Build Your First Video Game in Under 2 Hours Using Unreal Engine 4

You’ll be learning how to build your very first video game using the Unreal Engine! In this course we will be building the Atari Classic ASTEROIDS. This course requires some very basic knowledge of Unreal Engine (eg, how to download and launch the application)


Make sure to grab my starter template here:—Blank

My Github User name is f00d4tehg0dz


Share a link to your version of Asteroids! You’re welcome to include what you enjoyed from this course and if any struggles you encountered! Happy coding! 🙂

A finished Asteroids game should includes the following functional items:

  • Scoreboard
  • Multiple Asteroids
  • Spaceship Pawn
  • UFO that attacks you
  • Menu and Game-over screen
 Adrian Chrysanthou

Adrian Chrysanthou

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Build your first Video Game in Under 2 Hours using Unreal Engine 4
 Adrian Chrysanthou
Adrian Chrysanthou