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SAP FICO (Financial Accounting & Management Accounting)

The course covers both configuration and end-user processes for SAP FICO module

Created by Rana W Mehmood - SAP Functional Consultant


Students: 24806, Price: $109.99

Students: 24806, Price:  Paid

SAP FICO Course will prepare the students to learn and understand all the end-to-end implementation steps to configure SAP FI and CO modules for any organization. 

The course also highlights the necessary documentation and methodology which are used in SAP FICO implementation projects.

After this course, the students will be able to identify and analyse the business requirements of any organization for Record to Report process cycle and to configure SAP FICO modules accordingly.

Disclaimer: SAP and other products of SAP mentioned in the training is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP SE, Germany. I am not related or affiliated to that.

The Account Management Way To Accelerate your sales cycle

Grow your sales with account management principles

Created by Hakeem Adebiyi - Business Coach and Trainer


Students: 10490, Price: $59.99

Students: 10490, Price:  Paid

Over the last 2 decades of selling, managing and leading sales teams I observed that there were 5 key things that accelerated sales, those 5 things  have consistently helped to significantly reduce sales cycles in multiple companies and hence exponentially grow sales. 

Those 5 key things, known as the The sales acceleration formula are

  1. A - account segmentation

  2. D - decision making analysis

  3. A - awake, understanding what keeps your decision makers awake at night

  4. P - Presenting the right solutions

  5. T - tackling objections

This course focuses on the first 2 elements as they are the most critical (and most unique) parts of the formula.

Account Management for Beginners

Practice Partner Relationship Management and Communication Strategies with Real World Scenarios

Created by Catherine Gao - Instructor Marketing Manager @ Udemy


Students: 7742, Price: $49.99

Students: 7742, Price:  Paid

Enroll today and practice real-world strategies to build and grow strong relationships with your partners. Using practical examples and case studies, learn to overcome common challenges in Account Management, while maintaining loyalty with partners of all shapes and sizes. This course is for beginners and those who are new to Account Management or thinking about becoming an Account Manager.

Build Partner Management skills to meet mutual goals, establish trust and overcome obstacles with this in-depth course.

  • Set individual and mutual goals to guide relationship development

  • Define boundaries and set clear expectations with partners

  • Explore strategies to expand the value of your partnership

  • Build partner delight and loyalty

  • Choose effective language to use in difficult conversations

  • Maintain healthy relationships with partners through ups and downs

Explore strategies and tools for each phase of your partnership.

Many companies today hire employees to manage high profile customers or partners. Often called Account Managers, the primary goals of these team members are to support satisfaction and loyalty with key partners, work toward shared objectives and, ultimately, grow or expand the partnerships to benefit their business.

This is a basic course for aspiring or new Account Managers to learn the foundational skills needed to manage external partners. We will NOT be covering advanced tactics or strategies.

We’ll begin by exploring the best ways to start your partnerships off on the right foot, including establishing clear goals, as well as boundaries, to guide your relationships. We’ll then move into the best ways to build your partnerships through different forms of interaction, including suggestions for language to use in each of these interactions. Last, we’ll walk through a few examples of conflict you’ll likely face with partners. Each scenario includes a case study, giving you an opportunity to apply your new skills to a real-world example.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently maintain healthy relationships with partners throughout the lifecycle of your partnership. Join us today!

Cost Accounting: Introduction to Management Accounting

Learn Cost Accounting for Management. Includes Process Costing, ABC Systems, Variance Analysis, Cash Budgets and more.

Created by David Burrell, BComm - Accounting & Finance Instructor, Economics Nerd


Students: 4539, Price: $19.99

Students: 4539, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the Management Accounting Crash Course, which will provide you with 46 video lessons that span over 7 hours of content (including quizzes to help test your knowledge). Follow along as I explain the basics and fundamental concepts like cost drivers, the cost function, break-even points, journal entries, joint costing, budgets and more! 

Managerial Accounting is the study of internal financial information that can influence decision-making. It's the follow up course to Financial Accounting, that can prove to be more difficult for students. We designed the course to act as a perfect supplement for those taking Managerial/Management Accounting in University or College. We'll walk you through the theory, providing examples and questions that will keep you engaged.

The first part of the course will cover:

  • Cost Measurement and Cost Behavior

  • The Design of Cost Functions

  • Fixed Costs, Variable Costs and Mixed Costs

  • Break-Even Analysis

  • Handling Direct and Indirect Costs

The second part will cover:

  • Process Costing, and Production Reports using Weighted Average and FIFO.

  • Activity-Based Costing for Overhead Costs

  • Preparing Cash Budgets

  • Variance Analysis

  • Support Departments: Direct, Step-Down and Reciprocal Method

  • And much more!


"I fully attribute me passing the BEC portion of the CPA exam from your videos. Without your easy to learn managerial accounting tutorials, I would never have understood the concepts. I especially thought your videos on variance analysis were exceptional. Thank you so much for everything!"  - Spencer S.

