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Game Asset Crash Course – 3D Modeling in Blender and 3D-Coat

Learn 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering with Blender and 3D-Coat by creating AAA ready game assets

Created by Concept Courses  - Development | Business | Design


Students: 7349, Price: $89.99

Students: 7349, Price:  Paid

This course has been updated to use Blender 2.8

Get up to speed on the techniques and pipelines used to create high quality, AAA ready game assets!

This online course will teach you how to use Blender and 3D-Coat to create a PRACTICAL REAL WORLD project for your game asset ideas!

  • Do you want to learn 3d modeling, texturing, and rendering, but don't know where to begin?

  • Have you spent time and energy Googling Blender tutorials online, only to find out that it never covers exactly what you need?

  • Do your 3D renders look plain and boring, and you want to know how to take your 3D models to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place! 

I know it can be frustrating watching other people post gorgeous looking renders and game assets online, while always wondering how they did it. You can spend hours or even days trying to find the right tutorial online to recreate a 3D asset. Even then they don't always cover the complete pipeline from start to finish.

That's why we created this course - to teach people just like you how to easily get started with Blender.

This course has been specifically designed with you in mind and we have developed a system to allow you to learn just what you need to know, only when you need it. 

Have fun while learning! Learn by actually doing!

After enrolling in this course, you'll be taken through a complete project that will show you how to recreate a 3D game asset from start to finish. Follow along and practice while learning!

Downloadable project files make it easy to follow along and practice.

The best part about a course like this is that you won't waste time learning tools and functions inside of Blender that you will never use. Most courses will tell you about every little part of the program, which is daunting to most people. 

Game Asset Crash Course - 3D Modeling in Blender and 3D-Coat will show you the necessary tools as you apply them.

This course will cover every aspect of:

  1. Blender and 3D-Coat's Interface and How to Navigate It

  2. 3D Modeling Your Very First 3D Game Asset

  3. UV Unwrapping and Understanding How UVs Work

  4. How Normals Work and How to Bake Textures Into Your Model 

  5. Texturing Your Game Asset with Smart Materials

  6. Exporting Your Model to Unity, the Number One Game Engine

  7. and so much more!

Whether you want to create game assets just for fun, or you work in a production studio and need this information done right this instant, this course is for you. We will guide you every step of the way and are here to make sure you succeed in your ventures. We are always available to answer any messages, discussions, questions, or feedback that you have.

Get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course!

With our 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, there's no reason hesitate!


3d Coat Sculpture Modelling, Retopo , UVs and Paint

An exploration of everything you need to master the powerful 3D Coat

Created by Scott Turner - 3D Artist, Initiated Tantric Meditator


Students: 1136, Price: $34.99

Students: 1136, Price:  Paid

This course covers the modelling of a cartoon crocodile from scratch. We block out the volumes, sculpt, refine, detail, retopo, uv and paint and render the whole thing. Its a great introduction using a simple model to get up to speed on all the important processes in the amazing 3D Coat

Hard Surface Modeling and Sculpting Course in 3D Coat

An introduction tutorial to robot modelling and sculpting using hard surface techniques for 3D look development.

Created by Scott Turner - 3D Artist, Initiated Tantric Meditator


Students: 1022, Price: $44.99

Students: 1022, Price:  Paid

This course explores the amazingly powerful 3D Coat. If you've wanted to explore 3D but been confused by which program to learn I highly recommend 3D Coat. It is so easy, yet so incredibly powerful that you can start having fun without immediately worrying about technicalities.

Some positive feedback from current students:

"This is an excellent course and I really enjoy your teaching style. I've been over section 2 at least 10 times now and there's so much gold in there. As a musician there's noway I could listen to a topic over and over if the instructor was monotonous, condescending or other, but you speak easily and naturally with highly relevant content and an excellent commend of the subject. By working in an almost free form fashion and uncovering limitations and mistakes in both program and design makes the course much more useful and educational."


"Wow, first of all, I MUST say: I'm 14 lectures in and after the 1st or 2nd ... this series is truly awesome. Feel free to quote me on that. I've even told all my design friends about it."


"Nobody has put anything together that's quite like this. Some of Javis Jones' tuts are great, but you also add a tremendously strong elements of ideation and practical, captivating design-dev skills along with how the tools work ... kudos, my friend. Also wanted to say: good vocal/video pacing as well, very engaging, never-ever boring!"


"Such a creative way to use the tools. I am learning new methods for designing complex shapes and I am only about 4 lessons in. I really have to thank you and I am so glad I purchased this course. I've been in a bit of a rut with 3D - Coat, wanting to use it but putting it off and sticking with what I am comfortable with (polygon modelling in MODO) but you have really opened my eyes with your course. Thank you so much"


We begin the course looking at a variety of ways to create 3D forms. There are lots of tools to use, but we focus on a select few and discover how easy it can be to go from zero to hero - literally!

But I don't want to be guilty of just giving you some marketing blurb. Let's keep it real. Some of these tools can be self explanatory and may not merit a whole video related to it. However, what this video series provides is a real world peak into some of the deeper issues you may encounter. I include a video where I have a memory overload and then i explain why it happened because its a typical error you will run into as you start adding lots of geometry. I look into global space issues which occur and break symmetry from time to time as you use certain tools and look at ways of creating smoothness without losing the form which seems to be typical in a voxel based environment - and lots of other little details which can ruin your day if you are not aware of them.

After I explain our little group of tools, I've tried to make the series project based. I explain my process and at one point get inspired by a small detail which totally changed the direction of the model to great success I think.

This speaks very highly of 3D Coat . It is very flexible to the creative process and extremely forgiving, allowing you complete fluidity as you work. Z Brush gets all the press, but I am telling you as someone who has been committed to 3d for 20 years, 3D Coat is a special program and the quality of your work will improve massively.

But not only that the level of your frustration will correspondingly decline.

Even if you do not learn the program from me, put the effort in and learn this amazing product for your own sake.

I am a professional who has worked in countless commercials and have taught 3D and visual effects for 10 years using Maya and Z Brush, both excellent products.

3D Coat is my secret weapon of choice. You will not regret the time you invest in these videos where I explore many interesting workflows to achieve form and structure which are simple unrivaled in any other program.

Introduction to 3D Coat

Get familiar with 3D Coat's interface, major features, and terminology.

Created by Robert Alvord - Game Artist, Web Designer, IT Consultant


Students: 421, Price: $19.99

Students: 421, Price:  Paid

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to a magnificent multi-purpose 3D modeling tool, called 3D Coat (I cover this using version 4.0.04B). With this program, you can sculpt hard and organic surface creations using Voxels, retopologize your sculptures, UV unwrap them, paint directly on them (while baking high-poly details onto lower poly meshes, and export in a number of formats). This course includes almost 4 hours of instruction and is aimed at beginners to advanced 3D hobbyists and professionals who want to get familiar with 3D Coat for the first time. Students will receive custom user interface themes created by the instructor, as a bonus.

3D Coat: Smart masks, smart materials

Master the ins and outs of 3D Coats incredible smart materials.

Created by Scott Turner - 3D Artist, Initiated Tantric Meditator


Students: 333, Price: $34.99

Students: 333, Price:  Paid

3D Coat has by far the easiest PBR texturing environment on the market and its easy to learn too.  Seamlessly integrated into the modeling envornment, it can work with internal or external imported models.  We use both workflows in this series of videos. You will get you up and running in no time.