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Adobe Audition CC: The Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Audition

Learn how to record, edit and mix audio in Adobe Audition CC with these easy-to-follow audio editing tutorials.

Created by Video School - Learn Creative Skills


Students: 110630, Price: $169.99

Students: 110630, Price:  Paid

Make your audio sound amazing with Adobe Audition CC!

If you are looking for an audio editing application that will allow you to record, edit and mix audio like the pros, Adobe Audition is the best answer.

Audio Audition is used by musicians, podcasters, video creators, editors, audio engineers, and professionals around the world!

This complete course is the best way to jump right in and start editing your own audio.


  • Get comfortable with the Audition CC interface
  • Start new projects
  • Record audio with Audition
  • Adjust volume
  • Edit audio tracks together
  • Add background music
  • Apply and adjust effects
  • Remove background noise
  • Make audio better with EQ, amplitude, and compression
  • Stretch time and shift audio pitch
  • Add delay and echo effects
  • Make vocals sound better
  • Remove vocals from audio
  • Edit music in Audition
  • Add and adjust singing vocals
  • Create a looping song
  • Make a DJ Drop
  • Edit a podcast in Audition
  • Mix and master your audio
  • Save and export high quality files
  • and so much more!

Practice recording and editing while you learn. This course includes practice audio files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing.

We'll be teaching the course using the creative cloud (CC) version of Adobe Audition, but if you have a previous version (CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 - Mac or PC), you can still learn to edit like a pro.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

Nader Nadernejad, the lead instructor, is a professional multimedia producer and DJ with years of experience using Adobe Audition. Phil Ebiner, the course producer has created dozens of best-selling courses with over 500,000 happy students around the world.

We promise to help you become a better audio engineer with this course!

We'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. 

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!



Adobe Audition CC Audio Production Course Basics to Expert

Learn Adobe Audition audio editing tips, tricks and audio production secrets with Mike Russell in a complete A-Z course.

Created by Mike Russell - Audio Producer, Podcaster, Voice Over : Music Radio Creative


Students: 10643, Price: $149.99

Students: 10643, Price:  Paid

Adobe Audition tutorial course with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative.

Starting with the basics that will help you to set up your audio input and output, import and record audio, edit audio, use the multitrack and add effects to audio.

Learn to edit radio jingles, DJ drops, podcasts, music and more. Discover hidden secrets and tips and tricks of the audio production trade with master radio producer Mike Russell.

Adobe Audition CC Tutorial – Audition Made Easy

Audio and video editors learn the art of audio editing and enhancement in Audition from a leading Adobe certified expert

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 4882, Price: $49.99

Students: 4882, Price:  Paid

In this Adobe Audition CC training course from Infinite Skills you will learn how to import, edit and enhance audio like a pro. Audition CC adds new features that makes editing your audio easier and faster than ever before! This tutorial is designed for the beginner, and no previous Audition experience is required.

The course takes you through Audition CC step by step, with each lesson building on the one previous. The training uses hands-on examples combined with well designed working files to build your knowledge in incremental stages, each topic is explained in detail making it easy to learn new concepts and absorb information even for absolute beginners.

Some of the topics that are covered in this Adobe Audition video training are; understanding the Audition workflow, importing and recording audio, editing audio, adding audio effects, working with noise reduction and restoration effects, using diagnostic tools, stretching time, changing pitch, building multitrack sessions, and of course, saving and exporting your finished product.

Once you have completed this Audition CC video tutorial, you will have the confidence and skills you need to import, edit, clean, enhance and export high-quality audio projects. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.


Adobe Audition: Master Adobe Audition CC (Audio Production)

The complete Adobe Audition editing and production course from beginner to expert

Created by Nader Nadernejad - Online Reputation Management and Communications


Students: 3978, Price: $89.99

Students: 3978, Price:  Paid

Master Adobe Audition with Nader Nadernejad! 

Welcome to the complete Adobe Audition tutorial course that will take you from beginner to expert. 

This course is delivered in a fun and engaging way to have you on your way to creating fantastic audio productions using Adobe Audition. 

Learn how to edit and record audio, perfect your voiceovers, master music, vocals, DJ Drops and more! 

Adobe Audition cc : The Beginner’s Guide to audio production

Learn how to record, edit and mix audio in Adobe Audition CC with these easy-to-follow audio editing tutorials.

