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Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design and Illustrator

Learn logo design by applying principles and techniques in Adobe Illustrator CC and Dimension CC. For beginners + more.

Created by Chad Neuman, Ph.D. - Professor / Graphic Designer / Photographer 20+ yrs exp.


Students: 15964, Price: $124.99

Students: 15964, Price:  Paid

Course updated November 2019: Entire section added on using Adobe Dimension to produce a logo concept in a 3D scene for a client.
Course updated August 2019: New lecture on customizing the toolbar.

Would you like to become a professional logo designer and create beautiful, relevant, distinct, and memorable logo designs? Do you want to gain insight into the lucrative and fun industry of logo design? In this value-packed course, you will learn how to become a professional logo designer. Learn about logo design principles by looking at corporate logos and student logos, and then apply those principles in your own logo design work. You'll gain valuable insight into logo design and the logo design industry.

This course guides you in the process of brainstorming, sketching, and designing logos after meeting with a client. You will also learn about logo design creative briefs and contracting, as well as the importance of creating a logo design portfolio.

You will learn various Illustrator techniques to create high-quality, beautiful logos.

After enrolling, you can post your work to the discussion board for critique as you build your logo design portfolio.

Gain valuable insight on logo design and Illustrator by learning from Chad Neuman, PhD, who has:

  • Worked at an award-winning advertising design firm using Illustrator.

  • Taught logo design and Illustrator at the university level.

  • Done freelance graphic design work for about 20 years.

  • Was previously managing editor at two graphic design magazines, one of which focused on Illustrator.

This course has manually added closed captions for most sections (instead of only auto-generated).

Master logo design today to start building your portfolio and client list. Design your own logos for your brand or for others. Apply relevant color, typography, and design principles to create an awe-inspiring and distinct logo design portfolio. Become a logo design rockstar!

Be sure to check out the promo video and remember that this course features a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it after enrolling. See you in the course!

Photoshop CC 2017 Essentials

Become a Photoshop hero by learning the essentials of Adobe Photoshop with this easy to follow course!

Created by ABC Tuts - Designer / Developer / IT Manager


Students: 2135, Price: $19.99

Students: 2135, Price:  Paid

This introductory course to Photoshop covers the fundamental functions to get started editing and improving photos. Course is split into three main sections:

- Introduction to Photoshop

- Tools of Photoshop

- Projects

In first section you will learn how Photoshop works. How to modify workspace. How to create new document. What are layers, blending options, masks, smart objects, differences between PC and MAC with shortcuts and loots of other.

In second section we will go over all tools in Photoshop. For each tool you will have example inside lecture. 

In the third section is fun, there we have couple of projects created from scratch. And when you finish with first and second section third one will be peace of cake for you. From this course you can expect to learn all basics that Photoshop offers. And also you will get chance to start working on real projects. 

Adobe Dimension CC Beginners Course

Master Adobe Dimension CC to achieve photorealistic 3D effects as never before

Created by iVito . - Helping You Learn Creative Skills!


Students: 405, Price: $19.99

Students: 405, Price:  Paid

Hi, I'm iVito, and welcome to Adobe Dimension CC Beginners Course. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to an exciting new application for working with 3D graphics called Adobe Dimension, and unlike many other 3D tools, Adobe Dimension is specifically designed to be simple to learn and use while still giving you the ability to create amazing results, Adobe Dimension CC empowers graphic designers to achieve photorealistic 3D effects as never before. Adobe Dimension promises to be a game changer and since it's made by Adobe, it works seamlessly with services like Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock, as well as applications like Photoshop.

So we'll start by getting to know the user interface and adding a 3D model. We'll see how to move, rotate and scale 3D objects, how to view them from any angle, and how to apply and customize materials and lighting. We'll also see how to make a 3D object blend perfectly with a background image and we'll finish by rendering the image and taking it into Photoshop for some final adjustments. This is going to be a lot of fun, so let's get going right now with Adobe Dimension CC Beginners Course.