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for posting such great videos on YouTube. I believe that they were the reason I just passed my very difficult accounting exam! They were very easy to watch and easy to follow. I appreciate your work!"  - Alana M.

"This guy has the best Mgmt Accounting tutorial videos. He understands the concepts and can explain them in the easiest and most engaging way. Thank you." - Karen K.

"Great Course for being introduced to Fundamentals of Management Accounting. Dave does a good job at explaining concepts filled in with examples." - Imran S.

Become a master of client and account management

Learn how to effectively manage, retain and grow clients

Created by Robert Da Costa - Business coach and trainer


Students: 3034, Price: $119.99

Students: 3034, Price:  Paid

Did you know that repeat customers on average, spend 67% more than new customers?

If you need to manage clients on an ongoing basis and have a challenge around:

  • Over-servicing;

  • Coping with project change;

  • Selling on value rather than time;

  • Retaining and growing clients;

  • Having difficult conversations;

Then this course is a must for you! It now has over 2,600 students!

It covers everything you need to know from the role of the account/client manager to how to put plans together, managing challenging clients and having difficult conversations. What to do about 'scope creep' and how to stop overservicing.

As well as my insight and experience, you will also get access to tools and templates to help you effectively manage clients - resulting in longer term relationships and growing revenues.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Confidently manage clients in all situations 

  • Better understand your customers to ensure a great relationship

  • Manage changes to requirements without the need to over service

  • Learn how to politely but firmly push back on clients and say NO when necessary

  • Understand the importance of time recording, capacity management and project management tools

  • Present yourself in front of your peers and clients with confidence

  • Learn Active Listening skills

I developed this course because of demand from my clients and public courses I deliver. I wanted to be able to share my 20+ year's of experience with a wider audience at a cost effective price.

Essentials of Effective Key Account Management

A guide to excel in Key Account Management -Learn Account Development Strategy, P&L Management, Change Management & More

Created by Bishal Das - Key Account Management Coach


Students: 707, Price: $19.99

Students: 707, Price:  Paid

This course is curated to guide professionals to become a successful key account manager and help their organisation in achieving its strategic goal. The program will help you to sharpen the skills in existing key account managers roles, beginners can learn the nuances before stepping into key account management jobs and assist you to switch your career into key account management roles. The program will cover the following subjects.

  • Goal Alignment & Stakeholders engagement

  • Account Development Strategies

  • Profit & Loss Management

  • Escalation Management

  • Change Management techniques

  • How to prepare for a Business Review

  • Project Management & Business Analytics implication in account management functions

  • Program governance

KAM – Key Account Management – made simple

All you need to know about KAM (Key Account Management)

Created by Amaro Araujo - Bestselling Author, International Sales & Negotiation Expert


Students: 211, Price: $79.99

Students: 211, Price:  Paid


Sales tests and Business cases to help you explore and apply knowledge. Very important to prepare you for real case situations and job interviews. Both with proposed solutions.

KAM - Key Account Management is not a monster or something too high level and complex.

It's a process, a sales process. It just needs to be understood and put into perspective concerning your portfolio and sales strategy.

And you can make it complicated if you want, but there's no need.

I'll explain in plain English and detail all about KAM (Key Account Management) in this course.

From the background and fundamentals such:

- What is KAM (Key Account Management)

- Why/when/how should I implement KAM (Key Account Management)

What are the implications and benefits of implementing KAM (Key Account Management)

What resources do I need to do it successfully

The steps and different stages of KAM (Key Account Management)

The portfolio classification and distinction

The main differences between a traditional sales team and KAM (Key Account Management) approach

At the end of the course, in the bonus lesson, besides templates and many support material, you'll find some slides explaining how this course can help you with your career.

Account Management for B2B Sales – Accelerator Course

Learn Account Management Tactics and Strategy for B2B Sales to Accelerate Your Career

Created by Prits Zav - Entrepreneur | Corporate Trainer | Digital Marketer |


Students: 59, Price: $89.99

Students: 59, Price:  Paid

Account Management skills are of paramount importance if you wish to see any exponential growth in your sales career. Customers relationship helps you get that lead during your bad days. Account Management also helps improve your relationship management skills and grow your network. If you are in B2B Sales and wish to accelerate your growth with the right foundation, this course is JUST for you!

This groundbreaking course lays down the foundation of Account Management for entry-level, mid-level sales professionals.

It will help sales associates who wish to move to a more impactful role, get added responsibilities and be well paid.

  • Learn how to deploy key account strategies via Strategic Account Plans (SAPs)

  • Learn the concept of account mapping.

  • Learn how to conduct Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

  • Learn the concept and use of Sales Intensity Plans (SIPs)

  • Learn how to formulate annual sales plans - strategies

  • Learn about RFPs & how to manage them

Once you take this course and have a solid foundation, you will see that you are entering accurate data in your CRM. For example, if you use the right techniques, you will get the right answers, which will be fed in the CRM tool. Eventually, you will move towards strategic account management.

This is my plan to help you grow in your sales career exponentially. So, my question to you is, are you ready?