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Anger Management Techniques That Actually Work

How to Control Anger so You Can Feel Good, Have Better Relationships and Reduce Stress - Anger Management Techniques

Created by Ken Wells - Best-Selling Instructor 74,140+ Students in 182 Countries


Students: 16814, Price: $129.99

Students: 16814, Price:  Paid

Are you tired of blowing up at people?

That feeling of doing or saying something that you really didn't mean...

...The stress and pain it causes in your relationships...

Learning to control your anger is critical to your physical, mental and emotional health as well. 

Many of the anger management techniques that I've come across don't address the problem at the core, but they instead just attempt to address the symptoms. 

So, in this course, you will find simple solutions that actually work!

"I have gone through all of the videos and am working through the beginning exercises and I have already started to see changes in my anger management. Ken is wise and replies to my comments in a timely manner. An extremely useful course."

-Sarah Scott

"I really loved this course. Just finished the last lesson and know the work starts. If you feel anger is taking over your life, remember than that it is not only you who suffers from that, it is your family, friends and all the people around you who loves you. Think about that and realize that it is not to late to change. I want to thank Ken for giving me that chance."

-Petra De Laet

"This is a great course for reducing/eliminating anger from one's life. Ken provides easy tools to use that can be incorporated into your life right away. I noticed changes just from self awareness from course materials. I can't wait to see what transforms in the next two months. Highly recommended for the stressful world we all live in!"

-Alex Polski

"Another amazing course created by Ken. Very informative, high quality training, with lots of practical scenarios and examples. Thanks, Ken!"

-Mihai Teodosiu

"This course was surprisingly very good. I say that because I've been through many books and courses on the subject of Anger Management. I found this course to be insightful, easy to follow and usable. Ken lays out a philosophical framework but takes care to add practical application all the way through. I actually found myself fascinated at times by his descriptions of the processes by which we become angry. I really liked this course a lot."

-Dan Smith


This course is about more than just 'how to deal with anger'. It's going to give you a fresh perspective on what anger is, where it comes from and provide powerful, all-natural methods that will show you how to control anger...the right way.

When you watch the video above, you will understand why it's important to learn and practice anger management techniques. Not only for relieving improving your relationships and feeling better, but also for improving your physical health!

This is a Complete Anger Management Course that will teach you exactly how to deal with anger properly so you can relieve inner irritation and experience more peace, better relationships, more happiness and better health.

All with a small time investment, starting with as little as 10 minutes per day and gradually building to about 30 minutes per day.

This course will walk you through specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to let go of anger quickly and how to deal with anger in a healthy way.

It explains exactly what true anger management is and how to manage anger from a place of power and choice. This is done through short, crisp lectures that provide practical techniques and tools that you can use immediately.

It also shows you how to get rid of anger and how to avoid creating unnecessary anger in the future.

What will I be able to do after enrolling in this course?

  • Understand What Anger Is & Why You Get Angry
  • Spot Your Dominant Anger Type
  • Catch Your Anger Flames Early Before They Turn into a Bonfire of Problems
  • Find the Source of Your Anger & Uproot It at The Core
  • Use Breathing Exercises to Cool off Quickly When You Start to Get Hot
  • Avoid Anger by Consciously Cultivating Healthy, Useful States of Consciousness
  • Increase Your Emotional Awareness to Drastically Reduce Your Anger & Heal Your Negative Emotions
  • Follow a Practical Plan for Applying Everything in Your Everyday Life
  • Spot Your Anger Patterns Quickly
  • Maintain Composure and Perspective When Dealing with Your Anger
  • Create States of Deep Relaxation At Will

What will I learn?

  • The True Cost of Anger & Why You Should Care
  • How to Quickly Recognize Your Dominant Anger Personality
  • The Key That Unlocks the Door to Freedom from Anger
  • The Dirty Little Trick the Mind Plays on Us
  • How to Dissolve Negative Emotions & Have Greater Choice in Your Response to Life
  • How to Quickly Relax & Restore Your Perspective Under Pressure
  • A Simple Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Nerves & Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • How to Use Cool Blue Breathing To Control Your Temper
  • How to Use the Perception Management Worksheet to Pull the Mask off Your Anger
  • How to Increase Your Emotional Awareness in Only 10 Minutes Per Day
  • A Simple Technique to Melt Anger & Other Painful Emotions
  • How to UnGlue Yourself From Anger
  • Creating Your Ideal State of Consciousness
  • The First Step To Regaining Control Over How You Feel
  • A Roadmap for Putting Everything Together and More...

Why You Should Take This Course:

  1. Better Relationships
  2. Better Mental, Emotional & Physical Health
  3. Avoid Missed Opportunities
  4. Enhanced Overall Well-Being
  5. Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  6. Increased Emotional & Mental Clarity
  7. Increased Concentration & Focus
  8. Increased Productivity
  9. More Self Confidence
  10. Greater Self-Awareness
  11. Greater Spiritual Awareness
  12. More Happiness
  13. Make Less Mistakes at Work and in Your Social Life

Some of the Questions Addressed in This Course:

  • How do I control my anger outbursts?
  • What are some good hacks for cooling off while you are feeling extremely angry?
  • What is anger?
  • What are the best ways to deal with anger?
  • I get angry quickly and speak before thinking. How do I control this?
  • Why am I so angry?
  • I get angry a lot. What should I do?
  • Is it okay to get angry?
  • What's the most productive way to deal with anger?
  • What motivates extremely angry people?
  • How can I stop anger against myself?
  • What are the best ways to reduce anger?
  • How can I stop getting angry?
  • Is this anger normal or am I overreacting?
  • How can I work on controlling my temper?
  • Why do I feel so short-tempered when I'm stressed?
  • How to overcome anger?
  • How do I develop anger management skills?
  • What are the best anger management strategies
  • I've taken anger management classes without success, is there another way?
  • I want to know how to let go of anger, what's the best way?

What Should I Do Now?

Give this course a chance to help you control anger and live more peacefully by enrolling today. All-natural anger management techniques can truly change your life, it did mine. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside if you choose to enroll.

Anger & Stress Management Boot Camp for Success in Life

Anger management therapy with stress management techniques - Anger management exercises save your relationships!

