The Fast Track Guide to Quality Online Course Making

In this Brilliantio madbright Guide to rapid online course making at high quality, you’ll be taught by Paul Jenkins, who for 30 years was a documentary film director and who for the past six years has been an online instructor.

Paul’s popular courses on Udemy and elsewhere have more than 33,000 students in 165 countries. He teaches storytelling, filmmaking, online business and personal development.

In this course, Paul lays out the fundamental process that is taught to members of his Brilliantio Online Course Studio system.

You’ll learn how to:

  • ideate courses quickly
  • how to research courses
  • how to develop your curriculum
  • how to record and edit
  • and pull all the strings together of a high quality course without pain, and at high pace

There are a series of focusing questions throughout this course, which help guide you in the choices you make in terms of the topics you choose to teach, how you teach them, how you film them and how you approach the overall production process of online course making.

So if you’d like to get your online course made in double quick time, without spending weeks, months or even years faffing around trying to find the right process, and the right ways to sequence things, hop into this course right now and take advantage of the system that Paul shares.

 Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Paul's been a professional documentary filmmaker for over 30 years. Directing productions around the world for the BBC, PBS, ARTE and others, his investigative and history films have been watched by millions.

Paul decided to teach the insights and skills he learned in filmmaking and narration, storytelling, personal development and business.

To date, his popular courses have more than 33,000 students in 165 countries.

Paul has also combined his professional production and creative experience into a virtual studio for online instructors called Brilliantio.

Estimated Time: 5 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

The Fast Track Guide to Quality Online Course Making
 Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins