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Learn 2D Animation with Adobe Animate from Scratch

Simple Animations with Adobe Animate

Created by Art & Animation - Art & Animation Courses


Students: 5526, Price: $49.99

Students: 5526, Price:  Paid

Best course for Beginners!

Learn Animation with Adobe Animate!

If you’re in Animation, Advertising, Graphic Designing. Beginner or Professional and want to learn Adobe Animate from scratch, Really...Quickly…then We’ve got just the course for you! Hi! Art n Animation brings you 25 Fun Videos, We are sharing with you loads of tricks and techniques in Adobe Animates used by professional animators.

Best course to kickstart your career in 2D Digital Animation field. All videos with detailed instructions and study material will help you learn animation quickly and easily!

You will learn Interface, Tools & its properties, Animations using Masking & Add Motion guide technique, Keyframes, Tween Animations, Vector files and animating them, advance animations like Parallax Effect, Camera Animation, Background Vector & Rigging, Understanding Bone Tool and so much more STEP…BY…STEP! All you need is Adobe Animate and you’re ready to go pro in no time!

Feel free to ask us which topic you want to learn here...we will upload bonus videos for same.

If you take this course, you will get...

- Professional Instructors.

- 3+ hours of step-by-step detailed visual instruction.

- 20+ detailed lectures.

- Expert tricks and techniques.

- FREE Background & Vector Files.

- Lifetime Access Its going to be fun! See you in the course.

- 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee.

To know more write us at

Adobe Animate CC 2018 – HTML5 Banner Ads

This course is for designers needing to make banner advertising.

Created by Daniel Walter Scott - Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert


Students: 3963, Price: $94.99

Students: 3963, Price:  Paid

This course is for visual, creative people who need to start making HTML5 banner ads. I made this course for people that are struggling to get their heads around the new world of HTML5 advertising. 

At the end of this course you'll be able to create advertising banners ready for the Google Doubleclick, Google Display Network and Simek. You will have learnt the principles behind HTML5 banner advertising so you'll be able to apply these publishing techniques to any ad network. 

If you're finding the changes in online advertising stressful then this course will enlighten you. We'll start right at the beginning. Work our way through building our own ads. Then we'll spend good time working out how to keep your files sizes really small for publishing.

This course is step by step with exercise files. I’ve saved a copy of each Adobe Animate file after every video so if you get lost you can compare your files to my completed files. 

I’m with you at every step to make sure your questions are answered quickly and your time is well spent achieving real world skills that directly relate to your career and business. 

So if you’re ready to learn how Adobe Animate CC can do amazing (and productive) things for your web advertising or interactive design workflow, it’s time to take this course sign up today.

Daniel Walter Scott (Adobe Certified Instructor). 

Learn to Animate: Animation Principles

How to Animate Level 1: the complete guide to Animation Principles in Adobe Animate

Created by Siobhan Twomey - Artist, Animator & Figure Drawing Instructor


Students: 3099, Price: $94.99

Students: 3099, Price:  Paid

This is a beginner's guide to animation in ADOBE ANIMATE. You will learn ANIMATION PRINCIPLES that you need to know in order to be able to animate objects, text, and even characters.

If you want to learn how to animate from scratch, you can start right here with this course. I've made this course for complete beginners, so if you’ve never heard of a key frame or you don’t know what a timing chart is, then this course is for you. This course is how to animate, 101. I also think this course will be great for anyone who has a fair idea of animation, someone who is a beginner animator, and has been using software to make things move around, but who would like to really know the fundamentals and core principles in order to bring their animation to the next level.

These core principles of animation will set you up for life as an animator. You will learn step by step how to create realistic and appealing motion; plus you'll learn why specific animation techniques effectively bring objects to life. And importantly you'll learn when to apply them to your work.

I use Adobe Animate in this course to teach you how to animate. But there are free options that you can use to follow along; and I cover these options in the first part of the course. What you’ll be studying is basic frame by frame hand drawn animation. This is the best way to learn these principles. And don’t worry if you think that you can’t draw, we are working with basic shapes to animate - to literally bring those shapes to life.

This course starts out with teaching you how to animate with just key frames; and takes you all the way, step by step, through to animating a character jumping. I’ve structured each lesson so that it’s neither confusing nor overwhelming. Because I keep the application of the principles very simple, you’ll have the chance to really get to grips with the concepts and you can do so without having to worry about drawing skills, working with advanced symbols, or with complicated rigs.

The course works progressively towards two final projects. These are important animation projects in every school or university curriculum. In these projects you will progress from key frames to fluid and dynamic character animation. I want to ensure that you feel confident animating a complex character animation with many moving parts, when we get to the final project.

What’s covered in this course

Whether you want to ultimately work in 3D, motion graphics or 2D animtion, you will need to know the things like

  • easing in and out of key frames

  • how to create an ease,

  • why you need to do that - and when you should apply it.

You’ll also learn skills that will not only make you an animator, but will make sure you are a really good animator - skills such as

  • timing and spacing

  • squash and stretch

  • working in arcs

  • working with timing charts

  • how to animate with anticipation, overshoot and settle

Once you are enrolled in the course you have access to the student packs and downloads for each of the projects; plus you’ll have access to me, I’m there to help you along the way and respond to any questions or feedback that you have as well as to look at your assignments and monitor your progress.

I can’t think of a more exciting creative field to be working in and if this course ultimately leads you to pursuing a career in animation that would be amazing. Either way if you want to work as a professional animator, or if you want o use animation s a way to make your own short films; this is the start of a very exciting journey.

Rigging and Recording in Adobe Character Animator

Learn how to animate characters using your video camera and microphone! No prior animation experience required!

Created by Chad Troftgruben - Freelance animator and screencaster


Students: 1666, Price: $74.99

Students: 1666, Price:  Paid

Learn how to effectively rig and animate a puppet inside of Adobe Character Animator! With the use of your video camera, microphone and custom behaviors, you can create unique rigs that can be used for business presentations, entertainment and more! Become an animator with no prior knowledge!

More specifically, in this course, you will learn how to:

  • Layout a Photoshop character for Adobe Character Animator import

  • Tag layers for lip syncing and facial behaviors

  • Add special handles such as draggers to allow interactivity with the mouse

  • Create triggers for hide-able layers

  • Create Swap Sets for multi-phase layers

  • Auto lip sync in the application

  • Lip sync using external audio

  • Edit recorded actions

  • Work with backgrounds

  • Work with multiple puppets

  • Export animations through Adobe Media Encoder

Cartoon Character Rigging and Animation in Adobe Animate CC

Learn character drawing, rigging and animation in Adobe Animate CC from scratch! Create your own Youtube Series!

Created by Moonwolf Edu - Digital Creative


Students: 1638, Price: $24.99

Students: 1638, Price:  Paid

In this course you will learn how to draw, rig (add bones) and animate a cartoon character in Adobe Animate CC. With powerful vector drawing and animation abilities, Adobe Animate is one of the industry standard animation software. You will first learn how to draw a cartoon character step-by-step with animation ready technique. Then you will learn how to add bones and rig a character professionally, add constraints to joints and position body parts. Then you will see how to add pose to your character, move pose,  copy pose and paste pose for animation. With these abilities you will be ready to create a cartoon.

Learn Adobe Character Animator CC

Motion Capture Animation Basics

Created by David Miller - Multimedia Artist


Students: 1518, Price: $99.99

Students: 1518, Price:  Paid

Animate characters you create with your web cam and automated lip sync in Adobe's Character Animator!  

Motion capture puppets are great for:

  • explainer video animations
  • short films + cartoons
  • commercials
  • creative live interactive characters
  • motion comics
  • anything needing reusable characters - no need to redraw frames or set keyframes anytime a character moves!

We'll cover mouth shapes, layer placement, syncing an audio track to lips or creating your own audio for your puppet to voice, adding physics for more life-like movement, creating custom puppets and even walk cycles. 

This course utilizes Adobe Photoshop to build our puppets and files are exported to Adobe After Effects, so both programs are essential to using Character Animator effectively.

