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3 Minute French – Course 1 | Language lessons for beginners

Learn to speak French you can use in everyday real-world situations - all in just 3-minute chunks!

Created by Kieran Ball - 3 Minute Languages - over 500,000 total enrollments


Students: 48182, Price: $124.99

Students: 48182, Price:  Paid

Bonjour et bienvenue :-)
(Hello and welcome)

There is nothing more thrilling than being able to speak to the locals in their own language when you visit a foreign country. Well, now you can experience that amazing feeling too!

My name is Kieran Ball and I’ve been teaching foreign languages in my hometown for over fifteen years. I love languages, I love learning and I love teaching. I also love chocolate, but this isn’t really the place to discuss my chocoholism!

I created 3 Minute French as a way to make learning French easier than ever before and accessible to anybody, especially people who have tried and failed in the past. My course is perfect for the complete beginner as I break down the French language into tiny chunks that I show you how to build back together again in a logical, simple to understand way. You can go from knowing no French at all to putting together your own sentences in just a few minutes. Watch the free preview lessons below and you’ll see what I mean.


I really want everybody to see that they can learn to speak French, so I’ve turned the first fifteen videos of this course into free previews, meaning you can watch them without even signing up. If nothing else, I just want you to see how easy it is to learn French.


As the name suggests, each lesson in this course lasts just three minutes (more or less!). In each lesson, you learn a tiny chunk of French that you can use to build sentences. As you work through the course, you learn more and more little chunks and your sentences will gradually get longer and longer.

The chunks that you learn in the first lessons are carried through to the last lessons. This means you don’t have to worry about trying to remember everything; you will get so much opportunity for practice that you will find the words and phrases just sink into your brain.

The lessons in this course are focused, practical and effective, and you will build language skills that you can use straight away in real-world situations. You will be able to speak French comfortably and with confidence whenever you’re in a French speaking country.


When you begin learning something new, you tend to start off with lots of excitement and motivation. You might spend a few hours on the first day learning, but then the next day, you can only manage one hour, and then that goes down to half an hour, and then you get bored and you give up. Well, the reason behind the very short lessons is that it helps you to stay motivated and it also enhances the learning process.

By keeping your learning to short chunks, you will find three wonderful things start to happen:

1. You will maintain enthusiasm

If you want to learn anything, you have to maintain enthusiasm or else you won’t continue. If you limit your study time to just three minutes, you’ll keep French fresh and exciting and you’ll be eager to learn. If you spend hours studying, very quickly you’ll get bored with French and it’ll turn into a chore.

2. You will study more consistently

It’s much better to study for just three minutes once a day than to study for three hours once a week. A spare three minutes is relatively easy to find even in the most hectic of schedules. If you make sure you complete at least one three-minute study session every day, it’ll quickly become a habit that you’ll do without thinking. It’s much easier to fit in a daily three-minute habit than a weekly one-hour habit. By doing this, you’ll become a much more consistent learner, and consistency is the key to success.

3. You will remember things better

This is my favourite reason as to why you should limit your study to just three-minute chunks. If you study something for just three minutes every day, you’ll trick your brain into memorising the information more quickly than if it were to see the information for hours each day. It’ll think, “I see this information every day so it must be important, but I don’t see it for very long, so I’d better hold onto it and make it into a memory fast!” You’ll be amazed at how much more easily things tend to stay in your brain if you limit yourself to just three minutes a day.

So, that’s why I keep the lessons to just three minutes.


I can’t quite believe it, but over 130,000 people in more than 200 countries have now used 3 Minute Languages to learn to speak a foreign language. It still amazes me when I get an email from somebody on the other side of the world telling me how much they have enjoyed learning French with me. Apart from the thrill it gives me to find out people are listening to my voice in places like Mongolia, Peru and even Fiji, it also confirms to me that the 3 Minute Languages courses work well.

So, if you want a course that teaches you to speak French you can use in everyday situations using a simple and fun method, then sign up to 3 Minute French today.

Merci :-)


Introduction to Wireless Communications

You will learn about frequency reuse, capacity, channel coding, modulation and demodulation, OFDM and MIMO.

Created by Yasir Ahmed - Lead IoT and CleanTech


Students: 23274, Price: Free

Students: 23274, Price:  Free

• In this course you will learn the basic principles of wireless communications from 1G to 4G and beyond. You will learn about frequency reuse, capacity, channel coding, modulation and demodulation, OFDM, MIMO and host of other topics.

• This course is for you if you are a student and have just started learning about wireless communications or if you are a guy in the field who wants to get a better handle on the fundamental concepts of wireless communications.

5G Masterclass: Architecture, NR RAN, Core and Call flows

Learn the key concepts, network functions and mechanisms in the 5G System

Created by Sathishkumar Jagadeesan - Researcher


Students: 9987, Price: $89.99

Students: 9987, Price:  Paid

5G, the fifth generation of telecommunications, has the capability to be the backbone of much of the innovation in the Information and Communications Technologies arena in the next decade. It will empower the lives of people, and shape their lifestyles to create the next level of education, entertainment, productivity and value creation.

5G RAN, based on New Radio (NR) technology, is arguably the biggest domain of innovation and complexity in every telecommunication generation. It is the topic of focus for much of the telecom students and professionals. In the first half of this course, you are going to learn about the key ideas and concepts that are a part of the 5G RAN.