Graphic Designing end to end Professional

Complete Graphic Design Course

Created by Farzath Fareed - Freelance Graphic Designer


Students: 369, Price: $89.99

Students: 369, Price:  Paid

Dear Students,

I would like to congratulate, since you are going to choose correct course in your life. I welcome you to this great course and I can 100% guarantee, that you will gain a great knowledge and experience according to the lectures and practical sessions in this course. Anybody can do designs if they know how to work with graphics softwares. But that is not only the motivation of this course.

  • As a designer you should be able to handle your works in more professional way.

  • You should be able to troubleshoot any problems arising in your workflow related to your career.

  • You should be able to build designs according to the current marketing trends.

  • You should know how to handle your customers when you start your carrier as freelance graphic designer or your own creative firm. Because customers are very important to gain your business.

You cannot be professionalized in your field with just only learning few softwares. Therefore this course is not only focusing on designing side. It's going to be a comprehensive and well designed course that you will learn all of the above major topics through this course include 3 major graphic softwares (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) from ladder part to advance control and basics of Adobe dimensions which can build 3D mockups easily.

Lets watch my Introduction videos and a free lesson video on this landing page to get more clear idea about this course.

Also kindly note, lectures will be uploaded daily basis as this course is going to be very comprehensive.

I wish you all the best!

Photoshop Bootcamp

Graphic design, photo editing, compositing, logo design, apparel mockups, package design and more using Adobe Photoshop

Created by Derrick Mitchell - Creative Director; Online Teacher to over 128,000 students


Students: 241, Price: $99.99

Students: 241, Price:  Paid

I love Photoshop, and frequently tell my wife that if we get stuck on an island, I'm bringing Photoshop with me. I've been using Photoshop professionally for over 20 years to create beautiful graphics and provide a living for my family.

In this course, I'll show you my favorite tips, tricks, and resources as we learn how to use Photoshop from the very beginning. We'll create real-world projects (like apparel design, logos, beautiful photo edits, package design mockups, posters, and much more) that are highly valuable to businesses.

No matter if you want to use Photoshop as a hobbyist, or you're looking to create a full-time career as a graphic designer or photographer, this course is for you.

Plus, when you join, you'll gain access to our Facebook group for students that currently has over 16,000 members to help you along the way.

You will learn things like:

  • How to blend images together

  • Color grading

  • How to use adjustment layers

  • Advanced shadow techniques

  • File setup best practices

  • Photo compositing

  • Logo design

  • Packaging mockups

  • Apparel mockups

  • Layer style and blend options

  • Using the displacement map filter

  • How to make e-commerce product mockups

  • Social media graphic design

  • Added Bonus: 3D mockups with Adobe Dimension!

  • And so much more!

What students are saying about the Photoshop Bootcamp:

"I have taken many of Derrick's courses and they are always amazing and I learn so much from them. This course is no different I have learned a lot of new skills from this course especially new photo compositing techniques, how to create mockups for my projects ( I Really liked the apparel mock-up section as I need this a lot). The course was fun to take and Derrick has a great teaching style which I think anyone can learn a lot from. I would recommend this and any of Derrick's other courses to anyone they are well worth the money and you will take a lot away from them." - Neil Brooks

"Derrick Mitchell is the best teacher on Udemy! ?" - Austin Webb

Learning Adobe Dimension from Scratch

Work with 3D with ease

Created by Pratik Pradhan - Digital Design and General Computing Specialist


Students: 233, Price: $19.99

Students: 233, Price:  Paid

Adobe Dimension is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud applications which is a simple 3D design application from Adobe that lets you design and edit 3D content with ease. In this course, we are going to look at the features and tools provided by the application to work with 3D elements.

In this course, we will be started by looking at how to work with 3D objects, use transformation options followed by texturing and lighting.

We will explore the ways on how we can work with Adobe Standard Material and work with Substance Material. We will also take a look at how we can import out custom textures from images and import out substance materials as well.

For lighting, we will take a look at how we can utilize the lights available inside of Adobe Dimension and see how we can use the Environmental Lighting feature for realistic lighting. We will also see how we can use existing images as Environmental Lights.

We will then look at exporting and publishing features and wrap up the course with an example project.