Created by Umair Ramay - Digital Marketer | Travel Journalist


Students: 9826, Price: $89.99

Students: 9826, Price:  Paid

This anger & stress management course is designed to awake your self-consciousness, it will ignite a fire of self-actualization. You will gain control over your anger and you will be deciding when you want to be angry. You will learn how absorption the good stress in you so it won’t turn into negative stress which can lead to anger. The anger management bootcamp 101 is self-centered on you and your beloveds.

I was born as a hothead and was proud of it because anger shows the masculinity. The angrier you become, the more macho man you are!!! Base on this self-destructive notion I had destroyed my family, and marriage life. There is no magic spell on how to control anger” out there, it's all about pre-anger mind training. If your mind is not trained, then you can’t control anger outbursts which will cause damaging everything around you; marriage, relationship with your parents, career, etc. Is anger link with stress? If anger results from stress, then how to control stress which I will teach you in this course. I will force you to think about what stress is and how it affects your life and everything around you.

I am not an anger management guru, but I am one of you who spent years on self-exploration on a quest to conquer anger. My expedition started with “how to be happy” in life and how to fight stress. The purpose of life and why I am on this planet called earth. I hope my online anger management course can help to change your life. If you can bring anger under control, then it will lead you to salvation.

The stress management classes in this online course will be beneficial to all the walk of life. If you are sure you are stress resistant but still taking an online stress management course bootcamp will help. My goal in this stress management technique is to be very simple but effective at the same time. Whether you are a boss and looking for stress management courses for employees, then this stress and anxiety management course is the best suit for you. Or if you are a student who constantly comes under pressure and stress, this will be very helpful to you on fighting stress.

Anger Management Technique to eliminate anger fast

This course is the closest you will get to having a private therapy session with me that will rid anger from your life

Created by Alan Kirwan - Change Your Mind Instantly with Hypnosis Change Your Life


Students: 6191, Price: $34.99

Students: 6191, Price:  Paid

 Anger Management Technique to eliminate anger fast in this course you will learn to eliminate anger from your life with an easy to learn and apply technique that connects mind and body. But not just that you will also be learning a life changing technique that will let you overcome fears , feel more confident and help to remove the barriers we call bad feelings that cause you to hold back from all of what want to do with your life..

1) You will be guided through an exercise that will prove to you that every thought you have effects how you fee.l.

2) You will learn a technique that will help you change the way you think and feel..

3) You will learn my secrets that have helped me change so many peoples lives on a daily basis.

4) You will have access to my book as a download that has protocols for working on 28 more areas of your life with this technique you are about to learn.

5) You will also be able to down load 4 mp3 files of how to learn and apply this technique so that you can use it anytime.

6) You also get a Hypnosis recording that was created just for this program that you can download also.

7) There is no risk by buying this course because you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you get absolutely no result from engaging in and using this technique. Also you are welcome to keep all the downloadable material, because I am confident that if you set aside a little time to try this course out just watch how your life begins to change around you.

  • All Videos are downloadable for easier access offline

Anger Management Skills

Controlling Anger Can Change Your Life

Created by Dr. Jeelani S. F. - Consultant at Merit Group International


Students: 5958, Price: $29.99

Students: 5958, Price:  Paid

Experts say that an average adult gets angry at least once a day and annoyed or peeved about three times a day. Anger leads to anxiety, tension and stress, which in turn lead to strained relationships and ultimately to bad health. Everyone has issues and concerns about anger. Some people need help in managing their anger that gets out of control; others need help in accessing buried anger. Some take out their anger on innocent people while some keep it within themselves, they brood over it, they ruminate for days, weeks, months, some times for years and unfortunately for life. Unless one finds some healthy ways of owning and expressing their anger, it will find some outlet that might be inappropriate, unhealthy or counterproductive ways. Numerous families and lives have been adversely affected due to "Anger." While Everyone gets angry, its natural, but everyone should also know how to deal with their own anger and with other angry people. This is what this training program is all about. It will help you to identify your anger triggers, it will provide you with the practical and proven strategies and techniques to not only deal with your anger effectively but also to deal with others anger. Controlling anger means controlling your life, your happiness and your family, your relationships and your health.

Chill my lifestyle! Master your stress management like a pro

Defeat your anxiety and anger & improve your focus, productivity and time management without meditation or mindfulness

Created by Henry Bucko - CEO & founder STRESSPOINT©


Students: 4485, Price: $89.99

Students: 4485, Price:  Paid

Are you suffering from sleepless nights, restlessness, irritability, food cravings, sexual problems?

Did you already try to do yoga, meditation and practice mindfulness to solve your stress - but nothing really changed?

The good news is - you didn't do anything wrong! Yoga, meditation and mindfulness help to relieve stress symptoms - but you need a powerful system to eliminate the problem at the root.

So if you really want to get rid of your stress once and for all, then this is the perfect course for you!

You will learn effective ways to beat your stress and also get to know the 7 power resources that will help you to significantly improve your quality of life. You don't just get tips, but a complete proven system that is easy and powerful to apply in your daily life.

Everything you will learn, is based on the latest scientific insights on heart rate variability and broken down into an easily understandable language.


...receive 21 strategies to immediately improve your stress management.

...noticeably improve your ability to concentrate, especially through proper breathing.

...learn all the important building blocks for a well-functioning sleep. out a well-functioning sports and nutrition concept.

...know how to take effective breaks, even when it seems impossible.

...finally understand what you can do specifically against your stress.

...learn to build routines into your daily life as effective protection against stress.


1. Breathing & improved concentration

You will understand why effective breathing affects your ability to concentrate. You will learn how to breathe deeply into your belly and not to forget it in your daily life.

2. Sleep well

You will know the difference between sleep quality and sleep quantity and you will understand why the quality of sleep is crucial. You will learn tools that will help you improve the quality of your sleep.

3. Effective breaks

We will show you why our brain needs breaks in order to remain efficient for a longer period of time. You will learn ways to take effective breaks even when it is almost impossible (e.g. due to disruptive co-workers).

4. Sports concept

In one of the most important chapters, we cover the role of exercise and sports - you'll understand why sports can "neutralize" stress hormones. You will learn the building blocks of a successful sports concept and you will be able to apply them to yourself right away.