In this course, you'll be able to learn

- The overview of the 5G System

- RAN Protocol Stack

- Key functionalities in the Control Plane Protocol Stack

- Key functionalities in the User Plane Protocol Stack

- Key RAN Procedures

5G Core Networks present the opportunity to build a more a capable network and offer innovative services in a more cost efficient way. In the second half of the course, we go through the different principles associated with the 5G core network and discuss the various network functions and the call flows. In this section you'll be able to learn

- Principles of service based architecture

- Key Network functions in the 5G Core

- Key principles in access management, session management etc

- Important call flows in the 5G System

You will learn the key trends in the industry like Cloud RAN and ORAN.

The course is designed to present even the sophisticated concepts in a simple to understand, concise and well illustrated manner. Time is of the essence for industry professionals, so it is aimed at being crisp and to the point.

Handouts are included for further reference for the students.

Most importantly, I take a lot of pleasure in sharing this content, and I hope you have an equally enriching learning experience.

I invite you to join the journey of more than 8000 students who took their 5G skillset to the next level with this course.

Some kind reviews:

"I have taken several Udemy 5G courses. This one is best yet. Well organized. good graphics and sound quality excellent."

"Its really a nice course from understanding pov. Presented in a fantastic way for anyone to learn and grasp quickly. Really Enjoyed."

"This was very great experience. Instructor is really knowledgeable person. Also efforts in content creation"

5G for Absolute Beginners

Learn basics of 5G mobile wireless technology

Created by Zahid Ghadialy - Principal Analyst & Consultant at 3G4G


Students: 7937, Price: Free

Students: 7937, Price:  Free

The '5G for Absolute Beginners' course is designed for people with little or no understanding of 5G technology. The course will look at different aspects of 5G and will introduce details gradually, covering a wide range of topics necessary to understand what is meant by 5G and who is behind the development of standards.

The course will conclude by looking at 5G use cases and applications that has promised to revolutionize the world.

5G, 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G Cellular Mobile Communications – Wireless

Advanced Telecommunication Training & Certification - Covering 5G, 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA -UMTS, GSM, GPRS, Massive MIMO, DT

Created by TELCOMA Global 68,000+ Students! - Fanatical Services to the Telecom & IT Industry Since 2009


Students: 5273, Price: $99.99

Students: 5273, Price:  Paid

Mastering wireless communications can get you a job in telecom companies and if you already have one it will help you to move ahead in your career, increase your earning potential and add value to any organization.

  • This is the only online course taught by the professional telecom industry experts who are certified by TELCOMA

This course covers the latest wireless technologies like 5G and 4G-LTE and also includes previous technologies like 3G, 2G etc.

Course Materials and Delivery

The course is delivered by the instructors in the form of high quality HD Videos. Ample focus is made on Video / Audio clarity for better understanding of concepts. The course is delivered by Certified expert trainers with industry experience with best in class course content.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is around 4 hrs. We have tried to be concise including only the relevant details.

Course Structure

Course begins with the section titled " Cellular Mobile generations" then the generations are covered in detail in the remaining sections. We have given more weightage to the latest technologies. 

Why to take the course

If you have an interest in Telecommunications, there is no reason that you should skip this course. 

4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) – Concepts and call flows

Learn about the LTE architecture and get an in-depth understanding of LTE call flows by analyzing wireshark traces

Created by Suryabh S - Network Engineer


Students: 4883, Price: $89.99

Students: 4883, Price:  Paid

LTE (4G) is the first network technology that is capable of delivering high-speed data to subscribers. It is the most widely deployed 3GPP technology and its adoption has been the fastest compared to its predecessors (2G, 3G). 4G LTE lays the foundation for the future 5G networks.

This course is designed to provide students with in-depth information regarding LTE EPC architecture. The course has been designed for all levels and starts off by providing the introduction to LTE and its advantages over legacy technologies. We then quickly start by building the foundation needed to understand the LTE technology and its architecture. During the lectures, all concepts are introduced by means of intuitive diagrams and real-network examples whenever possible.  Here are some of the reasons why this course is different compared to others -

1. Robust structure

LTE EPC is a complex and very exhaustive topic. That is why we have organized the lectures in a way that students can quickly understand concepts.

2. Intuitive Examples and Use Cases

So many courses and books just bombard you with the theory. But they forget to explain, perhaps, the most important part: why you are doing what you are doing. And that's how this course is so different. We focus on developing an intuitive *feel* for the concepts behind LTE.

3. Real network Examples

In this course, we use real Wireshark traces from a test network to describe call flows rather than just relying on theory. This way we are able to deliver practical information to the students that will help them in real-world scenarios.

4. 3GPP based material

Throughout the course, we refer to the relevant 3GPP specifications so that students can become familiar with 3GPP specifications.


Have you ever taken a course or read a book where you have questions but cannot reach the author? 

Well, this course is different. We are fully committed to making this the most disruptive and powerful LTE EPC course on the planet. With that comes a responsibility to constantly be there when you need our help. No matter how complex your query, we will be there. The bottom line is we want you to succeed. Therefore, feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Luck and Happy learning!

