node.js and NPM

  • VSCode

  • PostgreSQL

  • cURL

With the application will come some security and testing best practices that you'll be able to extend for more production-ready applications. After the getting started video, you will have a modern programming environment set up that will allow you to continue learning and building applications. There will be a bonus video where we explore extending our Docker setup to be able to deploy our application to any cloud provider, not just Digital Ocean.

Note that we will simulate sending IoT data by just posting random values to our cloud-hosted application.

Note that I'll primarily be developing on a Mac, but will provide hints on installing needed software for Windows.

Google Spreadsheet Data API Apps Script Code JSON JavaScript

How to use Data in a Google Sheet to output as JSON for your website sharing Google Sheets as JSON get data with AJAX

Created by Laurence Svekis - Instructor, GDE, Application Developer


Students: 6166, Price: Free

Explore how you can output and share Google Sheets Content as JSON in a Web app with Apps Script Code


JavaScript and Google Apps Script as the backend code to use a Google Spreadsheet as a Data source for your website. 

Create a Google Sheets Spreadsheet in your Google Account - Add some data and then output it as JSON which can be retrieved via fetch request to your WebSite.  Source Code is included so you can build your own version of the application.   

  • Creating a spreadsheet with data - making the JSON object dynamic

  • How to output your sheet data as an array in a web app endpoint doGet() method for webapp

  • Restructure your JSON object with JavaScript object properties values coming dynamically from the sheet headers

  • Iterate through the sheet rows of content and assign row values into the data object to output JSON for API endpoint

  • Use of JavaScript Fetch to get data JavaScript Connection using Fetch

  • JavaScript Fetch JSON sheet data from web app URL and output it in the console

  • Use JavaScript to output JSON data to webpage

  • Adding click event buttons Interactive Page Buttons JavaScript - to send info from webpage to Google Sheet

  • Using Apps Script POST data from WebPage to Sheet using doPost() method

  • Apps Script Add Post Data to Sheet connecting the data JSON

  • Explore how to use Google Apps Script IDE to debug and troubleshoot application

  • Use of JavaScript Fetch and formData methods

  • Common CORS issues with Google Apps Web Apps - how to troubleshoot and debug

  • Use of Logger to log values and text functions to text Google Apps Script

Taught by a Google Developer Expert with many years of Application development Experience ready to help you learn and answer any questions you may have

What are you waiting for join now and see what AMAZING projects YOU can create within Google apps Script and JavaScript

New Course - Use Google Sheets data on your WEBSITE - create JSON from Sheets data and connect using Fetch - POST updates to Sheet from your WEBSITE

Spring REST API for Beginners

Learn Spring REST API

Created by Karpado Official - Your path to success!


Students: 5736, Price: Free

In this course on Spring REST API, you will learn all the required concepts of Spring REST API.

If you are a Java programmer, it's an absolute must to learn Spring REST as it will lay a solid foundation in learning Spring Microservices.

In this course, we will start by understanding some of the fundamentals of REST API, and we will dive deep from there to more advanced concepts.

Coinbase API with Python

Learn how to snag the most in demand role in the tech field today!

Created by Mammoth Interactive - Top-Rated Instructor, 800,000+ Students


Students: 4456, Price: Free

Welcome to Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading! Are you interested in how people use Python to conduct rigorous financial analysis and pursue algorithmic trading? Then this is the right course for you!

A Learning Path is a specially tailored course that brings together two or more different topics that lead you to achieve an end goal. Much thought goes into the selection of the assets for a Learning Path, and this is done through a complete understanding of the requirements to achieve a goal.

Technology has become an asset in finance. Among the hottest programming languages, you’ll find Python becoming the technology of choice for Finance. The financial industry is increasingly adopting Python for general-purpose programming and quantitative analysis, ranging from understanding trading dynamics to building financial machine learning models.Why should you learn coding?

Coding is not as hard as you think.