5. Nutrition concept

We do not deal with diets, but pragmatically show the central connection between nutrition and stress. You will develop a new perspective on the topic of nutrition - you will no longer be concerned with the question "what am I allowed to eat", but much more with the question "why am I actually eating this".

6. Routines as protection against stress

Through routines you have certain protection in stressful times - we roll up the topic scientifically. You'll learn techniques for giving your brain meaningful "happy feelings."

7. Your mindset

You will understand the importance of your attitudes and that whether you are aware of them or not, they affect your ability to deal with stress. You will learn ways to challenge your destructive attitudes and replace them with positive ones.

A word by the course creator:

"I've created this course because many of my (1:1 coaching) clients asked me to get access to my knowledge in a compressed format. As you will see in the course, around 80% of the content is practical stuff that is easy to implement in your daily life. The other 20% are super interesting insights on the scientific concept of heart rate variability.

But I have to warn you: if you seek spiritual guidance or illumination on how to relieve stress through practices (such as yoga or meditation), this is definitely the wrong course for you! This course is a proven system that is digging down to the cause of your stress, based on evidence-based scientific background.

My goal is not only to make you able to defeat your stress, but allow you to get a totally new lifestyle!"

See what other students think:

"I was not yet aware of the whole context of stress!"

- George Page

"Best Course Ever, much thanks for creating this amazing course, I really appreciate your work on this course. Thanks!"

- Marion Payne

"The course gives a lot of practical tips, even for me partly completely new aspects."

- Silke Schmidt

"The content is presented in a very modern way and explained in a simple way. I was able to gain many new insights and implement them in my everyday life."

- Rose Harris

"Henry manages to combine theory and practice in an exciting way! Especially the numerous HRV examples are a real eye-opener - so I will also perform an HRV measurement with Henry myself."

- Lawrence Yates

"As a leader, I was often not aware of my stressors. Thanks to the course, I now live much more consciously and know how to behave in stressful moments."

- Laurie Garcia

Are you ready to defeat your stress once and for all?

Then let's do this together - enroll in the course now!

Anger Management

Learn How To Win Over Anger And Channelize The Energy Towards Fulfillment Of Life's Objectives.

Created by Sandeep Khurana - Meditation Practitioner, Spiritual Music Composer


Students: 2589, Price: $19.99

Students: 2589, Price:  Paid

The course teaches you

  • What really is Anger ?

  • Where does it Come from ?

  • How to Deal with it ?

  • How to Use it in a Constructive and Empowering way

  • Gain Control over your life

  • Regain your Self Balance and state of wisdom for better Decision Making

Anger is one of the normal emotions we feel. And as soon as we sense the state of anger, it is the time and opportunity to get back in tune with our core self, and act with wisdom and intelligence. Anger thus becomes an opportunity to channelize one's energy towards constructive purposes.

Practical Anger Management: Manage the Anger in You & Others

Understand what anger is, the problems it creates, how to control it, deal with angry people and get control of outcomes

Created by ZandaX Training - 47,000 students can't be wrong!


Students: 2132, Price: $19.99

Students: 2132, Price:  Paid

Are you suffering from anger issues? 
Or know someone who is, and need to deal with it?

Then this course is for you!

MODULE 1: What is Anger?

This module contains:

  • The Long Term Effects of Anger

  • Types of Anger

  • Triggers

  • What Causes Anger?

  • Fight or Flight

  • What is Anger?

MODULE 2: Angry Volcanos

This module contains:

  • How to Spot a Volcano

  • The Intimidator

  • The Interrogator

  • What Are Angry Volcanos?

MODULE 3: Bottling up Your Anger

This module contains:

  • Summary

  • How to Recognise a Black Hole

  • The Distancer

  • The Winder Upper

  • The Victim

  • Bottling up Your Anger - Being a Black Hole

MODULE 4: Controlling Your Anger

This module contains:

  • Controlling Anger: Using THINK

  • Improving your Communication

  • Long Term Anger Management

  • Controlling your Outbursts

  • About Controlling your Anger

MODULE 5: Anger and Communication

This module contains:

  • 6 Steps to Communicating When Angry

  • Why You Express Anger

  • The Three Components of Communication

  • Expressing Anger

MODULE 6: Dealing with Angry People

This module contains:

  • Anger is OK but Bad Behaviour is Not

  • Self-Preservation when Dealing with Anger in Others

  • Coping Strategies - The SOFTEN Acronym

  • About Dealing with Angry People

MODULE 7: Using Anger for Positive Outcomes

This module contains:

  • Channelling Your Anger

  • The Yerkes-Dodson Curve

  • Using Anger to Motivate You

  • Can Anger Be Positive?

MODULE 8: Assertiveness, Negotiation and Control

This module contains:

  • Staying in Control

  • Negotiation

  • Goal Setting

  • Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

Simple Anger Management Strategies That Work

How To Control Anger in Eight Easy Steps

Created by Teresa Trower - Licensed Mental Health Counselor/ LifeCoach


Students: 2007, Price: $19.99

Students: 2007, Price:  Paid

                                                      Anger Management

                                                   What You Need To Know


             In this course, you’ll:

·     Learn simple anger management techniques

       Learn why anger is not a “bad” emotion

·      Learn a powerful, but positive, way to express your anger

·      Discover the words to avoid in conversations

·      Discover the cognitive distortions underneath your anger

·      Learn how to improve your personal and work relationships

·      Learn how to turn off your fight or flight response

·      Create your own Anger Buster strategy

Why take a course on Anger Management?

By taking this course, you’ll get the tools to control anger instead of letting your anger control you. Learning how to deal with anger will benefit your self- esteem as well as your relationships! 

This course is not a substitute for therapy. This course will not address those anger issues best handled in a therapeutic setting. However, if you'd like some practical and time tested ideas for dealing with your angry feelings in a positive way, then this course will give you an opportunity to try out new behaviors.

What’s included?

The one- hour course includes 8 steps. Included with each step are downloadable resource materials (PDF homework assignments).

Completing the assignments gives you insight into your behaviors and feelings, as well as an opportunity to try out new behaviors. So, practicing these new behaviors is an important part of this course if you’re looking for change!

I want to emphasize here the importance of doing the practice activities if you want to reduce your angry feelings and have more positive interactions.