This course has been made using Adobe Dimension 2020 but is applicable for older and newer versions of the application release as well.

Adobe Dimension CC 2020 Beginners Course

Adobe Dimension is the fastest way to bring your designs to life in 3D

Created by iVito . - Helping You Learn Creative Skills!


Students: 232, Price: $19.99

Students: 232, Price:  Paid

You already think in 3D. Now design in it.

No 3D experience? No problem. An intuitive and familiar UI makes Dimension perfect for graphic designers.

Hello Everyone! My name is Vito and welcome to Adobe Dimension cc Beginners Course Are you a graphic designer or someone who wants to know how to work with 3D graphics? Adobe Dimension CC is a great place to start. No 3D experience? No problem. An intuitive and familiar UI makes Dimension perfect for graphic designers.This easy-to-use application can help graphic designers of all skill levels Create product mock-ups, brand visualizations, packaging designs, and more with easy 3D tools. With Adobe Dimension, graphic designers can compose, adjust, and render photorealistic images all in the same app.

Achieve 3D photorealistic effects in advertising projects, photography, abstract art and more. In this comprehensive course, We’ll begin by exploring the basics of dimension cc step by step. And help you feel comfortable with dimensions, we’ll start with an overview of the interface and tools. Next we will learn the basics like selecting, moving and rotating objects. Next we will explore camera controls. Once we have a solid foundation we’ll move to the materials section where we will learn how to add materials and change its properties and how to work with graphics in dimension then we’ll set up lighting and finally render photorealistic images and move them into photoshop for some final touches.

Using Dimension you can Publish high-impact marketing materials, product mock-ups, abstract artwork, and more in 3D. Dimension makes it fast and easy to share your work online. So we have a lot to cover let’s go ahead and get started

Creating 3D Artworks with Adobe 3D Stager

Presentation in Photoshop

Created by Gabriel Teo - Professor of Visual Effects


Students: 28, Price: $19.99

Students: 28, Price:  Paid

Welcome, Y'all Creative Rockstars!

3D graphics is taking the world of entertainment and visual design. From AR/VR, 3D mock-ups, motion graphics, UX design, visual communication, animation to game design - creatives now have a huge arsenal of software and apps to create 3D visual arts and experiences.

From my years of teaching in renowned universities, I have the opportunity to work with students with astounding talents in the fine arts, illustration, fashion, photography, film, and graphic design. I recognized a challenge many creatives face: 3D design can be overwhelming for many creatives - the complex workflow from 3D navigation and modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and post-image editing can take away our initial fuse of inspiration and creativity: This is what inspired me to create this fun and practical project-based course - to inspire and work with creatives new in 3D design to create 3D graphics easily.

This course is designed for creatives who:

  1. Are new to the world of 3D graphics and design, and want a less technical approach to learning about 3D design.

  2. Are seasoned graphic designers who want to incorporate 3D graphics into their projects and portfolio.

  3. Want to quickly and easily incorporate 3D artwork and design for clients' presentation.

  4. Want to use 3D graphics in their school assignments.

  5. Want to harness the creative possibilities in working between 2D and 3D graphics inside Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem.

Adobe Dimension:

We will be using Adobe Dimension to kickstart our journey into the world of 3D design. Adobe Dimension offers many advantages for creatives:

  1. Native 3D design app in Adobe Creative Cloud ecosystem: Ability to create content for UX/AR, design 3D graphics with Photoshop, product and brand visualization, and virtual photography.

  2. Import 3D models from other applications such as Adobe Medium (VR sculpting tool), and seamless integration with Adobe Aero to create Augmented Reality content in a fun and engaging creative environment.

  3. Create realistic 3D renders with a suite of lighting tools, including HDRI: image-based lighting.

  4. Create 3D materials very easily with Adobe Capture using tablets and smartphones.

  5. Present and render 3D art with photographs: Matching photographic perspective and lighting.

What you will learn in this course:

  1. Working with 3D models in Adobe Dimension.

  2. Produce realistic 3D renders using studio and image-based lighting techniques.

  3. Polish your 3D renders in Photoshop for final presentation.

  4. Use mock-up photography templates to showcase your 3D design and artwork.

Let's Play m/

The Ultimate Graphic design course with Indesign

We will turn anybody into a Graphic, Web,Digital or Video design superstar!

