Jesus and the Kabbalah: The 7 Signs and Miracles in John’s Gospel

This course is an examination of the seven signs in John’s Gospel looking for the spiritual message in each.

The Kabbalah was given to Moses on Mount Sinai and was lost over time. Jesus brought back the secret teachings of the Kabbalah. John’s Gospel is all about spiritual awareness and spiritual lessons.

Here you will be able to examine the seven signs and their spiritual significance.

 Michael Koplitz

Michael Koplitz

I am trying to bring the original meaning of the Scripture to the world.

I was born in a non-practicing Jewish family. At the age of 37 I came into the faith that Yeshua of Nazareth was indeed the Messiah the Hebrew Scriptures spoke about. I was called by Yeshua to preach the Gospel. I left my computer engineering job to go to Seminary.

In 2002, I earned the Master of Divinity degree. In 2005, I was ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church. I continued my learning by earning a Doctorate in Ministry in Christian Leadership. I have a Ph. D. in Hebraic Studies in Christianity. I am the Pastor of Bethany UMC, Felton PA

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Estimated Time: 4 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

 Michael Koplitz
Michael Koplitz