Created by Nshuti Paulin - video creator and Blogger


Students: 2708, Price: $49.99

Students: 2708, Price:  Paid

Record and edit best audio in adobe audition cc

Do you want to record and edit the best audio in adobe audition ? then this course is for you

Adobe audition is the best tool for the musician, filmmakers, podcasters, audio engineers and professionals around the world so that why learning adobe audition is not a waste of time or money,

in this adobe audition  beginner course, I will be teaching you all the skills you need to start using adobe audition with confidence so you can take  you  audio production on the next level also there is Exercise files for you tom practice with


  • Get comfortable with the Audition CC interface

  • Start new projects

  • Record audio with Audition

  • Adjust volume

  • Edit audio tracks together

  • Add background music

  • Edit out-breath, clicks and sneezing

  • Apply and adjust effects

  • Record voice over

  • Reverse audio

  • Remove background noise

  • Make audio better with EQ, amplitude, and compression

  • Make vocals sound better

  • Edit a podcast in Audition

  • Mix and master your audio

  • Save and export high-quality files

Learning Adobe Audition CS6 The Easy Way

Audio and Video Editors learn the art of audio editing and enhancement from a leading Adobe certified expert

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 2603, Price: $49.99

Students: 2603, Price:  Paid

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this course.

In this Adobe Audition CS6 training course we take you through the use of this audio editing software from Adobe. Narrated by an  experienced Adobe Certified Instructor This video training course is designed for beginners, and no previous Audition experience is required.

Starting with the basics of Audition CS6, covering audio fundamentals such as what sound is, and how Audition handles digital audio. The course then moves to the Audition workflow; importing your audio, editing it, creating multi-track sessions, and exporting the final product. Each of the workflow steps are covered step by step, with every new training video adding to what came before it. The course also covers Audition CS6 effects such as reverb, and echo. Finally, you will learn how to identify, and remove unwanted noise from your audio clips.

By the conclusion of this video tutorial on Adobe Audition CS6, you will be familiar with all the various tools at your disposal as well as techniques you can use to clean, edit and export your audio files. Working files are included to allow you to learn with the same files that the author uses in his training.

Adobe Audition CC Course – Audio Production For Voice-Overs

A Step-By-Step Easy to Follow Adobe Audition Course for Beginners through to Advanced Voice-Over Talents and Presenters.

Created by Peter Baker - Professional Voice Over & Presenter


Students: 1335, Price: $129.99

Students: 1335, Price:  Paid

What's the key to real success as a voiceover?

It's understanding how to use the voice over artists best tool, the industry standard software, Adobe audition, teaching yourself this magical software will mean you need to hire an engineer or book an outside studio. You can keep all the income yourself!

Adobe audition, a creative cloud product is a very powerful and rock solid piece of software that you will use throughout your working day to record, edit and enhance your voice over recordings. But too many newcomers they're put off using this software as it seems very complicated to use. In my new much awaited video based training course, I will not only explain how to start your new career as a freelance voice over artist so you can hit the ground running, but I'll explain how to get the most from Adobe audition in your work.

Now there are plenty of other training courses about their software, but they are mostly aimed at music producers, but mine is specifically aimed at the busy voiceover artists and presenters.

So I'll show you what features are essential and most importantly, which features you can generally ignore in your day to day work. Once you get to understand this, the big nasty beast of the audio software world becomes as cute and appealing as a pussycat.

Along with the simple keyboard shortcuts, I'll show you the whole operation becomes like child's play. I'll show you the fastest workflows to record and edit your paid for scripts as well as your voice demos. And I'll show you the astonishing tools built into the software to make your voice sound amazing and to deal with any technical problems by learning all the elements of Adobe audition that the professional voiceover needs. You'll save so much time and money, you'll be able to do everything yourself in your home studio fast and you'll be able to send files back to clients quicker, especially as you won't be waiting and they get a hide slot at your local studio.

It's win-win. Adobe audition is the industry standard software worldwide. You can have complete confidence in it as a voiceover artist and my course will get you working and earning income fast. Now if you haven't started voice work at all yet, you know this really is an amazing time to be a freelance voice over artist with enormous potential. There is almost always going to be an English version of a non English business video needed for a company's website and social media and organisations right round the world. More and more museums and art galleries offer audio tools for visitors with shows that regularly change, which means more work for us and voiceover recordings are needed for phone messages, train and bus stations, e-learning programmes, of course audio books, podcasts, as well as the obvious world of TV and radio advertising where you can also pull in very good income.

Don't be left behind in this amazing revolution. I will teach you how to set yourself up as a voice over artist and use Adobe audition as the key tool in your daily work and you'll never look back but work. Did I really use that word? You see If you enjoy speaking, maybe you've done a bit of acting, you like being creative, you like doing the odd daft accent and character voices, life as a voice over is so much fun. It's not work. Every day is different. My new course is based on easy to view broadcast quality HD videos over four and a half hours worth all easily navigable so you can find what you need to know fast and you'll see very clear screenshots of the latest edition of the software so you'll be up and running in no time at all. Once more, there are sections aimed at complete beginners.

I'll show you what equipment you need to buy and in detail how to wire it all up together and where to set up your voice recording area at home. There's a comprehensive PDF book as well you can download and other important resources you can also download. Now with this course, you'll be well on your way to closing the door on your old life of a tedious, underpaid, non-creative job. Yeah. Is that you now to a bright new future where you'll never look back.

