Fitness Practitioner

Become your own personal trainer!

This course will help you to be aquatinted with the basics of how to work out in the gym and at home or outdoors safely and effectively while having maximum fun and benefits.

You will have confidence and tools to exercise anywhere you are.

If you have been hesitant to start exercise as you don’t know how to, this is your chance to learn step by step. You all understand what is the good form and safe executions for most effective benefits to building a fit, great shaped body and lose fat weight too.

The addition of short nutrition and hydration section will guide you on the best food choices to reach your goals.

Now its only you and your willingness needed.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is a beginner and never exercised before.
  • Anyone who took off from exercise and wants to restart.
  • Anyone who wants to have a stronger body and balance the muscles.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to exercise safely at home or in the gym.
  • Anyone who wants to get in shape while living a busy life.
  • Anyone who is walking doing cardio but doesn’t know how to start strengthening the muscles.


Small water bottle (2) or dumbbells 1-2kg each, fit ball, mat, or entry to a gym where there is the lat pull down or rowing machine, or a multifunction fitness machine, a treadmill.

Introduction to the Course

 Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon

Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon

Dr. Zsu has lived, studied and worked in 4 continents with different cultures and all range of people- from children to adults, athletes to home makers, executives and corporate.

Her 3 masters and Ph.D. along with 25 years of experience made her create Alive integrated health education program 12 years ago. She is an international author as well.

Health is caused by not only thing. Health is a journey and you may begin yours at any angle, should that be exercise, your diet, begin to rest actively, calming down your racing mind and addressing your mental emotions stress coming from your past, childhood as well as simplifying your life.

Dr. Zsu tested and tried and combined the most effective western and eastern modalities to bring you step by step easy to use practices to bring you change on a level where you are ready to work.

Despite of your circumstances you have a choice in life and you can feel great in your own skin and work for meaningful goals in life.
If i could come out of my miserable life using my carrier and my anger as a compensation for the lack self love and self-value, so can you.

So can you find your soulmate at any age, just as I did. I changed so my world did. The best part that you can also create your happy life!

The complete work, Transforming All Your Negative Emotions, is available through Dr. Zsu’s online live one-on-one course. Recharge Your Life is a 12-week course that includes 5 intensive coaching sessions online in video calls.

If you are not ready for the intensive course but like to work on your own, see Dr. Zsu’s book, The Secret of Happiness Locked in Your Fears, available online and in all bookstores.

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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Fitness Practitioner
 Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon
Zsuzsanna Fajcsak-Simon