This is a highly effective way to create reusable characters for explainer videos, short film, music videos and other media.  

Adobe Flash/Animate

Learn How to Use the Animation and Interactive Media Industry Standard Software

Created by Academy of Film Fashion and Design - Provider of Creative, Online courses


Students: 1399, Price: $19.99

Students: 1399, Price:  Paid

Adobe Flash/Animate is an animation and interactive media industry standard software. With it, we can create animation projects such as short films, commercials and even big projects such as television shows. While it is capable of being the only software used for all parts of an animated project, it’s not necessarily a compositing, video editing or sound software. Thus, it’s best utilized with other software such as Premiere and After Effects for animated projects. Flash is capable of both frame-by-frame animation, as well as other, more complex puppeting animation. However, while it has some camera functionality, it’s rather limited with it and again if you’d like to imply 3D space you’re best off including other software with more powerful camera features and manipulation, such as After Effects. However, what makes Flash different from other animation software is that it’s also built for interactivity, and with it you can create interactive projects, websites (though it’s a risky program to use for websites because of SEO), e-cards and video games.

Rigging and Animating in Adobe Animate

Rig and animate 2D characters using symbols, Motion Tweening and layer parenting!

Created by Chad Troftgruben - Freelance animator and screencaster


Students: 1001, Price: $74.99

Students: 1001, Price:  Paid

Animate CC, previously known as Flash, is one of the most well known programs for animation. And with the ability to parent layers, create templates with symbols and save reusable actions, character animation has never been easier! If you're looking to get a jump start with animating characters in Animate CC, than this course is for you!

More specifically, in this course you will learn how to:

  • Properly set up a character for Animate CC

  • Create symbols for head turn, eye and mouth animations

  • Properly place symbol origin points for proper limb motions

  • Parent layers for easier animation (a NEW feature introduced in Animate CC 2019)

  • Animate a jump animation with Motion Tweening

  • Lip sync with the Frame Picker

  • Polish and correct animations

  • Export animations with Adobe Media Encoder

Designing Cartoon Characters in Adobe Animate

Learn how to design cartoon characters using Animate's diverse vector tools

Created by Chad Troftgruben - Freelance animator and screencaster


Students: 898, Price: $74.99

Students: 898, Price:  Paid

Learn how to use Animate's vector based tools to design, fill and polish your own character while applying proper layer hierarchy. This character design can then be taken further for rigging and animation, if you desire. The following topics we will cover include:

  • Using the various vector tools in Animate

  • Working with beziers, points and bendable lines

  • Inking a full character from an existing sketch

  • Filling in objects using the Paint Bucket's various features

  • Shading and Highlighting with the Brush

  • Masking eyes and mouth

  • Proper layer organization for easier rigging

  • Other tips and tricks for designing cartoon characters

Create HTML5 Games Using Adobe Animate

Make resolution independent HTML5 games using Adobe Animate CC

Created by Nicholas Lever - Game developer


Students: 555, Price: $34.99

Students: 555, Price:  Paid

Just a few years ago nearly all browser based games used Adobe Flash. This all changed when Steve Jobs refused to allow the Flash player in the iOS Safari browser and at the same time HTML5 introduced the Canvas with an api to allow fast sprite animations. Most developers have moved away from Adobe Flash, but Adobe Flash in its latest incarnation Adobe Animate can output content that is completely HTML5 compliant. What is more it is resolution independent, so when the output is resized it still looks great. Adobe Animate is targeted mainly at non interactive content. But there is nothing to stop the developer from using the output and some Javascript to create great looking HTML5 games.

The author has created Flash games for clients including the Mars Corporation, BBC, Johnson & Johnson and Deloittes. He is also the author of two books about using Flash for game development. In this course he shows how users familiar with Flash can use their existing skills to create great HTML5 games and takes developers unfamiliar with Adobe Animate through the details of using the drawing tools and animation tools to create the assets that will be used in a game. We also look at how it is possible to get free vector based graphics that can then be animated and used in a game.

Then the course takes the student through all the steps to create a simple game before moving onto a more complex example with a user interface and sound effects.