As a Licensed Therapist, I’ve helped many people deal with anger management. Mastering your anger is a skill that pays off big-time in both your personal happiness and your relationships. 

Intelligent Anger Management – Take Control, Be Productive

Learn To Create New Outcomes & Results, Manage Stress, And More Through Intelligent Anger Management Skills

Created by Thushyanthan A - Teacher, Leadership Life Coach, Jyotiṣa


Students: 1897, Price: $79.99

Students: 1897, Price:  Paid

Anger is a misunderstood emotion! It is widely assessed to be a destructive emotion with violent tendencies. The invitation in this course is to explore the emotion of anger and notice the energy of it. What possibilities for action exist within the energy of the emotion of anger?

When you learn to harness the power of anger, you can CHOOSE how to show up in conversations and CHOOSE what actions to take to create outcomes and results that have meaning, value and satisfaction for you!

Use the generative power of language and learn to “manage anger” by understanding the story, the body disposition and actions you can take to “step into” and “step out of” anger.

  • Understand the foundation of anger as a story with a predisposition to action.

  • Learn what it means to “be emotional” versus “having emotions”

  • Discover the patterns that set up the path on the “ladder of anger”

  • Learn how you can SHIFT your body, your language into ANOTHER emotion

Discover a 3-Step Framework of working with the emotion of anger and its associated energy. Connect to the whole human being you are by exploring the connections between Body, Emotions and Language!

I want to offer you a framework, a new perspective of the holistic and integrated human being that you are! This perspective may help to incorporate several concepts that you have come across in your quest for managing and working with the emotion of anger.

Anger doesn’t “exist” all by itself. Anger is created, over time, through a variety of situations, events and conversations that lead to it!

Course Contents And Overview

This course contains 40+ lectures and 2.5+ hours of content! It is designed for you if you want to learn to manage anger, annoyance, irritability and more… It is designed for you if you want to move past the potentially “destructive” quality of anger and shift into new possibilities for action.

The material in this course is what I use with my coaching clients so if you are curious about learning to coach yourself from observing your thoughts, ideas and body while exploring anger, this course is for you!

I strongly believe in 3 key ideas: #1) Education - learn about what matters to you; #2) Coaching - practice and embody that learning; and #3) Leadership - show up "fully and in presence" with others.

Every section in this course is connected and invites you to embody the learning. Each section has some “Action Steps” or “Activity” to help you notice what shows up for you as you to interpret and get to the story of the emotions that you experience.

The more you can practice and apply what you learn in the sections determines the results you'll get.

Section #1 – “Welcome To The Course” – Quickly get started in this section with this short introduction to “Anger Management” through a linguistic process via the two foundational models of the O-A-R and the B-E-L. You are the unique observer of your life. And the unique observer you are has a Body, experiences Emotions and interprets those emotions in Language. There is also an invitation to join the private Facebook group called, “Life Coaching And Vedic Counseling”.

Section #2 – “Not Just "Anger" But Annoyance, Irritability, Rage, Fury And More...” – Anger is much more than a single emotion. In fact, a quick browse in the dictionary uncovers 120+ related words to “anger”. The more you increase your vocabulary about anger, the more you are able to work with anger and notice it for yourself. When you notice, then you have the POWER to change.

Section #3 – “Classifying Anger And The ‘Ladder Of Violence’” – Anger can be destructive but it also has potential to be creative. Learn how anger is classified and discover the “ladder of violence” that causes anger to be built up from small infractions all the way up to violent, destructive expressions.

Section #4 – “Invite Anger Into Your Life By Stepping Into AND Out Of Anger...” – In this section we learn to work with anger by IDENTIFYING it as an actor would. We “step into” anger and related emotions and notice “Who/What/When/Where/How” it shows up. Then we “step out”. Step in. Step out. Step in. Step out. It’s a constant practise.

Section #5 – "Guided Visualizations From ‘3 Steps To Improve Communication Skills’" – Here you will learn about the 5 body dispositions and how they cause us to experience certain emotions. Once you learn to move your body in an appropriate way to get satisfactory results, then you have a powerful tool to work with your emotions. The activities in this section invite you to practise moving your body into these dispositions.

Section #6 – “Conclusion To "Anger Management" And Your Next Steps” – We wrap up this course with the invitation to practise. Approach anger through the intelligent, intellectual perspective of a narrative of injustice. Practise noticing and continue to practise stepping into and stepping out of anger and its related emotions. Then you can move into the investigative part of understanding the linguistic foundation of anger and the associated body shapes that will allow you to take control of the situations, events and conversations in your life!

Course Bonuses!

Bonus #1 – PDF Worksheet "Getting ‘Ticked Off’" – A 1-page document to help you identify the “Who/What/When/Where/How” you get “ticked off” on the way to “full-blown” anger.

Bonus #2 – PDF Worksheet “Emotions ‘Opposite’ Of Anger” – A 2-page worksheet designed to give you a list of 30 emotions that are “opposite” of anger. When you know that there are other emotions possible, you will have new insight into how these work for you.

Bonus #3 – PDF Worksheet “Synonyms Of Anger” – An 8-page worksheet designed to give you a list of 120 different AND related emotions to anger. Learn to create the distinctions for the “blob” of emotions that anger consists of.

Bonus #4 – PDF Worksheet "Ladder Of Anger" – Use this 1-page document to map out the range of emotions leading to “anger” for you. Make use of the extended vocabulary worksheet to help you out.

Bonus #5 – PDF Worksheet “Stepping Out” – Use this 1-page document and learn how to “Step Out” of any emotion, including anger. Shift your body and shift your mood!

Bonus #6 – MP3 Recordings to practise the 5 Body Dispositions of “Centre, Resolution, Openness, Stability and Flexibility.” Spend time to practise these short 4-8 minute physical activities to embody the body dispositions. You’ll be surprised at what you discover for yourself!

Take Action & Enroll

Click "Take This Course" now and make the commitment to jump straight into “How To Intelligently Manage Anger And Take Control” for yourself. I know that working with the emotion of anger created shifts within me and resulted in a rewarding personal and professional life.

See you on the inside!