Feeling stuck in life? Maybe you're working three jobs to make ends meet. I'm sure you've heard how much developers make these days... It's time to upskill!

We've taught over 800,000 students how to code and many have gone on to become professional developers or start their own tech startup.

We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a software developer.

The course includes over 99 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world projects.

Learn 3D GIS Web Development with ArcGIS API in JavaScript

An easy way to create 2D, 3D GIS web app .......

Created by Alfred Lam - GIS Developer


Students: 3331, Price: Free

“The world we live is full of coordinates and I love it!" - Alfred Lam, the course instructor.

“The essence of creating a beautiful map is balance!" - Alfred Lam, the course instructor.

(course updated on: 2017-Jun-20: add sec-5,6: geo-json data file and buttons: most lectures come with their html project files. )This is an entry-level course teaching how to display 2D, 3D maps to web applications using the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Code for this course are simple and easy understanding. My goal of this course is to help students learn both 2D and 3D GIS map creation easily without wasting their time fumbling in the API library. 

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is composed of hardware, software, people, environment, and data. Therefore, students with different backgrounds can learn and use GIS. One of my purposes of this course is to convey a concept to students that adding a GIS map to web for your clients is not difficult. You can spend your minimum time to handle it.

If you are new in this realm, this course is the right place for you to start. There are two versions of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript developed by ESRI, which is so far the biggest vendor of GIS systems and applications in the world. Here, I am using the newest version 4.3 for this course. Some developers may ask why do we bother to use GIS maps as we already have Google map. My answer is that the Google map is great for you to identify your locations. But its data, functionality, and flexibility are far from enough if you want to create a versatile app with various basemaps, to tell a story, to add your own map features, or to perform an analysis to your clients with a map. ArcGIS, on the other hand, is the most comprehensive and advanced GIS in the world and it is capable of performing all these tasks for you.

Time is precious for many web developers and programmers. For sure that this course is not possible to cover every details and meed all demands if you are an experienced developer. For those GIS users, students, iOS developers, and anyone who are interested in developing more decent mobile or web GIS apps. Please be aware of my other course announcements about Android, JavaScript, and iOS in the future.

Coding and testing an authentication API [NodeJs + Cypress]

Creating +Testing An Authentication API Tutorial

Created by Nikolay Advolodkin - World renowned solutions architect and passionate teacher


Students: 2057, Price: Free

Have you ever wondered how a login API actually works? Have you ever wanted to learn how to test the login API?

We created this free tutorial to fill this knowledge gap.

I'll walk you through how to:

  • How to create the API endpoints

  • How to install and use Cypress

  • How to create a Mongo database for your API

  • How to encrypt passwords

  • How to create negative and positive tests for API flows in Cypress

  • How to make the tests robust and remove code duplication

This is a tutorial for test automation professionals who already have an understanding of:

  • How APIs work

  • You have basic JavaScript knowledge

  • You want to keep improving in your domain

Prerequisites for the course:

A Windows or Mac computer

IntelliJ installed

Postman installed

So what are you waiting for? Let's jump into the tutorial.

Don't just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my other courses:

“Great course! This was one of the most thorough training courses I have ever taken/endured/survived. For me the course had a real "graduate course" feel to it, along with some almost impossible challenges that will result in frustration as well as some very deep learning.”- David Kotschessa

“The C# section is taught by someone else, which surprised me, but I think they did a great job at instructing at a beginner level. The Selenium materials are quite comprehensive and the instructor is easy to follow and understand. I am impressed that the author has taken the time to keep the course materials updated, and therefore merits 5 stars in my book!” - David Draper

“Well I can't explain in words how much am excited after completing this course. The more I was close to completion the more am getting excited. You are a great instructor Nikolay. You don't just taught Selenium but other aspects of being a beautiful coder.Now am pretty confident and can say "Yes" to my clients when they need me to automate the application. Thank you Sir for all the hard work and effort you put in the course. Surely would like to see you in another engaging course!” - Randhawa Verma