Having completed the course you will be able to control animations created in Adobe Animate using Javascript. Allowing you to create just about any game and you will even be shown how to add a physics engine to create games that use complex physics calculations to control the movement.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start using this terrific tool to create some fantastic games. With a 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Learn the Fundamentals of Adobe Edge Animate

Learn the fundamentals behind using Adobe Edge Animate.

Created by Tom Green - Teacher, Lecturer, Tututorialist


Students: 510, Price: $19.99

Students: 510, Price:  Paid

Adobe Edge Animate is a robust motion graphics and interactivity tool designed as a motion graphics tool that allows you to create and deploy motion graphics and interactive projects to the web and DPS publications., In this 5.5-hour course, author and teacher Tom Green shows you what it can do. You’ll learn how to create animations, add moving elements to a static HTML page, how to create and use symbols and add web fonts to your Animate projects. You’ll also see how Animate integrates with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks and how to use to use the Animate Code panel to add interactivity, looping, and code to your projects. This quick but rich course finisheds up by showing you how to add your Animate compositions to InDesign CS6 projects and even iBooks.

Learn Adobe Animate CC from Scratch

Hands on training on the Animate CC from the Basics- English Captions Included! (Applies to any version of Animate CC)

Created by Mustafa Pracha - Creatives


Students: 505, Price: $29.99

Students: 505, Price:  Paid

Hi !,

A very warm welcome in this exciting easy to follow course on Adobe Animate CC!

If you are interested in learning a new tool that can help you animate or make vector graphics you have landed at the right course, this course takes you from the very basics of how to operate on the tools laying a very concrete foundation along with explaining the interface in depth.  I believe that if my students have the core understanding of the basics of any tool, learning pro concepts becomes very easy. 

Most of the time students are stuck up only because they cannot execute the idea properly due to the lack of understanding of the interface of the software. Learning to use a software is just like driving the car, once you get the hang of it everything becomes smooth!

The course has multiple lessons, each lesson carefully focusing on one topic at a time, so you can easily grasp the lecture experiment or practice with what is taught and move to the next lecture at your own pace!

Please feel free to leave suggestions and anything you might think needs improvement, I will surely listen to your suggestions and make sure they are reflected in the upcoming lessons!

Also if you feel something is not clear please feel free to ask questions, I am here to help you out.

Cheers & Happy Learning!

Animate a Logo in Adobe After Effects CC with Motion Graphic

Follow along as we create an appealing logo animation using motion graphics in Adobe After Effects!

Created by Lucas Ridley - Award-winning Animator


Students: 445, Price: $89.99

Students: 445, Price:  Paid

We'll use Adobe After Effects to apply motion graphic concepts to animate a logo. We'll start with planning what we will be doing and then I break down exactly how to create the logo animation step-by-step in Adobe After Effects.

By the end you will have a greater understanding of how to approach animating logos of all kinds and of how to animate inside After Effects.

There's the course AE file and logo file attached to the planning lecture for you to follow along and dissect.

Thanks for joining me!

Adobe Character Animator Advanced Techniques

The Next Phase In Motion Capture Live Animations

Created by David Miller - Multimedia Artist


Students: 426, Price: $34.99

Students: 426, Price:  Paid

Adobe Character Animator is a motion capture software making use of your webcam, keyboard triggers and audio input to create puppets that can be animated live.  As it's a relatively new and growing program, there's a lot that the novice animator can do but isn't obvious or apparent from the control scheme. Advanced Techniques covers many of those tips and tricks, from making backgrounds travel to using video cycles to having emotive eyes with clipping masks and rigging an animal like a horse.  

If you're new to Character Animator, check out my Beginner's course on the topic on my Udemy course channel!

Visual Effects with Adobe Animate

a 2D VFX pro in no time

Created by Art & Animation - Art & Animation Courses


Students: 277, Price: $49.99

Students: 277, Price:  Paid

If you’re in Animation, Advertising, Graphic Designing. Beginner or Professional and want to create some

amazing Visual Effects in 2D Animation, Really... Quickly…then We’ve got just the course for you! Hi! Art n Animation.

brings you 20 Fun Videos, We are sharing with you loads of tricks and techniques in 2D Visual Effects used by professional animators. You will learn how to create animated

Fire Effects…Water Effects…Learn to animate Lightening, Smoke, Bubbles and so much more STEP… BY… STEP!