Wishing you much success in your journeys,


Anger & Stress Management Skills

Methods and Techniques for Effectively Combating Anger & Stress

Created by Dustin DeMoss, M.S. - Person in the People Helping Business


Students: 1829, Price: $19.99

Students: 1829, Price:  Paid

This course is designed for you to effective and properly combat stress and anger. These proven techniques and this lecture combined with worksheets is using clinically proven methods and techniques for dealing with stress and anger. You will walk away from this course with mental health training to combat these stresses of modern living.

Course Structure:

1. Intro

2. Anger Management Skills

3. Stress Management

4. Coping Skills

5. Take a Break Cards

6. Cycle of Anger

7. Change My Mood/Change My Thinking

8. Congrats - End of Course

Anger Management: Understand and heal the deeper roots!

How to dissolve and transform your old anger

Created by Bertold Ulsamer - Therapeut, Trainer und Coach


Students: 1825, Price: $39.99

Students: 1825, Price:  Paid

This is a course for people who tried many methods and techniques to control their anger but failed. This course teaches you how to set yourself free.

If you fight with anger then strong roots of this emotion grow in the past. Because you are not aware of the origin the anger strongly influences your presence. Discover the reasons for your anger. Then this negative feeling loses the grip over you.

This course has its origin in in 40 years of working with people (and dealing with my own hidden anger) It will help you to show your power in a more relaxed way.

Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program – (4 hours)

How to manage anger and ensure it does not explode into rage. Enhance your life by building quality relationships.

Created by George Patriki - Dual Diagnosis Consultant


Students: 1272, Price: $124.99

Students: 1272, Price:  Paid

Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Program will help you understand and manage your anger so that it doesn’t explode into rage. At the end of the day, the only thing that brings joy and meaning to life is having loving meaningful relationships with family and friends. The purpose of this program is to help you develop a better quality of life by improving your relationships.

This program is also ideal for supervisors and managers to help them develop communication and conflict resolution skills with work colleagues. 

This training is tax deductible as a work related expense and enables supervisors and managers to maintain professional development and upskilling.

This program outlines 8 key underlying issues that cause anger and provides practical guidelines to address each of these areas.

1.Unmet needs – threat to safety

2.Grief and loss

3.Boundaries being violated by controlling people

4.Disappointment & smashed pictures or expectations

5.Guilt and shame based identity

6.Unforgiveness – bitterness, resentment & revenge

7.Vitamin deficiency (eg. Vitamin B3 – Niacin, B6, Zinc etc)

8.Substance abuse (alcohol & other drugs)

(Please note that the pic from the Anger Management movie is used by permission as follows; Anger Management (2003). “© Sony Pictures”.

Used under; (Title 17: Chapter 1 § 107 of the United States Code).

Anger Management for Kids, & Bonus Parenting Anger Program

Got Angry Kids... help is here. Feel good about your parenting. Anger Management that works. Get peace for your home.

Created by Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT - 22 yrs Counseling Families, Kids, Anger, Parenting, Couples,


Students: 614, Price: $34.99

Students: 614, Price:  Paid

“This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.” Anger Management for Kids with Parental Anger Management Support Program. Completely downloadable program; Parenting around anger made easy.

Parents Anger Management Parenting Video and PDF workbook. Kids Anger Management Video and PDF workbook

Got Angry Kids... help is here. Feel good about your parenting. Have children that express their mad feelings in a way that does not hurt anyone or anything and does not get them into trouble. Bring Peace back into your home.

This is an easy to follow anger management course using definitive step by step instructions. Time tested effective methods for change. You will find parenting tips in the parents video to help with the anger issues in your home.

Authored by Yvonne Sinclair M.A., LMFT, Licensed Marriage Family and Child Counselor in California. Certified Anger Management Specialist with the National Anger Management Association. More than 20 years of experience in teaching and counseling children about anger issues and helping parents with parenting problems.

Resolve anger and other strong emotions – Anger Management

Become free from costly reactive anger and use its energy to make positive changes in your life and relationships.

Created by Joel Young - NEWinsight. You will learn something new - guaranteed.


Students: 584, Price: $24.99

Students: 584, Price:  Paid

"Good job Joel.Would have given it 4.5 stars if possible. Joel knows what he is doing. He hits you hard where it hurts but the result is a better skill set and ways of dealing with anger. He cares about his students and understands their psychological needs. I felt like I was taking a well-rounded course." -Student

This is a short but in-depth course to enable you to understand what you anger (and other strong emotions) are 'fighting' for.

I draw on 12 years of counselling practice and training to give you a very practical, and well-rounded approach to your anger that you will find refreshingly easy to apply to your life.

Intimate interviews give you glances into peoples lives and create a platform for each lesson.

The language and pace of the course make it accessible and useful for anyone looking to have a more peaceful relationship with themselves or another.

  1. Section 1: De-Shaming anger, feelings, and needs.

  2. Section 2: Taking stock of the cost of anger.

  3. Section 3: Getting clear about what anger is and is not.

  4. Section 4: Practical CBT and Mindfulness approaches.

The course integrates principles from various credible schools of thought. (CBT, NVC, Narrative Therapies, Living Wisdom) so you are a practitioner looking to expand your knowledge of anger you will also find this useful.

Professional Anger & Aggression Counselling Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Course For Powerful Counselling Techniques For Anger & Aggression Management

Created by Dr Karen E Wells - Bestselling Instructor:Over 157,000 Students


Students: 548, Price: $89.99

Students: 548, Price:  Paid

Study In Confidence with Dr Karen E Wells : Bestselling Instructor with over 71,000 Udemy students (over 43,000 students buying additional courses) in 177 countries!

Professional Anger & Aggression Counselling Diploma

Fully Accredited Diploma Course For Powerful Counselling Techniques For Anger & Aggression Management.

This Diploma Course is fully accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association and the course is a mixture of videos and an in-depth training manual with self assessments at the end of each module.

Our Professional Anger and Aggression Counselling Diploma course has been designed as an add-on to any exisiting counselling qualification. The course is for those that wish to help others with their Anger and Aggression issues and are already a Counsellor, or for those that wish to help themselves as a personal development course and eliminate Anger & Aggression for themselves.

Anger & Aggression are common emotions and many people struggle to contain or control angry outbursts which can impact life & those around them particularly with the areas of – business, family, friends and socially. This course has been designed to help the counsellor provide specialised knowledge so to alter these behaviours leading to a successful outcome.