I like fundamental approach used by author. Will see:) To prepare such a course - it's a really hard and big job. Respect and thank you.” - Serhii Kovalenko

Wonderful content and things explained in a nutshell. Overwhelmed by Author's dedication to put things in such a way that any novice or manual tester can follow and understand and definitely be on-boarded as a Selenium Automation Engineer next day at work. Thanks a million times for creating these courses! One Stop for Automation."- Rupashree Geethaaviji Ananthakrishna

“I am familiar with Nikolay from a course I saw on TestAutomation and have the highest regard for him. Glad to see him on Udemy.” - Annamalai Viswanathan

“One Of the Best courses on Selenium With C#. Cheers Nikolay!!” - Saransh Vaid

Programming for Structural Engineers (Part 2&3 – JSON & API)

Go from zero programming experience to creating and solving structural models with Python and JavaScript!

Created by SkyCiv Engineering - Cloud Structural Engineering Software


Students: 961, Price: Free

Welcome to SkyCiv's Introduction to Programming, for Structural Engineers. We're going to be teaching the basics and more advanced skills you need, to solve real-life structural engineering problems using code. This course is perfect for students, or practicing engineers interested in upskilling or automating workflows using code or API technology. The course is made of three sections. This course contains the second and third parts, while the first part can be found in a separate course.

  • The first part covers the basics of programming, including; variables, arrays, loops, functions, and other tools of programming, all through the lens of a real structural engineering problem.

  • The second part will look at more advanced concepts like setting up your Python and Javascript environments, sending and receiving HTTP requests and JSON objects.

  • Finally, we'll put all this together and look at advanced functionality via the SkyCiv Structural Analysis and Design API.

From these courses, you'll learn:

  • Basic programming training, using the Python and Javascript languages

  • How to set up a coding environment, with industry-leading software and tools

  • What an API is and how to connect to them

You'll also receive:

  • 30 days of free access to the SkyCiv API

  • LinkedIn Endorsements for related skills from the instructors and the CEO of SkyCiv

  • A real solution you can use for your Portfolio

This course will equip you with the skills you need to combine programming and structural engineering. Programming is becoming an essential skill in our industry, so if you have an interest in programming - you can really set yourself apart. Increase your value to companies and the industry by learning this essential skill.

sap abap simple project using rest api

learn How to bass data from web service to abap database table

Created by Zafar karnalkar - SAP ABAP consultant


Students: 950, Price: Free

In this course, students can learn and understand very basic step for implement a rest api in sap abap. step by step process shown :

Create a table table, Create SNRO Number range, Create Resource Handler class, Create resource provider class, Implement Get method, Implement Post method, Testing using postman. Verify data into data base tables.

REST API Testing – Crash Course for Beginners

REST API Automation Testing with Rest Assured with Real Time Examples

Created by ToolsQA . - ToolsQA Professional Courses


Students: 866, Price: Free

Rest Assured is one of the most used libraries for REST API Automation Testing. Rest-Assured is a Java-based library that is used to test RESTful Web Services. This Rest Assured course will start you off the right way. REST Assured API Testing online training course is designed to make you an expert in working with Backend API Testing.

You would be able to Understand Complete API Testing and API Testing Terminology. The course features hands-on coding exercises with a real-time project simulating real-time project experience as you go through the course.

This tutorial covers:

1. How to work with GET Request in Rest Assured?

2. How to verify the response received from the server?

3. How to send data to the server with POST Requests?

4. Concepts of Authentication and Authorization

5. How PUT Request works with Rest Assured?

6. How to delete the resource created on the server using DELETE Request.


At the end of this course, you can pick any REST API over Net and can automate it comfortably with all necessary validations

Happy Testing and Wish you Good luck!!!!!!!

Who this course is for:

Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation

Any Software engineer who is interested in Mobile Technologies

Freshers/Graduates/ Software Testers