All you need is Adobe Animate and you’re ready to go pro in no time!

If you take this course, you get...

- Professional Instructors

- 5+ hours of step-by-step detailed visual instruction.

- 20+ detailed lectures

- Expert tricks and techniques

- FREE Background Files

- Lifetime Access

Learning Adobe Edge Animate CC

Go hands-on with this standards-friendly tool suite for creating custom HTML5-based animation and video for the web.

Created by Infinite Skills - High Quality Training


Students: 159, Price: $49.99

Students: 159, Price:  Paid

This Learning Adobe Edge Animate CC training course, updated for Release 2014, will help you learn how to get started unique web creation tool from Adobe. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Adobe Edge or Edge Animate is required. You will start by learning the basics of the interface, such as how to arrange your workspace, use the code panel, and execute various shortcuts. Tony will then show you how to import images and teach you about Photoshop and Illustrator integration.

Topics explored in the training include the code panel, exploring type, basic animation, creating and editing symbols, and creating a multi-state button and drop menu. You will also learn how to add video, control audio volume, and use templates. Finally, you will learn how to export for HTML, publish OAM files, and export for CMS platforms such as WordPress. Once you have completed this video based training course, you will have a complete understanding of how to use the tools and functions available to you in Edge Animate to create video and animated, interactive content for your web projects. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Fun Projects with Adobe Animate

Learn the Basics of Animate and Explore Your Creativity

Created by Nancy-Jo Johnson - Teacher


Students: 74, Price: $29.99

Students: 74, Price:  Paid

You will be introduced to the creative and technical field of 2D computer animation in Adobe Animate - from simple, but spectacular morphs to a complex story with compositing, audio, and scenes.

Illustrative booklets and charts will accompany the videos for step-by-step instructions.

At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own animated stories in Animate using animation principles and computer techniques.

Adobe Animate the complete course to start with animations

Start in animation with Adobe Animate master design and animation software

Created by Nicolas Forgue - Web entrepreneur and graphic designer


Students: 70, Price: $89.99

Students: 70, Price:  Paid

Adobe animate

Adobe animate is software for design vector drawings and create animations. Animating with Animate has never been so amazing. Animate has two distinct parts, a design part with the creation of shapes, scenes or characters with the different tools, and an animation part with a timeline, where it is possible to manage frames per second and much more. It is a very ergonomic software which allows to make simple animations for presentations, or for social networks, but which also allows to make much more advanced animations with the creation of characters and puppets.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at all people who want to get started in animation with reference software. You are beginners in graphics and animation, or simply in animation, the course will be adapted to your research. You need to make animations for personal or professional projects, then the course will be an excellent basis for carrying out your animations.

Description of the course

In this course you will learn how to use Adobe Animate from scratch. We will work in a learning logic, namely the discovery of the dashboard, to then work on the design part. The different tools will be seen in detail for the design. Once this big part is designed, we will work on a big animation part. We will thus see how to use the timeline with the images, and to realize animations with several examples. At the end of the training, a great project with the creation of a simple character step by step, and with the an animation of this character in a scene.

Adobe animate cc 2021 – complete html5 banner ads course

Learn adobe animate banner ads to start creating banners ads in adobe animate For your client.

Created by Nshuti Paulin - video creator and Blogger


Students: 34, Price: $89.99

Students: 34, Price:  Paid

Hello Everyone welcome in this Adobe animate cc 2021- complete html5 banner ads course

This is the only course that will teach you  everything you need in adobe animate to start creating html5 banner ads from scratch , at the ends of this course you will be able to create any type of html5 banner ads  for advertising network like google display network   

there are some other tools out there that can create htlm5 banner ads  for ad network  like google  but i have seen that adobe animate is one the software that you can learn to create html5 banner ads in short time and you can do some other animation in adobe animate after taking this course

this course comes with different practice with Exercise files along side  I’ve saved a copy of each Adobe Animate file after every video so if you get lost you can compare your files to my completed files.

this some topic we will learn in this course:

  • How to use adobe animate from scratch

  • How to animate in adobe animate

  • How to create Html banner ads

  • How to publishing for ad networks like Google DoubleClick, AdWords, Simek etc.