5G: Technologies, Architecture And Protocols

5G Air Interface Channels, Voice Over 5G, Security in 5G, 5G Explained according to 3GPP specifications

Created by Dr. Moazzam Tiwana - Best-Selling Instructor-Assistant Professor/Telecom Engineer


Students: 4779, Price: $19.99

Students: 4779, Price:  Paid

This is a very extensive and up-to-date course about 5G mobile networks that will let you understand

- The requirements and key drivers for 5G wireless development

- 5G use cases and services

- the key technologies in 5G NR (Dual Connectivity, small Cells, CRAN, Flexible Numerology, massive MIMO etc)

- 5G Radio Access Technology And Frame Structure

-Network Virualization and Slicing in 5G

-The Key elements/Functions in 5G Core Network

-UE and Network Identifiers in 5G

-Procedures in 5G (UE Registeration, PDU Session establishment, Paging, Tracking Area Update, Handover)

-Handover in 5G, Xn and X2   

-Security in 5G Mobile Networks

-Voice Over 5G

- 5G Air Interface Channels, Cell Acquisition, Data Scheduling, Paging etc

This 5G training is not too long but it is concise, so that you may get started with this 5G cellular technology as soon as possible. This course is designed to provide you with necessary functional knowledge possible in shortest possible time.

The course comes with 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

This course is targeted for:

  • Telecom professionals

  • Telecom students

  • Networking students

  • Interview candidates

5G: Architecture and Key principles

Learn what key concepts make 5G one of the biggest leaps in the world of networking

Created by Sathishkumar Jagadeesan - Researcher


Students: 2152, Price: $99.99

Students: 2152, Price:  Paid

5G is here!

The last decade had been about empowering the world through Mobile Broadband. It has changed the way we do everything ranging from ordering food, getting a taxi to consuming television.

Now, it is the time for 5G. In this course, you will be able to understand

- a brief history of telecommunication networks

- the key capabilities of 5G

- the 5G use cases

- the 5G architecture

- the key features in 5G Radio Access Network

- the key features in the 5G Core Network

and more..!

The course is designed to not take too long to learn from. I believe a good course can be concise, well illustrated and give value to the students at the shortest possible time. So, get started!

This course will be particularly helpful if you are preparing for an interview related to 5G, or if you have been working in telecom but is new to 5G. At the end of this course, you will be able to explain the key technical concepts in very simple words that will be an added advantage to both at work, exams and interviews.

5G and Wireless Communication for Beginners

A Complete guide with Technical Concepts, Business Insights and Future Prospects

Created by Cerulean Canvas - Learn, Express, Paint your Dreams!


Students: 2116, Price: $49.99

Students: 2116, Price:  Paid

5G, the 5th Generation of Wireless Mobile Communication has taken 2019 by storm! Some people are making optimistic expectations, some are making ridiculous theories while others are awaiting any and every update about 5G. If we look at a few decades in the past... 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G have changed our social, professional and personal lives drastically. Yet 5G is expected to be the biggest game-changer of all which is amazing but not surprising!

But, what exactly is 5G?

This question is simple on the surface but gets more and more interesting as you dig deeper.

5G is the fastest wireless mobile internet ever. It will serve ~10 times more devices than 4G and it will also empower Millions (let's say it again, Millions) of jobs! That's not all. 5G is like an entry pass for some of the following technologies to comfortably take over the commercial market.

  • Internet of Things

  • Industrial Automation

  • Mixed Reality

  • Self Driving vehicles

  • Unmanned locomotives and drones

  • Cloud Services

  • More progressive web and so on.

5G is revolutionary in many aspects. From antennas to frequencies, from networks to roll-outs; it's a major overhaul which was long-awaited and needed. But without understanding these basics, learning about 5G is like making lemonade without knowing what's a lemon!

This course is your perfect companion for the Journey of understanding 5G from its roots.

  • It starts off with the first generation of wireless telecom and takes key topics from every consequent update.

  • Every essential concept of wireless communication is explained with simplicity, visually appealing graphics, animations and engaging narrative.

  • From what is an antenna to how can Cloud aid 5G, from what is a frequency to how VoIP fits in mobile communication... You will get answers to all of your questions.

  • You will also get business insights via stories and case studies.

  • Mini assignments will keep you active and engaged.

  • Articles and Stat-sheets will add value and longevity to your learning experience.

That's not all, we have made sure that this course appeals to everyone because 5G will touch all of our lives equally. So, you don't even have to be from communications background! All you need to be is an average cellphone user!

This course will start with easy and familiar beginnings and go to deeper and interesting ends. If you're from Communications though, some parts will be your quick revision while others will provide you largely overlooked but important insights! So whether you're a school student, an industry professional or someone in-between. There are different but satisfactory takeaways for all of you.

You will love this course. Don't just take our word for it, check out what some of our 20000+ happy students have to say.

Evan Payne ★★★★★

"Very clear, precise, step-by-step instructions. I've learned a lot! Great course."

Vitaliy Kim ★★★★★

"I will recommend this course to my friends as the starting point for the beginners or as the notes for those, who already have experience."

Ahmad Ali ★★★★★

"Love the short videos for each topic. Clear instructions. Each topic connects to the next one."

Piotr Sobczynski ★★★★★

"Simply Great! Covers every topic I needed. Thank you!"

What are you waiting for? See you in the class!

Happy Learning :)


Speed Test Visual Credit: Marques Brownlee (Youtube: MKBHD)

Isometric Graphics Credit: Freepik (User: Freepik)

Understanding 5G: The Next Evolution in Wireless

Profit, Promise, and Potential for the Next Industrial Revolution

Created by Brian Newman - Telecommunications Industry Expert


Students: 1866, Price: $19.99

Students: 1866, Price:  Paid

Business and technology news is being overwhelmed with stories about  5G. Some CEOs and analysts have called it the on-ramp to the 4th industrial revolution. You may be wondering -- what exactly is 5G and why is it getting so much attention? Or, you may want to know how you can use 5G technology to develop new products or services, make money, or improve the delivery of public services. You’ve come to the right course! 

I’ve been in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years and have worked, in one capacity or another, for three of the largest US communications service providers. Much of that time has been spent in wireless networks. In my career, I have seen technology leap forward and evolve at a faster and faster pace but never with such vigor as 5G.

All that you hear about self-driving cars and self-driving trucks, autonomous drones, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality --- they all need a fast, reliable, high-capacity wireless network. That’s the promise and the potential of 5G. In this course, Understanding 5G, we’ll take a look at what 5G is, how we got here, and what it means to you as a consumer, a business owner or entrepreneur, a property owner or building manager, and as a citizen.

Join me, and let’s get started in understanding 5G wireless communications.

5G, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G; Mobile/Cellular Networks For Beginners

Cellular Networking Concept, Frequency Reuse, Cell Splitting, Cell Sectoring, Evolution of Mobile Communication Systems

Created by Dr. Moazzam Tiwana - Best-Selling Instructor-Assistant Professor/Telecom Engineer


Students: 1837, Price: $19.99

Students: 1837, Price:  Paid

Mobile Communication is the use of technology that allows us to communicate with others in different locations without the use of any physical connection (wires or cables). Mobile communication makes our life easier, and it saves time and effort.

This course will provide an introduction cellular communication systems that have changed our lives during the recent four decades and will become an essential and inseparable part of human life. First basic concepts of cellular communication systems are discussed, then we describe how they are applied in actual 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G Systems. The emphasis is on the essential concept delivery to non-major learners in the easiest way.

Who this course is for:

Complete beginners who want to learn Mobile/Cellular Networks

Students with some knowledge about communications, who want to explore further

4G-LTE EPC: Evolved Packet Core Network

This EPC course covers the 4G LTE Packet Core Network including MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, Call Flow, Roaming and Protocols etc

Created by TELCOMA Global 68,000+ Students! - Fanatical Services to the Telecom & IT Industry Since 2009


Students: 1834, Price: $89.99

Students: 1834, Price:  Paid

4G LTE EPC (Evolved Packet Core) is a framework for providing converged voice and data on a 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network. 2G and 3G network architectures process and switch voice and data through two separate sub-domains: circuit-switched (CS) for voice and packet-switched (PS) for data.

EPC is a whole new core network with a flat, all-IP based architecture. The SAE defined by 3GPP has the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) as its main component and Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SGW) and PDN Gateway (PGW) as the subcomponents. 

This LTE EPC Training covers

LTE Background
Network Architecture
EUTRAN Architecture Overview
EPC Architecture
EPC Protocol Stack
EPC Interfaces
EPC Bearers
LTE Call Flow
LTE Roaming

4G-LTE EPC Certification is included in the course which will be the proof of the new skills you own.


This  Course comes with Lifetime access so you can enjoy the updates to this course without paying anything extra.  You will also get a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee by Purchasing this course now. You are eligible for a full refund on this training within 30 days from purchase.

All this great value at the most genuine price! Taking action and buying this course now is better than doing nothing.

5G Core – Architectures, Concepts and Call Flows

Network-Architectures, 4G-5G interworking, Cloud-Native technology enablers, Call flows and practical tips/tricks

Created by Suryabh S - Network Engineer


Students: 1795, Price: $89.99

Students: 1795, Price:  Paid

5G is Here!

As network operators and vendors are working round-the-clock to develop and build 5G networks it is necessary for (us) Network Engineers to understand the 5G network architecture(s), concepts and practical deployment considerations. I have curated this course by carefully analyzing and researching each topic and the current industry-trends to give you all the necessary resources/tools/pointers to successfully build and operate 5G networks.

5G is quite different from 4G and it is necessary to understand the underlying 5G cloud-native technologies to fully embrace and understand 5G. This course is for all levels of expertise. It starts from the basics by introducing the motivation for 5G, enabling technologies including cloud-native principles and then builds on top of these concepts as we explore the 5G Core concepts in depth.

4G is going to around for quite a while and both 4G and 5G networks will need to co-exist for many years. This course covers practical deployment considerations for such 4G/5G co-existence scenarios as well.

This is by-far the most comprehensive course on 5G Core networks on Udemy since all concepts are covered in-depth. 

I have included easy to follow diagrams in the slides, along with references to 3GPP documents where appropriate.

Below are the topics covered in this course -

  • Introduction - Why and How ?

  • 5G Timeline

  • 5GC Deployment Architectures - SA and NSA

  • 5G Core Architecture - Enabling Technologies

  • 5G Core Architecture - SBA and Point-to-Point

  • 5G Core elements

    • AMF - Access and Mobility Function

    • SMF - Session Management Function

    • UPF - User Plane Function

      • QoS in 5G

    • NRF - Network Repository Function

    • UDM - Unified Data Management Function

    • AUSF, EIR

    • PCF - Policy Control Function

    • NSSF - Network Slicing Selection Function

      • Network Slicing

  • Identifiers in 5G Core

  • Security in 5GC

  • Interworking with 4G EPC

  • Network Functions and Services

  • Call Flows

Happy learning!