Our easy to learn modules include:

  • Introduction to your Professional Anger & Aggression Counselling Diploma Course

  • Your Professional Anger & Aggression Counselling Diploma Course Training Manual PDF 

  • What Is Anger?

  • Angry Outbursts

  • Anger & Aggression Management

  • Techniques For Anger Management

  • Self Hypnosis Track for Anger & Aggression Management

  • Self Assessment Tasks

  • Final Summary & Bringing It All Together

  • FAQ

  • Accreditation

  • And Much More!

This Diploma Course is fully accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Anger Management for Christians

How to handle anger in a godly way

Created by Sesan Oguntade - Personal Development


Students: 435, Price: $19.99

Students: 435, Price:  Paid

Getting violently angry has always been part of me and I was really not doing anything about it until I got married. My angry reactions to issues sometimes become extremely violent and after displaying the act for a few minutes, I usually began to wonder what got over me and most times I don't always feel good about myself.

When I noticed how destructive this act can become, I wanted a solution which I got following a simple guide which I have shown in this do-it-yourself short Christian classes.

I learned to tame these sinful angry reactions to issues and I believe you too can learn to do this. Violent or sinful anger can destroy what you have painstakingly built over the years and smashed them to the floor in a few minutes.

You need to take this course. It contains short stories, simple diagrams and simple steps I dedicatedly began to carry out until I began to record consistent victories over it.

The following are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  • Understand the difference between anger and violent anger

  • Understand whether anger is a sin or not

  • Learn how to deal with violent anger in a Godly way

  • Learn to keep your emotions under the control of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God

  • See how violent anger and hot temper nearly crushed my marriage

  • Learn to stop anger from destroying your relationship with God and men

  • And more...

Enroll in this course today.

Anger Management: Lose the RAGE!

Learn to control your anger and be a happier person. Life is too short to waste it on anger.

Created by Cougan Collins - Preacher


Students: 266, Price: $29.99

Students: 266, Price:  Paid

Everyone gets angry from time to time, but some seem to get angry a lot and then lose control. My course on anger management will help you lose the rage that comes from your anger. However, this course will also help those who just want to have more control over their anger in general. The proven techniques in my anger management course can change your life forever. Imagine not allowing anger to take control of your life again. When you apply the techniques taught in this course, you will be able to stop your anger in its tracks, and you will learn to be a much happier person without having to move to a remote island with no people. So, what are you waiting for? Take my anger management course now and lose the rage. 

How to Master Anger Management

Like A BOSS!

Created by Jake Johnson - Life Coach


Students: 197, Price: $19.99

Students: 197, Price:  Paid

Learn how to manage your anger in a healthy manner. Learn several proven strategies that help you have a more peace of mind. Several examples will be given to demonstrate the teachings in this course

Learn how to control your own actions, set boundaries and enjoy more peace of mind.  How to stop fighting against your personal reality and embrace it, regardless of the difficulties involved.

comprehensive anger management

living a peaceful, productive life

Created by Tedd Taskey, MS, LMFT - licensed psychotherapist


Students: 190, Price: $89.99

Students: 190, Price:  Paid

Emotional Regulation (Anger Management)

-  Learn how to regulate yourself when your emotions are attempting to hijack your logic

-  Understand your emotions and the neural circuitry of the brain that produces emotions

-  Learn the unique origins of your particular anger and heal the wounds that cause your anger

-  Gain skills to remain calm under stressful situations

- Learn how to enlist others in your quest for emotional regulation

- use practical accountability tools to keep you on track with your emotional regulation

Anger Management Basics-The Cycle The Change The Action Plan

An Anger Management System featuring a never-before-seen Anger Cycle that is simple, effective, and easy to implement.

Created by Temeca Richardson, Ed.D. - Education Expert


Students: 109, Price: $34.99

Students: 109, Price:  Paid

After watching the promo video, you will learn that this course will help you to pinpoint your challenge areas in your cycle of anger and through the information shared, you will be able to develop a plan for SUCCESS.

Starting with a complete overview of the all-new Emotional Cycle®, this 8-part system goes through each part in-depth and it shows you exactly what happens from the onset of your anger all the way through until the cycle repeats itself. This section alone will give you everything that you need to start overcoming your anger and stop the cycle from happening completely!

But, it doesn't stop there. This section concludes with tasks that are designed to help you identify where you have challenges within your cycle, why you have those challenges, and the types of physical and emotional experiences that you have as a result of your anger.

Section two teaches you about why change is hard and it begins with an explanation about the constant struggle that happens between your mind and your emotions. When your emotions and your mind are not working in tandem, it's generally your emotions that are in control of your decisions and unfortunately, they are what lead you through the emotional cycle. This section will teach you how to get your thinking, your emotions, and your environment in line with each other because together, those three aspects will maximize your success.

The final section for this course gives you the steps for an action plan. The plan is purposefully designed to be simple and easy to implement. Just keep in mind that real change takes consistency and practice. If you take the time to put the plan in place and you consistently work on the plan, then this system will work for you!

Anger Management & Emotional Stability

Anger Management-Learn How to Overcome Anger so You Feel Good, Create Better Relationships and Grow Emotional Stability.

Created by Rory Da Costa - Life is happening for me not to me.


Students: 82, Price: $89.99

Students: 82, Price:  Paid

Anger Management & Emotional Stability Program will help you understand where your anger comes from whilst giving you a handful of techniques to release anger from your Mind, Body and Soul.

Plus a variety of powerful strategies to manage your anger so that it doesn’t explode into unhealthy Anger and Rage.

The purpose of this program is to provide Anger Management Tools and techniques to help you release anger & Create emotional stability so you can operate with anger in a safe manner & Create meaningful relationships with those close to you.

This program is ideal for Parents, Business owners, Supervisors and managers to help them learn how to manage anger properly.

This is a short but in-depth course to enable you to understand why you have anger.

I have 5 years of training and experience to give you a very practical, and well-rounded approach to your anger that you will find refreshingly easy to apply to your life..

Course sections:

  1. Introduction

  2. Embrace Anger safely.

  3. Somatic Anger Release.

  4. Finding the root cause of your anger.

  5. Eliminate Fear Subconsciously

  6. Anger Release Breathwork

  7. Integration


The course integrates principles from various modalities of, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Breathwork, Hypnosis and Many others.