  • Designing and animating

  • and so much more

I’m with you at every step to make sure your questions are answered quickly and your time is well spent achieving real world skills that directly relate to your career and business.

So if you’re ready to learn how Adobe Animate CC can do amazing (and productive) things for your web advertising or interactive design workflow, it’s time to take this course sign up today.

Create HTML5 and simple image banners using Adobe Animate CC

Perfect course for designers and self employed small business owners who want to create HTML5 banners without coding

Created by Ričards Pāns - Frelance Graphic Designer, HTML5 Banner Developer, M.Ed.


Students: 20, Price: $49.99

Students: 20, Price:  Paid

You may remember the time when Flash was the standard for animated banners online. Well this time has passed and now after industry moved from Flash to HTML5 Adobe has finally accepted the shift in technology and has adjusted its product accordingly. This is good news for both former flash developers and industry newcomers.

In this course I will guide you through a complete banner creation process and briefly explain my workflow I have developed over the years since using this software. I'll share some of my advanced techniques on how to boost your productivity by leveraging timeline when creating multiple size banners sets.

During the process we will create a simple banner which can be used as an image banner online and can be adjusted for multiple sizes. After that we will add animation to the assets in that banner in order to create a fully functional HTML5 banner ready for publishing for any ad network.

2D Animation: Ultimate Guide to Adobe Animate

Learn 2D animation with adobe animate

Created by Sajeev G Nair - Animator and Motion designer


Students: 13, Price: $89.99

Students: 13, Price:  Paid

1. About this course

Adobe Animate is one of the widely used software for creating 2d animations, flash games, and social media animations. With this course, you will be able to create your own animations for youtube, social media, and even full length animated shorts. animate has a very simple user interface and very easy to use and learn tools. We will start from the basics and gradually create a character and a character front walk cycle animation. In the class, I will be using Adobe animate 2020, but you can use an older version to create the same animations and get the same results.

2. What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course

In this class we will learn about:-


2.selection tools

3.Drawing tools

4.Remaining tools overview

5.Object drawing

6.Graphic Symbol

7.Movie clip



10.shape tween

11.Classic Tween

12.Motion Tween

13.Frame By Frame

14.Character design (3 parts)

15.Coloring the shapes

16.Converting shapes to symbols

17.Creating mouth shapes

18.Character Rigging

19.Character animation basics

20.Character walk cycle (3 parts)

3. Who should take this course?

This class is aimed towards complete beginners who want to learn 2D animation in adobe animate or designers who want to expand their career into animation. Still, any intermediate or advanced users will be able to learn something new from the class, there are no requirements to the class anyone with an open mind and ready to learn can join the class.

I created this course to teach everything there is to know about 2D animation in Animate, but you guys need to constantly practice to become an expert in animating with adobe animate. don't hesitate to reach out with any doubts or questions, I will clarify all your doubts as soon as possible. So a warm welcome to the class and happy animating.

I can't wait to get started!, and I will see you in class.

Dummies to pro Adobe animate

Learn & understand how to use Adobe Animate to create easy 2D animations and vector art!

Created by Edward Tebele - graphics designer and animator


Students: 9, Price: $29.99

Students: 9, Price:  Paid

Learn how to use the basic interface of adobe animate, create epic character animations and build your own cartoon characters and bring them to life.


This course is basic and easy to follow, consist of only 5 sections which are:

  1. Get started (learn the basics of the interface if your new, we only cover the important stuff.)

  2. Learning the basics (teaches you how to use the tools provided by the software to your advantage.)

  3. Character Animation (it explains itself, learn how to make your character talk and move.)

  4. Motion Graphics (Get started by making things move, create random animations that enhance your skills.)