An Introduction to 5G Wireless Networks

Architecture, Characteristics and Use-Cases

Created by Saravanan (Saro) Velrajan - Technology Enthusiast


Students: 1211, Price: Free

Students: 1211, Price:  Free

"An Introduction to 5G Wireless Networks" course is for beginners to get a quick grasp on 5G technology, 5G architecture, characteristics, key concepts and use-cases. The course introduces a number of new terms related to wireless networks to the students. The topics covered in this training are evolution of wireless networks, wireless network architecture, 5G definition, need for 5G networks, characteristics of 5G network, 5G network architecture, differences between 4G and 5G networks, introduction to key 5G concepts such as beam-forming, dynamic spectrum sharing, network slicing and multi-access edge computing. The course provides a quick overview of the 5G use-cases. Some of the use-cases covered are Internet of Things, Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Fixed Wireless Networks and Private Wireless Networks.

This course does not delve into call-flows or detailed network architecture diagrams. This course is targeted at students, professionals, technology enthusiasts and academicians to get a high-level understanding of the 5G technology. After attending this course, students would be able to participate in discussions and conversations with peers, colleagues and customers on 5G. Students would also be able to articulate the new features/functions introduced in 5G, key components of a wireless network architecture and the use-cases enabled by 5G. No prior working experience in 4G or 5G technology is required to understand this course.

5G RF Planning

A better Understanding of 5G RF Planning process

Created by Honey Charnalia - Trainer and Telecom Industry expert


Students: 1194, Price: $94.99

Students: 1194, Price:  Paid

5G NR is far more complex than previous generations of mobile networks and will still need to work together with current 4G LTE and WiFi radio access technologies (RATs), leading to challenges in network planning.

So we are going to learn about Introduction to 5G Air Interface, 5G Link Budget, Propagation Model Tuning, Concepts of 5G coverage simulations, Initial Parameter Planning (PRACH Planning) terms in our 5G planning course.

Welcome to 5G

5G Overview

Created by Smart Telecom Education - Telecom Training & Learning


Students: 794, Price: Free

Students: 794, Price:  Free

Course Overview:

This course provide an overview of 5G technology by answering many questions.

Explain the 5G requirement in term of services and network architecture.

at the end an overview of the 3GPP standards, 5G timeline and Releases content.

Course Objectives:

By Completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define 5G technology.

  • Discuss the need of 5G and the difference between 5G and the pervious generation.

  • Describe the new features in 5G Versus 4G.

  • Discuss 5G use cases.

  • Describe 5G requirement in terms of Performance, Low latency and High data throughput.

  • Discuss the requirement for a new network.

  • Define the organization involved in 5G standards.

  • Define the 5G standards timeline.

  • Describe 5G Releases 15, 16 and 17

Course Content:

  • 5G Introduction

  1. Answering Questions about 5G

  2. 5G Vs 4G

  3. 5G Use Cases

  • 5G Requirement

  1. Performance

  2. Latency

  3. High Data Throughput

  4. New Network Architecture

  • 5G Standards

  1. Making 5G standards

  2. 5G TimeLine

  3. Release 15 specifications

  4. Release 16 specifications

  5. Release 17 specifications

Smart Telecom Education is a Training and Learning Centre, delivering a full range of Telecoms training and technical skills through flexible and innovative learning methods.

We’re a team of professionals working hard to provide the best learning content.

Our ability to deliver a combination of high quality training makes our offer unique and extremely valuable to individuals and organizations.

What makes our learning courses different

Learn faster

Short or long lessons make it easier to pay attention and remember what you learned

Stay motivated

Animated videos bring concepts to life with examples

Study smarter

Expert teachers help you focus on what's most important so you are confident and prepared

5G NR – Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol – RAN Layer 2

5G RLC Protocol for Beginners, Telecom Engineers and Managers

Created by Ryan Fernandes - Engineer at one of the World's Biggest R&D Facility


Students: 660, Price: $19.99

Students: 660, Price:  Paid

Whether you are beginner in 5G Layer 2, or an experienced Technical/Managerial person, this course will help you get a head start with the 5G Radio Link Control Protocol, which is a Layer 2 RAN protocol.

For Beginners, it will provide a strong foundation in understanding the RLC features and functions as defined in the 3GPP RLC specifications.

For Experienced people, this would provide a good structured recourse, with tidbits that are not explicitly mentioned in the specification.

The FAQ list that would be available to students on completion of the course, could help in Job Interviews.

Why take this course

The Instructor has been an early implementer of 5G RAN protocols, as early as when the first standardized specifications rolled out for 5G. In this course, you get an experienced explanation of RLC, and this might also help you understand the specification better.

The time duration of each sub-topic is very apt, to help the student stay focused, and grasp the concepts well.

After this hour long session, you will get absolutely comfortable with the 5G RLC protocol, and be motivated to explore more about the 5G RAN.

What Topics would you learn

After a short introduction and overview, we explore the following topics:

- Various RLC Modes of Operation

- Multiple RLC PDU Formats

- Each and every PDU parameter as defined by the specification

- RLC Window and Protocol Constants

- RLC Protocol Timers

Extended topics that will be added:

- Flowcharts and Positive/Negative Scenarios


Students who stay invested and complete this course, would get a list of commonly asked Job Interview Questions for RLC

Also, these students could get discounts on my next upcoming tutorials.

Send me a Message once you complete the course.

3G UMTS Fundamentals-Technology, Architecture, Protocols

Everything you need to know about fundamentals of 3G

Created by Dr. Moazzam Tiwana - Best-Selling Instructor-Assistant Professor/Telecom Engineer


Students: 435, Price: $19.99

Students: 435, Price:  Paid

This course explains the 3G (UMTS) technology fundamentals. This course highlights the new technologies and changes that were introduced in UMTS or 3G networks. This course focuses on in-depth understanding of UMTS systems, WCDMA concepts, Air interface protocols and procedures. This course is for students as well as working professionals who want to learn fundamentals of 3G technologies.

