Building Your First Website with HTML + CSS + JavaScript

You’ll be learning how to write HTML, CSS, and some light JavaScript by making a single-page website for your favorite TV Show, Movie, or Video Game. Once complete you will learn how to publish this website on the web to show off to the world!

Feel free to grab my source code here if you get stuck!

My Github User name is f00d4tehg0dz


Share a link to your hand-coded website! You’re welcome to include what you enjoyed from this course and if any struggles you encountered! Happy coding! 🙂

A finished website includes the following:

  1. A background image cover
  2. Auto-scroll button/link
  3. An about section of what the Product, TV Show or Movie is about
  4. A numbered `list showing the features of your content
  5. An unordered list that contains characters or people of the content you’re featuring
  6. A Slider with images of the content
  7. A footer containing copyright and your name. Bonus points for linking to your website in the footer!
 Adrian Chrysanthou

Adrian Chrysanthou

Leader with a passion for building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively. Architected and built scalable web-based front ends with modern, highly interactive UIs.

Difficulty: Beginner

How to Build Your First Website
 Adrian Chrysanthou
Adrian Chrysanthou