Created by Rudolph Pieterse - Super hero Graphic Design and Web Development Trainer


Students: 26, Price: $29.99

Students: 26, Price:  Paid

Congratulations on completing Journey 1 and well done on deciding to continue on with this awesome creative journey that you are on.

If you have not completed Journey 1, it's available on Udemy for free, but you do not need to do Journey 1 to be able to do Journey 2.

By now, we are sure you have realized there are so many wonderful tools out there to support you, and as we always say, knowledge is power, so let’s use that and get serious for a moment. Right now you might be thinking, ok cool, Journey 1 was loads of fun, BUT do I have the know-how to turn this into a skill that can generate income in the long run?

Or, you might be thinking that you really enjoyed Journey 1 and would like to continue on with the fun!

Right then, let’s go………

In Journey 1 we set the mood for showcasing the arsenal of tools available to start your adventure, BUT we’ve only really touched the tip of that iceberg. There is SOOO much more to show you!

In your next step, we turn up the heat as we take you further into the world of creativity. Our focus to a large extent will be on taking photographs and making them look INCREDIBLE by using apps like Lightroom and Photoshop. And from there, we show you how to use them in brochures, banners, pamphlets and magazines by using our favourite desktop app called InDesign. InDesign has NO rival… this will be the foundation of every single one of your future creations.

But wait… there’s more. The world has gone digital CRAZY and SO SHOULD YOU!

We take you on a magic carpet ride through the digital world as we show you how to harness the extensive power of InDesign to bring your layouts to life with animation, movement and video. Thereafter finally showing you how to use Mailchimp to send mailers and items out to your client database... Or… FANBASE!

We end Journey 2 with a look at the third dimension as we dive into Adobe’s latest offering Dimension.

And, if you thought things couldn’t get any better, WAIT… Wait till you see what's in Journey 3!

In the second part of your journey we help you build a full brand, from conceptualisation to design of your logo, brochures and banners. Next up we have a look at digital media and turn your creations into electronic masterpieces. Oh, and did we mention we’re going to show you how to make things move as we dive into animation?! We end off this part of your journey by publishing your brochure or magazine online and teach how to send it out to your clients using Mailchimp. 

This is Part 2 of the Of Course You Can range - Part 1 is available for free on Udemy!

Adobe Dimension – Publicity + Architect

Module a Anything in 3D - Even a House in just a few Hours!

Created by Guy Castro - Digital Art & Marketing


Students: 2, Price: $24.99

Students: 2, Price:  Paid

Hi! My name is Guy Castro - Welcome to Adobe Dimension Course. The only course that will teach you Home Design using Adobe Dimension.

Are you a graphic designer or someone who wants to know how to work with 3D graphics?

No 3D experience? No problem.

Dimension is perfect for graphic designers.

This easy-to-use application can help graphic designers of all skill levels Create product mock-ups / Home Design / branding visualizations of all types / packaging, and more.

With Adobe Dimension, we can render realistic images in the same app.

In this course we will learn:

1. How to design "One Product Design"

2. How to make "Publicity" Social Media Photos.

3. How to Module a Full House / apartment / an Office.

4. How to think creatively and master the program.

Achieve 3D photorealistic effects in advertising projects / photography / abstract art / Home Design and more.

We will begin by exploring the basics of dimension step by step.  you will feel comfortable with dimensions, we’ll start with an overview of the interface and tools, after that we will learn the basics like selecting, moving and rotating objects. we’ll move to the materials section where we will learn how to add materials and change its properties and how to work with graphics in dimension. we’ll set up lighting and finally render the images and move them into photoshop for some final touches.

Using Dimension you can Publish high-impact marketing materials, product mock-ups, abstract artwork, and more in 3D. Dimension makes it fast and easy to share your work online. So we have a lot to cover let’s go ahead and get started