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The Cause Of Suffering

It’s important to know what the cause of Suffering is if we want to address them.

Suffering is the negative state of mind which creates unhappiness. And this includes all forms of negative and emotional states for instance – Anger, jealousy, unhappiness, depression, anxiety etc.

This course will challenge the way you think about yourself and how unhappiness is experienced in life. In this course, you will be taken to understand that the seed cause for your unhappiness comes from the beliefs you create within, and what types of beliefs these are.

This can be quite a dark course but after you learn about where the fears and worries comes from, then you won’t be so scared!

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“Be happier than the day before!”
-Jonny John Liu

 Jonny Liu

Jonny Liu

Jonny John is the Creator of Creation Within Creation.

He has been developing courses for Self-Knowing and Self-Transformation for many years, helping people to release their fears and unhappiness at the root of the mind.

The Cause For Your Fears and Unhappiness
 Jonny Liu
Jonny Liu