Impact of 5G Technology on Filmmaking

How 5G will re-invent Film Industry & Filmmaking

Created by Gourav Ghosh - Film Producer and Filmmaking Teacher


Students: 388, Price: Free

Students: 388, Price:  Free

Filmmaking is combination of art, technique and business. Unlike other art forms of art, films depend more on technology. 5G is going to democratise filmmaking. It will transform location scouting, revolutionise chroma (green screen) shoots, transform motion capture and much more. You can go direct from camera to cloud with high resolution RAW files, and do much more. 5G has the ability to become the post office between the camera and a collaborative, connected creative ecosystem. It will save time, clutter and expenses. Instead of having to setup your game engine (for virtual productions) on set, you can just stream the cameras back to a supercomputer, and the supercomputer sends back the results. You could setup anywhere , with no special equipment.

Topics to be covered in this free online course:

  • What is 5G and different types?

  • Benefits of 5G technology

  • Impact on Pre-production due to 5G

  • Impact on production due to 5G

  • Impact on Post-production due to 5G

  • Impact on Film distribution due to 5G

  • World’s major tech players in 5G

  • How to stay update with new emerging trends in filmmaking

5G is the inflection point where the global wireless mobile network catches up to the rigourous capacity demands of leading-edge filmmaking workflow.

Join this free online course by Gourav Ghosh (FTII), to get technically updated about the big revolution which is coming to filmmaking.

5G System Architecture and Applications

5G: Deep coverage of the Service-Based Architecture, NR, core, SDN, NFV, network slicing, MEC, MR-DC, and applications

Created by Aladdin Saleh - Consultant in Mobile Telecom and Emerging Tech


Students: 358, Price: $64.99

Students: 358, Price:  Paid

5G System Architecture and Applications

5G is expected to revolutionize our life and fundamentally changes every thing we know about mobile services. The change from the 4G to the 5G will be much more dramatic than any previous change. 5G will not only provide an entirely new mobile experience, but it will  create new opportunities, currently unimaginable. Some 5G services have already started, and the next few months will see more gradual deployment of 5G commercial services. Now it is the time to learn this emerging technology.

This course not only covers the principles of the 5G system architecture,  new radio access network, core network, security, but it also covers in details enabling and supporting technologies that are at the heart of the 5G, such as SDN, NFV, network slicing, multi radio dual connectivity and multi access edge computing. It also devotes a full chapter to the applications and use cases of the 5G, with a guide on the way the 5G should be implemented for each of these applications. The first two chapters provide an introduction to mobile telecom and RF fundamentals.

The course is structured to benefit professionals from all levels and background, including working professionals in the mobile telecom, IT, other professionals interested in 5G, university/ college students, and  those preparing for an interview for a position with 5G requirements. The first two lessons are designed to support those who have  little or no background knowledge on mobile telecom and radio frequency.

5G RAN Hardware and Implementation

This course covers the 5G RAN Hardware and Implementation for Nokia and Huawei and upgradation from existing 4G-LTE

Created by TELCOMA Global 68,000+ Students! - Fanatical Services to the Telecom & IT Industry Since 2009


Students: 308, Price: $94.99

Students: 308, Price:  Paid

This 5G RAN Hardware and Implementation course is design and delivered by Industry expert with 10+ years of experience.

Nine companies sell 5G radio hardware and 5G systems for carriers: Altiostar, Cisco Systems, Datang Telecom, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and ZTE. This course covers the hardware structure and hardware configurations for some of these vendors to give students a better understanding.

With 5G Hardware Certification, you have the capability to perform efficiently and get promoted with raise in salary. This certification validates your expertise and skills.

5G Fundamentals for Beginners from Zero to Hero

5G mobile network, NR technology, Architecture, Network Slicing, MIMO, Beamforming, interfaces, mmWave, channels &stacks

Created by W Gaber - Mobile Networks Expert, consultant and Researcher


Students: 233, Price: $74.99

Students: 233, Price:  Paid

  • This course is building the basics for 5G technology and laying the foundation of 5G knowledge, so that you have everything you need to start your journey with 5G world, which is the future of telecom, Internet of things and the base for what is called 4th industrial revolution

  • you will learn about 5G enablers, key drivers, NR features and technologies

  • you will learn about the 5G deployment options and 5G architecture

  • you will learn about the use cases of 5G in different industries

Cellular Networks From GSM to 5G : Go from zero to hero MCQ

Challenge your knowledge with +1000 Q & A with explanations from Pre- GSM 1G to 5G Technology & LTE 4G , IMS , SIP

Created by Amir Magdy - IMS/CS Technical Leader


Students: 168, Price: $24.99

Students: 168, Price:  Paid

Nowadays, all mobile vendors are working in introducing 5G products and the majority of mobile operators planning to upgrade their network to the 5G. That's why Mobile Networks from 1G to 5G is hot topic right now.

you should be aware of the first generations starting from 1G to 5G Passing by GSM , UMTS , LTE .

After completing successfully this practice test and understanding all its questions with its answers and detailed explanations, you will highly increase your chances to pass all Mobile Networks Generations Certificates and ofcourse including 5G certificates and succeed 5G job interviews.