Dealing with the Anger emotion in an unhelpful way can be incredibly destructive.

However, since everyone gets angry, it is vital to have effective techniques and tools to manage it before it gets out of hand causing negative results.

This Anger Management course will give you an understanding of the Anger emotion, help teach you how to identify and deal with personal anger triggers and how to effectively deal with others when anger arises.

You will learn my secrets that have helped so many clients with there anger management.

I look forward to serving you.

Anger Management

Everyone experiences Anger. It's how you deal with it, that matters most.

Created by TBAE Team Building and Events - Soft Skills, Teambuilding and Event Specialist


Students: 77, Price: $34.99

Students: 77, Price:  Paid

Dealing with the Anger emotion in an unhelpful way can be incredibly destructive. However, since everyone gets angry, it is vital to have effective and constructive approaches to manage it before it gets out of hand causing negative results. The Anger Management course will give you an understanding of the Anger emotion, help teach you how to identify and deal with personal anger triggers and how to effectively deal with others when anger arises.

Anger Management

Managing My Anger

Created by Isaac Rowe - Anger Management Specialist


Students: 43, Price: $89.99

Students: 43, Price:  Paid

The I Love Anger Institute online course will cover anger issues, depression, communication, conflict resolution, empathy and forgiveness. This a journey of self discovery learn how to live with anger in a healthy way. Anger is an emotion, it is a powerful emotion and one that we often experience. Anger is natural and therefore an emotion which we need to learn how to live with. If this makes sense to you then this course is for you.

The I Love Anger online course is a combination of videos, lectures and exercises. From the Author Isaac Rowe and his book "I Love Anger." An emphasis is placed on self-reflection and developing and deepening your awareness.

If you are experiencing conflict in your life, either at work, with your spouse or in other relationships and this is something you want to change, then this course is for you. This course may help you change your relationship with anger, and consequently with yourself and other people. This can help you build stronger and more fruitful relationships and live a more peaceful and rewarding life.

Anger Management Lessons

Online Anger Management Lessons with practical steps to help you eliminate frustration and anger from your life.

Created by Patrick Doucette - Writer, Entrepreneur, Premium Udemy Instructor


Students: 39, Price: $24.99

Students: 39, Price:  Paid

Welcome to Anger Management Lessons. This course will help you develop a peaceful and serene disposition.

If you have been searching for online anger management lessons, this course is exactly what you are looking for. Clear practical instructions that will help you get past hurts and frustrations that may be linked with current tendencies towards anger.

This course consists of video lectures and pdf downloads of the transcripts so that you can study the material at your own pace. You can complete all the material in a few hours but it is designed to be studied over the length of a weekend. This material would be ideal for a weekend anger management seminar.

This online anger management course is divided into seven sections which include: Introduction, understanding the source of anger; the initial steps to defeat anger, eliminating blame, developing a serene mind, action steps and letting go.

If you follow these seven simple lectures, you will be on a path towards self-discovery. Anger management is a choice that takes consistent practice. To master any skill, you need to take specific actions and then repeat those actions consistently before you will see results.

Anger management lessons do not need to be complicated. Follow the seven lectures in this course and the recommended actions; you will start to see changes in your life towards a more peaceful and less reactionary character. Join those who have already enrolled and are making positive change a reality in their life.

Anger Management

We should learn to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time and in the right way.

Created by Management Study Guide - pave your way to success


Students: 34, Price: $19.99

Students: 34, Price:  Paid

Being proactive with anger management will help to ensure it remains a healthy emotion that protects you from unnecessary hurt or threat. By the end of the course you will be able to: Explain What is Anger, List the Advantages and Disadvantages of Anger, Explain the Triggers of Anger, Describe the Internal Cues to Anger, Describe the Types of Anger, Understand the Steps for Anger Management, Understand the concept of CUDSAIR, Learn the Use of Relaxation for Anger Management, Explain the Use of Effective Communication and Learn the Tips to Keep Cool.

Anger- Working On Anger (Anger Management Course)

Working On anger is a 7 part anger management learning workshop facilitated by Psychotherapist David Hamilton.

Created by David Hamilton - Counselor Psychotherapist Anger Management


Students: 23, Price: $89.99

Students: 23, Price:  Paid

Are you experiencing problems with anger & rage that has caused harm to yourself and those you love? Anger is a normal human emotion that has been around since our earliest ancestors and is a completely normal human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you are at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful force. Where not all the same! some people really are more " fiery " than others are; they tend to escalate more easily than the average person does. There are also those who do not show their anger in loud outward ways but are constantly irritable and grumpy. Easily angered people do not always curse and throw things; sometimes they withdraw socially, sulk, or get physically ill. The aim of working on anger is to provide evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy skills to manage anger and other uncomfortable emotions in more healthy ways. I will take you through a range of brief intervention behavioral change messages that are proven and simply work!

David Hamilton Is a registered psychotherapist counselor & group facilitator with more than 20 years’ experience working in counseling and behavioral change methods.

Together we will work through and practice easy to understand proven methods to identify triggers causing anger. Included is a 40-page workbook that provides an overview of the key topics discussed.

Anger Management Energy EFT Course

Get Back Control - Shall We Tap That Anger Away?

Created by Suzanne Zacharia - Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping Master Trainer


Students: 15, Price: $19.99

Students: 15, Price:  Paid

Do you cringe when you think of an outburst you had? Or do you know someone who sees themselves reacting as if in slow motion but cannot stop the rage? Do you ever regret what you said in a moment of anger? Or worse, are you unaware of this but others tell you afterward? Maybe this is you or maybe it is someone you care for.

Every day presents us with opportunities for the angry monster to come out. A challenge to our ego or rights, a misunderstanding, a look or word, or just plain aggressive action can bring out the Angry Monster. This could be anything from a cutting email at work to a dirty look or even outright physical violence.

The Angry Monster comes out when triggered. The trigger could be a car undertaking you in traffic, the bus arriving 10 minutes too early, a shop assistant short-changing you, a colleague at work dumping their work on you, a screaming child - many different triggers. This is like a gun that is ready to fire being fired. It is like a lamp being switched on. It is something that is already there being given that one extra push.