Look, please check it out. If halfway through the course you'll think, not really for me, no hard feelings. We'll refund every penny of your investment, but I am so convinced you'll find it useful. I don't really see that happening.

You'll discover how you can work effectively and efficiently as a voice over artist from home using Adobe audition software chapters include;

An overview of the business way or find the work setting up your studio

How to connect it up

Audio levels

Testing the system

Setting up auditions (The best way for voiceovers, not for music producers)

The essential time-saving keyboard shortcuts

Fast wave form editing

What to do about breaths

Inserting revised audio when the script changes.

Picking up on the tone and power of in and out words in sentences.

Recording scripts where the provided pronunciation guide how to do that

How to work with timed video scripts. You're often given these things to time up with a sync version you've got to get right and how to use the multi-track section of Adobe audition when maybe you're asked to mix music or sound effects for escape rooms or something like that.

All of this plus how to enhance your voice using the built in tools and effects in Adobe audition and you have an incredibly comprehensive training course,

But that's not all!

I'll detail, how to generate clients and how to keep them to build your income as a working voiceover.

And did I mention the bonus chapters?

You'll also get these extra bonus videos;

How to record multiple voice styles in one script

The 10 commandments of Voiceover etiquette

Vow to develop a deeper voice for those Basso profundo scripts

How you act, character voices for video games

How to deal with an accent

Microphone technique

And much more in the bonus chapters alone!

Look I know you're itching to get into this world.

Now is your opportunity to learn the skills of a professional voiceover in this new comprehensive video-based course with PDF downloads.

Check it out now and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Adobe Audition: Sound post-production for Film & Documentary

No more amateur sound!

Created by Film Pro - Film Director & Producer


Students: 659, Price: $79.99

Students: 659, Price:  Paid

It's not enough to remove some noise and tweak the volume of music to match dialogue to call it Sound Post-production.

Do you know why most film and documentary submissions to festivals get rejected: AMATEUR SOUND!

50% of your film, documentary, interview, or clip is Sound, and at least 70% of emotions are in Sound.

It's a pity to spend so much time and money on the image of a project that will eventually be considered amateur of low quality, because of Sound.

You will learn professional Sound Post-production, even if you are a one man band filmmaker.

I'll teach you advanced techniques that are necessary, but I will simplify them for you. Techniques that will make you proud of your film project.

- I'll walk you through the workflow,

- how to take your Sound from Adobe premiere to Adobe Audition,

- the interface,

- how to organise your tracks,

- The differences between Male and female voices

- Spectral frequency display

- I will explain frequencies in detail

- noise reduction for inconsistent noise,

- 2 methods for consistent noise,

- and how to automate noise removal for several files

- Single-band compression,

- multi-band compression

- Limiter

- The magic of EQ

- DeEsser

- Normalisation

- and of course professional mixing of music with vocals

- before exporting your sound.

Let's make sound one of your strengths.

Post-Production of Voice Recordings – Adobe Audition

Proven approach from the Film Industry to take your sound recording from bad to good and from good to great

Created by Film Pro - Film Director & Producer


Students: 260, Price: $49.99

Students: 260, Price:  Paid

You want to record your voice but you have a lot of background noise, and when you record it you don't know exactly what to do to make your voice sound great.
Whether it is a voice recording for a course, a voice over, or any recording of vocals, you will learn advanced techniques simplified for you, step by step in the right sequence to take your sound from bad to good and from good to great.

Radio Commercial Production With Adobe Audition CC

Simple Steps To Professional Radio Commercial Production

Created by Godfrey Ainoo - Media Practitioner


Students: 4, Price: $89.99

Students: 4, Price:  Paid

If you are passionate about radio commercial production, from voice over editing to mixing and mastering, then this course is for you.

"Radio Commercial Production With Adobe Audition CC" is a well-regarded course that practically teaches you in simple steps, how to produce professional radio commercials in simple steps.

In this course, you will learn:

- Introduction to Radio Commercial and its production.

- How to import and trim a voice over/audio file.

- How to reduce background noise and remove breaths.

- How to process voice over to sound great by way of applying relevants effects.

- How to arrange audio files(voice over and music bed) in multitrack.

- Mixing, mastering and exporting a quality produced radio commercial.

All relevant learning materials available to aid you throughout the course are available.

You will be given assignments, exercises, practice tests, etc, just to ensure that you are keeping up with classes.

It is a course designed for creative people who are passionate about radio commercial production and are willing to earn from it.

You’ll be totally up to speed with the knowledge that you need to even run your own audio editing/production business at home.

Acquiring a skill, especially in radio commercial production is one of the greatest gifts to let you bring imagination to life.