This practice test contains 5 parts:

- Pre - GSM and 2G , GPRS & EDGE Networks

- 3G Networks UMTS, HSPA

- 4G Networks LTE

-5G Core Networks , New Radio , Standards, Use cases and Requirements

- IMS , VOLTE , WLANS , PANS , Satellites & Femtocell Networks

Course Support

Have you even took a Course and you didn't find the required Support?

Fine, This course is different, We are committed in making this course the best Telecom Course from the support perspective.

In This course we are not talking about a specific vendor Solution, But we are talking about Packet Core standards.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

No Pre-requisite is required, Everything will be explained from beginner level to expert level.

5G Network Security: Architecture And Procedures

5G Security explained according to 3GPP specifications

Created by Dr. Moazzam Tiwana - Best-Selling Instructor-Assistant Professor/Telecom Engineer


Students: 149, Price: $19.99

Students: 149, Price:  Paid

This is a concise and comprehensive course about security in 5G mobile networks that will let you understand

- 5G Security Challenges

- Preliminary Terminologies used in 5G

- 5G Security Architecture According To 3GPP Specificatio

- Network Access Security in 5G Mobile Networks

- SUPI Concealment/De-concealment in 5G

- 5G Authentication And Key (AKA) Agreement Procedure

- 5G AKA Security Key Hierarchy

- 5G Network Domain Security

- IPSec Framework And Its Applications To 5G Technology

- ESP With Tunneling in 5G Networks

- Network Domain Security for Service Based Interfaces in 5G

- OAuth 2.0 Authorization Frame Work in 5G Networks

- Transport Layer Security (TLS) for SBI in 5G

-Network Domain Security for IP based communication (NDS/IP)

This 5G training is not too long but it is concise, so that you may get started with security in 5G cellular technology as soon as possible. This course is designed to provide you with necessary functional knowledge possible in shortest possible time.


This course assumes a basic understanding of 5G Architecture.

This course is targeted for:

  • Telecom professionals

  • Telecom students

  • Networking students

  • Interview candidates

Essentials of 5G: A Concise Technical Introduction

A Self-paced 5G Tutorial

Created by Nishith D Tripathi - Wireless Industry Expert


Students: 79, Price: $19.99

Students: 79, Price:  Paid

This 5G course from Dr. Nishith Tripathi (Samsung Research America and Virginia Tech) and Prof. Jeff Reed (Virginia Tech and Reed Engineering) provides a concise technical overview of 5G through a series of 7 video lectures and quizzes. These sessions are based on the world’s first 5G multimedia book: “5G Cellular Communications- Journey and Destination.”

Lecture 1- 5G: Target Services and Performance Goals. Learn about the amazing services that 5G offers. Along the way, find out what performance goals 5G is aiming to achieve. You will also be able to compare 5G performance with 4G performance.

Lecture 2- 5G: How Did We Get Here? Let’s look back at the history of cellular communications. If you feel a little nostalgic and ponder over the days gone by upon reviewing the history, rest assured that you are not alone. You never know...we may have a crystal ball and may even tell you about 6G! Join us on this journey.

Lecture 3- “Building 5G” in 5 Minutes. Building 5G is a Herculean task. However, the good news is that we already know the key building blocks. Watch this short video to quickly get a handle on the key 5G components.

Lecture 4- 5G New Radio (NR) Air Interface: An Overview. 5G introduces a new air interface called New Radio (NR). The NR air interface helps 5G achieve superior performance compared to LTE. Watch this video to learn about key characteristics of the super-duper 5G NR air interface with unprecedented performance capabilities.

Lecture 5- 5G Network Architecture: Salient Features. 5G defines a brand-new radio network and core network architectures. These architectures, along with concepts such as Network Slicing and MEC, provide flexible deployments. Watch this video to learn about salient features of the 5G network architecture.

Lecture 6- Virtualization and Automation Technologies. The network architecture of 5G has been designed to be virtualization-friendly so that virtualization and automation technologies can be exploited to provide scalability, flexibility, and agility and to reduce costs. This video provides an overview of key virtualization and automation technologies that will facilitate the design, deployment, and maintenance of 5G networks in the coming months and years.

Lecture 7- Devices and Applications for 5G. 5G will offer a variety of services to consumers and enterprises and serve many different industries on a massive scale. Such variation in service offerings requires the support of different types of devices and applications. This video provides a glimpse of potential types of devices and apps that we will experience and hear about in the coming years.

Understanding the Telecom Operator Business

with main focus on Cellular domain

Created by Amit Prabhu - Digital Transformation Enabler


Students: 19, Price: $19.99

Students: 19, Price:  Paid

Welcome to the course ‘Understanding the Telecom Operator Business’. Telecommunications is vast industry estimated to reach a market size of 3.4T USD by 2022. It comprises 3 main domains- consumer electronics, internet and cellular. In this course we shall focus on the cellular domain which includes all the Gs you hear, starting from 2G, 3G, 4G and the most popular one 5G. This is a very generic course where the complex technical and business concepts are simplified and presented for the audience.

Some of the interesting topics we cover are history of cellular technologies and evolution to 5G, how does an operator setup the network, customer journeys and how does it impact the back-end operations and key financial ratios that determine the health of an operator business.

You need not have any prior technical background or knowledge on telecommunications for this course. So, if you are a student, working professional or even an investor aspiring to broaden your knowledge, this course is highly recommended for you.