So what is already there? And why does it get triggered? And what can you do to prevent it from happening?

Well, in terms of energy healing, what is there is an energy imbalance. An energy imbalance could be because of a build-up of various imbalances as we go through life. For example, if your parents punished you harshly, a teacher treated you unfairly, or a school bully made you their target, there may be under the surface a lot of stored anger. If your ex cheated on you, if a friend stole from you, if a boss or colleague treated you badly, these are also sources of stored anger. You may also have physical sources, for example, an inherited imbalance in the liver or spleen meridian. Or there can be a reaction to certain foods, such as eating more wheat than your nervous system can handle.

This energy imbalance, unless released, is always there like a loaded gun ready to fire.

To prevent the trigger, there are two approaches. First, work on releasing the stored energy imbalance. When you do, your energy, or chi, as it is often referred to, will flow more smoothly. And like the gun example, when the gun is not loaded and ready to fire, it cannot just go off. If the cause of the imbalance is physical or you have not had the chance to release all the stored imbalance yet, you can train yourself to start releasing as soon as the trigger starts to occur. Using the gun example, this means that we put the safety catch on.

EFT Tapping is fast becoming an established part of the wellness world as more is discovered about its power to help release negative emotions and put you in control of how you want to feel.

Your course includes:

  • 5 Video lectures easing you into the discovery of the real reasons behind anger, and a deeper understanding of the solution.

  • 5 Easily-laid-out simple PDF downloads, setting a good background for your lectures, and how to tap (do Emotional Freedom Techniques) your way to success.

  • Unlimited message support to help you make the most of your course.

  • Full lifetime access.

  • Access on mobile (cell) phone, tablet, laptop, PC, and some TVs.

  • Your certificate.

I designed this course to be understood by absolute beginners, whilst at the same time, any EFT Tapping practitioner can learn a methodical way of helping their clients, too, as CPD with several associations, or as part of a Level 3 training with the Energy Healers Association and the Energy Practitioners Association. You'll be able to work alongside me and receive a certificate to keep and cherish, upon completion of your course.

In short, what you are getting with this course is the opportunity to get that control back in your (or your clients') life and feel true emotional freedom in 5 very easy lessons. See you on your course very soon!

How To Control Anger

Your Step By Step Guide To Anger Management

Created by HowExpert - Publisher


Students: 6, Price: $29.99

Students: 6, Price:  Paid

If you think you're getting out of control when you are angry then check this "How To Control Anger" guide.

This step-by-step guide can bring you the benefits presented below:

- Understand the root of conflict.

- Discover techniques to control anger.

- Get useful tips on how to be a caring parent.

- Come up with realization and become compassion.

- Learn how to resolve conflicts regarding personal relationships.

- Handle anger of parents, anger to partners, and even anger in children.

- Learn how to manage anger at the workplace.

- Make use of the benefits of yoga in anger management.

- Apply channeling of negative emotions into positive.

- And much more.

Anger and Conflict Management

Learn how to manage your anger and use it as a source for GOOD

Created by Sarah Terry - Mental Health Professional and Trainer


Students: 6, Price: $19.99

Students: 6, Price:  Paid

Join expert counsellor and trainer Sarah Terry as she guides you through this course.

Explore your anger from every angle and don't be afraid to make friends with it! Learn what Anger is and how we experience it in our bodies! Learn some really easy strategies for controlling your anger and also learn how to manage conflict in a positive way.

Emotional Intelligence for Conflict Management & Resolution

Ultimate guide to emotional intelligence for conflict resolution, anger management & conversations with difficult people

Created by Megan Warren - Queen of Getting You Unstuck


Students: 6, Price: $39.99

Students: 6, Price:  Paid

You can make life work for you. This course is the first step. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

Are you tired of feeling like life isn’t working for you? You've read the self-help books. You've taken courses on mindfulness and the power of positive thinking. But no matter what self-help technique you try or affirmation you repeat in the mirror each morning, you feel stuck. And you've had enough! 

You want to feel exhilarated, fulfilled, and peaceful. But you feel defeated. You don't know how to get unstuck.

You aren't alone. And there's nothing wrong with you or the other million people combing personal development sites searching for the answer.

You just weren't taught social and emotional intelligence in school. You didn't take a class in looking inward to map your landscape and understand how your internal algorithms work. Because of this, you've been hunting for the answer outside of yourself.

The answer has always been inside you. Let me help you find it.

My name is Megan Warren, and in my work as an emotional resilience coach as well as my personal experience, I know that it IS possible to find the answer you are searching for. It IS possible to get unstuck. I also know it is a lot simpler than it probably currently feels to make the life that you may feel unfulfilled by – to make it WORK for you.

Drawing from hundreds of hours of my work with clients, my courses teach you how to move from drowning – from feeling overwhelmed, duty-bound, dissatisfied, or trapped – to riding the waves – feeling free, empowered, and fulfilled.

My business tagline from drowning to riding the waves encompasses the transformation this process can have for you.

What is it?

This course addresses a building blocks that is critical for making life work for you. You follow a simple step-by-step process to assess what is, how it came to be, and use that insight to decide what and how you will intentionally shift to make life work for you.

You will use this process as you examine conflicts in your life to understand your patterns and how they influence your choices. Using that insight you consciously decide how you will approach conflict moving forward and plan for what that looks like using specific examples.


If you put the work in, you will:

  • Understand conflict styles and how they influence life satisfaction.

  • Identify your inherited conflict patterns.

  • Define your current patterns and whether they serve you.

  • Intentionally adopt a conflict style that supports your house, your identity.

I can guarantee at the end of this course, you will see where you are making choices in response to conflict, rather than in spite of conflict and understand why. You map out what choices made in spite of conflict, in service of you, look like using specific examples of current or recent conflicts. The awareness and commitment to collaborating in conflict transform your choices and satisfaction with life.

Stop hunting. The answers are inside. Invest in yourself today.

What resources come with the course?

  • Extensive exercises with learning snapshots and space to record Aha! moments

  • Udemy discussion board

  • Access to a community of like-minded seekers

  • Live monthly Q&A calls 

Like losing weight or building strength, faith comes before proof. Persistent committed action works. ACT NOW.