5G Communication System Using Matlab

A step by step the Matlab codes for capacity, BER, and outage probability estimations for NOMA communication system

Created by Khaled Ramadan - Teaching Assistant, Researcher


Students: 19, Price: $19.99

Students: 19, Price:  Paid

This is course is designed for under and postgraduate students associated to the electronics and communication engineering department. It has eight outlines, each outline discusses the theoretical explanation and the Matlab codes for simulating the figures that obtained through the explanation of the course. This course saves many months of hard work.

Using the Matlab program, you will learn:

1- How to estimate the channel capacity using Shannon formula?

2- How to estimate the achievable rate offered by the uplink/downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA), and Orthogonal Multiple Access (OMA) techniques?

3- How to study the effect of imperfect Successive Interference Cancellation (SIC) on the downlink NOMA rate capacity?

4- How to study the effect of the NOMA Fixed Power Allocation (FPA) on the Bit-Error-Rate (BER) performance?

5- What is the number of users that NOMA can support with respect to OMA technique?

6- What is meant by user paring in NOMA, and how to perform user paring?

7- How to perform the fixed and dynamic power allocation in NOMA, and how to validate its performance?

8- How to estimate to the BER performance of NOMA communication system over a Rayleigh fading channel?

9- How to estimate to the achievable capacity of NOMA communication system over a Rayleigh fading channel?

10- How to estimate to the outage Probability of NOMA communication system over a Rayleigh fading channel?

5G Drive Test: Troubleshooting

Introduction to 5G Drive Test and Troubleshooting

Created by Mobilecomm Professional Inc. - Learning and Development Mobilecomm Professional Inc.


Students: 18, Price: $39.99

Students: 18, Price:  Paid

  • In this course, we will discuss the 5G drive test process covering types of drive tests, when and where they are used. We are going to discuss the  different issues identified by the drive test and some issues that require DT to be performed for identifying the necessary degradation experienced by the network  which can be due to call drop, less speed, improper coverage and many more, and also look at the corrective network optimization measures that can be performed to resolve the underlying issues.

  • We will look into the End to End (E2E) high-level Drive test-based optimization and what is the general approach regarding the same. The Drive test parameters defining signal strength, signal quality, beam management etc. in 5G are discussed their expected ranges are defined.

  • We will also look at the set of key performance metrics (KPI's) like accessibility, integrity, retainability etc. in 5G and perform the analysis for performance improvement in the network.

  • Lastly, we will look at the case studies wherein we will look at certain use cases which were seen during the deployment of 5G. these examples will help in understanding the coverage issues,  beam issues. we will also see an example of NEMO tool on 5G band N78 (3500MHz).

  • So, this course provides a foundation on the deployment aspect and the birds eye view on the optimization process.

H09: Wireless Technology in Healthcare, Plain & Simple

Learn why the power of wireless technology (5G, RFID, Wifi, Bluetooth) will transform healthcare

Created by Thomas Giordano - A Practical Approach to Learning ... Plain and Simple


Students: 14, Price: $34.99

Students: 14, Price:  Paid

Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT), as it is sometimes called, are playing a critical role in all our healthcare organizations today. They are permeating our hospitals, our clinics, our homes, our pharmacies and every aspect of our lives. If implemented correctly they have the potential of making healthcare processes more efficient and maximizing patient and user experience. If implemented incorrectly, they can wreak havoc.

The topics covered in this "Wireless Technology in Healthcare" course are:

  • Overview of the Basics

  • Cellular Technology and 5G

  • RFID

  • Wifi & Bluetooth

The basic concepts behind Healthcare Information Systems are often presented in a very complex, difficult to understand style. This "PLAIN AND SIMPLE" series on Healthcare Information Systems is different. It strives to introduce the basic concepts of information technology and systems in a very simple and easy to understand format using many examples from both non Healthcare and healthcare environments. This course is targeted at the entry level (Basic and Intermediate Level) learner.

The content of the series is based on the author's 35 years experience in the healthcare information systems business. This experience spans product design and launch, marketing, business development and executive management (including president). In addition it is based on 15 years teaching at the graduate level in the University environment.

5G Fundamentals and Essentials

5G Essential Concepts, must step toward mastering 5G

Created by Ali BENCHEIKH - Senior Telecom Engineer


Students: 13, Price: $49.99

Students: 13, Price:  Paid

This Course will help Telecom Engineer, Leader to Understand different 5G Use Case, LTE Gap to 5G requirements and need for 5G technology, 5G Architectures Options (5G Core/SA/NSA: 5G Core/NSA & SA/gNB) understand difference btw SA&NSA, 5G Core Entities, gNB Structure, Dual Connectivity Concept (MCG/SCG 3x Bearer, Data Split btw LTE & 5G), 5G Frame structures and Numerology, subcarrier spacing, mini-slot, 5G Channels and Signals (SSB, CSI-RS, DMRS....), Beamforming Concept, mMIMO Concept. More description of this points is provided on the course 5G Optimization Master Class Part-I. in this deep course we will help Engineers who are leading optimization and planning of the 5G network to ease their task by providing necessary information to know and also some case study. please to contact me for a good discount on the course. also as part of our support we are open for any inquiry and question related to the course and beyond, our aim is to make knowledge available for technology learning passionate. This Introduction course summarize all interesting points to study in order to master 5G technology, it's a good start before going into deep learning journey. we invite you to start you to enroll and get new chance, new career path by keeping yourself up to date with a technology that is and will shape more and more our daily life. So let's not wait too much and let's begin our together trip